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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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transit agency he alarmed by the slow pace of these negotiations. the two sides apparently very far apart. we're hearing they're $60 million app parter just on the pension issue alone. that midnight strike deadline is fast approaching and at this point there are no talks planned beyond that. the two sides resumed negotiations this morning with just hours to go now before the union goes out on strike. those talks went on all weekend and were described as tense. 4700 of septa's unionized workers are threatening to strike. the two sides are said to be miles apart on the issues including healthcare, pensions and work rules. september the workers last went on strike in 2009. that strike lasting six days. if the workers walk off the job tonight's only regional railological run. no city buses, subways or trolleys will be in service. the norristown high speedline suburban bus and trolley routes 101 and 102 lucy and
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cct connect will operate. some 400,000 riders depend on the transit system. >> we caught up with the mayor and governor late this afternoon on their take on the impending strike. >> we're there to help. we've been in constant contact with both the septa folks and the union folks urging them to stay at it. >> hundreds -- i think hundreds of thousands of people in the city of philadelphia who depend on septa and a strike would be a disaster. >> reporter: governor wolf also expressed concerns about the approaching election now just one week from tomorrow. he said he is hopeful the two sides can reach an agreement within the few hours they have left before midnight tonight. live in center city, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news. >> all right, sarah, everyone watching the clock on this. meantime commuters across the area are doing what they can to prepare for the impacts of a possible strike. ly but as the news spreads, frustration are quickly
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growing. >> you don't want to work for septa don't work for septa. don't go on strike every year and make it a inconvenience for everybody else. >> if people can't come to work, my job hasn't outlined anything as far as car pooling and such that i'm aware of but the work will be put on me when my coworkers can't make it for whatever reason and i just hope it ends before the election. >> many employers have told "action news" that they expect their employees to be at work tomorrow no matter what. of course we are posting the information that you need and if transit workers hit the picket line it's at strike. we'll have the latest details as the situation develops live updates as they happen and of course plans released by the city government schools buses or anywhere else. we'll have the updates there. and "action news" will be on early tomorrow to help you navigate the potential strike and get through the morning rush. join matt tam karen and david beginning at 4:00 a.m.
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>> the bucks county man accused of abusing a 14-year-old girl allegedly gifted to him by her own parents is now facing even more charges. investigators say lee kaplan also sexually abused five of the girl's siblings for years. he even reportedly called them his wives. "action news" reporter vernon odom has been following all the developments today. he's live now in bucks county near the scene of these alleged and horrific crimes, vern. >> reporter: horrific is the right term. that's what he's accused of brian. law not -- he was not in court today for these new charges. he was arraigned via video conference and he responded politely when the judge asked him if he understood these new charges against him. lee kaplan's legal troubles multiplied six fold when the 51-year-old child molesting suspect was hit with a mountain of new champs in the case of the stolfutz sisters. six girls from lancaster county he allegedly kept in
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his feederville home for eight years. the bucks county d.a. says he fathered two children with the oldest girl beginning at age 14 and continued to rape her and her five sisters the youngest beginning when she was only six. he's now 10. >> he groomed them to believe that he was a religious cult-like figure to whom they should submit their will. he took criminal advantage of his hold over these children. >> reporter: kaplan was initially arrested back in mid june when the case of his oldest girl surfaced with the help of the two oldest girls, these new charges have been filed. the stolfutz parents are charged with child endangerment. they allegedly took aid from lee kaplan. >> kaplan was definitely the prime mover there but none of this would have happened without the parents acquiesce sense and support. by phone today kaplan's
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lawyers said and i quote i know these are very serious charges but that is what they are charges. the melt has not proven -- commonwealth has not proven anything yet. sharrie, the d.a. says they are determined to put kaplan behind bar for the rest of his natural life. kaplan's new bail has been set at $1 million cash. his next hearing date in court here in bucks county is november 15th. live in feasterville, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news. >> yeah, disturbing details. vern, thank you. officials are inspecting a row home where part of the roof came crashing to the ground. the collapse happened in west philadelphia along the 5000 block of renault street. official reports say there were people end side at the time but that they were able to get out safely. the roof also brought down part of the awning over the front porch. >> about time we said happy halloween. hope you're having a great day. lots of you gearing up to head out do some trick-or-treating. you'll probably want to know
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if you're going need winter coats along with those costumes. >> meteorologist adam joseph of course keeping tabs on the halloween forecast joining us live from outside. >> much cooler today than the weekend. definitely want some long johns or something warm under your costume as temperatures tumble this evening. take a look at the ups and downs over the week. 69 on saturday near 80 yesterday near record high temperatures then storms pass through dropping the temperatures today. today so far 59 but that 59 was at midnight. in fact it's cooler than that right now, 56 in philadelphia, the same for millville, dover, trenton, so pretty uniform numbers across-the-board in the middle 50's, 40's up in the poconos and we do have dry air in place with high pressure just a few high clouds but notice a good wedge of dry air with sunshine from washington philadelphia to new york. all the way to boston. so, for the trick-or-treaters here this evening it's dry and clear. no tricks, a very light wind 54 degrees at 6 o'clock but we
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will be dropping back into the middle 40's by 9 o'clock tonight. it's thereafter temperatures will be going back up again. a milder midweek with some late gusty weak thunderstorms, some could be severe again with another strong front to bring us a cool november weekend. we'll talk about all those changes coming up in full accuweather forecast. alicia. >> all right, adam, thank you. now to the latest in the race for the white house today. first official comment from the white house about the fbi's renewed investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. today white house press secretary josh earnest stayed neutral but did say he does not believe fbi director james comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of this election. >> i'll neither defend nor criticize what director comey has decided to communicate to the public about this investigation. the good news is the president he believes director comey is a man of integrity he's a man of principle and he's a man of good character.
