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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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family members, one forced his teenage grandson to fill a bag with cash and jewelry and then he bound the grandson's hands together. >> my grandson was very scared. they tied his hand and closed him in the closet. and outside they closed the door. >> patel says there was a third person inside of a get away car parked outside. but the gunman had one more order. before they left. >> get up and go into the bathroom. and he closed the bathroom and told us to count to 1,000. one two three, if before that you come out i shoot you. >> the thieves got away with an unspecified amounts of cash and jewelry. the police chief says it's a crime that has shaken this community. >> for our community this is something we rarely see up here. >> especially during that time of day? >> at 9:30 in the morning it's
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quiet here. >> but the monetary loss means a lot less than it's affect on his family especially his grandson. >> my grandson was very scared. >> fortunately no one in mr. patel's family was injured. anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live from upper township, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police want you to take a good look at this video, it shows the smash and grab burglary at boyds philadelphia yesterday morning. you see a red toyota rav 4 backing up into the window and cracking the glass and the suspects rushed in and then rushed out with what police say was $40,000 worth of merchandise. jeanette reyes is following this investigation and will have more at 6:00. the states attorney general is filing a complaint against a preschool chain for unfairly
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expelling a down syndrome girl. they expelled the girl because she was not yet potty trained and the school chose to put the girl in an intermediate level class without the full support of her parents. the parent company they say discriminated on the basis of disability. septa workers could go on strike in less than six days and now they are advising riders to have a plan b. septa buses and trolleys will not run. patco and regional rail will not be affected. riders should have alternate means of transportation prepared. >> hillary clinton's campaign continued the push through pennsylvania. the action cam was in newtown, bucks county where tim kaine
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edge couraged people to get out and vote. and he is scheduled to make an appearance in allentown in less than an hour. this while clinton focuses on florida today. and donald trump is focusing on another key state. north carolina. trump controversy stepped off the campaign trail for a very public business appearance in the nation's capital. we'll have nor on the race for the white house with a live report from washington tonight at 5:30. and sara bloomquist is at kaine's second stop in our area. she will have more from the lehigh valley tonight at 6:00. rick, at the big board now with the newest controversy coming out of the 2016 cycle with social media more prevvent than ever. is it legal to take a selfie while voting on election day. the answer is it depends where you live. it became a hot topic earlier this week thanks to pop star
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justin timberlake, he lives in california but showed himself voting in his home state of passenger. under tennessee law that selfie is illegal. and the local district attorney in tennessee says he will not be investigated for that photo. and ballot selfies are only legal in 19 stateses and washington, d.c. the law is iffy in other states including pennsylvania. we want to explain state by state locally. the law in pennsylvania prohibits someone from revealing their vote. that means you shouldn't take a selfie but recent rulings though that they are legal under the first amendment. some people may prosecute and others may not. in new jersey, the garden state. if you are a voter there, you should forget about it, it's completely illegal in the garden state to show your ballot to anyone else, but a pending measure to make the selfies legal in the future.
