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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  November 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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after man barricades himself inside a home. reports that he had fired shots at police. two children rescued in delaware as the family home goes up in flames >> and caught in the cross fire, a woman injured as philadelphia police get into a shoot-out with man in port richmond. those stories and much more in in just a moment. how is your voice holding up >> doing better. tea and honey does the trick. let's get it outside and show you the view overlooking the commodore barry bridge and we have a little bit of cloud cover upstairs and that help to keep temperatures on the mild side during the overnight hours and look where we're starting out. these temperatures easily this time of year could be in the 20's and 30's. and instead, some locations are already closing in on 50 degrees. philadelphia, 47. wilmington, 47. atlantic city 46. poconos, 35 degrees.
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satellite 6 along with action radar, lots of moisture but all of this up in through on her is pushing off to the east and this out through here pushing off to the east. pretty much what you'll see here today is just a combination of sun clouds. and a little bit of a breeze picking up during the afternoon. the call from accu weather for today, partly sunny, breezy, but fairly comfortable considering the time of year. 53 with wind it will feel more like the 40's. when i come back in a few minutes, we do have a pattern change, more on the way of unsettled weather moving in. that means several days of rain next week. details coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. breaking right now. an arm man barricaded inside a roxboro home after he allegedly fired shots at police officers, bob brooks near the scene on river road. bob, what have you learned >> gray, good morning, dangerous situation. this suspect is already proved
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that he will fire at anyone including the police. that is why extreme caution is being used. we're stationed about a mile away from the scene, there is activity close to where we are, we're at the intersection of venera street and shawmont avenue. police vehicles have been coming and going, we saw a marine unit, an ambulance go down that way. minutes ago. sort of hard to tell what exactly is going on down there but again, very dangerous, we did have a crew. i want to bring up video, closer to the scene when it first happened. let's look at that. we know around 5:30 this morning, there were reports of shots fired when the police showed up. the suspect started firing at them. the good news is no reports of anyone injured. but because of the apparent willingness of the suspect to shoot. this huge perimeter has been set up. we're about a mile away from where the home of where this man is barricaded. any neighbors are being urged to
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is that he inside unless the police come to their home, knock on the door and have them evacuated. back out live. i want to take another live look. you can another police suv speeding down the road right now to get down there to the scene. i also want to make note that the septa norristown line has been suspended as has the schuylkill river trail closed this morning because of the apparent danger. again, man has barricaded himself inside his roxborough home. he fired at police, that's what's going on right now. >> certainly breaking news story we will follow throughout the morning. time is 9:03. cuban president fidel castro has died. the 90-year-old led a rebel army to victory in cuba embraced communism and defied the power of ten u.s. presidents. his country is in a state of mourning.
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. >> reporter: a announcement of fidel castro's death at 90. he was born august 13th, 1926 in cuba. he was educated at private catholic schools and studied law at the university of havana. he became an activist for the poor and promised democracy but went on to rule cuba more than 40 years with an iron fist. >> communist, i feel honored of being a communist and i hope i will be till the last breath. >> reporter: in 1960, castro joined forces with the soviet union. the u.s. retaliated by imposing a trade embargo. john f kennedy. the bay of pigs. castro was able to fend off the invasion in the 1962 american
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discovered he had allowed the soviets to put soviet missiles in cuba. u.s. naval vessels moved in and the soviets backed down in exchange for the pledge that america would not attack. >> castro eventually produced descent. thousands of cubans braved rough seas and dehydration to reach america. in the early 1990s, the usv cost cuba billions of dollars's trade leading to widespread shortages. >> we have suffered the privilege to a prison. we have unfulfilled. >> reporter: in 1999, there would be more conflicts when the eyes of the world were focused on castro during a bitter fight of a cuban boy. in may, i want you to, president bush announced his initiative for a new cuba.
