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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a pleasant good morning to you, 4:30 a.m., thursday, november 24. it is thanksgiving. >> gobble gobble. >> crews are getting rallied for the thanksgiving day parade we'll have a live report on the early morning setup. >> donald trump announces new picks to his cabnet. karen rogers will be here later this morning along the parade route, let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy and
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matt pellman with weather and traffic. happy thanks, guys. >> reporter: thank -- happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: on radar there's a little bit of stuff in harrisburg and lancaster county. most of it is thin and dieing out. it is possible that we'll see that coming through, so far so good on the parade route. most of that is looking to the north. if you're heading into allentown and the poconos there's a mixed precipitation up there that freezes up on roads. we'll be socked in by the clouds. at times there could be a spotty shower, but not all that much. it will be light and spotty. mid 30s in allentown. reading. trenton, 37 degrees. in the poconos, 29 if anything pops through it might freeze up. 41 in wilmington, 43 degrees in
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millville. the winds are light, no problems for the balloons, they are at inflation station they will be ready for the parade. 10:00 a.m., 46. noon, 50. i'm allowing for a chance of a light spotty shower by the end of the parade. looks like if you're going down, it's okay to go out umbrellas. you might get a spritz toward the end, maybe not. the high is 54 degrees before we call back to 48. a cloudy thanksgiving, it won't be uncomfortable along the parade route. >> reporter: we have overnight construction because of the holidays, vine street expressway all lanes available in both directions. nearby we're setting up, we're making the final preparations for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. a number of streets are blocked
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off, including spring garden closed by the schuylkill expressway. that is still open at this point, you can exit, but you're forced to make the right, you can't go left toward the art museum. eakens oval is blocked off as is kelly drive, we'll see more closures along the parkway, mlk drive, 16th and 20th jfk boulevard closed. this means detours on the septa bus routes, 14 different routes to be exact. and we're on a holiday schedule, which is a sunday schedule. >> it is thanksgiving day, for philadelphia it means it is the time for the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. the balloons and floats and dancers will be along the parkway in hours. >> reporter: katherine scott is live at jfk where the crews are getting ready.
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>> good morning, guys, happy thanksgiving to you, the balloon handlers are just showing up and they are excited and read to go. we have some that will be leading tweety bird down the parade route. they are pumped up and ready to go. the balloons have not been pumped up yet that's coming soon. there are sandbags and the truck where that will come from. the parade sets off at 8:10, 20th and jfk. there will be 18 floats, 17 balloons in the parade, a glinch is glinch -- grinch is a popular one, bugs bunny and ginger zee along with kelly co-host winner richard curtis from bucks county. they were getting the last
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minute performances underway. estelle, county music recording artist and singing and dancing. and dann cuellar caught up with the performers they said they are ready to go. >> i'm going to dance to fire under my feet. >> reporter: what's the name of the song. >> love can move mountains. >> reporter: it is what we need. >> it will bring everyone together. >> reporter: and also watch out for a special perform animals and video tribute honoring dear old captain noah who died in august. the pennsylvania state boys and girls choir will perform i can sing a rainbow. the balloon handlers are starting to gather. the balloons will be blown up soon and we'll bring you live pictures throughout the morning. matt. >> all right, i'll take it
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katherine. don't forget if you are going to the parade bring a canned good to donate to the food drive to aid philabundance to help family in need and put food on tables this season. thanksgiving day parade will kick off at 8:30. >> new this morning, homicide are searching for the gunman who killed a man and critically injured another. chopper 6 hd was over the crime scene on turner street before 10:00 p.m. one victim was found in the front of the home, another in the rear of the home. the surviving man is in critical condition. police believe it is drug related. a medical helicopter had to land in a residential neighborhood in delaware to transport a woman critically injured in a freak accident. they was walking her dog along
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winding hill drive at mill creek around 7:00 p.m. when a jeep rolled down the driveway pinning her beneath the suv. the victim was trapped for 20 minutes. she was flown to christiana hospital. an illegal immigrant from honduras is under arrest for sexually assaulting a outcome girl. investigators say he met the girl on second street pike in southampton. police are asking any possible victims to come forward. president-elect donald trump has selected two women for cabinet level positions. trump has asked nickie hailey serve as u.s. ambassador to the united nation. abc's stephanie ramos reports.
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>> reporter: donald trump and his family are hunkered down in mara in florida. while white men dominated his staff pick he picked two women nickie hailey and betsyall. >> donald trump is everything we teach our kids not to do in the kindergarten. >> while i won't pretend to be president-elect's biggest cheerleader, i did vote for him, and i was thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: hailey is the
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daughter of immigrants the first minority selection, but very little diplomatic experience. devass was for ohio governor john kasich. to lead the commerce department mr. trump is expected to name wilbur roth who may be one of the oldest members of the cabinet. dr. ben carson said an announcement is coming on his role as head of housing and urban development. some other top names being tossed around rudy giuliani and mitt romeny and david petraeus vying for secretary of state. >> a christmas display that caused controversy is back up in berks county. it is from the classic movie a
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christmas story. it includes the famous leg lamp. he was forced to take the display down last year, it was deemed a fire hazard. >> 4:40 a.m., an arsonist is caught on camera torching a store. police say a business rival is the motive. another star is taking the blame for bruce springsteen's breakdown in new jersey. >> reporter: we have the high of 54 this afternoon which is a little bit above average. lots of clouds, though, we'll have the latest on future tracker 6 whether we'll get rain on the parade or through the afternoon. right now it doesn't look too bad, i'll have that and the forecast for the weekend coming up.
