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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 29, 2016 3:10am-3:41am EST

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the sea. they were worried because it was wiggling around but they said once they got it into the water, it was very, very gentle with them. >> i think about it every time. no one still able to figure out why animals -- what is it that is throwing off their senses? >> this dolphin just happened to run aground. they don't know why but the good news people were there to help it out. now in new zealand a completely different under the sea experience. you can see these beautiful bubbles. not a hot spring. not caused by scuba diver. no whales in the area releasing some oxygen. listen to the guys describing it who caught the video. this is a phenomenon that occurred, according to scientists, after a recent 7.8 earthquake. >> i was going to say that. they were talking about how this sea bed raised by a number of feet. we saw the cracks in the road and things like that.
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so, yeah, the earth is cracked open and must be some trapped gas. >> this is called out gassing and basically there are fractures in the rock layer and they said even though there is devastation in that area this is kind of a bit of good news because it's very beautiful and they hope to maintain this as long as it lasts. it's nothing they are worried about but scientists are going in to investigate. >> you'd be surprised how often the answer to the question why is -- because they do so much original cool stuff. look. we have been conveyor belt sushi comes around and japan is like this. so 1980. new way of doing it. >> no fun! >> yeah. 90 miles from tokyo. instead of a conveyor belt, they have essentially a lazy river. >> cool, right? >> it is. >> how it works you go and a lot
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of times in japan you go to a self-service or kiosk and print out a ticket, right? in this case you place that ticket on one of the little barges that floats by and it will float into the kitchen and it will float out with your food. >> mostly, it's noodles and dessert. stuff like that. but it's just cool. people have been seeing this on social media and sharing it. saying i want to go. >> i'm going to invest in one of these here in the states, except my little trays are going to be rubber duckies. >> it's not necessary. it's completely frivolous, right? >> you don't need it. >> right. you see it's not totally round. this is quite interesting actually. a bit of a play on the summer custom they have where you actually catch noodles essentially from water-filled bamboo. it's called this. there is more. go further back into japanese history, right? imperial courts use to write poetry while sipping through
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bowls of socky. they decided to put it into a restaurant. >> he has a surprise for his queen. >> he has him by the hand and leading her down the path. >> she is doing good. a lot of times we like to see. >> why he takes the husband of the year award. plus he is committed to land. >> he is going into that cave? >> sure is. if he nails a narrow landing.
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base jumping is always impressive, no matter where you do it or how you do it. we are going over to spain where a jump is taken and fleet his canopy and make one of the more
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impressive landings we have seen in a long time. >> today. uno. >> off he goes. instantly inflates his canopy. now he is going to enjoy a relatively calm flight down. >> where he is landing? >> he is landing right back into the arms of mother nature. >> he is going into that cave? >> oh, come on. >> sure is. look at how increasingly narrow his landing zone becomes. and nails it. he nail that. >> cave jumping. just invented a new sport. >> it looks like he is using a canopy that gives him lots and lots of -- look. see how slowly he descends. not scrape the cave walls as he enters and nice dirt patch there where he hits perfect. >> you have to have a real understanding of the geography
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quite literally but also understanding of how the wind is blowing and the physics of the canopy there. a lot could have went into this. >> a lot had to go wrong. >> he had to have a lot of control. he couldn't go through that fast. >> what would you call this? >> i don't know. it's something. >> i get it. >> he's a cool dude. it's her birthday so he dropped her off at the spa and now he is there to pick her up. >> i want to show you something but you can't look. >> wait. what? i want to show you something but you can't look. >> dah! it's a surprise! >> close your eyes. >> but i can't look, right? >> i have one on the curb but you can't look. that's why i have it sitting out. >> he has her by the hand and leading her down the path. >> doing good, too.
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a lot of times we like to peek. she has her eyes closed. all right, ready? >> the count of three, you can look, okay? >> one. stop. one? 2. three. >> a new car! >> here is your new car. >> you did it! >> yo! >> it is a new car. look at her face. she opens her eyes and she instantly puts her hands over her mouth and she is shocked! >> look at my face! i didn't even get a new car. >> i did. you're my baby. >> what did he get? >> do we get to see? >> you do. he reaches in and gives her a big old hug. then he hands the keys to her brand-new car. she is an interior designer and artist and now she can carry all of her things in her new car. >> so thoughtful. she has been listening.
