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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 4:00 a.m. on this tuesday november 8th, election day finally here. it happens today as voter give us their final tally. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton made her final pitch in front of a crowd of thousands of people at independence mall. >> republican nominee donald trump rallied late into the night after a day of stops including our own battleground state of pennsylvania. >> septa buses trolleys and subways return to full service this morning just in time for voters to head to the polls. >> let's get going with a quick look at weather and traffic.
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dave murphy has accuweather. karen rogers hopefully a very different day when it comes to the traffic. >> it's a pretty good election day. you have to bundle up if you're headed out early. we have clear skies across the region clouds even farther off the coast than before and the stuff out to the west you might get a little bit that of later in the day and tonight but generally speaking a fair amount of sunshine today. we're still holding the low 40's in philadelphia. down to the freezing mark in allentown. 32 in reading. 33 in wilmington, 35 in trenton so cold to start out across the region and even philadelphia may dip down into the upper 30's briefly. but as we go into the afternoon, things do improve big time also winds not really much of a factor. we've got a lot of calm winds. on your way to the polls this morning expect it to be chilly. in philadelphia we may still be holding 40 but a lot of suburbs virtually all of them will be in the 30's at 7 o'clock so if you're voting early it's going to be coat weather but by noon we're up to 62 and by 3 o'clock a very warm high of 69 degrees and then still holding 61 by 6 o'clock and by the time the
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polls close around 57 degrees. karen rogers i'll have the rest of the seven-day forecast and we'll also cover voting poll opening temperatures in all three of our states. that's coming up. >> so today should be a much better commute because we finally will have our buses, our trolleys, our subways all back to normal today so things should be pretty good. if you are talking the regional rails you can expect some of those normal delays. 10 to 20 minutes possible. don't forget we're still down from our trains that we had back from the problem last summer so still expect some delays but they should be minor compared to yesterday's hour and a half long delays that we saw on the regional rails. this is i-95 past allegheny and we're looking live here, that's southbound traffic headed towards center city. we see construction blocking the two left lanes so should be cleared within the next half hour or hour so no delays yet as you're looking live on i-95. vine street expressway no problems although we don't expect the gridlock that we've seen with the strike. you can expect extra traffic around the polling places today, matt and tam.
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>> thank you, karen. it is indeed election day. the polls open in pennsylvania and dell fair less than three hours n-new jersey they open in less than two. hillary clinton and donald trump rallied supporters throughout the night in their final push for the white house. >> katherine scott and annie mccormick are live at polling places in pennsylvania and new jersey. let's start with annie who is at kingsway church in cherry hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt, that's right, we're at this chump in cherry hill where polling locations all across the state open at 6:00 in the morning and they close at 8:00 p.m. we want to get you up to speed on what donald trump did yesterday in the final days, hours now up until election day. now, in the final hours he covered thousands of miles hitting five states in just 12 hours including sarasota florida, raleigh north carolina, scranton pennsylvania, grand rapids michigan and most recently manchester new hampshire where he was joined by his family. now, on yesterday's campaign
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trail the real estate tycoon talked about the polls saying he is leading in most battleground states. the latest national polls show him trailing closely behind clinton. he knocked clinton saying she need celebrities and musicians to draw crowds and scranton pennsylvania trump spoke to an electrified crowd. >> we're going to have a great victory tomorrow, folks. we're going have a great victory. they have no idea. >> reporter: both candidates getting in as much as they can leading up to when people cast their ballot again today in new jersey the polls open at 6:00 a.m. and they close at 8:00 p.m. for now reporting live in cherry hill, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt and tam, back to you. >> thank you annie. now let's switch to katherine scott who is live at grace epiphany church in philadelphia's mount airy section. >> reporter: today is the day we finally made it but the last important step is getting tout vote today.
