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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday november 22nd. tam is off. nydia han joins us. >> we are working on several breaking news stories including a man who was taken to the hospital after a package exploded in center city. >> power lines burst into flames at a fire scene in montgomery county forcing several people including children out of their home overnight. >> a bus carrying 35 children crashes into a tree in tennessee killing six kids. the driver who was behind the wheel now behind bars. >> and hundreds of state workers in pennsylvania are being laid off today just ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> first up weather and traffic dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> and unfortunately it's still a little bit windy out there. we don't have a wind advisory
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because the volume of the wind or the strength of it isn't going to be quite as bad as yesterday. we are looking at a little early cloud cover but we expect that to get out of here pretty quick and the poconos might pick up another snow shower but most of us are going to be drive. here are the current wind gusts across the region and they're kind of coming in and out of view. they're not everywhere like yesterday but we have a bunch of places seeing gusts up into the 20's and they'll probably get up into the 30's after sunrise. and we're also looking at chilly temperatures again this morning. a temperature of 40 degrees in philadelphia but most areas in the 30's. trenton 38, 38 in wilmington and reading, 39 in -- line in wilmington, 38 in trenton and allentown and then 37 degrees in millville. and what with the wind and those cool temperatures we have wind chills down around the freezing mark or a little below it in a lot of spots so bundle up again this morning. and this afternoon it's still rather chilly. 40 degrees by 10 o'clock. 44 by noon. we'll see a high of 48 today a little better than yesterday but we'll still have blustery winds getting up into the 30's at times and you'll still want
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to keep that jacket handy. 42 degrees is the high at 6 o'clock. we are looking at a slight improvement temperature-wise as we head toward thanksgiving. there could be a little issue in the northern suburbs in the predawn hours. i'll have details on that. karen rogers you got flashing lights out there. >> all right, issues on the road as we look live right here this is 309 in lower gwynedd township northbound right near norristown the exit for springhouse. we have an accident, police have arrived on the scene which is a good thing because it's right around this curve and i've been watch something people coming around the curve and then stopping like this guy kind of realizing there's police there on the right lane. they've got to get overonto the left so watch for this accident scene blocking the right lane. this is northbound 309 as you're heading towards montgomeryville you've got this accident right around the curve. also here in upper gwynedd montgomery county an accident on hancock road at prospect avenue. outside live on the vine street expressway construction has cleared. westbound, eastbound moving okay at this point on the vine. you're seeing no problems out there this morning. the crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down. also here i-95 switching our
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cameras, we still have this disabled truck out here. it's blocking the right lane. police on hand right now assisting with this. this is northbound on i-95 as you head towards the betsy ross bridge. watch for the right lane blocked there as well, matt. >> you got it. thank you, karen. breaking news here a package exploded in center city philadelphia leaving one person injured. let's go a picture that was just tweeted out by our katherine scott who is at the scene right now. this happened on the 1800 block of pine street at 4:00 a.m. as you see it is now blocked off by crime scene tape. now, the victim suffered wounds to the chest and hands. police and the bomb squad are on the scene. it is unclear if this is some type of package that was part of an intentional act or not but certainly police are trying to figure that out right now. we will have some video plus a live report from katherine during this broadcast. and breaking overnight a fire quickly spread from a garage to a home in philadelphia's frankford section. the action cam was on the 4800 block of mulberry street where you can see power lines
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sparking and on fire. the flames broke out at 1:30 a.m. neighbors reported hearing explosions then saw fire coming from a garage in the rear of the property. firefighters sounded a second alarm as they battled the blaze. no one was hurt but eight people are displaced including an infant. the red cross will help them find shelter. >> breaking overnight the driver of an elementary school bus that was involved in a deadly crash in tennessee is that behind bars. police charged 24-year-old johnthony walker with five counts of vehicular homicide reckless endangerment and reckless driving. five children were killed in the crash in chattanooga. the school bus packed with 35 children ran off the road, crashed into trees and ended up on its side in a tangled mess. >> this accident brought -- just asking for prayers for the families. >> investigators believe the bus was most likely traveling too fast. new on "action news," one person is recovering this
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morning after being pulled from a burning building. investigators say the fire broke out at around 11:00 last night along the 300 block of east moore street in norristown. firefighters arrived on the scene with fire shooting through the roof of the row home. it took about a half hour to get the fire under control. fire crews are still working to find out what sparked the blaze. no word on the victim's currents condition. >> also new on "action news" a berks county couple is charged with third degree murder in the death of their baby last year. police arrested patricia and charles snyder, jr. yesterday at a motel in east lampeter township. anthony snyder died in december. the county coroner's officers ruled the boy died of starvation and an antihistamine that was too strong for him. the snyders are jailed on $500,000 bail each. >> ♪ >> happening today, layoff notices are going out to more than 500 pennsylvania state employees after a dispute over funding. the employees last day on the job will be just days before
