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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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>> good afternoon, sarah is
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off, in the news, the death toll rises to 35 at the site of the burned out warehouse in california. video captures a robbery turning violent in delaware county. in the news, a wet wintry morning for us, snow moving through allentown this morning. not enough, but enough to make slow going on the roads. david murphy is outside looking ahead for the afternoon forecast. sunshine is moving in. >> reporter: what a difference a few hours make, rick. storm tracker 6 live double scan during the the morning had lighg port of the rush hour. that snow isat this point. here's what it looks like at 11:30. atw 2as far south as northern and
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western chester county and in the lehigh valley and berks tooy quickly this morning, it took off and now it'slmout to the wee the clouds giving way to a darker shade of gray, clouds thing out and sunshine -- thinning out and sunshine getting temperatures on the cool side, 46 degrees in philadelphia. allentown which started a couple of degrees mark is up to 42. 45 down the the pike in wilmington, are 45 in trenton. winds speeds are not that bad, it's jacket, there's a little bit of a breeze, but the wind is not asu. we expect to get up to 53, that's above the average high of 48. the fact that the sun is breaking out it is going to help that. it will be cold in philadelphia animal some of the suburbs below freezing tonight. we have some precipitation
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coming tomorrow afternoon, rick, we'll talk about that in future tracker 6 when i step inside and big time cold snap toward the end of the week. >> turning to a developing story out of montgomery county. a reported threat on social media shut down an entire school district. "action news" reporter, john rawlins is live at upper perkiomen high school with the very latest on that, john. >> reporter: well, rick, at this point, officials are not saying specifically are what were the words in the posting that gave them pause. it was something to do with a video that was recently released. the state police were notified of an unspecified threat possibly directed at the upper perkiomen school district at 1:15 a.m. it was alerted through a video noted heaven.
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it's a gym and the door open and a rifle it contained a caption pertaining to the video which some perceive as a threat. state police investigators are conducting interviews and taking steps to recover the original posting which has been taken down. however, at this time, the psp said no credible threat has been identified. so police police continue to look for a source for the posting. in the meantime no word whether the school will be opened or closed. a woman was the terrorized inside an upper darby laundromat. it happened inside the t and w laundromat along the 7100 block of marshall road.
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the 39-year-old employee was cleaning up when two men wearing ski masks burst in they grabbed her and threw her to the ground and put a gun to her head and grabbed her keys. here's michael chitwood. >> they robbed around $400 in quarters and 200-plus in cash. authorities believe one of the suspects was a woman. the victim is shaken, but not physically hurt. we'll have more on the investigation coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. 6 people died from heroin overdoses overnight. five victims died within a few blocks of each other. the overdose started at sometimes in the evening on east indiana avenue. katherine scott will have more on the investigation coming up a little bit later at 12:30 p.m. philadelphia are looking
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for two men who threw powder and some type of fluid on a bus driver. it happened as the driver pulled up to rising sun an adams avenue in somerdale. the driver was not hurt. late this morning, a push for recount of presidential votes in pennsylvania heads into federal court in philadelphia. it's led by former green party candidate jill stein. in new york city this morning she said it is needed to make sure every vote is counted accurately. vernon odem has more on what's going on in the keystone state today. vernon. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick, this lawsuit was filed by green party candidate dr. jill stein she used the persona of a rentsterred voter -- registered
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voter as the plaintiff. >> the pennsylvania system of elections both generally and in this particular case has violated the rights of veerts ts count. >> reporter: lawyers of the jill stein presidential campaign filed a lawsuit in philadelphia demanding a recount in pennsylvania and examination of touch screen saying they could be hacked by other countries or domestically, as well. >> this is a state where the majority of voters are forced to vote with machines that are easier to hack than an iphone. they are vulnerable and hackable and we need to make sure they were counted. >> president-elect trump is calling the recount move by stein, a scam and waste of time. in wisconsin, a recount is underway. it does not hillary clinton's campaign is directly involved in
