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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 29, 2016 12:00am-12:35am EST

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long. and something we have to look at hard. and, you know, try to get it fixed. >> the eagle's playoff hopes, if there are any, took a huge hit tonight. a live report from ducis rodgers and the dejected locker room in sports. wait until tomorrow to find out the severity of jordan matthew's ankle as well. >> thank you. live to christie ileto outside the link. christie, a disappointing night for eagles fans on monday night football. >> absolutely. we have been seeing a steady stream of disappointmented fans leaving the link. at the start of the fourth quarter, saying, hey, i have an early day, i have to go. but many people said it was simply too painful to watch the rest of the game. >> game's over. >> reporter: fourth quarter. >> game's over. >> it's a little frustrating. defense can't stop rodgers. makes it a little tough, you know? they have been beating them on third down every time. >> reporter: it wasn't the outcome fans expected.
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why is everyone leaving? >> because i'm hurting. >> i'm hurting. the packers are running all over them. defense needs to step up big time. >> need receivers. receivers. we need to catch the ball. >> reporter: do you think that this hurts our chances of going to the playoffs? >> i think so. >> reporter: at mcfadden, cheers followed by sighs. >> you have aaron rodgers. >> reporter: a packer fan gloated. you're in eagle land. >> i'm not coming in here to disrespect anyone. i'll keep it to myself. >> reporter: still. >> we can do better. >> got to step it up for sure. >> reporter: now, up until the night the eagles were undefeated at home this season. and the fans are hoping that by some sort of luck they can win the rest of their games and possibly get a shot at the playoffs. reporting alive at the link, christie ileto. >> thank you, christie.
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other news at this hour. one suspect in custody tonight after a two hour standoff in northeast philadelphia. police initially responded to reports of a man with a gun in the 3200 block of red lion road. the nearby acme shopping plaza at academy road was locked down. neighbors were told to stay in their homes. police have not said why the man barricaded himself inside the home. fortunately nobody was hurt. a bucks county mother is sharing the story tonight of how she was attacked and sexual assaulted in her home over the weekend while her young daughter was just feet away. and ben salem police have identified this man seen in surveillance video as the main person of interest. the victim says that she and her 10-year-old daughter fell asleep on the living room couch friday while watching a movie. at 5 a.m. she awoke to a stranger on top of her. >> next thing i remember is being awake. there was a man in my living
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room. and he had his arms around me holding me so that i could not move. and i just was panicked. i knew my daughter was sleeping right there. >> her daughter woke up and screamed. it startled the attacker enough for the victim to be able to break free and force the man out of the house. investigators say that surveillance video showed the suspect seemingly out of breath inside a nearby gas station at frank further and knights road. police are looking for the suspect in the shooting of a 15-year-old today near west 27th and north van buren. five shots early this morning about 6:45. the teen was hit twice. the victim flagged down a school bus for help. the secret was filled with kids waiting for the buses. they were told to jump on the bus quickly for their own protection. the victim was rushed to children's hospital in critical
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condition. in north philadelphia, a 13-year-old in trouble for allegedly bringing bullets to school. it was at 29th and clearfield today. the school district did not release any additional information. aids to president-elect donald trump are trying their best to support trump's twitter claim that he would have won the popular vote if not for millions of people who voted illegally. nobody has been able to substantiate those assertions. meanwhile green party candidate jill stein is moving ahead with her recount mission. officials in wisconsin have approved plans to start a recount as early as thursday. trump met today with retired general david petraeus who is being considered for secretary of state. word is that mitt romney will be at trump tower for a second interview in the morning. senator bernie sanders in philadelphia tonight, not as a politician, but as an author. the former democratic presidential candidate was
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greeted by an enthusiastic crowd at the main branch of the free library. sanders spoke about his new book called "our revolution" which shares stories from his grassroots campaign and lays out his plan to keep fighting for progressive values. the head of the teachers union told the district thanks, but no thanks. they will not take a proposed $100 million contract to his rank and file. it includes restoration of pay bumps for years of experience plus incentive bonuses. but according to jordan the proposed contract does not include retroactive pay for the years they have gone without raises and there would be no cost of living increases. still ahead, the public display of grief in cuba over the death of fidel cast tree. a trump supporter gets banned for life because of what happened on this flight.
