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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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5:00 a.m., thursday, november 17 we're following breaking news. a stray bullet hits a man leaving a west philadelphia fast food restaurant, another business is shot up, as well. we'll have a live report from the scene. a drone flies dangerously close to a helicopter monitoring a center city protest. police and chopper 6 hd track down the drone operator. officials are looking at
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the engineers recent medical diagnosis is cause for the deadly new jersey transit crash into a hoboken train station. >> good morning, david murphy has accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the cloud cover to the north doesn't look like it will make a run at us. we'll have mostly sunny skies today. 45 in wilmington. 50 in trenton, 48 in millville. cape may, new jersey, 52 degrees. winds not that strong. you don't have to worry about that. as we role through the day maybe you're taking a jog, it's november be 48 degrees, that's above average for this time of the day and morning. 58 by noon, above average high of 62 around 3:00 p.m. before we dip back to 53 by 6:00 p.m. karen rogers tomorrow it's going to be super warm for this time of the year. saturday looks good, too, the
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sunday change. >> reporter: it all goes downhill that's the way it works. let's hit the big picture, the construction is still there on i-95 northbound near girard. the big problem is spring garden, tractor-trailer that's blocking 20th street at local vine. this accident happened near the free library there, you can see the poles and wires down. that could be a while. that's affecting people getting on the benjamin franklin parkway outer drive that's blocked. happening in spring garden, you can see the crews on the scene thinking what are we going to do to clean this up. peco has been called to the scene. use cherry or 22nd or spring garden the accident is at 20th and local vine blocking the outer lanes of the local vine. schuylkill expressway ramp to
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the vine street expressway all lanes and ramps are reopened after the overnight construction crews return tonight at 11:00 p.m. and shut the vine down. >> breaking overnight, gunfire erupts in southwest philadelphia. a man was hit by a stray bullet leaving a nearby pizza restaurant and the restaurant was shot up. annie mccormick has more at 52nd and market. >> reporter: it was at 352nd and market that the man said he was hit by stray gunfire. you can see behind me police are here on market between 52nd and 53rd they are holding the scene while they continue to investigate. take a look at the video, police found a dozen shell casings and the window of the pizza shop was shot out. the victim does not have a description of the shooter or shooters. was 2:30 a.m. when he was leaving the fast food restaurant
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and herd shots and realized he was hit. police found him nearby. >> upon police arrival they did find the victim who ran to his private residence in the unit block of south ruby street. they found a 30-year-old man shot one time in the left forearm. medic it is transported him to presbyterian hospital. >> reporter: police say there was a blood trail from the scene to the victim's home. they got several 911 calls after the shootings began, one of the 911 calls they did identify where the victim did live. southwest detectives are out here investigating there are a number of real time video cameras in the area and businesses have cameras, as well. they will ask the businesses if they captured anything on their cameras. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> a man was arrested for flying a drone illegally over center city.
