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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 a.m., thursday, december 1. here's what's happening. >> a woman who went through a greenlight dies after getting caught in the middle of a high speed police chase in west philadelphia. >> the death of a toddler has been ruled a homicide. now police are working to piece together his life. >> a local school pulls a teacher from the clam saying the instructor made racially
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insensitive remarks. >> let's turn to karen rogers in for david murphy. and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: i want to show you the satellite image of the rain pushing off the coast in the late overnight hours. we're dry in the region we'll have sunshine today mixing with the clouds. look at the numbers they have dipped in the last hour. 49 in quakertown. 49 in pottstown. 50 in coatsville. 50 is the average high for the date, so these numbers are good. 56 now in center city. it's 53 in browns mills. 55 in vineland. we've dipped to 54 in glass borough. 55 in dover, delaware. temperatures mostly stayed in the 50s in the overnight hours. we're staying in the 50 os through the day today because of the cold air .
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7:00 a.m., 52 degrees, 10:00 a.m., 53 degrees, 1:00 p.m., 55 degrees, 4:00 p.m., 52. 7:00 p.m., 47 degrees. >> reporter: in the wake of all the rain we've had serious accidents this morning as people have been slipping and sliding, one of them in front of the collingswood diner. the action cam is on the scene, the good news here at 10 and 0, traffic is getting by. it was a nasty crash, the vehicle was badly damaged. you can see some emergency crews, police officers do remain on the scene here, but again, traffic can squeeze by. if you want to avoid the emergency crews you can use the black horse and mount ephraim avenue or cuthbert boulevard to 70. the scene is 130 at 30 by the collingswood diner. word coming in a crash in
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trenton. it's off to the side. getting word of a crash northbound at i-95 by naamans road. no huge delays. one last live look at the schuylkill expressway, westbound broken down vehicle at the curve cleared out of the way. just building volume on this thursday morning. >> investigators are working to piece together a deadly police chase. the car containing two men broadsided a vehicle leaving her dead. annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with that story. >> reporter: the woman was rushed to penn presbyterian hospital where she was pronounced a short time later. this is video from the scene. two police cruiser had their lights and sirens on when they pursuing the nissan involved in
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the multi-vehicle crash at 7:15 at 52nd and locust when the woman was struck broadside. the incident began at 48th and westminster when officers respond to shots fired. when they arrived, the people in the nissan fled. >> we pulled video from a store around 48th and westminster, we see the nissan and another vehicle involved in an altercation and gunshots were fired from the black nissan and white vehicle fs there was a shooting -- there was a shooting that did occur and the officers pursued the vehicle and unfortunately an accident happened at 52nd and locust. >> reporter: police apprehended the people in the nissan they were taken to the hospital and expected to be charged. they recovered a gun from the nissan, as well. reporting outside of police
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headquarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> a man is being questioned in the hit-and-run death of an 8-year-old school girl in overbrook. police discovered the striking vehicle at a body shop in chester county. jay and in a powell powell was -- jayanna powell was struck and hit and thrown 90 feet. we'll have more on the story in the next half-hour of "action news." philadelphia police say the death of a 2-year-old kensington boy was a homicide. philadelphia police arrived at the home on the 600 block of east clementine street. the toddler died yesterday. he suffered blunt impact trauma to the torso and laceration of
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the liver and other bruises. >> this is a very sad day on clementine street. he is going to be missed. we knew and loved him. >> reporter: police interviewed the mother and boyfriend they have not made any arrests. new this morning, a tractor-trailer crashed along the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway shutting down the highway for hours overnight. the action cam was at 30th street exit when crews hoisted the truck from the crash scene. the accident happened after 1:00 a.m. police say there were three evaluate accidents that involved multiple vehicles and the truck. one person was treated at the scene. it is unclear if heavy overnight rains played a role in the accident. cheltenham high school has suspended a teerve -- teacher for making racially insensitive comments to students. the school said intimidating or hateful speech will not be
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tolerated. the comments were not specified. the school district provided counseling for students. a pediatrician in montgomery can accused of posing sexually explicit pictures of children. a nurse practitioner alerted police after she found pictures on the iphone given to her by the practice. the images belonged to kennedy. he was arrested on monday and being held on $250,000 bail. apps are fun, but google is warning android user to be careful what you download. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq. there's evidence this has not worktd out for a lot of -- worked out for a lot of people. >> hackers gained access to 1.3 million google accounts when cruiser downloaded apps from third party app store.
