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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> believe it or not this is the first time president obama and trump have officially met. trump called the meeting quote, an honor. >> trump headed to the u.s. capital for a meeting with mike pence and speaker of the house paul ryan. the first meeting since trump's victory on election tonight and they laid out trump's agenda for the first week in office. >> trump had one of the mostism pressive wins we have ever seen and we will get the ground runneding and turn this current around and make america great again. >> trump reached out to the head of his organization and said that trump encouraged her to
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visit washington as soon as possible. and set out close personal relationships with the uk. gray hall it is in washington today for trump's first visit. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. well, the scene in washington was peaceful one protests against trump's win have again broken out across the country and demonstrators have taken to the street in california and new york. another protest is about to begin now near town hall. john rawlins joins us there now. >> gop hands off me. they asked people to wear black as in mourning close and bring candles as a vigil. they know they cannot change the
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vote but want to be on record for what the president-elect stands for and what he plans to do. since last night 700 to 1,000 people took to the streets of philadelphia to protest donald trump's victory. a rally around city hall and a march north to the temple campus. many police on bikes shadowed the protesters. >> mostly peaceful a couple of folks were setting fire to flags. >> an anti-graffiti crew came to remove not my president spray painted on this wall. a chance used by anti-trump protester. gop hands off me. a multiracial -- will hold a vigil outside of the msb. they fear what a trump presidency will bring.
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>> in the first 100 days there will be a slew of attacks against women and people of color and mass transportation and abortion bans. 20 week abortion bans. >> a live picture the call tonight for a protest and candle light vigil. we asked the organization organizers if there will be a march and they would test the crowd and make the decision then. live in center city, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." the search for two suspects is on after a brazen home invasion in the city's bustleton section, a 69-year-old man forced to lay on the floor with his hands behind his back when his home was looted. vernon odom as the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight neither the
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victim nor police are sure whether or not these two bandits have guns. they acted like and it came away with a major hall of cash and jewelry. >> these home invasions are not usually random acted. we are working the investigation that way. >> police are looking for the hoody wears thugs that made their way into the home yesterday. >> he had a knock on the door two males unknown to him. they were white and they forced their way into the house. >> they tied up the owner shotting where is the money and stayed for 45 minutes in all ransacking the house and finding their loot in the bedroom. $90,000 in cash and some $10,000 worth of jewelry. >> they had the hoodies on and you could only partially see they are face. but obviously he was targeted.
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we don't think this is a random act. citing fear the owner refused our request for an interview. he is certain there are those that knew he kept a lot of cash here at hand. >> rick, at this hour. police say they are going to be scanning it's neighborhood tonight for surveillance video and police believe that the two bandits fled in a blue honda sedan. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are also investigating a home invasion just blocks from the campus of temple university. the break-in happened at 1:00 this morning and two temple students were inside at the time and the suspects stole money, backpacks and electronics, sara bloomquist spoke with one of victims and has the interview tonight at 6:00. philadelphia district attorney, seth williams, laid out protocols for handling
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police involved shootings in the city. any time an officer uses their weapon an assist da will be sent to the scene and visit the victim's family members to explain about the investigation and whether or not chashlgs are filed or not a report will be given to the pile within 60 days. to increase public trust and transparency. lets look live at the ben franklin bridge tonight there is nothing but clear skies in the forecast. it was a pretty sunset and the evening looks nice too. wins pick up and a cool down for the weekend. cecily tynan is outside on the terrace with the details. >> hi rick, after a lot of sunshine today we have a clear moon lit sky and temperatures where they should be for this time of year. 55 degrees down from our high of 58 that is the normal high for this time of year. but there is warmer air waiting
