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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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action news delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell atm will he edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy. i'm tamala edwards. two people shot in a parking lot near a macy's in south jersey. this as a busy black friday
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shopping frenzy is about begin. there's been an arrest of a 2-year-old in north philadelphia shoppers get on your marks the annual retail mega events continues in just a few hours with those sales and deals. plus will the weather cooperate for the shopping rush? accu weather is tracking the latest >> let's go on to david murphy and matt will tell us what's the best way to get to the mall >> lots of clouds but not much rain. you can see cloud cover across most of the region. a little sunny break early with clouds getting thicker later and maybe a sprinkle during the day. better chance of a shower later this evening, 43 degrees currently on your thermometer in philadelphia. 43 up in allentown. 43 in reading, lancaster, even numbers beneath the clouds, 40 in wilmington, 41 in millville and 56 in cape may, winds are light. we dropped to just calm winds in philadelphia and the highest number i got is 6 over in beach
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haven end, you don't have to deal with a lot of wind. it looks like the wind stay light but the clouds stay thick, 41 by 7:00, 46 by 10:00. concluding up in the afternoon, 53 by noon and 58 is your high at 3:00 before dipping back to 50 by 6:00, an odd sprinkle or light shower possible through the day but most of our showers probably holding off till evening. matt it looks breezy and cool, that story just ahead >> hopefully everyone's trip fan coma starting to wear off. if you're looking through the roosevelt boulevard, looking pretty good. northbound towards franklin mills, philadelphia mills, which reopens at 6:00, no problems to report on the roosevelt boulevard. and really, no problems as we look across the board on the big picture. 95, the schuylkill looks good, the vine street expressway is open because construction is suspended for the weekend.
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we had a couple of issues in norristown. there was a broken down vehicle on elm street, a water main break has popped up at e main at gay. so it's partially blocked. a crash overnight just north of pottstown along 100 southbound in upland square drive. there was fire department activity south of pottstown along time street and chem's road. those crews have left. everything is reopened. if you're headed to the philadelphia premium outlets they've been open all night and still now. go ahead, no problems on 422 if that's how you're getting there. live by the moorestown mall, this is route 38 the mall would be about over here, you can volumes very light. perhaps it's not open. if you're coming from the hamilton mall, there's a downed pole along 40 westbound approaches landis avenue blocking weekend lanes but the
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traffic moving both ways in the eastbound lanes. >> thank you, matt. this is breaking right now, we're getting word that at least one person is dead and a double shooting at a new jersey mall parking lot. police in hamilton township new jersey are on the scene. this is the hamilton mall in atlantic county. police were called shortly after 3:30 to the report of two people shot. on the shooting scene is that parking lot near the macy's side entrance, we're working to find out if police are still looking for a shooter. there's early evidence this has been a serious perhaps deadly event. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have a live report for you coming up in the next half hour. it is put black friday, the super bowl of shopping. some people decided to get a jump start by hitting the stores as they open on thanksgiving, many stores opened at 6:00 last night. shoppers were ready. they had been waiting for. >> my goodness, 60% off, 50% off
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>> i got it somewhere else at a different time if i hasn't have waited in that line. probably how to more i would have spent. >> surprise, surprise, the discounts are being offered yet again as the malls open at 6:00 this morning. people got a jump start in christiana delaware, worked off their turkey dinner at the christiana mall as soon as it opened at 6:00. the mall will reopen at 6:00 this morning, remain open until 10:00 tonight with plenty of those black friday deals. i'd like to rhyme you good morning america will have much more on black friday shopping. the big question will this crucial shopping weekend be a big payoff for the retailers? jim a comes your way at 6:00 right after action news. it is 504. police arrested two adults in connection with a shooting of a 5-year-old child. he was accidently shot by his
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four-year-old cousin inside a north philadelphia home yesterday. the incident happened on the 3500 block of north 9th street, the young centers were playing when they god ahold of a .40 caliber handgun. the gun discharged. hitting the 2-year-old in his hand and traveling into his stomach. the child's mother and her boy who were home at the time of the shooting are both now behind bars. we'll have much more on this story coming up in the next half hour of action news. this is coming in from our delaware newsroom. one person killed and a car crash in wilmington. two vehicles collided in the northbound lanes of 95 yesterday morning, one of the cars flipped over. the other one heavy front end damage. police have not released the name of the victim and haven't said what led to the crash. also police there are trying to identify a body found under a bridge in wilmington. crews were called out to the 500 block of south lincoln street around 10:00 yesterday in the morning. authorities have not said whether the person is a woman or man or how the person died.
