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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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14th and the teachers aide was arrested and in court. charged 42-year-old sherry mullford. she worked for a firm that provided substitute staff to schools. she was a teacher's aide at a high school. and that she had improper sexual contact with two boys that attended the class. and one boy says she met mullford outside at a party and drove to where she parked and there was illegal sexual contact. and the other boy said she picked him up and provided him with alcohol. and took him to a restaurant and then engaged in illicit sexual contact outside of the restaurant. >> we are not sure how this happened but the defend's husband showed up at the restaurant but at the end of the day gave the victim a ride home.
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>> mullford exited the courtroom covering her face with a coat. >> her attorney says she will vigorously fight the current charges. >> my client like a great number of people have issues with the law as a juvenile as a very young woman she has lived a law abiding life and raised a decent family. >> it's expect that mullford will make bail. $100,000, 10%. that means $10,000. she is charged with endangering the welfare of minors and something called institutional sexual assault. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a customer at a pizza parlor
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who shot two robbers will not be charged. he had a license to carry. he was a business owner who carried the gun for his own protection and that the robbers were brothers and the guns they used were air soft guns. this happened at a restaurant in levittown. that sean and justin rose pistol whipped two employees and the customer. >> when the armed suspect looked away for a moment. the customer pulled out a .45 caliber handgun from beneath his jacket and shot the man that just pistol whipped him hitting him in the torso killing him. sean rose was killed. his brother 22-year-old justin is said to be in critical condition. new here at 4:00, a montgomery county judge once again refused to throw out bill cosby's sex assault case and
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that clears the way for the 79-year-old to stand trial by june. they rejected charges that the comedian was unfairly disadvantaged because the prosecutors waited a decade to press charges against him and to make 13 other accusers to go through competency hearings before testify if iing. now the latest on the trump presidency. vice president elect pence met with joe biden. some of the choices causing lawmakers to voice concerns and others seemingly causing confusion. here is video from this morning. more cabinet contenders arriving
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to see the president-elect. his son donald trump said that appointments will likely be made today. and meantime the incoming process of picking the cabinet he says is organized. >> we feel good about the transition, i would actually say it's -- the president-elect himself, he is very happy with how transition is going. >> now backlash continues over confirmed white house counselor, stephan bannon and his ties to white nationalism, lawmaker are calling for him to step down. including chris couns, he released a statement. the president-elect has to make is clear that what bannon has propagated has no place in a trump administration. >> thank you. meanwhile the united states
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senate held their leadership elections. each seizing new roles, the republican chose mitch mcconnell. a partner for the incoming president. and democrats elected chuck shamer, replacing the retiring harry reid making schumer the most powerful democrat elected in washington. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. morning sunshine gave way to a cloudy afternoon. adam joseph is joining us now with more on what tonight has in store. sprinkles now falling here on city avenue, the cold front comes through and that is what brought the clouds and a few showers. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan light green from wilmington to philadelphia and all points north and west. and southern lancaster county. you can see again patches of green in montgomery county and chester county and lancaster county up to the lehigh valley. they are barely dampening the ground and hit the windshield
