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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  December 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, december 3. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." new from the overnight, two families are homeless after a fire in a west philadelphia row home. police in montgomery county are looking for the driver who hit and killed a senior citizens and kept going. you'll have to reach for the coat once again, it is a blustery start to the weekend. let's get you to meteorologist chris sowers, chris, welcome back, by the way. you sound better. >> reporter: i feel a little
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better. let's get you outside, i missed you gray. as we look live on sky6 live hd out at penns landing it is blustery out there this morning, like gray mentioned, temperature-wise it's not all that bad, the numbers are in the 40s, you see the camera shaking around the with the wind it feels like the 30s. 36 in reading, that's what it feels like with the wind. 23 in the poconos. 34 in millville. and these windchills all day, it's going to be like a thorn in the side, you'll step outside later this afternoon you'll see sunshine, it will look great, but it will feel blustery. 43 in millville by 1:00 p.m. the numbers drop off so much so by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow morning, the numbers will be in the 20s. forecast today, sunny and breezy, the 49 feels like the low 40s. speaking of the chilly weather,
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a quiet weekend overall, we're tracking unsettled weather next week and it turns sharply colder. i'll have the details in just a bit. >> new for for you this mornin, fire forced people out of their home in west philadelphia. flames ravaged units of the 5500 block of ball nut street. firefighters got to the scene around 3:30 a.m. they found heavy flames coming from the first floor, two women and a child were in one unit and a woman and her teenage son were in the other, there were no injuries. police are tracking down the driver who killed a senior citizen and kept going. the 72-year-old was hit while he walked along the 600 block of riders mill road at 6:40 p.m. another driver found him and called for help. he died at the hospital. anyone with information about the car involved with this call
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lower merion township police. a heartbroken family struggling to make sense of a loss of a woman who was trying to drive to the store. a pair of suspects trying to getaway from police were involved in a crash that killed her. dann cuellar spoke to the victim's loved ones. >> it don't make sense, beyond it, life goes on, wean we're trying to deal with it. >> reporter: for ronald and his family, it is hard to understand with, the shocking death of his beloved wife. >> my mom was everything, she was like the neighborhood mom. she did nothing but love and nothing but smile. funny, outgoing, always wanting to do something with her crafts, find a away out of no way, that was my mom. >> she and her husband of 34 years was the parents of five kids all with college degrees
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she insisted that they get good educations. >> she was adored and loved by all, a sister, grandmother five times over. she was going to the store when she got caught up in the middle of a police chase. the police were pursuing suspects in two vehicles that were shooting at each other. it ended at 52nd and locust when one of the cars slammed into isom. the family declined to speak about the crash with the investigation on going. >> we don't have all the facts, we don't know what happened we're not going to place blame on nobody, until we know what went on. >> reporter: isom worked at the va hospital for many years, after being transferred to the facility in lob none in pennsylvania. she resign to be closer to her family. her funeral is for december 10th.
