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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 17, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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adventures over philadelphia. first it was the hot air balloon coming back to earth at a rec center in kensington, then police round up the operator of a drone over center city, even above a protest. two aircraft, two very different tales in philadelphia. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is first the unplanned landing of a hot air balloon. tonight, we have talked to the pilot. christie ileto is live at the landing site at the mckinley playground. christie, what exactly happened there? >> reporter: police say that strong winds forced the crew to land here at this park. the pilot says this was a textbook landing. >> perfect, perfect, normal, every day balloon flight with a normal, perfect landing in a perfect spot. >> reporter: the video from chopper 6 paints a different picture showing a bumpy landing
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for the pilot and three passengers. onlookers sprint to hold on to the basket to keep the balloon from dragging off the ground a second time. you were planning to land in this park? >> yes. as planned as can be. >> reporter: he tells "action news" this was a textbook landing. he says they experienced strong winds and looking for the closest and safest place to land. >> we are concerned. it's not the best place. this was not a pre-planned landing destination. >> reporter: during flight, pilots can only steer a hot air balloon to where the air is blowing. they tell "action news" they launched from glen more from a training light. they snapped this picture at 17,500 saying today's mission was to measure fuel consumption
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at different altitudes. >> oh, my god. no kids where it landed. >> reporter: now, police are echoing that same sentiments. fortunately, there were no injuries. the faa is now investigating. christie ileto channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. this is the way it looked as a man, standing on the roof of a university city apartment building brought back his drone after quite a journey. dann cuellar is live on the ground at the building where this adventure didn't end so well tonight. dann? >> reporter: that's right. the 20-year-old man was arrested here after causing a scare with a drone. a drone he was operating dangerously over protesters in center city tonight. he faces a number of charges. a group of 300 protesters
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marching through the streets of philadelphia ranting against police and justice. police say suddenly a drone appeared out of nowhere, flying over the protesters. chopper 6 was over the scene following the event. at one point the drone flew dangerously close to a helicopter. shortly there after, the police and chopper 6 followed the drone as it made its way around the building. they followed it to the eagle building, a building that houses students from various universities and colleges. there, they saw a man controlling the drone from the roof of the building where it landed. the man was seen picking up the drone and taking it inside the building. s.w.a.t. officers responded to the scene because they didn't know what the man was up to. this, as nervous students looked on. >> i'm on the 31st floor and i looked out the window and saw a helicopter. >> reporter: then what? >> oh, then i saw a drone
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flying. i guess it's a drone situation going on right now. >> the helicopter was circling our apartment and shining bright lights. >> reporter: soon, they take a 20-year-old man into custody. they were able to recover the drone that he allegedly was operating over the streets of center city. >> i guess if you own a drone, you should be aware of the rules and regulations. yeah, behind it or else this is going to happen. yeah. yeah. >> reporter: the 20-year-old man is in custody. he is going to be charged at least with recklessly endangering another person and possibly with risking a catastrophe. live here in university city, dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, dann. as we saw for the first time since the weekend, protesters marched through center city, philadelphia. the demonstration against donald trump and what they call police
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injustice tied up rush hour traffic along market street. police made four arrests. there were more protests tonight in connection with the presidential election. in ardmore, competing rallies outside the lower marian police department. students from two colleges shouted slogans against the police saying they are part of the white supremacy and they believe president-elect donald trump has aligned himself with them. we know the presidential election enflamed emotions, perhaps like no election, no other election in our lifetime. that situation can seep into our every day routines, like breakfast at the neighborhood diner. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live at the trolley car diner. jeanette, what is the story there? >> reporter: jim, this alleged assault set off a social media
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fire storm. in fact, it led to numerous phone calls at the diner, forced the owner to disconnect the phone. it started when a trump suppo supporter walked in with the famous red hat. >> it's been very upsetting. my wife is beside herself thinking someone is going to find out where we live. it's been harassment in the worst way. >> reporter: this woman went to the trolley car diner for breakfast the day after election night wearing trump attire. >> a waitress started staring at me and giving me a dirty look. then she started yelling at me, you know, as disgusting, get out, i'm so ignorant. >>reporter: the owner admits the employee said something along those lines. >> should not have said that. >> reporter: this is where they disagree. she returned to the diner without trump gear.
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here she is. there was no camera where the endent happened. >> i get up and she's standing in the hallway and she, like, backs into me and, like, checked me. >> nothing could be farther from the truth. >> reporter: the victim told a friend who len then shared the incident on twitter to 60,000 followers. it's been retweeted with many sharing the diners phone number. >> this is a place to not go to. >> reporter: he was forced to shut down the business's facebook page and phone. he refuses to let go of the employee. >> the server did nothing wrong. >> reporter: she is upset the truth isn't being told. >> this is really bad. i'm disappointed that she would lie about that, unfortunately.
