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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday october 26th. >> we're following breaking news. the coroner is on the scene of a house fire in chester county. >> detectives in philadelphia are investigating a recent string of crimes in center city. we'll have a live report on word of a crackdown. >> let's take a live look now from sky6. it was one of our coldest nights of the fall so far. accuweather is talking about freeze warnings and frost advisories. >> we'll get to karen rogers and traffic in a moment. first up dave murphy and accuweather. good morning. >> and that is the big story this morning. temperatures have dipped down close to the freezing mark and even below in it a couple
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spots and as a result we still have that freeze warning in effect across the region in all of the outlying counties highlighted in lighter shades of blue and in those central areas and points to the south where it's more of a lavender shade that's the frost advisory. in call cases we are looking at the potential for some frost on the lawns maybe on your windshield in some spots and of course your potted plants having a problem. yesterday i was telling you about how it's a good morning to shut off those outdoor spigots drain them make sure that you are avoiding any frozen pipes this morning, that's are a good idea. satellite shows you how there's very little cloud cover around early so we'll start out sunny and then transition to more of a clouds and sun mix like we did the last couple of days. just 39 degrees in philadelphia with a temperature still dropping but in allentown, reading and lancaster we're already down to about the freezing mark or below. the same thing in much of rural south jersey and even wilmington and trenton not that far above freezing so a lot of winter coats coming out of the closet this morning. here's how it's going to go today. sunny he to start out.
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35 by 7 o'clock in philadelphia and then 44 degrees by 10 o'clock, 48 by noon and this afternoon's high only 53 degrees with that clouds and sun mix. one thing i can say that's on the good side the winds aren't going to be as strong today as they were the last couple days. temperatures start to bounce back in the seven day. we've got a nice improvement for the weekend karen. that's coming up. >> good timing with that improvement for the weekend. we have improvement on the roads. we had construction crews blocking the right lane on the schuylkill westbound here approaching the blue route and they've just picked up and cleared the scene oh so in the process of moving everything out. we see traffic moving okay at this point. no big problems with that construction clearing on the schuylkill. here we're live on the boulevard. this is near ridge avenue and southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. light volume moving nicely. roads are clear and dry. it's just cold out there so start that car up. looking live right now on the vine street expressway, the vine is opened in both directions, the construction was canceled overnight and also no construction at this point scheduled this is week for the vine so you've got a good ride in tonight and each
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night this week. also on the big picture though we've got the ramp from columbus boulevard north to i-95 northbound scheduled to close for construction for about another half hour. other than that your majors are all in good shape matt. >> thanks karen. breaking this morning the coroner has arrived on the scene of a house fire in chester county. the flames broke out on the 1300 block of south birmingham road in birmingham township just before midnight. fire crews from surrounding areas spent only 20 minutes getting the blaze under control. officials haven't released many details but say the coroner is on the scene regarding one occupant. philadelphia police are stepping up efforts to combat a recent string of high profile crimes. in the late of the a driver actually smashed into a window at the iconic boyd's store on chestnut street. the driver took off with thousands of dollars worth of expensive clothing. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live outside boyd's with more on this. annie. >> reporter: and matt you remember those images from
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yesterday. there was glass shattered all over a mannequin out on the sidewalk. boyd's has significantly cleaned all of that up. you can see he their window he is boarded. this is just another crime that has happened in this portion of center city. it does seem residents are asking police to do more and police are responding. philadelphia police are stepping up their presence around center city. look here as undercover narcotics officers take a man away in handcuffs. drug dealing is a growing problem along 15th street between chestnut and spruce and could be fueling other crimes. the suspect they took into custody here had a hammer police think possibly it could have been used to break into cars. >> because of the -- there is now buyers that are along the 15th street corridor now. >> reporter: boyd's a high end fashion retailer is still picking up the pieces after tuesday a thief smashed a vehicle through the display window and made off with thousands in expensive merchandise. monday the union league steps
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nest crumbles after a man pulled brass railing from the stairs of the historic members only club. and last week in a shooting at rittenhouse square a 39-year-old man was shot after he he tried to break up a robbery in progress. police have also seen a rise in simple and aggravated assaults primarily among the homeless. many are uprooted because of construction at their usual hangouts like love park and the parkway. residents here are irritated and police say they need the public's help. >> nonsense that goes around with all the clubs we have. our alley ways will get turned into urinals over the weekend. >> the more people that can tell me when the crimes are happening i can direct my patrols to that. that's what the public can do for me. >> reporter: and the climb here at bounds also the one at the union league happened in the early morning hours between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. already since we've been out here we've seen three police officers come by.
