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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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assault earlier this week and they say he may have had other victims too. we'll have the details next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> friday night the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from willing borrow new jersey. police apprehended andre wesley at his home tonight. he was wanted for allegedly
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sexual assaulting a woman in camden last sunday. jeff chair company i is live at. what are the details? >> andre wesley is on the way here to be processed. five hours ago police is asked for the public's help finding wesley after he failed to turn himself in. while police were serving a warrant at his home, andre made an unexpected appearance. >> he was armed with a butcher knife. there was a tense situation with the officers on scene. >> the arrest of andre wesley is confirmed. >> they were able to not shoot him which he was asking them to do. they utilized a taser to disarm him. >> just hours previously they
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asked for the public's help. wanted for a sex offense the likes of which stuns even the most experienced detectives. >> this is a predator of another dimension. >> he was seen in this white van when he picked up the victim on broadway. she managed to call for help. >> he believed her to be dead at the time. we believe that was his intention, to kill her. police won't say what led them to wesley. he was in the home he shares with his family and it's there police arrested him. he is a likely suspect in other rapes in the region. >> it's a relief for the residents of show south jersey d the region to get this predator off the streets. streets.
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he's an extremely dangerous man. >> he is being held on $2 million cash bail. the chief told us while they were searching his home, he says they found evidence that will link him to other rapes in the region. jeff, "action news." jim? >> jeff, thank you. philadelphia police hope that the public will help them catch this suspect that put a gun to a woman's head in a hold up. the robber snuck up behind two women, attacked one, stealing her bag and took off. police say the victim did the right thing not fighting back. she feels not harmed. a five-year-old boy will survive an incident at the center city hotel. he nearly drown at the marriott on market.
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the youngster's stepmother saw him and jumped in to pull him out. he was rush today the hospital where he is in stable condition and being kept overnight for observation. >> the blaze started in a camper in a drive way but spread to two houses leaving eight people displaced from their homes tonight. this is the smoky scene from wilmington. it is unknown why the camper caught fire. no one is hurt. the wilmington fire department formalized funeral services for ardythe hope. she died in the hospital from severe burns from fighting a fire in september. 10:00 a.m. to noon at the chase center on river front with a firefighter funeral commencing
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at 1:00. hope is one of three firefighters killed in the blaze. she suffered her injuries trying to rescue two colleagues. the woman accused of setting the fire will be charged with first-degree murder. unintended or not, president elect donald trump may have thrown china, u.s. relations into issue tonight. they talked about the strengthening of national defenses. the u.s. cut off diplomatic relations with taiwan after president nixon's visit to china in 1972 and has followed the policy. no president has spoken with a taiwanese president in a
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generation. said one official tonight, china will go next. >> the recount of the presidential recount in 75 philadelphia precincts. donald trump's lead in pennsylvania has gone from 71,000 to 49,000. if trump's lead now .8% goes to .5%, it will trigger an automatic statewide recount. tonight the family of carol isom spoke out for the first time. isom was killed in the end of a criminal pursuit of two suspects. dan, you spoke exclusively to isom's husband and daughter tonight, how are they coping? >> jim, it's a tough road.
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it's an emotional rollercoaster for them. they wanted to talk to us tonight but it was too emotional. tonight, they want people to know who she was and why she died senselessly. >> it don't make sense. i don't understand it. we are just trying to go on. >> the shocking sudden death of his beloved wife, 55-year-old carol isom. >> my was everything to everyone around. she was like the neighborhood mom. she did nothing but love. nothing but smile. funny, out going, always want to do something, crafts, find a way out of no way. that was my mom. >> she and her husband of 34 years were the parents of five kids, all with college degrees. she insisted they have a good education. >> she was a sister, grandmother five times over.