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>> reporter: the owner insists his employee accidentally bumped into the woman today. he does say that he disciplined her for what she said previously. reporting live, jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meanwhile president-elect trump rejected reports his transition team is racked by rivalries and disorganization. transition team members are coming to trump tower in new york. vice president, mike pence, is now in charge of the operation. he traveled to washington today. so, he and his wife could have lunch with the bidens. also in washington, newt gingrich left trump transition headquarters saying the start of any transition has turmoil, it's the nature of the process. hillary clinton made her first public appearance since her concession speech. she acknowledged the election and for her, the brutal results.
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>> i know this isn't easy. i know over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions laid by this election run deep. please listen to me when i say this, america is worth it. our children are worth it. >> clinton did admit to having times this week where she just wanted to curl up with a book and never leave her house again. the pizza shop customer who shot two robbers in bucks county will not face charges. one of the robbers was killed. the customer was justified in using deadly self-defense. the robbers were pointing guns at the owner of the pizza and pasta on the 900 block of the highway. they were realistic looking air soft pistols, but no one knew it
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at the time. >> it happened to fast. >> right now, like he became part of the family now. a hero. >> yeah, he's a hero. >> reporter: they identified the deceased robber and the wounded robber, his 22-year-old brother, justin rose. this is one of the largest drug busts in darby township. 50 pound blocks of marijuana shipped from california more than $1 million worth. the story starts with this robbery in delaware county. the gunman ordered employees to the ground and fled with a box that police presumed contained narcoti narcotics. while investigating that heist, detectives stumbled across another robbery in the parking
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lot of the same freight company an hour before, which is victim never reported. police want to speak to him. two days later, a sting operation was under way when donald came to pick up a third box. that's when he was arrested. police and the dea are trying to tie it together and find the source of the drugs. a teacher's aide is facing charges, accused of having sexual relations with two sturnts. sheri maufort worked in the high school. the married mother of two had sexual contact with the teenage boys in august and september off school property. she will vigorously fight the charges. the 6 abc dunkin' donuts food drive is off to a great start. local celebrities, chefs and members of the news team manned the phone, taking donations to
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fight hunger. there you are, ducis rodgers. sarah bloomquist was the host as she is every year. presented a $15,000 donation on behalf of disney, our parent company. the proceeds go to food banks that help the 750,000 people facing hunger here every day. coming up on "action news" tonight, the fatal shooting of a black driver leads to criminal charges against a police officer. the sixers want to make magic on the court against the wizards in their search for the second win of the season. we have a tale of two seasons as we head toward the weekend from nearly feeling like summer on saturday to a real taste of winter, sunday. i'll explain in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> nydia han joins us tonight with a special report. >> buyer beware for homeowners. interesting tactics used by
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builders who could put customers at a disadvantage. >> that story and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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st. paul, minnesota police officer faces manslaughter charges for the killing of a black man during a traffic stop in july. castile was shot after his car was pulled over by the police officer. his girlfriend recorded the encounter on her cell phone. a prosecutor says he was not justified in using deadly force. critics say it was racial profiling. turning to the "action news" troubleshoote troubleshooters. earlier this month, they shined the light on a construction fail year of epidemic proportions. tonight, we investigate accusations of how some
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builders, some home builders are trying to keep customers quiet. nydia han returns with the eye-opening results of this part of the investigation. >> that's right, jim. if you buy a product and it's faulty, the manufacture should fix it. it's far from simple if that's your home. you may not be able to talk about the problem to warn others. >> this is completely gone -- >> abc stations across the country found homeowners complaining of shotty construction and worse service. "action news" showed you in the delaware valley a major problem with a wide range of builders is related to stucco. water gets trapped behind the stucco, rotting homes. repairs can cost into the six figures. these families have homes built by toll brothers, america's luxury builder. >> they don't care. >> reporter: they discovered their stucco issue three years
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ago and last year heard this promise. >> get you on the schedule for spring or next summer. >> reporter: still no fix. the castillos signed away their right to sue. toll brother's warranty requires disputes go through arbitration. >> it's a bonus or gift when it's taking their rights away. >> reporter: reports show arbitration is required by nine of the ten biggest home builders in the country. >> it favors them. >> reporter: because home builders may provide repeat business. >> there's a built-in incentive to please the corporation they are going to see next week whereas they will never see the consumers again. >> reporter: that means consumers tend to get less than they would in court. toll brothers and the building industry dispute the critics. >> i believe arbitration is a fair and unbiased process and a quicker, less costly process.
