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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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around the midnight hour when the cold front passes through and right now we start to see the radar quickly light up. a low level jet that is energy that is puncturing into the atmosphere scraping philadelphia but concentrated steadier rain in chester and parts of montgomery county. we'll wait a few hours before the actual front comes through to bring a round of heavy, steady rain and the possibility of a thunderstorm. there it is down in western virginia and the panhandle of virginia. and all of what is sweeping here through the next several hours. brehead of it 60 degrees, mild right now and look to the south and you see how the numbers are jumping in richmond, charlotte, raleigh and charles son, south carolina. uppergini0s to low 7mond and sh hit somewhere in the upper 60s prior to the midnight hour. right around midnight and thereafter that is when the cold front comes through and the poss rile of a thunderstorm coud pass by with the crack of thunder and a little more rain
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after that. brend then it clears out by tomorrow morning. temperatures again jumping into the mid to upperginimond over t next several hours. the cold front passes through near midnight and we see the steadier concentrated area of rain passing through and an additional quarter to half inch on top of the 1 to 2 inches for the majority of our region of the past couple of days. >> thank you adam. ch>> as the rain continues we urge you to rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan to know where the heavier cells are headed next. one of many resources available to you at, and please remember our meteorologists are constantly posting updates on their facebook and twitter pages. now, to developments in the hit and run death of an 8-year-old girl in the overbrook section of philadelphia. sources are telling "action news" the suspected car has been
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found. police received a tip that the car matching the desa lo of in fraziest gianna powell was struck an november 18th walking home with her s rilings and camden county police released the sketch a suspect in the sexual assault i and the city of camden and police responded to the 900 block at 628 where they transported the victim to cooper university hospital. live is walter perez, what is the latest on this? ch> reporter: jim think the fac of the matter is, authorities are optimistic with the public's help they can find and solve a a loime that is nothing less th horrific. >> police chief says that this is a composite ske soh of a man responsible for a crime nothing
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short of horrsiblic. the aeatacker driving this whit vanna approached the victim on south 3rd street in camden. ch> the suspect became violence and drug her into a weeded area and at that point he vapplently seembally assau 18ed her. >> we are told that the attacker seriously injured the victim with a weapon but no further details are released at it time. neighbors called 911 and the victim was taken to cooper hospital and surveillance cameras captured this video of the s suspicious
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death of a toddler in kensington. detectives responded to a home on the 600 block of east clementine street before midnight. they arrived to fine an unresponsive 2-year-old boy. the toddler died at saint christophers hospital and the cause of death is not officially determined. police say they are interviewing a number of people. two philadelphia police officers have released from the hospital after being treated for bite wounds. the offices were involved in the violent confronttation of a suspect at 1:30 this morning. the officers spotted 32-year-old caesar ortega trying to break
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into a honda on the 1200 block of east atlantic street in port richmond, there was a struggle and ortega allegedly bit the officers arms and hands and faces resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police. a montgomery county pediatrician is underarrest accused of having explicit images of children. david kennedy is in pennsburg. a nurse practiceticionner found pictures on the phone given to her by the practice. and that the images belong to kennedy, he is charged with sexual abuse of children and remains in jail on $250,000 bail. police say that one of the suspects in the vandalism of a market in chestnut hill turns out to be an attorney in the city law department. sara bloomquist has been following the story today and is
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live now at northwest detectives. sara an unlikely suspect perhaps what are the details. >> reporter: jim his name is duncan lloyd and is not yet charged with any crime, expected to come here to northwest detectives with his own attorney to talk to investigators about what he knows, he has been in touch with them. we learned that he is an attorney in the city law office but we couldn't toe what he was doing with a glass of wine apparently taking part in anti-trump vandalism. and we don't know the identity of the man he was with. >> one man was wearing a blazer and scarf and carrying a wine class. not attire or behavior that police usually see for someone on their way to commit an act of vandalism. >> and the video showed another man with a hood the jacket two of them walking casually up german town avenue. >> one individual was identified in the video. the man in the wine glass is duncan lloyd seen here in a