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wiper once or twice, and eventually sweeps off the coast here. the clouds break up between 9:00 and 11:00 and temperatures hold fairly steady in the mid-50s. 51 and lower 50s by 11:00 tonight and the spotty showers give way to partly cloudy skies and low temperatures 46 by tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon temperatures again going close to 60. notice the heat building in the midsection of the country and the surge is to the east as we close out the week on friday going into the mid to upper 60s here and notice the swirl over chicago and cold air over bismark. we'll talk about a dramatic change that pushes in of the weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right adam see you in a bit. almost a year after a murder at a delaware car wash, the man police believe is responsible continues to avoid arrest. detectives are still searching for this man, 33-year-old bobby taylor who has ties to the
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wilmington and newcastle areas, they say he shot and killed taylor behind the car wash in bear. the suspect and victim are not related. in king of prussia, police are looking for two men connected to an armed robbery at wal-mart. this is video of two suspects moments before they pointed a gun and demanded cash from employees on friday. the persons of interest were seen entering the store and leaving empty handed. they believe they may have information on the crime. and they were in a newer silver hyundai santa fe. if you watch us at the office you are looking forward to the 5:00 bell and the evening commute is almost underway. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. keeping an eye on the roads. >> counting down the minutes. you have jams on the way home
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after the bell rings, we get a read on the red zones on the big picture. one on the schuylkill expressway westbound from bear to south. i have good news in the belmont section of the city. today the 41st street bridge over the amtrak tracks opened and that bridge had been closed since 1994. so 22 years later you have the bridge back in business. that is great news. right by tacony parkway near the boston market that just cleared out but this red zone along 95 southbound side, speeds in the teens not so pleasant and thanks in part to this. a disabled truck appears to be a fedex truck on the southbound side of 95 approaching the vine street expressway and you see it taking out the right center lane with penndot on the scene. south of bridge street it's a slow crawl from 95 to center city. and a crash involving a
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pedestrian along chichester avenue. and lumberton downed wires are blocking landing street and bellow road a possible alternate. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. a crash on the lincoln drive a little slowing especially northbound away from kelly drive. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> happy wednesday to you matt. thank you. still ahead on a wednesday afternoon, new details spine light on a possible motive of the shooting at an oklahoma airport yesterday. and flames destroys an pafrmt building leaving dozen people looking for help. hear from witnesses at 4:30. and sara bloomquist is live as our 6 abc holiday food drive kicks off. >> reporter: we are live in our 6 abc studios taking your donations to benefit philabundance and other area food banks, the number to call is 1-877-940-6222. to donate and help your
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police in oklahoma think they uncovered a possible motive for the shooting at the oklahoma airport. that the suspect used to work for southwest airlines but resigned last year. investigators think yesterday's attack was retaliation. he quit after refusing to take an alcohol screening test and shot and killed michael winchester a ramp supervisor before turning the gun on himself. an ohio lawyer will spend the next 10 years behind bars after admitting to hypnotizing and assaulting his clients.
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one woman noted her closed were askew and didn't remember parts of the meeting and she grew suspicious and began to record the conversations. once police got involved he admitted to the charges and plead guilty. in all six victims came forward and are now filing civil suits. a brand new apartment building in center city philadelphia is one step closer to completion today. developers held a ceremony to celebrate the installation of the last steel beam on the east market building. set to open in spring of 2017 there is room for restaurants and stores and parking. it's on south market and chestnut. you can find just about everything and anything on its website and now is using the resources to help local students. five students from philadelphia are each set to receive a $2,000 grant. wants to help students launch or grow their