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it took control of the phone and put on apps without the users' permission. visit checkpoint website to determine if you're phone was infected. an early rally slated in the afternoon yesterday. construction and motor vehicle sales are expected to be due out today. you may be paying more for your christmas trees rear -- this year because of the drought. about 23 days to christmas, my artificial tree is up. >> i'm impressed, i have not bought one present. >> you have jack-os
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up. >> fires in tennessee have have caused evacuations in galtilburg. tornado sirens were going off yesterday in atlanta. dozens of others were injured when the storms flattened buildings. the severe weather tore through at any an as firefighters were starting to get the deadly wildfires under control. >> around here we're in the process of drying things out. we have a gusty breeze to dry out the roads. don't forget the wet roads, at least the raint is gone. -- rain is gone. storm tracker 6 live dowcial scan, the front -- double scan, the front that came through is off the coast.
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sky6 live hd looking at the platt bridge. we have clouds up above, but sunshine will work its way in today. 56 degrees unseasonable mild in the overnight hours. 49 in allentown. 46 in reading. 53 in wilmington. 56 in millville. 57 in atlantic city airport. i want to show you the wind gusts, currently gusting at 23 miles per hour in philadelphia. i felt whistles outside a few -- when i was outside a few minutes ago. temperatures will be above average and feeling all right. satellite and radar showing all the moisture significant amount of rain in some spots, 2 to 3 inches in 48 hours. the front pushed off the coast in the overnight hours, you can see leftover clouds at this point, but starting to break up here and there. the clouds you see to the west are related to another upper level low. we'll see sunshine. it's going to be a good day. hour by hour forecast,
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7:00 a.m., sun and clouds 10:00 a.m., 3503. 1:00 p.m., 55. 4:00 p.m., 52. 56 degrees is the high. 7:00 a.m., 47 degrees. it will get chilly at night, nighttime low 38 in the city. let's look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for the lehigh valley and the shore, starting with the lehigh valley, sunshine and clouds, breezy, 52 degrees. at the shore, 58 degrees, mostly sunny skies and breezy there. tomorrow we keep the good news coming, high pressure in control, that gives us sunshine, 52 degrees, still a cool breeze there should be a few nice days coming your way after a couple of of wet ones. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a gusty breeze, otherwise sunshine and clouds, 56 is the high. tomorrow, sunny, breezy, 52 degrees. saturday getting chilly. 49 degrees is about average for this time of the year. it will feel cool for us. temple game will be fine and dry
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in annapolis. sunday, increasing clouds, 47 degrees. one model suggesting we could get a weak disturbance sunday night giving us showers or period of rain. monday, partly sunny skies, 50. tuesday, periods of rain, 48 degrees for the high, just rain at 48. wednesday the rain ends early, but you could start with a wet commute. the temperature high 54 degrees. temperatures back in the 50s and 40s. it will feel cool on the weekend after the 60s that we had yesterday. >> we'll deal. 6:12 battle of the sexes, government scodle -- as cold coln elementary school for separating boys and girls. >> reporter: we have a broken down car on 476 in delco just
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>> yes, roy that's nice, beautiful picture there, 6abc
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city hall, one of our new cameras, check that out, a beautiful christmas tree. 6:15, 56 degrees. >> do you like the smell of evergreen, fragrant. >> reporter: sets the mood for the season. today is national pie day and eat a red apple day. >> i already did. >> reporter: you were celebrating if you didn't know it. if you have an apple pie you're celebrating both. the rain has ended, but puddles around the roads matt and tam and now we're slowing down on i-95 southbound side from academy to cot mant -- cottman, and farther south allegheny into girard. a crash on i-95 northbound north of broad street is gone, everything is open through south philadelphia. we're getting world of a crash franconia township close to the rising sun in allentown road at