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how about in the diamond state? lets check out delaware voters, cell phones are not allowed in voting booths but the states election commissioner cannot control what happens behind the curtains so take it at your own risk. if you have questions about voter rights on election day. we have more on 6 abc news app and >> monica thank you. turning to accuweather now it's a chilly couple of days across the delaware valley. some areas are getting wet as well. as we look live at cape may not a lot of folks on the beach but a pretty picture. clouds move in tomorrow followed by showers but after the rain comes mild temperatures, in fact we could be back in the 70s by saturday. meteorologist, melissa magee, is outside with the forecast. >> hi there rick it's certainly chilly today and in fact the coldest it has been since april. we'll check out the numbers in
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allentown, 27. and 28 in millville. mount holly 29 and wilmington 30 and chilly this morning in philadelphia with a temperature of 38. right now we have the northwesterly wind and the chill is sticking around just 48 in the poconos s. 52 in philadelphia and the same thing for millville and cape may and 38 degrees, in the poconos here is stormtracker 6 live double scan we are tracking it's low pressure with the trailing cold front, if you look closely we are tracking precipitation breaking out ahead of the main cold front with cold warm air invection i should say moving off the eastern great lakes and a piece of that will head our way as we go through the overnight hours and into the day on thursday. freezing rain advisory has been posted just for the poconos. from that region down to lake harmfully and lake thorpe. lasting until 11:00 a.m. and could be mixed precip before it
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turns over to rain. we'll talk about how much rain we are expecting coming up with the accuweather forecast. new at 5:00 now, celebrity chef mark veteri has teamed up with drexel university to fight hunger in philadelphia. the project is call the the eat cafe, customers pay what they can afford for a hot meal. vernon odom has that story tonight. >> reporter: the kitchen at the brand new eat cafe is a beehive activity at 38th lancaster, they cut the ribbon on the partnership between mark veteri and drexel university. they say that philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty in the country. >> it's meant to be a welcoming and inclusive place where everyone can share a meal whether or not they can pay for it. >> we are happy to share it. you know with everybody else. >> the pay what you can concept
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is a nod to the fact that one in four philadelphians struggle with so-called food insecurity. >> it's a place to have a meal without embarrassments, nobody will be turned away. >> pay the suggested price that is good. pay above the suggested price is better. the better part helps to provide the food on the plate and the employment opportunities for the staff in this community. >> we have a lot of families here who have issues with hunger. and the fact that anyone and everyone can come to the table and be involved in having a great meal and a nice restaurant experiment. >> the eat cafe will be hope wednesday through saturday 4:to 8:30 at night. it's a noble gesture and unique experiencement during this trying time. >> great idea.
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time for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. >> lets take it live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we are paying for volume and sun glare and paying for some accident. and paying for time on the roads. one of the crashes is on the pennsylvania turnpike. this involves the overturned vehicle approaching virginia drive the easy pass only exit off to the side and we see delays coming west of willow grove, and normal afternoon delays on 95 northbound stacking up the taillights from the betsy ross bridge and sun glare and people heading into the sixers game and volume as well. speeds in the 20s southbound on 95 through wilmington. the 20s as well as 295 away from the delaware memorial bridge because of a crash on 295 southbound approaching 95. pennsauken a downed poll from an earlier crash by pepsi. crash on cove road has cleared out and one near lumberton and
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watch for delays at 38 at 541. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds good. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. the nba returns to philadelphia ahead in sports. jeff skversky live with the first match-up of the season. >> now amputees are getting a new lease on life. the changes to this prosthetic arm giving them a human touch. and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: hi guys, i'm with oscar the porcupine, he is actually trained. if he puts his feet on the stick he gets a treat. >> both feet. awesome. the porcupine is the second largest rodent in north america, second to the beaver found from alaska contact to mexico. they spend almost their entire life in the trees. go to my facebook page for a
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live chat on this.
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z25pkz zi0z y25pky yi0y
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the zika virus continues to raise questions and researchers expect to find babies with birth
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defects where the virus has hit. but one area is taking the brunt. ali gorman has the details. >> it's a disturbing pattern, it was seen in brazil. according to the latest numbers, out of 2100 babies born with zika related birth defects in the last year 75% came from the same region in northeastern brazil. other areas in brazil and the caribbean did not see a big spike. it could be a combination of other factors like zika mixed with other viruses. they are stressing prevention from pregnant women and avoiding areas with active zika virus. and a team at case western university. is creating a prosthetic arm with a greater sense of human touch, it varies the pressure
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depending on the task. it sends electric signals to bundle of nerves in the patient's arm. it tells the user when the grip is right or needs adjusting. >> he says he can now hold his granddaughter's without gripping too hard. >> with sensation on, i grabbed her with both hands and picked her up and felt i was holding her but not squeezing too tight and she gave me a big hug. >> pete can butter toast without crushing it. and he showed the technology to the va and shook ash carter's hand with his right hand not the left. he thinks of it not as a tool but as part of himself. pretty cool. they hope to offer them to more amputees in the future. back to you. >> thank you. and this reminder "action
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news" is about interaction with you. so follow us on social media for latest headlines and accuweather and breaking news. we are
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apple smart watch is apparently not the hot commodity it once was. sales have plummeted 52% since last year. the luxury watches include features such as call texting and monitor fitness but with competition releasing hyperhybrid versions with longer battery life and slimmer designs it's taking a bigger chunk from apple shares apparently. now a consumer alert. ford and subaru are recalling cars because of fire hazards. the subaru over an air pump that can overheat and cause a fire. it affects legacy and outback and impressa and foresters. now the ford recall is more than
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400,000 older suvs, they are being recalled because of fuel leaks that could start fires, that recall covers 2010 to 2012 ford escapes and some mercury mariners. meantime mercedes benz hopes this truck will bring them a piece of the high end pickup business. they unveiled the x truck in sweden. it's a five seater and will hit showrooms in late 2017. but won't be coming to the u.s. for a while. sales will start in south america, south africa and new zealand and europe. job seekers turned out by the hundreds in camden this morning. this was at the pavilion and people armed with hire resumes showed up to talk to employers about fields. it's an aun you'll event aimed
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to help job seekers having difficulty finding gainful employment. coming up we'll check the accuweather forecast. looking live from the temple university skycam. meteorologist, melissa magee, has the exclusive accuweather forecast. to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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owhat we value, how we treato others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself?