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robotics programs. the district received $2,000, the partnership with amazon was announced back in september. the robotics program is to get students excited about science, technology and math. >> today 6 abc is helping our neighbors in need. right now the phone lines are open for the 6 abc holiday food drive, to benefit philabundance and other food banks. sara bloomquist is live in the call center now and the donations are starting to come in. >> they are alicia. we are here in the studios to help fight hungner our region. this is all part of our annual holiday food drive, our call takers are ready to take your cars. steve morrison is preston and steve is here and you can talk to him. 1-877-940-6222. or go to the link and donate at
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all donations go to help philabundance and other food banks there are 3 million people in our area that face hunger every single day. here we are in the season of giving we are asking you to give generously tonight. the number is 1-877-940-6222. and we are joined once again by our partners from dunkin' donuts and acme. jackie from dunkin' donuts and dana ward from acme. >> thank you for being our partners. >> thank you sara. people are here taking donations and both companies give so much to the community, jackie tell us how dunkin' donuts is giving back. >> this year we have a special program called roast hunger, starting on black friday every time our dd perks members use a special roast hunger coupon we'll donate 50 cents back to philabundance. >> and how about acme, you are
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long-term partners in this effort. >> acme is passionate about giving back to the communities that we serve and hunger is important to us being a grocery store. we have ways to donate in the stores and customers can come in with the item and drop it off or go to the register and donate or purchase a $10 bag to give to philabundance. >> thank you to dunkin' donuts and acme, we do want to hear from you, the phones are now ringing everybody is taking a call that is really great. please be jennous tonight and help your neighbors in need. we'll be here until 6:30 this evening and log on to and find a link to donate there. again the number, 1-877-940-6222. back to you in the studio. >> all right love to see a whole bunch of our "action news" family standing by there. make the phones ring. turning once again to accuweather. the day started out sunny and seasonable warm and then the
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pesky clouds changed it all. adam joseph is here with the word on what to expect next. >> reporter: a little bump, a cold front passing through here and there and that takes control again for the rest of the week, sky 6 hd center city the clouds have arrived and there is a couple of rain drops in and around the city beginning to fall but the best concentration at this point of steadier rainfall 272 there south of lancaster and southern lancaster county and southwestern parts of chester county near oxford and that extends into northern newcastle county and wilmington and pushes to the east near glassboro, about to get hit by light showers and sprinkles around malvern and paoli and berwyn. temperature-wise we are above average, 61 right now despite the cloud cover, 62 in cincinnati and you see the heat
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building in the midsection of the country, a very warm month overall after a warm object. we are talking 80s in kansas and the same for parts of texas. as we take a look at the country, even southern canada, when you take a look at how much snow is on the ground now in the united states, we are only sitting at 1%. there is nothing in the eastern half of the country and nothing in southern canada, the only place seeing any snow pack is the northern part of the rockies now western montana. and this is the least amount of snow we have had on the ground since they kept records of snow depth, since 2003. pretty unimpressive. and with no snow pack in canada, you can't get the cold air to pull down. satellite 6 along with action radar you see the band of precipitation of clouds passing through with the front and that continues the journey off to the south and east and remains partly cloudy for most of the overnight.
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and 39 allentown and 46 in philadelphia and 36 in millville. the day planner for thursday, again sunshine is in control, we won't see the increase in cloud coverage whatsoever. and temperatures warm into the 60s as you go into the middle part of your thursday. the four day at 4:00 forecast. we hit a high of 62 and mostly sunny tomorrow and sunshine stays in control on friday at 68 degrees, saturday very warm and late day shower at 69 and the sun comes through winds whipping 35 to 50 miles per hour cold and a couple of snowflakes north and west of philadelphia and windchills in the 30s all day. and speaking of the snow depth what does is mean for the upcoming winter season? we'll have our winter weather outlook tomorrow night on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. to let you know what we are thinking as we head into that winter season. as of right now a lack of snow in canada and the united states. >> aha.
