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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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luckily when the bullets started to fly none were hit. but two men were. those evidence markers are shell ka casing. i am toldly roughly 12 shots fired a 25-year-old shot in the back. i spoke with the chief investigators here it does not look good for the 25-year-old he is in bad shape right now at temple university hospital and a 58-year-old male was shot twice in the stomach. he is listed in critical condition. now, at this point no word on why the shots were fired here and what the motive was for why this happened we got here to the scene two people shot a 25-year-old man and 58-year-old male. we'll gather more detarls now reporting live in north philadelphia, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are also following
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breaking news from oklahoma city. will rogers airport remains shut down after a deadly shooting in a parking lot. southwest airlines confirm that one of its employees was the victim. police are looking for the shooter and any other victims. also, developing outs of utah police are looking to figure out what cause aid 16-year-old to go on a stabbing spree at the school there. it happened 40 miles south of salt lake city tonight. that entire community is on edge. abc's lauren lister is following the investigation from los angeles. >> reporter: yes, rick and monica, mountain view high school in utah is trying to get back to normal after one student new to the school this year, a straight a student goes on the attack in the locker room as classmates were getting ready for pe class. >> tears and ambulances at this suburban utah high school. the commune responding to a
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terrifying stabbing spree breaking out just before 8:00 a.m. >> go to the south side of the school and making access into the school for more critical patients. >> a 16-year-old student, a sore more stabbed people in the locker room after using the knife to stab himself. >> two stab wun wounds to the neck -- >> a student resource officer taking the suspect into custody. in the parking lot our abc station live streaming. >> the school would normally be getti getting underway on a tuesday morning and now lined with fire and police vehicles. >> now a stabbing at her own. >> find this scary because now i don't think schools are safe anymore. >> the school facing questions about how they will prevent this
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from happening again. >> we hate the idea of having metal detecters in our schools but our kids safety is our most important priority. >> we learned that one victim and the suspect is released from the hospital. police say they have no idea what the mote he is for the attack and they have a number of witnesses. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you lauren. in washington republicans continue to prepare for president-elect donald trump takeover of the white house, house speaker paul ryan called the transition the dawn of a new unified republican government and one person that is not part of the government is dr. ben carson. the former presidential candidate will not accept a cabinet post. we'll have more coming up at 5:30. >> an academy school with locations in philadelphia, new york and new jersey has shut
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down. notes posted on the door and on its website. the school says declining school population caused a negative impact leading to the adrug closure and now more than 1,000 students are on the hook for loans. reports say that star career academy lost a class action lawsuit for defrauding students in 2015 amounting to a $9 million settlement. >> police are investigating a crash between a police cruiser and a dirt bite. this is the scene from chopper 6 hd shortly after wards, this is one of many problems police are facing when it comes to illegal dirt bike riders on city streets. walter perez has more on that. >> reporter: hey monica, that dirt bike rider was badly injured. family friends tell me he underwent his second surgery today.
