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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 5, 2016 2:30am-3:51am EST

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i'm mara schiavocompo. >> i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "abc news now." nearly 40 confirmed dead in that massive warehouse fire and we're learning names of victims whether the fire could have been prevented. the death toll in the gatlinburg wdf14. the latest victim, a woman who was killed in a multi-car crash as she was trying to flee. dolly parton has le standing rock tribe. criticism from some.
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parts of the u.s. braci the season. temperature. the high in denver today 54. but in a few days it will be 1. those are some of our top stories on this monday, december 5th. we begin this half hour with the latest from oakland. more bodies have been recovered from friday's tragic warehouse fire. >> the death toll has risen to 33. among the dead is a 17-year-old and there are fears that more teens may have been killed. >> while the search for victims continues, dozens of families waiting to hear from loved ones hope for the best. abc's danya >> reporter: questions growing if this tragedy could have been pren >> our district attorney, nancy
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o'mally, did activate a criminal investigation. site and working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. >> reporter: the warehouse, known as an artist colony called ghostship, became an inferno friday night, killing a couple dozen people, including minors, even affecting first responders. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. >> reporter: and the agony is setting in for family and friends who are desperate to hear from their loved ones. >> i want to be there. give me some gloves. i got work shoes. i'm ready. let me find my brother. >> please just call us. we're all looking for you. your mom, your dad, everybody. your husband. please. can you just call any of us if you're around, something happened, we don't care, we just want to know if you're alive or not.
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>> reporter: authorities say they've been able to identify at least seven victims. the coroner's office here asking family members or friends of potential victims to preserve dna items like cell phones or hairbrushes to help them identify people later. as we learn more about those victims we are also hearing one incredible story of survival from a man who was there that night. >> artist bob mulay lived in the warehouse. >> i was just getting ready to paint. and all of a sudden you saw some smoke. the power went out shortly after we saw that. then i saw the fire. mad scramble.notified everyone. just trying to find the fire extinguisher. wasn't able to get it to work. that's when i ran into my large gentleman coming down from the loft. he broke his ankle. needed me to pull him out.
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the fire was just getting too hot. it was like -- felt my skin melting. i couldn't breathe. it was getting too hot abehind. i know that he didn't make it. it's just -- i -- i yelled, and i just -- i ran out after that just screaming his name. >> mule said as many as 20 people lived inhere were fire extinguishers in the building, but in the panic it was too difficult to find them. donald trump's short list for secretary of state just got longer. as he h cabinet he's sounding off on twitter ov of taiwan, suggesting he shouldn't have to ask china's a they don't ask us. more fromwright. >> reporter: the vice f donald trump's decision to decades of u.s. diplomatic protocol and talk with his
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taiwanese counterpart. >> it's a me that president obama can reach out to auba in the last y and be courtesy call from a democraticallyle and it's bec something of a controversy. >> reporter: one of the candidates being considered for stephanopoulos he's a firm gras america's interests abroad. pragmatic. in our conversation, what i enjoyed most frankly was the discussion of trump's agenda, the issue of even if that means interfering in the free market, to the conservatives. on twitter trump went on a rant, warning companies expensive mistake. any business that leaves this fires its employees, builds a new factory
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country, then thinks it will sell its products back into the u. there will be attacks on of 35% for these companies. trp tretweeted the best tweet. wow what a great, smart tweet. >> repornter: "snl." just tried watching saturday night live. unwatchable. and the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. sad. baldwin tweet sharply, release your tax returns and i'll stop. trump is also getting a vote of confidence from vladimir putin. in a new interview, trump a smart person and predicts that he'll soon grasp he has a totally different level of responsibilities no the prime minister of italy is resigning after a stinging referendum defeat on reforms. italian premier his proposal would have cut
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italy's bureaucracy and country more competitive, but it was widely regarded as a chance to reject establishment politics. another stunning resignation, new zealand's popular prime minister shocked hi stepping down. john key gave an emotional speech after eight years on the job saying it had taken its toll on his family. the national party will hold a special caucas a week from today to select a new leader. the ashes of former cuban president fidel castro are now in their final resting place. the remains were placed inside a giant granite boulder, the only official monument to castro, who specifically requested his name and likeness never be used on institutions, streets, parks or european moderates are celebrating the results of austria's presidential election. al defeated a right-wing candal results are expected in the next day or so. germany's foreign minister called the win a good sign
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against populism brexit vote. new image s of the emergenc landing airport. the united express plane touches down. a few sparks there. emergency chutes deployed. all 55 pas another flight to tel starta with 132 passengers on board.e was going. ] >> passenger 133, an expectant mother giving birth. it diverted to charleston where ambulances were on hand to bring the family to a hospital. i have one question. you're not supposed to fly after a certain point in your pregnancy, how did this woman get on a plane? she was about to pop. >> good point. it could have been early.
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>> it could have been. >> i bet somebody woke up hearing the baby crying and said, i wish that baby would be quiet! >> not knowing it was the cries of life. >> just born, buddy. >> congratulatio. coming up, a warning you need to know about if you'rethi. that delivery man ringing your doorbell may not be trying to deliver a package. what you need to know to keep your home don't change that channel. we're keeping up with tupperware gift-giving ideas only here one" >> yes, the one and only barbara, and she's back. first a look at today's temperatur around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. heads up!