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>> of family members say she was going to the store around the corner when she got caught up in a police chase. officers were pursuing two vehicles that were shooting at each other. it ended when one of the suspect's cars slammed into the ikia driven by isom. it appears the officers were justified in their pursuit. the family refused to speak about the investigation ongoing. >> we don't know what happened. we don't know all of the factses. we are not going to try to blame anyone until we know what happened. >> she recently resigned to be closer to her family. her funeral is set for december 10th, which would have been her 56th birthday. >> she was a friend. she was this family's heart and soul. she will be missed. >> now the family is planning a
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vigil in her memory tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 in the 200 block of south 53rd street where her and her family lived. at police headquarters, dan, channel6, "action news." jim? >> thank you, dan. wilmington police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident this afternoon. a pickup truck hit a ma man at 4:30. the driver stopped. the victim has not been identified. no charges have been filed. a woman has recovered after crashing her car into a house tonight. the vehicle flipped over at 9:00. police have not said what led to her veering off the road. >> philadelphia police have arrested apl "a" woman in connen to the death of her two-year-old son. andrea worrell is charged with the death of her two-year-old
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son zyair. he died at the hospital. he had a lacerated liver and ear. >> 23 people were left without a place when a fire broke out in a row of homes on north fulton street. no one was hurt but footage from chopper 6 shows what the flames did. six homes were destroyed. two others were severely damaged. as families try to determine how to rebuild, a woman a block away is speer heading efforts to help. >> i went to the people with blankets. i said what's your number? can i pray with you? how many people live in the home? what are your ages? >> she hopes to fill a u haul with items for the victims.
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>> the spanish version of philadelphia's love statute was on lone for pope francis visit last year, temporarily installed at the top of the art museum steps. now it will find a home across the street from the basilica of st.saints peter and paul. the horse show turned over a check, a third installment to the hospital modernization project. the money was generated by the 21s21st anniversary of the horse show last year. christmas came early for children tonight whose parents are serving in new jersey. they had a chance to pick out a new bike, courtesy of the philly pops and amazon. the youngsters took their time choosing the perfect bike from
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the hundreds set up tonight. there was a concert to solute our servicemen and women. still to come on "action news" tonight, the heart-stopping video of a woman's life being spared with a car barreling toward her. and a white officer on trial for shooting a black man running away. we hear from the juror who can't agree on guilt or innocence. >> i'm tracking cooler air tomorrow morning. next week, a chance of rain and efnl a chance of snow. i have all of the deals in the forecast. >> i'm ducis rodgers. in annapolis with the owls, tomorrow the owls take on navy for the conference championship. later i go one-on-one with head coach matt rhule. >> and a line up to compete for 100 jobs.
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that and more coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> the man accused of shooting and killing former nfl player
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mcknight is in police custody. police did not release many details about why they let him go other than to say louisiana has statutes that allow people to defend themselves. they say the investigation continues and gasser could be taken into custody again. >> a former juror in the case of officer shrager is seen shooting a suspect running away from the traffic stop. >> i cannot in good conscious consider a guilty verdict. at the same time, my heart does not want to have to tell the
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scott family that the man that killed their son, brother and father is innocent. >> the judge decided to have the jury try again. they'll resume deliberations monday. >> a lamp pole is being credited for saving a woman's life in poland. surveillance video captured the two video crash in the town where one of the cars is veering off toward the sidewalk. the woman was pinned against the wall but the lamp pole stopped the vehicle with inches to spare. fortunately, no one involved was seriously hurt. new new data from the cbc shows injection drug use has dropped
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significantly. it is now responsible for 9% of infections. the cdc says it's in part to offering sterile syringes to users to keep them from sharing needles that transmit disease. it's cut hiv rates in half for african-american and latino drug users. it's had less of an impact on white addicts. >> unemployment is the lowest of a decade, adding 180,000 jobs in november, drops from 4.9 to 4.6%. the labor department says numbers show that it's mainly due to people giving up the search for the job, dropping out of the workforce. the hardest hit demographic, men
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ages 25 to 54. >> chopper 6 was overhead as the line snaked around the building in spring garden for the hire me career fair where 30 government departments met with applicants. >> i have been looking to get a job. definitely something i want to get into. i'll try my chance. >> it's a competitive work environment. a lot of people graduating from college, a look at the competitiveness, that when you come out of school, it's very, extremely competitive. >> over the next six to 12 months, there will be more city jobs like this as department needs change throughout the year. >> thousands turned out this evening for one of the most popular parades in chester county.