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>> meanwhile as the controversy over her e-mail saga continues hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in ohio. she told voters that she will not be knocked off course by the discover he reof these latest e-mails. instead, she took aim at donald trump attacking his credentials and temperament calling him both unfit to be commander-in-chief and dangerous to national security. trump is spending the day on the campaign trail in michigan in grand rapids this afternoon. he kept talk of clinton's e-mail controversy going saying she is "not the victim, the american people are the victim." trump also told his supporter that is she broke the law and lied to the fbi. to date clinton has not been charged with any wrongdoing. trump will be in our area tomorrow for a campaign event in valley forge. busy day on the campaign trail as we inch closer to election day. brian. >> we'll be there tomorrow alicia. thank you. the two candidates for u.s. senate in pennsylvania are also making their case in the final days of this
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campaign. senator pat toomey made a stop in media delaware county this morning incumbent republican hosted a meet and greet with potential voters at the court diner discussing this plans if re-elected. he has been presenting himself as an independent voice prepared to stand up to both hillary clinton and donald trump. democratic challenger katie mcginty set to join vice president joe biden and house minority leader nancy pelosi tonight at the annual jefferson jackson autumn dinner hosted by the city democratic committee of philadelphia. mcginty he is expected to talk about the high stakes in this election and to thank local democratic leaders for their help so far. >> it was a thriller of a game. the eagles went deep into the heart of texas with a good chance to win but they could not pull it off and a division rivalry against the dallas cowboys. and coach pederson he reflected on the loss today saying every coach and player has to take responsibility. ducis rodgers live now in the "action news" sports center with more. hey, ducis. >> sharrie there's plenty of
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blame to go around. three loses in their past four game. that three and o start they had at the beginning of the season seems like a long time ago. birds scored 17 straight points to take a 20-10 lead on dallas in the third quarter. this touchdown pass gave the eagles breathing room. rookie qb dak prescott to dez bryant with the game tying touchdown. prescott bought himself some time and joined jason witten in the end zone. birds lost 29-23. today coach doug pederson went with the moral victory route. >> there's a lot of football left, a lot of season left and like i told the guys, you're still a good football team, you're a great football team. you proved it again last night. you went toe to toe with one of the best team in the national football league and you proved that you can -- you just got to eliminate the
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mistakes. >> the eagles now sit at four and three but o and two in the division. sunday it's another divisional road game at the new york giants. brian and sharrie back to you. >> tough ending to watch last night. ducis thank you. up next here on "action news on a monday afternoon a week long manhunt comes to a violent end in oklahoma. >> the eve of no keys. toyota is getting into the car sharing business and promising users they'll only use their smartphones to go for a drive. >> ♪ will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon?
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common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i've always taken on the status quo.
