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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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holmesburg section of philadelphia. a man's body dumped on a sidewalk. tis the season for prs snatchers is next. so, why was a body dragged out of a building and left on the sidewalk? that's exactly what police are trying to figure out tonight in the holmesburg section of
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philadelphia. it is thursday night. the big story on "action news" is a mystery surrounding the death of a man whose body turned up on the streets of the city. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar is live on frankfort avenue. what do police know about this? what are they saying about this? >> reporter: jim, a crazy case here tonight. someone dragged a body on to the sidewalk on frankfort ave, a busy treat. police were able to quickly track down two people of interest, now being questioned in this bizarre homicide case. police say it was just after 6:30 paramedics arrived to find an unresponsive man here. a building that houses a dental office on the first floor and apartments on the second. the victim was pronounced dead with trauma to the back and front of the head. >> we noticed a camera inside the lobby was covered with what
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appears to be a cawash cloth, which is suspicious. >> reporter: what they saw astonished them. >> you can clearly see that this body was dragged from inside the building outside to where it is now. two males, possibly female were dragging the body to the sidewalk, which is very suspicious behavior. we have two persons of interest right now enroute to homicide. they will be questioned by homicide detectives. >> reporter: in addition, police are looking for three people who jumped out of a window in the rear of the building as police were arriving. police say if they had not dragged the body on to the sidewalk, they may not have learned of this as quickly as they did.
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live in the holmesburg section, dann cuellar. it is mangled medal in northeast feld. one of the big car carrier strucks came down a narrow street sideswiping and scraping seven vehicles. the driver hit one parked car after another along the 2200 block of princeton avenue before turning the corner where they did more damage. after causing all of that mess, the driver took off, turning this into a criminal hit and run. philadelphia police have a man and woman in custody tonight after the pair tried to snatch a purse at an acme store in northeast philadelphia. the big question, are they the same team that's been involved in at least two other purse snatchings in the area. christie ileto is live at an acme store, the scene of one of those incidents. what is the latest on this?
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>> reporter: jim, multiple police agencies have been looking for this couple. at least a handful of reported incidents of this kind. in less than a week, many caught this pair on camera. >> it's them, 100%. she had the same hoodie on and he had the same outfit. >> didn't take long to connect the dots. they swiped her diaper bag while shopping with her baby. days earlier, a couple was spotted on giants surveillance camera with the same crime, the target an 84-year-old woman. >> crazy their intention coming to acme or giant is to steal from someone. they were waiting for someone like me that looked away. >> her bag carrying a checkbook, wallet and holiday gift cards vanished in seconds. >> is it worth it to ruin someone's day, week, holidays for a couple bucks? these type of crimes pick up this time of year and have
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asking shoppers to be aware. >> it's nerve-racking. >> you notice, i don't have a cell phone on me. >> reporter: you don't even have a purse. >> no, nothing. >> reporter: she only carries a wallet to shop. >> there's nothing to grab. >> reporter: do you feel you could present yourself from being a target? >> i do. really hurt. i made a stupid mistake and i keep blaming myself. >> reporter: again, all these incidents are under investigation. let this be a cautionary tale to be smart, be alert and don't make yourself a target. christie ileto channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. police in philadelphia and jersey are trying to find out if retail burglaries are connected. surveillance shows bandits stealing $5,000 of high end jackets at macy's. four suspects were tracked down and arrested tuesday.
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they are investigating whether they are connected to a macy's smash and grab at the roosevelt mall in philadelphia and the boyd store burglary in center city. a pedestrian is being treated for serious injuries tonight at the hospital in delaware. that, after being struck by a pick-up truck. the crash happened on northbound philadelphia pike in brandywine. police have not determined who is at fault. this, the scene as 20-year-old joseph roselli left philadelphia's central detective headquarters with his parents. he has been charged with aggravated assault, catastrophe and reckless endangerment. it stems from the remote journey. when he piloted the small drone over center city. it came dangerously close to a police helicopter that was monitoring a protest. the investigate continues into last wednesday's fire at the bancroft mill in wilmington,
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delaware. there are still embers burning below ground. fire officials say they are too dangerous to attend to. they suspect it was the work of an arsonist. a suspicious fire at the same mill last year has never been resolved. word from the trump transition team that donald trump offered the job of national security adviser to former military intelligence chief michael flynn. he served at the director of the defense intelligence agency and has been trump's primary adviser on national security issues. meanwhile, here is a shocker. trump will meet with mitt romney this weekend. romney called trump a fraud and con man during the campaign. trump met his first foreign leader today. japanese prime minister shinzo abe met with trump at trump tower in new york. abe called his talks as really, really core jal.