6:17 am
creamery road. we're on a scene of a crash near the malvern school paoli pike near pattison lane. crash at collingswood diner, 130 and 30 come together. most of the accident has been cleared. if you want to avoid it, black horse pike and mount ephraim avenue. in front, we have a crash along the shoulder 29 southbound approaching 129. coming out of the delaware into delco there's a wreck on i-95 northbound near naamans road. speeds are not too bad. middletown, they had 301 shut down, it is open now, it will close tonight at 8:00. cedar road is the an alternate.w
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an officer is dead shot in tacoma, washington overnight. the suspect barricaded himself inside a home. police responded to a domestic violence call. shots rang out. the officer was rushed to the hospital for surgery and died. the suspect is still in a home that is owned by a fellow church member, the homeowner and her children were escorted out of the house and led to safety when the officer was shot. the suspect fired an sheriff's helicopter. an idaho elementary school has been dividing classrooms by gender and the federal government said it has to stop. they separated classroom to improve boy's performance in reading and writing and girls' performance in math. it is believed it violates title
6:19 am
nine which probabilities discrimination. tech bytes, the positive response to the latest news from netflix. a nod to the news that subscribers can watch them off line without the internet. >> good news for anyone waiting for apple's wireless headphones. a customer received an e-mail about the air pods. he was apologizing for the delay and hopes to begin shipment in the next few weeks. santa's north pole home has been listed on as i will -- zillow. a home estimated at $160,000. where do all the elves sleep?
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there in the back of course.
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on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. action cam is in the overbrook section of philadelphia where a tree has fallen on the roadway, north 59th street. we don't know why the tree fell down, maybe it was old or the roots were soaked from all the rain. the road is closed, there's police tape up right now. >> you know coming into work i saw people garbage cans all over the streets. it was a windy night last night. >> reporter: we had gusty winds. that tree alert is for the st. joe's cardinals. stick with drexel road or 59th this morning.
6:23 am
dangerous situation in the westbound lanes by 23. looks to be a single-vehicle accident or disabled vehicle sticking out in the right lane it's dark out here. people are coming upon it quickly as they come westbound 202 watch the truck during the merge. dangerous situation on 422 web heads up if you're heading towards oaks on 422. looking better as we take off a 2 and look at 42 northbound volume heading toward the walt whitman bridge. >> reporter: we're starting a brand new month. november was two degrees above average. 19 of the last 20 months had above average temperatures of over 3 degrees, we've been on the warm side. satellite and radar showing all the rain from yesterday, even the clouds moving out. we'll see a good amount of sunshine mixing with clouds today. the high 56 we're in the 50s, we'll spend the day in the 50s today. 7:00 a.m., 52. 10:00 a.m., 53. 1:00 p.m., 55. we'll hit the high early at
6:24 am
4:00 p.m. coming down from 52 degrees, at 7:00 it will be 47 clear and chilly overnight tam. >> bradley cooper's next role will be that of a father. the jenkintown native and his girlfriend are expecting their first child. the pregnancy bug began after she strutted down the runway in paris. the couple who started dating in april of last year, they have yet to confirm the news. but use like people are going with it. good luck to him. >> they usually get the scoom on the coop. >> up next, tv doctor who made questionable claims in the past is now the focus of a lawsuit. police make an arrest of a two week old hit-and-run case in philadelphia. they find the damaged vehicle at a body shop in the suburbs, all the details coming up at 6:30. i have asthma...