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well, a flick of the switch, the christmas season officially got under way over the weekend in bethlehem. those who gathered in the traditional birthplace of jesus were also treated to fireworks. thousands of tourists and christian pilgrims visit the holy land at this time of year. understandably so. beautiful there. >> nice, very nice. >> it means so much over the world but really significant. >> that is it. as americans light their own christmas trees here at home we have a warning for anyone expecting early deliveries from the north pole. >> when the delivery man comes knocking he may not be delivering a package. in fact, it could actually be an attempted home invasion. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: when lawrence berry heard the doorbell and saw this man dressed in a brown u.p.s. jacket and hat carrying a package, he didn't give it a second thought. >> as soon as i do, he grabs the .45, sticks it in my face. >> reporter: home surveillance picks up the terrifying scene. the man pushes his way in, followed by another with a gun
2:44 am
in a hoodie. then another, his face masked. and another in a dark hood. four of them storming the house. >> they came in en masse. the four of them -- i was trying to shove them out the door. i grabbed the gun and we started tussling over it. the weapon was discharged in the house. >> reporter: his wife and kids run and hide in a closet as the gun goes off. firing into the walls. berry is beaten and hit with a stun gun four times. criminals have been caught impersonating delivery drivers before. >> u.p.s.! >> reporter: look at this 2013 surveillance video of this u.p.s. imposter in new york. walking away with a $40,000 package. and these gunmen dressed as flower deliverymen. moments before they charge into this home and rob it of valuables. with heavy demand during the holiday season, u.p.s. has a couple of simple tips. first, always keep a lookout for the carrier truck. and always check for i.d. >> you should get to know your
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regular driver, who delivers in your neighborhood. >> reporter: berry says he's just thankful his family is safe. >> just a frightening event. everyone needs to know that in the holiday season, this can happen to anyone if it can happen here. >> could be a scary situation there. our thanks to neal karlinsky. coming up, a christmas gift idea for the kitchen. >> we'll have a very special guest appearance with food storage and prep ideas you cannot afford to miss. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ with the holiday shopping season officially under way, now is the perfect time to consider the gift that keeps on giving. we're not talking about the sock of the month club. joining us now with the latest and greatest tupperware gift ideas is the one, the only, the all-time favorite guest, aunt barbara, or aunt y klaus. you look great. >> oh, thank you. >> you look amazing. you're getting me into the christmas spirit already. >> ho ho ho! oh my goodness. >> so we have all these wonderful goodies right here. >> tupperware has so many wonderful ideas for the holidays. i brought a couple of my favorites. >> okay, okay. what's this? i remember this from when i was a kid. >> this has been around for many, many years. this is the shape-o toy. it comes, it has primary colors.
2:48 am
it teaches the children colors, shapes, and hand-eye coordination. >> nice. >> take the shapes out, put them in different places, and they learn things. >> really, let me see, can i work it? let's see. >> let's see if you know how to do it. >> i'm still learning. no. wait. this may take awhile. >> he learns, look! >> yes, yes! >> it's also a great sobriety test, you know, when you have a party at home before you send the people home. just see if they can do that. >> i love it. so what do we have here? i need the can opener. i don't know what these are but i want them. >> we've got the garlic press, we've got, look at this, that's our cheese grater. the grade and measure. it's also a powerful weapon. home invasions or the rise, i'll grate your face off with that. put this down, hold the handle. when you use the grater, everything gets collected in here and there are measurements on the side. yeah, so it's neat, it's clean, it's precise. i love this thing. >> okay.
2:49 am
>> fantastic. and the can opener. what's unique about the tupperware can opener is there's no reason to cut the top of that can. when you can actually pop the seal that holds the lid in place. take the tupperware can opener, mount it on there, turn it, watch what this does. this is actually going to pop the entire seal right off the can. >> i love it. >> you don't even have to touch the lid. look at that. >> hands stay clean, i love it. >> no sharp edges. ow! just kidding, just kidding. no sharp edges here, no sharp edges here. look at this. back on and if i wanted to, i could probably take the corn out of here, fill it with dirt, put the glue back on, take it back to the supermarket, just kidding, tha. show me this, i love this, like an all in one type of deal. >> women are on the goal, they're working, going to school. this is an insulated fashion lunch bag, how sassy is that.
