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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 1, 2016 2:10am-2:40am EST

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play? >> reporter: jim, a source tells "action news" a toddler whose family members were identified had a lacerated liver on his body at the time of his death. >> a 2-year-old male not breathing. >> reporter: family members say that 2-year-old is zyair worrell. he was rushed from his home to the hospital where he died hours later. homicide detectives are investigating and waiting for the medical examiner's report. a source tells "action news" zyair had a lacerated liver and bruises. >> why is this baby gone? how is this allowed to happen. >> why would he be dead around his mom and step dad. >> reporter: when is the last time you saw him? >> two days ago, i was holding him. >> reporter: he lives two doors down from the family. did you notice anything on his
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body? >> i didn't notice anything at all. he seemed like a happy, 2-year-old boy, calling his mom. nothing unusual. >> reporter: his father posted on facebook, today's words cannot explain how i'm feeling. i'm so numb. by son didn't deserve to die. >> he is going to be missed. we knew and loved that child. >> reporter: this evening, police interviewed his mother and her boyfriend. so far, no arrests have been made. reporting live at police headquarters, channel 6 "action news." a strange situation that never happened before in the history of the wells fargo center forced them to call off the game. the basketball court was wet and slippery and they could not dry it off. the flyers played last night and the arena did a quick changeover. that happened numbers of times
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before without a problem. the officials think the unseasonably warm and humid day today led to the slippery surface. >> their safety is our first and foremost prediction that it has to be right so we don't cause an injury or unsuitable playing surface. >> the sixers apologized to fans and say the tickets will be valid for the make-up game against the sacramento kings when ever that is and get a ticket to an additional game. we are seeing the last of the rain and what has been two days of much needed precipitation. we might even hear the rumble of thunder before the night is over. let's get the latest information from storm tracker 6 double scan and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim, i knew what you meant, by the way. we have another round of some heavy rain moving in. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we had two days with
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waves of rain. we have two more and then things dry out. this is the latest and this has some heavy downpours west of philadelphia, heading through northtown, some embedded thunder with it as well. that's lifting up to the north and the east. this is ahead of the cold front. i have been talking about this front for days now. the actual cold front is with the second batch of rain over western pennsylvania, moved through pittsburgh and this will move through in the wee hours of the morning. after it does, we will see clearing two days of much needed rain, but pretty gloomy conditions. temperatures ahead of the cold front, very warm for this time of the year and for this time at night. 56 degrees in philadelphia with a strong wind out of the south. doesn't feel like the last day of november. once that front shifts through, we will see the return of sunshine and temperatures will be dropping somewhat. the temperatures still on the
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mild side tomorrow. morning rush, leave the umbrellas home. grab the sunglasses. 53 degrees at 6:00. 8:00, 63 degrees. i'll have details on what it means for the weekend in the full accuweather forecast. jim? >> thank you cecily. authorities are investigating a murder in mays landing. a man was found shot to death outside a unit in the woodlands condominiums on the 3000 block of ivy bush at 6:30. they have not released the man's identity. a montgomery county pediatrician has been arrested under charges of child pornography. county detectives announced the arrest of 48-year-old david kennedy. he is charged with five counts of sexual abuse of children. kennedy works at personal care pediatrics in pennsburg. the city of philadelphia
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identified a suspected vandal in a case of anti-trump graffiti as an attorney in the city law department. police say the man in this video was duncan lloyd, an assistant city solicitor. it was sprayed on a grocery store last friday morning on germantown avenue. lloyd is seen carrying a glass of wine. there are developments in the story in california where there are many more questions than answers. monica malpass is tracking this trail and is at the "action news" big board. >> why would somebody abduct a mother from an average income family, not make ransom demands and beat her. this stunned and horrified the nation. sherry's husband spoke for the first time today about the savage treatment his wife suffered at the hands of two
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female captors. >> her left hand was in the vehicle chained to something. >> reporter: when he saw her in the hospital the first time, he was speechless. the officers warned me to brace myself, her face covered in bruises, ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatin beatings. the bridge of her nose broken, her body covered in burns. >> we do not know if she was a specific target or random. >> reporter: she had been out jogging four weeks ago near her home when she was grabbed. she was tortured and dumped out of a truck 150 miles from home on thanksgiving day. investigators don't have a reason to doubt her story. >> discovered in restrainted. >> they were a quarter inch heavy chains and a bag over her head. the sheriff will not say where on the body her brand was or what it said.