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in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions. now, as chairman of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i'm leading the fight to stop the epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse. as attorney general, i'll prosecute anyone who scams our seniors. and i'll hold the oil and gas companies accountable to keep our drinking water safe. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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>> time for the "action news" traffic report this monday. >> all right, matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center. matt everyone wants to drive slowly and safely tonight. lots of kids out there. >> watch out for the ghouls and goblins for sure. happy halloween guys. pack lots treats for the ride home because the tricks that
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you're going to encounter on the roads other way they're going to take you some time to get through. sounds like the veep is going to be spending halloween night with us, the vice president coming to town. we're expecting him in at philadelphia international airport any minute so they've already blocked the northbound lanes of 95 right here by the airport headed toward the girard point bridge. no traffic getting through as we prepare for his motorcade which will head up to south philadelphia then. so, at this point back off on the platt bridge, get by that way but for now 95 northbound is blocked by philadelphia international airport. farther north in bucks county once again this afternoon construction at the scudder falls bridge takes out one of the two lanes. so far delays there don't look too bad but delays they're pretty heavy on the southbound side because of an earlier crash in the work zone by cottman. just 7 miles per hour as you come south of woodhaven road. i would use the southbound boulevard or even frankford avenue instead of southbound 95. getting onto the vine street expressway there was app westbound crash by broad street. gone now but it's still jammed here in both directions by the
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schuylkill. and it's very jammed on the schuylkill as well eastbound from the boulevard the whole way into passyunk where there's another crash taking out the right lane. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday halloween afternoon. also a bad crash in skippack township montgomery county along skippack pike close to christine drive. it already is a very busy afternoon on the roads. we'll check it again alicia, in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. in oklahoma this afternoon the manhunt for a murder suspect is over and it's all thanks to a resident who tipped off police to a rural spot where that suspect had apparently been camping out for more than a week after a violent rampage. >> got him. >> authorities rushed in and responded after a tip from a farmer. >> we were able to get views in the vicinity fairly quickly. >> that farmer reported seeing suspected killer michael vance near a river in western oklahoma. >> and as they encountered him that's when another gun battle started. >> a gun battle that left
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vance dead. the 38-year-old had been other run for a week. and he bragged about it on facebook last sunday after shooting two officers and then live streaming his escape. >> police say he made good on that promise carjacking and shooting at least three other people. he's also accused of brutally murdering his aunt and uncle. >> we're glad and thankful that it's over with and no one else was injured. >> well,abc has learned that during the shootout that killed vance a police officer was wounded in the shoulder. he's still in the hospital this afternoon but his injuries are not said to be life-threatening. sharrie. >> all right, alicia. rutgers and cuba are broadening their relationship. "action news" was on the rutgers camden campus today for the signing of a new agreement. it will now allow everyone at rutgers not just the camden campus to have research and
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exchange opportunities with cuba. faculty with the university will visit cuba in the spring. rutgers and officials from cuba held a conference today highlighting improved relations between america and cuba. toyota is getting ready to test a car sharing system that does not use keys. it allows users to unlock doors and start the cars with their smartphones. toyota says people will be sent especially codes that will be read through the vehicle's bluetooth system. now, once you get close, the code allows you to get into the car. this is all part of the get around car service the company is launching in san francisco. >> all right. sounds very cool right there. taking a look at the closing numbers on wall street as we kick off the work week. a down note but flog dramatic here. the dow falling about 19 points. the nasdaq off just less than one point. the s & p 500 falling a fraction of a point other day. it is time now for a check of your halloween forecast. >> all right, let's get back over to meteorologist adam
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joseph standing by. hi, adam. >> nothing scary about this if you were to think about those storms that passed through yesterday evening from 5:00 to 7, 8 o'clock it would be a whole different story for those trick-or-treaters but we are quiet here. a lot of blue upstairs live on sky6 over the ben franklin bridge. the only thing we have is those cooler temperatures from over the weekend. when you compare them. right now 54 in allentown, 55 in reading, 56 in philadelphia. when yesterday at this time we were near 79 degrees in the the city of philadelphia. 56 millville and right along the shore 54 to 56 all because of those northerly winds bringing in cool air but no sea breeze. down to the south and east 13 miles an hour right now in reading, 12 philadelphia, eight in millville and these winds will continue to diminish as we go through the evening hours. as we look at satellite and radar just a few high clouds have filtered through during the day today but overall no precipitation, no moisture within that cloud cover since they're up about 20,000 feet and really are only made of
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ice crystals and don't have much in the way of liquid within them. so, for this evening for the little ghosts and goblins going around here clear and chilly. 5 o'clock your temperature at 54 degrees. by 6 o'clock, the sun sets right at 6:00 so it will start to get dark at 53. 7 o'clock 50 degrees. down 46 by 9 o'clock tonight with that crystal clear sky. and then for the remainder of the overnight hours across-the-board here once you get past that 9 o'clock hour they'll be tumbling back below freezing. lehigh valley reading 36 trenton by the tomorrow morning, 35 in millville. 40's for southern delaware, the coast and the city of philadelphia as that sky will stay clear through the overnight hours. then as we go into the first day of november here tomorrow on tuesday, sun and clouds, a bit warmer, above average, the high will be 62 but after starting off cool in the morning back to the 50's by 10:00 or 11 o'clock and then flirting with that 60 between two and 5 o'clock and 8 o'clock at 54 degrees and then as we go into the middle