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he would main taken the the embargo unless castro stepped down from fire. >> the freedom to organize, assemble and speak. >> reporter: in 2006, to castro temporarily handed over some of his powers to his younger brother raul as he battled health problems but he never returned to power. even before his death, there were many changes in cuba reestablishing diplomatic ties with the u.s. and president obama's visit there earlier. the world will likely see even more changes with fidel castro gone. fidel castro castro out lived ten different presidential administration here in the united states. and now, with his passing, a new chapter begins in cuba. reporting from washington, lana, z ak. a man in critical condition after a shoot-out with philadelphia police. investigators say two officers on patrol in port richmond saw the suspect put a handgun into his waistband and after about
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ten:30 last night. they say they tried to stop the man along the 1900 block of clementine but they say he then took off running. officers followed that hasn't and some time during the chase he started shooting at them. >> the male turn, pulled the handgun and fires at the office. the officers returned fire. at which point the male continues to flee on foot. >> we're told this came to an end a few blocks away on the 2900 block of amber street. police say another group of five officers responded to the scene and shot that man. he was rushed to temple university hospital in critical condition. we know an innocent bystander was hurt in the gunfire. she was treated for a bullet injury to her leg and this morning, police internal affairs is investigating this case. new for you this morning, a driver heading the wrong way on route 70 in cherry hill new jersey ran head on into a police cruiser. the action cam at that scene near kingston drive shortly
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before 2:00 a.m. the driver was traveling east in the westbound lanes and ended up trapped inside her vehicle. firefighters freed the woman and took her to cooper university hospital where she is in stable condition. the officer has been examined at the hospital, we're told should be ok. the woman faces several charges. from our delaware newsroom, two men in jail after the car crashed into a dart bus during a police chase. the action cam at that scene of the accident. second and monroe in wilmington. police say the speeding car rammed that bus about 11:00. the bus was attempting to enter a dart garage. after the crash, the suspect got out of the car, made a run for it. employees quickly caught them. the bus driver was taken to christiana hospital to be treated. investigators would not say why police were pursuing the car. a house fire in new castle sent two children to the hospital. the action cam at the scene. the block of bradley road there. when they got to the scene about 12:45 this morning, they found
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this, the home engulfed in flames. the four people inside, man, a woman and their two children, managed to escape. the adults are ok but the children had to be taken to christiana hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation, no word on their condition. we know it took firefighters about an hour to get this fire under control, so far no word on what caused the fire. 9:09 is your time. black friday frenzy is over but the shopping continues. shoppers are focused on local neighborhood stores because today is known as small business saturday. many mom and pop shops will be offering deep discounts. the marketing campaign began seven years ago to help give small and independent retailer as boost during this busy holiday season. you can once again shop with ease today. and every saturday through the holiday season. in the city of philadelphia. the parking authority is offering free meter parking city-wide after 11:00 a.m.
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saturday. six garages will charge a flat $8 fee on select hours. more to come on this saturday edition of action news. she survived an accident that could have killed her. you will hear from a driver as she described the moment massive tree smashed her car. following the donations we take you behind the scenes of a charity where the elves are already hard at work getting ready for the christmas season. >> they're watching. coming up in weather, looks like a quiet weekend. don't today and tomorrow looks nice and tranquil. i want to say pattern turns unsettled next week, much-needed rain, more details on its arrival when we come back.
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glad you're waking up with us because chris sowers loves you so much. he has an update >> pretty nicings mild this morning, temperatures fairly mild this afternoon, tomorrow chilly cold front slides through, winds shifts out of the northwest and temperatures drop down to the upper 40's low 50's for highs, that's tomorrow today looks nice, a little bit of cloud cover upstairs but the big story is the numbers, take a look at some of the temperatures, and again, this time of the year, temperatures can very easily be in 20's or 30's, talking about windchills, instead, it's 47 in
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philadelphia. millville 46, and allentown 45. and part of the reason why we are so mild this morning is because of all the clouds that have been hanging around for the past, actually a couple days now, cloud cover tends to insides late things, keeps temperatures mile during the overnight. you see a lot of moisture to the north and east. pulling away. we will stay dry out there today. forecast for this afternoon. partly sunny, we'll call it breezy. and somewhat cold. the temperature not bad but with the wind it's going to feel more like the 40's. 53. that's forecast at high winter out of the northwest ten to 20 miles per hour. now, tomorrow is a big travel day. not too much going on across the country. things will change tomorrow as an area of low pressure comes off the front range.
