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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 9, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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>> it's november 9th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". >> bit of a situation. >> dude stops to take a selfie. >> and documents his journey in the middle of the plains. >> the not so smart move that's getting him roasted on social media. >> i don't know which way to go. >> some punk starts shaking down people on the street. >> when suddenly -- >> how an ambush takedown stops the shake down. >> there's a dog. >> rescuers think they have the dog cornered. >> until the popo rolls up. >> why that puts a kink in the plan. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a husband who
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swears there's a message in his coffee mug. >> he's peering into the cup. >> see how long it takes to figure out what his wife's trying to tell him. >> come on. >> this whole selfie thing really, in my opinion, has gotten way out of hand. >> i don't know which way to go. i hope that's all right. >> wildfire? >> yes. kevin was driving through new south wales, australia, drove right through this brush fire, chose to stop, get out, and document his journey in the middle of the plains. >> did he at least called fire department? >> he does say he called firefighters. kevin originally pulled over because he smelled smoke. shocking. i guess thought it may have been his car originally. turns out it wasn't the car, it was the fire around him. >> not good. this is not good right now. bit of a situation. >> here he's claiming he's not
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sure which way to go. sounds like he's adding a lot more drama to this for his social media followers than anything. >> looks like one of the natural slow burns as opposed to one of the massive firestorms we see driven by the wind. >> i have a suggestion, drive away from the fire. that's usually what you do. >> basic fire skills 101. >> you know, gayle, that sounds like common sense, and kevin here doesn't seem to be using much of it. in fact, that's what some firefighting officials said about kevin when they saw the video on social media. didn't get burned in any of the videos, but did get roasted online. >> i'm going to die. what the [ bleep ] -- >> compromising safety in the name of selfies is what's going on here.
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>> well, brazil is known for sun, sand, and sun, but in this case i've got two pretty scary violent videos. first is cctv from outside a shop. this is where trouble arrives on this red motorbike. two people still wearing their helmets. immediately the guy in the back gets off and they start shaking people down for whatever they can get. not the first time this morning they've done something like this. gets back on his bike and his right hand, looks like they are about to make their getaway when suddenly the bike falls over and that guy goes down and then returns fire across the street, where someone who was close to or an associate of the people that owned that store opened fire on these guys from across the street. the guy scrambles inside to the shop that he was just robbing people outside, while the other guy has vanished off screen. you will see that guy come back out of the store using this woman as a human shield. took her down to an
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intersection, let her go, carjacked somebody else, where they just vanished into the wind. they have not been found. >> they are just reckless. it's crazy. >> this next one is way crazier. inside a convenience store late at night, you can see this guy here in the shirt try to load it up with shells. bit wobbly. reports say he was somewhat inebriated. see there, fired off into the ground. you can see a chunk has been taken out. he's not done yet. that guy jumping out of the way. a third time he fires off, you can see another chunk taken out of the floor there. turns out this guy in the white has been identified as a member of the civil police. >> even if he is part of the civil police, clearly does not need to be operating the firearm. >> right. the article that accompanied the video may be removed during the investigations. let's hope so. >> so nonchalant about the whole thing. >> nobody was hurt as a result
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of this, which is probably the biggest miracle of the whole thing. >> joke around with making it rain, we imagine that one day using our imagination we could do that. ♪ >> this is in russia, recorded inside this convertible making it rain, they had wads of cash and reports say that these are very affluent, rich kids of russia in the city of moscow, and as they were making it rain, a lot of people were picking up the money. hey, thank you. >> what is it with these 1%ers, these rich kids of russia, every time we get a video from them, we see them causing trouble, throwing money, and they don't care. ♪ >> to answer your question, social media. not only do they have to just be
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rich, they have to show everybody how rich they are and post it all on social media. >> yep, that is exactly correct. and the video, needless to say, is causing a lot of conversation online. obviously, some of it like you were just saying making people upset. but there are a lot of people who really like this stuff. that's why we see so many social media accounts of people who are very frivolous with their money with the planes and the women and sometimes often we see them, you know, with the watches. people like that stuff. they dig that stuff, and they are all about it. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. animal aid unlimited on the
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scene to help out a very sick dog. this dog was so sick she couldn't even get up to move to protect herself from the rain and the weather. it is cold, it is wet. these people have come to help her out. >> she is on her last leg right there. >> you could see them putting a blanket over her and pick her up, because once they take her in, they realize she has a very serious infection. she has an infection of the uter uterus, so she needs emergency surgery, but before they can give that to her, they need to stabilize her with fluids. >> when they removed her uterus, it was five times the size of a normal uterus, but look at her the very next day. >> night and day. completely right, i don't think she would have survived another night. >> this animal rescue comes to us from hope for paws in los angeles. they had to go to compton at 2:00 p.m. because there were reports of a dog that had been a stray for weeks.
