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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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malpass. >> ♪♪ >> new at 5:00 the search is on for two armed robbery suspects who targeted four west philadelphia businesses in the last three weeks. each time the suspects barge in with handguns demanding cash. so far they've stolen more than a thousand dollars. friday night the big story on "action news" is that armed robbery spree caught on camera multiple times. >> "action news" reporter vernon odom is live in west philadelphia tonight with the latest on the investigation. vernon. >> reporter: good evening monica and rick. tonight police are asking for the public's help to solve these crimes. they released video of all four armed holdups even though in each case the the men are wear masks. this mini market on george's lane is the last reported location where the two gunmen hit. this was around 8:40 the night of november the eighth election night. late today i spoke with the owner who did not want his face shown. >> they put a gun on me and i
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put my hand up and give -- i say take whatever -- whatever you can and that's it. >> reporter: that was one of the four armed robberies in west philadelphia since october 23rd. police have now leased surveillance video of the three other holdup as well. this was the first one. on the 23rdober at net's bar at 54th and master. in each case the two suspects enter wearing masks and gloves and brandishing guns. taking all the cash and fleeing. the next case at this chain store october 29th at 56th and lancaster. they hit again on november the first at the jz tavern at 5500 girard. and then at the community mini market on georges lane election night. >> in one case the one bar at 54th and master they actually confront the manager who is actually armed himself has a permit to carry. they take his gun from him so these situations can get ugly
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real fastism total about $1,500 has been taken between the four heists. >> real scary. i feel scared at that moment. >> reporter: i know you're hoping they catch him. >> yes, i hope so they catch them. >> reporter: rick tonight police tell me they could use any tips they can get to help catch these pair as the holidays approach they want the pair behind bars before someone gets badly hurt or even killed. live in west philadelphia, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. officials at a lehigh valley high school have trying to put a stop to reported of racism name calling and harassment. southern lehigh high school has been the site of several such disturbances including swastikas carved into bathroom stalls and allegations of students giving hail hitler signs. "action news" reporter bob brooks spoke with neighbors who live near the high school and you can hear their reactions to the allegations tonight at 6:00.
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>> the university of pennsylvania says it is investigating an alleged racist incident on campus. according to the university a number of black freshman were add at the to a racist account. the account contained racist and violent messages and images. in a statement the university says it's taken every step possible to address source of the racist teal and the impact it has had on black students on campus. philadelphia mayor jim kenney also called on the city's commission on human relations to investigate the reports. he said in a statement "it's heartbreaking to see this type of activity here in the birthplace of our democracy and the city of brotherly love >> post election protests continued for a third day today this time starting near the campus of temple university. demonstrators are -- demonstrations are expected to happen in 2000 hours near city hall and that's where gray hall joins us live tonight. gray.
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>> reporter: well, monica, just a few hours ago about a hundred students from temple university hit the streets of philadelphia. they say they are marching with a purpose. protestors continued to hit the streets of philadelphia upset and disappointed about the country's recent election results, this time the group was much smaller and spearhead by temple university students. >> on social media we can talk but we can be ignored we can block. you can't unsee us. we're there. marchers say this is their way of voicing their disapproval. they also say this is not so much an anti-trump rally but a movement about unity. >> it is inspired by that, yes and the recent outbreaks of hate and we just really want to show that we all care for each other and that we're all here united. >> this is important because a lot of people are affected by the hate going on in this country people that i care about and even if it's not anybody you know there are people in this world that are being discriminated against. it's not fair.
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>> reporter: this marks day three as hundreds of anti-trump protestors continue to voice their frustrations. i'll say -- all say they worry that trump will not unite but divide the country. >> we don't want to see any oppression on the basis of race religion of sexual orientation or sexual identity. >> reporter: by the numbers this most recent rally was much smaller but their message was just as big. they admit there's nothing they can do to change the results of this election butlection will not drown out their voices. >> this is important because we're at a state in our country where the consciousness needs to rise up to love. we need to rise above fear. there's a lot of fear right now. >> reporter: all rightback out live happening tonight at 7 o'clock there will be another protest it happens right here in center city. that group is called protest trump in philly. live in center city, gray hall channel6 "action news." rick monica. >> thank you gray. >> thanks gray. >> as for trump's transfer to the white house, vice president elect mike pence will now head up trump's transition team.