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our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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time for a check of accuweather on the "action news" big board. melissa magee has the forecast a taste of winter this morning. >> it sure was in many locations, some spots are below the freezing mark below 32 this morning. we'll show you the picture outside sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge. on this wednesday evening, a few more clouds are moving across the area. advanced of precipitation we are tracking tomorrow. with the northwesterly wind you feel the chill in allentown and 48 and 52, and 51 in lancaster and the coast in cape may 52 and the same thing in beach haven. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's dry and quiet and a few more clouds are moving on through. an area of low pressure out to the west with the trailing cold front, you will notice some snow across northern sections of michigan. we'll track the moisture tracking its way to the north and east.
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through the overnight hours into the day on thursday. it's 41 for the overnight low in philadelphia, with increasing clouds and 34 in allentown, with late showers, north and west of that i-95 corridor. and 42 in cape may for the overnight low. future tracker 6 showing you that mixed precipitation there in the poconos, where they are underneath a freezing rain advisory. as we go throughout the day most of that mixed precipitation moving north of the poconos, there is light rain. and the heaviest and steady moves through tomorrow and we'll be in and out of wet weather until 9:00 and 10:00 before the clearing comes overnight thursday to friday morning with the northwesterly wind. keep in mind the wet leaves on the road. some studies show that the leaves can be as slippery as the
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ice this time of year. there say waxy coating on the top and bottom of the leafs and you can lose traction so slow down and give yourself extra time. the wet weather tomorrow is breezy and temperature of 58 and northwesterly gusty breeze. and sunday clouds and sun not bad over the weekend with a temperature of 67. and a sunny treat on sunday with the high temperature of 60 for halloween. now we have meteorologist, cecily tynan at the zoo one last time and you have got some pigeons with you cecily. >> these are unlike any pigeon you'll see in the wild. they are fan tail pigeons, george is here with the gray tail and amelia has the brown. these are bread in china, and it's really interesting because i want you to turn around so you
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can see their feet. these guys can't fly and they have feathers, too many on their tail. they have 30 and regular pigeon has 12. and feathers on their feet. they look like giant slippers on. come on turn around. you can't make a pigeon turn around if they don't want to. i'll be with charlotte the sloth, live from the philadelphia zoo, in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> they follow the food wherever the food is. much more ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00. a man walking down the street has no idea he is to become a victim of a crime. and they may not be able to run for public office but these high schoolers know how to fight for what they believe in.