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out to the west. detroit 60 and detroit 62. we'll be tapping into some of that warmer air tomorrow for veterans day ahead of a cold front. satellite 6 along with action radar showing unlike yesterday's front that brought us much needed rain that front comes through dry and not much cloud cover associated with it. it will kick up the win winds wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. this is what to expect into the weekend. a brief spike in temperatures tomorrow and temperatures in the 60s. and then the winds of change with the gusty winds and that will bring us a brief weekend chill. with windchills at times in the 20s. i'll have details on that coming unin the full accuweather forecast. >> that is serious. thank you cecily. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. how are you on a thursday. >> believe me it is almost
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friday. i'm fine but we had a guy on the roosevelt boulevard not doing well. he a flat tire and was occupying the right lane. they got him patched up and he moved along and all lanes are reopen on the boulevard extension but delays back to the schuylkill expressway. single digit speeds there. getting ready for an opening at the tacoma palmyra bridge. tomorrow the adams avenue bridge will finally reopen after six months of being closed and this is about to reopen it just did. lawwood avenue in lynnwood overturned vehicle is gone. and on the buses between norristown. and on the regional rails normal delays from 10 to 15 minutes. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news"
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at 5:00. new details from western pennsylvania after two police officers were ambushed outside of a home earlier this morning. >> on health check it's ipad app is curing a problem in the eyes of small children. ♪
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police in western pennsylvania say the man that shot two police officers killing one had a history of domestic abuse. the officer died shortly after wards and the second victim is expected to survive. the police found the woman and the gunman dead. according to officials the shooter killed himself. the dow jones closed at a record high today. >> the index rose 218 points by the closing bell beating the previous benchmark set in august. and the day did not go well for the rest of the markets. >> president obama welcomes king james to the white house today. king james being lebron james of course. james and the entire team
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visited the white house to celebrate the championship. he singled out on several players focusing mainly on lebron the mvp. they fought their way back behind lebron and praised their grit and determination. health check it may be time to retire the i patch and go for the ipad for handling a common condition in children. ali gorman has the story tonight at the big board. >> reporter: lazy eye is one of the most common eye problems in children. it affects 3 to 5% of all kids. basically the eyes don't work together because the muscles controlling one eye is weaker than the other. the conventional treatment is to put a patch over the good eye to force the lazy eye to work harder. in a small test the kids wore a
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patch or played the game while wearing a special pair of eyeglasses and the results were striking. >> in two week visit the people that had the ipad game improved childrens vision more than the children that patched. >> about 40% of the children recovered normal vision. >> like a patch, the glasses make the weaker eye work harder while playing the game and the research is being done in dallas. and they are planning a test to see if using the system long-term is affective. four out of four cities voted to follow in philadelphia's foot step by passing a proposal to tax sugary drinks, it also passed in boulder, colorado. just as it was here in philadelphia it was a hotly debated issue, supporters including former mayor michael
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bloomberg spent millions of dollars on the fight. in the end the beverage companies lost and some supporters focused their mess an on the soda tax saying it will promote healthier habits. studies show that increasing the price will lower consumption. we'll see if that helps to rein in the problems with obesity and diabetes. tonight "action news" has an exclusive look at the new drug dealers, white coat pill pushers creating dangerous addition. the dea says it's not the corner drug dealer, but doctors that are getting people hooked and pocketing cold hard cash. the undercover video that exposed what is happening in the pill mill trade. >> give me more business by the
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ent of the week. >> does is matter who it is? >> i don't care. >> operating in a coffee shop with a resolving door. >> he wrote so many prescriptions his hands were starting to shave. we'll show you how far the rogue doctors will go and why they are the most dangerous pill pushers, don't miss my exclusive investigation on "action news" tonight at 11:00. [ roars ] [ up tempo music ]
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efforts to feed the hungry are once again making stop offs in delaware. the annual stuff the bus is underway in several locations. they collect donations by riders in the community and head to kitchens for the drop-offs. it will be at six different locations. and today it was at the suburban plaza acme in newark. here at 6 abc we are lending a hand to feet our neighbors in need. join us next week for our food drive event. sara bloomquist will host the live food bank with special guests, including monica and myself will be on the phones taking your donations from 5:00 until 6:30 p.m.