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over olive oil telling the audience that 80% of the virgin olive oil is fake. the north american olive oil association did nat like that. they a -- did not like that, they filed a lawsuit. dr. oz will defend the case. we have someone who goes out and purchases all the gifts
6:28 am
for the 1 days of christmas. in case, buying all the odd items went up $233.34363. the cost of two turtle doves jumped. 9 of the other gifts listed in the carol stayed in the same price or listed cheaper. has anyone in the history of man been given the 12 gifts? a security vehicle is riddled with bullets overnight. >> a driver with a green light gets side wipes by two --
6:29 am
sideswiped by two people on the run from police. >> now on "action news" there's
6:30 am
6:31 am
a break in the hit-and-run case that killed a girl on her way home from school. we'll show you the reaction from the family. >> bullets blow out the windows of a van marked security parked near a septa station glcialg that was -- septa station. that was not what sixers fans had in mind for their evening they thought they would mop the floor of their opponents. >> david is off, karen rogers has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: you will not need the umbrella for days. i can show you that on satellite and radar all the rain for days out of here, pushed off the coastline in the overnight hours. the clouds are breaking in our region. we're starting with sunshine. we'll see clouds mixing with the
6:32 am
sun later today. a 23-mile an hour gust with the winds. 30 in trenton. 11 in beach haven. watch for gusty breezes at times. 48 degrees in quakertown and pottstown. 50 in saints david. 56 in center city. 52 in browns mills. 5 in hammonton. 54 in glassboro. this means the overnight hours are above the average high for this date. unusual weather for this time of the year year. today we're in the 50s, we have cooler air coming in behind the cold front. 7:00 a.m., 52. sunshine and clouds, 10:00 a.m., 53. 1:00 p.m., 55 your high is 56. we'll hit it early today. 4:00 p.m., 52. 7:00 p.m., 47 degrees, so right now we're in the 50s, it's going to be a much different story home morning if you're getting up going to the bus stop or going for a run. i'll explain the weather pattern that's changing in just a few minutes. >> reporter: we're trying to drip die after 40 days and 40
6:33 am
nights of rain, wait, it was only two days, but it felt like more. we have ponding and puddling on the roads. we have some accidents and broken down vehicle on 42, westbound side still out here taking out the right lane. penndot and police are out here. that's good news, because it was very dark earlier, you had people coming westbound coming past 23 almost hitting the vehicle in the right lane. as you come west of 202 stay to your left. eastbound there's a five minute delays between oaks and 23. a bunch of accidents one franconia township, allentown road at creamery road. no issues an -- along 611. our cracker along paoli pike is out of the way. if you're heading to st. joe's, a big old down tree is blocking
6:34 am
59th by overbrook avenue. drexel or 63rd are the alternates. route 29 northbound past 129 an accident is taking out the right lane, you're seeing delays in this area, as well. tam. >> going on, a family's desperate criticize for help have been -- cries for help have been answered. tip callers help make the arrest in the hit-and-run of an 8-year-old school girl. annie mccormick has more on the update. >> reporter: a man in his 20s was arrested shortly after a vehicle that fits the description of the vehicle that was used in the hit-and-run was found. sources say that the person was interviewed by investigators from the accident investigation division and homicide detectives, but the charges that are expected to come down will come from a-i-d. this is video of the vehicle that we were talking about. the vehicle that fit the
6:35 am
description. police found it stay body recovery shop in frazier, chester county yesterday. novel 18, 8-year-old was walking home from school when she was hit at 53rd and landsdown. she died at chop. "action news" spoke to the powell family last night after learning the car was located and also a person was in custody. >> it's hard, but with the community helping us and my family helping us, it's helping a lot. we're taking it one day at a time. >> the powell family saying they have a lot of work to be done, rather. it was two days ago, that they joined philadelphia police asking for more information. there was a reward put up by the philadelphia mayor and fop and the powell family themselves asking people for any information that would lead to an arrest, so at this point, police are saying that they did
6:36 am
get help from the community. we're hoping to learn more about what role the community did play in the discovery of the car and the arrest. reporting live outside police headquarters, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> back to you. >> someone shot up a security guard's van at septa frankford transportation center. this is new this morning, bullets blew out the side and back windows as it was parked at 1:00 a.m. another shot went through the rear bumper. police have not indicated if the driver was in the van at the time. a police chase ended in a crash that killed an innocents woman. the vehicle being pursued broadsided the vehicle she was in. a total of four cars were involved in the smash up in west philadelphia last night. police took two men into custody at the crash scene. they were wanted for a shooting reported a half mile away. donald trump launches his thank you tour in ohio.