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that is why police officials say they need the public's help in getting this problem under control. >> this is helmet cam video showing the moments leading up to a crash with one of these dirt bikes and a cruiser in the wissinoming section yesterday. this is the difficult balance they have to strike during these types of situations. >> you have to make sure you address the issue, you can't allow them to run recklessly throughout the city but do it in a safe way. the scene came to a head when responding officers tried to stop the dirt bikers from riding on the wrong side of the road and the sidewalk. >> there was a bunch of people on bikes but mainly chasing one person. the cops cut the whole avenue off. >> it's unclear how it happened but it was when the one dirt bike collided with a squad car. >> the bike was laying on the
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ground when i pulled up and i seen the cops with the mirrors how they do their thing. and the body was across approximately 20 feet. >> the 18-year-old dirt bike rider is at tourses dale, in critical condition with two broken legs and a fractured skull. this is an ongoing problem in philadelphia with 100 atvs and dirt bikes confiscated this year alone. they rely on the public reporting any dangerous activity involving these vehicles. >> some of these riders have no record for anybody. whether it's an atv or dirt bike or bicycle. we set up the initiatives throughout the course of the year. >> of course riding dirt bikes and atv's on city streets in
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philadelphia is illegal. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> thank you walter. aaa says that half a million people in the philadelphia area will travel this thanksgiving holiday, it's the busiest since 2007 according to aaa almost 9% of philadelphia residents will travel by air, that is 90% of people and others are driving 50 miles or further. 48,000 americans are expected to travel through the holiday up 2% from last year. >> time for a check of our "action news" traffic report tuesday night. lets turn to matt pellman. >> that is what we need, more traffic. >> we are seeing plenty of red zones, on the big picture on the schuylkill expressway 92 southbound thanks to the crash south of 130 sticking out into the left lane, starting to jam
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on the walt whitman bridge, into new jersey and the jam continues on 42 southbound even though there is not much left as you head to 295. it remains closed in gloucester county north of center square road. just 4 miles per hour towards the closure point. you want no parts of this. i don't know if i would use 130 with the construction there but the northbound turnpike is a better bet and chester county things are improving the crash along the 30 bypass and business 30, those are both cleared. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> all right thank you. it is a big night in music for philadelphia. grammy award winner patti labelle and the legendry producing duo of leon huff and kenny gamble will get the award. it recognizes artists for their humanitarian efforts. i'll have the honor of hosting
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tonight's gala event. tonight at 5:00, a mustache movement hoping to raise awareness for mens health. ali gorman explains movember. low now heading into new england taking the rain with it, a beautiful afternoon we'll talk about a spectacular november stretch into the weekend when "action news" returns.
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victims of hurricane matthew in hard hit north carolina. president obama is approving governor pat mcrory's request for the disaster recovery. 14 people in north carolina were killed in the storm, most of them were people that drove through floodwaters and had their vehicles sub merged. schools and other critical buildings in newcastle, delaware will be better protected in an emergency situation. they announced they are using the raid panic button system. the push of a button on an app
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will go to first responders. this new program is critical. >> new at 5:00, if you have ever had your furniture or curtains shredded by a kitten, listen up knowledge could be the first state in the nation to ban the controversial practice of declawing cats. nora muchanic has that story. >> the committee has released a -- stopping veterans from declawing cats. up to a $5,000 fine and 6 months in prison. >> i don't think it is inhumane. >> he is declawing cats for 30 years and more infrequently these days, if done right it's not cruel to the cat. >> it's no different than spaying or neutering a cat and they recover from it quickly. >> it's done mostly to keep them
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from scratching and many animal welfare groups say it's barbaric. the first part of the bone is severed at the knuckles. >> basically they are severing the digits of the fingers. >> in general, i would not declaw a cat ever. >> i have mixed feelings about it but i had furniture i did not want to get ruined. >> they want to scratch things their way of marking. >> kevin brooks will not declaw his two cats and uses chemical products to keep them off the furniture. >> if approved it's the first state to make it illegal for veterinarians to declaw cats. there are similar measures in new york and hawaii. >> i am afraid people won't adopt cats or get rid of the cats they have. decisions of declawing should be
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up to the owner or vet, not the government. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00. cyber crimes are on the rise and while officials devote more resources to fighting back the criminals are getting better and better at scamming you and your family. here is a free view of that special report. >> cyber criminals are seemingly targeting us every day, their scams are elaborate and sophisticated. a local man thought he was applying for a job but was set up to be ripped off. we expose this complex scam and show you how not to be duped.
