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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays. morning to you, november 28. 6:00 a.m., i'm gray hall with erin o'hern, matt and tam are off, here's what's happening. >> a couple of attackers are on the run after shooting a transgendered woman leaving a bar. we're live with the details. president-elect is on a new twitter tirade. >> the eagles are getting ready to face off against the packers
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in a monday night showdown on 6abc. >> we have a preview of weather and traffic with karen and david. >> reporter: good morning, guys, we're off to a cold start across the region. let's look at satellite. we'll see sunshine up over the horizon early. you can see there's clouds out to the west of us, as we roll through the day the clouds will get thicker and rain to the west of ohio that won't be here until early tomorrow morning. as we look at temperatures we're looking cool. 35 degrees in philadelphia. below freezing in wilmington and trenton, the mid 20s in allentown. 28 in reading, 25 in lancaster, 23 in millville. 44 in cape may. winds are light, calm across the entire region, so, that's good. it's cold, but we don't have windchills to worry about. as we roll through the day, lots of sun by 78:00 a.m. a temperature of 34 for the early morning run. 42 degrees by 10:00 a.m.
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clouds getting thicker as we roll through the day, 56 degrees is the high, before we dip back to 61. light winds and gathering clouds. we have rain on the way tomorrow, today is day to get the errands done. i'll have the rain on future tracker 6 and more on wednesday, that's ahead in the seven day. >> reporter: we hate the rainy morning commute. this morning we have a dry one. looking live on the blue route at mcdade boulevard. that's southbound traffic heading toward i-95. looking good out there. overall on the big picture, the commute is boring me, no accidents, issues, blue route, i-95 moving in the 0 40s and 50s. vine street westbound a touch of slowing 37 miles per hour. you can see the slowing as we look live on the vine. that's the westbound traffic jamming toward the schuylkill expressway. over in hammonton, we have construction that's causing problems intermittent lane closures and blockages until
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7:00 a.m. on 206 at chews road. live on the ben franklin bridge coming in and out of the city, all area bridges looking good so far. gray and erin. >> we begin with the developing story, a trans gendered woman was followed from the bar and shot by her attackers. annie mccormick is live at the 19th district police. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, erin police are looking for two systems only a vague description of one of them saying he has tattoos on his face. according to police, the suspect fired multiple times at the victim who was identified as a 21-year-old transgendered woman. the victim was hit in the hip. earlier police say the victim and the suspect were in the same bar and the victim was followed on the way home. >> they were in a bar at 66th and landsdown and when the
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victim exited the bar, two other pay tronls of -- patrons of ther followed the victim two blocks. at the intersection of 66th and malvern. one of two males following the victim fired five shots striking the victim in the hip. the victim was able to run a half block to their home. >> reporter: again, they are looking or for two people, they believe one of the two people is the one that did fire the shot. the victim is in stable condition at the hospital. reporting live in west philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you so much for the update. northbound lanes of route 1 and 213 in middletown, bucks county are back open. theythey were shut down becausea serious crash before 9:00 p.m. a roadside assistant worker try to change a flat tire.
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that's when he was hit by a car. the incident remains under investigation, but they do not expect any charges. 6:05. a high-speed chase investigation shut down a burlington county road for several hours. police say that the chase started around 12:30 p.m. in voorhees along route 73. the suspect crashed into several cars before becoming -- there was a sudden stop in evesham township where police arrested the suspect. we know that several people had minor injuries, police have not said what led to the chase. all new on "action news," fire investigators are working to find out what sparked a fire in camden county overnight. crews were called to the 1200 block of north 32nd street in camden after 2:00 a.m. crews began to fight the fire that destroyed one home and smoke an damage to a second home. all occupants escaped without injury. election leaders in wisconsin are expected to meet to discuss a possible timeline
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for the recount of the state's presidential election. that recount comes at the request of jill stein. donald trump is president-elect despite losing the popular vote by 2 million votes. trump tweeted in addition to winning the electoral college in landslide i won the popular vote if you dededuct the the millions of people who voted illegally. >> president obama and president-elect trump speak regularly they spoke yesterday at length they are trying to move on and form a government it is high time hillary and her supporters do the same. >> stein is going to request recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. >> the eagles are gearing up for monday night football showdown against the green bay packers. both teams need a win to avoid slipping behind in the playoff
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race. the packers have lost four straight games. watch the eagles game on 6abc at 8:30. we have a pregame special countdown to kickoff at 8:00 p.m. stay with us after the game for a live post-game show. millions of americans shopped online over black friday weekend. retailers hope to keep the momentum going on cyber monday. maribel aber is live at nasdaq, good morning, maribel. people are expected to spend millions of dollars. >> consumers are expected to spend 3.$3 billion. the call would make it the biggest shopping day in history. deals like notebooks are according to the best. check out door busters, for more cyber monday deals. more consumers shopped on cyber monday than last year.
