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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> that's correct, jim. the video was not considered a threat. it was produced by a nonprofit organization and has membership that includes family members of those killed at sandy hook. the other interesting point after a long and somewhat confusing day in addition police don't believe the young man who made links tots web site or made comments about them was a threat either. they don't believe he had any criminal intent whatsoever. a district wide school shut down. at first officials saying little except a police investigation concerning students safe track advertisement students saying that led to lots of speculation from a gunman targeting kids to. >> i heard it was going get blown up. >> reporter: all kinds of rumors. >> i didn't feel behind the shut down an overnight complaints to state police about a social media post that contained link to this public service video that was developed to help see the warning signs of a potential school shooter. in a pivotal scene, there is a gym full of kids.
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in the background door opens, a person is seen ready ago rifle as the students flee. but the posting contained caption and feeds back that some viewed as a threat to local kids. police say though the posts offer is cooperating and believe he did not intend to threaten anyone but was misunderstood. >> what it looks like a an unintended post organize intentional posting that was taken out of context. the subject was trying to post part avid yo' that's on sandy hook >> reporter: so a misunderstanding. there is a sensitivity in the upper perkiomen district concerning gun violence owing to a 1990's incident which a student brought a gone school and fatally shot another student. a lesson today police say be careful what and how you post on social media. it can be misunderstood. >> what you post out there may not be the same or received the same way assurin tents was. >> reporter: so it was a misinterpretation. >> yes. >> reporter: of what was said.
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>> correct. >> reporter: so, a failure to communicate isn't inn some way. no charges expected because of this incidents and the plan now is for the classes for the 3800 students school district to reopen tomorrow. live in pennsburg, john rawlins channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you john. peco is still trying to figure out william caused -- what caused a transformer problem at the peco substation on south juniper street. residents reported hearing an explosion but tonight officials say that was the sound of the transformer shutting down. the incident caused briefer outages to 2700 customers. fortunately nobody was hurt. firefighters used water to wash away the known toxic foam. philadelphia police are telling "action news" that there were nine sudden deaths over the weekends and they think all are related to overdoses of narcotics.
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six happened overnight saturday into sunday and of those five took place in kensington. and tonight authorities say all nine deaths could be linked to a single deadly batch of heroin. "action news" reporter wendy saltzman is live at police headquarters tonight. wendy, what have you learned about this? >> reporter: jim, the victims ranged in age from 24 to in their 40's and police are saying this is one of the deadliest nights on kensington streets. on a single weekend nine people dead here in the kensington section of philadelphia. >> i call it dope city. they've been known for dope city since i was a kid. >> reporter: the streets lined with needles and drug addicts. >> this is the worst place in the world for anybody to live in. this is the walking dead. you see people, they're all zombied out. >> reporter: on sunday night alone there were six deaths all within blocks of each other. >> and we have these type of incidents like this we will have enforcement by narcotics unit try and see if we can perhaps put a finger on what
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is leading to these incidents. >> reporter: police have cents bags of evidence left at the scene to the lab to see if the fatalities are connected. >> see whether or not there's something that is laced or if it's something that's cut or something in terms of the purity of it. >> reporter: the d.a. says he plans to prosecute drug dealers selling deadly heroin. >> we'll do all we can with the use of undercover police officers people giving us information to prosecute people that are spreading this poison, this death in our community. >> reporter: "action news" first investigated the heroin epidemic last month and how narcan is saving lyme's seth williams says without it there would be a lot more deaths. >> we're going to continues to try to do more more narcan more training but also to try to speak with more pharmacys to make available more narcan 24 hours a day. >> reporter: the mayor has sent out a statement calling this overdoses sad and saying it's part of larger national epidemic. the philadelphia police have
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saved 150 lives using narcan and that's just the police not including ems and they've saved 94 of those lives just this past weekend. live in front of police headquarters, wendy saltzman channel6 "action news." >> thank you wendy. one person was rushed to the hospital after a crash early this morning in upper merion township king of prussia montgomery county. this was the scene on south henderson road near shoemaker road at 5:30. police say a tanker truck slammed into a car sending it is into a pole. the road was closed for five hours. law enforcement officials in delaware county sale that a man from aston is the first delaware county resident to be charged under pennsylvania's new human trafficking law. live at the delaware courthouse in media is "action news" investigative reporter chad pradelli. chad what are the details on this? >> reporter: yeah, jim law was enacted in 2014 hold so-called johns or those who
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solicit prostitutes more accountable. it provides for stiffer sentences and penalties. today matthew sifts is the first man in delaware county charged under lawsuit. only "action news" was there as matthew sips was taken away by detectives after being charged aunt new human trafficking law. according to court records, sips first had sex with the 16-year-old prostitute in new jersey. then took her to the aston home he shared with his adult brothers and mother where he allegedly had more sex with the girl in march and april of 2015. the delaware county d.a. says sips kept the teenaged run away in his beds room. detectives say sips eventually gave the victim a cell phone and she called her mother who called police. >> she was underage. what do you have to say about this? >> it was all a misunderstanding. she told me she was 21 and i was trying to help rescue her out of the life of prostitution. this what you get.