2:50 am
looks like a designer handbag. it's not, it's tupperware. we got these containers that go. it's going to keep your lunch fresh for quite a long time. think about that. you've got to be stylish. no plastic bag. don't be walking around with a plastic bag going to work. >> i've done that. >> knock it off. >> you've got to make one of these for me. i want one of these. we've got to get the men's bag ready. >> which are we going to, this or this? >> let's start with the st real tupperware isn't just plastic food storage. we're also science and technology. the engineers at tupperware have come up with this steamer. this is called the smart steamer. it goes in the microwave. the microwaves don't touch the food, they only touch the water, perfectly steaming your food. >> oh, okay. >> it's a great way to eat healthy. >> i need that, okay. >> while we're harnessing the energy of the microwave, we have the -- look at this, the pressure cooker. you can make a roast beef in this thing in 30 minutes, it's
2:51 am
unbelievable. >> are you kidding me? >> no. you're not cooking with the microwaves, you're taking that microwave energy, converting it to pressure, and you can cook meals like you wouldn't believe. chicken on the bone, you've got it in 20 minutes, it's unbelievable. >> feast with all of this. >> the piece day resistance. fridge smart containers. if you want to give something wonderful for the holidays give the gift of fresh fruits and vegetables. stop throwing away fresh fruits and vegetables. put it in the fridge, itetable graveyard. these containers keep them fresher longer. there's a venting system that allows the air to circulate around the fruits and vegetable. there are wells to trap the moisture. you're keeping fruits and vegetables fresher two to three times longer. >> i love that. i'm keeping stuff in the fridge for months. maybe that's a little long. >> for more and other great tupperware ideas visit wnnfans.. aunt barbara, thank you so much
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♪ rocking out. >> yeah. no fantasy but her vision of love that skyrocketed mariah carey from stardom to stardom 26 years ago. >> so good. >> so good, so many hits. >> so good. yet since then her golden lode of professional success has been littered with some devastating heartbreaks. now she's sharing her highs and lows with her fans in a new reality tv series. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: mariah carey's voluptuous figure and glass-shattering voice always on full display. but also on full display of late, her personal life. her splashy engagement to australian billionaire james
2:56 am
packer crumbling in the tabloid headlines. her new reality show "mariah's world" takes us back in time, showcasing a couple still very much in love. the series begins aboard a lavish yacht. >> we did not grow up this way. >> reporter: as her real life is imploding on reality tv. >> don't you come at me with that foolishness! >> this is not good for the whole production. >> reporter: despite rumors that packer hated the cameras, carey told e! they were both excited to be on a reality show. >> i'm curious what your fiance james has to say about the cameras around. is he in this a lot? what does he think? >> it's not a lot. he thinks it's good, he's happy i'm doing it. >> reporter: within a few months the couple split. >> mariah and james split last month. >> things started to go south when they went on vacation together in greece in september. they got into a really big fight. decided to take a step back. but then in october, a report surfaced that the engagement was off. >> reporter: she dodged the issue in an awkward chat with ellen.
2:57 am
>> allegedly he didn't want to be in it? or allegedly -- he's in it because i saw it. >> you did. >> yeah. >> that's what i'm saying. it's kind of difficult to talk about at this moment. so i'm just going to compliment you on these decorations once again. because they are fabulous. >> reporter: reports say that perhaps mariah is moving on with brian tanaka, her backup dancer. >> tanaka does have a crash on her. you saw it. >> he's not leaving that easily. >> reporter: recently pictures snased of carey and tanaka in hawaii fueling rumors. neither responded to our request for comment. when you're a celebrity the prying eyes of the camera are never far away. i'm juju chang in new york. >> i am all here for this. i'm a mariah carey fan. i follow her on social media. i think she's very interesting. >> i love her. i saw a couple of minutes of it. it was interesting. and i'll just leave it at that. >> all right, that's the news for this
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this morning on "world news now," searching for victims and answers in oakland. >> nearly three dozen attending that warehouse party now confirmed dead. as families still wait for word from missing loved ones, we're learning just how horrifying a scene it was from the survivors. we're live in oakland with the very latest on that investigation. pipeline halted. a major victory for protesters of the controversial dakota access oil pipeline. the army denying construction near a native american tribe's land. the decision prompting strong reactions on both sides of the battle. growing outrage in louisiana over that road rage shooting that killed former nfl player george clooney mcknight. the man who shot him released without being charged with a crime. hear what one witness is now saying about what she saw happen right after their deadly interaction. and he's back. in red. tiger woods wearing his
3:01 am
signature sunday look for the first time in a long time. but is golf's biggest star really back for good? hear what he told reporters after his round. it's monday, december 5th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. >> i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. we start with that deadly fire in oakland. >> we have the latest on the investigation. officials are still trying to determine the ultimate death toll. we're learning now nearly three dozen, including teenagers, are confirmed dead in that fire. one of the deadliest fires in the city's history. oakland's mayor also now promising a full investigation of the building which has a troubled history. abc's danya bacchus joins us live from oakland with more. >> reporter: good morning, mara. the death toll is now at 33, including minors. an almead decounty sheriff's
3:02 am
deputy's son. authorities need to search 50% of the warehouse meaning those numbers will probably grow. criminal investigators are joining firefighters as they search. questions growing about if this tragedy could have been prevented. just last month an investigation launched after complaints by neighbors. sunday the mayor saying they also want answers. >> our district attorney, nancy o'mally, did activate a criminal investigation. that team is on the site and working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. >> reporter: the warehouse, known as an artist callny called ghostship, became an inforeknow friday night, killing a couple dozen people, including minors, even affecting first responders. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. >> reporter: and the agony is setting in for family and friends who are desperate to hear from their loved ones. >> i want to be there.