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i can't believe it's that time again. i feel like we just did this. >> that is what happens. you get older and life goes quicker. the philly phanatic helped to usher in a special delivery. 161 trees were unloaded from a tractor trailer. each one tagged by a ballplayer that hit a home one during the 2016 season. the phillies partnered with the horticulture society. and the trees are planted throughout the city through the upcoming weekend and the phanatic is psyched about that. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, we'll introduce you to a family determined to help others in needy spite coping with a tragedy. their own. and coming up later in what's the deal, they call it the uber for stuff. we'll tell you how you can get anything you want on demand and an employment opportunity as well. coming up tonight at 11:00, the story every homeowner wants to
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see. here is nydia han with a preview. >> tonight we investigate accusations against some home builders, the tactics use that silence unhappy homeowners. >> this is a problem they don't get a fair shake. it's a collaboration with abc news across the country. a special troubleshooter investigation tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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police in delaware county are hope that surveillance video are helping them solve a string of tire slashings, the police say that the man committed the crimes around sue ellen drive. the man walks with a distinct limp and the tires were slashed a week ago and you are asked to call haverford township police if you recognize this man. the high school announced that they would put up $20 million to renovate and manage
4:26 pm
bane ard stadium. they are looking to see if teams could still use the field and that is when they pulled the offer, but they are not giving up on the project and the search forbe funding continues. a delaware family that lost everything during a fire over the weekend is refusing that stop them from helping others. anthony and cocoa parker and their children were forced from their home on sunday and they made it out okay but many of their possessions were damaged and destoried. and so were many of the meals they were collecting for the less fortunate. they were helping their daughter with a service project for the fairy god sisters of delaware and were about to hand out the meals to 50 families. >> we lost everything but we promised and people are counting on us and i just don't think that we should throw the project
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away. >> wow. while the parker family is helping others, their community plans to help them. there is a benefit at the city of victory church tomorrow night in their honor. and there is much more to come on this edition of "action news" at 4:00, details on a new device that allows some breast reconstruction at home. and a live look at the "action news" studio we are waiting for you to give a call into the 6 abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive. there are people demanding it. ducis is there call him. and monica is there and erin o'hearn. and thanks to volunteers manning the phones. call in and donate. that and more when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the delaware county man facing a long list of charges because of what police say they found on an electronic device. >> and the ground breaking invention that allows breast cancer patients begin a reconstruction procedure inside of their own home. and an elementary school teacher's daily affirmation of hope inspires her students to never give up. >> and with little more than a week before thanksgiving, six
4:30 pm
families working to put their lives back together after a huge fire ripped through their homes. the two alarm fire broke out in aston county and it was so hot a firefighter collapsed on the scene. >> cell phone video from neighbors captured the horrifying scene as fire rips through townhomes in aston delaware county on tuesday. >> it was a matter of is anybody out, because if they are not they are dead. a firefighter collapsed after she was walking out of burning home and the cameras captured the moments she was taken out of the home. >> the house is damaged most, two reads in there and they were the ones that called 911. they were upstairs and smelled smoke or heard their smoke detectors and came and went out and called 911. >> as chopper 6 hd flew over the devastation the burnt out shell tells the story of how intense
4:31 pm
the fire was, the roof of one home collapsed and two units were destroyed and two others were damaged by smoke and water just feet away from the scorched homes, one family says their dog woke them up to the nightmare. >> the house was fully engulfed and my husband is a police officer and he ran around back with another neighbor and they pulled two women off their back deck. >> within five minutes the front of the house was engulfed in blames and it was an inferno type of scenario. >> it was all over the car it was awful. >> people are thankful it was not their home or their family but saddened that it happened to a neighbor and grateful that the damage was not worse. >> i never in my life seen anything like it. the smoke and fire and everything totally engulfed it was incredible. >> gray hall, channel 6 "action news." a delaware county man is arrested on child pornography charges, police say that 42-year-old walter timothy erwin
4:32 pm
of upper chichester had dozens of aimages on think commuter showing children being abused. he said he possessed child important in the past and removed the photo sharing program and they found 39 images and he is on house arrest tonight. an investigation is underway after a driver stuck and killed a pedestrian. the accident happened at 5:30 this morning at the toll gate road section. a woman was trying to cross the street from rite aid to the wawa when she was hit. police say that the car did stop after the incident and officials have not yet released the victim's name. philadelphia police are hoping for your hope in identifying this man who they say broke into a home and stole a television. the theft happened on october 23rd on johnston street in philadelphia in the middle of the afternoon. the suspect was driving a
4:33 pm
vehicle that appears to be a ford explorer. if you have information about this call police. >> a wilmington organization that feeds people every thanksgiving says it is shot orndonations. "action news" caught up with officials at the sunday mission, 60 tons of food is the goal but just 10 tons have come in so far. they need 2,000 turkeys by monday. the nonperishable items and turkeys can be dropped off at the mission any time. meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now and you mentioned rain is coming down. >> a few sprinkles here and some areas getting steadier rainfall and as we look now live at sky 6 hd at the philadelphia international airport very dark sky and a lot of clouds now passing through 61 degrees and warm despite the clouds and westerly wind 10 miles per hour. and as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a broke and area of green with some of those light showers passing through the city of philadelphia.