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dancedancers entertained the crd and adam joseph helped post the parade tonight. this is adam's tenth year being part of this event. >> three, two, one -- >> "action news" reporter vernon odum counted down to the tree lighting at the wayne train station tonight. hundreds joined tonight to help kick off the community festivities. the valley forge community and college choir sang christmas carols to entertain the crowd on north wayne area. vernon has been part of that ceremony for what seems like decades. >> he has that voice. >> he does. >> and a great night for it. not raining, a bit on the chilly side. it's dry out there, so a great night for chopper 6 to take flight over one of my favorite
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places to visit this time of year, rose tree park upper providence delaware county, the festival of nights opening tonight, a 40 year tradition. the big man santa was there as well. a great place to go. this weekend, you want to bundle up. philadelphia 43. allentown, 42. cape may 45-degrees. it's not that bad but then factor in the breeze creating windchill, 35 in philadelphia, 34 allentown, 34 in wilmington. heading to the poconos, windchill currently 33-degrees. satellite 6 showing cloud cover generally west of philadelphia. snow in new york state moving to the south. it's dying out as it does. our big weather maker is high
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pressure bringing us a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. it keeps the wind in play. the windchill tracker showing 7:00 tomorrow morning, 33 in philadelphia, afternoon, peak heating of the day. windchill in the low 40s. you want to bundle up tomorrow. the polar express, true arctic air is waiting in the wings. it's over alaska, 20 to 30-degrees below zero. next week, it will start to moderate and sink to the south. it will be across the plains, northern rockies by tuesday. all indications are the jet stream will dip to the south allowing this to spill into the next week. friday, 40s and saturday, temperatures not climbing out of the 30s. that's next week so you have a week to prepare. tomorrow, 49-degrees. a cool day for the temple game
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at a annapolis. it will be dry. 47-degrees. monday, a weak disturbance pulling through bringing rain and snow showers. philadelphia, rain in the poconos, snow showers monday morning and peaks of sunshine. the sun doesn't last long. tuesday, a cold rain arriving, 48-degrees. wednesday, lots of clouds, lingering showers 50. another round of rain and colder air friday. it will be blustery with a high of 42-degrees. this weekend compared to next week is going to feel nice. >> thank you. >> enjoy. >> i will. plenty of happy hoagie lovers and coffee drinkers in center city as there was a grand opening for the newest store 19th and market. customers were able to enjoy
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free coffee all day. there will be a lot of people having trouble sleeping tonight. the 7,000 square feet is bigger than the one on walnut. it's the convenience store that's largest not attached to a service station. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> big test for temple tomorrow in annapolis maryland. we start tonight with the sixers. the floor looks great.
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the sixers do not. thanks to a slippery floor we have to wait for a few days to see joelleen play. the rooky of the month gets time playing orlando. playing with okafor. bead comes out firing with three three pointers in the first half adding up to 25. sets upfor coming together for 41. sixers down 29. they lose 105-88. it is their fifth straight loss. now temple, they can win their first title game tomorrow against navy. navy averaging 61 points per game the last three weeks. temple packed their bags for annapolis maryland.
11:29 pm
temple, they could got get their ands on the american trophy last year, it's within reach again. >> you have had six straight wins. what's the difference? >> i think we have gotten better. we have put early pressure to the side, went back to playing ball and having fun. we try to play the philly temple style of football that's been good to us. >> temple wins this game if? >> if we play our best. >> more tomorrow morning on the temple play book here on "6abc." keep it here all day, semple-navy at noon. >> penn state also playing for a championship, nittany lions in the conference game. if penn state wins, they could end up in the college playoffs. >> we are excited to be here
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playing for the big ten championship. whatever happens, we'll be appreciative and blessed for whatever opportunity we get. >> penn state rung back barclay will play despite leaving last week with an ankle injury. nelson aguilar, next. ♪ ♪
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>> carson wentz could be shart handed once again. jordan matthews misses practice today. he's questionable for sunday. eagle coach doug pederson is not giving a concrete yes or not after benching the receiver monday night. >> his mind has been good.
11:34 pm
he's working hard. right now, nothing says not keeping him up, keeping out. >> football playoffs, archbishop wood fans cheering all night long at academy park. archbishop wins 37-0. they advanced. local teams fighting for state title. >> all right, jeff. "jimmy kimmel live" next. followed by "nightline." chloey kardashian and music from kings of leon. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jamie dornan -- khloe kardashian -- parents eat their kids' halloween candy part two -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from kings of leon in nashville. and now -- places, everybody -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. hi, there. i am jimmy. i'm the host of this show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. we have so much to get to, but before we do, how about that baseball game st


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