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they found pepe. clearly, he'd been somebody's pet, he has a collar on. they say he was waiting for his owners to return, they never did, and pepe very, very scared to approach people. hope for paws, known for throwing food out to entice them. they threw out a cage and wanted to lure pepe in. pepe goes in, they've got it captured until -- the popo rolls up. >> run, pepe, run. >> he's in the alley, he'sed ine trap. he just got out. >> pepe is like, i've got to go, i've seen this go down before. >> pepe eventually after that little run-in with the police, gets back into the cage. let me show you the after photo. the very next day once they bathed him and gave him a lot of love -- >> wow. you had a collar on. did he have any kind of identification or chip or
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anything? >> obviously not, because they say he is available for adoption. >> this is so sweet. here come the mountain bikers. just ripping through the narrow streets. >> see the ups and downs that made for one heart pounding ride. >> nice. and two baking how tos. >> that will rock your world. >> why these cakes are sure to make your barbie dreams come true. >> come on. brought to you by olive garden, where never-ending pasta bowl is back. we make the food and deliver it to your door... so you can enjoy what's important. the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
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new selsun blue closed captioning provided by -- proteins and vitamins for fuller, thicker looking hair. new selsun blue full & thick. the "rtm" videos app. it's the easiest way to watch the best videos. down loeload it now. there's a very small town in mexico. just got their first. >> oh! >> downhill mountain biking. this event goes on every year and it's one of the career events of downhill urban mountain biking, just ripping through the narrow streets, this guy right at the very beginning. this is just an exhibition run. they are not racing at this point. but you can clearly see how
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incredibly tight, technical, and tactical they have to be with their moves. >> so pretty, i love seeing the narrow alleyways with the cobblestone roads and stairs and the turns and nooks and crannies. >> very inventive on their course design. looks like a jason bourne tape. >> it's cool, it's completely different this year. it draws about 40,000 spectators, 40 different competitors from eight different countries. currently we're riding with sam, he's one of the best. in fact, he won the best trick award during this event and you'll see why. they come up on to some huge ramps. >> my best trick would be making it down. >> on your feet. >> look at that one, wow! >> well done.
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there is some incredible artistry going on with cakes today. these two barbie cakes will rock your world, so take your kids out of the room, because you might have to make these. this first one -- >> which one is the cake? >> i know, hard to believe. that's ellie in the middle. that cake is a big barbie. >> go ahead and wrap your dress in saran wrap. won't be ruined. we're going to make it cardboard from the floor up to the bottom of her skirt, and then we're going to make it cake from the bottom of her skirt to her waist. >> she starts cutting the base to angle it so it's like a skirt that flairs out. once she does that -- >> looks like it's time to put the cake on. >> what she does is start topping it with icing. the cakes get smaller and smaerl. once you stick barbie in the middle -- >> i could have gone this far. it's the decorating. beautiful artistry with the flowers, sorry, the wheels came
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off. >> yeah, ends up being this beautiful cake for ellie's birthday. yolanda teamed up with matel to make a cake version of this real barbie. what she does, she starts shaping it, putting icing on it, then she refrigerates it and gets the fondant out and starts shaping it. look how good she is at making it look like it's got natural movement. once she does that skirt, she's got to paint it, and the paint is really what gives it the look. once you put it on there, it gives it the look of that dress on that really fancy doll. >> want to go surfing or zip lining or base jumping? how about all three at the same time. next "right this minute". and still to come, frankster rich ferguson is pulling out all the stops for his next trick,
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like a diamond. >> oh! man. ferguson is a wizard. >> see the shock and awe when the gags get bigger and bigger. >> this is so good. >> yeah. plus, we've got the wednesday buzz word you need for your chance to win an ipad mini. ♪ this is the time ♪ the time for harmony ♪ let love be the song ♪ that everybody sings ♪ fill the air with joyful noise ♪ ♪ ring the bells and raise your voice ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ ♪ let there be peace on earth ♪ s.c. johnson, a family company.
