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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  November 20, 2016 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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against ucf. the wildcats win 57-67, 5-0. that's why they went to st. thomas. >> newkirk leading the hawks rebel, 81-68. temple beat manhattan today as well. >> very cool. >> thank you, jamie. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> "action news" sports sunday is next at 6:00. "action news" continues tomorrow morning. now for melissa magee, sarah bloomquist and the entire team, i'm walter perez. have a good night. ♪ ♪ >> right now on sports sunday, we break down the eagles trip to seattle. not a good showing by the birds.
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>> got away. to the endzone for the touchdown. the guys are disappointed. the guys are mad. a lot of pride in that locker room. coaches and players. >> it's frustrating. we have a longit's not a fun on. it's frustrating, but at the same time, i don't think anyone here thinks we can't compete. we are in every single game. >> also tonight, how would the rest of the nsc fair today? that and more when mike missanelli joins us next on "sports sunday." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yikes. >> you knew it would be tough.
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it was. welcome to sports sunday along mike missanelli, i'm ducis rodgers. eagles fall to seattle 26-16. this was a much better football team the eagles faced. >> they were out classes, ducis. there are two teams ahead of the curve and then the rest of them. eagles are the rest of them. they can't do anything about it. seattle took away their best weapon jordan matthews and said beat us with their outside receivers. they are not able to do that. they ran tric tricks on defense. it was an overall whooping. >> how soon can they put this behind them? >> it's easy but they have to win four games. they have four at home.
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they have a chance to make the playoffs. this was a set back but it's not the whole season. >> now to jamie. i'm glad i'm not stuck on the flight home. i'm sure it's miserable 30,000 feet in the air. let's look at the highlights. dylan missed the tackle there. 72-yards later in the endzone. they missed the most in 50 years, 6-0 seahawks. carson wentz finds brent sellic for 19-yards putting the eagles inside the ten which was good. second quarter, zach hertz for a four yard touchdown the first for the seasonable it or not, 7-6 birds. the only lead. then russell goes to work. watch this scramble.
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finds jimmy graham who takes it in for the score, 13-7 seattle. the birds have a chance to answer. what would have been his second touchdown is hauled back because of an illegal formation penalty. a beautiful play by hertz called back changing the face to the game. 16-7 halftime lead. >> second possession of the third quarter, wentz, deep in seattle territory. second interception of the game. richard sherman on the receiving end. birds forced to throw. injured early in this one. doug baldwin the receiver threw his first ever touchdown pass, caught the pass and the quarterback had more receiving
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yards than they combined, none for the fourth quarter, eagles trying to keep things interesting. they go for two and get it, 26-15. that's valentine a valiant as tk would get. wentz, two touchdowns and two picks. eagles might be finished as well, they lost 26-15 to drop to 5-5. they didn't look to compete with the elite at the moment. their own division is tough as it gets right now. i'll tell you what's going on there later in the show. ducis and mike? >> there are six games remaining four at home. how optimistic should we be? >> i think it's reasonable to be optimistic. the teams are not that difficult to handle. you are looking for five wins the rest of the year. the way the team looked today,
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they regressed. i worry about if the quarterback is regressing. he looked overmatched as well. we have more on that from seatle. >> nelson agalor is catching heat for another bigamies stake and penalty. he seems to be at an all time low. he doesn't hold back judging his performance today. >> i hate losing. i hate losing and i hate not competing at the level i know me as an individual can compete at. it's not about the effort, it's about being in my own head. >> his teammates come to his defense. matthews told him to keep his head up after the second drop.
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>> you have to put it behind you and keep going forward. >> he works his tail off. a lot of things you he does, after practice, before practice. he wants to be great. >> the eagles passing game one of the worst in the nfl had two catches by 15-yards by receivers to the fourth quarter. seahawk quarterback russell wilson had 15-yards receiving by himself. >> i see what they can do. i know they get open and make plays. drops happen. mistakes happen. we have to h keep encouraging them and working with them. the eagles have lost five straight road games for the first time since 2012. they haven't won a road game in two months. hopefully the eagles can fix this, and they are headed back home for a monday night game against green bay, eagles undefeated at home. hopefully they can keep going in
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a season that seems to be slipping away. back to you. >> thanks. how much are the drops hurting the team? they are killing them. nelson aguilar, when a professional athlete is says he's in his own head, that's not good. how do you ge out of your own head? things can only get worse. >> this is a first round draft pick from a power school. is it time to punt him? >> they don't have anyone behind him. paul turner is on the practice squad. he's a 5' 9 slot receiver. he's not going to take the outside spot and do anything with it. he's clearly lost his confidence, ducis. you are not going to get anything out of him. the other team knows you are not
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going to get anything out of him. >> another untimely penalty. one that negated what would have been a touchdown. we'll discuss more on that play next. ♪ ♪ >> "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ ♪ he gets a lot of compliments.