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we're at grace epiphany church in that mount airy. voters are going to be heading to the polls here later this morning to cast their ballots. both major candidates made one of their final campaign snoops pennsylvania and hillary clinton was here in philadelphia before she headed to raleigh. thousands of people packed independence mall last night as clinton made her final pitch to pennsylvania voters. she was joined by president obama and the first lady, husband bill clinton and daughter chelsea, jon bon jovi performed as did bruce springsteen. pennsylvania is one of the battleground states for these candidates and in this last push last night, clinton urge the her -- urged her supporters to get out and vote today. >> i want you to be able to say that you did vote, you voted for an inclusive, big hearted, open minded, country future that will make sure that we all keep moving together because i do believe
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we are stronger together. >> reporter: obviously we know this was a presidential election but there's a lot of important local raises as well. so, get out and vote today here in pennsylvania the polls open at 7:00 a.m. they close at 8 o'clock tonight. we're live in mount airy katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> all right, thank you katherine. and the candidates for pennsylvania's hotly contested senate seat were also out late looking for last minute support. republican pat toomey the incumbent wrapped up a six stop statewide tour last night way rally in bethlehem. earlier he visited with law enforcement along with fire and paramedic unions in northeast philadelphia. polls show a tight race between toomey and katie mcginty and it's one that could determine whether republicans keep their senate majority. mcginty tapped off a big day of campaigning by attending that big rally on independence mall with hill. they also campaigned together at the university of pittsburgh. mcginty's fate could be tied to mrs. clinton's in
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pennsylvania where most people do vote along party lines. the race between toomey and mcagain a now the most extensive u.s. senate race. more than $160 million has been spent since the beginning of this year. >> "action news" has you covered on election night. rick williams and monica malpass will be in new york at the trump and clinton watch parties. we will also have news crews covering the major local races. watch our special coverage online as well. join jim gardner and our panel of experts and special guests as we bring you life results as the races are called. find it on and the 6abc news app starting at 8:00 p.m. >> septa's buses trolleys and subways are expected to be back to fully normal operations for this morning's commute. septa and local tw u2 34 came to a tentative agreement early yesterday morning ending the six day strike. septa was prepared to go before a george request an injunction to force workers back on the job for election day but that hearing became null once a deal were you struck.
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the fear was that thousands of people would be inconvenienced with voting had the strike gone on. >> let's turn now to dave murphy. you've been promising a really nice election day and we're getting it. >> yeah, we're getting it. it's chilly this morning but it's very quickly going to improve temperature-wise. storm tracker6 live double scan also shows that you say we are dry. as we take a look outside we've got sky6 and clear as a bell over the airport. not much wind either. we're reporting calm winds across most of the region. even though it's coat weather at least you don't have wind chills to deal with. your temperature in that philadelphia still holding 41. i think there's a chance we get down into the upper 30's briefly this morning. winds are calm and you get properly prepared with the coat and you're in pretty good shape. obviously lots of sunshine on the way, a little bit later on this morning. there are some clouds coming in from the west but those will probably hold off to the west for most of the day and we won't have to worry about any rain until sometime tomorrow morning. >> poll opening temperatures 38 degrees is kind of an average of what you can expect the farther in the suburbs you are lower the temperatures
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will be. some of you could be dealing with mid 30's when the polls open in pennsylvania at 7 o'clock n new jersey the polls open at 6 o'clock and we're looking at probably an average of about 35 degrees and in delaware 37 at 7 o'clock. but those numbers are going to be increasing rapidly and here's what that looks like. by 8 o'clock, 42. but by 10 o'clock, 53 and if you want to head to the polls at lunchtime 62 degrees feeling pretty good in philadelphia. and by 3 o'clock all the way up close to 70. in fact i wouldn't be surprised to see 70 briefly on some thermometers this afternoon. we'll go for a high of 69 officially and by 5 o'clock down to 63. been 8 o'clock tonight as we said at the top of the half hour we're back down into the mid to upper 50's in most places. 69 is your high in philadelphia, 66 in wilmington, 68 in allentown and similar numbers in lancaster, reading and trenton. 66 degrees in millville. we'll see 65 in cape may. tomorrow frontal boundary is pushing through and we're cooler with a high of just 58 degrees but it will be damp and dreary at times. by the time we're on the air in the morning we'll probably
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have something to show you later in the afternoon the rain gets off the coast went might even return some sunshine into the picture. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a mild election day with a high later on of 69 degrees and then tomorrow mostly cloudy with some showers as i just showed you and a high of just 58. then we stay cooler for the rest of the seven day. mostly sunny and breezy on thursday, 55. veterans day on friday partly sunny and windy 63. we're now taking out the chance of a late day shower, maybe a sprinkle up in the poconos and we're also going to take out that mention of a sprinkle on saturday as well. it does look like the next system misses us to the north but it's going to be chilly this weekend. on saturday 49 degrees windy and chilly and then we bounce back a little bit with a high of 56 and mostly sunny skies now for the eagles on sunday. and back to 60 on monday. >> okay, thanks, david. 4:10 now and we have more news stories you didn't see last night a woman is pushed in front of a subway train and loses her life in new york city. authorities suspect the person who did it may have struck