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for now reporting live in center city, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you for that. and police in new castle delaware are trying to sort out the details of a shooting that led to a car crash in middletown. chopper6 was over the scene on the 300 block of dove run road. police say one occupant of the car had been shot but it's not clear who shot them or where they were wounded. the victim was flown to the christiana hospital for treatment. no one is in custody. we are learning more about the moments when police shot and killed two wanted fugitives from delaware. this happened at 10:00 yesterday morning at a motel in elkton maryland just over the state line. police were serving a warrant. authorities now say 25-year-old brandon jones and his girlfriend, chelsea porter were armed with realistic looking bb guns not real firearms when they refused repeated police commands to drop their weapons. four officers opened fire. >> detectives in camden county have released a video that they hope will help solve a murder.
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the video shows a man they are trying to locate and identify. they say he was walking on the 1200 block of kaighn avenue late friday night. there he is zoomed in. that is where 34-year-old lloyd chambris jr. was shot and killed. police are asking anyone that recognizes this man to call them immediately. >> a small plane will an unexpected lay overin central pennsylvania after it hit a deer. the a portion of the landing gear fell off when the plane hit the deer during takeoff in blue bell yesterday morning. the plane landed safely at lancaster airport. the plane was taking passengers to pittsburgh for business. four people aboard were not hurt. the deer however did not survive. >> happening dark federal prosecutors are expected to continue their process examination a former christie aide. lawyers are trying to okay poké holes in bridget kelly's testimony. she claims she told christie about a traffic study ahead of time that caused massive jams
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at the george washington bridge in 2013. christie has consistently denied any knowledge of the tieups as they were happening. >> ♪ >> happening today, vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in our area today holding rallies at bucks county community college in newtown and muhlenberg college in allentown but a lot of focus on the race right now is in florida. both donald trump and hillary clinton are hotly contesting the sunshine state. abc's angelica spanos as the late of the from the campaign trail. >> reporter: with 13 days to go and armed with fresh political ammunition, donald trump is taking on obamacare. >> together we're going to deliver real change that once again puts america first. [cheers and applause] that begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. [cheers and applause]
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>> reporter: this after it was he revealed that healthcare premiums will rise substantially next year. the gop nominee also taking aim at the vice president. >> you know when he's a tough guy when he's standing lined a microphone. he want to bring me to the back of the barn. oh. >> ♪ happy birthday. >> reporter: meantime hillary clinton supporters wish her a happy 69th birthday. in florida, clinton hammering trump for his attacks on democracy itself. >> donald trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years. >> reporter: helping fellow democrats in florida win while still attacking her rival for his unwillingness to respect the outcome of the election. >> and i have serious doubts about whether donald trump even understands what that means. in america, we don't say we're going to keep you in suspense about whether we will respect
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the outcome of an election. >> reporter: and clinton getting a boost from a top republican. former secretary of state colin powell today will continue to campaign in florida while trump he's off the trail at a ribbon cutting for his new d.c. hotel. >> more news stories coming up including a primate escape at a midwest zoo. new video shows burglars creeping past sleeping children. >> the world series is now under way but a quote from a 1993 yearbook claims to know which team is going to win. david. >> we have winter coats maybe even a hat on the kids this morning. this afternoon they can probably ease back to the jackets. on the bus stop this morning though temperatures in the 30's between six and 8 o'clock. there are better times ahead in the seven day. improvement for the weekend. details on that coming up.