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the recount effort, but say they are monitoring with their own lawyers. these three states put donald trump over the top in electoral college. many consider this a long shot at that. >> there are a lot of votes out there that t properly. we want to get to the truth, we wanted to everything we can to get to the truth. >> reporter: the lawyers for jill stein's campaign say they hope to get a hearing on the recount lawsuit sometime tomorrow. live at the federal court house in center city. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> in oakland, california more families are learning that their loved ones never made it out of the warehouse inferno. through e ruins looking for any other remains. lauren lister is in oakland with criminal investigation is
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beginning. >> reporter: this morning firefighters trying to push forward with their grim search and recovery mission after safety concerns brought their work to a standstill overnight. >> unfortunate realities of this somber monday morning is that we're anticipating additional bodies being recovered within the structure. the death toll growing along with questions if the devastating fire at this well-known artist collective could have been prevented. it was well-known for a slew of violations and code complaints. people were living there and nothing was done. then the deadly fire breaking out friday night. >> seeing everything just orange wall of fire it was -- i don't know it felt like seeing a monster. >> reporter: the man coming under fire for founding the
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artist colony speaking out to kgo. >> they were my families and loves and futures, what else do i have to say? >> reporter: and now. >> you call any of us. >> reporter: many desperate families are waiting for answers, still hoping to hear anything from their missing loved ones. >> we want to know if you're alive or not. >> reporter: so far 11 victims identified, one 17. the focus for folks is the back of the buildings where they believe the fire started, they don't know the cause. lauren lister, abc news oakland. >> back here two horses that escaped from their enclosure caused a crash on the atlantic city expressway mile post 32 after 3:00 a.m. a car hit and killed a horse on the right shoulder. troopers corralled other before
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it was injured. the eagles are taking a day off before preparing for sunday's game against the redskins is at the link. some fans say the team appeared not to have showed up fcrucial . they got crushed 32-14. they have won one game on the road a with their playoff hopes slim they play three of their final four games at home. washington is one of the teams they have to catch. coach doug peterson is holding his day after news conference. we'll hear more from the coach in the next half-hour. still to come on "action news" at noon, sleuth the sure -- saluting the survivors of pearl honor -- harbor. there's more vote sayings to dig into the veggies. >> reporter: chilly out there. everybody in the 40s from allentown to the shore.
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if you're traveling no major delays, although in boston they are reporting rain. i'll be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. a cool down at the end of the workweek. >> from philadelphia is center stage because of a child's birth. when "action new" continues in just a moment.
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>> one person was injured in a school bus crash on the schuylkill expressway. you can see from our sky6 live hd camera the crash was blocking one lane near south street in south philadelphia. there was no children on the bus. police say a total of three vehicles were involved in the crash. no word on the extent of the injuries or who the cause of the crash. a fire in a four star hotel in india. the cause of the fire is under investigation. most of pakistan's buildings do not meet safety standards to avoid fires from spreading such as built in fire walls or fire
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supression systems. jury deliberations have resumed in the murder trial of former south carolina police officer who is accused of shooting an unarmed black man. michaelger shot walter scott after a traffic stop. he years in prison if he is convicted of murder. the judge refused to call a mistrial when the injury said it was deadlocked. bear hunt continues in new killed 500 bears which was limited to bows and arrows and muzzle loading guns. designs from expanding their range. japan's prime minister will
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make history when he meets president obama at pearl harbor. no japanese leader has visited the site that propelled united into world war ii. wednesday marks the 75th anniversary of thepearl harbor. american airlines donated the honor flight. >> turning to "healthcheck"
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this noon more encouragement if you're thinking about ditching meat from your diet. vegetarian diets reduce the risk heart disease and some forms of cancer. plant based diets are more environmental friendly and reduce green house gas emissions by 50%. a plane that took off from philadelphia landed with an extra passenger on board. a woman went into labor and forced the pilot to land in south carolina. medical personnel on board delivered the baby safely and took the family to the hospital. "action news" team is out working on new stories. a christmas board game producing controversy have santa and jesus going head to head.
