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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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center city involving the bomb squad and federal officialed after a read opened a package in his home and it exploded. and an investigation that helped to lead to the down fall of kathleen kane, we are waiting for the report on the exchange of controversial emails on state government servers. >> and a woman found dead in pennsylvania almost a year ago remains unidentified and police hope you can help. philadelphia police say that a package exploded injuring a 60-year-old man on the 1800 block of pine street early this morning. police tell "action news" that the victim believed the envelope contained medication he had delivered to his home and the device detonated when he opened up the package, he suffered injuries to his hands, chest and face. police don't have a motive but believe the man was targeted because the envelope was addressed to him.
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>> it was placed there be did not come from u.s. mail, they believe that the bar code was old and would not have gone through u.s. mail. >> the victim was taken to jefferson hospital and people were evacuated from nearby apartments and homes. pennsylvania's new attorney general has released a final report on controversial emails found on attorney general servers over the span of several years, involving state prosecutors and judges. john rawlins is live in harrisburg with more on this story. >> reporter: hi rick, well this is the so-called porn gate issue, a bunch of inappropriate emails circulated by some folks in the attorney general's office as well as on the pennsylvania bench. a year ago then attorney general, kathleen kane commissioned an investigation to see if it compromised the
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justice system in pennsylvania. this report was finally released today by the current a.g., bruce beamer. >> the report supply nod evident to support the idea there were relationships between prosecutors and judges that may have resulted in inappropriate communications that could have affected justice in pennsylvania. >> the report was ordered last year by then attorney general, kathleen kane. current a.g. bruce beamer blacked out the names and some of the information, and the computer search of some 6 million emails looking for offensive messages pertaining to race and religion was imprecise and flagged routine messages. >> including a network of women that were diagnosed with breast
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cancer that shared a phrase used to detect the disease, those were flagged as inappropriate. >> reporter: well back live right now, mr. beamer clearly not a plan of this particular report he says it cast too wide a net and had flaws in it, and the cost to taxpayers $345,000. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. pennsylvania state police are hoping someone identified items left on the scene where a woman's body was found. hikers walking along a trail at ridley creek state park found the body. a white female between 25 and 30 years old and was fully clothed but believe she died sometime in 2014 and a facial reconstruction
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was created of the woman. if you have information call pennsylvania crime stoppers. now to the latest on the school bus tragedy in chattanooga, tennessee. according to reports the bus drive was going at a high rate of speed when it crashed. five children were killed and othe others were injured. the vest greaters say the drive was traveling well above the posted speed limit when the bus left the road and hit a tree. >> i lost it really, i had to sit down and gain my composure and calm my wife down and other family members affected by this. >> six of the students injured remain in intensive care. and a car was torched in chester county. it was discovered in chester park and police say that the fire was suspicious and spread
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to a tree trunk and dry brush in the area. no injuries were reported at the scene. turning to the accuweather forecast. still windy out there today. better than yesterday, everybody is looking ahead to the weather on thanksgiving day. lets look live outside. sky 6 hd showing you center city from the temple university camera. you see the sun glinting off the building. david murphy is outdoors on the terrace with the latest. >> reporter: it's still blustery but out here on the terrace now you have a heavy coat on because the wind is noticeable. lets look at satellite and you'll notice cloud cover out there, mostlety and we are still getting a fair amount of sunshine in the region and that is probably the way it stays this afternoon. across the region we are cool though. 46 in philadelphia and 47 in washington, and only 40 right now up the pike in new york city, in central park where the clouds are thicker, colder air
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off the great lakes and places like pittsburgh and buffalo. the windchill is making it feel like the 30s because of the strength of the wind. sustained winds up to 17 miles per hour in philadelphia and gusts going up closer to 30 or so at times this afternoon. so not as bad as yesterday but still coat weather certainly. as we look at the current gusts across the region, some are up above 30 in millville and atlantic city, and a little bit less than that in other areas north and west of philadelphia. but the gusts kind of in and out of picture as we go through the afternoon. here is where the temperatures are going. 47 by 2:00 and a high of 48 by this afternoon around 3:00 and back to 42 once the sun is down below the horizon at 6:00. the overnight low getting down to the freezing mark in philadelphia and some suburbs in the 20s, coat weather this afternoon and not as bad as yesterday and tomorrow we'll add a degree to the thermometer and
