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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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people who rely on city buses, subways and trolleys to get to work and to school and even if you normally drive this is going to impact you, too. you could expect to see a lot more cars out there joining you on the road. >> good morning everyone. it is 5:30 a.m. on this tuesday november 1st. >> karen rogers of course leads our team coverage of the septa strike and our reporters are fanned out across the city talking with commuters and looking for any progress on contract talks. >> we will get to all of you in a moment. first we start with meteorologist, david murphy. >> day one of the septa strike and it is chilly out there. at least it's going to be on the sunny side later on as you see cloud cover is evacuating the area. we have a few more high clouds streaking in as the day goes on but generally speaking mostly sunny. get ready for cool conditions he though. in philadelphia 42 degrees on the bus stop right now. and in some cases it's an empty he bus stop. remember the yellow school buses are still running this morning but septa is on strike. 30 degrees in allentown, he 33 trenton, 38 wilmington, 31 in millville and 45 degrees in cape may. and as we roll through the today expect it to be fairly
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sun 93 with light winds. that's also an important factor today but cool. 40 degrees by 7 o'clock. 46 degrees by 10 o'clock. 54 by noon. 62 is going to be your high this afternoon. that's not too bad with light winds and lots of sun and then by 6 o'clock back down to 59 degrees. karen rogers, it gets warmer for septa commuters in case there's a strike tomorrow. i'll have details on that coming up in the seven day. you've got he details a plenty on the strike. that let's talk about this. a crippling morning commute. there are 79 different city bus routes none of them are running right now. suburban buses are running. we've got the broad and market frankford subways not running. trolleys routes 10, 11, 13, 34, 36, 15, not running. 101, one oh he two trolley norristown high speedlines, they are running. so what can you do? you can hop on the regional rails but because we are already not at full capacity because of the problems with the silver liner cars we're expecting overcrowding issues. woof already seen situations even before the strike where some of the trains were just bypassing stations 'cause
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they're overcrowded. they have added extra service to try to help out with the regional rails so take them but we expect some issues with overcrowding. so here's the problem. so we said, okay, route 01, one oh he two trolley norristown high speedline they're running you takes them fine you get to 69th street station no options because the market frankford line isn't running. you can take regional rails between 30th and jefferson to save some of your walk. if you're walking you can take pat he company. you can take patco station get that 15th and 16th up to eighth and market to avoid some of your walk but this is just such a major issue for so many people. we're going to be helping you out on line on air throughout the morning. so here we're looking at some of your majors. well expect overcrowding issues. the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill no major problems yet. all lanes opened and that's good news for so many people trying to drive to work matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. our team coverage continues with annie mccormick live at the sheraton in center city. >> which is where negotiations between septa and union reps have been going on. we're told that the atmosphere
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between the two sides at least as of yet is tense. annie, there are a lot of questions on when we will see some progress. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. a lot of people waiting to see what will happen next if there is any progress. i can tell you according to a septa spokesperson i just talked to within the past 45 minutes there were no new negotiations overnight. now, shortly after midnight, the president of the local 234 transit workers union did say that they're opened to negotiating throughout the morning. septa also said they are ready and willing to go back to the table as well. well, take a look at this video. this is video, something you're going to see a lot across the city of striking workers at bustleton and benner. now more than 4700 local twu members stopped work on the job at 12:01. septa suggested the union work through the negotiations and past their maryland midnight deadline to avert a strike. the president of local 234 willy brown said thread to
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draw a line in the sand after two years of negotiations. brown said they did agree on a few minor things. driver fatigue still an issue so he is healthcare but the main sticking point pensions. yesterday sources said both sides were tens of millions of dollars apart on the issue. a source last night said that management gets a pension on full pay. while union workers get a pension on partial pay and that is the deal breaker. now brown did address the media just after midnight. here's what he he had to say. >> you have economic issues as far as pensions. you have healthcare. you also have things like i said come to driver fatigue. we need to be able to do something to not have our operators run up and down the street half asleep. most people they work from nine until five, you get adequate time to rest. my people don't do that. so we have to fight for those rights. >> what about pensions. >> pensions, we're fighting for pensions, also. >> reporter: and septa released a statement saying in part mr. brown walked away from a contract offer that would have provided his
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members pay raises enhanced pension benefits maintained healthcare coverage levels and also continued job security. big question for a lot of people waking up this morning is how long could this strike go on. the answer is we don't know. and in fact last night when mr. brown was asked that, he said anything could happen in these negotiations. now, election day is next tuesday. if it goes up to election day, septa has said that they could possibly go to court to have an injunction to make sure that people will have septa running on election day. now, both governor wolf and also mayor kenney have also issued statements urging both sides to stay at the table. you remember 2009 they were on strike for about six days but in the late 90's it was for a lot longer than. that for now reporting live in center city outside of the sheraton annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you annie. let's switch live to 69th street station in upper darby. >> "action news" reporter john rawlins shows you live there where commuters will hit kind of a dead end in their transit
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travels this morning. john. >> reporter: hi, guys. well, yeah, normally 69th street station is a transfer point. people coming out of the western suburbs in from delaware county headed east will come in on suburban transit. they take the el into center city or somewhere into west philadelphia. at the same time lots of folks from west philadelphia head west, they go to work in delaware county. same thing, they take city transit out here transfer over to suburban transit pick up a trolley or a bus. well half that equation of course is shut down, it's a city transit strike. not far from here around the corner on victory lane are some of the twu pickets. they will say they understand the impact they are having on the riding public today but they say in the history of labor sometimes you have to walk out to make a point and to win points. about a dozen twu pickets this morning trying to stay warm here in upper darby. they say they are striking for what they believe is right. >> safety on the job.