4:34 pm
parts of wilmington and southern lancaster and chester county, and portions of the lehigh valley and we are talking rain drops now not long from now until we talk about the four letter word snow. and when does philadelphia typically receive the first measurable snow. got the .10 inches on the ground now, november 16th, december 3rd or december 17th. send me your best guess. and the first person will get a shout-out. thank you adam. president barack obama completed the first leg of his final foreign tour. the president left athens today in air force one in route to berlin. the president's three nation's visit that began in greece including a press conference and state dinner and tour of the
4:35 pm
acropolis. he meets with the german chancellor and then travels to peru for the last stop of his trip. two former gambling powerhouses may be shut down in atlanta sfee but there are restaurants inside fighting to stay open. rick williams is live in the newsroom with the details on this one. >> hey brian, thank you. it's more than a month since the trump taj mahal closed the casino hall for good. but the hard rock cafe that is connected say they plan to keep the doors open even if that means losing money. nora muchanic breaking down their fight to survive coming up tonight at 5:00. and coming up tonight on health check, the new technology helping students with speech impediments without leaving their homes. >> coming up on "action news" at 5:00. we'll see you later. >> thank you rick. the "action news" team is once again asking to you connect
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share and give. >> with the holiday season nearing once again it's time for the 6 abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive, sara bloomquist live in the studio with the details on how to donate. >> reporter: hi brian and sharrie we are taking your donations to help fight hunger in our area. all the money we take in goes to philabundance and other food banks, jim gardner and other volunteers, the companies are waiting to take your calls. jim you are ready to take calls? >> this phone is silence and it needs to be ringing. >> here is the number. 1-877-940-6222. you can talk directly to jim gardner, philabundance operates the philabundance kitchen and they provide meals to thousands of people around the region and they operate this kitchen where men and women learn skills to work in commercial kitchens to prepare meals for those in need. i have three women with me here, that graduated from pck.
4:37 pm
amanda recently featured on the chew here in abc. roland atell people how philabundance changes your life and working in the kitchen changed your life? >> for me it was a choice between not having a future and having a future and once i went through the program it gave me a lot of, for myself a lot of self-confidence and i was able to go out and do things i would not have been able to do before. by going through pck i could do more than i ever thought i could. >> you are providing the meals for those in need and learning skills yourself. amanda where are you today after working at the philabundance kitchen. >> i am pleased to say i'm running my own catering company and even able to go back and give back to philabundance and hiring some of my classmates as
4:38 pm
well. >> that is amazing congratulations, good work. and marky tell us for people home tonight why they should donate to fill bunnance and other food banks in the area. >> if i could say anything to the people at home, this is the best thing you can do. if you are looking for something viable to do with your money and time. they not only changed our lives but many lives through the food banks and community kitchen. without them i don't know where i would be today and i think maybe these ladies would be today. >> thanks for being with us here tonight. again the number to call 1-877-940-6222. we don't want anybody in our community to be hunger this holiday season and what a great way to give back. back to you in the studio. >> and by the way not a single empty phone in the room. it's the ringing. sara thank you. >> still ahead here on "action
4:39 pm
news." the minnesota police officer who fatally shot a black man during a traffic stop in july is now on the other side of the law. and this may be the ultimate do it yourself project, a breast reconstruction procedure that all begins at home. >> and meteorologist, adam joseph, he will be back with the full forecast from accuweather. when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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facing manslaughter charges in a st. paul charges. they announced charges against the police officer earlier today. they say that he fatally shot philandocastille.