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154 million consumers shopped in stores and online. that's more than last year. despite the up tick, consumers spent ten dollars less than compared to 2015. the third straight week for gains for stocks. futures are pointing to a lower open. we have a full lineup of economic reports including consumer confidence and the weekly job report. if you're on the fence, leave the item in your online shopping carts, because websites give you an extra discount to seal the deal. >> i'm one step ahead of you i have all sorts of stuffer in my cart. >> i don't want to think about it. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry and as we take a look outside, we have sky6 live hd plenty of sun coming up over the
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horizon. right now the stars are out. notice how the camera is not shaking this morning, as we have calm winds this philadelphia and calm winds across the region at this hour. 35 degrees, though, grab that coat as you step outside. even though there's no windchill to worry about, it is cold. mid 20s in the allentown. 28 in trenton. low 20s in millville. cape may better next to the milder ocean water 44. satellite and radar shows there's cloud cover trying to streak through overnight. it's gone, but a thick bank of clouds is existing to the other side of washington, d.c. and now pushing up toward baltimore. and this is going to be overtaking us gradually as the day goes on. eventually rain to the west is also here that won't be until tomorrow morning. we're looking at a dry day in the lehigh valley. sun and clouds, winds light,
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54 degrees. down the shore, 56 degrees, winds on the light side. in philadelphia, 56, unsun and clouds -- sun and clouds, chilly. winds light that won't be much ever a bother at all. as the eagles take to the field look for mostly cloudy skies, winds on the light side we're rangerring somewhere in the mid to upper 40 during the game. it is possible as you're leaving the game, temperatures are starting to rise a little bit. not much wind down at the stadium, but you want layers with temperatures in the 40s. overnight tonight there could be an overnight shower especially toward down, 46 is the overnight low. not as cold tomorrow morning as this morning. tomorrow morning we're we're on the look out for rain. at 6:00 a.m. as we are in the middle of broadcast we'll see rain pushing into the western suburbs.
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by the end of the rush hour, most of the area will be wet. this model continues to keep us somewhat damp through 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. out and wednesday morning we start out dry, another round of rain comes up the coast and we winds up on wednesday getting another batch of rain. in some cases on wednesday it could be heavy rain in pockets and thunderstorm mixed in. by the time all is said and done, some spots could go over two inches of rain. philadelphia getting up close to 2. we need the rain we'll get it tuesday and wednesday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 56 today, sun and clouds. tomorrow, breezy, as you just saw periods of light to moderate rain, 65 is the milder high. wednesday, 68 in the afternoon, at the same time we have showers moving in and pockets of heavy rain and thunderstorm on wednesday. there might be leftover rain thursday morning, but generally speaking this is a day of drying. might see late sunny breaks, high of 61 with temperatures tumbling a bit in the afternoon. friday, saturday, sunday, much
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cooler, lots of sun, all three days, though. >> thanks, david. time now, 6:11, a missing mother who grabbed national headlines is home safe. there are questions as to what happened to her weeks after she disappeared. someone changed the name of trump tower on google map to show what he really thinks of the president-elect. >> reporter: stump road we have a blocked lane of traffic. we have more when "action news" comes right back.