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new jersey governor chris christie who was heading up the effort is now one of six vice chairs on that committee and we'll have more on trump's preparations for the oval office coming up at 5:30. >> meanwhile president obama spent his morning at the arlington national cemetery after laying a wreath at the too many of the tomb of the unknown soldier. today president obama called for more help for those who have served in the armed forces. >> we have to keep solving problems like long wait times at the va, we have to keep cutting the disability claims backlog. we have to resist any effort to outsource and privatize the healthcare we owe america's sled veterans. >> today's same in ceremony in virginia was one of many. >> an annual tradition in delaware county. >> ♪♪ media's annual parade is one of the biggest veterans day events in our area. it started at the 11:11 a.m.
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local marching bands and communities groups took to the streets to honor the county's veterans and thank them for their service. a similar scene at the korean war memorial. hundreds turned out this morning including mayor jim kenney to pay their respects to those who serve during that conflict. >> ♪♪ god bless america ♪♪ >> uso troop sang today. congressman brendan boyle airline executives and border patrol officials also paid their respects. new jersey lieutenant governor kim guadagno honored veterans today at a ceremony in burlington county. she spoke to a crowd of hundreds at the bg williams doyle cemetery in wrightstown. in delaware a community group celebrated veterans day by dedicating a special chair outside of the va hospital on kirkwood highway in elsmere. the claire honors prisoners of
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war and those listed as missing in action. >> turning to accuweather now the sunny weekend ahead for us in the delaware valley. sky6 hd looking live at the walt whitman bridge as the sun has almost set. it will be a chilly breezy start to the weekend with winds picking up you can see them buffering the camera just a little bit. meteorologist cecily tynan live outside with more on the forecast for us. hi, cecily. >> hi, monica. all in all it should be a beautiful weekend. we just have to get through tonight with gusty winds and very cold temperatures. right now sustained winds out of the northwest 18 miles an hour in philadelphia and allentown, reading 15 miles an hour, atlantic city airport 14. we've had wind gusts earlier today more than 35 miles per hour and with those winds out of the northwest that will pull down some cool air. right now it's not that bad yet. 57 degrees in philadelphia. in cape may 59 but the poconos already dropping down to 38 degrees and temperatures will really be tumbling tonight. satellite6 along with action radar showing a cold front
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swept through with very little fanfare, just a few clouds but really kicking up the winds and behind that front, temperatures really falling quickly. so bundle up if you're heading to any friday night football games. it will be windy and cool. kickoff temperature 47 in the fourth quarter about 41 degrees but wind chills will be in the 30's and where the growing season has not yet end the we have frost advisories in effect. i'll let you know how low temps drop tonight and details on the rest of the weekend in the full accuweather forecast. rick and monica. >> cecily see you in a little bit. time for our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> let's go matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center. >> we're thinking red white and blue on this veterans day 2016. seeing some red brake lights on the blue route southbound but a whole lot of white headlight coming northern northbound from villanova through this point at norristown up to the pennsylvania turnpike. it's a slow crawl and that's because the turnpike eastbound is parked this evening from valley forge out to approaching fort washington,
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that's where we still have a crash taking out the right lane. single digit speeds in that stretch near norristown just 5 miles per hour and there's also a westbound gaper delay so a mess on the turnpike spilling down onto the blue route which is also spilling onto the schuylkill expressway. getting into norristown is tough on 202 right now because northbound at the danne hower bridge there's a crash and airy street is closed in norristown because of that fire location main street an alternate. big backups on the northbound roosevelt boulevard extension coming off the schuylkill past wissahickon but that disabled vehicle there is now on the shoulder. we'll check it again rick and monica coming up in the next half hour. >> sounds good. thank you sir. much more ahead on "action news tonight at 5:00 the letter turned art installation in philadelphia that is aiming to help heal the community after this year's divisive elections. >> coming up in health check tonight a fitness friday packed with patriotism how an army veteran is getting everyday people in military grade shape when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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>> one year since the deadly terrorist attack in paris france. survivors are still trying to recover. more than 1700 people have been officially recognized as victims of the attacks that unfolded on november 13th 2015. gunmen targeted cafes the