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"action news" continues. >> hello here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump are running at full speed ahead and running out of time with the election just 13 days away. a deli worker becomes a pawn in a robbers game during the holdup in west philadelphia. and trains will be safer than
5:30 pm
before because of a deal they made with the agency today. 13 days before the election for president of the united states. they are using their resources to lock in the undecided voters especially the swing states. >> donald trump took a brief break to open a new hotel before heading to a battleground state in the south and pence is out in the west. >> democratic nominee clinton continued her stops in two cities. she and trump are in a tight race in the sunshine state. and clinton's running mate tim kaine is fighting for the strong hold here in our region. supporters are gathering for a rally here at segers union building in allentown and pennsylvania is among several crucial swing states for these presidential candidates. stephanie ramos is watching the
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campaign trail from washington, d.c. she joins us now. >> reporter: hey rick and monica. with less than to weeks to go before election day. donald trump says he can make all the none campaign stops he wants including the d.c. hotel opening. criticizing hillary clinton for the time she took off during it's election season. donald trump stepping off the campaign trail for business in d.c. >> my theme today is five words. underbudget and ahead of schedule. >> the entire truth crew in place to celebrate his 200 million hotel just blocks from the white house. the star on the hollywood walk of fame taking a beating not for the first time. the star destroyed. >> gingrich told megan kelly she
5:32 pm
was fascinated with sex. >> by the way congratulations newton last night. there was an amazing interview. we don't play games right. >> and in an interview with george stephanopoulos he took time off to open his hotel. >> i am entitled to it. she does one stop because she has no energy. a crowd waited for her at this stop in florida. >> thank you! great to be here in lake worth. >> clinton using most of her mike time to slam trump. while the hotel may be new it's the same old story. he relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. >> delicious's rallies in florida have focused on getting supporters to vote early and after attending to business here in d.c. he moves his campaign to
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north carolina. in washington, stephanie ramos, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that report. less than two weeks ago until election day, you can download the free 6 abc news app to get alerts from the campaign trail. and allegations of election rigging and voter fraud is running rampant with all eyes on pennsylvania. and now questionable votes dating back to a decade. our investigative team dug through years of election data and found ballots for those that already died. wendy saltzman is demanding answers. don't miss her exclusive voting from the grave tomorrow on "action news" at 11:00. another big step happened today in the normal relations with cuba. the united nations voted against cuba. it is the first time in 25 years the united states has not opposed the measure.
5:34 pm
the lack of opposition is part of president obama's push to restore relations with cuba after 59 years of economic embar embargoes. the congress opposes it. and david muir will have more from the campaign trail. watch that following "action news" at 6:00. back here a corner store clerk was attacked by a gun wielding thief during a robbery and it was all captured on video. police hope you will recognize the suspect. it happened inside of deli market in northwest philadelphia. the suspect walked in and brought a drink to the counter, as he was waiting to pay. the man pulled out a gun and threatened the clerk and grabbed another employee and put a gun to his head and hit him several times. the suspect got away and the clerk was treated for minor injuries. police were looking for two suspects that attacked a man walking on the sidewalk.
5:35 pm
it happened nine days ago on spring field avenue at 9:00 a.m. the suspect pushed him to the ground and hit him several times, the victim was not seriously hurt. there are renewed calls tonight to shut down a facility for immigrant families trying to illegal stay in the u.s. in lees port they have sparked protest in the past. today at city call. council members argued for its closure. they say that immigrant families seeking asylum in the united states are being held indefinitely there and are subjected to abuse. they want to conduct a human rights investigation and 6 abc reached out to customs enforcement officials for response and they insist that families at the berks center are provided with a range of services. stacey cummings a woman
5:36 pm
linked to seth williams will enter a first offenders program as part of her sentence for vandalism. cummings admitted she slashed the tires on two city vehicles at williams' home in november. in addition to the court ordered program she was order to take anger management counseling be pay restitution for the slashed tires. new jersey transit officials made a deal to lease equipment that they say will make their trains more safe. the board voted today to get the final piece of radio spectrum to install a braking system. that is part of the investigation into last month's fatal train crash in hoboken. their plan is to install the system by 2018. matt pellman is in the traffic center with and update. >> dry but still we are slow on
5:37 pm
the schuylkill expressway, big shock. eastbound side we are backing up here approaching spring garden street. maybe people are headed in early to the sixers game. the season opener at 8:00. and the time is doubled what it should be and westbound sun glare especially as you round the conshohocken curve. and dealing with an overturned vehicle accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound by virginia drive, mostly off to the side that is why the speeds west of bensalem are not worse. they are worse on the eastbound side where there is a broken down vehicle. crash is gone on 422 eastbound at stowe, and here is a note. tomorrow at noon time you get a new temporary off ramp from 422 to arm and hammer boulevard. the new ramp will be in place for a few weeks while they finish the construction. and in wilmington delays on 95
5:38 pm
southbound approaching delaware avenue and 295 southbound approaching the merge is gone. rick and monica back over to you. >> thanks matt. she says teaching was not her first choice of a profession, we'll introduce you to a woman that is a teacher in delaware and got a life changing award. and cecily is at the philadelphia zoo tonight. for this week's outdoor adventure. >> reporter: hi guys, i have maya with me, danny is holding maya, the second biggest type of owl. a great horned owl called that because of tufts of feathers look like horns and the biggest one is great gray owl.