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here's philadelphia here. this low will sit and spin and spin. and as it does so, it's probably going to sit there three days, it will continue to pick up moisture from the south and pull it north into the midatlantic and the northeast. so every time it spins, it picks up more moisture and pulls it this way. so the next couple days look all right but then tuesday, wednesday and thursday, here we go. 70% chance of rain tuesday, wednesday, we're up to 80% chance and then thursday, looks like another 70% chance of rain and everything starts to clear out. by the time we get into friday. so the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, partly sunny, breezy, nice today, 53. sunshine for tomorrow, breezy with a high of 50. 54 for monday. then tuesday, right through thursday, looks wet. periods of rain, but mild, temperatures are in the 60's. >> thank you so much for the
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update. time 9:15. some of santa's helpers are busy at work. action news vernon odom caught up with local toys for tots volunteers. working hard right here in the area. >> reporter: toys, toys, everywhere donated to bring joy to needy children. toys for tots has a warehouse. but christmas 2016 providers a lot of needs. this provides toys across montgomery county and bucks county. this year, even more requests are expected. >> we're not even at thanksgiving yet and my count is just about 8,000 kids already. >> reporter: for many of those who volunteered to sort out toys, this has become an annual labor of love >> very fulfilling. i can sit back on christmas day
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and i can have a smile on my face. >> reporter: for others this is a first time experience. >> they needed help sorting toys and counting toys, i'm a mom of two little kids and i couldn't think of a better way to spend my week >> making the kids happy christmas >> making sure they get everything they want >> making the kids happy >> more toy donations are needed. so are many more volunteers, as this operation head toward christmas day >> we need people to pack these orders. they won't get packed on their own. we need definitely a lot of help. >> reporter: this is assignsant. in horsham. vernon odom, channel 6 action news. much more to come on action news for this saturday morning,
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and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. speaking this will definitely get your attention, apple may be bringing back an old but popular cell phone style. the company has been granted a patent for flexible iphone that can followed in half. like the old school flip phone, the patents often provide a glimpse into what the company is developing for the if you have no there is no indication an iphone flip is a sure thing. christmas is coming a few weeks early for star wars fan, disney announced tickets for
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rogue 1, a star wars story will go on sale monday. they tweeted the yesterday saying lord vador, we've been expecting you. fans have been eagerly awaiting details about rogue 1. it rerevolves around a group of rebels. disney is the parent company of 6 abc. here's a look at what's happening in or around delaware and lehigh valleys, a holiday favorite is backing macy's christmas light show had its grand opening last night. you can see the four story holiday tradition that dates back to the 1950's through december 31st. it is free, runs every two hours, while macy's is open. the winter green at dilworth is brand new, it's a pop-up maze that meets garden that features shrubbery and declarations. it opens from 1:00 today and
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tomorrow from 6:00 to 1 a.m. . a freak accident could have cost her her life. we will hear from a local driver who survived a tree crushing her car. plus. >> hi, bob. bob is one of the pups rescued by the brandywine valley spca this week's winner in our shelter me contest the we'll learn more about bob and some of his friends coming up on action news. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero depo volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. it is now 9:24. eagles getting ready for the big monday night match-up against greenbay, struggling nelson agholor says he is does not know whether or not he will be benched for this game. doug pederson has not made a
9:25 am
decision just yet but is telling agholor to prepare as if he will play. the wide receiver says as much as he wants to play, he will not plead the case, he plans to get his body language and practice do the talking. >> what's in front of me is an opportunity to show mental toughness, to show resilience, opportunity to prepare the right way. and you know, be there, just not getting your own way, have fun, don't worry about anything else. have fun and play that one moment. that's it. you can watch the eagles monday night match-up against the packers arrive on 6 abc. join us for our pregame special countdown to kickoff at 8:00. in this week's she would me we introduce you to jingle who is give bank to his new owners helping them lead a better life. here is david murphy. >> he was afraid of everything when we first bought him
9:26 am
>> the scars are still evident on jingle. rescued from a dog situation. >> we could couldn't offer him what he needed >> they started as fosters forging he will >> he adopted us first. we're his pack >> good boy. >> reporter: the adoption not only been good forging he will >> over last six months, he put on 60 pounds, he's healed up >> jingle was saved by the brandywine valley spca >> this is a first no kill open shelter in the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: dogs like jingle are given an opportunity to thrive >> over 90% of our annuals are put into these situations. >> reporter: they're hoping to add to that december 2nd through the 4th with their mega adoption event at the 23rd street armory in center city >> that's going to pull over 1,000 animals, we're hoping to adopt out everyone >> there will be dogs like >> ada,
9:27 am
>> very high entering, playful >> jadais a 5-year-old boxer mix. sam is a >> a lot of kisses >> na na and pam are a bonded pair of kittens ready to play with their new family >> they do better together, they seek comfort from each other >> this is bob. bob is a 6-year-old terrier mix. he loves to snuggle when he's tired but when he's awake you can expect him to be pretty active friend. if you're interested in bob or any of the animals you met. you can visit the brandywine valley spca website. and if you'd like us to share your shelter success stories, post a picture to the fyi philly facebook page using #6 abc shelter me and tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you. with bob, i'm david murphy channel 6 action news. >> we have another check of the
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exclusive accu weather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers when action news saturday at 9:00 comes right back.