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>> he covered all of his bases. i think this is a great birthday gift. >> you like it? yeah? >> is this it? >> eric the electric just spent a week in new york city. as you can see this dude had lots of good stuff to eat. look at that new york pizza. look at this canoli he is wrapping his lips around but this is a food challenge video and eric is not the one doing the food challenge. it's his friend. they went to mark burgers in new york because molly wanted to do the slider challenge. what does it consist of? >> you eat more than 29 sliders to get them for free. >> 29? >> 29 was the record. >> challenge accepted. >> i'm not going anywhere near that. i know you. >> each one is two ounces so you have to eat 30 of them so that
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is 60 ounces of meat! >> they are not sliders. burgers. >> right here. molly gets started. >> he makes quick work of the first ten. >> a minute in -- >> where is she putting all of this food >> you have to eat it fast before your body realizes? wait a minute! >> they bring her more so they think, oh, no. we have been duped. then she makes quick work of 20 more and says, i've already set the record. let's go for 40! >> kind of just folds in and out on hearst. >> after she finishes the 40 she is like, hey. >> i'm going to come back and do it again. >> is there a dog under the table? >> she broke the record. is that enough for her? >> molly schuyler.
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>> she is going to be world famous eater. >> right. >> a support group for -- see if this snap chat therapy is for you. you want to be in this group? and technology continues to develop. what if you could get light delivered when you meet it? >> delivered? >> yes. >> why this one will light up your world.
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guys, my name is -- and i like snap chat.
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>> oh, yeah. >> the first step. >> congratulations. >> i'm glad that this snap chat support group exists. >> you may have noticed we have a new special someone joining us tonight. i want you to give a very warm welcome to liam. how are you doing there? >> good to see you. >> come on, guys, come on. support liam. come on. all right. if it is noticed the support group is for people who have suffered a loss. the loss of their nose. >> although we may not have our noses -- our chance of smell and now we have stories to tell. >> now each one of them is going to share their stories of how they lost their noses. >> when i was in my early 20s, me and my buddies drank and we drank a lot of beer. it came out of my nose with such a force it busted clean off my face. i haven't had a nose since. >> you want to be in this group?
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>> you've enjoyed not having a nose? >> it's wonderful. you know why? because i no longer have to smell the -- >> exactly. >> big time cat lady. >> we also got to learn liam's story, of course. he used to be a former rock star. >> i was a lead singer of a punk pop band. two weeks ago, i went for a stage dive and i misjudged the crowd and i landed flat on my nose. when i got up, it was gone! >> dang. >> it's so sad. >> we are supporting! >> did you guys -- you guys are the worst support group ever. >> i got you. >> thank you. thank you. now, obviously, music we know heals the soul. so they decided to ask him to sing a song. he just recently had thanksgiving. this would seem appropriate. >> i feel at home again. ♪ as i smell the turkey cooking smell the turkey cooking ♪ >> come on! that was good!
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>> this is a sketch put together by tom mcgovern using a filtered one of the many filters that sn snapchat has to offer. i support you. i support you, tom. >> that was good. that was it, right there. >> really, really good. >> what palette? >> life is a source of safety and security. but if you live in a rural area without a lot of street light, it can be a little dodgy when with you're maybe walking home or something. what you could get light delivered when you need it. >> delivered? >> yeah. think of ub uber except for lig >> do you want to hear this? she walks home in the evenings and gets nervous when she is walking through the dark streets in her neighborhood in england. this application allows her to call a drone and have it light her way as she walks home. >> are you serious? is this the thing?
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>> this is a thing in development. it's called sleep lights. the reason we researched different ways drones could be used with light. in another case, what if search and rescue team is out at night instead of bringing in large utility trucks to light their search area, what if they could just have a fleet of drones? another new use and vision for the future of drone technology. we will see if this ever becomes something widely used. >> it's going to skyrocket ufo sitings. >> no doubt. mommy has an announcement for her girls. >> i'll tell you what it is in my bell. ready? >> see their hilarious reactions next. >> i'm happy! wow.
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>> and 20 bucks for the chair. she is out $40. >> it's time for a birthday party. ♪ these siblings are about to learn an important lesson. in life sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose? i'm going to tell you girls what it is in my belly. are you ready? >> mom is pregnant and about to on tell them what she is having. >> she already has three girls.