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. >> a daring orangutan back in its enclosure after a short he is drape a wichita kansas zoo. the animal named tao slipped through mesh and made to it a guest pass path. visitors thought the organize rang turn was a statue and then it moved. they notified zoo officials who were able to coax tao back into the and closure. the exhibit is closed until further notice. >> that furry costume looks pretty good given how cold it is. >> a little wookiee outfit if you have a halloween parade at school or something like that. we are looking at dry conditions across the region and that's fortunate because it's cold enough or actual -- for actually some mixed precipitation in some named as we take a look outside we've got sky6. there's the airport and everybody looks dry but it is on the cold side this morning.
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your at that currently in philadelphia is 39 degrees. this is one of the warmer numbers. if you're in the lehigh valley or rural south jersey you're down below freezing. we have some 31-degree temperatures. some places still this afternoon either way pretty cold. winds out of the north at just 6 miles per hour. not all that strong this morning and probably not as blustery as we go through the afternoon. looks like we'll see plenty of sunshine early and eventually some of the clouds will start to filter in and we expect to transition to partly sunny skies later today. it is going to stay cooler though from start to finish. by 8 o'clock, 36 degrees in philadelphia. coming up from a low of 35 around 7:00. that's what we're thinking. then by 10 o'clock, 44. remember we've got that frost advisory and freeze warning in various parts of the region until 9 o'clock this morning and things do improve. by noon up to 48 and there's that high at 3 o'clock 53 degrees. probably still holding onto the low 50's by 5 o'clock and back into the 40's by 6 o'clock. high temperatures this afternoon not very high. 52 in allentown, 52 today in trenton, 53 he is your high
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temperature on the thermometer in reading. 54 in wilmington and mill haven't and in cape may and again that 53-degree high in philadelphia this morning. overnight tonight at 4:00 in the morning in toward thursday morning we are looking at cloud cover obviously and during the morning we'll have to keep a close eye on allentown and up in the poconos as there could be a little bit of mixed precipitation early in the morning. this is 8 o'clock so perhaps a little bit of sleet or wet snow up there and then as we push later into the day, the latest model indication is that it just stays cloudy through most of the day. eventually we'll see showers build in from the north but the latest projections are holding this off until later in the evening probably after the dinner hour and then through the nighttime period you can see we do see showers. probably won't be as much down south as there will be up north. this continues overnight. by the time we wake up on friday morning it looks like most of that is going to be off the coast. tomorrow's high improves to 58 degrees. it will be cool with that
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system coming in. again the front so far to the north that i think most of our rain holds off until late in the day or at night and overall about a quarter inch to a half inch of rain. most of that centered in the northern half of the region. here's the seven-day from accuweather. partly sunny and cool today, a high of 53 after our very frosty chilly start. and then tomorrow breezy conditions and eventually rainy although he that may hold off until late in the day or at night. 58 degrees is the high. partly sunny again on friday, 57. here's the change. we're now removing the chance of showers on saturday and we're bumping that number up with partly sunny skies to 67 degrees. it's really going to be a great day for temple football a 3:30 game at lincoln financial field. sunday some sun until play 70 degrees is the high. sunday there could be a spotty showers but it's not a washout and 70 pretty nice considering where we were earlier in the week. for halloween nice and dry 64 degrees. looks like we'll probably be down around 60 for the start of trick-or-treating in
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philadelphia. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest information by going to and isn't it nice that the weekend is lookingup. >> yes. >> sometimes the timing just works out, david. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. we have flew video showing a burglar creeping through a florida home while the homeowner's grandchildren were asleep in the living room. you see them. you can see another intruder standing just outside the front door holding a gun. >> what could have happened if one of us got up. my gun my gps and i keep my credit cards and my wallet and my driver's license so they stole all that. >> no one was physically hurt. the homeowner says he is installed new locks since the break in. >> dozens of students in utah watched in horror as a classmate shot another teen boy during an argument. the shooting happened as students were leaving union middle school in the city of sandy yesterday afternoon. police arrested a 14-year-old boy who they say is the