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which would have been her 56th builder. >> she was a friend and this family's heart and soul. she'll be missed. >> reporter: the family is planning a vigil in her memory, on south 53rd street where she and her family lived. from the new jersey newsroom, a person who shot and killed a woman while she was riding in a ride sharing vehicle is on the run. the suspect jumped into the lyf lyfte driver's car and tried to rob three friends. he shot and killed the driver. lyfe released a statement saying our deepest sympathies are with the family of the lift passenger
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who was killed. they are working with law enforcement to assist in the investigation. happening right now, the search is on for the armed man whose in the surveillance video right here who sneaks up behind the suspects in northern liberties and violently robs. the suspect choked the 68-year-old victim and pushed a gun to her head and tomorrow e stole her bag. police say she did the right thing by giving it up. >> somebody is approaching you, attempting to rob you, particularly if they have a weapon, give them whatever they are asking for and live to see another day. >> police say the suspect eventually ran away, the victim was not seriously hurt. if you have any information about the robbery you're under to call philadelphia police. police in montgomery county have renewed their plea for information in an unsolved murder from 1993. on this date, 23 years ago, a
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body was found at the lansdale septa conrail freight yard. the 18-year-old girl had gone missing three weeks earlier. the autopsy revealed she sufort sufort -- suffered a blunt force head injury. ten thousand dollars reward is still out there for the arrest and conviction of her killer. delaware county police are asking for the public's help locating a man accused of exposing himself at a park. a woman said she was using a port-a-potty when the man opened the door and apologized and returned a minute later abbey exposed himself. another woman said the same man grabbed her backside while she was running. if you recognize this guy, call police or crime stoppers
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800-tip-3333. devon horse show gave a pledge to the hospital. raised at the 120th anniversary at the devon horse show. 104,000 people attended the show. christmas came early for the families serving at joint base mcguire addiction -- dix lake. the kids took their time picking their bike. the philly pops played a concert in salute to our brave servicemen and women. >> the spanish version of the icon connick love sculpture -- iconic love clup -- sculpture
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has found a permanent home across the street of st. peter and paul. hundreds of thousands of cars are being recalled, stay with us, we'll tell you about the defects causing the ford company to recall the buildings. a building came crashing down in north dakota. a woman and her dog are rescued from the rubble. taking you outside, this is a live shot over the ben franklin bridge. meteorologist chris sowers he is back and he is recovering, his voice a little bit better. he has an update on the chilly accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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everything for the holidays. that's my giant. construction worker has been recovered from the rubble of a souix false north dakota. -- souix falls, north carolina. a woman and her dog were rescued. they are trapped for hours. >> reporter: they are trying to figure out what caused the collapse. fire crews say the fire moved quicker than anticipated giving them little time to react. a cell phone text alert went out on monday night, but some people never received it because of power outages and loss of reception. tough file in tennessee.
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have you ever ever been down there? >> no. >> reporter: if you like wilderness, it's beautiful 0 down there. the temperatures have dropped into the 30s. later this afternoon, as the sun begins to rise. temperatures will climb in the upper 40s, close to 50, but, again, we'll be dealing with a biting windchill at times. 45 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 30. pressure 30.06 holding steady. winds out of the west/northwest at 8 miles per hour. most of the region sitting in the low to mid 40s at this hour. the exception of that would be the poconos that's expected. cape may, 44. winds out of the northwest, general wind speeds between 5 and 15 miles per hour. satellite and radar showing a little bit of cloud cover out
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there this morning, high pressure in control, that will keep us dry today and tomorrow, actually, monday looks pretty dry, as well. the next 72 hours don't look all that bad. what will happen sunday night into monday morning, we'll get a very small, little, almost like a clipper system, it's technically not a clipper, but similar. it will pass on by to the north, this is monday morning. it could bring a brief rain or snow shower to the poconos. event will be okay. -- he needs everybody else will. look to see wet snowflakes or rain drops up there. nothing significant. highs today, 40s and 50s, combination of sun and clouds. it will feel never feel like these numbers, windchills in the low 40 os throughout the day. if you're heading down to annapolis, temple and navy. same thing you'll see a decent
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amount of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 40s, close to 50 degrees. with the biting wind out of the northwest it will feel cooler than the numbers. the pattern turns unsettle the next week. here's philadelphia, southern branch of the jet stream kind of running like this. we'll get an area of low pressure riding along it. it will bring rain out of the gulf into the mid atlantic and the northeast. similar to last week tuesday and thursday looks miserable again, lots of clouds and rain drops. future tracker 6 look at all the moisture starting to build. the weekend overall is dry. there's the system i was talking about for monday morning, very weak and unorganized, not much moisture to it. as we advance this, you can see how the moisture to the south lifts to the north. monday is dry for the most part outside of that little system. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all that mess begins to pull through. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today looks
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good, windy, a little chilly, not bad. 49 increasing clouds for sunday, 48. monday, clouds and sun, relatively dry, 50. there we go, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, wet, temperatures in the upper 40s, friday, cold, 36. >> penns landing is a glow in holiday lights. crews flipped the switch on the holiday lights. hundreds came out to kick off the season. fireworks on the waterfront capped off tonight.