5:39 pm
maya is moving her house and people think that owls can move their heads all the way around and they can turn 270 degrees and the reason why is they can't move their eyes and their eyes are shaped like cones and that makes their eyesight so fantastic that is how they find their prey. i'll be with the sloth one of my favorite animals. live from the philadelphia zoo. >> all right pretty owl. plus, ducis rogers is here with sports including a live report from south philadelphia. where sixers are getting ready for their season openers. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it.
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. a teacher in delaware is making a dig difference in skids lives. wendy is named the state teacher of the year. turner says that teaching is not her first career choice but made the career change after having her first child. and encourages others to follow their dreams. >> teaching is one of the most
5:43 pm
awarding professions you can get into. you can get into it no matter your background and we need exlengte excellent teachers. quite an honor. >> good for her. >> ducis is here and all eyes are on the sixers. hopefully it's an electric atmosphere. opening night on broadway brings jitters and it brings optimism. opening with the sixers hopes that rock bottom from last year remains in the past. jeff skversky is here. >> reporter: we are outside of the sixers locker room as they put the final touches on the shoot around before the opener, and a lot to work out because of the injuries, they won only 10 games last year and only two games during the preseason. look they have a lot of injuries and a lot of injuries already in this preseason.
5:44 pm
ben simmons and nerlins noel is out. and we expect to see joel embiid. his minutes will be restricted and only one game in the preseason coming off knee surgery. but okafor along with ben simmons and of course jahlil okafor is out there tonight and big expectations tore him and this team. >> i'll be nervous and excited. and you know i have my whole family there and that is always fun. it's another debut for myself i haven't played in so long. the start of a new season and we have a new team. >> a new team and of course big expectations may be skewed without ben simmons but we'll see joel embiid. we are waiting two years to see this guy. finally we see him tonight at 8:00 when they take on oklahoma
5:45 pm
city thunder. a team they lost 14 straight to. live at the wells fargo center. >> jeff we'll talk to you again at 6:00. it's cowboy week, they travel to dallas to a showdown with the first place cowboys. it's went z's first taste of this rivalry. zach prescott is lighting it up for dallas. he led the cowboys to a 5-1 start. >> proven winners they know how to win and lead their teams. nothing seems to be too big for either one of them. they take it in stride. the ability to protect the football. you know i think through the first six, seven games like this has been crucial. >> josh hough is named the first special teams player of the week in the win over the vikings on sunday hough returned a kickoff 98 yards for a touch down.