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and a major study debunks the myth of pregnant women and flu shots. >> wet weather moving in. this will have an impact on several commutes. the timing in the accuweather seven day forecast. and septa has been identified as better than all transit systems in the northeast for one important reason. we'll tell you what it is and more from the link after tonight's eagle's defeat at the hands of the green bay packers. that and more when action news continues. ♪ to the wide
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receiver, you do your thing, i will get you the ball. this was the scene in havana today as hundreds of thousands of cubans stayed in line for hours to honor their former leader. they paid tribute to images of fidel castro as a young guerrilla leader at the plaza of the revolution where he delivered fiery speeches. some of which lasted hours. castro died friday night. this is also the opportunity for the cuban government to reaffirm its commitment to socialist single party system.
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coincidentally the first regularly scheduled flight from the united states to havana took off this morning. it is the first in five decades. the plane was greeted by a celebratory spray on rival in rube. american airlines operated this flight. delta and united launch their service later this week. and other airlines began routes to other cuban cities earlier this year. delta airlines permanently banned a passager following a profanity-laced pro-trump rant on a flight to allentown last week. >> you hear me. donald trump. this man knows what'sup. we have some hillary clinton [ bleep ] on here. >> emma was traveling home on tuesday when she overheard the passenger talking about politics. she had been living abroad and asked him about the election. that's when she claims he stood
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up in the aisle and started shouting. >> every one of you. >> he went off the plane for 15 minutes, delaying the flight. came back on and said this is what you get for being a patriot. and then sat down. >> delta apologized for not removing the passenger. today the ceo said that man will never be allowed on one of the company's planes again. they are also refunding the cost of tickets to other travelers on that flight to allentown. septa is on track to install mandatory train safety technology before any other commuter railroad in the northeast. federal data showed septa deployed the so-called positive train control on all but one stretch of track. it uses gps and censors to automatically slow speeding trains. they have equipped the trains and completed training for the rail employees. federal officials say the
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positive train control system could have prevented the deadly amtrak in philadelphia had it be in operation. several analysts believe that this could be the year that the shopping bonanza loses its status as the biggest online shopping day. you may have noticed that websites have been advertising cyber monday deals all weekend long. some since the middle of november. retailers are stretching out their sales strategy to capture consumers who frequently shop on their mobile devices. and no longer need high speed internet at work. shoppers spent more than a half billion dollars just from midnight to 10 a.m. today, putting it on track for a $3 billiontaly according to adobe digital insights. if so, that would just barely beat the online sales on black friday which was a jump of more
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than 20% from the year before. a lot of numbers, but they all seem to tell the story that people are buying a lot of stuff online. >> that's good. may want to buy an umbrella if you don't have one. >> yes. >> you're going to need it. the next two days. the storm tracker 6 live double scan. showing right now we're rain-free. it's not going to stay that way much longer. the rain moving in overnight. tonight the action cam in -- and beginning to look a lot like christmas. a lot of folks got their christmas decorations or holiday lights up if weekend. good idea. things are getting wet the next two days. not that bad, 48 down from 53, 2 degrees above normal. allentown and reading, 47, cape may, 51, wilmington, 48. a lot of cloud cover. you can see the winds out of the southeast. that's a warm flow of air. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing, yes, we saw sunshine this morning, but the clouds rolled in quickly.
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a wider view showing we have a powerful storm system. this is west of minneapolis. what this is doing is pulling up moisture from the gulf of mexico. two waves of rain on the way. the second will be heavier than the first. but the timing not great for the morning commute. rain arriving, especially areas west of philadelphia during the morning commute. looking at all liquid. no chance of icing or snow. 49 degrees at 6:00. relatively warm. 8:00, 51 degrees. the future tracker showing around 7330, most of the activity, philadelphia and areas of the west. fills in around lunchtime we have heavy rain along the i-95 corridor. farther up to the north by the evening commute. and get a break in the action tomorrow night before the system kind of reloads and we get another slog of rain on wednesday. so really the biggest impacts for the rain tomorrow will be between about 10:00 and 2:00. this is when i do expect the heaviest rain. but still moderate impacts for
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the morning and also for the evening commute. and we're looking at a pretty good soaking. all the computer models the next two days showing more than an inch of rain. anywhere from about an inch and a half to more than 2 inches much rain. this is great news since philadelphia nearly 7 inches below normal for the year. other areas areas in a rainfall deficit. we need the rain. and the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast showing we're getting it the next two days breezy with periods of rain. the high 65 degrees. wednesday, we have a surge of very mild air ahead of a cold front. 69 degrees, some areas may hit the 70s. showers and thunderstorms into the evening hours behind that system on thursday. kind of a nice day. sun mixing with clouds. friday, sunny and breezy. and the first weekend of december it's going to feel like december. mostly sunny on saturday, 51 degrees. great weather for the temple
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game. sunday, drop to 49 degrees. and monday, our next storm system bringing us, again, good chance of rain with a high of 52. for the morning commute, good idea to allow extra time. >> always a good idea. >> especially when the weather is bad. >> absolutely. thank you. on health check at 11:00, more scientific evidence tonight to ease lingering fears about pregnant women getting flu shots. researchers at kaiser permanente of northern california studied 200,000 mothers and children. pregnant women who got their flu shots did not have a greater risk of having a child with autism. on the flipside, getting the flu while pregnant can cause health risks to the fetus. these 18 men and women literal lifesavers. they were certified as new castle county paramedics. 13 were from the anyway academy
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and the other five had training before being hired bit county. in addition to the academic requirements they had to complete a clinical rotation and supervised field internships.