6:37 am
first up he is heading to the carrier plant in indianapolis. they will keep workers in the u.s. instead of sending jobs to mexico. trump is talking about his businesses on twitter. he has an upcoming announcement on december 15 in which he will be in a preference -- press conference with his children where he will server ties while he is president. unseasonable warmth made the 76ers court so slippery they had to cancel the game. even the players pitched in to help. fans had to leave. the sixers will gave them tickets to the makeup game which has not been set, plus an extra upcoming game. >> to have them coming down on a rainy night and cheer on a team like no fans cheer on the team and send them home
6:38 am
disappointed. >> wells fargo is cruised to quick change -- used to quick changeovers between the flyers and sixers games, but warm humidity could have caused the problem from the ice below. >> reporter: i feel sorry for anybody who came out for game, right? well, we're dry today. storm tracker 6 live double looking good around the area, all the rain is out of here. let's go outside, it's a pretty start to the day. sky6 live hd looking live from our temple university camera looking at center city. we have clouds and sunshine building in. 56 degrees currently in philadelphia. 49 in allentown. 56 in millville. 54 degrees in dover, delaware, 53 in wilmington. on the mild side to start us off. temperatures will not go very far today we'll stay in the 50s. satellite and radar showing all the rain and some parts of our
6:39 am
region like doylestown got over 3 inches of rain. that's out of here, you can see the clouds are breaking up, we'll start off with clear skies, we'll see the clouds out to the west associated with another area of low pressure. we'll see sunshine mixing with clouds. we've got our always on day planner to help you out, hour by hour, 7:00 a.m., temperatures closer to the low 50s, 10:00 a.m., 53. 1:00 p.m., 55. 4:00 p.m., 52 coming down from the high of 56. at 7:00 p.m., 47 degrees. temperatures overnight it's going to be a big change for you in the overnight hours. yesterday we were in the warm sector. we had the temperatures in the 50s, in the overnight hours when you wake up it's not too cold. today we have the cold front that moved through. in addition we have clear skies, clouds are a good insulator. with the clear skies you get the radiational cooling. 38 is the low. that means in the suburbs it will be around the freezing mark. its not unusually cold for this
6:40 am
time. year, but it's a big change over the past few days, heavy coats tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, gusty breezes around high of 56. tomorrow, 52 degrees, saturday, mostly sunny skies, fine for the temple game and annapolis, 49 degrees. sunday, increasing clouds, chance of rain, 47. monday, partly sunny skies, 50. tuesday, periods of rain. 48 degrees. wednesday rain ending early so we could start off with a wet morning commute. 54 degrees. 60s yesterday, today closer to average today. an australia man survives a shark attack, his surf board not
6:41 am
much. >> if you're a nickelback hater, do not break the law in one part of the canada. >> reporter: we're stuck in traffic i-95 southbound side from woodhaven to cottman and allegheny to girard. in delaware we're getting word of a very serious accident. we'll tell you about that when "action continues on this thursday no longer.
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> good morning everyone, 6:43, thursday, taking a live looking at the platt bridge. look at the traffic buzzing. 56 degrees on city avenue. it's going to get into the 60s.
6:44 am
56. it's going to stay there. we're not going anywhere today, it will get breezy, though and dry up the roads. >> you don't want that to be the attitude in the commute. we're not going anywhere. >> reporter: we're not buzzing i-95 in delaware, word of a serious crash coming in reportedly involving two semi trucks and passenger vehicle, with as well. there's debris all over the southbound lanes of 141. speeds are dropping 12 miles per hour southbound out of wilmington toward christiana along i-95. several lanes blocked emergency crews responding to the scene, sounds like a mess along i-95 southbound at 141. we'll keep you posted on that situation in delaware. we've been keeping you posted on this situation in trenton.
