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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 5, 2016 4:00am-4:25am EST

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this morning. deadly inferno. new details fple who made it out alive. >> i woke up. to smoke. and -- an entire wall of fire. likely to rise. and the growing memorial as families wait for answers. plus, remembering the lives lost i teacher. a barista. what we're learning about the victims already identified. more contendersstate. that ent-elect donald trump dab net position. who has b and his controversial phone call withtaiwan.
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rou good monday morning tosmith. >> and i'm mara sc diane and kendis are off. we beg w warehouse fire. >> oakland where mourners have left flowers and member probe has non launched in what is the deadliest fire ever in that about whether it could have been ted. lauren lyster joins us from oakland. >> reporter: good morning, mara and ryan. halfway down the block behind me, warehouse, crews are searching for the missing. laun
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a criminal investigation into this tragedy. this morning, firefighters pushing in regard in the round-the-clock search for the missing. as the staggering number of people killed in if msi warehou keeps rising, survivors recounting the horror of that inferno. >> everyone is turning toying, this. you should have done that. people >> reporter: that woman-kwn building called the ghost show preventable. i yisom of this building. >> reporter: familiar, which llthe fire show.
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>> i think we were s bodies whe found them. >> reporter: a t ge still filled with anxiety as loved ones wait for ns have pre with his fiance. was with the couple. >> he said it turned dark, so dark, he couldn't see. he had to put his hands against the wall to get so far identifying at least eight of the victims. most in their 20s and 30s. one as young as 17. the kor onner in's office telling love ed ones of potenti viblg tims to save articles for dna comparison. >> what i on the investigation?
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>> reporter: in addition of clom plants launched oefrd the years, some going as far back as 205, the complaints in mid november, construction signed that was not to code andillegal. an inspector check out theilg up. that is an >> as that investigation ues, o prayer are with the families m those victim who is have beenize fied. >> cashes akew was from san francisco. she was a member of a band calmed them are us, too. >> donna kellog was a barks arista. >> nick was a sound track come
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poe poerz. travis huff. >> david klein, a recent graduate of u.c. berkeley. >> and sara hoda. a teacher. we'll have much more on the victims and the investigation on "good morning america." turning to the presidential transition, donald trump is taking on china as he comes under fire for a conversation with the leader of taiwan. >> his short list for secretary of state just got longer. we get the latest from karen travers. >> reporter: there have been public displays of division in donald trump's irn circle. top transition aides say this expanding of the cabinet search is because so many qli they wan many his administration. big cabinet announcements expected this week. sflit will be a team that makes
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america strong and prosperous again. >> reporter: 2459 dinner last week didn't seem to seal the deal with mitt romney. president-elect trump is now considering as many as nine candidates. romney, rudy giuliani, senator bob corker and david petraeus. john huntsman, an obey ma appointee is now in the mix, as well as the current ceo of exxon mobile and a retired navy admiral that hillary clinton considered to be her vp. >> we have a president-elect who wants to look at the best and brightest of america. regardless of past disputes we may have had. >> reporter: one of the biggest challenges, the relations with nap. trump's decision to take a phone call president of taiwan angering chinese officials. taiwan is a part of china, not
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an indep to me that president to a murderingt year and be hailedl from a democratically elected leader and is criticized. >> reporter: donald tweeting yesterday whether china checked in with the u it was okay to devalue its currency. that makes it hard for dpeens compete. turning to a recount of presidential votes, set to begin at noon today in michigan. a state judge sided with green two-day delay may ll stein who have prevented the state from completing the recount by a september 13th chal results in wisconsin and pennsylvania. the prime minister of italy
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is resigning after a stinging defeat. premier matteo says histhe slosz a victory for. and another resignation. new zealan stepping down. toll . turning now to weather. a mixed bag of ice. you can see theeting from the deep south up tou carolinas and d.c. you can see the in new york. still ahead, and robbers pos
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deliverymen. and major victory for those protesting the dakota access pipeline. the army corps of engineers blocks traffic. emergency landing..
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the army corps of engineer's decision on the controversial north dakota corps saying they't calls this big government
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decisionmaking at its worst. late last night, the pipeline builderremains to building without a reroute. seen increase in scams involving phony delivery employees.davis . >> reporter: one home own sir eager to talk about this invisi tape. >> i answered do, he grabs the 5 and sticks it in my face. >> reporter: lawrence berry's home surveillance camera captured the scene. the man and three others stormed the house and assaulted the home owner with a pistol. >> thank god my wife has the presence of mind to grab the kids and run and hide in the closet. >> reporter: one shot was fired, lodging a bullet into the wall. some words of advice.