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different vantage points. you see people in the distance and other photographers that are there to try to capture the beauty of this location. >> you're looking at space, man. cosmic race from the sun, which are basically affecting the atmosphere and casting a light on a certain angle. neil de gras tyson, bro. >> what i like about this video, i'm curious to know what it looks like to ththe naked eye. this person just got their camera and you can see what it truly looks like and not affected by anything. >> right. slightly hard planet is sitting under the best lava lamp there is. need to get really adult music going and chill out. >> lava lamp, groovy, baby. >> on halloween night. how n. >> can you imagine living here and this is your night sky? just go out for a walk, most of us look for stars, these guys get these lights.
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the video means if you have a 4k television, you can put this on loop and watch it over and over and over again. >> i'm going to try to reach over here and pull a card out. isn't that cool? like a diamond. >> oh, man. >> oh, man. ferguson is a wizardrd. he's going to team up with murray. >> murray here at the mall. we're going to find unsuspecting people for our next prank trick thing, right? >> we're magicians, i thought we'd go and do that today. >> rich starts out slowly, works people into this magic. first he's going to pull the card out, but then things start to get bigger and bigger and bigger. oh, come on! >> i think i just saw the slight of hand. >> i think it's all about misdirection. as long as you've got that person's attention, you can do
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anything. >> and command people's attention and lets him get away with this trick for quite a while. the magic, obviously, in murray's hand. the girl in the kiosk in the mall is absolutely mystified. >> so would all of us if we were in that situation, because we'd be just as gullible. >> yeah. >> paying such close attention to him, but as close as he is, nobody feels it. >> this is brilliant here, the escalator. how would anyone be behind you? in your head that's impossible. >> you're not expecting this magician would have a lovely assistant and people are fooled time and time again. >> all right, now you're pushing me. >> no, not for her. she's still buying it. >> this is so good. >> object after object people are fooled. very classic, easy, don't even need to know magic for this one. just need to know somebody.
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>> oh! you were watching this hand, were you? i do it right handed. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each every day. >> let's reveal wednesday's buzz word. it is republic. >> so head over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter wednesday's buzz word, republic. >> later this week we'll have a bonus give away. we'll also give away a flat screen tv, so tune in and good luck, everybody. >> a couple's cooking breakfast, but she's cooking up a surprise. >> here's a little message inside of ian's mug. >> see what happened when the message in a mug is finally decoded.
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puppy special. >> they are making breakfast with some friends. they are about to come over. they have pancake, bacon, and eggs on the menu. making stuff around the kitchen, then heads to the cabinet to get a mug. >> making some coffee. >> there's a little message inside of ian's mug. she wrote, "hello, daddy." >> what? >> he thinks it says hello lady. wait a minute, what? >> how did she write this and did his coffee wash part of it
2:57 pm
away? >> you're right, while all of this was going on, she snuck away to take a pregnancy test and he didn't even notice. >> come on. >> now he's kind of peering into the cup and it hits him. >> are you serious? >> as he asks her if she's serious, yes, she's very serious, she puts his hand on his face in shock and pulls out the pregnancy test. >> that's really cool. going to be a really cool feeling to get that news. >> it's a crazy feeling. everything changes and he's being so good about it. good for you. >> congratulations, you two. breakfast is going to be that much better, they get to share with all their friends. that's our rundown of the day's top viral videos. for more go to or catch us on the next "rtm".
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does it count when someone like me speaks to you? i never made a habit of going to church. frank and virginia benson, well, they weren't very religious. sonny is. he raised the kids to be catholic and to believe that there's a heaven, in a better place. i'm not sure i believe that or not. but let's say it's true, you know, just for a minute. i hope morgan's with you. and i hope you're able to keep him safe and protect him, because i couldn't. that's not true.


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