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on a monday morning, look at this beautiful shot courtesy of sky6 live hd overlooking the commodor barry bridge. 6:15, 36 degrees, we'll warm up to the upper 50s. let's go over to karen rogers this is the time things start to pick up. >> reporter: we have a few problems that came in. other than that traffic has been a breeze. 309 northbound at stump road we have an accident blocking a lane. northbound blocking a lane with police on the scene. a new accident coming in on 309. watch for that slowing you down, just a little bit. another accident here, this is glenside montgomery county, lime
6:16 am
kiln pike at cricket avenue. a new accident in glenside. on the boulevard traffic is getting more volume. southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. moving nicely, we're dry talking about rain tomorrow, no weather-related problems today. the travel times reflecting that. still a 16 minute ride that's next on i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. schuylkill expressway no major delay in either direction. route 42 is looking good, as well. coming in from cherry hill, new jersey coming in from the city take 2935, 676 over the ben franklin bridge, 24 minute ride. nobody problems coming in from cherry hill, new jersey. it's cold to start you off. we'll have frost in spots. 22 in martins creek. 25 in quakertown. 27 in kennett square. 31 in warrington. 29 in chester.
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27 in browns mills. 29 in glassboro, 2 degrees in dover, delaware. thanks for the update. ten people were shot one person is dead after a violent weekend in the french quarter. police are searching for two suspect gunmen. surveillance video shows dozens of people running as soon as they heard the gunfire there. police say two women and 8 men were hit by bullets. we know one man died in a hospital. the shooting appears to have stemmed from an argument between two men who are not from new orleans. we're learning about the day a missing woman from california was found alive on the side of the road. sherri papini vanished three weeks ago after going for a run. 4:30 a.m. thanksgiving morning, a driver saw the mother badly beat up on the side of the road in rural northern california that driver called 911.
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>> police say she had heavy chains on her wrists when she was found. authorities are examining her clothing and chains for any dna evidence. she was treated for injuries and reunited with her husband. google has fixed trump tower's name after someone changed the name on google map. instead of trump tower was dump to your. cruisers of the map noticed the name change and some took to social media to report it. the president-elect has not taken to social media to address the name change. it's not clear who made the initial change on google map. >> a teen breaks down about bas for muslim women by competing in
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a beauty pageant. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids with coats and extra gear this morning. there's not a lot of wind, but we have temperatures around the freezing mark and below it. this afternoon they can ease back on the gear. the 12-hour forecast and look at the airport call, that's coming up. ♪ happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start?
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>> so glad you're waking up with us. 6:21. this morning someone is waking up a new millionaire. one in tennessee had the winning 421 million powerball ticket. that's a whole lot of money. the winner has not come forward publicly. the cash option a whopping $225 million. there was a 1 million-dollar tick sold in pennsylvania. one was sold in minnesota, too. >> reporter: that's coming just in time for the next 75
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holidays. >> that's right, to the friend out there in pennsylvania, remember us. let's take a look outside, this is 309 northbound at stump road, police are on the scene we have a disabled vehicle, you see the flashing lights on the left. 309 northbound one lane blocked, police on the scene. mass transit looking good at this point, i noticed one or two trains, dave, ten minutes late, but no delays yet. >> reporter: big change from a couple of months ago, 35 degrees under the sun. 42 degrees by 10:00 a.m. noon, 50 degrees. we'll get mild high of 56 at 6 -- 3:00 p.m. wind are light today, 6:00 p.m., 351 degrees. if you need to get errands done get them done today because a pork of tomorrow and good portion of wednesday it will be raining. no major delays at any of our
6:23 am
major airports and our major travel cities. rain in chicago has tapered off. dallas fort worth is looking for rain and thunderstorms that wouldn't be an area to watch for possible delays later. >> a new study finds microbes in your gut may prevent you from keeping the weight off. a high fat diet followed by a normal diet triggered weight loss and weight game. the altered microbes speed up the gain. star wars fans have been waiting for this. >> it's all hands on deck amazon fulfillment center in delaware. katherine scott is there, high, katherine. >> reporter: high, gray, that's right it is cyber monday. that means lots of hustle and
