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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m., friday, november 18 we're following breaking news. >> police are on the scene of a homicide that happened in a mercer county neighborhood. >> a body discovered in the holmesburg section, police found something suspicious that has accelerated their investigation. >> it's going to be a sunny friday, changes on the way, we could get a little snow -- >> in some regions. >> i'm on facebook live, at the same time i'm doing this, i told people sunday is a great day to bake. it's going to feel like the holiday. david will tell you more about why sunday might be the day to bake all the indication and pies as you stay in.
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>> go dave, go dave. >> reporter: tamala edwards you're ride about that. we have very little clouds around, clouds to the north and west of us. 45 degrees, it's chilly to start out. we have areas in the 30s, trenton, lancaster and millville. cape may, 49. the seer -- zeros mean calm winds. 43 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 51. noon, 61 degrees, looks like a nice mild afternoon sunny skies, 68. 6:00 p.m., we dip back down to 58. remember it is november, we don't have a high sun angle it's hard to hold on to the warmth. if you have plans to head out this evening, you'll need a coat. saturday, mild, sunday is when temperatures crash the winds pick up it feels like cookie baking weather.
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i'll have more in the seven day. >> reporter: you better bring in the cookies that's all i know. i-95 a closeup view of the car, in the median i-95 northbound at island avenue. you can see the damage to the car and some of the crew members trying to deal with this. i don't think it's blocking any lanes. we see the accident in the median. watch as crews pull up and block a lane i-95 northbound near the airport at island avenue. that's the only accident so far so good on a friday morning. we have 55 miles per hour on the blue route, good shape. schuylkill expressway is moving nicely. oddly enough, even i-95 normally at this hour we would have slower speeds at i-95 at cottman. for now we're in good shape. the only issue is with transit. we have the route 36 trolley shuttle busing, we have a car stuck on the tracks there, that seems to be the problem. let's go one more view outside, the ben franklin bridge all the
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area bridges looking good, westbound traffic coming into the city. light volume, tam. >> breaking this morning, out of mercer county. hamilton township police are on the scene of a homicide that happened overnight. katherine scott is live at the scene gathering details in the on going investigation. what do you know, katherine? >> reporter: well, tam, obviously a homicide as you mentioned in the neighborhood. police continue to investigate, just a few seconds ago, you can see them right now there are investigates taking photos of a car parked in the driveway. they have their flashlights out looking for more information. we have seen investigators go in and out of the home right next to it on g.enesee street. they continue to investigate. a number of police vehicles are on the scene. the circumstances surrounding the homicide is unclear. there's no word from police what
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the motive was or if they know who is behind it. the identity of the victim has not been released. the road is closed off for the homicide investigation, avoid the area as you hit the roads. investigators continue to process the scene, again we've seen them in and out of the house and we have just seen them take a look at a car parked in the driveway. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. police are investigating the discovery of a body in the city's holmesburg section found on frankford avenue yesterday evening. the man's body had trauma to the head. police noticed a rag over a surveillance camera in the lobby. when they checked video from the outside camera they saw people dragging the body on the sidewalk. police took two people of interest into custody. investigators are looking for three people who jumped out a window as police were arriving. it is 6:04. happening today, members of
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septa's largest union will vote on a new five year contract. a tentative deal was struck on november 7 to end the strike before election. today it's up to the 5,000twu 5,000twu 234 workers to vote on the terms. the negotiated deal includes wage increases of 10.5%, pension increases up to 15% higher and maintaining cadillac healthcare coverage while requiring employee contribution. police in south jersey are trying to figure out if retail burglaries are connected. surveillance video hose robbers stealing $5,000 worth of high end jackets at the macy's they ran out. police tracked down four suspects on tuesday. they are trying to determine if they are connected to the macy's smash and grab in northeast