3:03 am
give me some gloves. i got work shoes, i'm ready. let me find my brother. >> please just call us. we're all looking for you. your mom, your dad, everybody. your husband. please. can you just call any of us if you're around, something happened, we don't care. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> reporter: authorities have been able to identify at least eight victims. the coroner's office here asking family members of loved ones to present dna so that they will be able to identify more victims later. >> harrowing experience for them, danya. we're hearing more and more about the complaints issued against the property. what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, ryan, this afternoon, sunday afternoon rather, during a press conference, oakland's mayor telling us right now she is looking into the complaints lodged against this warehouse. we do know that there was an investigation opened just last month after neighbors here filed
3:04 am
complaints saying there was trash built up and people were living in the building illegally. >> all right, danya, thank you so much. our thoughts and prayers right now for the families. not only the ones who have found out their family members are among the dead but those who are still missing. >> that's really one of the hardest parts of the situation. we won't know for quite a while how many victims there are of this fire, because investigators are still looking for people inside that building. >> that's right. as danya mentioned, the past few days have been painful for the loved ones waiting for any kind of news. >> alex gasan and his fiance have been missing since friday. his mother who lived in new jersey says she's hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. she spoke with a friend who was with the couple. >> he said it turned dark, so dark he couldn't see, that he had to put his hands against the wall to get out. he found a way out. he tried to get other people out with him but he couldn't, it was too dark. crush yatingly painful because
3:05 am
everybody's calling and asking, everybody's wondering. he always wanted to be remembered by his work. so let's just celebrate him and his work. >> gassen is an up and coming film director. he has twin 4-year-old girls who live with their mother in new jersey. he shot video from the party time stamped 10:26 p.m. it was his final post. there are new deaths to report because of the wildfires in tennessee. officials now say at least 14 people were killed in those fires. nearly 1,700 structures were damaged or destroyed. and state authorities are now admitting that a mass text message telling people to evacuate monday night was never sent. earlier some local officials said the message was sent but wasn't received because of a lot of cell reception. residents were warned about the dangers through other means. a top lawmaker is criticizing a decision by the army corps of engineers to deny a permit for the controversial north dakota pipeline. house speaker paul ryan calling it big government decisionmaking
3:06 am
at its worst. north dakota's governor says the decision is a serious mistake. but it is a major victory for the standing rock sioux tribe and its supporters who argue the project would threaten the tribe's water source and cultural sites. the army says it will look for alternate routes for the pipeline. new images this morning of that emergency landing at the san antonio, texas, airport. you can see the nose gear collapse as the united express plane touches down. all 55 passengers were forced to evacuate, but everyone got off board safely with only minor injuries. ntsb has launched an investigation into that incident. a surprise in the trial of dylann roof, the white man charged with murdering nine black churchgoers in south carolina. earlier the judge granted roof's request to act as his own attorney. now roof has asked his defense team represent him at least during the initial phase of the trial. roof told the judge he wants to defend himself during the punishment phase, assuming he's convicted. president-elect trump is
3:07 am
expanding his search for secretary of state. adviser kellyanne conway says trump will meet with additional candidates for the position this week, now considering as many as nine contenders. but sources tell the associated press that trump is moving away from mitt romney and rudy giuliani. and trump is pushing back against criticism over his phone call with the president of taiwan. a breach of diplomatic protocol, some say. trump took issue on twitter laying out the case he shouldn't have had -- he shouldn't have to ask china for permission to do anything. he tweeted china didn't ask the u.s. about taxing products or its military buildup in the south china sea. on abc's "this week," vice president-elect pence came to his defense. >> it's mystifying to me that president obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba in the last year and be hailed a hero for doing it, and president-elect donald trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in
3:08 am
taiwan and it's become something of a controversy. >> the u.s. shifted recognition from taiwan to china nearly 40 years ago. pence said the phone call shouldn't necessarily be interpreted as a shift in policy. coming up, tiger woods keeping up his tradition of wearing red for his final round. but unfortunately, he also seems to be forging a new tradition and that one involves not finishing in first place. >> oh, ouch. what happened to this british teenager and his friends who went, yeah, train surfing in paris? what the french authorities are saying. and remember, on facebook and twitter, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." it only takes a second for an everyday item
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to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip.