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part of the week on wednesday, take a look at these temperatures going into wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. 70 in allentown. 71 reading. 71 philadelphia. 70 in millville. so, way above average and as we look at four day at 4:00 forecast we get even warmer than that as we get towards the end of the week. tomorrow, 62, again wednesday milder, sunny, 71 degrees. and near record highs on thursday, upper 70's approaching 80. a very similar day to yesterday where we're going to be very warm, near records, strong cold front comes through with some gust he tea storms thursday late afternoon and the evening and that brings a cooler change by 20 degrees on friday of 58 degrees. so, mother nature still cannot make up her mind. >> no. >> day to day what she wants to kind of hold through a seven-day forecast. >> all right. >> he she likes options some she does. >> no question. adam thank you. a love of reading and halloween blended here in new castle today. students at pleasantville
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elementary school dressed up for a school book parade. some of the costumes come out of a book they call a favorite and you look great kids. hope you have a lot of fun tonight. >> absolutely. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 thieves strike outside a philadelphia wawa. it was a crime of opportunity caught on camera. see the video coming up. >> and new jersey's gas tax is about to take effect. that means prices at the pump will jump 23 cents overnight. and that's not all. nora muchanic takes a look at the other impacts coming up at 4:30 today. >> and in big talkers meet the super mama and her triplets who broke a marathon record. you won't want to miss this. >> ♪
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y25pky yi0y
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like me, she has pennsylvania working class roots, biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty - and she's never abandoned them. hard work. family. playing it straight. that's katie. and the ads attacking her? they're a bunch of malarkey. katie's career is about looking out for families like yours. creating jobs, keeping our environment safe. she's a wife, a mom, a basketball fan, a homework supervisor. she's like you and she'll fight for you in the united states senate. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. >> ♪ >> jury deliberations began this afternoon in the bridgegate trial. two former allies of governor chris christie bridget kelly and bill barone flee are accused of politically motivated a plot they say they put together to create traffic jams on the george washington
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bridge. they say several counts including wire fraud and civil rights offenses. the jury considered the case for about an hour before heading home for the day. deliberations will resume tomorrow. >> philadelphia police are asking for your help today identifying two suspects who stole a truck from a wawa parking lot in mayfair. two men can be seen on surveillance video exiting a silver nissan altima and entering the store. when the two men leave that store they see an unattended ford pickup truck still running with the keys inside. those men then made a quick decision to take that truck and flee the area. tonight the police are still searching for the men and the car wawa -- wawa security is aware of the situation. >> "action news" has made a surprising discovery that could affect your care at a hospital. here's a he preview of our special reporter coming up tonight at 11:00. >> i'm "action news" investigative reporter chad pradelli. nurses are on the front lines of the medical industry but could some of them be putting
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their patients at risk. our investigation found an alarming number of them are being disciplined for drugs or alcohol. >> all narcotics are accessible to you. >> reporter: a nurse tells us about her downward spiral into addiction and how she was caught. that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪ >> and still ahead at 4:30 today our coverage of the possible septa strike continues. find out what uber is doing to help commuters. >> and it's a mad dash to fill up before new jersey's gas tax goes up. prices are set to go up tomorrow. >> plus a woman gives her grandfather is very important role to play at her wedding and she never expected him to steal the show but this guy sure did. the great stories coming up next. women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and
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families have been the passion of my life and they will be the heart of my presidency. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph. alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a crisis in philadelphia that according to a state senator who is now demanding action to keep children safe. >> plus, the suspects in there lehigh valley accused of trying to bring a cache of weapons into new york city appear in court. >> and this mother is inspiring people across the country. today on big talkers we'll tell you why she took on this challenge to run a half marathon while pushing her triplets in a stroller. >> my goodness. first here at 4:30 today the days of paying some of the lowest gas prices in america are coming to an end in new
4:30 pm
jersey. >> right now the average price of gas in the garden state is $2.03 but that changes tomorrow when the gas tax goes up by 23 cents. that means drivers will be paying around $2.26 for a gallon of gas. >> "action news" reporter nora muchanic has been talking to drivers filling up all day getting one last cheap fillup. she's live now with more on the impact. hi, nora. >> reporter: hey there brian, hi sharrie. no one likes paying more for gas let's get that right out of the way. new jersey's always had some of the cheapest gas in our area but that's about to change. some are calling it a halloween trick not a treat at the pumps. >> save the money. i was saving a few dollars. >> reporter: hickey is among the drivers heading to the pumps in new jersey today to fill up while gas prices are still cheap. come midnight gasoline in the garden state will cost you 23 cents more a gallon. >> we were lucky for so many years in jersey. we didn't have to pump our own gas and it was cheap.