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on action news saturday at 9:00. cuban americans react to the breaking news that fidel castro died. they're partying on the streets of miami. penn state agrees to pay a recent record breaking fine
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connected to the jerry sandusky sex abuse >> a local driver harrowing rescue after trees crushed her car, first meteorologist chris sowers has the forecast we have decent amount of sunshine and mild temperatures, we're in the mid 40's across a large part of the area. poconos is the exception cooler with a temperature of 35. but 47 in philadelphia. we're slowly going to take that. trenton 46, millville 46 and wilmington 47. here is satellite 6 along with action radar and if you look closely there's a lot of green, shower activity to the north and more showers to the east. the good thing here is we're starting to clear, skies are starting to open up a little bit. the clouds thinning out and all of this is actually pulling away moving east-northeast and away from the delaware and lehigh valley. today looks dry. tomorrow looks dry as well. both days fairly comfortable. at least considering the time of
9:31 am
year. here's the day planner, 11:00 a.m. up to 50. look for a combination of sun clouds, by 1:00, 52. by 3:00, 53. and that's pretty much where we're going to plateau later on, accu weather says partly sunny and breezy. but with the wind it will feel like the 40's. you're definitely going to need a lighter coat or jacket this afternoon. then, the weather pattern turns much more unsettled as we get into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we get an area of low pressure kind of cut off from the jet stream with the main flow of traffic and it will just sit here and it's just going to spin and spin, and going to open up the door, a lot of moisture here east of the mississippi by the middle of next week and that means periods of rain, could even be a spring-like thunderstorm out there by wednesday, becoming windy and milder with temperatures in the 60's. >> thanks for the update. and it is 9:31.
9:32 am
we'd like to give you an update on breaking news coming from the roxboro section. an armed man remains barricaded on river road after police say he fired shots at officers earlier. we can tell you at this point no officers have been hurt. you're looking at action cam video taken before police told the news crews they had to leave this area. you can also note that septa halted the norristown manayunk line because of how close this is to the suspect's home. also, officers have closed the schuylkill river trail for the same reason. of course, to keep folks safe. police also told residents who shelter in place there in their homes until they're able to diffuse the situation. for updates on this breaking news story, stick with action news and we also continue to follow the breaking news coming from cuba where fidel castro died. his brother and current president, raul castro made that announcement on television late last night. fidel castro was 90.
9:33 am
cuba is in an official state of mourning, that will last nine days.
