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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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trump sits down for his first interview since being elected. that's next on "action news." ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> i realize that this is a whole different life for me now. >> donald trump sits down for his first t.v. interview since
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the election with a more enter perspective tone. among topics, women's rights, immigration, weather he will take a salary and whether he will quit twitter. >> we have the first post election view by trump. >> it was a less combative trump that came as thousands protest his election. >> we learn who he chose as chief of staff. >> in his first big decision as president elect, donald trump named reince priebus. he stabbed steve bannon as senior council. he's thee head of breitbart news and fierce critic of the gop
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establishment. he said they worked well on the campaign and led us to a historic victory and i'll have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again. in an interview trump saying he will focus on criminal illegal immigrants. >> after the border is stabilized, we'll make a determination on the people you are talking about who are terrific people. >> on the supreme court -- >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. ♪ ♪ >> we reject the president elect. >> for five days and nights protestser been across the country. thousands out on sunday. >> if he's the elect, why doesn't he support the whole united states? it's obvious we don't all
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support him unitedly. >> president trump is looking forward to if job head. >> we have both houses. it's been a long time since that's happened. >> richard, abc news, new york. >> donald trump asked those committing violence in his name to stop and as far as a salary the president elect says he won't take one. he is required to take something so he will accept a dollar for doing the job of president. he will be active on twitter but more restrained. >> there were thousands across the country venting their anger over trump's election. jeanette has details from center city. >> the protest that wrapped up is smaller than the one earlier today. it was smaller but just as passionate. they say this is much bigger than trump.
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>> it's good to speak up. we are not revolting against the election. we know it's happening. >> dozens took to the streets for a fifth night protesting donald trump and what they say his presidency will mean for minorities and women. >> i come from a family of immigrants from the vietnam. if donald trump was president in the '70s, they wouldn't be here and i wouldn't be here today. >> the coalition wrapped up but they plan to protest everynight until inauguration day. >> he's not the problem. he's a symptom of the bigger problem. >> a thousand people took over from market street to independence hall with a similar message. >> donald trump rose to power on a platform of race, hatred and prejudice. >> police surrounded the
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demonstrators that waved their postingers and signs. many say they came to show love in the face of hate. >> there's a lot of hate and we are standing against the hate. >> to remind a country that a trump presidency doesn't mean they'll go away soon. >> we have to fight until righteousness is done. we have to have our voice be heard that you might be president but we don't like it. >> there was a lot of talk about impact that the trump presidency could have on minorities. they said they would like to provide a safe place for minorities while trump is president. >> jeanette, thank you. the naacp of philadelphia has joined the out cry condemning racist messages against black
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students at the university of pennsylvania. they were sent images of lynchings and racist language. one of the suspects is a university of oklahoma student suspended yesterday. the naacp called on people across the country to promote unity. >> as long as the language is devicive and not inclusive. as long as language that leads to intolerance of one and the other prevails, we can expect for acts like this to take place. >> the fbi is investigating to see if anyone else played a role in sending the hateful messages. >> a firefighter was injured while battling a house fire in chester county. the flames broke out at a home on east 22nd street. firefighters arrived to find
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heavy black smoke pouring out from inside. one firefighter was trapped in the basement and was rush today the hospital. no word on injuries. >> last night a flash mob assaulted strangers at 16th and walnut. chris lleto has the latest. >> rattled by the violence, dwight magwood ran into a nearby store. >> i heard a lady screaming. they were fighting. we ducked into the urban outfitters and they locked the doors. a group of teenagers randomly attacked pedestrians. an off duty police officer who happened to be walking with his wife tried to intervene.
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the group dispursed but he then noticed a second group attacking women. he stepped in and he was attacked and so was his wife who tried to stop the suspects from punching her husband. >> bunch of cops were coming up on bikes and the kids were starting to run and the cops were going can after them. >> moments later another attack on south 16th street. it's left those that live and shop here unsettled. >> i'm surprised but i could see it coming. the last couple of years, you could see a big change. >> the police officer suffered an injured eye socket. he and others are being treated at the area hospital. anyone with information is asked to contact detectives.
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chris lleto, "action news." >> it's called a super moon. tonight's moon is extra super. it's bigger and brighter than ever. it's choser to the earth than usual. the last time the moon came this close to earth was january 26th, 1948. >> turning to accuweather now, a nice day followed by a crisp fall evening out there. there is rain on the way. meteorologist melissa magee is here with our first check of the forecast. >> yes, we had a nice coverry with a high in philadelphia of 60, 45 in washington d.c. and pittsburg 40. action radar showing mostly clear across the delaware and
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lehigh valley if you want to get out to check out the super moon. we are quiet and widening out the picture. sky tracker show you the area of low pressure migrating east monday night and into tuesday with a threat of wet weather specially for the commute tuesday morning. looking at the super moon if you don't do so tonight or tomorrow morning you may not be able to see it until november 2034. we are tracking rain and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll go over the details in the full forecast. back to you. >> holy family school in phoenix celebrated the blue ribbon school of excellence tonight. students, parents, alumni and faculty gathered for mass at stan's chapel.
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>> the volunteers that support police officer and firefighters are celebrating 95 years of service. they celebrated the anniversary with a party in philadelphia. they provide emergenc services e at emergency services and disasters. >> it was a thanksgiving celebration early. it was for a much needed cause. >> and the eagles pull off the win against the falcons. jeff skversky has more on sports when we come back.