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in health check. if you notice new mustaches and beards, he had his for a long time. there is a good reason. many men are supporting what they call movember. an effort to raise money for men health initiatives. ali gorman joins us at the big board with more. >> one company is ready for their annual stash bash one
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employee says it may seem silly but for him it hits home. walk into the it company in west conshohocken you'll fine a lot of men with mustaches, jay says it sparks conversations with customers. >> when four guys with mustaches show up. people go huh and you get to tell them about why we do it. they have been growing stashes or beards every november for six years to support movember, raising awareness and get men talking about health issues. the sports memorabilia, you can see the movember foundation that helps to fight prostate and testicular cancer. the stash bash is thursday. it's a great time but also very personal for him. remembering his father. >> i was 26 when he passed away
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from prostate cancer. >> his dad was a gunners mate in the navy and then a machinist. always a hard worker. >> when you support a cause like this especially with a personal experience. the best part is being able to share the experience. >> sharing the experiences and breaking the silence with philly stashes is how the movember foundation sparked an international movement to stop men from dying too young. the stash bash is this thursday at the great american pub from 5:30 until 7:30, there is a $40 donation and a silent auction, games prizes and food and drink and all proceeds go to the movember foundation, more details on rick happy movember to you. >> thank you. i'll turn mine like that. >> there you go. thank you ali. >> the center city organization is helping men dress for
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success. it's called men fit, and i was one of the invited speakers invited to offer wardrobe advice and men donate business wear that men can choose from for their interview. i was happy to help them look polished and professional as they enter the workforce. coming up next at 5:00, we'll check the forecast. looking live from the temple university camera, adam joseph has your forecast when we come right back. stay with us.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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remember playing with a light bright. this giant replica of the toy is on display at rodney square highlighting electricity options for consumers, the electric supplier contracted by delaware is behind the display and employees with the company are there to hand out information. >> how fun. now time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist, adam joseph, has the forecast. we had precipitation today. >> earlier on in the day we had showers especially north and
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east of the philadelphia but the sunshine took control and clear sky out there now. as we look live at sky 6 hd over the ben franklin bridge awash in blue for national diabetes awareness. as we look to the ground level, you see dry roadways, 95 going south, and 95 north not looking good there. see a lot of taillights. he goes -- yikes. >> for allentown and trenton 49 and 53 in wilmington temperatures are run ago above average here in afternoon and still fairly pleasant out there at the present time. as we look at the calendar for the month of november ever being halfway through the month temperatures running 2 degrees above normal. everything in red is above normal. we expect tomorrow, thursday, friday and saturday to add to the numbers above normal and then big changes come in for the
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second half of the weekend. low pressure is wining its way over long island bringing in heavy rain in new england and less than a .25 inch for parts of our area, but on the western side of the low we have it drying outs and that is why we saw the sunshine this afternoon. temperatures tonight 30s in the northwestern suburbs and 41 for philadelphia and seasonable overnight and quiet out there. it remains quiet into your midweek, hour by hour forecast for tomorrow. lots of sun through the lunch time hour as temperatures climb through the 40s back into the lower 60s when stay in the 50s with clouds increasing late in the day tomorrow as a cold front approaches. >> highs tomorrow, 63 in philadelphia and 63 in reading and mostly sunny and again some of those clouds entering the sky from the north and west as the frontal boundary passes through. the five-day at 5:00 forecast, no cold air we spill into
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thursday into the 60s and beautiful friday, and 68 degrees 14 degrees above normal, and 69 and a major shift comes in here saturday night into sunday morning. wicked winds could be 45 to 50 miles per hour here on sunday and a possible of low pressure developing bringing rain or even the first wet snowflakes in the air here north and west on sunday. we'll talk about the windchills on sunday going into next week coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> okay. >> here we go. thanks adam i think. still ahead in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00. we take a closer look at who president-elect donald trump is putting on his staff and can a cabinet and who may join his transition team. and violence at a north philadelphia food restaurant and find out which toys you don't want to buy this holiday season. and a parent advocacy group says
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they are just too dangerous.