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is now 6:19, 45 degrees out there, sky6 live hd giving you this really beautiful view of the camden city skyline, as we are looking at dawn at 6:19 a.m. we have important information to tell you about if you drive a ford car. the company is recalling 608,000 cars because of defective seat belts. seat belts can snap during crashes. fusion, lincoln, mkz from 2013 to 2016. said they will notify owners.
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mcdonald burgers will be made when you order them. the fast food giant is conducting a test run in 75 restaurants in oklahoma. if it is a success, they may expand nationwide. wendy's is offering a cool deal for frosty lovers. you can enjoy a frozen treat for an entire year for a one time payment of two bucks, you purchase a key tag for two dollars, that guarantees a junior frosty for any purchase for all of 2017. teach i'm you use the key tag, 90 cents go to the dave thomas foundation that helps children find permanent homes. shoppers why buying gift cards this holiday season, stores are offering bonuses
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>> reporter: all right, welcome back everyone, 6:24 a.m., saturday morning, 30s and 40s across the western suburbs. windchills in the mid 30s. quakertown, 38. warrington, 41. center city, 45. same thing across south jersey and delaware. only 41 in glassboro and vineland. 42 in hammonton. cinnaminson, 43. forecast for today, weekend overall looks pretty nice. jersey shore, let's say sunny and breezy, 51. city of philadelphia. 49. poconos 36. again, the wind will make it feel a good 6 or 7 degrees cooler than the numbers you saw there. what happens later next week, here's the water vapor shot this is philadelphia right about here, look at the huge string of moisture coming off the hawaii out here, all this moisture will be heading up the eastern seaboard next week. i'll let you know when it arrives in ten minutes. >> look forward to it, chris,
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thank you for the update. >> in sports, it's championship saturday, temple and penn state are playing for conference titles. jeff skeverski has a preview of the big day. >> reporter: temple can win their first conference title game in 49 years today gains navy. they are in for a battle. navy is average 46 points per game. philip walker is expected to start this game, the biggest game of the season. temple could not get therein hand on the american trophy last year, but it's within reach again. ducis rogers one on one with matt rhule. >> reporter: what's the difference? >> i think we've gotten confident and gone back to playing ball and having fun and play that silly temple style of football that's been good to us.
6:26 am
>> reporter: temp wins this game if? >> if we play our best. >> reporter: this morning at 9:45 a.m. on temple football play book on 6abc, keep it right here on 6abc for the temple navy game coming up later today at noon. penn state playing for a conference championship game tonight. the nittany lions facing wisconsin in a big ten title game. barclay will play. if penn state wins they could end up in the college playoffs. >> we're excited about having an opportunity to play for big ten championship. after that, whatever happens we'll be appreciative and blessed for whatever opportunity we get. >> reporter: carson wentz could be short-handed tomorrow in cincinnati. eagles leading receiver, jordon matthews misses practice on friday, he is questionable for sunday's game. what about nelson agular
6:27 am
will he play? >> his mind is great, his attitude is good, he is working hard, right now nothing says not keeping him out. >> sixers big man joel impede playing back-to-back with orlando magic. seeing a minute increase and playing with okafor. he can pass, too, they combine for 41 points and 23 rebounds. maybe it's coming together for brett brown, maybe not. 3 in the third, down as many as 29, sixers lose 5th straight, 105-88. they are in action against the celtics and flyers in action.
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don't forget about the holy war. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. >> we have much more coming up on "action news" saturday morning, stay with us we're coming right back. where things come from?