4:31 pm
[laughter] >> reporter: now. >> so now we're paying for it now. >> reporter: the gas tax in new jersey hasn't been raised since 1988. the hike will generate $16 billion over the next eight years to fund the transportation trust fund which pays for road and bridge repairs and went broke this summer. >> yeah, i definitely wanted to come to make sure i get my gas before it goes unmany i can't believe it goes up again. i feel like it goes up and then it goes down and then just keeps going up. >> i saw the $1.89 i just came down route 130 i said let me check this gas station so i said you know what, make it 40 instead of 20. >> reporter: the hike from 14-point vive to -- 55. will you buy gas now in new jersey or pennsylvania. >> depends what the difference is. if the difference is going to be 10 cents i'm going the buy in pennsylvania. >> reporter: this landscaper from langhorne pennsylvania had a trunk if you mean of gas and diesel full. >> 150 gallons, 140 gallons
4:32 pm
all the time i'm over here. like every two, three weeks u you're going feel this. >> oh, yeah, it's going to affect my quality of life. i'm retired. >> reporter: diesel fuel will also be going up but that increase will be spread out over two years. >> i just wanted to gas up before it does go up because there's nothing we can really do about it so i'm getting a jump. >> reporter: he association you have until midnight if you want to gas up while the prices are still he low. look on the bright side. you still don't have to pump your own gas in jersey. live at the pumps, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." brian. >> always finding a silver lining in every cloud nor r thank you so much. we are possibly less than eight hours away now from a massive septa strike. "action news" is being told discussions are continuing between septa and union leaders but it doesn't appear they are any closer to reaching a deal right now. and preparations are under way to help commuters should the strike take effect tomorrow. uber philadelphia is expanding their uber pool coverage area. this is a map showing you their new coverage area and
4:33 pm
they also plan to cover most septa rail stations with uber pool riders they share their ride and they share the cost of that ride with other people. >> and of course now "action news" will be on early tomorrow to help you navigate through the morning rush. join matt tam, karen and david at 4:00 a.m. and if the septa workers go on strike, we want to know how it impacts you. share your commute problems with us. you can roof out to us on -- reach out to us on as well as social media. just use the #6abc action. >> we'll all get through this together if it happens. turning now to the accuweather forecast. guess what? >> what. >> summer is coming back again. >> it is for yet a little bit of a fall chill finally in the air today more typical of this time of year. it's going to be anything but typical as you look at that seven-day forecast. it is halloween and again really nice out there. just some high clouds upstairs. 56 degrees around chester pa there's the commodore barry
4:34 pm
bridge. dewpoint low dry air at 33 degrees with that north 95 northwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour and up towards the lehigh valley, northampton county in easton near allentown lower to mid-50's there at the present time light northerly wind at 9 miles an hour and as you can see, a lot of blue skies. so, for the trick-or-treaters here this evening, not too bad i mean, yes, it's going to be chilly but you're not going to need a winter coat or the hats or gloves to kind of ruin some of these costumes. 56 degrees at 5 o'clock. by 8 o'clock your temperature at 48 degrees. so, there will be a quick drop once that sun sets but just throw on maybe some thermals or something underneath the costumes here this evening but it's dry class bonus here. we'll chat about that warmup to near record levels again as we led into november with that seven day. >> what is jacob going on as a mouse. >> he loves mickey mouse and hannah had no choice. >> she's going as mini.