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log on to our at in north philadelphia, men and women that helped to serve their communities were honored today. state senator, shirley kitchen hosted a special luncheon handing out awards and hugs for those that work tireliless toism prove their neighborhoods. she is retiring and expected to step down this month but not before recognizes some hard working residents in her district. the 250th year of rutgers camden. they joined at the multipurpose room on penn street and spoke about the school's founding in 1776 and a special birthday card and a cake, and tonight there will be fireworks. happy birthday to our friends at rutgers camden. dasha lamkin is going to
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college. she won the melrose games and competed in cuba, she holds state titles in 55 events and became the first delawarean to win the race. still to come on "action news" at tonight. a check of your forecast for you. taking a look live at the beautiful sunset at the center city skyline from our temple university camera. cecily tynan has the anna canzano weather five-day when "action news" comes right back.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has the november evening forecast. >> temperatures are back to normal. back to where we should be for this time of year. tuesday we spiked up to 69 degrees and it was a warm day and yesterday the much needed rain at 56 and today $58 that is the normal high. temperatures are dropping, philadelphia 55 and allentown 53 and cape may 55 and wilmington 54, if you look at the streamlines, the arrows, the winds are out of the southwest and what that means, it's not going to get too cold tonight for this time of the year. satellite 6 along with action radar showing nothing more than
5:25 pm
some high, thin cirrus clouds, high pressure is building in tonight and that keeps our skies clear and moon lit skies and temperatures for this time of year. not all that harsh. philadelphia down to 46, allentown 40 degrees and wilmington 42 and cape may 46 degrees. future tracker 6 showing a good amount of sunshine and high thin clouds here and there. there is a cold front that passes through, it passes through with fanfare not much in the form of showers and clouds and really kicks up the winds, wind gusts 35 miles per hour. if you head to the veterans day parade tomorrow hold on to the flags with the gusty winds, temperatures look nice. 46 degrees at 7:00 and 10:00, 56 and 1:00, 63 and 5:00 back down to 55 and the gusty winds as the cold front presses through. the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow a beautiful day and turns windy
5:26 pm
with a mixture of clouds be sunshine and on the mild side. saturday we start off very cold, windchills in the morning only in the 20s, so definitely bundle up in the morning and by the afternoon not bad and sunday in time for the eagles falcons game it will be beautiful, mild and lots of sunshine and 60 degrees we keep that weather on monday just add a few clouds with a high of 60 and tuesday it clouds up and we could have a coastal storm bringing us the possibility of some more much needed rain and the high drops down to 59 degrees, all in all a nice five-day forecast, tonight a great evening to head to northwest burlington county with adam that has friends at a farm. >> yes, we are having a great time at johnson's locust hall farm. the family that owns the johnson corner farm in med field. they have the produce and the pies and we had a lot of fun in
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the last hour, we shelled popcorn right? >> yes! >> and pressed and made apple cider. right. >> yes! >> go find your seat. rick and monica i told you we had food delivered for the kids and i hope it's here in the next 15 minutes. >> pizzas all around. >> it's candy corn. >> thank you. that is a vegetable isn't it? candy corn? >> next up at 5:00, a woman dressed in a disguise threatens to shoot a toddler in philadelphia. also, a cherished interestedition in philadelphia is taking shape in a new place this year. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, monica malpass and rick williams. "action news" at 5:00 continues with the next crucial step from one administration to
5:30 pm
another. president obama welcomed president-elect trump to the white house for the first face-to-face meeting between the two men. >> there was no love lost between the president and mr. trump. today's meeting struck a much different tone with both men showing optimism about a smooth transition. it includes meetings with top gop leader and a tour of where he will take the oval office 71 days from now. lana zach has more from capitol hill. and on how the day went for trump and interesting one-on-one meeting. >> reporter: good evening. first lady michelle obama, hosted melania trump at the white house when their husbands met for the very first time. that meeting lasted longer than originally schedule. the peaceful transition of power. >> we now want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the
5:31 pm
country succeeds. >> this is what makes american democracy extraordinary. >> i look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. >> after an extremely contentious campaign, president-elect trump and president obama met in the oval office for an hour and a half. >> their bitter wounds apparently healing. >> it was very good to meet you. >> and an idea difficult to achieve. president-elect trump pledged to roll back most of the work of the obama administration like obama did to his predecessor. and he met with mitch mcconnell and speaker of the house paul ryan. the two men discussed what they planned to do when that happened. >> whether it's health care or immigration so many different things we are working on them
5:32 pm
very rapidly. >> with republican control of both the senate and the house, president-elect trump will have a lot of power to potentially make those changes when he is back here in january taking the oath of office. reporting live from the capital, lana zach, back to you. >> another protest is set to begin at city hall any minute. chopper 6 hd live over the municipal services building this is where people are gathering for a candle light vigil. marches and protests are popping up across the country by people angry about the election of trump. and we'll continue to watch the situation for you. >> meanwhile, president-elect trump's new administration will be established in part by the help of governor chris christie. and christie is the head of trump's administration team. including white house chief of staff and attorney general.