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40 hours a week. weekends. all that came from people who worked for unions going on strike and fighting for what's right and what we fight for here is right for everybody. >> reporter: but riders not so sure they agree with all this. this man was able to get from his work on a suburban bus to 69th street but is not sure how he's going to get to the rest of the way home now that city transit is on strike. this morning what are you going to do. >> i don't know. i know -- i'll probably use uber or lyft but that's going to kill me by the week. too much money by the week. >> reporter: get expensive. >> i'm talking that's going to be like 40, $50 a day for me so i got to go harder than what i usually do. >> reporter: so, a lot of people having to examine what to do today. they're talk about using uber, they're talking about taking taxis, ride sharing, driving themselves, even walking in many, many cases. we talked to a lot of folks here particularly trying to get into west philadelphia just decided to walk. it's a pleasant morning,
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little on the cool side but it's a long walk but they're taking it. shuttle buses as well. we've seen the first evidence of shuttle buses here. some of the large employers in center city have decided to have shuttle buses that will run out here pick people up as they come into 69th street station. so everybody trying to find a way to get from point a to point b. live at 69 and street station john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> thank you john. mobile6 serving as another set of eyes for us as we continue our coverage. look, there's a bus from the school district of philadelphia. remember you still have to go to school today if you are in public schools and if you can't make it because you usually take septa, they will make it an excused absence so they're trying to do everything they can to make this easier for everyone but do expect some more vehicles out there on the roads and more people on the sidewalks as they try to find alternative means of he getting around in philadelphia. >> and as well if you get there a little bit late because of there they say it will be an excused late arrival. remember to take our special
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septa strike coverage with you on the go. check out our live digital cuts on and the 6abc news app starting at 7:00 >> two men injured in a fast moving house fire on the 3300 block of comly road in the city's somerton section just after midnight and crews rescued a 40-year-old man an 52-year-old man. both suffered smoke inhalation and burns and are in stable condition. no word on a cause for the fire. >> all right. time now to talk about accuweather, maybe that will put a smile on some people's faces. >> maybe it l it's a little bit cool on the bus stop this morning and in some cases there's no bus. storm tracker6 live double scan right now we are dry but cool. taking a look outside we have clear skies over the commodore barry bridge and we are expecting plenty of sunshine today. a few clouds dancing through at times. but it's going to stay on the cool side. and this morning we're at just 42 degrees in philadelphia. so, if you do normally take septa and now you're walking, you want to bundle up a little bit. not much wind but cool. 38 degrees in wilmington, 33 he in trenton, 30 degrees
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below freezing in allentown at this hour. 34 in reading. also below freezing in millville and 45 in cape may. satellite shows you how the clouds have cleared out overnight. you will want your sunglasses if you're getting behind the wheel on our highways and by ways and there could be a couple high clouds streaking in later in the dame up in the lehigh valley a high of just 60 today, mostly sunny but pretty chilly. and down the shore, not much different. we'll go up to about 63 mostly sunny and cool there again some clouds streaking in at times. and in philadelphia your high this afternoon is 62 degrees. mostly sunny and cool. we'll hit that at about 3 o'clock when the kids are coming home from school so if you have kids that normally take septa and they've got to hoof it it's not too bad this afternoon to do so. winds stay light today all the way in the single digit also. overnight tonight mainly clear not as cool as it is this morning so tomorrow morning will be a little more comfortable with temperature getting down to about 50 at dawn. again the winds are light overnight. and it warms up after that. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 62 is today's high. a nice start to november.