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philadelphia and another heist at the boyd store in center city. maribel aer is live at the nasdaq good morning. >> reporter: volkswagen will slash 30,000 jobs over the next five years. the majority of the job cuts will be in germany. the move is in an effort following the emission scandal they are facing $10 billion in fines after cheating on emissions tests. the fed is on track to raise interest rates next month. futures are report to go a lower open. economic indicators are door out later today. apple is considering making the iphone in the u.s. the magazine said apple asked asian manufacturers to look at the making of smart phones in the u.s. president-elect trump singled
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out the maker this year saying he would ask them to start making the phones in the u.s. >> happy friday, matt and tam. it's cookie baking weather? >> whose making them? i'm eating them. >> she makes great cookies. >> reporter: i like chocolate chips. warm out of the over e -- oven. sunday will be a good day for it. looking at plenty of sunshine, the sky is getting bright over the commodor barry bridge. we're cool to start out 45 degrees in philadelphia. upper 30s in allentown. mid 30s in lancaster. 49 in cape may. enough winds out there, but chilly enough for a coat or layers. we look at the highways and byways the shades go on, as
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well, as we look at sunshine through the day. up in the lehigh valley, sunny and pleasant. nice afternoon high of 68 degrees. down the shore, cooler, but well above average with a high of 64. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 68 degrees, sunny and milder than yesterday. even yesterday twearnt balanced. -- it wasn't bad, wind out of the west for the most part and on the light side. if you're heading outside tonight, don't be a fooled by the high of 68. sun goes down early, it's not high off the horizon anyway we'll lose the afternoon warming in a hurry. 51 by 8:00 a.m. if you're coming out of an event by 10:00 p.m. you're in the upper 40s. not windy, but chilly enough for more of a coat than you'll want in the afternoon. dipping to 37 for the overnight low and light wind. friday and saturday enjoy warmer conditions. we have a colder trough to the
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west, warm flow ahead of that. we'll get in the upper 60s tomorrow. sunday, a big change comes in, we get a shower or rumble of thunder saturday night. sunday, colder air is in place with highs in the upper 40s and it will feel like the 30s because of a strong blustery wind out of the of the north. monday will be within the and chilly. 48 degrees at the start of the half marathon under the sun. that's the race for you. sunday, full marathon, strong wind clouds windchill in the upper 20s at the start of the race and sprinkle thrown in. the exclusive accuweather forecast, a pleasant 68. tomorrow, 69 clouds imearg and rumble of -- gathering, and rumble of thunder at night. maybe a sprinkle and snow showers up in the poconos. monday, windy anne chilly,
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partly sunny skies, 46 degrees the high there. tuesday, sunny and cool, less wind, in the 40s. wednesday, 53 degrees. early thanks damp and rain showers in the 50s. start up time for the parade in the low 40s. as far as the rain, the timing is iffy. it could change. >> 6:10 developing overnight, steamers abbey balloons stand where -- and balloons stand where a gunman brought a birthday party to a tragic end. >> mcdonald's have a changes including ricking up your own order. >> reporter: this is 202 northbound past boot road. wewe have an accident, a tow trk on the scene. we'll have more on that when "action news" comes right back. ♪
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from santander bank. look there, the ice rink there near penns landing may not be good for skating today and tomorrow, but boy it sounds like by sunday you'll bundle up and get out there. >> feels like an ice cube compared to today. let's go over to karen rogers. we have a few problems popping up on the road. this is a different view of the
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accident on i-95 northbound at island northbound. it was a single-vehicle accident that ran into the median. they pulled it off the median and on the shoulder. traffic is getting by i-95 northbound at island avenue watch for that one. new jersey turnpike southbound approaching burlington an accident blocking a lane and causing slowing here, watch for that if you're heading southbound approaching burlington on the new jersey turnpike right there. you can see that's near exit 4. route 42 hopping in new jersey, that's northbound traffic right there. a little more volume than lately. no major jams. the speeds on the majors are in good shape at this point. let's show you the temperatures, 45 in philadelphia. 37 in allentown. 34 in millville. it's colder in a lot of suburbs than it was at this point yesterday, but a milder afternoon. we're heading up to 68 degrees, mostly sunny skies, it's a good one for you, tam. >> thank you karen.