5:33 pm
they spoke about what role they may play. >> bottom line i have a job to do to help get the administration ready. if there is some role for me that i want to do and the president-elect trump wants me to do, we have known each other for 14 years we'll talk about it. >> as part of the transition effort. christie will beginning meeting with agencies and drafting policy teams to lay the ground work for president-elect trump's first day in office. world news tonight with david muir has more on today's meeting with president obama and president-elect trump as the transition of power begins. watch that at 6:30 tonight following "action news" at 6:00. >> in the lehigh valley a person was hit and killed crossing a busy street in bethlehem this morning. this is the scene at mcdonald's at broadway street. police are not commenting on what led up to the incident. the driver remained at the scene and the identity of the the victim is not released.
5:34 pm
a man was shot in the back in northeast philadelphia and remains in critical condition. it happened on the 1200 block of bridge street at 2:00 a.m. the teenager is being treated at the hospital and no details on a suspect or motive. an armed woman threatened a toddler with a gun and the entire incident was caught on surveillance. it happened inside of the family dollar store on west allegheny last saturday. a woman dressed in black religious clothing walked to the counter like she was about to buy something. she then grabbed a small child and pointed a gun at the child's head and the clerk handed over money and we are not told if the child was hers or not butnority nightly nobody was hurt. from our delaware newsroom tonight. the six people you see here are accused in taking part of a large scale heroin operation in seaford, delaware and salisbury,
5:35 pm
maryland. they discussed the details of operation no way out. they executed search warrants on saturday and found reportedly 79,000 bags of heroin, guns and cash. two people are hospitalized tonight following a head-on crash in hockessin, delaware. the scene on lancaster pike, we don't know what led up to it and both drivers were taken to christiana hospital for treatment. lancaster police had to close it in both directions for the investigation and cleanup. a new report shows more than 25% of philadelphians live in poverty. that number is decreasing, the mayor's office of community empowerment and opportunity shows a new report that thousands of residents have benefitted from expanded initiatives from benefits to job training and education. philadelphia has the highest
5:36 pm
level of poverty from all the nation's 10 largest cities. chill in the air and leaves changing color good time to get out and enjoy sights smells and taste of fall. adam joseph has the right idea at locust farm. hey adam. >> we are in joans town, new jersey. it's fairly new the same johnson family that owns the corner farm in medford. it's a pick your own farm but they have the historic buildings like the barn here, built in 1787 and the iron stone walls were million dollars locally. this is a beautiful hall. and it serves as a function now for parties and weddings and since rick, you have to say no no to rick he did not send you the food he was suppose to. the beautifully set table and freshly picked produce from the
5:37 pm
farm and granny smith apples were just picked from the tree. broccoli? >> apple! >> pick your apple. i give them their apples and if they eat the apples -- you want one? you are good too. >> we head to the main house where we have fresh pies from the farm. you guys want some pies? we'll head in there and get them. rick, they didn't same all the yummy pizza and chicken fingers like he was suppose to. >> he wants a couple of pies for the efforts. >> i'll take the apples. a host of forecasting information is available for you any time at from the hourly forecast from storm tracker 6 radar, you'll find everything you need and stay connected with our meteorologist by following them on twitter and facebook.