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21-year-old man is behind bars charged in the shooting death of a 16-year-old junior firefighter. pennsylvania state police say george mattis. killed the high school sophomore in redstone township, 45 miles south of pittsburgh. police do not have a motive for the killing. a minnesota teenager has
6:27 am
made history as the first somali american to participate in the miss minnesota u.s. a. competition. she wore different outfits and competed in a hajib and be rmplet -- about berkinni. tickets for rogue one star wars is on sales. fans have been waiting for details about rogue one which is both a spinoff of star wars and prequill. it debuts in theaters. disney is the parent company of 6abc. meteorologist david murphy is tracking heavy rain moving in for the middle of the week. >> developing right now, a real life drama at a california movie theater when security opened fire on a suspect claiming to
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from santander bank. "action news," the victim leaves the bar with two armed men following behind. we're live as police investigate the shooting. happening today, cubans continue to mourn the passing of fidel castro. exiles in america cheer his death. >> we're live at amazon on cyber monday where they are keeping up with all the orders. >> good morning, it is 6:30 on cyber monday. along with gray hall. matt and tam of off. >> let's go over to david murphy with weather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning, everybody, we have the promise of sunshine up over the horizon. take a look at satellite, clouds
6:31 am
over to the west and sun early. we'll see rain that you see on the other side of ohio, as of right now the rain is probably not arriving here until sometime tomorrow morning. temperatures morning are cool, 35 degrees in philadelphia currently. below freezing in willmington, trenton, the 20s in allentown, reading, lancaster and millville. 44 next to the slightly milder ocean temperature in cape may. winds not much of a factor. most of us are looking at calm winds that's what the zeros mean. not much windchill to worry about. as we roll do the delay, cold for the early morning run, 34 degrees under the sun. 42 by 10:00 a.m. the afternoon doesn't look bad. a few clouds around 56 is the high at # p.m. the reason i say today is the day to get things done we have rain arriving tomorrow, and more rain wednesday. no problems this morning or this
6:32 am
afternoon, but you have that on tuesday and wednesday. karen i'll detail the arrival and departure of the rain come up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we have have it, headaches, tuesday morning commute wednesday rain. i-95 southbound getting heavy a 20 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine, you're just beginning your scram. 19 miles per hour near cottman. schuylkill expressway 15 miles per hour westbound approaching the boulevard to past belmont. elsewhere on the schuylkill expressway still moving nicely. a touch of slowing on the vine street expressway at times, as well. we can take a live look here, westbound traffic is starting to slow up as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. eastbound volume building, but mostly in the clear, not too bad at this point on the vine. we had an accident in glenside that cleared, limb -- lime kiln
6:33 am
at cricket avenue. 206 at chews road hammonton we have construction that will calls lane restrictionsal 7:00 a.m. >> thank -- restriction also at 7:00 a.m. >> thank you for the update. philadelphia police investigate a shooting, investigators say the attackers followed the victim home from a bar. annie mccormick is following the story a morning long outside 19th district police, annie what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: gray, both suspects have not been caught at this hour. there's a vague description that he has tattoos all over his face. it was one of them that fired the shots. this is video from the scene. this happened around 11:15 p.m. according to police, the suspect fired five shots at the 21-year-old victim at 66th and malvern. the victim was hit in the hip. earlier police say the victim and the suspect were in the same
6:34 am
bar, appears the victim was followed after leaving the bar to go home. >> we don't have a motive for the shooting at this time. we just know that the victim and the two perpetrators one of whom fired the shots they were inside a bar at 66th and landsdown just prior to shooting taking place. we don't believe the two perpetrators will with the victim inside the bar, but they were inside the bar separately. >> reporter: now, the victim was shot in the hip and taken to hospital where the victim is in stable condition. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> new information to tell you about this morning, a camden county metro officer is recovering after being hit by a car. the driver knocked him to the ground at north 5th and vine streets while on another car.
6:35 am
the officer had minor injuries and no word if the driver will face any charges. two days of tributes get underway in cuba for the late fedel castro. the remains of the former communist leader will arrive at revolution plaza. fedel castro died friday at the age of 90. the funeral is set for sunday. it coincides with the start of the u.s. airline's first regularly scheduled commercial flight to had a -- havana. cast cost was -- fedel castro death has reignited the fugitive joe and chessimar.