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developing this morning, a tennessee mother celebrating her child's birthday was killed when gunfire erupted at the child's party. it happened in the city of diresberg last night. neighbors leash the shooting was gang related. they are looking for three people who are responsible. abc news will have former fox news correspondent gretchen carlson, they reached a 21 million-dollar settlement with carlson. after she came forward, others accused ailess of harassment. she talks about the sexual harassment she experienced throughout her career. he had hopes her experience helped other women come forward. >> when situations like that
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happen to women, you fear you'll not be believed, you'll lose your job. >> tonight's special crossing lines women and men at work features advice and what to do if you're a victim of sexual harassment. watch it on 20/20 at 10:00 p.m. president obama is in berlin meeting with the leaders of britain, france and spain. during a preference president obama advised trump to take a tougher stance against russia. a family's tuesday drive in a remote wooded area turns into a frightening two day ordeal. in tech bytes, samsung still number one when it comes to smart phone sales. >> reporter: despite the recall of note 7. samsung told 72 million phones
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over the last 3 months. apple sold 43 million iphones. space x is joining the push for satellite based internet service they want to launch 4400 satellites into orbit to provide broadband global access. this may be the look of the neighborhood mcdonald's they plan to role out video kiosk for ordering and table service. >> reporter: all 14,000 will serve a sign people will go to kiosk and spend more. ka-ching those are your tech bytes. colleen loves helping the environment.
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if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. marilyn monroe dress sold at
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auction. rippley's believe it or not bought the garment for $4.8 million. given the number of people who buy tickets there, will make it up there. >> tam and i saw it in the dressing 0 room we knew what the dress was from. >> i was like -- [laughter]. >> reporter: the jam at i-95 at cottman, southbound traffic heavy as you head toward center city. mass transit, no major problems at this point, the route trolley back and on time after shuttle busing. on the big board we have a jacket on the kids maybe extra gear, there's not much wind, but we have temperatures in the 30s in the suburbs at this hour. we'll briefly warm up today, but overall cool. 43 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 51 by 10. noon, 61.
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we'll jump to a high of 68 that will be nice with mostly sunny skies, but by 6:00 p.m. we're back down to 58. if you're heading back out on the town this evening, you'll be back 40s. on the big board, all green aircraft, no major delays and rain falling in dallas that's a spot to watch. >> there are many benefits to being rich and a longer life is among them. researchers from tennessee east state university reconfigured the countries into states based on on household incomes. men in rich counties live to 79 and women 83 years in the richest counties and 73 years in the poorest. flyers scored in the first period against the jets last night. mark street and wayne simmons found the net. flyers win 5-2.
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eagles tightened zack ertz missed practice with a hamstring injury. we're actually looking at for sun's game in eagles is unclear. the birds are bringing out the big guns for this one, brian brn talk -- dawkins brought out the big guns, jeremiah trotter. mike trout led the league on base percentage and drove in 100 runs. he received the m.v.p. he is not a free agent until20. bullets fly near a home always three women were a sleep.
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union vote on the ten e -- tentative contract. >> reporter: septa union members will decide whether they accept the five year tentative agreement with septa. we'll have details in a live report.
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>> astronaut peggy woodson is on the way to the pace is the
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oldest woman in space. she blasted off along with two men one from rushy and another from france. this is her second time always commander. school speed zones are designed to keep students safe. >> whoa, whoa, 60, 355, oh, my lord. >> the drivers are speeding by the blinking speed limit signs and doing so with little consequence in philadelphia. "action news" investigatorrive reporter, chad perdelli found -- investigative reporter chad perdelli found troubling numbers. >> we need something out here for the safety of our children if nothing else. >> watch chad's exclusive investigation tonight at 11:00 p.m. a washington couple was found after missing for two days, they went for a drive on tuesday with their 8-month-old on 2-year-old while the other children were in school. they live in a rural area
6:27 am
southwest of seattle. the car got stuck after driving around a tree. hunters found them walking along a remote logging road. yesterday morning. >> everybody is good. god is great. >> he said he is grateful for the search effort to find his family. next time they will take the truck instead of van. >> 6:27, happening today, union workers will decide if the septa deal to enter the strike will be set in stone. purse thieves hit a vulnerable older women and police wonder if they have struck again.