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a very big part of the philadelphia's tradition is taking shape in a new place this year. the famous wooden houses that make up the christmas village are built in the city courtyard. the christmas village had to be moved from love park because of construction, the village will still have 80 vendors selling all sorts of crafts and gifts and treats. >> it's all a lot of fun. >> time to check the traffic scene for you thursday night. matt pellman how are we looking? the most wonderful time of the year. now complicating delays is a crash extra slow in the westbound lanes from the saint gabrie gabriels curve from this point at 29 and a new crash in tal min son township near the pike at td
5:39 pm
bank. and bedminster buck county it's closed near the bucks county restaurant. here is good news for you. if you live in the crescentville section of the city. adams avenue the bridge is set to reopen tomorrow. it ended up lasting six months but tomorrow back in business there. the bridge is finishing an open there and sluggishness on 295 south in gloucester county and one near elmer along 77 at colson road. rick and monica back over to you. still to come on "action news" a buck county veteran that risks his life for his country will receive a high honor tomorrow. we caught up with him before he embarked on his adventure. and. the eagles preparing for their sunday showdown against atlantic. and we head back to the farm for adam joseph with more on the
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we are live outside of municipal services building
5:43 pm
across from city hall there are hundreds of people gathered right now for a candle light vigil protesting the election of donald trump as president. we'll keep an eye on this to see if they continue marching and bricking their protest on the road. right now they are gathered for a peaceful vigil. >> right now a veteran will have a wonderful opportunity. 108-year-old veteran bill moore will attend breakfast with president obama. he left way salute to our cameras, thank you sir. he is still in the house he built after returning from that war and fought in europe and helped to liberate the concentration camp. he worked address a machinist until he was 93 years old. >> wow he looks great. i'll have what he is having. >> you at 108 -- >> take a picture. >> a skeleton with a tie on.
5:44 pm
jaime is here and the eagles have a tough match-up on sunday. >> on paper the eagles falcons game seems lopsides the second best record in the nfc but the eagles have yet to lose at home and a broken rib will not stop brett celek from taking part in it. in his 10 year career he had plenty of injuries but only missed one game and played 50 games since then. >> pain it pain. make me strongger matt ryan tends to play well here and he is playing the best football of his career. he is on pace for 353 passing yards. >> jim schwartzs has hi fingerprint on this defense and they get up field and penetrate really well and play with great effort.
5:45 pm
that is the number one thing i see with them. they are tell ens and strong and physical and fast but play with relentless energy. >> despite the monster numbers with ryan and julio jones. and the eagles are favored in this game by 2 points that begs the question i asked espn analyst, ron jaworsky why -- >> i don't know. if you look at the odds makers, the only thing you can say is they played well at home. that is great. that is one of the things that i know that doug peterson wanted to do this year. his first year as a head coach in the nfl in philadelphia, you have to develop home field superiority. we want people to fear coming to philadelphia. it's going to be a knock down drag out fight. i think they say the eagles at home play well and they will
5:46 pm
play well against the falcons. jaws actually predicting a win. finally another night and loss for the sixers that fell in overtime to the pacers today not a lot of question buzz an answer. this answer, allen iverson pay add surprise visit to the team. >> a fan is a fan. that is what fans are. -- you know what i mean -- they are not going to jump off the band wagon. >> any time he talks, especially with our young guys, he commands attention and he deserves it. and the good thing was his message that was as appropriate given where we are right now as i could have asked for or scripted. >> so coming out of retirement -- to play, no just
5:47 pm
kidding. >> thank you jaime. tensions are continuing to build on tonight's all new "how to get away with murder" tonight on abc prime time. her back is against the wall. >> an anonymous source that is all they would tell me. is it you? look me in the eye and say it's not. >> bonnie may be analise's only source of comforts on tonight's "how to get away with murder" at 10:00. leading to the winter finale. settle in for an exciting prime time lineup. followed by "action news" at 11:00.