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tomorrow again we're only at about 50-degree range in the morning and we get all the way up to 73 in the afternoon so tomorrow and afternoon that's comfortable for walking around. then thursday very warm. lows only getting down to a little below 60 in the morning and in the afternoon all the way up to 78. now, we do have an issue in the afternoon and evening on thursday at some point a front is going to come through and trigger some potentially strong gusty thunderstorms in at least some neighborhoods so thursday afternoon and evening a time period to watch. then that system gets out of here and behind it we are blustery and chilly for friday, 56 the high there. for the coming weekend 60 on saturday. we've got the unity cup soccer championship at citizens bank park. set your clocks back one hour when you go to bed on saturday night and then sunday partly sunny and 59 degrees. we'll take out that mention of a shower on sunday so it will be a nice weekend. >> i like that. >> thank you david. it is 5:41. septa workers are on strike at impasse over pay work rules healthcare and especially pensions. we'll have more he details in live team coverage.
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>> thanksgiving is like three weeks away. >> what. >> you'll find out coming up how you can learn to cook the turkey by texting someone. karen. >> you're going to text how do i make this -- that's a long text. >> yeah. >> all right, headed outside here in bridesburg torresdale avenue at harbison avenue traffic here moving smoothly. you know what we don't see, any city buses. not running this morning. the latest on the septa strike and how you can get to work when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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priorities usa action is responsible >> welcome back. chopper live over cornwells heights station in bucks county. two things usually go on here on a normal morning many people take septa to get into the city. that is not going to work since there is a septa strike in effect. a lot of people also park and ride there as they get on amtrak or new jersey transit to head north. and it's a good idea if you can park and ride and carpool to make your way into the city. that is what the city is telling people that they should try to do, use a ride share, see if you can buddy up with a friend because you will not be seeing septa trains leaving from that station. >> karen rogers joins us to remind us not everything is affected by this, right, karen? >> yeah, that's right. but this is such a major impact. here's everything that's not running because of it and we've got a scroll at the bottom of the screen to help you out with that. no city buses no broad street.
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what do you do with no market frankford subway. those are the issue this morning people are facing so a lot of people taking the regional rails so regional rails are running so that's one option to get through the city. i mean, any other that it's an easy one for a lot of people. expect overcrowding as well so that's an issue. if you're trying to get to university city, trying to get to university city station, you can take it elwyn line, the new york line airport line they're all running and that's one way to get to university he city. if you live in north philadelphia can't take the city buses not running broad street subway not running right now. but if you can get to the north philadelphia station right here at broad and lehigh several areas will service that and that can take you here to jefferson so you can get into the city by taking there so watch for that if you can get to the broad street. how about if you're in northeast philadelphia. if normally you take city buses not an option but if you can get on the trenton line, the trenton line is running and they have lots of stops like bridesburg tacony holmesburg. those are options how you can use regional rail if it's something you don't normally
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use but you have to starting today with the septa strike. how is it affecting the roads? we expect more people on the roads. they're going to be more congested. we're looking live at 202. 202 is fine right now. no big issues as you're coming in king of prussia here in this area coming up from exton or malvern or paoli you're seeing no problems right now. roads are clear and dry on 202. we have an accident in lower providence on germantown pike and old cross keys road and one creator ago problem ridge pike that just cleared so that's moving a little better near manor road. quick look at your temperature its a cold morning to be waiting for a bus, waiting for a regional rail hoping they're not overcrowded. only 30 degrees in quakertown and pottstown. 42 in the city. some of the suburbs in new jersey you're dry. it will be sunny but it's only 31 right now in hammonton. 33 in glassboro. platt and tam. >> thanks karen. bob brooks is live at septa's olney station which services that fox chase regional rail line as we have been telling you still running. what's going on now, bob? >> reporter: good morning. starting to get a little more busy here people are starting
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to trickle n i just spoke with a plan who says he walked 40 minutes to get down here from his house at 4:30 in the morning it's pretty cold out today. so, that's just one of the many stories i'm sure that are going come in today about how much of an inconvenience this is for everyone who depends on septa. now i'm going to bring up some video here. everyone take a look. this is just minutes last night after the strike was announced from the frankford transportation center. riders are not happy about this. we'll hear from them in just a seconds some more people but again 400,000 plus riders depend on septa every day. obviously we hope things turn outer well for commuters though this is no doubt a huge inconvenience. on top of the regional rail line there are some other bus and trolley routes we have been hearing about those this morning. that's limbed though so please check in on that. also we have another option for you. the ride sharing company uber they're expanding their services to try to curtail some of the inconvenience. you'll see a map on your screen right now. for those of you familiar with uber pool it's expanding its service during the strike. this is one way, one