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>> it's a girl. >> i wanted a boy! >> the baby is happy. wow! amazing. two oldest siblings are acting like -- right now. >> yes, they are because they wanted a boy. they wanted a little brother. the other sister is like, oh, well i win. it's good. >> you can keep it all. >> no, i don't want it to be a boy! >> i have to share my shoes with another person! >> i'm happy! >> she is a really good one basking in all of her glory. i don't think they have to worry. i think mom and dad will stop after this. can you imagine when all of them start to flip out? >> my thoughts and prayers are with dad! >> daddy! >> this guy is revving up his dirt bike and let everybody know what they're having.
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it's a girl! >> awesome. >> especially because of the colors on the bike itself. i guess dad does too. super exciting. overcome with emotion. >> that young girl is going to be happy. >> thanks for watching, everybody. see you on the next "rtm." that prompted students to barricade themselves in classrooms with table and chairs blocking the doors, and all-clear was given nearly two hours later. >> apparently law enforcement officials, they say that the attacker was not known to the fbi and his neighbors claimed that he was always polite and that he attended daily services at a mosque. >> one of the primary questions
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authorities are looking into, though, is whether this was, indeed, a terrorist attack. more from abc's brian ross. >> reporter: just three minutes before the first 911 call, the attacker posted this message on facebook, according to law enforcement officials. i can't take it anymore. america, stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim uma. we are not weak. we are not weak. remember that. >> certainly, authorities need to treat this as a potential terrorist attack. >> reporter: as the police and fbi carry out a search warrant in his home in columbus -- >> talk to anybody he might have associated with, find out what they knew. >> reporter: the picture emerging of him is that of a somalia immigrant who, in this school video taken just five months ago, seemed to be living the american dream until he turned on his adopted country becoming radicalized based on what he read and heard online. he was recently profiled in the
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campus newspaper, the lantern, blaming the media for making muz limes feel scared on campus. >> so many people flipped by isis propaganda remotely look like they're leading successful lives. it's so hard to predict when propaganda gets through to them to the point where they crack and go violent. >> reporter: in recent weeks, isis has been urging its followers to copy the vehicle attack that took place in nice, france when 84 people were killed by a terrorist driving a semitruck through the bastille celebration there. isis posted a new video instructing followers how to use a knife to attack nonbelievers. also, in a facebook post, he calls himself a a lone wolf and says if you want us muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, then make peace with the muslim world. brian ross, abc news, new york. the south carolina man charged with murdering nine
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people at a historic black church is now acting as his own attorney. a judge yesterday greed that roof could represent himself wearing his prison uniform, he sat the defense table and helped select jurors. malcom grahm's sister died in the church attack and is worried the trial will turn into a skeptical. >> we're going to have to go through a comedy show that shows america at its worst. >> roof offered to plead guilty in exchange for life sentence, but prosecutors want the death penalty. switching gears now to monday night football action with the packers taking on the eagles in philadelphia. it was green bay who got off to a flying start, though, when quarterback aaron rodgers hit adams there for a 12 yard td. the pair hooked up again in the second quarter on a 20 yard touchdown. not bad. and packers pretty much put it away with this short touchdown run here in the fourth quarter. green bay hands philadelphia its first home loss of the season. packers winning it 27-13.
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>> well, we like inspiration on a tuesday. >> yeah. >> it's tuesday, right? >> yeah. >> i have to keep it straight. thousands of runners finished sunday's seattle marathon, but few showed as much heart as one 63-year-old man, evans wilson, walking the entire route with his wife and an oxygen tank. >> he's fighting a terminal disease, but took on the challenge as a way to raise money for research into his disease. >> love the fight in the guy. they were joined by a woman from another family who was affected. they walked in the rain and finished the race in ten hours and 55 minutes. huge congratulations to them. >> timing does not matter. he finished it. congratulations. >> beautiful. i love that. coming up, the wind beneath her wings and a peek at the very first trailer of the remake of "beaches. starring idina. deepening mystery behind the
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frightening kidnapping in california. what an eyewitness is saying after she found the mother of two badly beaten on the side of the road. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by my pillow.


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