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he says they may have been trying to humiliate her or wear her down by branding her and cutting her hair or sending a message to somebody else. be cautious until they are identified. 20/20 will have more friday night at 10:00 p.m. jim? >> thank you. donald trump tweeted he will announce his plans to step back from his company as he is president. legal documents are being drafted. they doubt he will sell his interests and place assets into a blind trust as other presidents have done before him. the university of pennsylvania has announced it will continue to be a sanctuary campus. that means the university will block federal agents from removing students in the country illegally unless agents have a warrant. the president said immigrant
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students add to penn's richness and diversity. during the presidential campaign, donald trump pledged to end the practice of granting temporary status to students in the u.s. illegally. trump and three of his children are penn graduates. philadelphia police officers are being recognized for going above and beyond. "action news" was in northeast philadelphia for tonight's awards ceremony. commissioner richard ross and other police leaders were there to acknowledge officers for their heroic actions. coming up, the oil car tell decision that hasn't happened since 2008 and could hurt your wallet. protesters take to the streets in charlotte after a prosecutor explains why an officer won't be charged. a local project brings muslims and jews tonight on the
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basketball court. the bridge and seeing a very wet scene. i'm tracking another round of rain on the way and brighter skies returning. details in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> jamie apody here from eagles quarterback carson wentz when "action news" continues.
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protesters on the streets of south carolina reacting to the news of the officer who killed keith scott will not be charged. the d.a. showed this video of scott inside a 7-eleven. he proved he was armed before the encounter outside his apartment. this is how the d.a. explained his decision not to prosecute
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the officer. >> he acted lawfully. what he saw was a man who had drawn a gun when confronted by police, exited a vehicle with a gun in hand and failed to comply with officers who commanded him at least ten times to put the gun down. >> lawyers for the family are considering a lawsuit against the police officer. at least five people are confirmed fo have died in tornadoes that hit the south this morning. clean up is under way as residents surveyed the destruction in alabama and tennessee. tornado sirens were going off all day in atlanta. dozens of other people were injured when the storms flattened businesses. firefighters started to get the deadly wildfires under control. we are learning details about the deadly plane crash in columbia. the pilot of the flight told air traffic controllers he ran out
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of fuel. on a leaked recording, you can hear him asking for permission to land. the flight crashed into the andes mountains. six passengers survived the crash. oil prices are soaring after opec agreed to the cut in years. you could soon feel the spike at the pump. the oil cartel is down to 13 countries. nonmember nations like russia are committed to joining them in the cut. the silver lining for the u.s. is american oil producers might hire more workers as the price of a barrel goes up. another reason to get a good night's sleep, it could help the country's bottom line. sleep deprivation could cost the united states $411 billion a year in lost productivity based on an examination of worker who
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is slept less than six hours a night compared to those with seven hours. one in three american adults don't get adequate sleep. the u.s. is the worst at this measure than all countries studied. major jim kenney was at the ribbon cutting event at the health design lab known as the vault that gives tech experts space to work on health care innovations. it is home to a unique program where medical students can learn creative problem solving methods. despite the sixers issues with the hardwood tonight, the slippery spots didn't stop a group of young players from taking to the court this afternoon to make a difference. their mission, to share a message of peace between jewish and muslim students. the basketball game dubbed crossovers for co-existence was part of 13-year-old's bar
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mitzvah project. middle schoolers from the synagogue played with their counter parts from islamic academy in north philadelphia. they blended their teams to prove an important point. >> trying to connect with youth to that in the next generation were able to be friend and we don't have to fight. you can still change the world with just a kid. >> i guess you can. ari was supposed to be recognized with the game changer award during halftime at the sixers game tonight. but we assume he will get that award at the next available opportunity. quite a bar mitzvah project there. accuweather forecast. >> a little more rain on the way tonight, then everything is different tomorrow. sunshine will be back tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double cam, the sun will come out tomorrow,