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>> breaking now on "action news," a homicide investigation in a normally quiet noon
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neighborhood we're live on the scene. breaking overnight, someone shoots up a north philadelphia home while three are inside asleep. union workers will say yea or nay on the tentative septa contract. >> let's get weather and traffic with david ascertain -- and karen. >> reporter: we'll see sunshine up over the horizon. 45 degrees is the current temperature on the way out the door in the city. 39 in trenton. 39 in wilmington, chillier in reading and allentown and millville. 49 in cape may. not a lot of wind, a lot of spots reporting calm winds with the zeros and those with other than calm are light. 47 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 51 by 10:00 a.m. 61 by noon. a delightful november high of
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68 degrees, but the sun angle is low and the sun doesn't hang around as long this time of the year. it will be easy to bop down to 58 degrees by 6:00 p.m. don't be fooled by the 6 it will be jacket weather later only tonight. karen we have another mild nice day tomorrow and crash in temperatures and uptick and cold wind for sunday. details in the seven day. >> reporter: a lot to look forward, a big change coming. the traffic is slowing down on the majors. roads are clear and dry, no weather-related problems on this morning. the schuylkill expressway is slowing down approaching boulevard to belmont on the schuylkill expressway westbound. we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past mid county watch for this accident causing restrictions there. live on the boulevard, southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. we have volume, but not a jam on the boulevard just yet.
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we're getting details on the accident on the new jersey turnpike blocking two left lanes, watch for a problem on the turnpike southbound approaching burlington near exit 4 as you head out the door. >> breaking news coming in from a quiet new jersey community. police are on the scene of a homicide investigation there. katherine scott joins us live in the neighborhood in hamilton township mercer county where crime scene tape lines the street. >> reporter: matt, police have not released a whole lot of details other than to say they are investigating a homicide from overnight. you can see right now there are investigators on the scene they are working to tow a car that investigators were looking at earlier and photographing from the home. genesse street in hamilton township is closed off as they continue to investigate. they are walking in and out of the home next to the driveway. the roads closed off with a
6:33 am
number of police vehicles on the scene. this happened around midnight. hamilton police responded looking for evidence. they continue to do that now, what led up to the homicide we don't know. there is no word as to what the motive was or if police know who was behind this. there are businesses nearby, so far police have not said if they are going to be looking for any nearby surveillance footage that could be helpful in the investigation. at this hour, the identity of the victim has not been released. investigators remain on the scene, 6 1/2 hours after that was report reported. it is a breaking story, we'll brisk you any updates as we get them. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> breaking bullets smashed into a window of a north philadelphia home while three women were inside. four shots went into the home around 1:00 a.m. this happened on west sell vir street. police -- silver street. police found 11 shell casings on
6:34 am
the scene. an elderly woman fell victim to purse snatchers, and the robbers likely did it before. surveillance recorded the robbers at the giant in northeast philadelphia. police are questioning two people for a similar theft in northeast philadelphia. the third purse snatching was reported in paoli, chester county. >> happening today, septa's largest union is set to vote on the tentative contract that was struck last week to end the transit strike. annie mccormick is live on more on what to expect today. good morning, annie. >> reporter: fern rock is one of several polling locations across the city where workers will vote on the tentative contract with septa. the strike lasted 6 days.
6:35 am
after tense talks septa filed a back to work injunction that loomed over workers head. estimated 5,000 members, twu-234 president urged members to ignore false information for those opposed to the deal and outlined what they were able to secure in the agreement, including wage increases of 10.5% and pension increases up to 15% higher and cadillac healthcare coverage with employee contributions. employees make anywhere from 60 to $80,000 a year. he said he is not telling members how to vote, and they should do what is best for their families. however, he said thectd risk losing -- they could risk losing what they got in the tentative agreement if they are forced to go back to the voting again. the voting is at the polling locations is today.
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we'll know by the end of business day what the result of the voting is. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> 6:36 a.m., new from the overnight, president-elect trump is taking credit for a business move that will keep jobs in america. ford has confirmed plans to keep its lincoln factor in kentucky. they were negotiating with the united auto workers union for a possible move to mexico. trump at said the ford chairman called him with the news tweeting i worked hard with bill ford to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky. i owe it to the great state of kentucky for their confidence in me. the spokesperson said they did not know when the decision was made or if trump had impact on it. abc news has reported that president-elect has offered miccal flynn the job of national security advisor. trump will meet with mitt romeny this weekend, the republican is being considered for secretary
6:37 am
of state. trump said he is open to selecting formal rivals to serve in his cabinet. >> let's turn to david murphy and see what to expect for this weekend. >> reporter: chilly to start, mild afternoon and cooler on sunday. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry. lots of sunshine coming up over the horizon. a good looking morning. you'll need a coat. 45 degrees in philadelphia. a lot of suburbs in the mid to upper 30s right now. we can take a look. winds are calm. that's nice to have calm wind when you have a chilly start. satellite and radar showing cloud cover off to the north and rain off to the north and east. we'll have plenty of sunshine throughout the day today. the 12-hour forecast, 43 by 8:00 a.m., 51 by 10:00 a.m. 61 by noon. 3:00 p.m., 68 degrees this afternoon. keep in mind this is november, the sun angle is low it's hard to hold that warmth.