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>> reporter: they say they filed for arbitration, but said we are pleased to report we resolved the claim. toll brothers says their policy is to offer repairs with no strings attached and we did that for every homeowner interviewed. then there's this. prior to the first stucco piece airing, my inbox was flooded with e-mails from the toll brothers customers we interviewed. 18 e-mails almost the same, almost word for word. it is important for abc to know prior to the interview, toll brothers offered to repair our home. seem weird? not when you consider a different e-mail i received. this shows a message sent to a toll customer we interviewed. toll will make full repairs, but in change, they are demanding the following statement be sent
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to 6abc. it is important to know prior to our interview to you, they agreed to repair our home and requiring confidentiality. >> in general, arbitration is a confidential proceeding. >> reporter: unlike in a court of law in nearly every state. arbitrations are not required to be made public. >> it's not fair. the next person buying doesn't know what happened. >> reporter: they dispute the claims of arbitration kin clinics. they say their proceedings are not confidential. the company said it arbitrates only a handful of claims a year. in fact, only six in 2016. we cannot verify that number since arbitrations are, again, generally unpublished. meantime, the arbitration association --
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>> fascinating story. thank you. allie gorman was honored as the 2016 health hero by philadelphia magazine and be well philly. the past two months magazine readers voted for their heroes. it comes with a prize they are donating to the foundation which supports teens battling cancer. health reporter, registered nurse. the accuweather forecast with cecily tynan. >> go out for a walk or run tomorrow, weather should be perfect. we have lingering showers this evening. storm tracker 6 showing a broken batch moving off the coast of surf city. shower activity over the garden state parkway. this was a weak disturbance that pulled through today, stronger than expected. it did squeeze out moisture in the form of late afternoon and
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evening showers. temperature wise, not that cold right now. philadelphia, 55. down from a high of 62, which is six degrees above normal. allentown and trenton, 51. wilmington, 50 degrees. part of the reason temperatures aren't dropping that quickly, we have a little bit of cloud cover from this weak disturbance that will clear out becoming partly cloudy overnight and temperatures drop to seasonal levels. then, it's another warm afternoon. the day planner showing mostly sunny skies are back tomorrow at 7:00, 47. by 1:00, 60. should make it up to a high, again, of 62 degrees. so, very close to today's weather, just a lot brighter. philadelphia, 62, same in millville and will ming torn. allentown, 60 and cape may 59. the accuweather forecast, the walk on the mild side continues tomorrow, mostly sunny with a high of 62. crank the temperatures up friday
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and saturday. friday up to 68 degrees and saturday 69. normal highs in the mid-50s this time of year. then things change very dramatically. saturday night, a very strong cold front will blow through. that means on sunday, huge changes. blustery, much colder, the high only 49 degrees, a december chill. we are talking wind guses 40-50 miles per hour. the morning windchills, running the marathon, windchills upper 20s in the afternoon. windchills only in the mid-30s. feeling like winter. we keep the cold air mass on monday with a high of 48 degrees. still cool on tuesday with a high of 50 and wednesday, it's a trade off, more seasonable, 55 degrees. the clouds roll in. a big travel day on wednesday. looks like we could be dealing with rain by wednesday night. then, winter will be here before we know it. only in a month.
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stay tuned for winter weather outlook tomorrow at 11:00 talking about how cold it will be, how snowy. last winter, they didn't like it. they deserve some snow. they deserve some snow. >> winter is not for a month and spring four months. >> it's going to be a while. we'll get there. >> that's what you say. all right. a south jersey hospital has a special holiday treat to remember those who lost their fight against cancer. "action news" was at kennedy health's cancer center for the annual tree of lights remembrance. the light hold the names of the
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sixers saying trust the process tonight. >> looking for their second win of the season. didn't get that last year until late december. tonight's contest against the wizards is a good start.
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allen iverson on hand. that is beautiful. what is that, velvet? the sixers jump out to a big second quarter lead. sixers up 24. shooting better than 60% in the first half. how about the play of the night from nik stauskas. the lead is down to three late in the fourth quarter. richaun holmes there to save the day. >> we have been in a lot of tough games. we did a better job today. >> we fought it out. >> sunday the eagles travel west, far west to face the seahawks. the eagles could use a road win and seek some respect. all week long, the eagles have had to and will have to hear how good seattle's defense is. the guys in green aren't too shabby themselves. they are third in the nfl in points allowed. >> this year, we have shown the
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national football league who we are and what we can do. we believe we are the best defense in the league. in our opinion, of course we believe we should be in that conversation. >> can the pro-football hall of fame handle this? dawkins has been named one of 27 finalists for the class of 2017. he spent 13 of 16 seasons with th
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college football. 6 abc will televise it december 3rd. temple alive to play in that game. the owl control their own destiny. beginning with saturday's contest, they are in. the coach is trying to end the season strong, especially for his seniors. >> i wake up scared to death of failure. i don't want to let them down. this is my first recruiting class, you know, i got the job. first people i went and saw. the last thing i want to do is feel like i let them down. >> a lot on the line there. that's sports. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6. the guest garth brooks. "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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