4:42 pm
health today at 4:00, an innovative device may make breast reconstruction after cancer surgery faster and less painful and the ultimate dyi project. testing is underway for arrow forms skin expanders. that allows women to do preparation for the reconstruction at home. it gives pockets of air to make space under the skin for breast implant. right now doctors use a saline filled pouch and weekly injections to expand the area and it could be painful in a study air form finished it in half the time and patients said they loved having personal control. big talkers now. there is a video that is going viral. straight out of a classroom here in philadelphia. this is jasmine wright's third grade class at frederick douglas
4:43 pm
charter school. they start the day with this exercise -- >> what if it's too rough -- >> what if there are too many words -- >> wright is inspiring them to push through barriers and reminds them they can do anything they put their minds to. this election has brought a lot of racial unrest and she wants the kids in her north philadelphia who feel troubled or upset they are strong and they are smart and they are supported. and again this video being shared like crazy today. now to a story tugging at the heart springs in trainer county. this is avery graham, 5 years old and selling bracelets to help out a special friend a local police officer battling cancer. they posted the picture on their facebook page than too is going viral and little avery and a basket of his bracelets and his
4:44 pm
buddy. he would check on him when he was on patrol. and avery was upset when he heard yes hadn't seen him in a while and now selling the bracelets to help with his care. and steve is touched and plans to stop by and see little avery when he is feeling better and able. this is a special edition of kids big talkers. >> alicia thank you. time for a check of the roads right now. matt is standing by the update for us. >> on this wednesday sharrie and brian lets see how blue we are feeling about the red zones, there are a bunch of them on the big picture and several on the schuylkill. the good news on 76 the crash on the westbound side near south street all cleared out of the way. lets zoom into this red zone along 95 and caused in part by afternoon volume and in part by a broken down truck. the southbound delays are not gone. those are your taillights at
4:45 pm
bridge street and it's a slow crawl coming south from past academy towards center city and northbound is not a whole lot better that is more than double what the travel time ideally should be. getting word in upper chichester a crash by coply tavern is clearing out. and things are reopening there. a pair of accidents one by ship road and business 30 and 100 approaching mountain view drive and that is partially taking out the right lane. a little bit of good news in lower frederick they are doing so much work over the gravel pine bridge over swamp creek. today are you back to two lanes instead of one. and slow going in burlington county. 295 southbound approaching 73 to 42, a crash in the mix. but it's on the shoulder. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour.
4:46 pm
>> all right matt thank you. a bit of rain is moving through and meteorologist, adam joseph, is coming up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> but first sara bloomquist standing by once again in the 6 abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive studio with how to help us today. >> reporter: our volunteers are taking your calls to benefit those in need this holiday season, all the money we bring in goes to help philabundance and other area food banks. i want to show you who is with us. richard curtis from souderton area high school and he won the live with kelly cohost contest. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me, what a great cause today. great for philabundance and philadelphia. great for you to invite me in. a wild journey to say the least. >> i can only imagine. we want to get people to call in and donate this evening. >> it's 1-877-940-6222.
4:47 pm
guys it's so important to call especially over the holiday season, take some time today and dial that number. please. >> we'll be right back.
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4:49 pm
all right now to the accuweather forecast. as we try to get this rain out of our system here. >> at least it's raining. not snow. could be snow and already forgot about it. >> when you talk about school. when you look at the question i posed earlier. when does philadelphia typically get their first measurable snow. sharrie says she knew. >> i don't know but i'm going c. >> and alicia is yelling c. >> i'm going to say b.