5:49 am
convenient way to try and keep your costs down a little while it's going on. it is 75 percent cheaper than regular uber x. now uber pool coverage will span the whole septa system so if you need septa anywhere where septa runs you can get uber pool. again this is the map though again i spoke with a plan who says he walked 40 minutes to get down here just an unfortunate situation for him. let's take a listen. you live around here. did you have to come far. >> i live in hunting park. it took me 40 minutes to walk from hunting park to here. >> reporter: in the cold. >> yeah but i'm pretty well bundled up. >> reporter: i'm sure that wasn't a fun experience. >> no it's not but at least i have a way to get to work because a lot of workers they don't even want to try to get to work. >> reporter: glad to hear he's staying optimistic while the strike goes on though. again, long and cold walk for him this morning. now some companies we know they've put out contingency plans to help people get to work in a timely manner. that includes the city. one thing they're doing is providing a free shuttle for
5:50 am
city employs along the broad street and market frankford lines with 12 buses but you need to show proof of your city employment to access that. reporting live in olney bob brooks channel6 "action news. >> thanks bob. all philadelphia public and charter schools are opened today. archdiocesan schools are closed for a religious holiday. the district says 56,000 of its students use a bus trolley or subway to get to class so they're going to allow people to have an excused absence if they normally do that. we know of at least one charter school mathematics civics and sciences charter is opening early and crossing late to accommodate drop-offs and pickups. , sure to check with your particular school for specific plans. >> we want to know how the strike is impacting you. we just heard from bob. share your commute stories with us. use #6abc action on social media or e-mail us at join the action at >> ♪
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> septa strike affecting everybody. if you take septa you're affected. if you take the regional rails even though they're running it may be overcrowded. if you drive we expect more people on the road so kind of affecting everybody. here's what's not running. we're scrolling it on the bottom of your screen to help you out. the big one is no city buses no, broad street subway, no market frankford. most of your trolleys not running. such a major issue for everybody. we expect extra congestion on the roads here. we've got an accident. this is new on 295 in new jersey mount laurel burlington county. was in the median. they pushed it off to the right shoulder. police are on the scene. and a fire location here in burlington county elmwood road shut down. take sharp road instead dave. >> coats on the kids this morning, coats this afternoon. in fact they might want to go with a little extra gear this morning as we have temperatures in the city in the low 40's and a lot of suburbs in the 30's. in philadelphia by 8 o'clock
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it's possible it will be down to about 39 degrees. if not it will be close, say, 40 or so and then by 10 o'clock 46. by noon, 54. this afternoon not too bad, 62 degrees, lots of sun, light winds, 57 then by 6 o'clock. that's your 12-hour forecast. if you're headed to the airport all green aircraft at the airport with no major delays none sign of rain in any of our big travel destinations at this hour. we'll be back with more on the septa strike and the rest of our top stories.
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i'm frank lobiondo >> happening today, a pretrial hearing begins for bill cosby in montgomery county court. prosecutors will argue that cosby showed a pattern of sexual assault over five decades. they hope to call up to 13 other accusers while the defense will question their credibility. cosby is facing trial for charges that he sexually assaulted a former employee of temple university at his cheltenham home back in 2004. >> butterball is already looking ahead to thanksgiving. people will be able to text company their turkey related questions for the first time ever. the company's regular phone help line will go live starting today. the new texting option will begin on november 17th and butterball says the most asked question is how long does it take to thaw the turk he key and my guess is by the time you're asking the question, the answer is too late for that. >> yeah, you might want to ask that a little bit before thanksgiving, right. 5:57.
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breaking right now, thousands of septa workers have walked off the job. >> union members have already hit the picket lines bringing buses trolleys and subways in the city he to standstill. karen rogers leads our live team coverage of the impact on your morning commute. that's up next. >> ♪ in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> it is official. septa workers are hitting the pick lines. months of negotiations to keep them in walking off the job have failed. >> and this is the result chopper6 live is here at the cornwells heights train station. there in bucks county you see there it we're told the first regional rail train has just arrived at the


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