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>> we are back here on sports sunday. there's enough blame to go around for the loss to seattle today. zach caught a 57-yard touchdown backed to a penalty. mike, can you excuse an illegal formation penalty? >> no. if you look at the play, doug pederson was trying to wave him to the scrimmage. can he call a timeout there? it's one thing if the player is irresponsible not knowing what to do but the coach can rectify
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it by calling a timeout. >> it's the little things. carson wentz knows they have to clean those things up. >> we have so many mistakes that every week, we have so many mistakes that keep hurting us. we are leaving scores out there. they are simple things. we have to detail the work. we have to be better. it's frustrating and at the same time, it's the game of football. there are mistakes. we have to learn from them. speaking of wentz, offensive line wasn't great. his first three games he had no interceptions. last seven games, three interceptions -- sorry, last seven games, five interceptions. what's going on with him? >> he's lost the swag. first three games standing in the pocket real nice. now he's jumpy, targeting his receivers too soon. he's getting the defensive eye
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rolling and sailing a bit. guys are going to pick balls off. here's coach pederson on carson's performance. >> we have to do a better job taking care of the football. overall, it's a great learning experience for him, coming in here, tough place and trying to get a win. i thought he played okay. again, it's a good one to learn from. >> i don't care about the learning experience. enough with the learning experience. we are ten games. we are at the ten game mark. no learning. he has to play in the league against the good teams and bad teams. >> much more on the eagle loss later in the show, plus we take a look at the nfl to see why the cowboys continue to be the best team in the nfl. >> it's the rest of the day's sporting news coming up on "action news," sports sunday. ♪ ♪
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>> another issue on the eagle's loss in seattle, given the big plays on defense, x plays, is this getting better or worse? >> it's getting worse. the quarterbacks can't handle what they are presenting him. he have's running right by the guy on the play. the quarterbacks can't compete. the safeties are pinching in a bit. let defeats a check on the roast of the day in sports including a trip around the national football league. jamie is back with that. >> 5-5 would put the birds in first place but they play the east and it's last place. tony romo acted on back up. not sure we'll see him again. two touchdowns dez bryant. cowboys get their ninth straight
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win, 27-17. giants hosting the bears. eli manning found sterling she said fosterlingshepherd for thed touchdown. giants win 22-16 the longest winning streak since 2010. redskins win the packers. yes, the redskins win. big. 42-24. so everyone wins expect for the birds. the packers are here to play the eagles a week from tomorrow on monday night football. chris jenkins the birthday boy turned 23. coast to coast for the jams. wildcats win it, now 5-0. temple fans, remember this guy, sanchez? he's the new ring of honor.
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a career high 22. they won 88-67 to win 2-1 on the year. the 40th wedding anniversary, the paradise jam taking on ole miss. jamar led the hawks to 23. rebels won 88-68. tomorrow, even with the loss, 3-1 start the best in ten years. drexel moving to 2-2 on the year. big congratulations to the delaware blue hens that won their first ever championship in field hockey, beat north carolina 23-2. they lost last in early september. great news for the lady blue hens. if only they could rub off on our eagles. >> enough love for the blue
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hens. >> it's called field hockey. we need something positive to talk about. stick around. we talk about in the cas next we against the packers when sports sunday returns. >> stay tuned for more "action news" sports sunday. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the seven-day forecast, winds gusting 45. a high of 45. tuesday, less wind at 48. the day before thanksgiving, 48. 50 rain likely wednesday night. for thanksgiving, a touch of rain and 54. that's the latest from accuweather. back to you. >> melissa, thank you so much. next week the eagles take on the packers monday night football, nationally televised game.
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packers lost to the redskins. green bay's not the team it's been in the past. aaron rodgers has struggled. is this a winnable game? >> totally winnable. they are a train wreck right now. hopefully the eagles can give carson wentz back the rhythm. they have to go on a winning streak. >> cliche. must win. is it absolutely a must win situation? >> they can't afford to win a home game. >> if they lose the game -- >> ba bye bye playoffs. i will declare tuesday nonplayoff tuesday if they lose. >> we won't go there. finally tonight, with the sideline pass comes great responsibility. during


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