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♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ >> at least two people were killed in a powerful earthquake that rocked new zealand overnight. the 7.8 quake lasted two to three minutes enough to break
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buildings. earthquakes are common in new zealand but this was longer than usual. >> wildfires continue to spread at this hour. firefighters try to protect homes near the blaze. the largest 28-acres and 15% contained. investigators are looking into whether it was set intentionally. >> the u.s. embassy in afghanistan has been shut down after an attack yesterday on the base. this comes after four americans were killed yesterday after a suicide attack on the bagrham airfield. >> the eagles head a celebration on today's game. they installed a seat dedicated to p.o.w.'s and those missing in
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action. 92,000 soldiers remain unaccounted for since world war ii. it was an attempt to encourage businesses to hire more veterans. ♪ ♪ he gets a lot of compliments.
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>> thousand it is took part in philadelphia's lemon run this morning. it started at 8:00 a.m. at memorial hall in fill more park. the run is sponsored to raise money for childhood cancer. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the forecast. when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie -- that's a super moon. i changed the lyrics. >> we have a bright super moon in the sky. we'll have a look. we had inside jokes earlier. here's storm tracker 6. you can see it's dry, no issues with precipitation. we canvassed outside looking at 30th street station. we have a mostly clear sky. if you are outside or want to look out the window, check out
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the super moon, 14% big are and 30% brighter. it's the last time we'll see it until november 2034. it's 35 in philadelphia after a high of 60. 43 in the poconos little, 52 cape may and 44 in trenton. action radar showing mostly clear from new england to the mid atlantic region. not a cloud in the sky. we are widening out the picture. we have the area of low pressure off the coast of the southeast working its way to the north along the i-95 corridor monday night into tuesday and with that the threat of wet weather. next 12 hour, we look at the super moon, 38 in philadelphia for the overnight low. it's extra super, the closest,
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biggest and brightest full moon since 1948. it will reach its fullest peak tomorrow morning 8:52. if you don't see it tonight, you have another chance month before november 2034. high temperature coming 61-degrees. a sunny start tomorrow followed by increasing clouds. monday night into tuesday we are tracking precipitation so early rain tuesday, mostly cloudy, a cooler day, high of 57. 6:00 in the morning tomorrow, no shes for the commute. clear and quiet but clouds move in quickly by monday evening. we track the wet weather late monday into tuesday. for the commute tuesday morning, a couple of shower and the moisture lingers until tuesday afternoon with a quarter of inch of rainfall expected across the region. the seven-day forecast.
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sun to clouds, late day rain, closer to the midnight hour, tuesday, early rain and then cloudy, a high temperature of 58. wednesday, sunny, dry, a good looking day, 6 60 for the high. plenty of sunshine thursday, and 61. next weekend unsettled saturday cloudy with afternoon rain, 64 and next sunday showers around. high of 55. we are dry for the bulling of the day tomorrow. late monday into tuesday we track the wet weather. >> melissa, thank you. >> a big celebration in the spring garden for a beloved pastor. he was honored for presiding over white rock baptist church in philadelphia for 60 years. hundreds turned out for this milestone. >> tomorrow as heroin is used in
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the area grows so do overdoses. now police are fighting back. >> it's one of the most gripping epidemics on the street right now. >> i was shooting heroin so long the veins in my arms don't work no more. >> our cops on the front line of the heroin crisis. >> it's out of a horror movie. >> armed with drug saving lives with seconds to spare. don't miss my exclusive interview "action news" monday at 11:00. he gets a lot of compliments.
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he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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defense and 15 points, wentz and the eagles come out running on atlanta. eagles score the touchdown, ryan matthews, makes it 7-0. matt ryan, 76-yards, taylor gabriel wide open. eagles down two. that hurts. so does this. matthews getting a bloody lip. doug pederson wants a penalty. matthews his second of the game seven to go. eag thes go up six but the falconfalcons can win it. jones drops it for the second time. eagles put it out of reach, fourth and one, kick it, tough decision, nail it. sturnlg elsz 48-yarder, eagles
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win 24-15. let's hug it out. jamie has more. >> it's almost maddening, the eagles four losses all by seven points or less. today they pulled out a close one. >> the biggest thing for us is finishing. >> we know we can finish ballgames. it's good to show that finally. >> they are back. the birds got there by keeping the matt ryan julio jones act in check. >> when we make plays, we have to stay patient and don't break and give our team a chance. >> the top offense, we were over the limit at the run game. two plays they got out on us. we were disruptive in the passing game. >> they rushed 200-yards, led by
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ryan matthews, 108-yards, two touchdowns. >> they really did all they could do to open up goals for us today. >> this team is now 4-0 at home. >> we got eight games at homecoming up. that's eight wins. i mean, that's what you got to do. >> the guys are juiced up. a lot of the games here are big games. we have to win. now we have to take that same approach to every game. >> the road 1-4 doesn't get easier. this week they head to seattle to play the second best team the falcons, until today. jamie, "action news." >> all right, jamie, much more, hear what jordan matthews says about the hit and will the eagles make the playoff run?
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that and more, eagles out scoring by 70 points at home. right now, seattle is unbeaten at home. tony roma watching a wild finish in the cowboy steeler game. pittsburg down five, 43 seconds left, ben roethlisberger les burger fake as spike. steelers up one, cowboys get the ball back, ezekiel elliot good night. dallas won eight straight, best record in the nfl8-1. sam bradford could have helped beat the redskins. the vikings lost four in a row. it all started here against the eagles. washington wins 26-20. they won only once in the last eight games. >> if the flyers


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