4:35 pm
>> your boys. >> sharks. >> should be good. >> grief counselors were on land at a bucks county high school today helping students grieve a former student who was murdered officer the weekend. pennridge high school graduate isaiah louis was found shot to death at a park in perkasie. three teens have been arrested and charged as adults in louis' murder. he graduated last year. >> three people from the lehigh valley were in a courtroom today accused of trying to drive into new york city way cache of weapons. the three suspects pleaded not guilty today to the weapons charges. they were stopped at the entrance of the holland tunnel in jersey city back in june. police say their truck was filled with weapons. before the 50-year-old suspect was arrested he posted online that he was going to new york to rescue a 16-year-old girl whose friend had overdosed. >> well, halloween night is of course normally filled with tricks and treats and it turns out a little scare is actually good for you. "action news" anchor rick
4:36 pm
williams, ooh, sorry, scared me there -- >> you scared me. >> live in the news room with the details on this. hey, rick. >> hey, brian, thank you. that's right. this is good news for anyone who loves anything and everything halloween. turns out all of those halloween tricks actually play to your body's natural chemistry. coming up tonight in health check ali gorman breaks down the science lined those frightfully delightful benefits. also at 5:00 a new international collaboration involving rutgers university, the historic research partnership announced today that's making the garden state a gateway to cuba. that story and much more when we see you in just a little bit on "action news at 5 o'clock. until then brian back to you -- no more tricks. >> sorry. >> turn off the television. >> turn off the -- >> thank you my friend. attorneys will once again argue over what will be allowed during bill cosby's upcoming sexual assault trial. tomorrow in a montgomery county courtroom prosecutors will reportedly try to show he that cosby showed a pattern by allegedly drugging and
4:37 pm
molesting women over five decades. prosecutors hope to call up to 13 other accusers. the defense will try to attack their credibility and fight to get the case thrown out again. cosby is on trial for a 2004 incident involving andriy he ya' -- andrea constand a former he employee of temple university. >> asian-american business owners in philadelphia have their concerns heard today. they say their community is being targeted by thieves. what the city council plans to do. >> plus, a man involved in a horrible motorcycle accident left a goodbye message to his family but he lived to tell this story. wow. >> meteorologist adam joseph will be back with a full forecast from accuweather including the halloween forecast and a bit of a warmup all coming up on "action news" at 4:00 next.
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"in washington, if you don't have some independence, some backbone, you might as well not even be there." backbone?! pat toomey voted 7 times to defund planned parenthood. and when he didnít get his way, toomey threatened to shut down the federal government. now, toomey refuses to tell us whether he's voting for donald trump.
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but when he's in other parts of the state, toomey's said he wants to support him. pennsylvania just cant trust pat toomey. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> a rash of crimes targeting asian business owners in philadelphia continues to keep that community on edge. today city council addressed the problem by hearing testimony from victims and law
4:40 pm
enforcement. 16 percent of philadelphia's home invasions last year were committed against asian households. mainly due to the belief that they carry large sums of cash. one woman who survived a gun point robbery inside her home voiced concern over a language barrier when she called 911. city council members told police more interpreters are needed. >> pennsylvania senator vincent hughes and other leaders are calling for immediate action on what they call philadelphia's lead crisis. they're responding to a recent report that found thousands of city children have been exposed to high levels of lead in old paint. senator hughes has invited members of city-state and federal government to attend a senate hearing next month where they will discuss ways to rid local homes of lead paint. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and we -- start in tennessee where a motorcycle who went down an embankment and spent 30 hours injured and waiting for help
4:41 pm
left a dying message for his family never knowing if he would be found. kevin was traveling a stretch of highway known as the dragon. he crashed, fell down a cliff and spent more than a day alone with 17 broken bones from his spine to his ribs and even punctured lungs not knowing if he was going he see his family again he recorded cell phone videos. >> about 10:30 this morning, i'm laying here ever since. about 50 feet down. >> now, his friend a fellow motorcyclist was also killed in that crash. his family here happy to have him home and now on the road to recovery. there are a lot of soup ma mamas out there and then there's this ultimate multitasker running a marathon when you're a mom of three is
4:42 pm
a feat in and of itself. running it with your three kids triplets no less now that's not just amazing it's record breaking. [cheers and applause] there she goes, that's susie goodwin from north carolina and she set the world record for running a half marathon while pushing a triple stroller. the army wife says her triplets spent their first two months in the nicu and she dedicated her race to god and the staff at that hospital. now, she finished the half marathon in two hours one minute and scan seconds and that by the way people included one diaper change. you go, momma. finally flower girls are super cute always we know that but flower grandpas might just have upped the aww factor and maybe even upstaged the bride. you decide. that georgia bride jennifer asked her 85-year-old grandfather stanley he to toss the petals.
