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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon noon in the news final rehearsals are
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underway for the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. we'll take you live to the parkway. and south carolina governor, nikki haley is the first woman chosen for a post in donald trump's administration. >> and the big story on "action news" is the roads rails and skies, expected to be the most crowded holiday travel period in nine years. whether you are driving and flying david murphy has your holiday travel forecast. >> reporter: we are up and down the east coast. dry. dry down to florida. maybe just a couple of sprinkles there later on. the big issue is the upper great lakes where we have snow and rain from detroit to chicago and st. louis is starting to get out on the other side of that and the other side of mississippi river you are in good shape. new orleans may pick up a thunderstorm later on. so maybe a flight delay there. as we look at what is going on right now, it doesn't look too
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bad. temperature-wise at 4:00, in case are you packing your bags and getting ready to head somewhere else or expected relatives later this afternoon from here to bangor, maine and boston and new york city dry but cool conditions and a mix of clear skies down the east coast. 72 in jacksonville. the big issue is in the upper midwest. snow that was causing problems with flights in minneapolis is pushing heist and this is up in salt st. marie and the core of michigan and wisconsin. and maybe shower south of indianapolis, indiana. if we widen out again indianapolis had delays when it was actively snowing but they cleaned all of that up. and a delay maybe in new orleans
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when the thunderstorms barrel. we'll talk about local weather when i come back a nice day to get on the road or travel around the immediate region today and tomorrow. we'll talk about that and have your thanksgiving day parade call. >> thanks david. going live now. sky 6 hd showing us philadelphia international airport where a lot of travelers are heading out and coming in on flights today. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is tracking the crowds from the airport. >> reporter: hi sara, you heard david mention it a bit. so far today we have seen good news on the flight boards, a lot of on time flights, great news for travelers as they head out to enjoy their holiday. get away day was busy from the start at philadelphia international airport. even early risers found themselves in good company. >> i did not expect it to be this busy at 4:00 in the morning. >> i haven't been asleep since yesterday morning and when i get on the plane i go to sleep and earlier is better and waking up
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effect will be out of control. >> aaa mid-atlantic estimates that half a million philadelphia residents will travel 50 miles or more away from home today through sunday. nationally that stands at 49 million, the most since 2007. most will travel by car, 9% will travel by air. >> believe it or not the top 10 destinations philadelphia is ranked among the top 10, there will be people leaving philadelphia and coming to philadelphia. >> families to see and turkey to eat and places to go, many travelers don't want to leave anything to chance so they leave extra time. >> came early. >> we always get the pretsa approved, the line is shorter. >> we take an uber here and we plan for that and security. >> the tsa is working with their airline partners for weeks so they are ready for the rush and
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staff it accordingly. >> we had busy days just in the last year and a half here, in philadelphia when the dnc was here and the papal visit. it's something we are used to here in philadelphia. another busy day and we buckle down and get through it. >> over the thanksgiving travel period the airport usually expects to see more leisure travellers people that are not as familiar with the airport and people are here to help. as for the tsa they recommend being here two hours before your domestic flight. >> thank you. switching live to 30th street station, amtrak added additional trains and seats on the northeast corridor to handle the increase demand for the weekend. 160,000 people last year took the train for thanksgiving and they expect this year's number to be even higher. one of philadelphia's favorite traditions is almost
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here the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade will step off in center city and chopper 6 hd was over the art museum as the artists did their final rehearsals of the parkway. annie mccormick talked to folks part of the big show and is live with more on that. >> reporter: i am standing where you will be sitting tomorrow alongside of cecily. this is injure desk in the booth, behind me they take a break with rehearsals but tomorrow you can expect balloons and floats and a number of musical acts like due drew lachey. and we got a look behind the scenes. performers started bright and early for the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade many taking part are visiting musical acts like the middle school cheerleaders from schools
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from the midwest. >> we came in yesterday and sent them out choreography for dance, stuff they need to learn and they are practicing morning noon and night. the parents say i am up all night practicing with them and making sure they know it. >> not only for performers making sure every dance and note is perfect. parade organizers feel it too. >> today is hectic all the last pieces come in from the fences getting set up and the puerto johns setting up. and we are opening and closing the streets. >> the stage is set. the anchor booth constructed and eakins oval is a control studio with lights and camera and 6 abc news vans. today's calm weather and bright sun makes this rehearsal feel smooth. >> shining and a breeze and the ground is hard and nothing sinking and we have been through
