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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wilmington delaware neighborhood and a 15-year-old boy was shot. the teenager was hit near 27th, west 27th and north van buren streets. residents there said that there were five or six shots. the victim was on his way to dickinson high school when he was hit twice. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at shooting scene. bob, what's the latest on this? what's the condition of the ninth grader. >> reporter: jim, good evening. not supposed to be like this for students. he's listed in critical condition. he flagged down a bus after being shot out of desperation. it happened just up the street from where we are. we're told this place is packed in the morning with students waiting for their buses and it could have been even worse than it already was. it was a chaotic scene, this school bus was on its route this morning when it was forced to a halt near 27th and van buren streets. a 15-year-old student stopped it flagging it down. he was shot multiple times and
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looking for help. >> we were asleep. we heard these big shots, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like that. so we knew somebody was shooting. >> reporter: neighbors heard the gunfire and said the street was filled with kids waiting for their bus. >> it was a lot of little children that come -- that camp the bus in between these corners. >> some kids ran up this way. we saw some kids jump on the bus and some of the bus drivers were telling the kids get on the bus for their protection. >> reporter: the victim a students at dickinson high school was that rushed to a.i. dupont children's hospital. he's listed in critical condition. a classmate today wished him a speedy recovery. >> i hope he comes out better and i wish luck for him and his family. >> reporter: neighbors here are having a hard time believing someone could do this to a students and around students starting their school day. >> ridiculous. i mean, it's disgusting. there's really no -- there's really no description for it other than just disgusting and s i mean, it's crazy. it's crazy. school used to be fun, a place
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to go to meet up with your friends, you know, like you meet up with your friends at the bus stop. it's crazy. >> reporter: now, at this point there's no word of a suspect description. again, the victim 15 years old shot multiple times list in critical condition. reporting live in wilmington, bob brooks channel6 "action news. jim. >> thank you, bob. officials have identified the man who went on an attack on the campus of ohio state university this morning. the university says abdul razak ali artan was a student at the school in columbus, ohio. the 18-year-old was shot to death by campus police officer allen horujko. police say artan struck pedestrians with his car and then got out and stabbed people with a butcher knife. 11 people were injured during the rampage. one remains in critical condition. artan was born in somalia and lived in the united states as a legal permanent residents.
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worlds news tonight with david muir will have the latest on the incident at ohio state. that is next at 6:30 tonight. other news at this hour, eagles fans are getting ready for monday night football. we are less than two and a half hours away from kickoff here on channel6. jeff skversky is live at lincoln financial field and jeff, eagles are undefeated at home looking to extend that streak against the green bay packers. >> reporter: jim, if there is a fix for this struggling eagles team, let's hope this is it. lincoln financial field where they are four and o, one of only two teams in the nfl to be perfect on their home soil and they need to keep it that way tonight on monday night football against the green bay partly cloudy skies. the eagles currently sit ninth in the nfc playoff race. they have a lot of catching up to do in a short period of time. take a look at eagles running back darren sproles arriving here at the linc a short time ago for monday night football. the eagles have won five of their last six games on monday
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night. of course, malcolm jenkins the eagles safety they need him to shut down aaron rodgers who has never lost a start against the eagles. of course eagles quarterback carson wentz needs a big game. he has the worst total quarterback rating in the nfl over the last seven weeks. they need everyone to be at their best tonight so the eagles can get winning again and fix this issue. >> we definitely flo we got to win the next six. we can't sugar coat it. can't be beat around the bush. we got to win the next six. >> the solution is just win. that's how you get in. you win. and so right now we still got a chance so it's no need to look at what the other teams are doing who needs to do what, we know all we need to do is win and the rest will take care of itself. >> reporter: it's been 10 years since the eagles have beaten the green bay packers here at home. hopeful that changes tonight here on 6abc. coverage kicks off at 8 o'clock with our pregame slow followed by the eagles and packers.