4:43 pm
she says they have a really special relationship so she was looking for a special role for him to play in her wedding. now, grandma, apparently wasn't too keen on the idea afraid that her husband stanley might be the laughing stock of the wedding. maybe he wouldn't get it right with the petals and all. now, he did get some giggles but they were happy little laughs that really stole the show including one from the groom right here as he came down the aisle. you go grandpa. stanley, you are cute. got to love it. >> very equitable distribution of the petals there. very good stan he lee. thank you alicia. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center with the update for us. hi, matt. >> speaking of flowers everything is not coming up roses for the ride home. as a result your feet are not on the pedals they're on the brakes like this 195 this is the northbound scene by philadelphia international airport. now, the good news is joe biden's motorcade has gone
4:44 pm
through made its way to south philadelphia so the road is reopened but we're still dealing with back logs in both directions because it was closed for a little while while the motorcade may made its way from phl up to south philadelphia. farther north on 95 at the scudder falls bridge there's road work once again today blocking one of the two lanes but again the slower speeds are on the southbound side in mercer county and that's thanks to the bright sunshine and sun glare out there this afternoon. farther south on 95 you're on the brakes from woodhaven down to cottman although the earlier accident in the work zone is now long gone and our crash on the schuylkill eastbound near passyunk is in the process of clearing. but for now the right lane is still blocked so it's a solid jam coming in from the boulevard on into passyunk on the eastbound schuylkill. some tire tread on the road watch out for this on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound by norristown but of course the slower speeds are on the eastbound side because that's the way most of you go in the afternoon on the pennsylvania turnpike. nasty crash in skippack in harleysville. five ambulances called to the scene along skippack pike
4:45 pm
between stump hall and bustard roads. you really want to avoid that this afternoon and because of some earlier issues on the lansdale doylestown regional rail line, we're still on the shuttle buses between link belt in doylestown. the rest of the line is running and of course the buses, the subways, they're still running for now. we'll see what happens once the midnight hour. brian and sharrie, we'll check it again in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right. complete coverage on there all evening here matt thank you. still ahead we're helping to save you money. found out why items you should buy in november so you save big. >> live look through sky6 hd looking live at the ben franklin bridge there. beautiful shot. temperatures in the 50's. what changes are on the way. meteorologist adam joseph has the details coming up. >> ♪ biden: this is what i know about katie mcginty -
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>> ♪ >> all right, meteorologist adam joseph join and us now with the accuweather forecast. a very important forecast here tonight. >> it is. you know what, a least it's going to be calm and clear and cool so no pressure on my shoulders to make it a nice one for the trick-or-treaters. as we take a look right now live on sky6 in cape may many of you folks are maybe hitting the shore yesterday with those temperatures near record highs. a bit cooler today and it's one lonely sailboat looks like way out there over the open waters of the atlantic right about there. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan just some high clouds out there on this halloween evening. so, nothing to track here with any precipitation. temperatures, they have dropped big time from yesterday afternoon. yesterday at this time compared to right now we have lost 22 degrees in philadelphia, 25 in allentown, 26 in lancaster. it is close to 23, 22 degrees cooler than sunday afternoon compared to the present time and those numbers have settled into the middle 50's across-the-board here. we have a northerly wind so
4:49 pm
really not much movement in temperature from the lehigh valley, the city or the shore, the poconos sitting at 42 degrees. satellite and radar a lot of high clouds spilling across the midwest, great lakes, right into the midatlantic and the northeast but again, for most of the country it is a very quiet halloween which is a good thing, and here are the numbers if you're stepping out over the next couple of hours between five and 6 o'clock temperatures around 55. 54 degrees. by eight or 9 o'clock, already settling back into the middle and upper 40's, so, again, no tricks, pretty easy forecast here other than it being a little on the chilly side. the remainder of the overnight stays clear and dry. 30 degrees in those northwestern suburbs so below the freezing point. 42 for center city and notice those winds that were between about 10, 12 miles an hour in the last hour will start to come back down to two to 4 miles an hour. we have two areas of high pressure here for your tuesday. the first day of november we're going to call it a warmup because we're back
4:50 pm
above normal. high pressure just to our north and just to our south wedging a lot of sunshine and just a few clouds in the midatlantic. cold front stays to our north here on wednesday as new low pressure develops in the center of the country he on wednesday, so we are back to the 70's here, 71 degrees on november 2nd with lots of sunshine and this high pressure to the south will act like a heat pump and that's going to push this system to the north and then we're talking about record possibly record setting temperatures here as we get into thursday. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast very flies for november here tomorrow at 62 degrees. and then again 71, milder here on wednesday. we start with sun through most of the day on thursday. near records. the record for philadelphia 80 degrees. we're going for 78 at this point but another strong cold front comes in late in the day much like yesterday. could be some strong to severe storms to end your thursday and that plummet the temperature here on friday, much cooler, back to normal of