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national stadium and the bataclan killing 130 people. according to france's government many of those survivors are still receiving psychological treatment. >> i will always have to live with this horrible souvenir. you cannot make them safe but you can learn to live with them. >> france plans to hold several commemoration ceremonies on sunday. >> stocks ended the week on major high. all three major indices posted their best weekly gains of 2016 today. [cheers and applause] the dow jones continued to edge up to its record high finishing in the green again at the closing much this week marks the dow's best since 2011. the dow closed up almost 40 points the nasdaq gained 28 the s & p 500 down three. powerful new exhibit opening this weekend at the philadelphia philadelphia museum of art. hopes to inspire an essay worthy of a $10,000 grand
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prize. the action cam was given a first look at this covering letter by artist jitish kallat an immersive experience set to a letter that was actually written by mahatma gandhi to hitler. in the letter gandhi makes a plea for hitler not to start world war ii. he even refers to him as a "friend." the tone of the letter inspired an essay contest for teenagers. they're urge to explore the currents methods of communication. >> consider people with whom we have opposing views as potential friends to have empathy to understand. that is the new cycle of conversation we want to start especially post election probably the most divisive election in modern times if not history. >> and 6abc an. the prize for the winner is a $10,000 scholarship. this covering letter will be on display through march fifth. 6abc is a proud media partner
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of the exhibit and the essay contest. >> coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 troubleshooter nydia han is hot on the trail of a local business owner. >> customers complain he took their money but failed to do the job and here's a preview of nydia's special report. >> you're talking to us because you wants to make sure this doesn't happen to other people. >> yes absolutely. >> find out what this consumer says happened to her and others and get ready this troubleshooters has a few unexpected twists t. plus when we track down the own are accused of ring people off. my name is nydia han i'm with channel6 "action news want to ask you some questions abouts your business. the "action news" troubleshooters tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00.
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breaking news from southwest philadelphia. chopper6 over this crime scene or police investigating as a possible crime scene where a pedestrian has been hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit by a septa trolly in southwest philadelphia on island avenue and lindbergh boulevard. police say the pedestrian was hit by a trolly heading to center city. the victim was taken to the penn presbyterian hospital nearby for nonlife-threatening injuries. about five people on the trolly were also taken to the hospital for observation. police are investigating trying to determine exactly what happened here and we'll
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of course monitor the situation keep you posted as more information becomes available to us. >> health check tonight. it's fitness friday. in honor of veterans day a local army vet a personal trainer is celebrate weighing special workout. >> ali gorman tried it out and she joins us at the "action news" big board with that story. how was it ali. >> i was having flashbacks to my time in the military with this workout. erica wester served eight years in the army. she says it molded her into the person she is today and it also shaped how she helps others to get fit. >> after each completed round. >> it's a workout packed with patriotism. run by veteran erica webster the owner of did you have fitness in king of prussia. d eight years active duty in the army she joined right out of high school. >> september 11th happened when i was a sophomore and the the emotion and feeling that i felt at that moment i just knew that it was something that i needed to do to serve my country. keep those elbows back if you
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can. >> now she incorporates military training into her fitness program. this themed workout includes a grueling 19 minute 182nd circuit 11 reps of each exercise. in honor of the first veterans day called armistice day 11/11/1918. >> after iron mike you have chain breakers. >> many of the moves come straight from the armed forces. >> things like army crawlers bringing your knees to your elbows it's like you're low crawling on the ground under enemy combat fire. >> webster also stresses discipline focusing on form. >> it's not quantity it's quality of the workout you really feel that because it's a good sore and if you're sore, then you did it right. >> and if you're a regular at duff fitness just like in the military every 90 days you'll do a physical readiness test. >> this way they can gauge how they're doing. >> in today's class many say they pushed themselves harder in honor of all who have
5:22 pm
served and leave feeling stronger. >> when i got here this morning i felt very tired had no energy. now i feel like icon we are the world. >> webster is also leading a free workout tonight with philly team red white and blue. it's a wod with warriors giving civilians the opportunity to sweat with a vet. it's tonight at 6:30 at the top of the front of the art museum steps and "action news" will be back right after the break.