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>> because ups knocks on the door doesn't mean you have to open it. if you feel uncomfortable, don't open it. when we come back, the the latest on the oakland warehouse fire. and born at 30,000 feet. a woman goes into labor mid flight. [ baby crying ] hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah.
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rain and snow mix could make for a messy commute in the northeast. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in new orleans, houston, atlanta, and memphis. more on therific warehouse fire in oakland. >> the building known as the ghost ship was hosting a party friday when the tragedy took place. however, some people in the building at the time lived there. one former resident saying she didn't know it was an illegal living space at the >> when alive. and now, feel even more like i made it out alive.saying? when i left, are this was no fire. i sll alive. i felt like i was gs when inspe othereo residents would hideer evidence lived there.
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more video of the emergency landing from the san antonio airport. the united express plane touches down. sparks flying. video posted on social media before the landing, you can hear crews telling passengers to prepare for multiple impacts before stopping. all 55 passengers were forced to evacuate. everyone got off safely. a surprise request from the white man charged in killing nine church goers in south carolina. dyl dylann roof asked to act as his own attorney. now he says he wants his defense attorneys to represent him in . he'll representversion. a flight diverted for a good reason. [ baby crying ] reason. not just any screaming baby on board. >> an expectant mother on board
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giving birth from philadelphia to orlando. emergency crews met the i diver and brought the new larger family to the hospital. to college set. only four teams have their national championship dreams in tact. new year's eve, bama facing washington. >> that will be followed by clemson taking on ohio state. the winners play for the national title on january 9th. we get highlights from last night's nfl game from espn. >> good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt. sunday night football. seattle absolutely obliterated carolina. after the game, cam newton explained they didn't lose because of what happened at the beginning of the the game. and he's right. frankl the game caught everyone offguard. there's cam newton walking in. there's cam newton in his uniform. where is cam newton at the start of the day. he's not out there. cam newton benched for what was
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supposed to be a seriess because of a team violation. involving his wardrobe. so anderson first play, to mike tolbert. a little hh. first play of the game. seattle goal. they led 3-0, they mvp of the leagueexplained what-ha-happened and why hether. >> it came down to dress code manner. i didn't folac told me that i w going to start. soy stand by his decision. it was a like i said, on my party. especially as a team should ha cleared it first. but -- we didn't lose the game because of a tie. >> nope.ind of a year for the panthers. no super bowl for them. the colts trying to claw their way into the playoffs.
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la vie est belle la vie est belle, the eau de parfum. lancôme. available at macy's, your fragrance destination. time to check "the pull." starting with the kennedy center honors of the class of 2016, recognizedonormerican culture. >> the audience saved it's longtatnding ovation for president obama. mo likely his last
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surviving members of theeagles. >> it was a bittersweet tribute after the death of glenn frey. >> that will be a good who con o snow angels. fun league are so, let's start with the 49ers player who seemed to return a blocked puppet for a score. >> he was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for making a snow angel. then there's this from snowy lamb touchdown celebration angel and a lambeau leap, but n? now to a battle that would make old school hip hop fans long for the days oftwo "elect "
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good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, commute. as you see on storm tracker 6 live someplaces are seeing david murphy is tracking this early morning system. developing this morning, 6 people are dead all in one night all from what appears to be a bad batchting the streets of philadelphia. new presidential candidate heads an effort in pennsylvania that goes to court this morning. we'll get monday and your workweek, see you in a couple of minutes. begg
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to move toward its future after saying a final good-bye to its long time leader. >> fie dell castro has been laid to rest. >> reporter: fidel castro's ashes interred ended nine days of official national mourning across cuba. >> translator: it's a very emotional moment. >> translator: fidel was our father. he gave us health, security. he was the greatest man who has existed on the planet. >> reporter: a caravan transported the cedar casket. it had been under guard overnight. his final good-bye was himself. his final resting place
4:29 am
symbolically right next to the tomb of martin. the death last weekends his more than half century hold on the nation he wrested from a dick territory and made a closed socialist power. fidel castro, both revered and reviled became a larger than life figure. one of his last mandates be that nothing be named for him. he wanted the the focus to rev. in santiago, mill burg for abc news. that's what'smorning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." >> good morning it is
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4:30 a.m., monday, december 5. >> we're following a developing story on "action news." 6 people die from heroin overdoses in just hours. philadelphia police are investigating a bad batch of the drug. the investigation is getting worse as the death toll numb to 33 in oakland. firefighters continue to sift e. we'll have a live report from the scene. >> for a slippery


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