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then stay tuned for our postgame show live from outside the eagles locker room. and eagles receiver nelson ago schlor not expected to play tonight. he's expected to be benched. an official word not out yet. doug pederson is andre iguodala he's going to wait until the very last second to officially deactivate him. we'll see what happens in the next few hours. we're live at the linc, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news. >> thank you, jeff. let's switch life to cecily -- live to cecily. what about there game time accuweather forecast. >> the forecast is looking greats for tonight. timing is everything. double scan live slowing a pretty big system out to the west. it's actually bringing some severe weather with tornado watches and warnings across the deep south. that's the system that will bring us some rain but tonight it's just bringing us clouds. so, with the cloud cover tonight, temperatures really not dropping much at all. so, relatively mild for november.
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mostly cloudy, winds light out of the south-z kickoff temperature 49 degrees by the fourth quarter, 48 degrees so weather looking great for monday night football. next two days, though, our umbrellas are going get a real workout. we're looking at one to 2 inches of much needed rain. temps though will be in the 60's so no frozen precipitation. i'll talk more about the timing coming up in the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> all right, cecily, thank you. because of the eagles game, we will be airing this year's cma country christmas special on the live well network. sugarland's jennifer nettles hosts tonight at 8 o'clock. conviction then follows at 10:00 and we suggest that you go so you can find out how to watch the live well network on your cable provider. >> ♪ we have breaking news tonight. philadelphia police are on the scene of a crash involving a septa bus in center city. the accident has killed a pedestrian. that after the bus hit the person trying to cross the
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street at 23rd and chestnut. the crash happened shortly after 5:30 tonight. police have the area closed to traffic. anybody driving in that area should expect delays. again, one pedestrian has been killed. been salem police have now released surveillance video of the suspects in this weekend's home invasion and sexual assault. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at bensalem meals. walter, what's the latest here? >> reporter: well, jim, it happened early saturday morning inside a condo complex here in bensalem and we not only spoke with the victim but as you mentioned we also have surveillance video that police say may have captured images of the person responsible. police in bensalem are on the lookout for this man. investigators believe he may be the person behind the home invasion and sexual assault of a woman whose identity we're withholding. >> i just was panicked. i knew my daughter was sleeping right there. >> reporter: the victim says she and her 10-year-old daughter fell asleep on the
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couch while watching a movie this past friday night. 5 o'clock the following morning, the victim awoke to a man on top of her. >> the next thing i remember is being awake. there was a man in my living room. and he had his arms around me holding me so that i could not move. >> reporter: a struggle ensued and that's when the victim's daughter woke up and screamed. >> that startled him enough that i was able to get my arms free and push him and kick him and get him to the front door where like one final push and i got him out and he ran. >> reporter: a short time later surveillance cameras inside the sunoco on frankford avenue and knights road captured video of this man who matches the description of the attacker. >> and people in the store that said that the guy came running in with shortness of breath as if he had left somewhere. so, it's all matching up that this guy is certainly someone we wants to talk tomorrow. meanwhile the victim says that while the attacker did hit her
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on the head he didn't touch her 10-year-old daughter and she says as horrifying this was she's thankful it ended the way that did it. >> he don't have weapon that i know of. it could have gotten very, very ugly. >> reporter: the suspect is described as standing approximately 5 feet 9-inches tall. he may be white, possibly asian. anyone with any information is asked to call bensalem police. reporting live from bensalem, walter perez channel6 "action news. jim. >> walter thank you. the president of the philadelphia federation of teachers has rejected a contract offer from the school district. jerry jordan says he won't even take the four year, 100 million-dollar deal to his members for a vote. jordan says the teachers deserve better. >> because it's disrespectful of the years of sacrifice that our members have gone. members have gone it will be five years january 1st without