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wind and rain and snow. all that we can do, but most importantly it's what happens on thanksgiving day itself. >> you can still see the sunshine here as well. we are told that a performer from the pennsylvania ballet is out there and they just finished their break and that performer is about to start. rick, i'm keeping your seat warm and making sure that the lighting is okay for you and snacks you may want here. it's toasty in here and it looks like a good situation for you and cecily out here tomorrow. of course you have to listen to david about the weather but you have a pretty good feet. >> you see the warmer under the desk -- you notice that? don't touch it. leave it there. thank you annie if you don't go to seat floats and performers in person, we have the best seat in the house here on 6 abc. it started at 8:30 tomorrow
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morning and cecily may sing a few christmas carols. you never know. and we have everything you need to know about the parade at there you can find out how to win great prizes while watching the show tomorrow and get a look at the special guests that will be there. check out the parade map and parking information find it all right there right now at the first woman has been tapped to join president-elect donald trump's administration, south carolina governor, nikki haley. trump plans nominate governor haley to the united nations. it's the most diplomatic job next to the secretary of state. she will be the third woman to serve in the role and dr. ben carson is tapped for a cabinet level position, secretary of housing and urban development. dr. carson is expected to respond after the holiday. the victim of a package
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explosion is in stable condition following surgery. philadelphia police say that 60-year-old jim alden is the target of the attack on the 1800 block of pine street yesterday morning. alden suffered injures to his hands and torso and face. the incident was part of a domestic dispute and police are questioning a number of people. the overturned dump truck caused delays and it tipped on its side and dumped gravel on the roadway at windsor. the driver was the only person hurt in the crash and it's unclear what caused it. two people were rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a shooting in delaware. police say that an 18-year-old woman and man were shot at success this morning on patrice drive in the glasgow court
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trailer park. they are working to identify and locate the shooter. all right checking sports, eagles right tackle lane johnson filed a client against the nfl and the league association. he is serving a 10 game suspension for violating the league policy for performance n entranced drugs. he filed unfair labor practice charges against the league and is not able to return to the active roster until december 1th. one delaware community came to compete in the name of charity. the action cam was at springfield high school for the annual turkey game. they faced off in a flag football tournament for turkey fund, it helps to provide meals to people in need and year round financial assistance. >> more ahead on "action news" at noon, a safety alert for minivan drivers, the problem
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that led toyota to issue another recall. and a wildly popular video games is putting more soldiers in lead roles. "action news" will be right back. >> all right we have temperatures in the 40s right now, so a little bit chilly and not as much wind as yesterday. i'll have your afternoon call. and get you right through the holiday weekend that is just ahead.
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in detroit a wayne state university police officer was shot in the head while on patrol near campus. he is now out of surgery and remains in grave condition this noon. authorities say that colin rose radios to say he was about to speak to someone about thefts of navigation systems of vehicles, officers arrived to find rose injured on the ground and detroit investigators were speaking to a person of interest and it's not clear if a that american is the shooter. >> a kansas water park is planning to demolish a water slide billed as the tallest in the world after a deadly accident this summer.
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10-year-old caleb schwab was killed. they did not disclose any details. and no charges are filed. the water slide will be removed once the investigation is complete. toyota issued another recall for 800,000 sienna minivans, with model years between 2011 and 2016. toyota says that the sliding doors can open while the van is moving and the company is working on a solution and will make the repairs for free once it develops a remedy. fans of the macy's day thanksgiving day parade in new york city will see a new security measure, dump trucks filled with sand will be placed attack says routes. authorities say they are not aware of any credible threats and urged spectators to come out
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and enjoy the show regardless. >> we are kicking off your holiday shopping with deep discounts and give-aways on "action news" at 4:00. here is nydia han. >> get ready the black friday play book is back with awesome deals and freebies, local retailers are giving away a deals and discounts. and one is offering a free eye pad mini with purchase. and these deals are exclusive to our 6 abc viewers, find them by using the #6abcaction. tonight on 6 abc.
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apple might be resurrecting an old but popular style of cell phone. the tech company was granted a patent for a flexible iphone that could fold in half like the old school flip phone, featuring a touch device that opens it and closes it. the company's patents often provides a glimpse into the future. and overtime pay for the holidays will not be seeing the extra money after all because overturned changes that were suppose to take effect was blocked by court.