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assault is in custody. he may be responsible for other counts. vote recount, election officials take a look at how voters cast ballots in dozens of precincts. temple owls are in annapolis to face navy for the conference win. those stories, and more, but first, meteorologist chris sowers here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be chilly today. >> reporter: if you eliminate the wind it's not a bad day. temperatures seasonable, but factor in the wind, well, i guess it feels like december with the windchills in the low 40s. now, the last couple of months it's been unseasonable warm. you get complmpedz like -- coupf days like this it may be a shock to the system. feels like 34 in millville. feels like 37 in cape may. here we go, windchills are not going anywhere. feels like 43 by 1:00 p.m. this afternoon, again, maybe the
6:31 am
actual air temperature is up to 50, but that's what it's going to feel like. 40 in reading, 41 in millville. 39 or 40 degrees later on. now, the good news is with high pressure in control. even though it's blustery from time to time we're expecting a decent amount of sunshine, just a couple of clouds from time to time. that's about it. temperatures climbing out of the 30s and into the 40s. that's the high, 49. let's say a good mixture of sun and clouds, very windy and blustery. >> a suspect in a brutal sexual assault in south jersey is in custody. andre wesley is wanted for attacking a woman in camden last week and he may be responsible for other attacks. >> andre showed up at the petroleums armed with a butcher knife. there was a tense standoff situation with the officers on scene, camden county police
6:32 am
chief scott thompson confirms the arrest of andre d. wesley of willingboro. >> they were able to not shoot him, which he was asking them to do. they used a taser to nearlyize nearlyize -- neutralize him. >> reporter: wanted for a sex assault the likes of which stunned the city's most experienced detectives. the suspect drove this white van when he picked up the victim on broadway and attacked her at an abandoned lot. >> he believed her to be dead at the time. we believe that was his intention. >> reporter: police won't say what led them to wesley. authorities raided the home he shares with his family. the five time convicted felon is
6:33 am
a registered sex offender and leading suspect for other rapes in the region. >> it is great for the people in south jersey and the region to get this predator off the treat. >> reporter: wesley is charged with attempted mur, -- murder, aggravated sexual assault and more. he is being held on $2 million cash bail. while executing the warrant they found evidence that could link him to other rapes. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> this morning, philadelphia police are trying to track down the man they say is groping people while riding a bike. investigators say there are other reported incidents. overnight officers talked to a woman who claimed she was grabbed on the 700 block of south 16th street near pine street. it's too early to say if this incident is linked to unsolved gropings in the city by a man on a bike in the summer.
6:34 am
from our delaware newsroom. police are investigating a crash involve a pedestrian. a pick up truck hit at man friday afternoon. police say the driver did stop. the victim was rushed to christiana hospital where he later died. no charges have been filed. this morning we have details on services for falling wilmington firefighter ardythe hope. it was senior firefighter's ardythe hope as -- last assigned post. she died from arson back in september. hope the mother of three fought for 68 days. >> i was with the family during artie's final moments. i love that family. and i appreciate and respect the
6:35 am
ability to be there. >> hope was burned trying to rescue two colleagues, jerry fickes and christopher leach from the fire. they also died. the woman accused of setting the fire faces third degree murder charge. there's no word on what caused a fire that ripped through an allentown neighborhood leaving 23 people out of their homes. the fire started on north fulton street late thursday night. this is chopper 6 hd as it shows you the extent of damage caused by the fire. we know that of the 8 homes, 6 were destroyed and firefighters say two may be salvageable. 6:00 5:00 a.m., president-elect is no stranger to seering controversy, but this morning he is making waves across the globe with a single phone call. trump has become the first u.s. president to talk to taiwan in nearly 4 decades.
6:36 am
which you can severson has the details. >> reporter: donald trump is roiling diplomatic waters by taking a telephone call from the leader of taiwan. trump tweeted the president of taiwan called me to wish me congratulations thank you. u.s. broke off contact with taiwan. it's a break of diplomatic protocol. new second tweet trump said interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars in military equipment but i should not accept a call. trump tower, a parade of officials. also on the list, former defense secretary robert gates. he endorsed the man trump want to be the next leader of the pentagon retired marine general
6:37 am
james mattis. the president-elect is promising to build a dream team to keep jobs in the u.s. his picks for economic posts billionaires and millionaires. >> we're trying to get the free enterprise system going again. why not pick people from the free enterprise system. chuck severson, abc new york. the recount has begun. the recount is in response to a petition filed by green party candidate jill stein. trump's lead has shrunk from 71,000 to 49,000 votes. provisional and overseas ballot ask being called. time 6:38 a.m.