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it came close to a police helicopter that was at work. chopper 6 hd was there as a man standing on the roof of a center city apartment building landed drone last night. police followed the drone to the evo buildings at cirrus center south. >> i'm on the 31st floor and i looked out the window and i saw helicopters. >> reporter: and then what. >> i saw a drone flying, it was close to the helicopter. >> police took the man into custody, he faces charges of reckless endanger. and risking a catastrophe. >> police in philadelphia county pulled off a million dollar drug bust but say there are more than two out there. two men stormed a freight building and stole two boxes. a person was robbed of a similar
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box in the parking lot hours earlier. over the the next few days, four similar boxes arrived, police arrested a person who came to pick up two of them. police are looking for the two armed robbers and victims of the parking lot robbery. a south jersey mother met a violent death in mount holly. this is 38-year-old rashawn causey. detectives say he forced his way into the woman's home on monroe street and stabbed her several times. marshall was rushed to the hospital early tuesday morning, she did not survive. if you know the whereabouts of rashawn causey call 911. the engineer of the new jersey
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transit train who crashed into the hoboken station suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. they are looking at it as a potential cause. some of the 15 buildings at the scene of a massive blaze in wilmington last week are still burning this morning, the four-alarm fire destroyed an abandoned textile complex along the brandywine river. fire officials say it's impossible to get to parts of the buildings and they are waiting for the fires to burn out 8 days after the fire started. officials added they are monitoring air quality. time to turn and talk about accuweather, yesterday afternoon not bad at all. >> reporter: it was mild, it clouded up a little bit, there was a couple of sprinkles, but today we're expecting mostly sunny skies. storm tracker 6 live double scan
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we're looking at dry conditions. taking a look outside we have clear skies over the area, there might be morning cloud cover over to the east, we expect that to break up quickly. as we look at temperatures, 51 degrees in philadelphia. 44 in allentown. 43 in reading, 50 in trenton, 52 in cape may. winds are also fairly light in the single digits in most spots. that's not a real strong wind. there go the sprinkles and showers that came through yesterday. even the area around delaware bay got a pretty good dose of light to moderate rain. we're seeing the clouds break up, a good idea to keep the shades handy on the highways and byways today. philadelphia, 60 degrees, 62 at the shore, a pleasant afternoon. in philadelphia, a high of 62. mostly sunny and pleasant. wind out of the west at 6 to 1 miles per hour. like yesterday, the winds not a major factor or major player in
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your weather today. overnight mainly clear and chilly, dipping to 43 in philadelphia. some suburbs getting into the mid and upper 30s, winds light and variable overnight tonight. friday, gorgeous, high of 67. lots of warmth. another warm one saturday, we're looking at a winter chill arriving on sunday, a big time change come on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 62 mostly sunny and pleasant today. tomorrow, milder, 67. a gorgeous day. saturday, sun gives way to clouds. we have a chance getting i up to 69 degrees for the high. some spots might hit 067 there's a chance of a late day or nighttime shower. a strong cold front comes through. sunday, blustery and cold. 49 is the high, there could snowflakes mixed in north and west of philadelphia perhaps a wet snow shower or two up in the poconos. monday, mostly cloudy, drying
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out, brisk and chilly, 48 partly sunny on tuesday, high of 50. wednesday, the day before thanksgiving sun and clouds giving us a high of 55 degrees. thanksgiving itself there's agreement in the models, right now unfortunately it's trending on some of the models, where it could be cooler than 55 and perhaps a little damp at times. it's a long way off and we'll keep track. >> you'll be excited to be inside with that piece of pie and stuffing. >> it's all good with the stuffing. new jersey native bruce springsteen is heading to the white house for a special honor. rescuer save children after the bombing of a hospital in syria. >> satan club organizer insists it has to right to organize. >> reporter: we'll look at the schuylkill expressway and talk about another bridge going up
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look here, the view out over philadelphia international airport. it is thursday, friday eve, as i like to call it. 5:13 and 51 degrees out there. a week from thanksgiving, too, karen. >> i know you've been getting ready for the parade. >> reporter: yeah, lots to be excited about, a lot going on in the city. a lot going on with traffic, as well. looking at the schuylkill expressway that's the westbound traffic heading toward gulph mills. at the end of the gulph mills we have a tree branch blocking the ramp.
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it's dark out, so be careful of that that's partially lock blocking that ramp. let's take you over here on the maps, this accident is involving a pedestrian, an ambulance on the scene upland township in delaware county, 7th street. watch for this accident involving a pedestrian. in bucks county we have construction oxford valley road a lane is blocked at route 1. route 1 is scheduled to close with the construction on going tonight at 9:00 p.m. you'll have more closures oxford valley road partially closed and later route 1 shut down in the area of bucks county. burlington bristol bridge we have a slowly moving southbound ship it's going up at 5:25 a.m., you want to head to the turnpike connector, instead. at some point this will affect the tacony-palmyra. 43 in coatsville, 49 in chester. 51 in center city. in new jersey, 47, in browns
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mills. 46 degrees in dover. we should have more sunshine today. it clouded up yesterday, mostly sunny a nice high of 62 tam. russia is denying responsibility for the bombing of a children's hospital in aleppo, syria yesterday. 8 people were killed there in nearby neighborhoods including four children and a medic. video shows children fleeing the school climbing over the rubble. president obama is rolling out the red carpet for the newest recipients of the medal of freedom bruce springsteen is to be honored next week. ellen degeneres tom hanks and robert redford singer diana ross and kareem abdul jabar.