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the top try this at home or anywhere. video shot by a british teenager and friends as they jump onto the top of a subway train in paris. they ride the train across the rear seine. that's them on the train. then french authorities are ducking right under before they hit the bridge and they leap off. the french authorities are not taking this lightly. they're calling it extremely dangerous, yeah. irresponsible. and they've already opened a legal case against those daredevils. >> you hear me moaning. the mom in me, don't they value their lives? >> how about, who does this? >> who does this, not smart, don't try it at home. outrage is mounting in louisiana over the road rage shooting that killed former nfl
3:13 am
running back joe mcknight. >> incredible. police say ronald gasser has admitted to shooting mcknight but he's not been charged with any crime. one witness is coming forward with her story. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: new details about that deadly encounter. an eyewitness speaking out. >> i just stood there with my hand on my face like, oh my god, he really just shot this man. >> reporter: police say this man, ronald gasser, seen on the ground in cuffs, admitted shooting former nfl running back joe mcknight. vanessa scott describing what she says gasser did after the shooting. >> he's like this at the window. then once he moved from the window, he walked around to the front part of the car and he kept the gun, he kept his arm locked. >> pointing? >> like this. pointing at the front of the car. >> at the windshield? >> at the wind -- yeah, the windshield, the hood and the windshield. he kept his arm locked, in place. >> reporter: many still asking why gasser hasn't been charged. >> if he was man enough to pull
3:14 am
the trigger, he should be man enough to take his lickings, still be in jail. >> reporter: authorities promising a thorough investigation. >> when we shoot and kill somebody, the question is, it's a homicide -- the question is, is it justified or not? >> reporter: it's the second time an nfl player has been killed in new orleans during an apparent road rage incident in recent months. car dell hayes accused of formally shooting saints player will smith in april, his trial getting under way. jury selection begins this the week in new orleans, cardell hayes has pled not guilty. hayes was arrested three days after the shooting that left smith dead. he has been behind bars since. eva pilgrim, abc news, new orleans. golfing great tiger woods kept with his tradition wearing red for the final round of the tournament. woods was playing in his first competitive golf in 15 months at the hero world challenge in the bahamas. but he struggled down the stretch shooting three double bogeys yesterday. that led to a 76 for the round which was the highest score of the tournament. if you don't know golf, the
3:15 am
highest score is not good. even so woods said -- >> oh. >> yeah, that's right. woods said it felt good to be back out there playing once again. >> this stretch where i've been out almost a year and a half has been rough. the last few years have been rough. i've had some very, very difficult times. and had some great friends have helped me over the times to get me to this point. and i'm just so thankful to be back here playing again. >> overall, woods finished 15th among 17 golfers in the tournament. he says he wants to play a full schedule of tournaments next year but he was not willing to reveal which tournaments just yet. >> i love when it says chat after a sports story because i know i'll have very little to contribute, other than i like the red, it's a good color for him. that's my insight. >> here's what i have to say about this. if you're a golf fan or if you're not, the big thing with tiger woods is he has been injured time and again over the past couple of years. he had such a hard swing so he was always getting hurt. he looked injury-free to a lot
3:16 am
of people in this round. even though the score wasn't good people are saying, hey, tiger may be roaring back. >> wishing for his health is something we can all agree on. coming up, celebrating this year's kennedy center honorees. the almost larger than life names from across the entertainment world. guess who got the loudest standing ovation of the night? >> can't wait to hear. first, the couple from california who are recovering from an almost unimaginable horror. what keith papini is now saying about those first moments when he saw his wife in the hospital after her three-week kidnapp you're watching "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
it's been more than a week since that california mother of two was found badly beaten but alive after an alleged three-week kidnapping ordeal. >> that's right. as part of an abc news exclusive interview, her husband is now sharing even more details with our matt gutman. >> reporter: out of the blue on thanksgiving morning keith's phone rings. >> i pick it up. it was my wife. screaming in the background. yelling my name. and a chp officer, he said, i need you to be calm, i need you to be calm. >> are you panicked at first? hearing her scream -- >> i'mke but i'm happy. because at this point this is the first time i've heard her voice, i know she's alive. >> reporter: on th d they're only able to get the barest nugget from the traumatizederri
3:19 am
>> which was, two hispanic female adults driving a dark suv. >> two hispanic females in a dark-colored suv in the state of california is not much of a tip. >> no. it would be literally a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: rescue workers rush to the scene. sherri is found in yolo county, 150 miles from her redding home. keith races to the hospital to reunite with his wife. >> one of the officers kind of like braced me. kind of put his arm around me. he said -- you know, prepare yourself. she's alive, and you've just got to be happy. they branded her. i just ran past everybody and i throw open the curtain and she was there. in a bed. and her poor face. i just hugged her. i just held her. i felt like i hugged her for 20
3:20 am
minutes. >> i was worried when you first said, her face, they didn't brand her face, right? >> i will say that, no, it's not nowhere face, no. >> reporter: so many questions about this case remain unanswered. near papini's home, talk of meth houses and police drug raids. and other serious concerns. there are apparently about 2 registered sex offenders who live within three miles of right here. but police tell us they leads a. yet another theory. keith himself and sherri are behind an elaborate hoax. there's been specula and skepticism in some media. >> many reports have said that this was a little bit of a how denies it all writing rumors, assumptions, lies and hate have been both exhaust disgusting. >> i think these people take
3:21 am
cheap shots no matter what. >> a still outback, keith knowss road to recovery won't be ankno through that from a professional standpoint. >> reporter: a day after she was found, sherri was reunited with emotional, started crying. she said, i'm so like, you don't cry when you're happy. my wife said, when you're this happy, you cry. >> reporter: the familyagain. >> it makes me smile.wee whole. >> reporter: i'm matt gutman in >> it's good she's home with family and tion about the husband, he did submit to a polygraph, he with authorities and sharing the family story. >> so at least she is home and in up, the mom who
3:22 am
convinced her husband scoyote. >> we'll have more on "the mix" coming up next. meta appetite control...