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facebook profile picture. city hall confirmed he is an assistant attorney in the city law department. it was early friday morning when lloyd and the man in the hooded jacket walked to the fresh market on the 1800 block of german town avenue, the man in the hood was captured on surveillance cameras. photos later showed the profane anti-trump message left behind. we aired the video yesterday and lloyd was quickly identified and then investigators learned he worked in the law department in the labor unit. solicitor of the law department said, to my knowledge mr. lloyd contacted police and is in contact with them. we do not condone this type of behavior from our employees. police have not identified the man in the black hood that is
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where they hope that lloyd can help. >> northwest detective is in the process of bringing the person is and speaking about the incident and we move forward from there. >> lloyd worked for the city law department since 2011, they put the damage at the grocery store at 3,000 to $10,000. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an accident on the tracks intel wear county. halted train service on the paoli thorndale line this afternoon. septa officialed say that an amtrak train struck and killed a pedestrian in radnor. and service resumed at 4:00. a judge says she will try to decide or will decide by the end of the week whether to appoint a special prosecutor to consider the citizens complaint against governor chris christie in the bridge gate scandal. willan brennan filed a complaint saying he violated the official misconduct stat toot by filing
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to reopen lanes in 2013 to the george washington bridge. delaware riders can get their hands on coveted retro license plates. a limited number of the five digit plates are able to purchase at the division of motor vehicles locations. each cost $110 plus fees. low numbers plates are desired in the first state and they sell out quickly many are passed down through generations. two police officers served up a hot holiday meal in norristown today. detectives steve soul and da dave -- they were joined by children of the community to serve dinner to the less fortunate. coming up new jersey christmas tree farmers spread the holiday cheer to local military families and despite
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now visibles that are dropping below 2 miles in some locations, around 2.5 in philadelphia. not a problem by tomorrow morning but we have to get through rounds of heavy rain prior to that. despite the gloomy weather out there. rick and cecily in center city in dillworth park to spread holiday cheer for us this evening. >> reporter: we certainly are, thank you. the rain has lightened up a bit got rid of the umbrella, the west apron of city hall. the first time the philadelphia christmas tree is moved out of the courtyard and it's really beautiful. >> oh the weather outside is soggy but we are having a celebration rain or shine. this is a philly holiday celebration in front of this wonderful tree. this is mayor kenney's first inaugural celebration and want its to be very special. we'll bring you everything and check in with erin o'hearn and alicia vitarelli and much more.
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>> is that the first time we heard rick williams sing on television? because he sings all the time off television. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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this is a live picture from a brand new sky 6 hd city hall camera and dillworth hall is the center of attention as we celebrate the holiday season. that is the official philadelphia christmas tree the city is calling it all philadelphia holiday festival. cecily tynan and rick williams are there for tonight's live special broad cast at 7:30.
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how about a preview? >> hi guys. >> it's beginning to look a lot like seattle. >> give rick a microphone and he is going to sing -- >> it's soggy here but that won't rain on the parade. >> it could be icing or really cold. it's not that bad and the heavy rain moved off and i think we'll have a great holiday special. >> think so. and the star rain or shine is the wonderful christmas tree behind us, 40 foot colorado fir from a farm in york county and wonderful here on the west apron of city hall. they used to have the trees in the courtyard and moved it out here and you can walk by it and drive by it. >> the base was actually designed by the set designer from hamilton, if you look closely 6 abc in someplace in there. where is it? right there. >> i see it actually. we have the rothman ice skating
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rink, alicia vitarelli is there lacing up her skates now. >> i'm not that coordinated it's slick on the ice and it's not stopping people. can you catch a glimpse of the guy behind me in a tank top. it's not that warm out. this rink is open holidays and even christmas day. and if you are not that good on skates, they have professionals here to give you lessons, come out and try it. it's a glorious way to celebrate the holidays. they have hot chocolate in the lodge and erin o'hearn is in a beautiful garden maze not far away from me. >> i was hoping to see a twirl. i'm in the middle of the winter garden maze, it's all lit up and absolutely gorgeous you don't usually associate it with
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winter. 32 local gardens contributing to this. we'll bring you more details on this in our special. looking forward to it. back to you. >> thank you erin. >> you know there is so many going on at dillworth park including two shopping markets, two of them. the idea is to bring people in and do christmas shopping and go to the stores around here and there is so much going on tonight. >> you can buy your co-workers something tonight. and jim he will not be singing, watch our special at 7:30. >> i will carol throughout the night. ♪ joy to the world >> i knew it would happen. >> thank you very much. >> the rainy weather did not dampen the goodwill. bordentown. families came to pick up free christmas trees, more than a dozen new jersey christmas tree growers donated the trees for
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military families.