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bet your bottom dollar. tonight, we have heavy rain moving through chester, delaware, montgomery, bucks county. this is lifting up to the north and east. very heavy rain just west of philadelphia. a few embedded thunderstorms possible as well. the actual cold front that will swing through is still across central pennsylvania. ahead of the front, winds out of the south. it is unusually warm for november. wilmington 69. it's 68 degrees, almost 70 degrees in dover at 11:00 at night. philadelphia 56 down from the high of 61. 11 degrees above normal. fog, fortunately much better now. the winds are beginning to pick up. we have visibility earlier this evening less than a half mile at atlantic city airport. satellite 6 along with action radar showing here is the system. one batch of rain ahead of the
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actual cold front that is moving through right now. the cold front is approaching central pennsylvania. this will swing through in the wee hours of the morning. behind it, you can see the clearing over kentucky and tennessee. that's high pressure. that really will have control of our weather right through the end of the week and through the weekend. future tracker showing the cold front moving through around 2:30 in the morning in philadelphia with one more round of heavy rain, perhaps a rumble of thunder off the coast by 4:30 then the morning commute, 7:00, not a cloud in the sky. it's going to be a nice, bright day. it will be on the windy side. the winds west, 12-25 miles per hour. temperatures barely going anywhere. 53 degrees at 7:00. 54 by 10:00. 1:00, 56, then temperatures dropping back to the 40s by 7:00. on friday, the high pressure kind of averting more. loads of sunshine, on the breezy side. the high pressure will bring
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plenty of sunshine over the weekend and seasonably cool conditions for the first weekend of december. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, sunshine is back with a gusty breeze. friday, 52. the weekend, dry but seasonably cool, 49 degrees on saturday. partly sunny for the temple game at annapolis. sunday with high clouds, 47 degrees. monday partly sunny and temperatures make a rebound up to 50 degrees. looks like the next storm system will be arriving during the day on tuesday. yes, this is rain, not snow. a cool rain with a high of 48 degrees and wednesday, clouds break into sun with a high of 50 degrees. one more round of rain overnight, then we can put the umbrellas away at least until tuesday for several days. celebrating a successful year for philadelphia's parks and recs center.
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the $300 million investment called rebuild philadelphia was offered through the bonds and soda tax. it will restore green and public spaces. the parks alliance says has been underfunded and undervalued for years.
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wells fargo center is the court that was sweating tonight. >> how does that happen? >> i don't know. >> hope it doesn't happen again. when i heard this, i thought only the sixers. only the sixers have to postpone a home game when they have been doing so well due to condensation on the court. now, something went wrong with the cooling system and the ice underneath the court seeped through the wood. of all nights, it was when joel embiid's minutes were supposed to go up. the fans were turned away and offered another game in addition to the make up game. >> i'm sorry. the frustration is bad.
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most incredible fan base in the world. to have them come down on a rainy night, come here on a team like no fans. then to send them home. >> the eagles moving past the packers. so is nelson agholor. his benching was eye opener. a sprained ankle. eagles quarterback had to put the team back on his back. last game as best he could. scored a touchdown on the ground. he talked about where he is at this point in the season. >> physically, mentally, i feel great. i'm at a good spot, thankful to be healthy. mentally, i feel confident with where i'm at. as a team, the record and performance, it's never perfect. i feel like i'm getting better. mentally, things are slowing down, playing more confidently. >> lots of local hoops,
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a big week in the big five. last week villanova and penn. tonight, a date with temple before they take on villanova. temple lost. robertson, the lay up and foul. hawks within one. later, nationals player of the week up for three. obi with 26 points, the owls
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outlast the hawks, 78-72. la sal hosting lehigh explorers. henry for the lay up. 89-81. la fayette, austin williams, for the jam. win 74-70. runningback big 10 offensive player of the year. led the conference for rushes, touchdown and scoring. they will take on wisconsin saturday in the big 10 championship series. temple will be playing for a title. the owls face the high scoring navy for the championship. kick off saturday at noon here on channel 6. ducis rodgers will be in minneapolis. they said it will not rain there. >> beautiful weather for the game. finally, the sixers minor league team had a new home of sorts at the delaware children's museum. players and coaches from the
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delaware 87ers were on hand to greet fans at the grand opening of the team's museum exhibit in wilmington. each 87er contributed a hand imprint to the exhibits wall. all right. jimmy kimmel live, his special red show is next on channel 6 followed by night line. "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, jamie apody, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.
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