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here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. what caused a small plane to crash in a backyard in camden county and find out why health officials are pushing for people to get their flu vaccines now. and a chance of snow as winter is coming but a new on demand snow removalal service offered in philadelphia. now the details, president-elect donald trump puts together his administration and cabinet. we learn that ben carson declined to be part of the incoming team. however new jersey governor chris christie says he would be interested in a position. we have the latest on trump's transition team. >> reporter: hi rick and monica. it's been one week since america elected our next president and now all eyes are on how he is preparing his team and himself for this new position. president-elect donald trump
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continues his transition to president. receiving his first presidential briefing today in trump tower. from now on he and mike pence will get the same update as president obama. >> trump's team's rallying around him. there is speculation that secretary of state will go to either rudy giuliani or former u.n. ambassador john bolton, one lane not on the list anywhere in his cabinet. ben carson. the former gop candidate has taken himself out of the running. but one appointee that is confirmed is stephan bannon, recently the editor of breitbart include considered to be a voice for white nationists. they are urging him to rescind the appointment of bannon. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government.
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>> they are taking a more balanced approach when it comes to talking about bannon. he helped him win this campaign. >> the divisive election is dominating the final overseas tour and calms concerns when asked but throws a subtle jab. >> and those folks who voted for president-elect are better off than they were when i came into office. >> the current president decided that donald trump should get the detail of a full presidential briefing. this is what president bush did for him eight years ago. house democrats will delay their relationship elections until after thanksgiving, one could be because a group of younger democrats are leading a movement to oust nancy pelosi.
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and coverage of trump's transition team is tonight on world news with david muir. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. veinvestigators in north philadelphia have releases video from the burglary of a restaurant. the men start shooting and a 23-year-old employee was shot and killed and a 63-year-old employee was shot in the leg. it happened on july 22 and but they are still looking for the shooters scene leaving the scene in a dark green buick. they are offering a $20,000 reward for their arrests. police in north philadelphia are searching for the gunman that murdered a 73-year-old man. this is the scene from chopper 6 hd at 10:30 at came bring street. they identified the victim as henry wood. investigators say that wood was shot several times but no word
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on a motive. >> federal investigators got word on what caused a small plane to crash, it went down into the lyndonwald backyard after a sudden power loss. the crash seriously injured two men, they were suspended for 20 minutes before being rescued. they added that the aircraft also had a throttle issue. firefighters were called to the lake side school in horsham township. flames were coming outs of a classroom in the back of the school and the damage was contained to one classroom and started in one of the heating units. from our delaware newsroom, flu cases are reported in all three counties in the state. according to health human services a newborn and infant in sussex county were diagnosed with the flu and last week two people were found with the flu in kent county.
5:35 pm
this should be a reminder for people that get the flu vaccine. >> time to get a check of traffic out there and see how things are rolling. >> nothing to be too sick about at this point. as we look at the big picture, the slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway at 13 miles per hour. a crash at bala cynwyd at montgomery avenue, that is jammed up use lancaster avenue as an alternate. and adam points out the slow speeds in the sky, just 4 miles per hour. lets focus on that red zone, 95 northbound and it's due in part to this. a crash northbound at allegheny avenue now pushed on to the off ramp so all the northbound lanes are open but we are locked up completely coming north of washington avenue through this point at allegheny avenue on 95 northbound. southbound is not so hot either at 28 minutes, still double what it should be. not hot on the vine street expressway jammed solid in both
5:36 pm
directions with normal afternoon volume and the vine will closed tonight at 11:00 for overnight construction. heading westbound in berks county at route hundred slowing developing with speeds in the 30s in the pottstown area and better news in gloucester county, 295 northbound has finally reopened the crash near center square road is open, and speeds in the 30s better than the 2 miles per hour we saw earlier. >> thank you. students from 0 local high schools got to take part in a workshop about making films, they celebrated their ninth year in upper darby high school, these budding movie makers got to learn about lights and sound and screen writing and more. thousands of people around the country took part in protests we'll take you to one local protest in center city. against the controversial
5:37 pm
pipeline project in north dakota. the eagles looking forward to beating the seahawks. adam -- >> we are in the middle of november and there is no signs of winter whatsoever in the eastern half of the country but i promise you it will arrive here over the upcoming weekend. we'll have the exact timing in the accuweather forecast. >> he is promise. >> uh-oh. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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a different type of protest in center city. people gathered to protest the dakota access pipeline. they were on jfk boulevard hoping to get the attention of the army corps of engineer. they issued a permit but yesterday just ordered a study. the sioux tribe says it will damage water and cultural sites.