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>> beginning to look like a winter want land. rothman ice rink officially opened for skating today thanks to some help from our meteorologist karen rogers. 6abc is a proud media sponsors of the link and the dillworth park winter garden. >> got to dust off my ice skates. >> i would pay to watch you. that's a sight to behold. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. you would watch that wouldn't you cecily. >> you can make a lot of money and we would air it on "action news." stay tuned on that one. a perfect night to be out and about. you just have to bundle up because it's cold, it's windy. right now we are live on sky6 taking a look, cape may and you can see not much cloud cover at all. the sun has now set and now temperatures are really going to be dropping. currently in philadelphia 57 degrees. allentown 50.
5:26 pm
cape may 59. wilmington 58. but we've got those winds out of the northwest so that's what will be pulling down that cold air and right now the winds sustained 18 miles in philadelphia makes it feel a little bit colder. now, satellite6 along with action radar there's really nothing going on. so, this is a really nice setup heading into the weekend. we had a cold front move through today. it came through with just a little bit of cloud cover. really kicks up the winds but what this will do is allow high pressure to build in over the weekend so that will keep our skies clear. it will be chilly tonight but then temperatures will make a really nice rebound for the second half of the weekend so the call from accuweather for tonight 35 degrees the overnight low in philadelphia. allentown dropping all the way down to 29. reading 30. trenton 32. wilmington 31. and millville 28 degrees. so where the growing season has not ended we do have frost advisories. if you have some potted plants outside you want them to survive the night do bring them inside and future tracker
5:27 pm
showing as we head through day tomorrow despite of the sunshine, temperatures really struggling to climb out of the 40's. by 3 o'clock philadelphia only 50 degrees. heading into sunday morning now this shows cloud cover. looks like a base map. there are no clouds at all sunday morning. it's not quite as cold as tomorrow morning 36 degrees in philadelphia, allentown 37, wildwood 45 degrees and heading into the afternoon we do have a really nice rebound. temperatures up around 60 degrees and again notice the cloud cover. we will be crystal clear sunday night and that means it will be a great night to see the extra supermoon. i'll talk more about that coming up at 6 o'clock tonight exactly what it is. but in the meantime the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow cold in the morning brisk and chilly in the afternoon 51 degrees. sunday great weather for the eagles-falcons game 60 degrees lots of sunshine. monday we will have increasing clouds late in the day 60. tuesday and wednesday is when we do have a possibility of some rain with kind of a weak
5:28 pm
coastal storm moving in temps in the upper 50'sly we'll talk more about that extra supermoon coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> all right. >> got my attention. >> absolutely. >> thank you cecily. we'll take a break and be right back. >> i heard every word she said
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist add jam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. president-elect donald trump makes a big change as he moves forward in his transition to power. now new jersey governor chris christie's role is being reduced tonight. that story coming up. a driver shot by an unknown assailant management's to drive for help and where he was eventually found we'll tell you. a day to honor past and present members of the military. today we celebrate our veterans with ceremonies across our area. >> new jersey governor chris christie was appointed head of transition team but today vice president mike pence was asked to take over. >> christie will still serve a role however he won't be calling the shots this time. abc's marci gonzalez is live in new york tonight with more on all the developments today
5:31 pm