6:45 am
29 northbound past 129. they have the right lane blocked with this accident that's been here for a while. it's causing slowing coming north on 29. up might want to use 129 to get into trenton this morning. collingswood diner, the crash is cleared after the earlier awful accident. on the big picture, it's the normal fare on i-95. 16 miles per hour heading southbound toward center city. 19 a couple of ticks better along the schuylkill expressway westbound now 20. downed tree by st. joe's blocking 59th street. directle -- drexel road is the alternate. we have an accident rising sun avenue at creamery road. the broken down vehicle we had westbound in the work zone by 23 is cleared out of the way. now you're looking at normal
6:46 am
eastbound delays. a 4th inmate who escaped from a jail in northern california has been captured. police took chavez into custody after 7 hour standoff with police. chavez and three other inmates busted out on wednesday last week cutting through bars covering a window and using a bed sheet to get to the grounds. the others are back into custody. today will be the first full day of jury deliberations in the murder trial of police officer michael slager. cell phone footage captured the shooting in north carolina. it shows him opening fire on an unarmed black man who was running away. the former officer grew up in mount laurel, new jersey and could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted. a surfer was able to swim back to shore even after a shark attack off australia east coast. the shark bit him in the foot
6:47 am
and arm. he is in stable condition, buts you can see the surf board is in pieces. the shark is believed to have been a ten foot long great white. ♪
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♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ >> file to see what's -- time
6:50 am
to see what's coming up on "g.m.a." >> robin roberts joins us from the "g.m.a." studios. we might have had a rough night atlanta, but nothing like what's going on down south. >> they've had devastating storms as the fires blaze. communities prepare for a new threat of heavy rain. protest overnight in charlotte after a judge who said the officer who shot scott would not be charged. we're live on the scene in charlotte. a sit down with the husband of the california mom who was abducted, the shocking abbey detailed re-- and details discovery of her release. tory johnson have deals and steals. >> i want you to stop, i can't help myself when the steals and
6:51 am
deals come on. >> you're clicking away there. they go fast. >> we'll see you soon. thanks, matt, thanks tam. >> give me your wallet. i'll take care of it. >> reporter: we're saying stop when it comes to the traffic problems, keep rolling in, now there's one on the schuylkill expressway westbound side by girard avenue, broken down vehicle taking out the left lane, penndot and police are assisting. you can get by without too much of a delay. we're seeing delays on i-95 southbound in delaware because of an accident involving two semi trucks by 141, multiple lanes blocked, head to kirkwood highway or 13 to 40. njt river line suspended near florence because of a downed tree. >> reporter: gusty breeze not helping with the downed trees and blowing leaves. the kids don't need an umbrella.
6:52 am
56 degrees. it will be in the mid 50s today. mostly sunny skies, mild and breeze up to 25 miles per hour at times in the forward forecast let's look ahead. the sunny streak we have today continues through saturday. over the the weekend, the temperatures drop to the 40s for your high. it will feel different. early next week we're talking about another round of rain arriving, tam. >> thank you, karen. the rock band nickel back have a few haters and have been the but butt of jokes over the years. suspects picked up for dui on prince edward island have to listen to the band as punishment. he has the cassette set up in his cruiser and not afraid to use it to make sobering up more painful. et for the holidays.
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top stories 6:55 a.m., a woman died in a smash-up accident in west philadelphia. she was hit by a car fleeing from police. the medical examiner has ruled the death of a 2-year-old kensington boy a homicide. police interviewed his mother and boyfriend, but have not made
6:56 am
an arrest. police are questioning a 20-year-old man in connection with the hit-and-run death of an 8-year-old girl. they found the car at a body shop in chester county. charges could come today. >> reporter: it's been a rough start on the roads. our biggest problem is in delaware, i-95 southbound at 141 an accident involving multiple trucks, there's debris all over the roads. head to kirkwood highway and 13th and 40th as the alternates. we have a disabled vehicle heading toward girard. the breeze is starting to dry out the roads. satellite and radar showing after a lot of rain it is out of here, we have sunshine and clouds around and temperatures basically staying in the mid 50s all day. the high 56. 8:00 a.m., 54. 10:00, 55 we'll hit a high of 56. 1:00 p.m., 55. 4:00 p.m., 52. 8:00 p.m., 45 under clear skies.
6:57 am
>> that's it for us, we'll take a break, you'll see us back here in 30 minutes. >> which ones? >> you have to figure out in 30 minutes and see who it is. >> for matt pellman, david murphy, karen rogers, matt o'donnell, i'm tamala edwards.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. trail of destruction. this twister in florida caught on camera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. now the death toll is rising. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> the storm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking overnight, protests erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding not to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. >> stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump's victory tour. the president-elect celebrates his deal to save more than a thousand jobs making good on a campaign promise. >> call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president.


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