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announcer: we'll be right back with rascal flatts, plus an encore performance by kelsea ballerini with jazz sensation joey alexander. ♪ here on "cma country christmas." ♪ run
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fios is not cable. we're wired differen ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. i think it is either ohio state the big ten champion or ohio disappointing night for the philadelphia eagle -- eagles. >> there's only one. >> a lot of disappointment to go around. >> i think carson wentz is the only eagle. could be the final nail in the coffin of the eagle's playoff hopes, if any left, 3-6 in conference play. the packers now holding the tie breaker.
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with the world watching the eagles put on a performance they wished nobody saw. carson wentz, second time on monday night football. great pearl the longest run for an eagle on the day. but the only touchdown tonight. aaron rodgers had 30 of 39, and two touchdowns, both to adams. he's had a rough season behind a piecemeal offensive line. doug pederson decided to bench nelson aguilar to clear his head. and then jordan matthews hurt his ankle. so wentz had nobody to throw to. except for the other team. interception by ha ha clinton dix ended the momentum. birds defense could not get off the field and allowed the packers to go 10 for 14 on third down. eagles lose 27-13. fall to 5-6. it is their first home loss of the season.
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ducis rodgers live at lincoln financial field. that 3-0 start, so long ago. >> yeah, lost six of the last eight. mentioned 10 of 14 for the green bay packers. another stat, the eagles defense did not sack aaron rodgers once tonight. after the offense, managed just three points in the second half. and the result, another loss. the post season seems unlikely. >> the storyline is really the same. it's just, you know, it's hurting ourselves on a lot of different things. some ill-timed penalties. and just not executing. >> i think we need to get our edge back. i'm not saying that we don't have it, but we have to eliminate the mistakes, including myself. >> we can't dwell on it. just keep plugging along. can't throw in the towel. the guys in the locker room, that's not going to happen. our effort is always there. keep fighting, keep believing. >> reporter: five game remaines on the season. the eagles pretty much need to run the table.
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and even then there's no guarantee they'll make the post season. sunday at the cincinnati bengals. ducis rodgers, channel 6 action news. jaime back to you. >> i think still in rebuilding mode. thank you. still ahead, the sixers on the road tonight. could they take down toronto for the first road win of the season? first road win in a very long time? more of sports coming up. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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outdoorsman. scott: i have not been to have i shot a gun at a bird. >> the sixers lost three straight on the road in toronto, tonight looking for the first win away from home.
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cole anglo made the trip. loose ball, great pass to jahlil okafor. 15 points in 25 minutes. robert covington had 20. 6 of 9 from beyond the arc. up one in the first. speaking of, this is way beyond the arc. oh, yeah. 57 feet, huh? banked in. sixers down 11 at the half. that was patrick patterson. raptors pulled away in the third quarter. lowry moved there. 24 points. perfect 6 of 6 from the three point line for the former villanova star. 22nd straight loss on the road. >> this is going to change this year. >> this year? this year? >> next month. >> that's better. thank you. >> this year, only another month in the year. finally tonight, a local football team looking for a better outcome. the gators, the 14 and under team in philadelphia. tonight these young athletes
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were practicing before their trip to florida to play for their league championship. and we wish them terrific luck. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by nightline. you're going to love it. going to be a great show. for action news, i'm jim gardner. have a great night. >> action news sponsored by bob's discount furniture. live a! gh tonight, jessica chastain -- willie nelson -- justin moore -- "mean tweets country music edition" -- and music from hun and now, well done, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for everything, really. thank you for coming. wow, glad you're in a good mood. because what you are about to witness, the spectacle you are about to behold, is our most special special effects show of the whole year. tonight we will be broadcasting from three cities at the same time. i will be in two of those cities. i know, it's amazing, thank you. let's begin by going live to the cma theater at the country music hall of fame in nashville, tennessee. [ cheers and applause ] hello, nashville! are you ready to see magic happen? [ cheers and applause ] okay, let's do it. right now i'm on the screens but we're going to fire up the hologram machine.