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nobody can accuse chris christie of hiding. he delivered the keynote address at the league of municipalities in atlantic city. he got everybody's attention when he turned the conversation to his own future. >> let me give you all an update, so not to be concerned. i have every intention of serving out my full term as governor. i have said that from the beginning. and i have no reason to believe, as we stand here today that i will do anything other than serve out my full term as governor. >> chris christie. we will know by this time tomorrow whether septa's largest union accepted a contract. a deal was struck november 7 to end the strike in the city. tomorrow, it's up to the local 234 members to vote on the
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terms. there was some decent in the ranks tonight. union leaders are urging them to approve the deal. it increases wage increases of 10.5% over the term of the five-year contract. pension up creases of 15% and the same cadillac health care coverage, requiring an employee contribution. the friend select school in center city, philadelphia, enducted the new head of school. michael gary is 26 years of experience as an administrator and teacher. gary says he wants to enhance and deepen the school's connections and partnerships with the city of philadelphia. center city's newest high-rise is now officially open for business and for rent. 1919 market hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on the 18th floor where you can find a heated outdoor pool, fire pits and a sweeping view of philadelphia.
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apartments started leasing in january. all 321 units are complete. the first few floors include a cvs, middle eastern restaurant and wellness center from independence blue cross. still to come on "action news," how philadelphia ranks for homelessness and what a report finds. plus, a federal inspection reveals a -- also an american women rocketing into space right now could make astronaut history. a winter storm creating blizzard conditions in the northern plains will bring big changes over the weekend. plus, winter is only a month away. how much snow will fall where you live and how cold will it be? answers in the official winter weather outlook. ducis rodgers with the sixers and the flyers, plus an mvp for a south jersey baseball star when "action news" continues tonight.
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two suspects are facing murder charges tonight in connection with the stabbing death of a connecticut man on saturday. nypd detectives say james seen here in handcuffs and another man killed joseph following an argument at a manhattan apartment. his body was found in a shallow grave in ocean port, new jersey yesterday. the burrier at the cincinnati zoo was not in compliance with standards from an inspection report. may 28, a 3-year-old boy slipped into the exhibit and was grabbed by a gorilla. the gorilla was shot and killed. bobbi kristina brown's partner was ordered to pay millions of dollars in her death case. she was found facedown and unresponsive in her bathtub.
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she was in a coma six months before she died. nick gor dan was found, quote, legally responsible for her death. homelessness is declining across the united states according to a new report from housing and urban development. homelessness has fallen 14% since the community based initiative in 2010. veteran homelessness was cut in half. experts say problems persist out west. due to rising rents and theop opiod epidemic. more than 40% are part of families with children but importantly, philadelphia is among a handful of cities where every single one of those parents and children known to authorities are living in shelters not on the street. american astronaut peggy is on her way to the international
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space station for what could be a barrier breaking trip. she went off on a russian rocket today along with two men, one from russia and the other from france. she will turn 57 in february, which will set the record for the oldest woman in space, ever. this is her third mission to the space station, her second time as commander. s as warm as it is in our region, it's hard to believe places out west are getting snow. in georgetown, colorado, the first snowfall brought traffic to a standstill on interstates. billings, montana, ski resorts a gearing up with a fresh layer of powder for vacationers. every year we see that first snow somewhere in colorado. it's making its way this way. >> it's late in the season, too, for the first snow. yesterday, denver, colorado was 80 degrees.
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today, accumulating snow. that is part of the system that is going to bring changes. not that traumatic, but maybe a few flurries. right now, no rain, no snow. actually, no clouds upstairs. we have a clear, calm night with temperatures, again, in the low 60s. philadelphia, currently holding at 50 degrees. allentown dropped to 39 degrees. a chill in the air there. cape may 53. wilmington, 45 and reading, 41. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a large dome of high pressure, a ridge keeping skies clear. that's bringing us the mild air. meantime, that winter storm is pulling out of colorado, through the northern plains. northern minnesota could get 6-12 inches of snow from the storm. that storm will head up across the great lakes. what it will do is drag a cold front here on saturday night and that will bring us a real taste
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of winter on sunday. tomorrow, though, it's going to be gorgeous. temperatures running ten degrees above average. wall-to-wall sunshine, 66 in philadelphia. allentown, the same. cape may 60. wilmington, 65 degrees. the jet stream up to the north tomorrow and saturday. saturday, we may hit 70 degrees but then that cold front rolls through on saturday night with showers. perhaps a rumble of thunder. snow flakes possible. temperatures crash sunday and monday straight down from canada. we are looking at afternoon highs only in the 40s. windchills in the 20s and 30s. it's really going to feel like winter. and, again, maybe a few flurries. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, you like it warm, you will like the next two days. sunny, 66 degrees on friday. saturday, 70, showers, perhaps a rumble of thunder saturday night. sunday for the philadelphia marathon, windy and cold with
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flurries. 48 degrees. winds sunday afternoon 35-45 miles per hour. monday, it stays cold. windchills in the 30s, 46. tuesday, 48. wednesday, right before thanksgiving, increasing clouds, rain possible. thursday, mostly cloudy, seasonable, 54 and possibility of rain on thanksgiving. that's the next seven days. now it's a look at what to expect this winter. last winter was one for the history books. the three-month period from december to february was the third warmest ever. december was a record smashing 13.7 degrees above normal. many days that felt like spring with highs in the 60s and 70s. the first measurable snow didn't fall until january 17th and we had only one big storm. the late january blockbuster that dumped nearly two feet of snow here. the rest of the winter was virtually snowless.