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christmas on december 19th. that's when governor tom wolf's administration plans to close unemployment compensation service centers in allentown altoona and lancaster. they say there's no money to keep the centers opened. the republican controlled house approved nearly $50 million in funding but the gop controlled senate adjourned until january without voting on it. >> many families in our area might be insuring that one topic that will not be served at the thanksgiving dinner table. an abc news poll found more than one third of americans say just the idea of talking politics this thursday stresses them out. some people tell "action news" tensions are so high between family and friends they are implementing a new policy. >> we never had a rule that way but i'm getting the feeling that we probably will have a no politics policy this year. >> we decided that we're going to have a very peaceful thanksgiving and just let the politics be and enjoy eachd other's company. >> family law attorney lynn
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gold bicken says if a relative insists on hearing your thoughts on thely election say the topic is tabled until after thanksgiving is over and make sure you offer them more turkey. >> our own family is going to abide by that policy. >> yeah, we usually don't go into politics too much at the table. we always get back to, rather late in the night, theories about whether amelia earhart is still alive. >> oh: we like to talk about unifying field theories. >> oh. >> gravity and electromagnet ticks. >> we should blend these families. >> yeah. [laughter] >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows lack of precipitation this morning and as we take a look outside, we have sky6. it's still going to be a windy chilly one today and you're going to feel in some cases those blustery winds blowing around. what do we got on sky6 this morning? what do you think? looking at the possibility of a little bit of cloud cover out there in parts of the region, but, there, we go. and we've got a little cloud
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cover over philadelphia including the ben franklin bridge but i do think that it's going to get out of here fairly quickly and we should get plenty of sunshine in. allall right, let's get you to the numbers. 38 in allentown, 38 reading, 37 lancaster, 39 wilmington, still 40 degrees in philadelphia. 38 degrees in trenton. but there is that blustery wind blowing this morning and wind chills are making it feel like it's down around the freezing mark. there's those clouds i talked about. fair place right now around philadelphia but they are probably going to break up fairly quickly and we should transition to mostly sunny skies today. that's what we're going call for overall in the lehigh valley. mostly sunny, windy and chilly, not quite as windy as yesterday but still pretty blustery and cool with a high of just 45 degrees. down the shore mostly sunny skies overall, windy and chilly, 48 degrees is the high there. wind chills probably making it feel like around 40 at the best of times. and in philadelphia 48 degrees is your high, mostly sunny, windy and chilly. wind chills in the 30's for a good portion of the day. maybe low 40's at times and there are those gusts coming out of the northwest at
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35 miles per hour. 25 is the overnight low in some suburbs tonight with winds dying down. philadelphia gets down to about 32. mainly clear overall. and traveling on wednesday, looks like the northeast is in pretty good shape. same thing in the south. this is about the 1 o'clock in the afternoon condition. you don't see a lot of precipitation but if you are traveling to the midwest, there is going to be some rain around chicago, down indianapolis, possibly over toward detroit later in the day and some snow up around minneapolis. light but it's going to be there. wednesday around here sun giving way to some late clouds, light winds, 49 degrees the cool high. wednesday night we have an issue with a front coming in that will produce a little bit of precipitation in the northern suburbs. this is 11 o'clock wednesday night into 2:00 a.m. on thursday. and you can see how it looks like rain but the surface temperatures might be cool enough up in the leaf and berks county maybe even northern bucks and montco where if you get some of this, it could freeze up, okay. so, as we are getting up early on thanksgiving morning in those northern areas maybe to come down to the parade you
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want to be careful of possible slick spots on the roads. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 48 sunny still windy today. partly sunny with less wind on wednesday, 49. and thursday cloudy, 52 degrees. there is the chance of a touch of rain but i think it's really gist a spotty shower and hopefully dry for the morning for the parade. some models we're looking at are suggesting that now. mother's day clouds mixing with some sun on friday 54. for the weekend breezy and cool on saturday for that tell me tell game a high of 54. can't rule out a spotty shower but it's mainly dry and it looks absolutely dry on sunday and monday, temperatures still topping out in the 50's. >> thank you david. breaking right now, we have a live update here on the explosion of a package on a center city block that left one person with burns. "action news" reporter katherine scott joins us from the blocked crime scene at 19th and pine streets. katherine. >> reporter: matt we still don't know the nature of this explosion. investigators are here on the scene. we're awaiting an update from them. we do flo that one person was taken to the hospital and you can see here at 19th and pine they have a police line
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stretched across the street. there are a number of road closures in this area of center city. we do see police and the fire department on the scene. this happened around 4:00 a.m. and and police say a package exploded. one person has injuries to their chest and hand but beyond that, we don't know their condition. we know they were taken to the hospital. police and bomb squad units are here. again, there are a number of closures surrounding this area. you want to avoid it if you can if you head out the door but if you do head this way do expect delays but again, this is still very early on in this investigation. we don't know the nature of the explosion, only that a package exploded and that one person was sent to the hospital but at this point no word on their condition. of course, police are on the scene and we'll let you know any updates as we get them. we're live in center city, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. it is now 5:11. still ahead on "action news," a close call for some children outside pittsburgh. they were almost hit by a police cruiser that spun out of control during a -- during a chase.