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fire it up and beam me in, captain. here i am! [ cheers and applause ] i don't know why you guys are excited. hi, everyone. i'm casper the friendly host. you know, this is the third year in a row we've done this. i still have absolutely no idea how it works. by the way, those of you in nashville, feel free to post an instagram of my hologram because i don't think that's ever been done. go ahead and snap away. hey, do you guys want to see a puppet show? [ cheers and applause ] hold on, i'll be right back. let me grab my puppet. all right. why, look at this! [ cheers and applause ] my little friend guillermo. look at that.
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guillermo, say howdy to the people in nashville. >> guillermo: howdy, nashville! >> jimmy: how are you doing tonight, guillermo? >> guillermo: jimmy, i will be happy if you don't put your hand up my butt. [ drumroll ] >> jimmy: isn't he delightful. can i get a glass of water? watch this. all right, here we go. >> guillermo: i want some water too, can i have some water? can i get water? please, water? water! >> jimmy: isn't that incredible? >> guillermo: hello, water! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i can talk while he's doing it. while he's drinking water, i can also talk. is that enough water? okay. all right. thank you, poquito bandito, now back to your post. there we go. [ cheers and applause ]
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i want to try something in nashville in the theater. i need a volunteer from the audience for this. okay, do we have somebody lined up? all right, i'm fairly sure this has never been done before. this is a television first. oh, okay. wait, hold on. oh. hi, what's your name? >> jessica liner. >> jimmy: hi, jessica, i'm jimmy. how are you doing? >> good, how are you? >> jimmy: see, this is when we appreciate our local weather men. because they have this all figured out. jessica, let me have that right, this is a graham cracker. you've seen these, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: okay. i am going to feed this graham cracker to you. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right? there you go. eat that. yes, yes, yes. enjoy. is it good? >> mmm-mmm! >> jimmy: tasty, all right. there you go, you just ate the world's first-ever hologram-cracker. [ cheers and applause ]
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you get it? >> guillermo: i get it, yeah. >> jimmy: all right, thank you. all right, thank you, jessica. you know, this show's been on almost 14 years, we're still breaking new ground, it is incredible. of course the main reason i'm with you via hologram tonight is because you live in a swing state. and i need your vote to make sure i become vice president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] may i have my podium? where is my podium? thank you. dear fellow nashvillagers, is it? it is an honor to be in nashville with you tonight. i love so many things about nashville. i love nashville's popular dining, the hot chicken, hot fish, the goo goo clusters, fruit tea, and meat and three, whatever the hell that is, i love it all. i love your unfortunately named hockey team the predators.
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i love bush whackers, shownies, maxwell house coffee, and the fact that nashville has the largest population of kurdish people in the united states. and did i just read all of this stuff off of wikipedia this afternoon? yes, i did. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] yes, i did, but i memorized it. and as a result, i know that i can doubt count on your vote. i am the best possible choice to be vice president of the united states. but don't just take it from me, take it from a real-life cowboy! >> guillermo: i am a cowboy! and i endorse this man! >> jimmy: all right, thank you. i might never let you out of that little outfit, i swear to god. >> guillermo: i like it. >> jimmy: i like it a lot. in another swing state, from cleveland tonight, game seven of the world series between the long-suffering indians and the even longer-suffering chicago cubs. what a year for the city of cleveland. they host the world series, won an nba title, got to see chachi speak at the republican national convention.
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incredible. we don't know the outcome of the game but we will by the time you're watching this at home. so just to cover my bases i'd like to say either congratulations or i'm sorry to the cubs or indians on their big victory or devastating loss, whichever that may be. [ cheers and applause ] this is going to be the highest-rated baseball game in many, many years. people all over are very interested to see the cubs go from being a team that hasn't won a world series in 108 years to being a team that won one time in 108 years. which sounds worse but fans in chicago have been on an emotional roller coaster, especially this very passionate cubs fan. this is ryan slagle. he was on the local news watching his cubs beat the dodgers to advance to the world series. the video made the rounds. he's known as crying ryan to everyone he knows. we tracked ryan down, sent him to game five. game seven is in cleveland. right now ryan is in


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