6:38 am
temple football team is in maryland for a conference championship class against navy. you can see the game live on 6abc. a win gives the owls the first conference crown ever in a shot at a big bowl game. navy has one of the top offenses, with a staggering 243 rushing yards a game. >> one guy makes a mistake they can go for a touchdown. it's a hard offense to defend. >> temple rose to annapolis on a 6 game winning streak. one of their losses was to penn state. you can hear from coach matt rhule on temp football play book at 9:45 a.m. on 6abc. you can watch the ncaa title
6:39 am
game on 6abc. ducis rogers will have a wrap up of the game on "action news." a real life grinch is blamed for ruining a holiday parade. coming up you'll hear how someone caused this float to go up in flames. cubans continue to say goodbye to their leaders, fedel castro. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" returns in just a moment. >> happening today the ashes of
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former cuban president fedel castro due to arrive in santiago. thousands of people lined the streets yesterday as the caravan carrying the remains traveled through as part of a cross country tour. castro died last week, 90 years old. a nine day period of mourning ends tomorrow with the intermment of his ashes. the killing of joe mcknight was shot after an apparent road rage incident. gasser was inside his car and mcknight was standing outside. there's criticism of the sheriff's refusal to take him into custody. mcknight was not armed and now there was word that gaster was
6:43 am
involved in a similar altercation with a driver at the same intersection a decade ago. jury will return to deliberations in the murder trial of michael slager. a judge shot down the defense's request for a mistrial. slager shot walter scott five times as he ran away from a traffic stop in 2015. the former officer faces 30 years in prison if convicted of murder and two to five years if convicted of involuntary manners. a grench destroyed a -- grinch destroyed a christmas float. the driver we are told may have flicked a cigarette out of the car window that landed on the float that caused the fire.
6:44 am
it's a group that reunites missing pets with their owners. the parade still happened. don't flick the cigarettes out of the car. a small plane made a landing without land gear. the pilot circled the runway to burn off fuel before making the belly land. after the pilot got out of the plane he gave the first responders a big hug. faa will inspect the plane to figure out what went wrong near tyler texas. >> reporter: they didn't have handle gear that's what went wrong. [laughter]. >> how is the weather looking? >> reporter: it's dry this weekend, i'm sure everybody will like that. here's a shot overlooking the commodor barry bridge. lots of clouds up there this morning, whatever cloud cover you see throughout the day, again, nothing will turn threatening. it's going to be a nice weekend
6:45 am
controversial, it will be blustery from time to time, in the afternoon, we rebound close to 50 degrees. 49 degrees is where we should be for this time of the year. 44 is where we started out though. we're up to 45. a lot of themmen town, 42. -- aluntown, 42. you factor in the winds it's out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. noits it's not a tremendous breeze, but enough to drop the feels-like temperatures in the 30s. 35 in trenton. 34 in millville. 35 in atlantic city. salt sat high pressure in control -- satellite and radar high pressure in control over the mason dixon line. you could see clouds from time to time, that's about it. weather will stay dry. we'll have rain build to the south that will arrive next week. we'll get into another unsettled
6:46 am
weather period tuesday through thursday, everyday it will be periods of rain or drizzle or showers, or something that just kind of looks wet and nasty. i'll show you that in a moment. future tracker 6, 5:00 p.m., combination of sun and clouds throughout the day. we get into sunday, increasing clouds, now there's a little, small disturbance currently pushing through the great lakes. that will arrive sunday night into monday morning. what will happen here, first of all you'll see moisture than what the model is showing. probably all areas north of this line, again, this is monday morning. let's say 3:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m. there could snow showers. south of that liberia, the- south of that line, it will be too warm. there will be snow showers enough to wet the walkways and
6:47 am