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by 5:00 p.m. we'll have dropped 7 degrees to 61 and 6:00 p.m. as you may be getting home from work and prepared to go out and have an evening all be in the upper 50s from there. 68 in allentown down to philadelphia. a couple of 66s sprinkle in there. reading, 59. low to mid 60s down the shore, cape may, 63 degrees. temperatures continue to street us nicely on saturday afternoon. today and saturday we're looking at a warm surge of air ahead of a an approaching cold front dividing line with the scream. that will get us into the upper 60s tomorrow. trade off clouds increase as the front comes through, we'll get a nighttime shower and rumble of thunder. sunday there's the change, the trough in the jet stream comes in a couple of days, strong, blustery winds giving us windchills making it feel like the 30s most of the day sunday
6:39 am
and perhaps monday. it's a quick shot, excuse me, i got something in my throat. it's a cold shot. doesn't last real long. saturday's half marathon in the morning, cool, 48 degrees, but with light winds that's a great morning for run. full marathon, that's a different story. 44 degrees at the start. with strong blustery winds will feel like the 20s did he start and 30s at the end. not much better weather in seattle. in the 50s with the seahawks. 68 today, tomorrow, clouds increasing and rumble of thunder. sunday, colder high of 39. windchills in the 30s. up in the poconos on sunday perhaps a snow shower. monday, chilly, part lip june and 46 -- partly sunny and 46.
6:40 am
tuesday, sunny and cool, 48. wednesday, back in the 50s. thanksgiving, 54 start up temperatures in the mid 40s. gobble gobble. a drive puts the brakes on a street fight by barreling into the middle of it with his car. a man's car gets stolen and tipped off to the crime by traffic cameras. we have an accident at fox street and slowing traffic. other accidents in the area, as well, we've the details when "action news" comes right back. >> 6:43 getting great shots
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from sky6 live hd as we watch the approach of the sun. the birds are out over the girard point bridge, it is 6:43 a.m., friday. >> let's go over to karen rogers and see what it's like going in and out of the city. >> reporter: we have an accident on the boulevard at fox street. police and pen the scene. newnew jersey turnpike southboud approaching exit 4, here's route 73 and it four, the accident causing -- exit 4 an accident. northbound near the turnpike connector. this one blocking more lanes, though. live on the ben franklin bridge, westbound traffic you see the
6:44 am
volume building coming into the city. you're starting to slow down, but no accidents and not a total jam yet, so not too bad. hopping into new jersey, route 42 northbound traffic at creek road. volume building coming in from deptford or turnersville. not a standstill as you head out. colder this morning, 29 in martins creek, 33 in coatsville. 45 in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey you're in the 30s and someplaces barely above freezing like vineland and glass borough, 34 in hammonton, 36 in dover, delaware. >> thank you, karen. a driver gets fed up watching young men fighting and he decides to break it up and it does it with his car. amazingly a man was not hurt and you see him jump out from behind the car. the damage to the building is
6:45 am
estimated at $15,000. some streets are off limits to big rigs for a reason. check out the damage that neighbors in northeast philadelphia found they say a car carrier truck came down the street sideswiping several vehicles. residents say there's more damage around the corner, because the driver kept on going. happening today, the minnesota police officer charge with killing a man during a facebook live stream is expected to make his first court appearance. he is charged with manslaughter in the killing of castille earlier this week. his fiance live streamed the encounter during july. he fired seven shots after he told him he was carrying a permitted weapon. he is on unpaid leave. the death sparked weeks of protest across the country. >> police in north jersey are looking into the possibility that a stolen painting may be an inside job, the painting was
6:46 am
supposed to go on display this week. the director of the museum didn't notice the painting was gone until monday. >> 6:46 a live preview of "good morning america" is next time. plus, a man does thousands of dollars in damage while trying to steal an suv and ends up leaving without a thing. >> reporter: jackets on the kids this morning, maybe a hat it's chilly, some suburbs in the 30s. philadelphia in the mid 40s. this afternoon lighter on the gear as we are warming up. i'll have the 12-hour forecast coming up next. >> let's find out what they are
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6:49 am