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all right, time for re you u were younger? >> i could do, what is that, the worm? >> i like that part. kick it. i could spin on my back. i had my cardboard in the basement, it was all good. >> i was far too young for that. >> sure. check this out.m the red bull finals in japan. welcome to the news from 1974. or 1984 i should say. look at that. that is esay. he beat south korean two-time b-boy champ in the short sleeves doing that kind of stuff. look at that, yeah, right out of "breaking 2." >> it's like a 1980s movie. at the end they get the girl. >> yeah, right, and they apparently win over their
3:26 am
family's approval and all that kind of stuff. >> the crowd carries them on their shoulders. >> the guy who won i he said, 12 years older than me? that's 12 years of that how th the world? >> i don't know. i say to esay, b-boy again, 1984. >> two animal stories. there's nothing i love more. the first is a dog that if he really is doing this, he's going to be in high demand. this is the ? pablo is the dog's name, he belongs to a rap ever named billy band. apparently pablo has accidents every now and then as dogs tend to have. so he paid attention to his owner cleaning up his messes, and they were at a friend's house one day and he tried to do it himself. apparently he either used his paws or hisoilet paper off and try to clean up and cover up his own mess. looks like he made an even bigger mess but i applaud the effort. >> i like the thought process. now go get your food from the store, feed yourself, and thatw
3:27 am
buy you. >> good boy. my favorite stories we've ever done on "the mix." a woman in oregon wanted to play a practical joke on her husband. she sends him pictures of this "dog" she found outside. she said, it has no tags, i'm bringing it inside. the husband is freaking out, that's not a dog, that's a coyote! sends this, photoshopped. of her kid hangi coyote and the husband is losing his mind. what are you doing, it's a wild ran bad animal inur >> two peas in a approximatepod. i would totally fall for that. >> i'd fall for it too. especially from my husband, of course he has a coyote in the house. >> take a look at this picture really quick. put it up. isn't that romantic? >> aww. >> surface day, leaning into each other, they're in love. take a look. pull out for a second. what is it really? this guy. spending way too much time setting up this picture. man, get a
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news noarning more about the s warehouse that took so many young lives when a fire broke out. continues. a north carolina man is t r in washington, d.c. police say he was there to investigate a fictitious online conspiracy theory involving unfounded crimes allegedly committed by hillary clinton. and new this half hour, saluting this year's kennedy center honorees. >> that's right. giants in the worlds of movies and music were given standing ovations last night. guess who got the longest and skinny" ahead. no dancing, no showboating, no fun. see why fans are calling the nfl the no fun league.
3:31 am
after yesterday's seasonal celebrations. good morning, i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. >> i'm mara schiavocompo. in for diane macedo. the sadness is mounting as the death toll grows at the scene of the massive oakland warehouse fire. >> 33 bodies have been recovered and investigators expect to find more. mourners gathered outside the ghostship, they hugged, laid flowers, and lit candles for the victims. >> eight have been identified so far including a 17-year-old. amid the grief there's news that the fire could have been prevented. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: in oakland as the number of people killed in this fire grows into the dozens, the painstaking search goes around the clock. questions now mounting about whether the tragedy should have night's inferno. >> i feel like this is
3:32 am
preventible, like a blind eye was turned toward this warehouse this facility? >> as far as preventible, absolutely. i am not going to make excuses for the city because we have documented, we have turned it in, we have called it in. >> reporter: the building went up fast and burned ferociously friday night. be living here. it only had permits as a warehouse. yet code violations show a history of complaints including about people inside. it was a well-known artist a concert when fire broke out. >> i watched it burn for four hours. i could do nothing. >> reporter: most of the dead were on the second floor. pictures on the warehouse's website show a maze of makeshift art studios before the fire. an emotional battalion chief says the impact is beyond what any of her firefighters imagined dealing with. >> i think we were surprised at first to find that many bodies where we found them. and we are leaning towards,
3:33 am
based on the fact that the bodies appeared to be on top of each other, that it was probably from a fall. >> they were on the second floor and it caved in? >> reporter: parts of the second floor with burned pianos and other heavy objects dangling precariouslyrking methodically victims with dignity and make sure what's left of the building doesn't come down on them. google earth pictures from the last several years show moun warehouse. part of the fuel for this blaze that never should have been there. oakland's mayor promising to find out if the city's worst fire in history was preventible. >> you see the wood behind me, they're using that to shore up the walls, make sure the rest of the building doesn't cave in on the firefighters doing this recovery work. they're only about 35% through. they think they could have another day, maybe two left, in their efforts to recover the victims of this horrible fire. neal karlinsky, abc news, oakland, california. >> a tragedy indeed. we are learning more about se e.