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they didn't said the person was found not wearing any clothes. the music, the marching, the floats, balloons and people, of course, they make up the 6 action duncan donuts thanksgiving day parade. it was a big hit. that is the keystone boys choir and the pennsylvania girls choir singing the theme to cap tan noah and his magical arc, the beloved member of the 6 abc family. he died earlier year and this part of the parade was attributed to him and all that he did for channel 6 viewers. after he passed we went out and talked to viewers and big grown men started singing the songs and reminiscing. >> they were really sweet people. great to know. storm tracker 6 live double scan and we're looking at dry
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conditions. cloudy skies building over the airport. there might be some early sunny breaks for the first part of the day. the clouds will get thicker and weed my squeeze out a spotty sprinkle or shower. 43 in philadelphia. 40 in wilmington, 43 in trenton be 43 in allentown. regular and lancaster and 41 in millville. 46 in cape may. future track 6 shows you there could be a break early but obviously the clouds sweep in. through the day maybe a light sprinkle. nothing that you see during the day will be that impact. 6:00 cloudy skies. later in the evening, a better chance of a shower coming thrown the mole right now has it clipping philadelphia and going in and out of parts of south jersey and delaware later. up in allentown then we'll call for lots of clouds, mainly dry, if you see a sprinkle sure don't you surprised but it won't amount to much. 50 is your high in the lehigh valley. down the shore, the this afternoon, 57 degrees lots of
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clouds, mainly dry. then later on this evening, perhaps that shower rolling in. and for you shoppers across the region, especially in philadelphia going for 41 by 7:00. by 10:00, 46 degrees in some suburbs you can maybe deduct a degree or two off of these numbers, it's pretty much similar. 55 by 1:00, then 56 by 4:00. that's coming down from a high of 58. we'll get that around 3:00, which is pretty typical. by 7:0048, and as part of of the region, a little better chance of a shower by 7:00. overnight tonight, 52 is your low, not too bad around average, maybe a little above average, cloudy skies with evening shower possible especially from philly south and winds staying light. tomorrow that pushes away from us, we'll see partly sunny skies but it's going to get a little more breezy and clear behind that front with a high of 54 on saturday and if you're headed to the last temple regular season football game at lincoln financial field. big game as they're trying to wrap up the eastern side of
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their conference and get into the championship game, we're looking at stars mixing with clouds. winds not all that strong on saturday night. temperatures in the 40's. so dress warmly. you're scluf accu weather seven-day. perhaps a sprinkle. >> and sunny breaks tomorrow, breezy, 54, if we have rain it's by the coast and leaving quickly. partly sunny breezy on sunday, high of 52. monday, sun few clouds, 54 in the afternoon, and it will be cool for that eagles game at night but dry. after that we got a couple days in 60's, unfortunately, tuesday afternoon rain arrives and there's the chance of at least periods of rain on wednesday into thursday morning. >> you're not saying snow, so i'm good. >> december is about ready to be upon us >> ok, it is 5:10. new details in the fatal police involved shooting in chicago. investigators are scrambling to find evidence of that gun and
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the family argues if it was a justified shooting. every year fire departments put out those warnings about turkey fires. one homeowner barely missed those warning. good morning. live here in chadds ford along route one baltimore pike me creek road. if you're headed for breakfast or headed up to the shots at britain lake to do shopping this morning, volume is light and moving just fine. we'll check in with some other area malls when action news continues on this friday morning.
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♪ glad you're waking up with us on friday, 5:13, 44 degrees.
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update on the forecast in a minute let's take a look at your commute. a lot of people have off. that doesn't mean they're staying home >> it's time to start that holiday shopping if you haven't already. i've been doing a little better the last few years, starting over summer and picking things up. i used to be a day before kind of person. i'm trying to change my ways, old habits are tough to break. we're focused on the burb, that's where so many of our big malls are. we're live in montgomeriville around 309. not open right now, will reopen coming up in about 45 minutes at 6:00. that's what we're seeing with many of the suburban malls, not open at the moment but will be opening at 6:00. same is true with the willow grove park mall. if you're headed there this morning, month issues on the pa turnpike, of course, because of the holiday, there was no overnight construction. speeds are in the 60's and 70's. which we will take for this hour of the morning, and a couple
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issues in norristown during overnight. a broken down vehicle on ross alley. that's cleared out but still a water main break at east main at gay. things partially blocked off there. probably a good intersection to stay away from. in evesham township if you're headed to the promenade, looking good along 73 on evesham road, stopped here for the traffic light. the traffic is zipping on through on 73. coming away from the hamilton mall where we had that shooting. everything is open but there's another issue, a downed pole in the westbound lanes approaching landis avenue. the westbound lanes blocked off. you can exceeds by. time for the commuter report just north of the airport on 95, our friend rich to tell you about an object on the road coming in just a couple minutes
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ago. greg? >> thank you for the update action news this morning. three people are dead after police chase led to a fiery car crash near pittsburgh. the victims include one child and at least three more people were hurt in this. police say a driver took off after officers tried to pull them over yesterday afternoon. the suspect hit two other cars during that chase before his car crashed and eventually caught fire. this morning this investigation continues. new on action news, police involved shooting in chicago left a 19-year-old dead and his family is arguing the shooting is unjustified. they're showing him running from police. officers were responding to a call when they approached two men at a bus stop near the scene. they say man started running that different directions. police sergeant shot and killed ray telling investigators that he did so after ray point add gun at him. but a grid search has not turned up that gun with police telling reporters that there are, quote, many unanswered questions
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outstanding in this case. new on action news, a fried turkey being blamed for sparking a thanksgiving day house fire. he used a propane cooker to prepare a fried turkey on his porch. that was mistake number one. go to the driveway. he says he turned it off and hours later flames broke out. fire crews were able to put out the flames. no one were you hurt giving the homeowner something to be thankful for. 5:17 your time. thanksgiving was not day of rest for the eagles. part of their holiday at practice preparing for the monday night game. birds will face the greenbay packers at lincoln financial field. they will be fighting for one of two wild card spots. eagles hope to have three key players who have been out with injuries return to the field. you can the action of the eagles packers game here on 6 abc. monday 8:30, then stay with 6
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abc after the game for a live post game report after this.