5:46 pm
the union's quest for the cup begins tonight and they open the playoffs at toronto fc. you win you play on and if you lose you go home. >> there is motivation the fact that it's a playoff game. running harder and faster and it will be intense and we are excited for it. yes, it will be a challenge. >> cleveland struck first, the indians took game one of the world series 6-0 of the cubs, two home runs including this three run shot in the eighth. they moved the game up to 7:00 start time due to bad weather if the cleveland area. >> thank you. forget the presidential candidates, the best high school debaters in the city of philadelphia showed off their skills for future debaters today. >> it's not beneficial for k through 12 education in the united states. >> the students took the debate stage at the high school in olney. several debaters delivered their
5:47 pm
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pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. a good afternoon for elementary school children at palmyra elementary. they made friends with friendly
5:50 pm
puppies. provided by the nonprofit rescue group. the so-called rescue road trip is aimed at teaching youngsters compassion and respect through animal interaction. cecily tynan as live at the philadelphia zoo. speaking of animal interaction. >> this is thrilling, i'm here with kristin first of all and charlotte the sloth. i just think these animals are amazing. everything about them is slow. except for the eating. >> she loves her cooked carrots, they are incredible. they have unique adaptations, they move slow and eat slow and even blink slowly. and their matt -- is slow as
5:51 pm
well. they do everything upside down eat sleep and mate and have babies up in the tree. >> they are found in the amazon rain forest. >> central and south america. is it because food is hard to find. is there a reason for it? >> they have a unique digestive system similar to a cow what they eat the buds and stems and leaves they find they digest slowly. they may even go to the bathroom once a week. >> that is the one thin they go to the floor of the forest for. >> yes, when they are down on the ground they can't walk really they drag themselves but believe it or not they are great swimmers, one way they move through the rain forest they wait for flooding and more tree to tree. >> charlotte is how long? >> we think 36 years old. they typically live at zoos,
5:52 pm
mid-30s and in the wild 10 to 12 years. she is getting up there. >> she has a daughter here? >> another female in this exhibit. who is 7 years old. >> i want to point out these nails, they are so long but she just got a manicure right? >> yes. bethany works with us she trimmed her nails a bit. their nails grow very long, you see the two toes here and three towed sloth and they have three toes on their front limbs. all sloths have three toes on their back. >> and you can come and see charlotte this weekend. boo at the zoo this weekend. one of your biggest events. >> yes, a popular event from 10:00 until 4:00, you can even spend the night. go on to our website and make a reservation for that. >> that would be awesome and the weather should be good for that.
5:53 pm
>> can you keep feeding her i have to talk about the weather. charlotte keep this. there you go. it was cool today. our high was 53 degrees 10 degrees below normal. right now 38 in the poconos and 48 in allentown and philadelphia 52 and millville 52 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the leading edge of the clouds is moving in right now, there is low pressure west of chicago and moisture through indiana and illinois and also see the snow across northern michigan, tonight it turns cloudy. showers north and west it's above freezing 41 for center city but the poconos temperatures in the higher elevations below freezing so a freezing rain advisory is posted from 2:00 in the morning until 11:00 a.m. here at home though, most of the day tomorrow will just be cloudy
5:54 pm
with the warm front up to the north and then a cold front gets closer later in the day and that brings us afternoon and evening showers, generally a .25 to .75 inch of rain and friday the low pressure intensifies over maine and high pressure over the tennessee valley with a windy day with a high only in the 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the next few days temperatures in the 50s but the high pressure over the tennessee valley brings us a surge of warmth on saturday, right in time for boo at the zoo with a high of 72 degrees and sunday not quite as warm a couple of showers around and 67 degrees and wednesday mostly sunny with a high of 68 degrees. if you come to the zoo come to the small animal house and visit charlotte. this is the final zoo of the season. it's been a great season. back to you guys. >> she is the coolest. with rain in the forecast rely on for the
5:55 pm
very latest. stormtracker 6 live double scan gives you advanced warning where and when the weather is headed. facebook and twitter are great ways to connect with our meteorologi meteorologists. biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
5:56 pm
like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her?
5:57 pm
they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. kids that use the walnut street ymca gotten couragement to get an education today. they spoke to kids that were members of the y's after school program. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with stories next at 6:00. a 19-year-old villanova student is under arrest after he was involved in hidden cameras and child pornography partially on campus. and septa unveiled
5:58 pm
contingency plans ahead of a strike by the union. and how the high end heist of boyds when down in center city philadelphia. that and much more next at 6:00. for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, have a nice evening. good night. z25pkz zi0z
5:59 pm
y25pky yi0y "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and three philadelphia correction officers
6:00 pm
on assault charges and a man wanted for vanalizing the union league. >> but the big story is a villanova charge arrested on a slew of charges including a cell phone taking pictures of unsuspecting women on campus. villanova was just one location of this activity and found 80,000 images videoed at villanova and cardinal high school. vincent kane of broomall county. >> reporter: the unfortunate thing is they see too much of this. the latest case involves a man who started doing this stuff when he was a high school student. amassing as many as 80,000 inciden


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