3:34 am
they range in age from 35 to 17. and there are worries more teens >> and we're also hearing harrowing stories from people who made it out of the inferno.y a wall of flames. >> i was asleep in the back. and i woke up. to smoke. and an entire wall on fire. and i put on this coat and my li i the front door and i was calling for help. and i don't know that an a minute later the power went out. so the everyone who was inside was trapped in the dark. >> 15 feet of flames, literally just being like hit in the face immediately like blinded by and.
3:35 am
and it was so strong that it actually pushed open my window. which en oxygen into the space which fueled it and made it worse. that's when the power went out. actually getting outside and realizing there are no fire trucks here yet, there's nobody here. >> such a terrifying scene. a family assistance center has been established near the scene with grief counselors and other resources. criminal investigation teams are involved in the case right now but investigators believe the cause of the fire was electrical. moving on to extreme weather across the country. startinghigh-water rescue in sa antonio. several cars were trapped in a sinkhole. at least two vehicles were submerged including one that flipped onto its roof. rescue crews felt that the hole could be as deep as 20 feet. the area has been hit with heavy rain over the weekend. parts of alabama and tennessee were hard-hit by flooding. parts of the midwest saw the first measurable snow of the season. areas around chicago got 9 inches.
3:36 am
about. the coldest air of the season is expected to hit later today. the temperatures dropping as much as 40 degrees in some places. there's critical reaction this morning to a decision by the army corps of engineers to deny a permit for the controversial north dakota pipeline. a leading oil industry group says the decis administration puts politics before the law and calls on president-elect trump to set things right. calls the decision "big government decision-making at its worst." a north carolina man is under arrest accused of fi washington, d.c. pizzeria. police say the suspect told them that he was there self-investigating pizzagate, a fictitious online conspiracy theory. th to the fake news stories alleging unfounded crimes by rm. no one was injured in been constantly attacked on social media and received
3:37 am
death threats. president-elect donald trump is making it clear should not have to ask china for permission to do anything. as trump faces criticism over af taiwan, he pointed out in taxi friday's convers breach in diplomatic protocol, a big breach, but vice president-elect mike pence s a saying it shouldn't necessarily trump is also unleashing on blasting "saturday night live" over its latest sketch. unwatchable, totally biased, and not funny. impersonation of him can't get any worse. this after the show poked fun at the president-elect's frequent twee a >> we'd really like to fill you in on syria. his twitter bio says he wants
3:38 am
that he'll stop the impersonations if trump releases >>th in the first national semifinal about it, no surprise there. cing number four washington. that's going to be followed by the winners of those games will play for ty 9th. and let's hope all those games are a lot more competitive than last night's nfl game. seattle was up 3-0 on carolina when thomas rawls carried in an eight-ya >> oh, yeah, my fantasy the panthers struck next with cam newton finding ted ginn jr. for a long score, but that was as good as it got for carolina because the seahawks scored the game's next 30 points. seattle closes in on another division title with a resounding 40-7 victory. tom brady has etched his name in the nfl record books
3:39 am
again leading the patriots to a 26-10 win yesterday ag brady became the league's leader in victories among quarterbacks, his 201st overall.rtf a lot of great teams. not many things went well for the rams in that game and l fisher. at one point the rams had completed a pass that was ruled incomplete. >> take a look at this. that's fisher trying t wait, here? no, wait -- oh -- the announcers speculated he may not have been used get used to it, jeff. fisher verbally challenged the call and eventually found the flag about five days later. >> like me digging in my purse. this was the raiders punter marquette king celebrating afte penalty yesterday against the bills. during his celebration he picked up the penalty flag and tossed it to the ground, which of course drew a penalty. >> i've never seen a punte
3:40 am
it's a punt, buddy. after the game, king tweeted this image. ooooo, snitch. a buffalo player snitching on him. king saying, ooooo, so that's how i got caught. >> these celebrations for someone like me, they're the best part of the game. >> here's the thing, the nfl says it's showing up other players, that's not what we want to show to kids, all that kind of stuff. but this is a game. we forget these are games. a lot of fun. >> exactly. you know what? if you're upset somebody's celebrating like that? you need to grow and up play something else. because when you d i think they should relax the rule. i think 90% of people out there do. i don't know, that's why they call it the no fun league. >> they're not celebrate iing. >> the peanut gallery. >> play better! >> or the other team shows you up. i love the peanut gally. a series of air scares over the weekend. you won't believe this.american
3:41 am
return to philadelphia last night. and a tense landing for people on board a united jet in texas. tried to put the kibosh on those now-infamous rachel impressions on "saturday night live." we'll have the story ahead in "the skinny." first, here's a look at th s only lunchtime and my cold medicines' wearing off. ia few hours.tu only ls or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion than, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours? guess i won't be seeisq yue? i just lost my appetite. why ke that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours?
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rieeltra'sving well triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. a london-bound american airlines flight from w forced around over reports of the smell of smoke in the cabin.