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>> handful of chipotle customers are suing the chain because their burritos have too many calories. karen. [laughter] >> do you have to eat the burrito? all right. let's look outside in bucks county. this is route one at oxford valley road. northbound traffic is reopened. the construction here has cleared. we've got an accident with debris rot -- on the roadway in lower gwynedd township. we'll check it out when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> back to our breaking news story in center city. this is 18th and pine street. our katherine scott is on the scene. she says a bomb squad is on the scene. it appears a package exploded. one person has been sent to the hospital with injuries to the chest and the hand. we don't know exactly where
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this package came from or what the circumstances were surrounding this person holding it but again, a package appears to have exploded. it's in the area of 18th and pine streets. there are a number of road closures here in the area as you can imagine. again you're looking at the bomb squad on the scene. we'll have more during our newscast and >> we will continue following. karen rogers taking a look at traffic. >> yeah, let's head into the suburbs right now and show what's going on with traffic. we want to start right over here in lower gwynedd township because we're still seeing police on the scene with this accident and it's right around the curve here so be careful. looks like one of the police officers went back a little further here 'cause people were having a tough time seeing it as they came around. we also noticed some debris on the roadway with this. this is 309 right near norristown near the springhouse exit. as you're heading northbound on 309 towards montgomeryville watch for now an ambulance and police on the scene with this accident all blocking the right lane. couple of other accidents out there. we had one that popped up quickly here summer ridge drive just cleared at county
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line road but another on hancock road at prospect avenue still out here right now. and construction crews block the right lane on the turnpike. this is approaching bensalem. so watch for that one as well. going to your commuter traffic report, we have charlie rudder sunny i just like saying that, saying there's animals on the road on the atlantic city expressway near hamilton. we're still dealing with there time of year so watch for that. let's check the temperatures. it's cold out there. 35 degrees in quakertown, it's 37 in coatesville, 40 sounds a little better in center city. as we check some of the suburbs in new jersey 37 in browns mills, 38 in glassboro, 37 degrees in dover, delaware and checking out the wind chills, feels like 29 in that the lehigh valley, 32 in the city, 29 in millville. bundle up, matt. >> will do. thanks, karen. this is another story brand new. police arrested a new york city man on terrorism charges. police say mohammed rafiq nadje wanted to plan an attack in times square similar to another one carried out in
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france in july. a cargo truck plowed through a crowd celebrating bastille day in nice killing dozens of people. fbi officials say nadje made several on line posts in support of isis and they arrested him before he had a chance to carry out his plan in times square. a police chase nearly ended in tragedy near pittsburgh. surveillance video shows a group of children standing on a corner in stowe township. seconds later you see a police car spin out of control missing the children by inches. the patrol car then crashed into a parked van. the officer had been chasing a stolen vehicle when another driver slammed into him. the driver of the stolen car escaped. the officer was shaken up but is okay. >> also new on "action news," chipotle in hot water again. customers are suing the restaurant chain claiming it lied about calorie counts. three people filed the lawsuit this month after eating the chorizo burrito. the chicken and pork wrap is said to be about 300 calories
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but the numbers don't add up. the lawsuit revealed the burrito is at least 700 calories. some customers took to twitter to express their displeasure. the company tweeted back saying only the chorizo alone is 300 calories. >> 5:18a suspect is now in custody in connection with a killing of a san antonio police detective. >> labor of law. the california woman becomes a grandma by giving birth to her own grandson. we will that explain this one. we'll be right back.