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>> good morning everyone, 4:43 a.m., it is thanksgiving morning, taking a live look at the commodor barry bridge, maybe you're up early brining your turkey making sure the overren is firing up flipping the -- oven is firing up, flipping the green beans. >> were you cooking yesterday? you seem to know all the things. >> my family would rather i didn't. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan, we've got clouds out there, radar north and west of philadelphia. there's a little bit of a sprinkle, the farther north you agree up through the region there's a changeover of mixed precipitation. you want to be careful if you're heading toward hazleton or
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pottsville. everybody else looking at a sprinkle or light shower. as we look outside, sky6 live hd cloudy skies above, in philadelphia it's dry and we're ready to roll for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade that's coming up in just a little while. 41 degrees is the current temperature. the winds are out of the east at 6 miles per hour. they are light so we don't have a problem getting the balloons in the air, as we saw from katherine scott they are filling them up. out to the west of us, a little mixed precipitation, that's going to shoot up in western pennsylvania. there's a chance of spotty shower popping through at times. at the parade it will be mainly dry. if you want to be super safe, bring an umbrella. there's a chance we squeeze this out without any rain. 3:00 p.m., 43. toward the end of the parade 50. a chance of a sprinkle or light shower.
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hopefully we get away without that. there's a shower at times through the day. 3:00 p.m., the high is 54 in philadelphia. doesn't that turkey look good. 49 in allentown. 50 in reading, a little cooler north and west, mid 50s from trenton to wilmington anne millville -- and millville, and cape may if that's where you're heading today. there's a chance of clouds and sun through the day, this is the noon view. it clouds up later in the day and evening. we're calling for a light sprinkle or shower around later in the day or evening. right now this model doesn't show you very much. i think overall you're in good shape. for shoppers on black friday, 44 at 7:00 a.m. we'll get up to 56 around 3:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., holding the low 50s that's not a black friday forecast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 54 degrees, cloudy skies, a spotty shower can't be ruled
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out, dry most of the time. saturday, dry, 56 degrees, in the evening, spotty shower around. saturday we have to allow for an early shower, sunny breaks, 54. temple plays at night. brisk and breezy on sunday, 50. eagles dry monday night, 54 heading into the game. tuesday, milder afternoon rain, 62. milder on wednesday, 64. again there's the chance of rain. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information at hopefully we can squeeze out the parade without any rain drops. if there is rain during the parade it will be tail end. >> that would be nice. new on "action news" a bitter beer battle may be behind this fire you're seeing at a southern california liquor store. it shows someone pouring
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gasoline across the front of the store in riverside and lighting it on fire. the detectives said he was upset that the liquor store was stealing sales from him by selling cheaper beer. looks like fireworks as a device which was in the clerk's pocket catches fire. the 31-year-old suffered burns to his hands and his legs. a washington state couple took down a thief with a bottle of sparkling cider. they pulled into their driveway in spokane and rifling through the car. they grabbed the bottle and they tackled the man on the sidewalk. >> the guy is trying to
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getaway, let me go, man, let me get out of here, i didn't take much. >> she said the man pulled out a gun so she hit him on the head with a bottle. his backpack was filled with stolen car keys and garage door openers. last week we told you about bruce springsteen's bike breaking down in new jersey. billy joel is the blame. he said he built from scratch the bike that springsteen used and gave it to the boss. he called him right away when he saw the news, being the cool guy he is, the boss said no worries. >> a thanksgiving staple has been recalled coming up what you need to know before setting the table today. the powerball jackpot jumped again overnight nearing record territory, more on that when "action news" comes right
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>> reporter: happy thanksgiving everybody, that didn't take long, first accident of the morning is already in on thanksgiving morning, i-95 southbound side by the exit to the betsy ross bridge. hard to see because of the overpass because there's a vehicle facing sideways right there. and another one right there on
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the right side. traffic is getting by on the two right lanes, flashing lights everyone is slowing down to see what's going on. already slow on i-95 southbound past the betsy ross bridge toward center city. otherwise no issues on the vine, schuylkill expressway looks good, as does the boulevard, closures going into place for the dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. our friends at waze look at the usage of their apps last year, 2015. they say today and tomorrow, in their words it's going to be great days to drive. we hope that's the case. >> saturday's jackpot jumped $403 million. the numbers 7, 32, 41, 47, 61 with a powerball 3. there were no winning match five tickets sold in the area. the jackpot is hitting record
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territory. the 10th highest was $399.4 million. if you want to be exact. the .4 makes a difference. >> that was in september 2013. >> i would take the .4. let's talk about morning business, today may be thanksgiving many stores are open for an early jump on black friday. kmart opens at 6:00 a.m., walmart and target will be opening in the evening. if you're looking for local deals head to and check out nydia han's black friday play book. u.s. d.a. said a company mislabeled beefravey it
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hassing milk and so soy. >> a fire at a south jersey apartment buildings leaves two families home, officials have identified a possible cause. police are stopping random people on the street. it's not what you would think. we'll tell you next.
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>> a police department in minnesota wants to spread
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goodwill to its neighbors. the police chief spent yesterday morning handing out gift cards as part of the random act of kindness campaign. >> we look for opportunities to talk to people, somebody walking on the street we think they could get benefit for getting a gift. >> i have a gift card for super one for $25. i wanted to give it to you. >> chief hopes it will bring better relationships in the community. they will continue their agents of kindness through the end of year. >> 4:57. all new on "action news," the bear that couldn't wait for thanksgiving. the black bear raid add family garage and -- raided a family garage and refrigerator. >> santa is going hitech. see how he can help with the
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meltdowns coming up on "action news." >> good morning and happy
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thanksgiving it is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, november 24. here's what's happening. >> the oldest thanksgiving parade in america steps off in just a few hours. we'll be live at inflation station we'll get a glimpse of the gigantic balloons before the parades. >> accuweather is tracking turkey day showers. >> cowrnght calories -- counting calories may n


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