4:51 pm
58 degrees. and as we head into the upcoming weekend saturday sun and clouds of 60 and then he remember we move those clocks back an hour early on sunday morning, sunday a shower possible, 57. and then partly sunny on monday, 54 degrees and once we move those clocks back that sun will set on sunday, i think it's just before 5 o'clock. >> oh. >> all right. >> you can't wipe the smile off my face. >> no, it's halloween. >> take a look at this. this is spectacular. as you get your little ghost and goblins ready to go trick-or-treating send us your picture as so many kind folks have. we love to see your best halloween decorations and costumes. here are some that many of you have been sending to us already. they're great. >> y so keep them coming. you can still submit yours by using the #6abc action on instagram and twitter or by uploading them directorially to the 6abc "action news"
4:52 pm
facebook page. spooktacular. >> the best. november starts tomorrow it's true and it's a big month for deal hunters. >> but not all sales are equal. we will have the top things you should buy this month to get the most savings. >> ♪
4:53 pm
z25pmz zi0z y25pmy yi0y
4:54 pm
>> time now for what's the deal and of course today is halloween but tomorrow it is november 1st and the start of what is officially the best sale month of the year. according to our friends at deal news, november is the ultimate month for deal hunters and you don't have to wait for black friday to start grabbing the best deals on things like large home appliances mainly washer drier dishwasher. stove this is the time to shop. the deeper into the month the better the deals. discounts average about 35 percent off the best that you will see all year.
4:55 pm
and also to that ends kitchen appliances november is the month to buy. they will hit the half off mark at points throughout the month. now, apple devices everything from ipads to apple watches will also hit their best prices of the year. the older models more so than the new generations of course. clothing and shoes this is the time for a closet refresh. deal news says the sales start at 54 percent off and they will creep up to 80 percent off when we start to near black friday and techies and holiday gift gives now is the time to buy laptops tablets tvs and game consoles. those deals peak on cyber monday which is of course the monday after thanksgiving. we're already talking about thanksgiving and it's still halloween right. don't shoot the messenger. these are the things you'll want to wait until january. they include winter apparel toys sorry santa and gift cards many people usually sell
4:56 pm
the ones they don't want for a fraction of the face value so come the new year, this is what you'll want to hold out for. brian and sharrie. >> all right, alicia, thanks. finally at 4:00 patients at children's hospital of philadelphia got a treat courtesy of three eagles players. jordan matthews there he is dressed up as superman and marcus smith as batman, teammate caleb sturgis joined them for halloween party at chop a superhero theme was the case today but the players will tell that you it's the little boys and girls there who are really the real heroes. >> no question about that. that will do it for "action news at 4:00ly we hope you have a great halloween. be safe. i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at phi -- 5:00.
4:57 pm
>> the clock is ticking on a he potential septa strike. we're tracking the impact it could have on schools as thousands of -- if thousands of transit workers walk offer the job. head coach doug pederson speaks out after last night's harder breaking loss to the cowboys in overtime. >> big progress an $10 million to make the city of philadelphia bit greener. those stories and more coming up next at 5:00.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> a strike would be a today. it would just be an awful thing, very disruptive. >> people need to get to work. that he need to get where they're going and it disrupts everybody's lives, students, workers, everybody. >> governor tom wolf and the mayor jim kenney are calling on septa's largest union to strike a deal with the agency just hours before a potential transit strike. now commuters are preparing a plan b for tomorrow should those workers walk offer the job. monday night the big story on "action news is the strike that will shut down buses, trolleys and subway lines in the city of philadelphia. >> the deadline to reach a deal is midnight tonight just as much hours from now. we're expecting a statement
5:00 pm
from septa in a matter of minutes. meanwhile septa and transit workers union 234 are at odds on several issues including pensions, healthcare, break times and driver fatigue. if a strike happens, city buses, the market frankford and broad street lines and six trolley routes would shut down regional rail suburban bus and trolley routes and cct connect service would continue to operate. >> many companies are preparing for tomorrow's potential strike as are schools in the city. >> "action news reporter john rawlins is live at philadelphia school district headquarters tonight with more on that part of the story. john. >> reporter: hi, guys. well, you know, i don't think i flu new until today that more than 10 percent of the ridership on the city transit side this time of year are school kids. if there is a strike it will have a impact on a lot of folks families and school kids alike as well as the schools. now, the philadelphia public schools will be opened tomorrow. the catholic s


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