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a salary increase. >> philadelphia teachers have been working for three years without a contract. superintendent william hite says there is not more to give without taking from somewhere else. aside from pay, the union also wants incentives for teach here's get postgraduate degrees. the district wants teachers to start paying for health benefits and they want work rules allowing principals to hire based on merit not seniority. coming up on "action news tonight back to the linc with more on the eagles as they get set to take on aaron rodgers and the green bay partly cloudy skies. >> reporter: it's cyber monday the biggest shopping day of the year for on line retailers like amazon. a look inside the robbinsville where they pick, pack and ship all the things you ordered today. >> and cecily tynan is back with the seven day accuweather forecast when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> the newly reconstructed 41st street bridge is now opened for traffic in the mantua section of philadelphia. mayor jim kenney and councilwoman jannie blackwell were on hand today for the ribbon cutting. the new span that connects mansion avenue and popular street replaced a deteriorating span. today is cyber monday, the day to turn to your computer for some serious online shopping. and even though retailers are offering online sales over a wider period of days now, cyber monday still sees extraordinary volume. here is more from new jersey correspondent nora muchanic. >> reporter: forget the crowds at the mall, today is
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cyber monday which means from the comfort of your couch or your desk you can shop until you drop and never have to move more than your mouse. >> go right through my apps. everything is right at my hands so it's just a click away. >> i think it's much more convenient and i can get them right away you know instead of waiting or especially standing in line. >> reporter: it's the big effort day of the year for online retailer business is booming at the amazon fulfillment center in robbinsville where over four though employees in the warehouse are picking packing and shipping hundreds of thousands of items. >> it's been crazy here but everybody's pretty much laid back and keeping the pace up. >> reporter: there's a roar inside the wear hours it's the sound of 12 miles of conveyor belts moving packages from storage to shipping to your front door. on cyber monday last year, customers ordered 54 million items. that is 629 items per seconds and this year we know we will
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be will beat those numbers. >> i love the aspect of i don't have to like use my gas or use a car, you know, i can just go right online and just, you know, order something. >> i'm definitely looking for a new laptop and a rice cooker for my dad. >> reporter: so you will be online looking. >> hot and heavy. >> reporter: nationwide amazon is hiring 120,000 seasonal employees and at the rate people are buying online this cyber monday, they'll need the help. in robbinsville, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news."
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say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> the the 6abc studios have turned green to mark monday night football tonight and your philadelphia eagles who take on the green bay packers looking to go above .500. >> they need a victory. there's a certain tension in the air because this game is so important. for the eagles tonight against the packers the stakes are higher. with the current record of
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five and five the the birds are fighting to keep their playoff lopes alive. jeff skversky is live at the linc with the preview of tonight's game. jeff. >> reporter: hey, ducis. struggling eagles receiver nelson agholor expecting to be benched tonight. he said he would respect any decision coach pederson would make and he would respond. doug pederson told me about 30 minutes ago he's yet to the 100 percent rule agholor out. he says he will wait until 90's minutes before kickoff, the very last second to make it official. nelson has admitted he can't get out of his own head after all the drops and the illegal formation penalty in seattle. as far as the other eagles receivers hopefully they can take advantage avenue struggling packers did he first tonight. they have really had a tougher time. they've allowed nearly 40 points per game over their last four. >> i remember we got to about week five or six and we went over the film and i was like
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guys it seemed like we played good one week then we fall off and play good the next week and fall off and i was like we got to start finding a way to be more consistent. that's the biggest thing i want to talk to the group about. other than that obviously we're always going to go out there and do well. we need to do more. >> i think for me it's just executing. it's being smart with the football knowing when to take my chances. that's something i'm continuing to trying to learn and trying fight -- walk in fine line every week knowing when to take chances, when to protect the ball and i think it's just something that we're all learning together. >> reporter: monday night football here on 6abc. coverage kicks offer at 8 o'clock way pregame slow followed by the game. stay tuned far our postgame show live from outside the eagles locker room. hopefully the eagles can get off to a quick start. own two first quarter touchdowns all season that is it. hopeful that changes tonight against the packers. live at the linc, jeff jeff,