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>> happy tuesday everybody. one day down. a short week for everybody. it may be a short week but it might be a long commute. we already have some problems out here. this is i-95 and between girard and allegheny you can see that disabled truck is out there. it's blocking the right lane. police are assisting with that one so watch for that as you head towards the betsy ross bridge. however, in new jersey we are still looking good on 42 near market street. no problems as you head towards the walt whitman
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bridge and mass transit looking pretty good at this early hour. we do have some detours on the route seven bus and route 15 trolley is shuttle busing dave. >> chilly on the bus stop this morning, camp we're looking at temperatures in the mid 30's and it's still rather blustery maybe not quite as windy as yesterday but certainly a morning for that extra gear. as we roll through it, 37 degrees by 8 o'clock. 40 by 10 o'clock. now, this afternoon is a little bit better, 44 degrees by noon and a high today of 48, a few degrees better than yesterday but we're still going to seep winds gusting into the 30's at times this afternoon. it won't be quite as windy but still pretty blustery and cool. by 6 o'clock, 42 degrees. nydia and matt. >> i'll take it from here i think. okay. "action news" hidden camera investigation found some eco friendly hand drivers could be harbor a dirty secret. here's investigative reporter wendy saltzman with a preview of tonight's special report at 11:00. >> reporter: did you ever wonder exactly what's in these hands drivers. "action news" tested filth and grime to find out what germs are lurking inside.
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>> okay, that's gross. >> reporter: the bacteria you may be exposing yourself to that could make you sick. >> i have there was the that it's a little dirty down in there when you stick your hands in there. >> reporter: seat results of our exclusive investigation only on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, captured, san antonio police make an arrest in the murder of one of their own. after a two day manhunt 31-year-old otis tyrone mckane is behind bars arrested by authorities in san antonio and accused of a capitol murder of detective benjamin marconi. >> we had him under surveillance and at the appropriate time the s.w.a.t. units made the stop and arrested him. >> police say mckane is the same man seen in this surveillance video released by investigators visiting the station just four hours before they say he brutally ambushed the officer. it was a bloody 24 hours for police officers across the country. at least three others in different cities ambushed during unrelated traffic stops.
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including a saint louis sergeant shot twice in the head while still wearing his seat belt. and we'll have the latest from texas coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look i'm tina went worth abc news san antonio. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine® users.
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>> new on "action news" a california grandmother gave birth to her own grandson.
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for nine months megan barker carried her daughter's child. maddie found out at an early age she would never be able to carry her own child. a surrogate mother was expensive so the 48-year-old future grandmother offered her own body to carry little gus. gus wyatt coleman was born on october 22nd. barker says she's ready to be a surrogate mom again if her daughter and son-in-law want another child. >> pretty neat. time for the morning buzz. kanye west is now hospitalized in los angeles. it happened right after he abruptly canceled the rest of his saint pablo tour. the l.a.p.d. responded to a disturbance call at a home in hollywood where west was located. that became a medical emergency. they say no crime was committed. now west as you know has been acting pretty erratic over the past five days. he stopped concerts to rant to the crowd about the election, how he would have supported donald trump and beyoncé. west's nutritionist says the rapper is suffering from exhaustion and sleep
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deprivation. "dancing with the stars" tonight is the season final here. the three remaining stars have been working hard to capture that mirrorball trophy. they include calvin johnson jr., race car driver james hinchcliffe and laurie hernandez. go and take our quick poll to tell us who you think is going to win. let's see what the results are right now. 58 percent laurie and val. go ahead vote for yourself. nydia, back to you. >> matt thank you. the president-elect shares an update on the presidential transition. donald trump outlines his plans in this video. we'll have details. plus a loyal woman who foiled a home invasion intended by a crafty crook. those stories and more when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> the bomb squad is on the scene and so are we. >> a teenager is hit by stray gunfire while visiting her great grandmother's house. the bullet came from a block awayly.
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>> cold winds are hanging on. gusty conditions are making it feel like it's below freezing in some spots. good morning, it's 5:30 on this tuesday november 22nd. tam is off, nydia han joins us along with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and we are off to in some cases a somewhat cloudy start. you can see there's a little cloud cover around philadelphia but we are expecting that to break up. and overall we're looking at mostly sunny skies today but it's still blustery out there. some of us are still experiencing some wind gusts this morning in the 20's. they're not everywhere but even in these areas in between the gusts you're looking at a sustained wind in the teens. so, another morning that is not only chilly but also a bit windy. speaking of the chill we're at 40 degrees in philadelphia and the upper 30's in trenton allentown, reading, wilmington and millville and when you factor in that wind the wind chills are making it feel like it's down around the freezing mark in just about every neighborhood so dress appropriately as you head outside. as we go through the day, 37 degrees by 7 o'clock. and 40 by 10 o'clock. pretty chilly for those of you planning an early run and then 40 degrees or 44 i should say by noon and your hig


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