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before. >> first ballots on election day were cast at midnight in new hampshire. >> karen. >> we're looking live here on the roosevelt boulevard extension by ridge avenue. you can see construction blocking the two left lanes so maybe a little slow in this area but very light volume. we'll check the roads in the suburbs when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:13. good morning everyone, it is tuesday. it is the first day without a septa strike and it is election day t we have a lot of business to get to here on "action news." >> and let's head on over to karen rogers to tell you a lot of green, we see a lot of green which is nice after a lot of red behind you. >> isn't that a nice change. >> yeah. >> after we have been talking about the septa strike and what's not running we can say everything is running this morning and should be back to normal today. i know it was a tough commute especially yesterday morning but things looking up for us right now. buses our subways our trolleys are all back to your regular schedule just in time for election day and if you are taking the regional rails you still would expect some of
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those normal delays that we have been seeing, 10 to 20 minutes we saw yesterday evening. that may be the case once again today. yesterday morning we had an hour and a half delays on some of the regional rails. we don't anticipate that happening again today so should be a little more back to normal. looking at the big picture so far so good on the blue route. speeds about 55 miles an hour. schuylkill expressway 40's and 50's right here and i-95 traveling southbound 55 miles an hour both at cottman and girard so looking good on the big picture as well. taking a live look outside this is i-95 past allegheny where traffic is moving nicely. you can see two left lanes. construction should be cleared within the next 45 minutes or so but at this point those crews are still out there up ahead if you're traveling southbound on i-95 past allegheny. here in new castle county on i-95 southbound near 273 you want to watch for construction also blocking the left lane. that's until about 5:30. it's nice and dry. little cool out there but seasonable with temperatures at about 41 degrees right now so it should be a good start
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to your day for election day, tam. >> all right, thank you, karen. new this morning, very first votes in the presidential election have been tallied. theville lamp of dixville cast their ballots at midnight. this goes back to 1948. hillary clinton beat donald trump by guess what you could say as a landslide four votes to two. gary johnson also received one vote. now, that eighth vote was a write in for somebody who is not even running for president, mitt romney. if you have any questions or issues at the polls today 6abc is partnering once again with the league of women voters. they'll be staffing this hotline from 7:00 in the morning until 8 o'clock tonight to provide answers to your question or any concerns. the phone number you see on the screen (877)940-6222. >> other news now officials are investigating a deadly police-involved shooting in north philadelphia. it happened on the 3100 block of north ninth street at 7:00 last night. police say they were trying to chase down a suspect from an earlier shooting when that man pulled a gun on officers.
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the officers opened fire causing the man to drop two guns. the man reached for one of those guns forcing police to shoot again. the 31-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> new on "action news," a woman was killed after being pushed in front of a new york subway train. it happened at the times square station yesterday. authorities said both women were on the platform and they had been having some kind of discussion or argument. police arrested melanie liverpool moments after that fatal push. police now investigating the possibility that liverpool is responsible for a similar incident earlier this month. >> also new dozens of children became sick at a south florida preschool and had to be hospitalized. 19 children shared gurneys as paramedics loaded them onto ambulances in lauder hill. the children suffered from nausea vomiting diarrhea and dehydration. a total of 29 children showed symptoms. some were driven to the hospital by their own families. the cause is not known.
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health officials plan to test the food that the children ate. >> it is 4:16 and for nasa astronaut voting was literally out of this world but he got it done. that's next. >> cue up the snakes on the plane jokes because we have video showing it really happened on this flight to mexico. david. >> all right, chilly -- chilly out there this morning. 41 degrees in philadelphia but in the 30's in a lot of suburbs as you head out for the polls opening 6 o'clock in south jersey and 7 o'clock in delaware and philadelphia. but things really do get mild later on and i'll have your 12-hour forecast showing you those numbers coming up. >> ♪
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dog, dog, dog. >> new on "action news" an astronaut has cast his vote from outer space. nasa says astronaut shane kimbro filed his vote. how does an astronaut vote? about a year before launch astronauts select which election they want to participate in. six months later they receive an application for an absentee ballot. he has the best reason of all as to why he couldn't make it to the polls. >> does he mail it from the spaceship. >> there must be some sort of shuttling. >> the post office doesn't -- >> they have to get it somehow. >> the milk man comes to the station, too. >> george clooney knocks on the door. >> that's right. >> i vote every time. let's take a look outside right now and check the 42
4:21 am
freeway near market street. we're clear, we're dry, no extra overnight construction. you're looking good over here. in gloucester county on route 47 northbound that's delsea drive at 130 we have construction blocking the right lane. that should be out there for about another hour or so and the strike is over so all your city transit services back to normal today, dave. >> sounds good, karen. at the polls this morning it's going to be chilly but by 8 o'clock we're up to 42 and then by 10 o'clock, 53 and the rest of the way looks pretty good. 62 by noon. your high today is going all the way up to 69 degrees. a couple of you might even get 70 briefly on the thermometer. by 6 o'clock back to 61 degrees. by the time the polls close tonight across most of the region you're probably looking at the mid-50's. overall these are really mild conditions and if you have some errands to run today maybe after the polling you're looking pretty good especially during the afternoon matt. >> thanks, david. the flyers host the red wings tonight for the second time in less than a week. the puck drops at 7:00. the winless count goes on for the sixers.