6:36 am
eagles face the packers tonight at 8:30. "action news" is live for the post-game show, go eagles. >> it is cyber monday, with most people hitting the web on midnight. amazon is in a mad dash to deliver all the orders. katherine scott is live at the fulfillment center. getting up today for work paid off. >> reporter: this is a huge day for amazon. a lot of us two -- who love to get their deals on cyber monday. this is the fulfillment center in middletown, delaware. this is where the small and mid size customers items children's books and ornament and dvds are picked packed and shipped. this is a 1 million square foot facility. there are 8 miles of conveyer
6:37 am
belts. last year on cyber monday, amazon customers ordered 54 million items worldwide. that's 629 items per second. consumers have been looking for deals for days now. online sales on black friday reached a new high. many stores released their online deals earlier and stretched them longer and give the same deals in the store. the deals are not all concentrated on cyber monday as they once were. amazon started offering 35 days of black friday days weeks ago. we talked to a seller from newark she started selling home decors and she turned it into a business. >> we're a small growing business, we use a lot of resources in our community to help our business because of how am son has helped our -- sam
6:38 am
sown has helped our business grow. >> reporter: she said they prep for cyber monday all yearlong. take a look at the fulfillment center in middle town, delaware, more than 3,000 full time employees work here, and they bring on seasonal associates, as well, to help with the rush. so happy shopping everybody. live in middletown, channel 6 "action news." >> we're not happy, but we're shopping. storm tracker 6 live double scan if you want to do conventional shopping it's not a bad weather day to do that. we're dry this morning, as we look outside we're looking at sunshine getting ready to pop up over the horizon, there's camden, new jersey in the foreground, the delaware river, notice the camera is not shaking around much because we are looking at calm winds across the region. it's cold this morning, but at least we don't have a windchill to worry about. the temperatures in philadelphia, is 35 degrees,
6:39 am
that's one of the milder spots. many of the suburbs below freezing a lot of places in the 20s. even though there's not much wind, you want to bundle up for the colder temperatures. by the evening commute we'll see the clouds pushing through and then eventually clouding things up a bit more. there's rain creeping into the picture out to the west that will be here overnight and into tomorrow morning. for the next 12 thundershowers, 3355 degrees and cold. -- 35 degrees and cold. noon, 50 degrees. high 56 not all that windy. 5:00 p.m., 53 we're back in the 40s early this evening. high temperatures across the region not much of a range really. 54 in allentown. 54 in cape may. everybody else ranging 55 to 56 for the most part. i have 57 on on the map in dover. for the eagles, long a waited
6:40 am
football matchup with the green bay packers who have been struggling lately, maybe there is a victory for the birds. 48 in the first quarter, 46 in the fourth quarter. tomorrow we have clouds in place with rain pushing into the northern and western suburbs. during the morning commute we're looking at a good portion of the area being damp, some spots could get steadier rain at times. it's off and on rain through the day and afternoon. it won't be raining all the too i too -- all the time on tuesday, but it will be damp and dreary. wednesday, another batch of rain comes in during the afternoon, it could feature steady downpours and isolated thunderstorm in spots. that rain doesn't end wednesday into thursday this this morning. by the time it is said and done, it's a lot of rain, we need it. it will spread out over the next
6:41 am
couple of days, there won't be any big league flooding. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 56, sun to clouds, dry, chilly for the eagles. periods of rain on and off on tuesday and milder high of 65. 68 on wednesday, that's very mild for this time of the year. we have more clouds and rain arriving in the afternoon and late-day thunderstorm pretty odd as we transition from november to december. thursday, morning rain can't be ruled out. we wind up with a high of 61 with temperatures tumbling in the afternoon. afternoon drying there. friday, saturday, sunday look cool. the weekend highs around 50. >> rain tomorrow, 65 can't complain. >> reporter: it's rain and not snow the higher temperatures will help out your heating bill. >> thanks so much. >> time now, 6:41. security guard shoots a suspect outside a movie theater sparking a mass evacuation. >> later a brush with death for a baby down south. you will hear the young child's
6:42 am
dramatic story of survival. >> reporter: this is schuylkill expressway approaching belmont, we'll have more on the schuylkill expressway and all the majors when when we come right back. fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> welcome back 6:44 monday, november 28. you're taking a live look through our temple cam. that's a direct shot of city hall. look at what a pretty shot that is, you can see the clock lit up. 6:00 had 4, 35 degrees.