in washington. >> reporter: yeah, rick and monica big shakeup at the top of the transition team today as we learn who else is in that inner circle of advisers weighing in on these critical decisions. behind closed doors here at trump tower in new york president-elect donald trump working on transition plans. deciding who will fill hundreds of jobs in his administration including key cabinet positions. >> the number one characteristic that donald trump is looking for is loyalty it's something we saw over and over in the campaign and he also wants a personal relationship with whoever he chooses inch the transition team led by vice president elect mike pence replacing chris christie. the girlfriend governor as well as former new york city mayor rudy giuliani will be two of the transition team's vice chairs. both names are circulating at attorney general candidates. >> i have no expectation. >> reporter: in the search for a chief of staff some speculate the list of possible
5:32 pm
appointees includes trump's son-in-law jared kushner his campaign ceo and the former head of breitbart news stave ban none and rnc chairman reince priebus who on "gma" avoided addressing whether he's being considered. >> i don't have any updates. >> reporter: trump is focused on how to turn his campaign promises into reality. while working to build unity in our country and with foreign allies. >> mexico's president says that he's eager to work with president-elect trump but no way they will pay for a wall. but i think the world is waiting to see exactly what mr. trump's foreign policy positions will be. >> reporter: and trump also announced today that three of his children are on his executive transition team. some are questioning whether their involvement as they run trump's businesses could be a conflict of interest. live in new york marci gonzalez channel6 "action news." rick and monica, back to you. >> thank you. >> white house officials say president obama is prepared to spend his final major foreign trip talking about donald
5:33 pm
trump. mr. obama levers monday for a six day trip to greece germany and peru. he'll meet with european leaders and attend an asian economic summit. the trip was imagined as a chance to bolster support for the president's agreements on iran's nuclear program trade and climate change. but white house officials expect the president will face questions about how trump's election will now affect all those deals. >> voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades according to the latest tallies. 126 million votes already counted means about 55 percent of voting aged citizens cast ballots this year. that's lowest in a presidential election since 1996 when 53.5 percent of voters turned out. full figures of turnout won't be clear for as long as several more weeks when election officials finish tabulating and certifying all the results. >> and you can get the latest on the trump transition any time on we'll have updates on the
5:34 pm
scramble for power in the white house and more on the unique issues facing the president-elect as he prepares to take office. >> a man who was shot still managed to drive himself to a northeast philadelphia gas station for help. tonight police are trying to find the person who pulled that trigger. investigators say somebody shot a 32-year-old victim through an open passenger window along salt and allicott streets. the man drove away from the scene and hit two parked cars while trying to get help and that caught the attention of bystanders. a tanker truck and a car collided in plumstead township bucks county this morning. chopper6 overhead where route 611 and stump road intersect. police say the driver of the car was trapped for awhile. that person was taken to the hospital for treatment. and a fire that broke out two days ago in wilmington is still schmolling today. the four alarmer destroyed an abandoned vehicle or textile complex along the brandywine river on wednesday morning. it took firefighters seven hours to get it under control. today "action news" was there as the wilmington fire
5:35 pm
department deployed its drone over the scene to help find hot spots. still no word on the cause. >> democrat phil murphy picked up endorsement in his bid to become new jersey's next governor. several african-american leaders in south jersey announced their support for murphy today including atlantic city council president marty small and councilman frank gilliam aaron randolph and. no republican has joined the race so far. governor chris christie's term is up next year. >> the delaware department of elections says it will recount absentee ballots for wilmington city council at large. because a candidate lost by 11 votes. department of elections data shows benjamin cohen last to cyril adams by 0.01 percent of the total votes. while results show cohen got more machine votes adams got more absentee votes.