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have less wind. >> in other news, president-elect donald trump is continuing to take meetings as he looks to round out his top administration posts and there are other meetings that are raising questions over ethics even from members of his own party. lana zach joins us live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. on the president-elect's to do list is setting the agenda for the next 100 days and rounding out his cabinet and disentangling himself from his business interests. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here. >> president-elect trump posted an agenda for once he is inaugurated. trade deals and immigration and imposing a lobbying ban for all -- an issue that was mr. trump's portfolio promotes a
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challenge. >> you cannot take advantage or benefit from a foreign state or foreign government. that is a huge problem for donald trump. >> there are already a few meetings that blur the line. first with real estate developers in india and now a british politic that may have been lobbied about the trump golf course in scotland. writing you rightly criticized hillary for clinton foundation. meanwhile, rudy giuliani could see him dropping his pledge for an arrest of hillary clinton. >> there is a tradition in american politics you sort of put things behind you and be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> regardless of what mr. trump decides it's important to note
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that in this country, the country does not decide who does and does not get prosecuted that is based by evidence from investigators regardless of politics. lana zach, channel 6 "action news." the nfl's second trip to mexico city. someone flashed a green light into the face of houston texan's quarterback during monday night football. fans in mexico have used lasers in the past to distract opponents and the crowd seemed mostly pro raiders, he admitted it affected his play but did not blame the loss on the light. cooper street in camden will soon be good enough to eat. "action news" was outside leaf
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academy, as students unveiled their planning boxes. the students will plant fruits and vegetables, and use water cultivated through a system designed by students. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, from jewelry to skin care products and more, moms are selling it at home. and a mom gives her daughter the ultimate gift. helping her become a mom.
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call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. a police chase neuroly ended in tragedy in pittsburgh. it show a group of children standing on the corner, and you see a police car spinning out of control missing the children by inches. the drive of the stolen car escaped and the officer was shaken up and is okay. a former usa gymnastics
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doctor facing several counts of child sex abuse is expected to be in court. police arrested dr. larry nasser yesterday. several people came forward accusing dr. nasser of sexual abuse. the first happened in 199 8, he served in four olympic games. he left his position last fall. mothers across the country found a new way of doing business. they calm they call themselves mom entrepreneurs. are they really making money? >> want a sandwich? >> elizabeth is a mom entrepreneur. >> i work for plexis worldwide a plant base supplement company. >> the word may be unfamiliar
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but you have probably seen their work in action on facebook or instagram. >> i sent out a message saying i'm doing this for quite sometime, these products are great, and i would love to share more with you, if you are interested. >> look at this more closely. >> it's like tupperware or mary kay cosmetic parties but moved out of the living room and online. they work for beauty counter and lulu row and stella and dot. and they have 150,000 countrytants and reported revenue of $126 million in 2016. a mom entrepreneur is in her 30s or 40s. >> it allows them to do their work at home in the off hours after the kids are sleeping or after they finish their 9:00 to 5:00 job. >> it's a lot of work and all
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hustling and not always lucrative. the average income was around $3100. >> when are you scrolling through facebook orb instagram. it's like you can't escape a sales pitch. experts say that sellers have to be careful not to overdo it. >> very bought from some of them but i don't feel that i have to. >> you roll your eyes once in a while but not mad about it. >> as a military wife and mom of three young boys, elizabeth says this is the type of work she can do forever from anywhere. >> there say huge social aspect of it, just communicating with people and connecting with their lives. karen travers, abc news. a california grandmother gave birth to her own grandson, for nine months megan barker carried her daughter's chide.
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she found out she would not carry her own child and a surrogate was expensive should she offered her body to carry little gus. barker says she is ready to be a surrogate mom again if her daughter and son-in-law want another child. cil to come on "action news," another check of your accuweather forecast. looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you a pretty picture of the ben franklin bridge and parts of penn's landing there.