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last winter's warmth was compliments. this winter is shaping up to be different. one is the surface temperatures. right now, they are below normal, indicating the likelihood of weak la nina the opposite of el nino. on the flip side, surface temperatures are above normal from the coast of alaska south. this is what we call the warm face of the pdo, june of jim's favorite phrases. this can pull cool air into a region. this could be a battle because we have above normal water temperatures along the eastern sea board. this can pull up warmer air and promote more intense storms. the early winlter signals tend to favor what's known as a fluctuating jet stream. a lot of temperature swings without locking in cold or mild air for any extended period of time. another signal we look at is the snow cover, how it advances from
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the beginning to end of october. this year shows an impressive increase in snow cover. this can help break off some of the polar air and allow it to move south. what this means as we move into mid to late winter, the jet stream will become more amplified across the great lakes and the midwest. now, this, along with increasingly active southern jet can help stronger storms develop when they stay or come together and collide. the question is, how much cold air is pulled into the storms and that determines how much snow the storms produce. so, the key take home points are these. it looks to be a rather typical winter. compared to last year, that means much colder and much stormier. with the cold air centered to the northwest, many storms will not be just pure snowstorms, they will be mixed prepgs where they start as snow and change to a wintry mix or plain rain. this is what everyone is waiting
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for. the all important snowfall totals. this is what i expect slightly above normal. the jersey shore, less, 18-24 inches. produced by a series of storms, not just one. now is the time to get the shovels and the snow blowers ready as the official start to winter is only a month away.if winters, both we got 27 inches. last year all in one storm. the year before in drips and drabs. this winter -- you said that last year. this winter -- i remember these things, will be like two years ago. we have smaller storms, fast moving storms with snow, ice and rain, not just one big storm like last year. >> by the way, you know where you can more about pedia?
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wikipedia. thank you for all of that. it was very, very informative. >> thanks to paul for the great graphics. >> paul, thank you. >> he's the best. >> reporter: 46 people involved in the world meeting of families were honored tonight in center city, philadelphia. "action news" was there as archbishop bestowed the papal honors at the basilica of st. peter and paul. those recognized for their exceptional service and dedication included civic and business leaders, law enforcement, donors and many more. a wilmington family whose possessions were destroyed in a fire on sunday is keeping its commitment to help the less fortunate. they asked the public to replenish donations to feed 60 local families for thanksgiving. congregants answered the call and hosted this benefit tonight to help them out. ♪
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get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. sixers on the road tonight. here is ducis rodgers. >> two teams that have tanked the last couple years. one looks better than the other. sixers and t-wolves. only one team shows up and it's not the sixers. joel embiid. embiid gets deep. ten points for him on the night. end of the first half, wiggins nails a three at the buzzer. sixers down at the break. t-wolves get at embiid. a technical foul for tossing the
11:28 pm
ball at him. too much. 25 points. look at that move. the sixers lose 110-86. it's nice to have an easy one now and then. flyers and jets. first period matt read makes a pass. how about that. flyers 2-1 in the second. mason, a huge save. 30 saves on the night for him. simmons gets a goal in the third period. the flyers take it, 5-2. eagles tight end zach ertz missed practice. it is clear the seahawks are 31-5 at home since 2012. >> need to be able to get some games on the road. this is one of the hardest places to win. it's a great challenge for us,
11:29 pm
as a team. it will be a big win for us. >> former eagle great trotter was at practice today. the semifinalist for the profootball hall of fame. he still feels the love from eagles fans. >> emotional right now. it's because of the amount of letters i've gotten of people being very, very uniform. that's a special connection. >> you can feel it there. still ahead, nova and temple are in action on the hardwood. plus, they are celebrating in millville, new jersey tonight. that's next.
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officially taken over as controlling partner of the phillies. another piece of hardware for mike trout. the outfielder got the news he has won the a.l.mvp apard for the second time in his young career. he led the league in on base percentage and drove in 100 runs. villanova with an 11:30 a.m. tip to take on western michigan. nova 3-0. u mass tight one. down one with 15 seconds to play. daniel dingle runs out.
11:34 pm
the owls fall 1-2 on the season. they lose 70-67. temple struggling out of the gate. >> thank you. 36 of philadelphia's best young chess players went head-to-head tonight. they earned spots in the citywide chess program finals. organizers say each player dedicated many hours to strategy, discipline and reasoning. the reasoning of the game to make it this far. jimmy kimmel live on channel 6 followed by night line. billy crystal with music from gizi and french montana. all right. want to end the show? we'll be back tomorrow, i think. maybe.
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announcer: "action news" is sponsored in part by bobs discount furniture. sleep comes easy. crystal. from "how to get away with murder," alfred enoch. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from jeezy featuring french montana. now, stay right where you are. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of this ho show. thanks for watching.


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