5:36 pm
manual recount will take tuesday morning at the department of elections office in women on. >> today we honor the men and women who fought for our nation's freedoms. >> we pause to celebrate our military on this veterans day. >> sea isle city active duty military retired veterans and members of the community gathered for this wreath laying ceremony. the ocean city high school marching band led a parade through town with flags and fanfare. >> ♪♪ >> a bag pipe played as residents in the city's lawncrest section took time to honor local veterans. the lawncrest community association held their annual ceremony this morning at the rec center. american flag was raised and veterans laid a wreath and crosses at a special monument to remember those who served. >> and in honor of veterans day a delaware family accepted a high school diploma posthumously given richard fox grace. a purple heart recipient who
5:37 pm
never got the chance to graduate high school. grace left archmere academy his junior year to join the navy. he and 85 other men died when the u.s.s. sank during a world war ii mission in 1945. today his nephews both archmere alums were on hand for the ceremony. >> this is just a beautiful thing cause he left after his senior year. they were going give him his diploma what app wonderful gesture. >> it's so moving. it's just unbelievable. >> grace's family took home the diploma dated june 9th 1944 the day that he would have graduated. >> very nice. time for an update on the commute home on a friday night. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the very latest. what's going on matt. >> of course some people had off work and school for the veterans day holiday today so you might think this is going to be an easier ride home. no, you would be wrong. we've got some big issues out there including two on the schuylkill expressway. here's the first one westbound where the vine street expressway comes in, it's a fender-bender taking out the
5:38 pm
left lane so westbound you're on the brakes on the schuylkill from vare through this point at the vine. on the pennsylvania turnpike, there was an eastbound accident approaching fort washington. now you have miles of parked traffic single digit speeds from valley forge out to approaching fort washington. those delays are spilling back onto the northbound blue route. those delays are spilling back onto the westbound schuylkill so this is your second problem on the westbound schuylkill. it's a solid jam from the roosevelt boulevard the whole way out to 476. almost an hour and 10 minutes now that travel time should be about 14 or 15 minutes so think ridge pike think route 23 think route 30. westbound schuylkill is not the ride you want to take this afternoon. getting into norristown, still a crash on the northbound side of 202 at the danne hower bridge. the adams avenue bridge in kressonville reopened today. had been closed for work for six months so we'll end it on that. enjoy that freshly refurbished bridge and enjoy your weekend
5:39 pm
rick and monica. >> you too. >> it is friday. thank you, matt. much more still to come on "action news" tonight and one by one more than a dozen train cars jump the tracks in a rural part of the midwest forcing hundreds of people from their homes. >> and the birds are gearing up for a sunday show down with the falcons. jaime apody with more from players. adam. >> it's a cold night ahead. we have frost advisories for areas that haven't yet seen frost in philadelphia right down through delaware and southern parts of new jersey. we'll talk about a rebound in temperatures over the second half of the weekend in accuweather. >> all right those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> okay. >> ♪♪
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>> train derailment near the twin cities in minute men. a number of train cars flipped over creating a zigzag pattern along the tracks. no reports of injuries but the nearby town was evacuated for a short time as a precaution. investigators are still trying to determine what caused the train to derail. >> president obama is asking for more none fight isis tonight. obama sent a request to congress asking for an additional 11 points $6 billion. there money includes 6 billion for the pentagon plus money to fund the continued presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan. that brings the total price
5:43 pm
tag for these operations to 85 billion. secretary of defense ash carter called the money vitally important. world news tonight with david muir will have next more on president obama's request for additional fund as well as president-elect trump's continuing transition to power. you can watch all of that following "action news" at 6:00. >> time for sports. jaime apody is here and the phillies made some off season moves today. >> i know it's november. eagles play a game in two days. let's talk phillies. >> let's talk phillies why not. >> the reason we'll do that is because the phillies have a new veteran tonight and yet another deal with the dodgers. phils acquired howie kendrick in exchange for darin ruf and darnell sweeney. kendrick not pleased he was booted from seconds place when chase utley came to town. he hit .255 which was the worst of his career. he had an nl leading. he earns $10 million next year the last on his contract making him the highest paid position player on the fleas
5:44 pm
by a lot. two days away from the battle of the birds. the win our birds could real use to keep pace in the nfc. eagles lost four of their last five but have yet to lose a game at home. that's probably why they're slight favorite in this one it sure isn't because of the competition. person chargers matt ryan is an m.v.p. candidate. julio jones has three touchdowns in his last two games against the eagles. malcolm jenkins knows tear in in -- they're in for a fight. >> we have to survive some of those bad matchups and then continue to adjust as the game goes on. they do a good job of scheming you up if you play the same thing over and over they'll have something specifically for that game that you hadn't seen before so they do a good job of game planning. you know, so we got to be ready for anything. >> locker room going to the dogs. this might be the cutest thing you see all day. that's miles. it's connor barwin's seven month old golden doodle who is