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dog, dog, dog. back to our breaking news store why from philadelphia. the candle light vigil protesting donald trump's election to president is on the move this hour. you see several hundred people moving west to jfk boulevard to
5:51 pm
30th street station, but traffic is closed off right now because of this large protest. police are on the scene and we are told it has been people and traffic being directed throughout center city at the height of rush hour because of this candle light vigil and they are protesting donald trump election as president. they started out in front of the municipal services building and now moving along jfk boulevard across 30th street station. you may want to avoid this area. we are looking live from chopper 6 hd in center city philadelphia. and we'll bring you more as it becomes available to us. and again police are on the scene and so far this protest is peaceful. >> right now we head to johnson's locust hall farm with adam joseph on the outdoor adventure. >> they are about to end their
5:52 pm
season but plenty to do and see on the farm including this historic farm house where the original part of the home was built in the 1690s. yes, i said that right 1690s you think about what happened in this house during that period of time. you come in here and this is where all the kids ran off. they had their apple that is okay for dinner and now feasting their eyes overlooking the pies which again with you buy and ofrder for thanksgiving and this is kind of like a thanksgiving table. we are taste testing -- not just yet. after i give the forecast. temperatures now a little on the cool side, 53 right now in trend and ton philadelphia and your temperature 55 degrees, millville 51 and allentown 53 degrees, as we look at satellite and radar, quiet across most of the country, clouds coming up from texas and the gulf of mexico. and high clouds there and over new england, we are wedged in
5:53 pm
sunshine right now after yesterday's rain and that is the way it is going to remain as we go through the end of the week and the upcoming weekend, for tonight a moon lit sky and the full moon is this upcoming weekend and temperatures dropping back to 40 or so degrees in the northwestern suburbs, in the middle 40s for the city of philadelphia as well as the immediate coastline. a mixture of sunshine and clouds could be a sprinkle that passes by in the afternoon. wins are gusty at 35 miles per hour as the front pulls through, temperature at 10:0056 and 1:00 we peak at 63 and backoff by 3:00 in the afternoon. it's a nice weekend, a brief chill to start your saturday, the jet stream is down to the south and temperatures in the low 50s and 7 degrees below
5:54 pm
normal. that jet stream goes to the north, temperature as above normal on sunday. both days are sunny and one day is above norm. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast winnie tomorrow, 63 degrees and sunny and cool and less wind on saturday. it looked like a blustery day 51 and milder on sunday, 60 degrees and we stay there with just a few clouds on monday and quite a flip on the pattern, tuesday into wednesday, a coastal system that could bring rain, 60 to 62 degrees and mostly cloudy on thursday. again we are two week as way from thanksgiving and this is what you want, a pumpkin pie and your apple cobbler pies and you got donuts, and over here you have your spread of cheeses and who doesn't like pumpkin butter? >> yes! >> all right here you go, you
5:55 pm
want a donut. take the pan and pass it down. we'll get your sugar highed before we send you home to mom and dad to get you to bed and i'll try this piece of pumpkin pie. have a seat and relax and chill, this is a nice old house that will treat you well. get your orderers in for the pie again two weeks away and they have pecan pie or pecan, no matter what you call it. what do you think of the donuts? >> good. >> say good-bye to rick and monica. >> bye bye. >> bye everyone. >> thank you adam.
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they re following the anti-trump protests right now.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> it is thursday night and this is the scene live from chopper 6 hd as several people march up jfk boulevard at jfk station in philadelphia. this is people that are opposed to the election of donald trump.
6:00 pm
we have a live report tonight and the big store tonight is donald trump and president barack obama meeting each other for the first time today. and it happened at the white house. the transition has begun, just two days after donald trump won a stunning victory shocking the so-called experts, despite all the extraordinary hard things that trump and obama said during the campaign it's about transferring power and they only have seven days to do it. gray hall was at the white house today. >> jim, this was a meeting of epic proportions imagine barack obama not turning the white house over to trump. soon president-elect trump will be living in the white house. >> we talked about the organizational issues in setting up a white house and talked about foreign policy and domestic policy.


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