4:22 am
they fell to the utah jazz 109-84 last night. the sixers are o and six for the third straight season haven't lost 10 straight dating to last season. they face the indiana pacers tomorrow. >> the controversial pipe lands project will be held up for some degree of further consideration. yesterday a new jersey appeals court panel sent the matter to the state pinelands commission for some further review. it's been challenged by environmental groups such as sierra club because the gas line would travel through the pinelands region. the south jersey gas pipe would supply a power plant in upper township cape may county which is switching from coal to natural gases. >> a pilot forced to make an emergency landing because of samuel l. jackson's least favorite problem. there was a snake on the plane. you can see the snake emerge from the ceiling and then partially drop down into the cabin. carrier aero mexico confirms it happened sunday on a flight to mexico city. animal control had to board
4:23 am
the plane to remove the snake. the airline is still trying to figure out how it got on board. >> i don't even know what you give people to help them get over that. it is 4:23. the polls open in just hours. we'll have more team coverage of election day coming up at 4:30. >> and a century old rivalry hits the gridiron in the suburbs. we have the monday night football high school edition up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look the the view outside from temple university looking out over center city. it is a beautiful start to your tuesday this election day. it is 4:25, 41 degrees out there. >> stocks surged on wall street with the dow having its best day in eight months a move that many connect with hillary clinton who the street seems to see as more of a "status quo candidate" versus trump some seeing as a wild card.
4:26 am
the blue chip index jumped 371 points yesterday of the rally also broke the s & p 500's longest losing streak since 1980. here are the closing numbers. the dow finished at 18,259. the nasdaq rose to 516666. >> two high school football teams renewed their rivalry last night. walter perez was there as the radnor red raiders faced the lower merion bulldogs. >> reporter: first football game pitting lower merion high school against radnor high was held on october 26th 1897. it's a tradition that means a lot to anyone who has played for either team. just ask paul monaghan who's a member past lower merion class of 1965. >> senior high school tenth, 11th and 12th grade so i was on the team for three years we won all three years. >> reporter: but you're not bragging. >> no. [laughter] >> reporter: after 120 years a pair of firsts for this longstanding rivalry.
4:27 am
we're told this was the first night game between the raiders and the aces also the first monday matchup. the game will to be rescheduled because radnor made the district one playoffs in the first round this past friday. still despite losing on friday and playing again only three days later, the guys from radnor say they wouldn't miss this game for the world. >> it's awesome. one hundred twentieth year. all these guys right now we come from elementary school middle school just waiting for an opportunity to play in this gamism it's incrediblism the guys from lower merion agree there's simply nothing like it. >> special. the school turns into a different place for the week. we have our pep rally. >> reporter: this one was kind of a blowout. radnor wins 49 to eight their fifth straight win over their rivals but the aces still hold a slight lead in the series. along with 11 ties, lower merion has won this matchup 56 times. tonight was radnor's 53rd victory in this wonderful
4:28 am
local triad ditches reporting live from lower merion, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> just about 4:28. we have much more on what you need to know before heading to the polls today. coming up we'll take a look at what is on the ballot in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> plus a crowd becomes hostile at a sports star's mall meet and greet. video shows police having to responds to the chaos. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> the presidential nominees urge supporters to get out and vote during one final battleground blitz. we are live at polling places across the delaware valley. >> fire injures a woman as it forces several people from their apartment. >> grab a jacket in case you need to stand in a long election day line. action weather is tracking warmer air later today. >> let's find out more about that forecast with dave murphy and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> it's chilly to start out but it's going to get very comfortable later today. right now we're looking at clear skies. clouds out to the west but those probably won't make it here until very late in the day or tonight and 41 degrees on the thermometer right now as you step outside in philadelphia. but notice how most of the suburbs are much colder. we're down around the freezing mark in allentown, reading, lancaster, wilmington, millville. 35 in trenton. 51 in cape may so coats required if you are planning on heading to the polls early and if you happen to encounter a line. hey at least winds aren't all that strong. most of our reporting stations in the single digits or calm. if you are out there voting


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