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look at this it pretty awesome. australian youtube personalities, called how ridiculous they set the guinness book of world record for highest basketball shot. he nailed the shot nearly 594 feet last weekend. the trio previously held it. dude perfect made a shop from 533 feet. i could probably never do that >> i guess they do. >> that guy must have had three dozen basketballs. >> one would make it >> we're accomplishing goals.
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this is the blue route 476 if your goal is to get to the springfield mall when it hopes, your ride along the blue route and baltimore pike will be fine. in millville, cumberland county. this is 55 at try and if you're headed up toward the cumberland mall between millville and vineland, that too reopens at 6:00. no issues along 55. for the most part we're back in normal schedules on mass transit but the septa city busses and trolleys 10 patco running on special schedules because of the holiday. if you're headed out early to the malls or anywhere else. the numbers are even, most of us are looking at fairly 18 cloud cover, 43 in allentown, 41 in millville and 46 in cape may, new jersey. here's how it's going to go today, lots of clouds maybe a couple of early sunny breaks. 42 degrees by 8:00, 46 by 10:00. then we really cloud up through the afternoon and evening. 53 degrees by noon, 58 to your high at 3:00. then back to 50 by 6:00.
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there could be a little odd sprinkle or light shower through the day but the better chance is probably after 6:00, especially from about philadelphia south to see a more pronounced shower. gray and tam? thanksgiving dinner is over but the threat of food born illness is not. sure to store them. if you need your turkey to last longer, freeze it. lastly, never store your food outside. i didn't know this was a thing. no matter how cold it is unstable temperatures and animal can say quickly make that food less than healthy for human consumption, save injure stomach. >> good information. the next story of the mistaken text that led to a thanksgiving day invitation, there's an update.
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wanda sent an thanksgiving invite to the wrong person, after that mistake was figured out. she told jamal, come on over, have dinner. that simple gesture won over the internet, but no one was probably more thankful, their lesson in kindness touched everyone who's heard about the story she welcomed me and shows me how great of a person she is. >> it's come from god above, he's using us as tools to bring a message, you know, to others. >> what great story to share, the two took selfies to forever remember this special holiday together. listerine® kills 99%
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if you're heading out for the holidays make sure you got a suitcase that can handle the job >> consumer reports surveyed 65,000 leaders and their satisfaction scores to help make shopping for your next piece of luggage an open and shut case. >> like the pun there. here's nydia hahn with more. what's important when they select luggage >> durability and light weight. >> affordable. expert say considering self key factor can say put you heavy the pack were you're shopping >> the material is the first decision you need to make and you have two choices.
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hard side, soft. >> reporter: nothing beats hard side to keep items from bee congress increased. aluminum weighs a little more. newer plastic can be rigid. soft sided can compress more easily, one way to gave durability give it a good shake >> you want to make sure it tell scopes up and down more smoothly. you want to make sure it can fit into the overhead >> four wheels spinner bag are easier on your back and let you move through crowds. dragging a two-wheeler can be less ergonomic. >> but two-wheel bags have an advantage of clearing curbs.
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>> reporter: consider color. it's helpful find your bag in a sea of black. nydia hahn channel 6. if you're planning to start the holiday shopping today, you cannot afford to miss this year's playbook. heartbreaking actress florence henderson has died. those stores and more next on action news. flush
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. breaking news action news, there were reports of a double shooting at a south jersey mall parking lot before hours before shopping set to begin breaking new developments in the case of 2-year-old shot on thanksgiving. police made some arrests breaking news to tell you about. florence henderson the actress known as carol brady has died. stores will open their doors this morning for black friday. many shoppers have been out there getting a head start. good morning it is 5:30 on friday november 25th. karen rogers is off, so is matt o'donnell. i hope everybody had a nice thanksgiving.


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