driveways, not a big deal. windy and chilly, 49 degrees, combination of sun and clouds, the windchills will hover close to 40 degrees, so just about all day long. again, starting out with a decent amount of clouds, we'll break for sunshine. 1:00 p.m., 47. 3:00 p.m., 49. 5:00 p.m., 45. overnight tonight, 30 degrees outlying suburbs. 36 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, look at this number down here, 49 degrees today. windy windchills in the low 40s. dry on sunday, 48. monday, clouds and sun, 50. maybe the morning rain or snow shower, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, looks wet, there's friday's high, 36 degrees. >> thank you for the update. remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check radar at >> 6:48. the girl scouts know how to make
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topping our people scene this morning, "harry potter" is heading to the great white way. "harry potter" and the cursed child is heading to broadway. the theater version of the story is heading to london 2018. it is already sold out february of the same year. singer rihanna has picked
6:51 am
up an accolade. she took home shoe of the year 2016 new york city this week. the 28-year-old designed the career shoes which she proudly showed off there on the red carpet. at theaters this weekend, one is a horror flick dealing with ant helping a boy dealing with a demon. here's a look at what's happening at the box office. >> reporter: the weekend after thanksgiving is traditionally a slow one at movie theaters and this is no exception with one new film opening with wide release. incarnate takes the demonic possession story in a different direction.
6:52 am
analysts are predicting $35 million open. not bad since that's the budget of the movie. opening on 600 screens is the faith based film believe about a small town businessman trying to save the christmas pageant. it is predicted to open at under 1 million for this one. opening in limited release in new york and los angeles, is jackie staring natalee portman. it's playing on five screens, but expected to enter wide release later in the month. king. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin.
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back everyone, 6:35 a saturday morning, if you're heading to annapolis, maryland, temple taking on navy. mostly sunny skies, windy, temperatures close to 50 degrees, with the breeze it feels like the upper 30s and low 40s at times. same at the shore, 51. philadelphia, 49. poconos, 40s. expect more in the way of clouds. i'm going to show you what's going on northwest territories. minus 2 in normman wells. it's about to get really, really cold and two, it's heading this way. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll let you know when
6:56 am
it arrives in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> about it you're in the market for a new spacious guest, here's a creative idea using old furniture you may have in the garage or storage. >> reporter: a modern l-shaped desk can bring loads of style to any office. high ends desks cost thousands of dollars himself look at how we transformed a hutch into a workspace for a whole lot less. the first step is to remove all the dated modeling and replace it with modern trim that has simple clean lines. we have mds that we'll cut down to 6 feet in length. instead of traditional legs you want to use scrap wood to create a cube unit base. we're going to put it altogether and paint the entire thing. once that's done it will like a
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huge desk that sits in the center of the room that gives her a large working area. >> paint wise we went with a combination of white and orange to bring in a contemporary edge. what would have been costed a minute make up of $700 at a high end store we knocked off for 835 bucks. go to live well -- 85 bucks, go to live well get new and tune in at 7:00 p.m. on the live we'll network. the sidewalks of west chester look there, they were packed with spectators and dancers and bands and floats they intainders -- entertained the crowds. >> adam joseph was the host of the parade. aches and pains are coming
6:58 am
as we get older. you can ease the problems we have the details straight ahead. this may be the largest disney collection a massed in the world. you'll hear from the man who selected it all in his home. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> and good morning to you,
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7:00 a.m., saturday, december 3. here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." new information overnight, two families are homeless after a fire in a west philadelphia home. police in montgomery are looking for the driver who hit and killed a senior citizen and kept going. plus you'll need to reach for the coat once again, it is blustery start to your weekend as we take a live look over the platt bridge. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the camera was shaking there, windy, right? >> reporter: it's windy out there this morning, it's putting windchills in the low to mid 0s, unfortunately. as you mentioned, you need to wear a heavier winter coat. by afternoon we'll see the cloud cover thin out. the sun will shine through, it's going to be a nice


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