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channel6 "action news. ducis. >> jeff thank you. to basketball sixers in toronto tonight to face raptors. bayliss is outweigh wrist injury. sixers have dropped three games in a wrench flyers are coming off last night's win over calgary. it was good victory but the flyers are still stuck in average category. >> we got to scratch and claw every night right now. we're a .500 hockey team. seems like we've talked about that quite a lot. doesn't matter. we can keep talk about it or worry about doing something about it so yeah this is a critical stretch now. >> finally having decent eyesight as a professional athlete is not mandatory but it is helpful. the team in yell slow league one club peter borrow united. mid fielder spots a team plate on the far side. go ahead and pass the ball to him. oops. that's a security guard. the fact that he was wearing pants, should have given it
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away. >> that guard has never played soccer. >> probably note. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> seem we have a wide range of temperatures over the next seven days. >> it's going to get very warm the next two days. it's going get very wet as well. you don't have to worry about any ice or snow. we do need the rain. storm tracker6 live double scan showing tonight though is dry. just a lot of clouds now but the action cam along the banks of the schuylkill river earlier today and we did have a good amount of sunshine is, blue skies to start the day
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before the clouds rolled in during the afternoon hours. we need the rain desperately though. if you look at this rainfall deficits especially north trenton, reading and allentown anywhere from nine to 12 and a half inches below normal. philadelphia more than 6-inches below normal and wilmington also very dry more than two and a half inches below normal and the next two days will definitely help. this is future tracker rainfall showing that we're looking at generally about an inch to 2-inches over the next two days. looks like the heaviest rain will be areas to the north that really need the rain the most. so that's good news. right now temperatures pretty mild. 49 degrees down from a high of 53 which is 2 degrees above normal. allentown 48. trenton 48. cape may 50. redsing 48. even in the poconos above freezing 36 degrees so we don't have any icing or snow concerns. satellite satellite six
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showing it's going take awhile for the rain to get here. we have tornado watches aren't warnings an cross the deep south. that low pressure that's spinning northwest of minneapolis. what that will do is spread rain our way kind of on and off for the next two days. tonight the clouds will that continue to thicken, some showers arriving by dawn. temperatures though not falling much at all. 46 the low in philadelphia, allentown 41, wilmington 45. the next two days the low pressure is cut offer it's going nowhere fast. what that will do is bring the jet stream just north and west of our region with rounds of low pressure developing along that. not only will it keep us wet it will pull up very warm air. temperatures generally in the mid to upper 60's for afternoon highs so future tracker showing 7:30 tomorrow morning the showers are here. the steadiest will be north and west. definitely want to allow some extra time for your morning commute, slow things down put on the lights as well so you can see through the rain. around lunchtime is when it
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gets quite a bit heavier especially north of philadelphia and then the evening commute looks like areas north will be dealing with a steady rain. south is dealing with some showers. we dry things out temporarily tuesday night into wednesday morning and then late wednesday morning another round of rain arriving. looks like that will be actually intensifying in the afternoon on wednesday and even wednesday evening with a threat of some thunderstorms. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, not going to feel like november the next two days. november and december i should say. 65 degrees tomorrow. 69 degrees on wednesday. and again rounds of much needed rain, perhaps a rumble of thunder. thursday we dry things out, sun and clouds, still pretty mild 56 degrees, dropping down to 53 on friday. heading into the weekend this is when it starts to feel like december. saturday mostly sunny, 51 degrees. should be pretty nice weather in annapolis for the temple game. on sunday increasing clouds late in the day. little bit on the cool side. the high 49 degrees. and it looks like monday we could have a storm system with
6:27 pm
our next chance of rain, perhaps a little bit of frozen precipitation at the onset with a high of 52 degrees. find the umbrellas. they'll be getting a workout the next two days. >> thank you cecily. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. hope you'll join us at 11:00 tonight. >> ♪
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. tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there tonight with new reporting. president-elect donald trump drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes, then found by the side of the


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