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shooter. detectives believe the teens had planned this encounter beforehand and that shortly after the school day ended. the 16-year-old male victim is now in critical condition. no one else was hurt. >> world series continues in cleveland tonight with the indians up one to nothing. chicago, though, may take solace in the gut feeling a cubs fan had 23 years ago. a classmate found this caption below michael lee's senior photo in the mission viejo high school yearbook from 1993. it said chicago cubs 2016 world champions. you heard it here first. lee said he had a dream about the year 2016 with the premonition etched into the scoreboard at wrigley field. the mascot from boston university dug up some of the dirt from the field where the indians last won the world series. the indians defeated the boston braves back in 1948. the dirt was sent progressive
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field in cleveland as a way of saying good luck. the indians historian says the dirt is going to find a new home inside an exhibit at the stadium. >> it is 4:49. karen rogers will give you another check of traffic in just a minute here on this wednesday morning. also beer sales in pa may be changing yet again. >> taking a selfie while voting is illegal in many states but some election officials have a solution for those who just must do it. that's next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> hey, everybody, welcome back. we're looking live on sky6 or you were at the temple university camera. the airport line was suspended for about five minutes. they quickly restored service but you may see some residual delays. they had some power problems. they handled it quickly but you may see some delays with the airport line while they're getting back up and running. looking live on the vine street expressway the overnight construction was canceled and you're welcome. things are moving fine right here. in fact no more construction this week so looking pretty good. over here we have a fire in chester county so watch for crews on the scene in birmingham road blocked near new street. stick to thornbury road as your alternate for that one. one more live outside 42 approaching to 95 ahead we had an accident but it's cleared
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now tam. >> thank you, karen. new on "action news," two states have come up with a way to try to stop voters from snapping pictures in the booth. it's illegal in many states to take a picture of yourself while you vote. polling stations in iowa and illinois are setting up selfie walls. when people finish voting they can snap a picture of themselves there not in the booth to pose at proof that they performed their civic duty. what are we come to go matt. >> some will say selfie has become a selfie house. beer distributors to sell beer in any amounts. the legislation heads to the statehouse. it's unclear if governor tom wolf would sign the bill. the state already enacted sweeping changes to its liquor laws including allowing grocery stores to sell wine. google halted its plans to add fiber optic networks in eight cities.
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the project came with the resignation of the project's executive. staff is being laid off. the service is up and running in some cities down in the south. the major stock indices were all down yesterday. the dow, nasdaq and the s & p. futures point to more losses at the opening bell. >> 4:54 now. up next she didn't set out to be a teacher but she ended up delaware's teacher of the year. as well some septa workers are threatening to strike in less than a week. we'll have a live report with the latest on contract negotiations. that's coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> ♪
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i'm hillary clinton >> a second grade teacher is delaware's 2017 state teacher of the year. wendy turner teaches second grade at mount pleasant elementary in the brandywine school district. she will receive thousands of dollars in prizes for both classroom and personal use. turn are started her career working in an accounting firm and says she decided she wanted to do something more meaningful so she took education classes at night and became a teacher at the age of 40. congratulations. >> that's great. >> 4:57. still ahead on "action news" singer justin timberlake may have already brought sexy back. now he's bringing attention to the voting selfie he. >> a racially charged snapchat photo he is causing a lot of outrage at a college in the midwest. we'll tell you more about when it "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday october 26th. here's what's happening. >> a house goes up in flames in chester county and one person is feared dead. "action news" is gathering the breaking information. >> commuters are worried that a possible septa strike may shut down philadelphia's public transportation system. we're live with the latest on the contract talks. >> and bundle up. a frosty chill has moved into the delaware and lehigh valleys but don't worry, accuweather is also tracking warmth later in the week. >> let's find out about that and go on over to dave murphy and karen rogers of course has your commute. good morning. >> well, we are looking at a cold start across most of the region and as a result we still have that freeze warning in effect in all the counties highgh


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