5:45 pm
a star on instagram also a special guest at practice today. >> everybody lovers dogs so it was fun to -- we've had a tough couple weeks so i thought bringing him in today would kind of lighten the mood a little bit. >> carson wentz obviously has a long leash but his play of late has a bit concerned mostly turnovers mistakes he didn't make at the beginning of the season which begs the question has the rookie regressed. ron jaworski tells me actually it's the opposite. >> this is what i wanted to see out of carson wentz. a guy that is going make some mistakes rebound from them. get his nose bloodied a little bit get knocked down a little bit and come back and fight. we're seeing those good things out of him. you know, the numbers may be not as good as they were against the cleveland browns and the chicago bears and, you know teams that they were winning against early in the season but his performance on the field is still very good and i'm seeing that growth in
5:46 pm
his game. >> talk about getting back on the horse. the sixers fell to the pacers in overtime on wednesday. tonight those two teams meet yet again sixers still without a win. time to defend there national championship. villanova gets a repeat bid started tonight when they open against lafayette. ranked fourth by most preseason polls these guys will have a target on their backs all season long. >> there's nothing new to us. it might be, you know, amplified a couple of times since the national championship but we know the the other teams are going to give us their best shot and we're ready for that. >> temple and lasalle play in their opener tonight. >> busy night. >> well, as president-elect donald trump gets ready to become the 45th president of the country abc is looking back at how the billionaire mogul was elected. trump pulled off and upset tuesday night beating former secretary of state hillary clinton after grabbing key battleground states. and tonight on 20/20 world
5:47 pm
news tonight sunday anchor tom yam mass talks with trump's campaign manager and his family members laura trump his daughter-in-law talks about the moment she knew he was going to win while they were on the campaign trail. >> the number of people that came up and said that they were praying for him, praying for us as a family, just right there i said there's got to be something there and that really -- i knew he was going to win. >> all right. you can see donald trump's rise to the presidency tonight on a special episode of 20/20 right here on 6abc at 10 o'clock. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet tv and phone
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for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> weekends in the offing. we want to see what's going on weather-wise. >> perfect from start to finish. one day cooler than the other but no complaints. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan around the region a clear sky at the present time, no precipitation. a cold front did pass through and that was the strong winds that you felt during the afternoon clocking in near 37 miles an hour in some spots and the action cam out capturing still some fall color out there. the coneflowers still hanging on and especially philadelphia delaware county frost hasn't hit just yet but it could overnight tonight with those temperatures dipping pretty low. almanac for philadelphia today we hit 64 degrees despite that front came through at 2:31. that's well above that normal of 58 degrees and the low even
5:51 pm
above that norm of 41. the sun setting now at 4:48 p.m. record high 10 degrees warmer than where it was today. 50 right now in allentown, 52 in trenton. same for reading, 58 in wilmington. same for millville and cape may. the numbers are falling pretty quickly. you can take a look at the poconos where already they have slammed down to 38 degrees and some of those northwestern suburbs will be in the 20's by tomorrow morning. satellite and radar there's the front that passed through early in the day. that's to the south and as you can see any cloud cover that did develop throughout the afternoon they have fallen apart off of the satellite imagery here and any showers near binghamton didn't make their way south of interstate 80. so by saturday morning when we wake up a lot of stars out there, windy and colder 29 in the lehigh valley, same for lancaster. 31 below freezing in wilmington. 28 in interior southern new jersey and right along the shore. a little bit warmer but still pretty cool at about 36 to 37 degrees. high pressure will be in control for really the eastern
5:52 pm
half of the country. that high is encompassing not only the ohio valley tennessee valley midatlantic but the northeast and wilt winds coming in out of the north-northwest here on saturday, they'll be less than did but a very cold start way cool finish. 51 degrees for high in the afternoon which is around 7 degrees below average. then that high will settle to the south and east here on sunday. a nice rebound as temperatures go above normal the second half of the weekend at 60. we're not tracking anything to our north and west even the second half of the weekend so the splendid weather is going to spill as we go into the beginning of the new work week. eagles are in town on sunday afternoon perfect again weather for it 1:00 p.m. is your kickoff way temperature of 68 degrees. westerly wind light five to 10 miles per hour by the fourth quarter up to 59 degrees. both a light wind if you're in the shady part of the stadium here you definitely may want to bring at least a light jacket with a coolish feeling in the air.
