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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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you, it is 5:30 a.m., saturday, december 33. police in south jersey say a man wanted in a brutal sexual assault is in custody. they believe he is responsible for more attacks. philadelphia searching for a man who allegedly groped a woman riding a bike overnight. it is game day for the temple owls they are in annapolis to face navy for the conference win. before we get to those stories he is back,
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meteorologist chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it's blustery, temperatures are not that bad, you factor in the wind. iyou sound better. >> reporter: i feel a little bit better, we'll give it a go. there's the view of the center city skyline. not too bad, that's about it. witches are the big story -- windchills are the big story. feels like 37 degrees in philadelphia. the actual air temperature is 44. 23 in the poconos, feels like trenton. 33 in millville. 35 degrees give or take in dover. satellite and radar along with action radar. we have high pressure in control. you see a lot of clouds out there this morning, a lot of this is fair weather clouds, when the sun comes up, we'll have a combination of sun an clouds later on. that's the call from accuweather. windy and chilly, high temperatures around 49. 11:00 a.m., 44.
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1:00 p.m., 47. by 3:00 p.m. there's the 49 degrees again with the wind feels like 42 or 43. gray. >> chris, thank you so much for the update. the time now, 5:32 a.m., this morning a suspect in a brutal sexual assault in south jersey is in custody. andre wesley is wanted for attacking a woman in camden last weekend. police believe he may be responsible for more attacks. jeff chirico has the details. >> andre showed up at the premise armed where a butcher knife. there was a tense standoff with officers on scene. >> reporter: camden police chief scott thompson confirms the arrest of andre wesley of willingboro. thompson called wesley armed and dangerous and asked the public's
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help in finding him. wanted for a brutal sex assault the likes of which stunt the city's most experienced detectives. >> this is of another dimension. >> reporter: police say he drove the white van when he picked up the victim on broadway and attacked her at an boobedded -- abandoned lot. she managed to call for help. police won't say what led them to wesley. in willingboro the authorities raided the home and captured him. the five time convicted felon is a registered sex offender and likely a suspect in other rapes in the region. >> it's great to get this predator of the streets. he is an extremely dangerous individual. >> reporter: he is charged with attempted murder, aggravated
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sexual assault, kidnapping and more, he is being held on $2 million cash bail. while they were serving the warrant they found evidence that could link him to other remains. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia police are looking for the man who they say is groping people riding a bike. overnight officers talked to a woman who claimed she was grabbed on the 700 block of south 16th street near pine street in south philadelphia. it is too early to tell if the incident is linked to unsolved gropings by a man on a bike over the summer. in wilmington, investigators are looking at a crash that killed a pedestrian. police tell us the driver did stop. the victim was rushed to christiana hospital where he died. no charges have been filed. this morning we have details on memorial services for
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a fallen wilmington firefighter ardythe hope, right now black bunting hangs over wilmington fire company number 5. the 23 veteran died from injuries she received battling arson back in september. despite being burned over 70% of her body, hope a mother of three fought for 68 days. >> i was with the family last night during arty's final moments. i love that family. and i appreciate and respect the ability to be there. >> our thoughts and prayers are to the family and the fire department. hope was burned trying to rescue if i jerry fickes, and christopher leach. the woman who set the fire faces
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third degree murder charge. no word on what may have caused a fire that ripped through an allentown neighborhood leaving 23 people out of their homes. the fire started in a row of homes on north fulton street late thursday night. we want to show you from chopper 6 hd showing the extent of the damage caused by the fire. we know 6 homes were destroyed and firefighters say two may be salvageable. president-elect donald trump is no training to seering controversy, but this morning he made waves across the globe with a single phone call. trump has become the first u.s. president to talk to taiwan during decades. >> reporter: donald trump is roiling diplomatic waters by taking a telephone call from the leader of taiwan. trump tweeted, the president of taiwan called me today to wish
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me congratulations. u.s. recognizes the government of mainland china. it is a breach of diplomatic protocol that many fear could royal beijing. the u.s. sells taiwan millions in military equipment but i should not accept a call. at trump tower, a parade of officials former defense secretary robert gates. >> we would a wide-ranging conversation. >> reporter: gates endorsed the man donald trump wants to be the leader of the pentagon, james mattis. he earned the name of malled dog and -- mad dog. his picks for economic posts, billionaires and millionaires. >> we're trying to get the free
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enterprise system going again. why not pick the people from the free sprrlz -- enterprise system. official recount vote has done in philadelphia. appears the president-elect's win was not as widespread as previously thought. trump's lead in pennsylvania has shrunk from 71,000 to 49,000 votes over hillary clinton. provisional and overseas ballots with trump's lead goes from 17% to 5% will trigger on a automatic recall in pennsylvania. owls face navy.