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eagles get back to work with the bengal on the horizon. nelson aguilar was the last person off the field and his benching was an eye opener. jordan matthews did not practice with the ankle sprain and eagles quarterback had to put the team on his back. he scored his first touch down on the ground and talked about where he is at this point in his first season. >> physically and mentally i feel great. i'm at a good spot and thankful to be healthy for sure and mentally i feel confident with where i'm at. as a team the record and performance individually is nevada perfect but i feel like i'm getting better mentally and playing more confidently. so obviously record wise we would like to be better but i feel like we are on the right
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track. >> nerlins noel is taking a step to his return. he is sidelined since october 6th. and the first will play at wells fargo center. despite the four game losing streak all four wins came at the confidence of their arena. they like what they have going here. >> looking at one game. we are trying to take advantage of the home court and able to play pretty well over the past couple of weeks and hopefully get a couple of wins to add to our record. >> for the second straight night we have a big five showdown temple against st. joes much the owls basketball are playing well but how about the football team they play navy at noon for the acc championship. catch is on channel 6 and ducis rogers will be with temple in annapolis to cover the game. and penn state plays for a
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conference championship and they take on wisconsin for the big ten crown and the playoffs within their grasp. even with set backs the program suffered in recent years and it's a huge opportunity. >> we are blessed and appreciative to represent the big ten east and play in this game. a great experience and great for the fans and our guys are excited and preparing like crazy all week long and go represent the white and blue the best that we possibly can. to make all the penn staters around the world. all the lettermen really proud of how we played all year but how we compete on saturday. >> nittany lions running back is named the big ten player of the year pretty impressive. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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a lull in the rain now and perhaps more coming. starting to fire up in the western suburbs and only turns more intense during the midnight hour. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we see a lull through much of the afternoon hours and even within the last hour but all of a sudden we are starting to see stormtracker 6 live double scan get excited here especially in the northwestern suburbs, the bright colors are popping especially in montgomery county along the northeast extension, 309. heavy rain is starting to puncture in the northwestern suburbs, near the conshohocken curve and the same thing in southern chester county. in chadds ford and heading
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towards exton and berwyn and malvern seeing heavier downpours and we see the trend continue as warm air comes in ahead of a cold front. temperatures right now at 60 for wilmington and millville. 67 in dover. 59 in philadelphia, going back and forth 59, 60 for the last few hours but the nones come up before they drop after the cold front and today if you don't know it, it's the last day of november and temperatures in philadelphia for the month returning 2.3 degrees above normal. and this theme of above normal temperatures month after month really continues, out of the last 20 months 19 of those months came in above normal. only one month didn't that was may of this year. so for the last 0 months temperatures run 3.3 degrees above normal in philadelphia. as we look at satellite and radar the first batch moved up
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to new england and developing to the south and west along a cold front and severe weather in the south where 30 reported tornadoes over the last 48 hours. we won't see severe weather but heavy hitters coming through 9:00 in the western suburbs awaiting it south and east and arrives in and around philadelphia with the actual front around midnight and the possibility of a thunderstorm as well. 3:30 in the morning it heads to the east as we dry out to the north and west and by tomorrow morning, sunshine around here, the wind increases and drys out the atmosphere as you go into the end of the week. in fact your day planner we start at 53 and not much movement in temperature tomorrow afternoon and cold air invection comes in at the same time as it kicks up from the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. despite only 56 that is still 5 degrees above average for this time of year. the exclusive accuweather
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forecast after two rainy days a nice sunny stretch, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. and temperatures back off closer to normal for the upcoming weekend and monday 50 degrees and the next storm arrives late on tuesday and the possibility of more rain at 48 degrees and then sunshine trying to pop back up on wednesday at 50 degrees, you may head to bed early but get awoken by a rumble at midnight. thunderstorms unusual or not that unusual. not that unusual but rare to have one this late at night but not during the day. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, ducis rogers. and join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for "action news" i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled by the winds. families racing to get out. breaking developments in the plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his silence right here.


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