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plus a local company is ready to deliver this holiday season they will make sure you never miss a delivery and keep your from being stolen off your doorstep. that's coming up in the what's the deal. in the accuweather is upnext, david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast right after this
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>> meteorologist here, we had a wintry morning. >> reporter: especially in the lehigh valley some snow that wrapped into par county. it is gone now, rick. as we look outside, we have storm tracker 6 live double scan, not only are we precipitation free. as we look outside we have a decent amount of sunshine break along penns landing. there you see the battleship new jersey across the river and all the roads have dried off after
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being wet during the morning commute this morning. the camera is not shaking all that much. there's not a whole lot of see t start and in some cases a white start. 46 degrees, the pressure is even at 30 inches. the wind are out of the west at 8 miles per hour. that's not too bad. i allentown. started a couple of degrees above the freezing mark this morning, a nice bounce back. 48 in trenton currently. 49 almost 50 in wilmington. 47 in millville. had45 in cape may. 46 in philadelphia along with the rest of the numbers should pop up quickly now have the sun bursting through the clouds. there's the satellite and radar imri precipitation, snow in the overnight hours. that sun is coming in and opening up the holes in the clouds south and west and i-95. lehigh valley, clouds and sun,
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chilly, 46 degrees is the high. so, jacket weather, even though it's not all that windy. down the shore 50 is the high, clouds and sun, cool conditionre air just about the same as we have in the water right now. clouds and sun in philadelphia. a lot of sun right now, chilly conditions, 53 degrees is the high, wind out of the northwest at 7 to 14 miles per hour. so baiblghts breezy at t times. for the afternoon and evening commute you might need shades if you're heading out on the roads early. 4:00 p.m., 50 degrees. we'll have sun in play, 45 degrees by 6:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m. 43. we'll get into the 30s woarcht across the region -- across acre most of the region. 30s in the pine barrens and and. wind a factor tonight 6 to 12 miles per hour under partly
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cloudy skies. definitely colder tomorrow morning than earlier this morning which is fortunate since we had the snow around thiss tol be cloudy, there will be rain later in the day, it could come as soon as lurch time so, 1 -- lunchtime or so. 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. because of the area of low pressure bringing in cooler air and producing rain. future tracker 6 at 6:30 a.m. shows you there's nothing going on precipitation wise, so we'll get the morning commute in just fine. some of the rain is pushing through the southern tier past millville, new jersey and wildwood and dover. steady rain at times. we're in and out of the rain drops of the rest of the way into the evening commute. the poconos might see snow mixed in. later on tonight, that lifts out of here, but looking
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at wet conditions. there might be be a sprinkle or shower wednesday morning in spots. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 53 degrees, tomorrow, cloudy and 47 rain arriving. wednesday, mostly cloudy and cool, 52. thursday, 45 degrees. friday and saturday, in the 30s, both days. we could see a snow squall on friday, clouds build in after morning sun, 42 the high there. there's a wintry mix sunday into monday. >> it's getting to look a wint. >> reporter: yes it is. >> pop singer sensation justin bieber is going to stadiums acre country. philadelphia chamber music society is ready to share their
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angelic sounds in a christmas concert. karen rogers has that when "action news" comes right back. h
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bloomquist is off, here some of the stories we're following for you on "action news" at 12:30 p.m. now. philadelphia's drug problem got worse with an apparent batch of
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heroin that was bad enough to take 6 lives. a threat posted online forced school officials to cancel all classes in one school district. the leader of the philadelphia eagles talked this hour about sunday's painful loss for the birds. peterson in just a few minutes. now the details a so-called bad batch of heroin is blamed for half disn -- dozen overdose deaths in the kensington section of the city. katherine scott reports. >> people along kensington avenue. many saying they heard about the cluster of fatal heroin overdoses on sunday, while it's upsetting it's not surprising. philadelphia police are nine sus that are heroin related. >> you see dope all the


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