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navy has one of the top offensives, with a staggering 342 rushing yards a game. >> it challenges you physically and mentally. it's a hard offense to defend and it is made more hard because they are such good players. >> temple place annapolis on a 6 game winning streak. the winner takes wisconsin in the big ten championship game. you can watch the temple navy aac title game on 6abc. ducis rogers will have a wrap up of the game tonight on "action news." >> a social media top executive is giving back in a big way. we'll tell you what one facebook leader is doing to help those in need. >> we have details on how to keep your health insurance
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deductible from wiping out your bank county. we'll tell you why a hunter put down his rifle and began recording have his cell phone instead. live like at the commodor barry bridge, chris sowers says it's going to be nice today. we'll have more coming up after the break.
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is an interesting stoker a wisconsin hunter befriended an animal that could have been his prey. last weekend brian powers saw something that was order. it was a small deer waring an orange scarf. it caught him off guard. >> that's when i got the phone out and started filming it. and sobl was taking care of the deer and did a that is right thing because he was friendly. i was happy that someone decided to do that. >> he has been hunting for more than four decades and never experienced anything like that before. the deer's life was saved. let's get you caught up with the forecast, it's cold here this morning. >> reporter: you factor in the wind it feels like december. let's get you outside looking live from our city hall camera dilworth park, you can see the
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lights of the christmas tree it's that time of the year, it's going to feel more like december out there, over the next couple of days. we're expecting a blustery wind, even though temperatures today will top out at 50 degrees, again, factoring in the wind it will be blustery at times. radars are clear, we'll keep it that way this weekend. high pressure firmly in control. you'll see clouds from time to time, nothing turns threatening. 40s, not that bad for this time of the year, but then you factor this in, we have winds out of the west/northwest 13 miles per hour. 10 miles per hour for philadelphia, 14 for millville. 13 or 14 in atlantic city. that puts the feels-like temperatures in the 30s. so it is blustery. you will need a heavier winter coat first thing this morning. salt sat, so, high pressure sitting right here. that keeps us dry today.