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in one incident they had to use a stun gun. the holiday season is approaching but there are gifts you should avoid. the group world against toys causing harm released their list of dangerous toys, some include toy weapons like a sling shot or this nurf gun. and avoid a toy elephant because it can suffocate an infant. some of the dangers they say should be obvious to parents. the eagles are off today but they have seattle on their mind. >> the day to relax because the eagles know once they get back to work they have to prepare for the seahawks, their second straight opponent that is a bird and the second best in the nfc. carson wentz got ready as a guest on the brett favre radio show. they talked about a third
5:42 pm
quarterback his coach doug peterson. one of favre's old teammates and friends. >> coach peterson has been great. for me he has just shown and instilled in me confidence, i am a confident player myself but to have the coach have confidence in me even when i throw two early interceptions or struggling early, he is not afraid of dialing it up and throwing a big play. to have a that is huge. it's temple owls are in the drivers seat. things got testy at practice as the owls prepare to face tulane. fights are the way the coach likes to see the practice. th the coach had an inception. go coach go. i asked him about the affect i had on his team too.
5:43 pm
>> is it a challenge to keep the guys locked in? >> it's a challenge to reboot them this week we let them drift last week and focus on taking care of their bodies and resting and focus academically and finishing out the semester strong and now we have to shock everyone. even my myself, shocking ourselves in game week. >> more with coach rule on what he did during the by week including watching television. right here on saturday at 9:30 on channel 6. and the ottawa senators against the flyers, a stretch of games without michael -- and last year when new by got hurt they played a playoff spot and mentally for him that is a good thing. >> coming to the rink and you
5:44 pm
expect to play and you get into a rhythm where the games roll into one another than is exactly for a goaltender you want to have happen. a constant groove. now michelle the track star has crossed college off the list, the senior hurdler signed an intent to run at ufc. she competed in the olympic trials as a junior. and the third fastest time. and a beautiful smile. >> thank you jaime. tough statistic here. according to the u.s. sense us, 4 million americans live in poverty. and delaware valley is one of the hardest hit areas that is why 6 abc is partsnerring in one of area's biggest news drive. >> poverty experts estimate that one in four philadelphians are
5:45 pm
sun sure where their next meal will come from. they are helping one vulnerable toplation help themselves. what kind of vegetable do you have in the car again? >> he came to escape the violent chaos in his homeland. >> tensions drove him out of button. >> it's helping people that really need the help. >> he is with the nation ilt services center that group helps refugees resetle and teaches them english and gets them involved with the garden and they grow vegetables and all kinds of herbs and specialty crops that gave them a taste of home. >> refugees looking for certain products you can they them find them? >> exactly. >> african eggplant. >> the city harvest program teaches the refugees about farming. >> how to market and how to plan.