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the tree was on top of me. the it. it crushed a parked vehicle, she found herself pinned inside with a roof of her car pushing down the back of her head. she was terrified but found comfort in prayer she recited >> every time i get into my car i pray to my guardian angel. done that since a kid. >> reporter: her guardian angel arrived in the form of an off-duty police officer who happened to be walking by. he ran over and reached his hand into the crumb he woulded driver's side window. he called 911 >> firefighters arrived and extracted her from the car. helen was released a few hours later with nothing but bumps and
9:37 am
bruises. a huge relief for her family. >> i couldn't believe the luck that you know, nothing happened to her. we were walking out of there by 3:00 in the afternoon. >> reporter: mrs. quickly says she's i internally grateful to the first responders who pulled her from the wreckage >> i want to thank them all. >> reporter: walter per se action news. a firefighter who is a montgomery county native had a chance to meet the man whose live he saved. jim lee got his start at the willow grove fire company pulled off a rare rope rescue of an elderly man in a fire on new york's upper east side. the technique has not been attempted in five years and it's considered a last resort. lee scaled a burning building and grabbed 81-year-old jim
9:38 am
duffy. both. them were lowered to the ground and that's when the rope snapped >> i said thank god it was a miracle. i called it a miracle on 93rd. >> it's a good catch phrase. >> firefighters two heros. unfortunately one person died in that fire. 15 were injured including 11 firefighters, as for duffy he's still in a rehab facility. once released he has no place to go. his apartment where he lived for 50 years is now gone. but the firefighters have set up a fund to help raise money so he can get a new place to stay. good for him. 9:38. temple football play book is next on in action saturday at 9:00.
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temple, i'm ducis rogers. >> you got us in your office. you got east carolina. how great does it feel to be in a situation where you control your own >> losing our first conference game and/or a big conference game and battling back to be in this position, shows their revolve, character, and it will be settled saturday at the linc
9:42 am
>> given what happened last season was there a little more motivation to get back there >> we got there last year, i thought we played a if game against a great team. came up short. you want to get another crack at it. they've set their sights on it and they have one more step to get there >> we spoke to players about getting back to the championship game and controlling their own destiny >> same boat as last year. see if we win this game, decided of the division and going to go to the conference championship. we got to lead our guys. we can't let it overwhelm us >> we play our best football all day and we know as a team we're in good shape. we got to keep on out there playing, that's most important for us, play our best football. happens, i let that be our >> east carolina may not have the best record at this point in the season but this is a team that can put up a lot of points,
9:43 am
yards, what concerns you most about this football team >> they have the number one ranked offense in our conference, they can throw the ball all over the field. jones the receiver just set the national record for most catches he had 151 for this season alone. they're going to come in with a high flying offense and challenge us in a lot of way >> you got a great offense against a great defense, >> two straight shut-outs. >> what has changed over of the last few games for your defense >> i believe they've gotten better and better. we've had a lot of injuries in the middle of the year. some of younger players developed. we've been able to run the ball on offense sort of hold the ball and not give people a lot of chapses and that's chances >> how much pressure does it take off the offense when your defense can shut people off. >> fantastic, you can play free and you can also play to our strength. we're behind, you know, we can
9:44 am
throw it but we'd rather have a lead, command the game. especially the northeast >> we spoke about how good the defense has been over last couple week >> now you starting to see we're number three defense in the country. >> i love it. i love it. man, you know, we go out there we aim for three -- as we drive, when we do that we come to the sideline and keep talking to each other. third quart and a fourth quarter shut-out and there's a 0 up there, it's beautiful >> from one star defense to another, let's talk about hassan, reddic. what has he meant >> he's a tremendous example of what we're trying to get done, a local guy, a can it walked on here, he's gotten his degree, gotten better and better. he was of a conference last year but this year one of the best in the country, coming off the edge-pass rushing, playing off the ball and special teams, he's a true, true team player
9:45 am
>> i spoke to hassan earlier this week, he's one terrific kid ready to make a difference. >> you're a senior, a lot of seniors on this team. is there a sense of urgency? it's almost over >> you know, not to get emotional, but this is me and my fellow seniors, this is our last game and it's home. you know, so we just making sure we come in and do everything we got to do to get this last home game in the linc. get a w as seniors, so that way we can go out on right note >> how much do you reflect on how far you've come? you played a runningback in high school. probably playing at the next level next year. do you sit back and think about how far you've come >> coming from a walk-on to switching so many different positions. it always used it to remind myself where i came from, you know, i never forget that, always keep my edge, you know, just keep going, the sky is the limit.
9:46 am
things are looking bright for me right now. i just got to keep going. >> if younger kid asked you how are you able to to do it what do you tell them >> one and two. that's all it was. i knew that i was a good football player. i knew that i would continue to develop. even though you know, i didn't have them years in high school that i wanted, i knew was a good football player and i just wanted to show everybody i could play ball i knew i could play, coaches staff knew i could play, families and my friend support knew i could play. i just wanted to show everybody >> much more to come. we'll talk more about the match-up against east carolina today plus the practices here at temple, starts with hard hitting. you'll get more of that coming up next.