5:53 pm
the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast brisk chilly saturday 51. again, a 9-degree jump the second half of the weekend. we stay there on monday 60 degrees sun and clouds and then tuesday mostly cloudy rain is possible, 59 as a weak coastal storm develops and it could stay unsettled if that kind of slowly drifts by on wednesday but the second half of the next week it norms back above normal again 60 to 62 as we try to get rid of some of the showers and the sunshine returns here on friday. not only is it a great weekend with the sunshine sunday night get out and check out an extra supermoon. it will be the closest -- orbit is go going to be the closest approach to earth in nearly 69 years so it will be bigger brighter. >> you'll be out there looking at it. >> why not. >> take the picture and text it to us. [laughter] >> thank you adam. check in this weekend to for updates to the forecast. storm tracker6 live double scan radar will give you early warning of any changes and
5:54 pm
don't forget stay connected with our meteorologists by following them each of them on facebook and twitter. >> a 108-year-old world two veteran had breakfast with the president today during the veterans day events at the white house. veteran bill mohr attended the breakfast with his son and daughter. when asked about having a long life he responded he don't have much to do with it. said it was his daily dose of eating campbell soup. the 40 left from hatboro bucks county yesterday. he got this military sendoff and even a motorcade how about that.
5:55 pm
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home.
5:56 pm
that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. z. >> ♪♪ >> a rendition of the star spangled banner performed by an a capella group on the campus of stockton university in atlantic county. the event was hosted by the university's out of of veteran affairs number of vets attended the service as well as students.
5:57 pm
part of the ceremony included the symbolic folding of a huge fag in honor -- flag in honor of those who lost their lives fighting for the country. >> university of pennsylvania investigating an vicinity involving student. >> dashcam video shows an officer involved scuffle and shooting in progress. >> the delaware valley honors its veterans with parades and ceremonies. that and much more coming up next at 6:00 now for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass i'm rick williams. have a this weekend. >> good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> friday night. new jersey governor chris christie is replaced as the trump presidential transition chairman and parades and ceremonies around delaware valley honored veterans on but the big story on "action news" tonight is a firestorm over racist activity at the university of pennsylvania. penn officials have reported that a number of african-american freshmen have been added to a racist group me account. group me is a messaging app and it has a racially end send yeah title that includes the n-word. according to a statement from the penn administration "the account contains violent racist and thoroughly repugnant images and messages. it goss on to say that the university is taking every step possible to address both
6:00 pm
the source of the racist material and the impact it has had on black students on campus. the daily pennsylvanian says black students at penn are reeling. mayor jim kenney has released a statement condemning what he called the racist activity at penn. he said "it is heartbreaking to see this type of activity here in the birthplace of our democracy and the city of brotherly love." there is a town hall going on on campus and we will have that story on "action news" at 11:00. and a high school in the lehigh valley is being rocked by racist behavior tonight. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at southern lehigh high school in center valley. bob, what's the situation there? >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. i can tell you this is a school in really an area that is stunned by some of the things that have been said and done here. most importantly they are very hurt.


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