serving up on "good morning america" today. >> i think they have a lot coming up, robin roberts is join us, you're looking at the president-elect with his transition. >> reporter: you are correct, president-elect donald trump more on his national security advisor. he is teaming up with mitt romeny he may be in the running for secretary of state. we'll talk about the top contenders for trump's white house team. major mumps outbreak
6:50 am
affecting thousands across the country. what you need to know about this health alert. a road rage a woman is begging a 911 operator for help as another driver chases her for miles slamming into her car. spoiler alert, mickey mouse is here matt and tam. i just saw him. >> tell him hello. >> absolutely,. >> you know he is the boss. >> he is a big happy birthday. >> reporter: you got it you two. >> reporter: always kissing up. [laughter]. let's check the roads for you this morning. we have an accident, we've been saying it was off to the shoulder, police have arrived, penndot partially blocking the right lane, police completely blocking it, that's the
6:51 am
boulevard southbound police and benefit dot on the scene and blocking the right lane. mass transit we have problems with the route 36 trolley. it was shuttle busing now they are saying 20 minute delays. paoli thorndale 18 minutes with one of the trains there dave. >> reporter: some suburbs in the 30s, karen. we are in the 40s in philadelphia. we'll be at 43 at 8:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m., 51. 61 by noon. we'll get mild this afternoon with a high of 68. it won't last long. 6:00 p.m., mild for this time of the career. 58 and going down into the 40s later tonight if conveys you're out on the -- in case you're out on the town. sunday, windy and cold and next week is chillier. >> a would be thief ended up causing thousands of dollars in damage when he tried to steal the suv. you see him break into a key
6:52 am
safe and he tried to pull away with an suv an rammed into several cars parked close together, the man got away, but without stealing anything. he caused $30,000 in damage. >> police in la have a piece of evidence to help them find a car thief. he get a red light ticket for making an illegal right turn. the victim is pleading for the suspect to dump the car, because his insurance will only cover some of the loss. take a look at this, this is not a new dance move adele was trying out. she was dive bombed on stage by a bat. adele went on with the concert in mexico city. the bat wanted to tell her hello from the other side. we'll be right back. >> police are investigating the
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homicide in hamilton township in mercer county. there is no word on a suspect or motive. a house in north philadelphia was shot up while three women were inside asleep. investigators found 11 shell casings near the home. nobody was injured. members of septa's largest union will vote on a five year
6:56 am
contract today. a terntive deal was -- tentative deal was struck on november 7 to end the strike before election day. >> reporter: i-95 southbound traffic as you head toward center city. 27 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. one accident cleared on the new jersey turn pike southbound. pennsylvania connector we have an accident blocking lanes this morning. ben franklin bridge not a major jam, no delays, but a slow go. >> reporter: satellite showing you how there's a lack of significant cloud cover over the region. we'll wind up mostly sunny, starting out cool in the 30s in the northern and western suburbs. >> reporter: trenton and wilmington. 45 in in philadelphia. not much wind out there that's good. high of 68 degrees, we'll cool down this evening, we'll be in the 40s tonight if you're going to the movies or stepping out of
6:57 am
the theater late. that's a nice afternoon high. >> i have to say i'm getting excited for thanksgiving. it's the food, the leftovers. family, chilling out with the family it's going to be good. >> reporter: the parade. >> have a great friday and great weekend everybody. for karen rogers, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. thank you for joining us! he gets a lot of compliments.
6:58 am
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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good morning, america. breaking news, donald trump names michael flynn as national security adviser according to a senior trump transition official. he's also set to meet former rival mitt romney to discuss secretary of state. the transition kicking into high gear as the president-elect holes his first face-to-face with a head of state. blizzard warning. the first major snowstorm of the season. shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> her incredible escape from her 25 minutes of


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