5:46 pm
>> by learning to grow their own food they can eat healthier and supplement an often limited food budget and the garden gives something to those that lost everything. >> you hear from gardeners that this is home. >> i feel happy when i'm here. i don't feel too much about my past. i am here, i wake i get tired and i go home. >> the growing together garden is one of 150 gardens all growing food for families in need. if you would like to help head to our website and see how you can connect, share and give. one again we are lending a hand to help feed our neighbors, join us tomorrow for our annual food drive fundraising event. sara bloomquist hosts the live food bank from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m., special guests and
5:47 pm
celebrities will be there to take your calls. for more go to removing snow just got easier in philadelphia. the new app service that will help clear your driveway so you don't have to pick up a shovel. >> stepping outside sky 6 hd looking live at the ben franklin bridge, a beautiful site. adam joseph has it's exclusive accuweather forecast. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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the ride sharing company lyft is replacing the signature mustache with a new deinvite called the amp. riders are told to look for a lyft with a specific color on the dash board to make sure they are getting into the right car. winter is coming and that likely means snow as well. of course. and this season people can use a new on demand snow removal app to get rid it of. the toronto based company eden is expanding to the u.s. you can schedule them and pay for it on the app. it costs $40 to plow a two car driveway. i'm going to schedule them now. >> you need to get out and
5:51 pm
shovel. >> lfrt time to check the weather with adam. >> not talking snow in the short-term. temperatures run well above average, a nice november stretch on the way. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan morning showers gave way to a decent amount of sunshine here through the majority of the tuesday with temperatures running 7 degrees above average this afternoon. right now we are at 59 in philadelphia 51 and 51 allentown and trenton and 53 in wilmington it's uniform in the area and the poconos the last to clear out the cloud cover with low pressure that pushed into los angeles island this afternoon with rain. and as we look at the low we see the circulation there east of new york city about to head into connecticut, heavy rain and coastal flooding in parts of southern new england, all the rain lifting to the north, the west southwestern side of the low, the heavy rain, around that the air sinks and we clear it
5:52 pm
out quickly as the low wound up and pushed to the north, partly cloudy tonight and remaining seasonably cool 36 degrees in the northwestern suburbs, 41 in center city with a light wind 3 to 6 miles per hour. region by region in the lehigh valley 63 and breezy, 6 to 10 miles per hour. some clouds develop as a weak front approaches but a dry day at 60 degrees, and the city of philadelphia similar to today. 63 and mostly sunny and temperatures around 7 degrees above average and if you head to the shore here, for your wednesday plenty of sunshine and nice there as well. with the winds being more off the land, temperatures pretty similar in the lower 60s. and it's all in response to high pressure to the south for the rest of the week and the beginning of the upcoming weekend. it buckles that jet stream well to the north and west and sends a surge of warm air up the eastern seaboard here and we
5:53 pm
stay in the 60s through saturday, however a major change will come in the second half of the weekend as everything collapses from the north and west and the temperatures crash into the 40s windchills only in the 30s for the peak of the day on sunday afternoon. and we'll have to watch if low pressure develops along the front on sunday as well. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's smooth sailing the rest of the week, low 60s replaced by upper 60s by friday and philadelphia marathon weekend delightful to start and we drop by 20 degrees as the front comes through and low pressure develops if we see how much rain we get here on sunday, it could mix with wet snow at times north and west on sunday with winds 45 to 50 miles per hour. gusting on sunday, keeping the windchills on the brutal side and windy and cold. on monday 48, and back to 50
5:54 pm
with sunshine in control, on tuesday. one extreme from one weekend to the other. >> all right adam thank you. >> make a regular stop on your computer and mobile devices and use facebook and twit toward connect with our meteorologists as well. celebrity magician david blaine is returning with a special performance. >> i am about to try for the first time taking a bullet from a .22 caliber rifle that i am operating myself. >> he takes to the street to perform death defying stuns in an hour long special. he performs for celebrities like johnny depp and david beckham. tonight's one hour special david blaine beyond magic airs at 10:00 p.m. here on 6 abc followed by "action news" at 11:00.
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business and community leaders gathered for the think fest. the day long event featured panel discussions and several companies set up. booths to set up their products. >> very nice. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. students react at star academy abruptly shuts their doors, students are out of cash and a degree and teachers are out of a job. also, changes could be coming to the school year calendar in philadelphia. we'll explain coming up next at 6:00. for meteorologist adam joseph, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
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students at the star career academy closed their doors without warning and seemingly without mercy. the abrupt closure affects all the campuses in philadelphia,
6:00 pm
new york and new jersey. sara bloomquist is live now in philadelphia. lost education, lost time and lost money a lot to consider here. >> jim, this was totally unexpect the and life changing and not in a good way. 225 faculty members lost their jobs, more than 1,000 students will be starting back at square one after months of job training and tuition paid. they got the news in a text message this morning letting them know their school was ceasing operations for good. >> i was devastated. >> devastated to get that text message telling them that star career academy is closing all of its campuses in new york, philadelphia and new jersey. not knowing what to do many students drove to the buildings where they attended classes hoping for injuries. >> security insized the building they will not let us in at all. and they said that all the instructions were this morning.


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