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workers that made -- but the court found that the department of labor lacks the authority to make a change and many employers fought against the rule and that would force them to cut base pay to compensate for overtime costs. and a new study found that less people are dying from diseases, thanks to anti-viral therapy that is used to fight hiv. infections caused 5.4% of deaths in the country mostly due to the flu and pneumonia but the u.s. remains at risk of new diseases like zika and the west nile virus. the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight begin agent 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a look ahead. >> reporter: thanksgiving day is tomorrow, coming up today at 4:00 we catch up with shoppers doing the last minute preps and getting everything from the the
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turkey to the stuffing to the pies and cranberry sauce they are out in the stores today when tack to them ahead of the big holiday. >> also, coming up in today's show, a story we are following for you. thousands of lights are glowing on top of art museum steps, that is right the tree is on its way, adam joseph will be live for the free holiday celebration and the tree lighting that starts at 4:00. that is going to be gorgeous and take us with you on the go. download the free 6 abc news app and watch us live on your smart phone or tablet. in the next half hour i'll show you the new eateries opening up in king of prussia for anyone head ougt to the mall to do shopping starting on friday. >> sounds delicious. we'll check accuweather when when come right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is here now way closer look at the holiday forecast. >> you hear tomorrow? >> i am here tomorrow the weather team is always in and so many are at the parade and someone has to hold down the fort. >> i'm here too. >> i'm sorry i asked. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you that we are getting set for what is a decent afternoon for travel. if you are on your way for someone else. or someone headed our way over the next several hours. no rain and as we look outside we have got a fair amount of sunshine and plenty of it over the ben franklin bridge, and later this afternoon maybe a few more patchy clouds but generally speaking clear sailing. 43 is your current temperature and the winds are out of the northwest very light and calm in philadelphia. we can say so long to the two days of blustery strong winds we
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are dealing with. 42 in allentown un43 in reading and similar numbers north to south in the region. you need a jacket and layers when you step outside. the wind are down and temperatures in the low to mid-40s. the clouds are out to the west crossing over pittsburgh and heading towards central pennsylvania and again we'll see the clouds increase late in the day and then tonight. there is precipitation in the clouds but most of that will miss us to the north later tonight. up in the lehigh valley sun and clouds later, and a lot less wind than yesterday. a high of 48 degrees that is a nice change. at the shore better, 51 degrees on the thermometer later on and sun mixing with increasing clouds and not as windy at the shore. and a lot less winds winds at the strongest will be out of the northwest 7 to 14 miles per hour. not really that bad and nothing like the 30 and 40 miles per hour we were dealing with. and today's high is 49 degrees
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and not bad. and as we think about traveling or maybe waiting on aunt and uncle murray to come on in. green conditions from i-95 to new york and boston. that means not necessarily the traffic will be great but there is no weather related reason to slow you down and same south to richmond, virginia and beyond and west to pittsburgh a-okay. no weather problems but farther west to i-80 and western ohio and illinois. we are seeing rain and if you happen to be traveling up into northern michigan or out toward minnesota there is snow on the ground. up and down the east coast though really no trouble. mostly cloudy tonight and a sprinkle is possible. 38 in center city and 32 in the suburbs, dry and a chance of a sprinkle in the northern suburbs
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and if that were to happen it's cool enough to see something on the ground freezing up but at this point it pushes the stuff farther and form north. and tomorrow for the parade we start out dry and hopefully we end dry, a few showers are around but most of the day is just cloudy. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. today's high 49 degrees and sunny and tomorrow 52 and a scattered spotty shower or sprinkle and hopefully dry for the parade. and we'll give you the latest model information. and friday clouds and sun and a spotty shower at night. both look dry and highs in the 50s. >> thank you david. >> quick break. more news when he come right back.
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"action news" continues at 12:30 with sara bloomquist and made gift, david murphy. hello again here are the stories we are following at 12:30. the holiday travel rush is on and millions of people have left or getting ready to head to their thanksgiving destination and we are live with an update. and a growing popularity for video games with young girls and game makers are taking notice be making changes and we'll take you into new places to eat when you shop in king of prussia. >> it's thanksgiving and even the


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