6:45 am
>> karen what is in the commute looking like? >> reporter: we have a dry morning commute, but you're looking at close up view of the this accident. i-95 at cottman. in the center lane, penndot if you widen out you can see how it's impacting traffic. i-95 southbound traffic at cottman, i'm sure that guy appreciate us zooming in as he bends over. this is 422 westbound, 202 and first avenue. we have construction that begins today and lasts through december here. they will be dealing with 422 blocking the right lane all afternoon from 11 to 1:00 p.m. watch for that construction on 422. we told you about a disabled vehicle earlier at stump road that has cleared. we're getting busy on the roads. look at the shot of the ben franklin bridge in the past few minutes building westbound volume jamming up on the ben
6:46 am
franklin bridge as you head toward 8th and vine. watch for that one. let's look at the travel times. i-95 southbound the new accident i showed you in the center lane at cottman. you're looking at a 29 minute jam on i-95 from woodhaven to the vine. you want to watch for that. here's another live look at the accident scene. penndot widened out a little bit. one vehicle in the center lane, i-95 southbound at cottman through the construction zone. schuylkill expressway eastbound 22 minute ride from the blue route to the vine. slow in the usual spots. 42, 12 minute ride from the a c expressway. it's that time of the morning starting to jam up on the roads. >> police in california trying to figure out what led to a shooting at a theater that forced moviegoers to evacuate or shelter in place. this happened in concord near
6:47 am
san francisco. a man threatened to shoot someone. >> it was scary, we started receiving calls from people inside the movie theater saying shots fired. obviously when you get a call of that magnitude you have every responding officer going in there. >> frighten time in california, the man shot is expected to survive. firefighters say it is nothing short of a miracle an 8-month-old survived a serious crash in arkansas. the baby was thrown from the car during a collision with a semi truck. firefighters found the baby 35 feet away in a shallow drainage grate. she suffered nothing more than a scratch on her forehead. >> so many times we go out and things aren't okay. just to have something here during the holidays to have a positive, just feels good.
6:48 am
>> none of the four other people inside that car were seriously injured. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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time for a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach joins us with a look at what's coming up after "action news." good morning, amy, seems like
6:51 am
the never-ending election. >> reporter: it continues, donald trump taking aim at the vote recount efforts unleashing a twitter storm calling the a scam and voter fraud in other states. the world's reaction to the death of fedel castro this as a nine day mourning period in cuba begins. we'll look at the possible impact his death could have on u.s. policy. cyber monday is here after a record breaking black friday shopping weekend. tory johnson joins us with a cyber monday verse of deals and steals. we have emma stone here talking about her new musical la la land coming up on monday "g.m.a." back to you. >> thanks so much, amy.
6:52 am
>> reporter: looking forward to that. >> reporter: yeah, a jammed-packed show on "g.m.a." before you head out the door, i-95 southbound we have an accident blocking the center lane and vehicle off to the side. i-95 southbound 33 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine you can see the guy stuck in the center lane causing problems, thanks penndot for the closeup view of his license plate. paoli thorndale line a train is 13 minutes late. >> reporter: we have extra gear on the kids this morning as temperatures are below freezing in the suburbs and not much wind. this afternoon we're in the mid 250s, maybe they can goat -- mid 50s, maybe they can go easier on the gear. this is a good day to go to the market and get stuff done because tuesday and wednesday we'll have rain. today, no rain, noon 50 degrees in philadelphia. high of 56 around #3:00 p.m.
6:53 am
not a bad afternoon. the forward forecast looks like we'll be in the 50 ez -- 50s today. tomorrow we're off to the races getting up to 65 degrees for the high with the rain coming. take a look at this, a couple who just got married ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way to the reception, they said no problem we'll turn the highway into the dance floor, there we go. jeff and rebecca were stuck behind a multicar crash in dayton, ohio. people stuck in traffic started taking pictures and dancing there. the couple made it to the reception two hours late.
6:54 am
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worker are called to change a flat tire was hit on route 1 in middle township bucks county. police do not expect any charges. >> reporter: we have an accident center lane southbound on i-95 at cottman. the ben is looking extra heavy as well, dave. >> reporter: you see rain out to the west, he won't have to worry about that until overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. increasing clouds, 56 degrees which is above average. 46 the overnight low, a way
6:57 am
above-average overnight low and the rain tomorrow. >> thank you folks, thanks for watching. visit for updates, we'll be back at 7:26. from all of us here, make it a great day.
6:58 am
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have a good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim -- with zero evidence -- that millions of americans voted illegally and that he should have won the popular vote. the recount set to get underway in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign says they're joining in. end of an era. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out. >> i figured if she was willing to risk being hit


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