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"action news" anchor matt o'donnell presents a big donation this morning on behalf of 6 abc, the action cam was in front of the kimmel center for the annual john debella turkey drop. 6 abc donated $1,000 to the cause. this year's event is expected to raise enough money to pay for 10,000 turkeys for local families in need of a meal this holiday season.
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and speaking of turkeys, david murphy has the accuweather forecast. gobble gobble. >> you are the one making the noise. >> you got me. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are rain free but not turkey free around here. and we have sunshine down in cape may, every now and then there are spotty clouds around and generally speaking pretty bright and you still need a coat and you don't see a lot of company at the guard shack. 46 degrees is the current temperature and the wins from the northwest at 17 miles per hour and you put that together you have windchills feeling like the 30s and probably feeling not much better than 40 or so as we go through the next couple of hours. bundle up if you head outside and look at the cloud cover thicker the farther north and east you go and in the city still a lot of blue and patchy clouds, high temperatures this afternoon, 48 in philadelphia and millville and mid-40s 234 trenton and reading and over
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towards lancaster and upper 40s from millville to cape may. as we roll through the rest of the afternoon 47 at 2:00 and 3:00, 46 and 36 at 10:00. and it does look like we'll continue to dropover night to 32 degrees for a low in philadelphia and many out lying suburbs down into the mid to upper 20s and that is what you have at sunrise tomorrow morning. keep in mind it's cold again tomorrow and until morning you'll want extra padding. if you are traveling on wednesday this is a snapshot of 1:00 from here to the northeast, whether you are headed here or have relatives coming back it looks chilly but dry. same at the coast from savannah to jacksonville it's good conditions for travel, the issue is in the midwest, rain potential in the middle of the day in chicago and early
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afternoon in cleveland and detroit and minneapolis and areas in the northern tier of michigan. high pressure is in control just to the south of us, that knocks the wins down. a lot of you on social media say when do the winds go away. and i'm tired. the christmas decorations blowing all of the place, wednesday is the day we see the winds slacking off and at night a front coming in and that gives us problems with precipitation and the potential of not rain or precip everywhere but maybe a little bit of frozen stuff. most of this is up by the poconos late tomorrow night until midnight. there are some model indications that some could make it down toward allentown and reading and to the northern edge of bucks and montgomery county. the surface temperatures may be cold enough to freeze up.
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this is wednesday night in the wee hours to thursday morning. if you get up early to come to the parade or do traveling and you are in the northern suburbs and see something wet, look out it could be frozen and the parade forecast looks okay. we have had some years it starts in the 20s, 43 for the kickoff and 49 at the end of the parade. today's high is 48 and some sun and windy out there and 49 and less wind tomorrow. thursday cloudy skies and it looks like there may be a touch of rain with brief spotty showers and a high of thanksgiving of 52 following the parade and hopefully we are dry for the festivities downtown, not much wind on thursday so the balloons will be flying on friday. clouds and sun and 54 and rain late in the day and mainly dry and 54 and fine full force on sunday. well, tonight is the season
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finale of "dancing with the stars." and the three stars are working hard. including exnfl star calvin johnson and james -- and laurie hernandez. >> i grew as a person and i cherish every memory i have from the show. >> watch the two hour live finale starting tonight at 9:00 here on 6 abc. and log on to to take our quick poll to choose your favorite dancer. kanye west was hospitalized in los angeles after he abruptly canceled the rest of his tour. the police department responded to a call and they said it was a medical emergency no crime committed. kanye is acting erratic,
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this cafe in new mexico is open for business but with no prices on the menu. karma cafe albuquerque selling on a pay what you can menu. their mission is to take care of others, he got the idea from a restaurant he visited while traveling in australia. >> bon jovi does something like that too. >> lets take a look at with where we are going this afternoon. patchy clouds the western suburbs, the farther northern the cloudier is may be and upper
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40s on the i-95 corridor, a few patchy clouds and winds gusting into the 30s and down at the shore upper 40s today as well. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, we continue to follow developments after a device exploded and injured a man in center city. >> we'll have the latest for you. also, the deadly crash in tennessee renewed the debate over seatbelts on school buses and why they are not required nationwide. >> don't forget to join us later on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. we'll see you tonight.
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