3:45 am
>> that weekend that included a passenger t for an emergency landing in san antonio, texas, over problems with its landing gear.test. >> reporter: a united flight in san antonio crash landing. its nose gear collapsing. >> there could be multiple impacts before the air >> reporter: passengers on the plane hearing the warning from the cockpit of an imminent evacuation. then moments later, sliding down emergency chutes. rush people to safety. >> a retract usually a minor emergency. it is an emergency, it's nonstandard, but you land the airplane on the mains and lower the nose to the runway. there are a few sparks.ttle possibility of anybody getting hurt. except for the emergency departure from the airplane, that's the biggest risk people face. >> reporter: another scare, a qatar airways flight from washington, d.c. to the middle east. rocked by turbulence over the atlantic ocean.
3:46 am
>> anyone who was not in their seat belt, anyone who was up walking around, was up in the air for fe some being treated for injuries by paramedics. the flight making an emergency landing in portugal. as for that san antonio flight, we do know the ntsb plans to investigate. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. when we come back, the cream of the crop in american culture at last night's kennedy center honors. why jennifer aniston is trying to finally put her "friends" characterext.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny starting with this year's class of the kennedy center honors. >>onmerican culture last night. but the arts community saved their longest and loudest standing ovation not for this year's recipients but for president obama, attending his eighth and most likely his last honors presentation. >> the president and first lady were introduced last after al pacino and his honorees, including gospel singer staples. singer/songwriter
3:49 am
james taylimor ahy b. schmidt, joe walsh. >> the honors gala will air for the 39th consecutive year as a two-hour special on cbs later this month. can't wait to see that. next, to our first peek of the sequel to the box office smash "guardians of the galaxy." >> did you see the first one? chris pratt, look at that. marvel, a division of our parent company disney, has just released a new trailer for "guardians of the galaxy 2," check it out. >> i want to put some tape over the death button. nobody has any tape, not a single person has tape! bag, if anybody has tape it's you. >> i have to do everything! >> you are wasting a lot of time -- >> that's a really bad sign. >> the film stars chris pratt, zoe saldana, bradley cooper and vin diesel. "guardians of the galaxy 2" hi theaters on friday, may 5th, next year. >> all you need to
3:50 am
bradley cooper plays a raccoon, vin diesel plays a tree. >> sold. i'm in. >> it's good, though. it's been 12 years since "friends" went off the air but some fans can't let it go. >> back in february "saturday bayer debuted her impression of apparently none too pleased. >> you know, "friends" was like so i think we've just got to move on.t ow, i just -- i thought -- because i do this great bit as rache so -- [ laughter ] >> is it a great bit, though?ch hits theaters this friday. can i say this? rachel's? aniston's hair looks like rachel's from "friends."
3:51 am
>> bayer's hair? >> her hair looks fantastic. >>t e going with this. >> the style seems -- anyway. >> finally, could we see a madonna and sean pen >> i don't want to. anyway. the 56-year-old seven-time grammy award winner performeon waat picture. she's also kissing ariana grande. it reminds you of britney spears an electrifying show in miami friday night raising money for the african naon >> during the performance she offered to remn arpenn if he bi $150,000 for the, i'"
3:52 am
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♪ >> no, stop, hey! enjoy the island. maui. >> no, stop, hey! put back the heart! ♪ ♪ >> did not see that coming. >> no doubt our parent company did see this coming. its latest feature animation "moana" winning its second weekend at the box office earning just under $29 million. top three, "fantastic beasts and where to find them" and "arrival." speaking of arriv was an extra-special arrival for one expectant mom just outside of houston, texas. >> she was caught by surprise at home when she went into labor with no time to get to the hospital. what did she do? here's abc's john donvan.
3:56 am
>> reporter: meet 3-day-old kennedy bennett of houston, texas, born while mom was talking on the phone, literally. >> is anyone else with you? >> no. >> reporter: the dispatcher on that 911 call just before 3:00 a.m. was renae whitehouse. all she knew was that the woman on the other end of the phone was at home on her sofa, feeling contractions. well, more than that. >> you need to feel down there, see if you can feel anything. >> oh, uh -- i think i feel the head. >> reporter: the woman on the sofa, this is her, kioma, had given birth before. she's not panicking. she called confident that help would soon be sent. >> i unlocked the door in case i was in really bad pain, which i was, and i couldn't get up when the emt came. >> reporter: meanwhile this starts happening -- >> apply firm but gentle pressure to keep the baby's head from delivering too fast. glen then, all of a sudden, this. >> let me know when the baby's completely out. >> the baby's out. >> okay, it's completely out
3:57 am
now? >> reporter: yep, the kid had arrived, a few minutes before the emt crew. happy ending and a story for everyone's lifetime. hers, hers, and hers. john donvan, abc news. my baby came fast like that. >> how fast? >> 30 minutes. we call him the flash. if i would have left home ten minutes later he would have been born in an uber. we would have gotten a big cleanup bill. >> that would have been an awesome story. >> don't miss our updates on g m abc. making news man
3:58 am
3:59 am
this morning. deadly inferno.
4:00 am
new details fple who made it out alive. >> i woke up. to smoke. and -- an entire wall of fire. likely to rise. and the growing memorial as families wait for answers. plus, remembering the lives lost i teacher. a barista. what we're learning about the victims already identified. more contendersstate. that ent-elect donald trump dab net position. who has b and his controversial pho


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