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and tom scully. a satanic student clashed with religious groups outside a school in oregon. after school satan club opened. it serves as an alternative to bible and news club. some are seeing it differently. >> we want to have an option to put them in a club and not try tondoctrinetheir children. >> alan iverson watch his former team beat the wizards. oak ford helped to -- okafor 8
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point lead, the sixers went on to win 109-02. the sixers face the timber wolves in minnesota. jordon matthew sat out practice because of back spasms. the eagles face a tough seahawks team on sunday. the eagles are third in the nfl in points allowed. >> they have loud fans. >> the legion of boom. >> 5:17, the results are out on the safety of child booster seats. businesses out west, are thrilled with this sight the season's first snowfall more than a month before winter begins. >> reporter: it's funny because there's not much snow cover across the north america.
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48 degrees on the bus stop by 6:00 a.m. 49 degrees by 8. we'll be back with the 12-hour forecast, though it gets milder again today.
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are excited to see the first significant snowfall this season in oregon mt hood. the cascades are cover in snow this morning someplaces saw 10 inches of snow. maymaintenance crews are getting ready to possibly open this weekend. >> they had rough times for some ski resorts -- >> reporter: i know i start to panic when i see it, it's pretty, but gives you lots of headaches. looking live i-95 new hope, yardley, traffic is moving fine, construction crews off the side. across the river i-95 southbound
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mercer county, construction blocks the right lane there until 2:00 p.m. construction blocking the right lane in westville, grofort -- gloucester county, 47 northbound at 130. >> reporter: we're offwe're offa chilly start this morning. 53 by 10:00 a.m. noon, 58. a high this afternoon of 62 degrees very similar to yesterday and about the same time, yesterday we hit 62 at 3:09 p.m. 6:00 p.m., 53 degrees, checking the airport we're hoping for all green aircraft which would indicate no major delays that's what we usually have this time of morning and that's what we got today. no rain in our big travel cities today. by the way i have a purple tie on, it's pancreatic awareness
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day. we just had the purpose stride day. booster seats are getting better. insurance institute released the study saying 53 tested, 48 got the highest rating. when they began testing 8 years ago, only a quarter of the seats got the high rating. oxford dictionary predicts the word of the year whether you feel it's true or not. >> a hot air balloon landed in a local field. >> reporter: in "g.m.a.'s" first look an amazing act of brotherly love caught on camera. watch as a mom of five turns her back for just a moment leaving the 11-month-old eaton on the
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conjoined twin girls from nigeria have been successfully separated at a hospital in memphis. the girls names of miracle and testimony they were joined together at the pelvis, doctors say they are doing well. oxford dictionary editors are saying post truth. it is defined as how objective
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facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and believe. you might have stephen colbert use truthiness, in other in othi believe it's true balls i feel it is true -- because i feel it is true. a woman is trying to nail a new record, she is not cutting her fingers nails which are 26 inches long. it is to send a message to her grandchildren is okay and bullying is not. tam. >> okay, 5 27 new on "action news," rescue crews go all out to save a man in a trerch in a construction site. police are investigating a possible shootout on a philadelphia street, one man was
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each sold separately. >> breaking now on "action news" a man walking out of a
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fast food restaurant was hit by a stray bullet. police are on the scene and so are we. >> a hot air balloon hits a field in kensington. only "action news" was there as the balloon hid ground. >> we're prepared for late summer weather here, let's go over to david and karen. >> reporter: the numbers are similar to yesterday. i'm hoping we get more sunshine. there's cloud cover over south jersey, looks like it's breaking a part. unlike yesterday, looks like the clouds off to the north may have a harder time pushing in. unfortunately yesterday we did cloud up in the afternoon with sprinkles and showers around. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 44 in allentown. 43 a little cooler in the northern and western suburbs. 45 in millville. 48 in


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