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look at the moisture gathering to the south. lonestar state of texas rainy and heavy at times. that will spread east over the next couple of days. actually we have a pretty good weather pattern change that's heading this way. here's philadelphia right here. now, what happened this past week, part of the reason we had this rain. area of low pressure came in like that, tapped into the gulf, we had periods of rain. this time what happens we get an area of low pressure here, that's later next week, we get into an unsettled pattern where we get two or three straight days of clouds and drizzle and all that mess again. this will run up the spine of the appalachians and bring rain off the atlantic and the gulf. behind that low, for the first time we get a true shot of arctic air and that put high temperatures in the 30s by the time we get into friday of next week. rain chances again, nothing this
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weekend, saturday, sunday look good, monday looks good, tuesday, 80%, wednesday, 60. thursday, 40% chance of rain. let's put it altogether for you. windy and chilly today. highs around 49. windchills in the low 40s, though, that's blustery. winds out of the northwest is a to 25 miles per hour. overnight tonight, clear, breezy and cold. 30 degrees outlying suburbs, 36 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows temperatures hovering around 50 over the next 4 or 5 days. monday, sun and clouds, tuesday, periods of rain. wednesday, more rain. thursday, rain, there's the arctic front. look at friday, whoa, windy, colder, high of 36. windchills in the 20s. >> thank you four the update. i would like to remind you, you can find the seven-day forecast
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and storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas across philadelphia. there's much for you to enjoy during the 7 week festival. alicia vitarelli has the details. >> reporter: the city is doing something special this year. the festival kicked off with a spectacular electrical spectacle at ben franklin square. it is an 8 minute show every half-hour, you can watch by the toasty fire pit. head in for sweets and treats. there's homemade fudge. funnel cake donuts with carmel and chocolate dipping sauce and square burger is serving up the special holiday shakes. >> milk shakes! >> reporter: you can do that all
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over the city. >> just to get people to check out different neighborhoods. >> it is a way to come alive in philadelphia. >> reporter: there's caroling and hot cocoa and festive tree lighting. in chestnut hill shops are decked out and the woodmere museum is all a glow. you will find santa claus, of course. is an did a -- santa is everywhere, on the ground and in the skies above. >> he is 57 floors up. >> reporter: one liberty ovaries deck object servation deck is giving philadelphian a look at your house. help santa check out his flight
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pad. >> there is nothing more unique than this unless you visit him in the north pole. >> reporter: what a way to say on ward and upward to 2017. >> that's right, come spend the holidays with us.
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>> we are so glad you're waking up with us on a saturday morning, 5:51 a.m., 43 degrees. sky6 live hd over the philadelphia international airport. meteorologist chris sowers says it's going to be blustery all day. keep that coat with you. in "healthcheck" there's good news to report in the battle against hiv. according to a new report from the cdc there's a significant drop in rates in the minority community due to the needle program. there's been a 50% drop in hiv
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5:54 a.m., thanks for waking up with us, 44 degrees, sky6 live hd overlooking penns landing. a reminder as you go out this morning, it's going to be a bit chilly. meteorologist chris sowers he is back, he said it is going to be blustery all day. facebook coo is giving away stock to those in need. they transferred 800,000 shares created after her husband died last year. just last year she gave $31 million worth of stock to charitable causes. more and more people are signing up for health insurance plans, some are swayed by lower monthly premium, but often they don't have a choice. nydia han has more. a quarter of all employers offering insurance have plans
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with high deductibles. here's a way to keep you from being wiped out. individuals have to pay an average of nearly $2,300 a year, families more than $4,000. people are finding the deductibles, so unaffordable they are putting off care or not getting care, they are filling prescriptions or going to the doctor. >> reporter: 0 monique had a $6,000 deductible. she discovered she had cancer. >> it's scary to know i didn't do the first surgery to know what was growing inside my body. >> reporter: if you're forced into a high deductible plan how can you afford the care you need. use the tool on the insurance company website to check prices of treatment. open an health savings account
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to pay deductible and other qualified healthcare expenses that's mean if you don't spend this year you can use it next year. >> reporter: be a ware a lot of preventive health services are free and don't count toward your deductible. if you're skipping medical care because you can't afford the out of pocket costs. talk to your doctors they can help with less expensive prescriptions and die -- diagnoc tests. if you know sophia or jackson, you're not alone. sophia topped the girls list. emma, olivia, ava and mia. jackson came in first for the 4th strayed year.
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that followed by aidan, lucas, and gray. three names on the rise, hillary, ivanka and milan iia. fresh not frozenment the quarter pounder may be made fresh when you order it. >> a priest tried to save a young girl from a demon, we'll have more on the new film incarnate this weekend. we're back right after this.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, december 3. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." new from the overnight, two families are homeless after a fire in a west philadelphia row home. police in montgomery county are looking for the driver who hit and killed a senior citizens and kept going. you'll have to reach for the coat once again, it is a blustery start to the weekend. let's get you to meteorologist chris sowers, chris, welcome back, by the way. you sound better. >> reporter: i feel a little


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