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9:48 am
. you guys won five straight
9:49 am
games at home at the linc. do you feel like your team is peaking at the right time >> i'd say so. our guys just gotten better and better. sort of stuck to the process of getting better and not too focused on the results. they're turning into a good football team >> was there a turning point or something said to make it starting to this any >> i think after the memphis game loss, i think some of the older players, they really stood up and said, you know what? if we're ever going to do it and that's a day in and out thing we have to do it now. that led into the ucf, the final drive to win that and led to this streak >> you built a great out here, and it all starts with practices. morgan has that. >> reporter: while most teams back down from, temple prides
9:50 am
itself. on game days they can deliver four quarters of body blows. > our bodies are fully just beat up and just drained, and just to walk off of the field is just like, like, it was bad at first but then like when we got there and it was perfectly fine and now we got to keep following the process and keep pushing forward. a lot of my boys, they won't do -- i don't do that, every time i explain we hit probably three times a week. they think i'm crazy for saying that but i don't want them to think i am lying. it's amazing to see how the division one program is going to do what we do. >> it keeps it straight, we're basically never letting off of the gas pedal.
9:51 am
it's constantly down. we're in full throttle every day. we see guys are breaking down because of how physical we're hitting them and it's like wow, if we just trust the process and the sky is the limit. >> get us ready for game, live experiences, give us practice twice as fast, somebody going to run game, get you ready for that impact in the game. >> the way we hit device how we're going to hit again. >> what does it mean to be tough for temple? one could be wearing a single digit jersey, the other can be getting after in pregame warmups. >> they got loose and tough before the game that's what temple likes to do. they want to bring back the temple toughness >> it shows how physical the game is supposed to be played. and that as long as we keep like delivering body blow after body blow, teams can never withstand
9:52 am
us up to 60 minutes. >> reporter: after beating up on each other, i would imagine game days like this one are welcome opportunity >> i'm morgan siegfre,d. back to you. >> it's a physical game. if you want to stay safe, if you want to stay healthy, you have to learn how to play the game the right way. the only way to do that is full speed. we believe that iron sharpens iron, you get better and man next to you get better and we stay safe. when we tell our kids when we go, we go, that's turned a lot of players, the good players when they're young to great when their older >> senior day from the guys at east carolina. do you have a special relationship with this class. why is that >> the first group of kids a chance to recruit, some of them committed to temple before i got the job and they took a chance on a coach they didn't know.
9:53 am
they just stuck to the program and they fought and they worked for each other. battled through adversity. a record year last year, all graduated and here they are with a chance to go back to the conference championship game if they can do what they're supposed to do saturday. i'm excited, proud of them and i'm anxious to see what happens. >> underneath the lights at the linc. that will do it for this edition coach matt rule, action news continues after this. flush
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keeping up up to date on the break news. a man is still barricaded inside his home. more than four hours ago. police were called to river road because someone heard gunshots. that's when they say the man fired at them. officers are telling people who live in that area to stay sheltered inside their home. they've closed the schuylkill river trail. septa suspended the rail line because of it. let's get you caught up on the final check on the forecast with chris sowers >> we'll have a combination of sun and clouds. it's breezy, highs around 53. tomorrow, lots of sunshine, still on breezy side and slightly cooler but not a bad day. high of 50. monday clouds 54. apparent pattern gets unsettled, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, periods of rain every day.
9:57 am
it's going to be wet out there. much needed rain, thinking one and three inches >> wild countdown is next on channel 6. action news continues later tonight, we'll be back 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you. more moms are making a choice to work from home. we're going to take a closer look. it is a treasured annual tradition. the philly pops are fine tuning their chris mat concert. i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." when you hear the word "ranch," you probably think of cattle and the old west. >> moo! >> but today, we're looking at 7 unique ranches from the middle east... >> jack, here is where we milk the camels. >> alaska... >> whoa. this thing's friendly, right? the southern tip of south america. >> oh, there's sheep up there. >> look at 'em coming now. plus, my bovine blooper of the week. can i drink that? >> you could. >> w


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