4:50 pm
>> two are right and one is long. it's not until december 17 and, we typically see our first measurable snow a little more than a trace. 2.1 inches based on the 30-year average, it's not until a month from now we typically see snow. and brian was the first to get it right on my twitter page. he just started following me to answer the question. and look at that he got a shout-out. stormtracker 6 live double scan again showers drifting through the region and a cold front passing through and not a lot of moisture with it and dealing with sprinkles in buck county and berks county and the lehigh valley and along 222 and broken in nature to the north and more put together in southern parts of new jersey near glassboro and elmer and salem and towards newark delaware and southern chester county and they continue to drift to the south and east and nothing too organized or heavy. temperatures lower 50s where the
4:51 pm
rain passed through in the lehigh valley and reading and 60 in dover and 60 at the atlantic city airport and mount pocono sitting at 47 degrees, a spin in northern new england and there is the front on the ripple of energy and notice how it's aiming right at us just to the north and south and the sunshine is out in the wrong area at the present time. partly cloudy we drift to the east. and not too chilly and stars reappear and 46 for center city. and double barrel high pressure is in control here from the ohio valley down to the deep south and bright and mild on thursday. 6 degrees above average and high temperature of 62 and the highs merge and becomes a beast of a high and more southwesterly winds and sunny and gorgeous on friday. and 12 degrees above average at 63 degrees, and the potent front will bring a winter chill in time for the second half of the weekend.
4:52 pm
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 62 and mostly sunny for tomorrow. and upper 60s on friday and saturday. and late showers on saturday with the front and then on sunday it is windy, blustery and cold. a december chill, winds 40 to 50 miles per hour for the marathon runners in the morning. windchills in the upper 20s for the race and the afternoon windchills do not get out of 30s. and snowflakes in the air north and west of philadelphia and stays cold on monday and tuesday and wednesday gets warmer but for the big travel day on wednesday a storm could come in late if the day and tomorrow at 11:00 our winter outlook will be released. last year we had one big snow storm, and that was it. will it be a repeat or see more, or none? we'll let you know tomorrow night at 11:00. >> thank you adam. still ahead what's the deal
4:53 pm
with a new delivery company.
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whether you are a shopper that wants things right now. a seller trying to figure out how to ship or someone with a car looking to make some cash, a new app launched here in philadelphia. it's called rody, a sort of uber for stuff. anybody can sell and anybody can ship. without going through the efforts of dragging something to the store. it started with an empty drunk and willing driver. >> we match people up with drivers that have stuff to send headed in that direction. >> you can buy and sell anything if the driver accepted the gigs. >> a mother trying to send a care package to someone at temple. but i bought a couch on ebay and don't know how to get it into my
4:56 pm
car. >> he bought a bike and a roady brought it to his home in philadelphia. >> you can't even put it in your car it's so big. >> leave are you car keys somewhere? this guy had a roady driver deliver them to him. and the app is keeping the shopping local. >> we have florists and bakeries that have access to a fleet of coriers, they can take 50 different deliveries for you and increase your capacity. all you need is empty space in your car. >> abillion square foot of unused cargo space in individual's unused vehicles. >> they say it's good for the environment again roady just launched right here in philadelphia. and i think the best part is it keeps people shopping locally. and you don't have to park and
4:57 pm
pay the meter. >> all good stuff. thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join in along with sharrie and ducis rogers for an hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. "action news" is coming up at 5:00. don't forget to call in for the holiday food drive.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. an armed robbery attempt at a pizza shop had an unexpected ending thanks to a quick thinking customer inside. one minute the robbers were holding up the business at gun point and the next moment they were shot and staring down the barrel of a gun themselves. >> we learned that that customer will not face any charges. "action news" reporter, walter perez is live in doylestown tonight with the full story. >> hey guys, that customer is being hailed a hero tonight here in buck county.
5:00 pm
moments ago the bucks county da announced he could charge the customer with a crime but decided he would not. it was around 10:00 last night around closing time when two masked gunman walked in pizza in levittown. >> everything got crazy. >> the only people inside of the shop were co-oper alex and employee and customer whose identity is withheld. the da says that as one gunman pointed the gunman in the owner's face the other gunman knocked the customer in the head with his gun knocking him to his knees. >> when the suspect turned his head for a moment. the customer pulled out a weapon and shot the suspect that had hit him killing him.


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