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you truly belief you were helping this girl. >> that's what i did. i saved her. >> reporter: the teen said she told sips she was 16. the victim ran away from her hope in that rhode island with the help of a philadelphia perch raymond just justice who forced her into that prostitution for several weeks. sips responded to an ad in back advertising the girl at 18 year italian cutie maria. justice was sentenced to 14 years behind bars. sips is facing felony charges for allegedly having sex with the girl knowing she was a victim of human trafficking. a man answered the front door at the home where the girl was allegedly kept. he seemed unaware of the severity of the charges. are you aware that this girl was that under aged that was staying here. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: and a jump set bail at $50,000 at last check
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sips remained behind bars. i'm live in media, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you chad. a montgomery county judge has ruled that testimony that bill cosby gave in his accuser's civil lawsuit against him can be used at his criminal sex assault trial. the defense had insisted that cosby only testified after being promised that he wouldn't be charged in the andrea constand case but today a jump ruled that cosby never had that promise from prosecutors. the 79-year-old cosby is facing charges they sexually assaulted constand at it his home in cheltenham in 20,004th green party candidate jill stein has filed suit in philadelphia asking a federal judge to order a recounts of the presidential vote in pennsylvania. and while the suit was being filed here, green party officials were rallying their troops in new york. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the story.
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>> last concern out there that votes aren't being counted properly. we want to get to the truth. >> reporter: one of jill stein's lawyers here in philadelphia this morning. dr. jill stein spoke at a demonstration outside the trump tower in manhattan this morning. >> we will not give in to intimidation, to legal maneuvering and to bureaucratic obstruction. >> reporter: at the same time lawyers for the jill stein presidential campaign filed suit in federal court here in philadelphia demanding a statewide recount of the clinton trump vote in pennsylvania and a forensic examination of the widely used voting machines here claiming many machines can get hacked by hostile nations or domestic experts as well. >> this is a state where the majority of voters are forced to vote with vre machines. vre machines are easier to hack than an iphone. which is crazy. they're vulnerable, they're hackable and we need to make sure that those votes on those machines were counted. >> reporter: in wisconsin a recount is already under way.
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the green party has one going in michigan as well. these three states put donald trump over the top in the electoral college. the trump camp is trying to block recounts in all three of these key states. philadelphia's gop chairman calls it a scam engineered by jill stein and the green party. >> she's trying to make a name for herself trying to raise money for the green party trying to raise her profile. it's a waste of the american people's time. >> very worried about the vulnerability of these machines. >> reporter: the green party lawyers tell me they hope to get a hearing before a federal judge here sometime tomorrow. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" at the federal courthouse in center city. >> a former municipal court judge has thrown her hat into the ring for philadelphia district attorney. democrat der risa carr denny announced her candidacy today outside the d.a.'s moves in center city. she was surrounded by supporters as she listed her credentials. denny resigned from the berth on friday after 21 years
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sighting "it is time for change. coming up on "action news" tonight planning is now under way to redevelop philadelphia's chinatown. plus, child safety was the focus today as dozens of families receive free car seats. cecily. >> we dried out nicely after some early morning rain and snow but the next storm system already waiting in the wings. i'll have details on what to expect and the timing in the accuweather forecast. >> philadelphia eagles coming off another tough loss after facing the bengals yesterday. ducis rodgers breaks it all down when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> chinatown got a boost today for its redevelopment. the wells fargo regional foundation present the the chinatown redevelopment corporation with a $100,000 grants this morning. that money will go toward the initial stage of the planning and redevelopment of the neighborhood. the plan will focus on preserving and promoting the communities. >> chinatown is a distinctly unique place. known to outsiders for food it is a vital neighborhood and as a vital neighborhood, it serves not just those that live and work here on a day-to-day basis but asian families throughout the region. >> officials say the planning process is under way. their goal is to finish by the end of the summer and presents a public offering way finalized plan by next fall. more than 40 philadelphia families receive free car seats today. they were handed out this morning at the please touch
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all seems beautiful to me. >> jim kenney honored bonging legend bernard hopkins this afternoon. hopkins rang a ceremonial liberty bell a gift from the mayor in advance of hopkins' final professional fight. that fight scheduled for december 17th against a guy by the name of joe smith jr. bernard hopkins saying goodbye to professional boxing. eagles are not saying goodbye to professional football but some fans might think they are. >> did the keep quit yesterday during that loss to the bengals? that's the million dollars question. eagles lost 32-14 to fall to five and search on the year. they've lost seven their last nine games.
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the bengals one of the worst teams in the nfl scored on their first six possessions. the birds fell behind 29-nothing at one point. the effort did not always seem to be there. case in points check out zach ertz on this scramble by carson wentz. you think he's going throw a block. nope. ertz steps out of the way. today coach do you go -- doug pederson was asked if nerve played hard. >> not everybody. that's the accountability there i talk about. you know, i hold coaches accountable for that, i hold myself accountable for that because it all starts with me and i make sure that -- and i pride myself each week to make sure the guys are ready to go. but at the same time it's -- it comes down to -- it's the mentality by each individual player. >> take on washington this week. villanova is the new number one men's basketball team in the nation. kentucky lost over the weekend
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to ucla. reigning champs began the season ranked fourth. cats are a perfect eight and o on the year. tomorrow they'll face lasalle. being number one can bring added pressure but coach jay wright feels his team is ready for it. >> the good thing is we have been here before. we handled it decently last time, decently but it was new, you know, and now i think we know what comes with it and we know the most important thing we do is concentrate on lasalle. >> it's an honor but we got to keep getting betterment our goal is to be number one at the end of the year so we just got to keep working, keep getting better and become the best that we can be at the ends of the year. >> struggling sixers host the nights tonight. jahlil okafor is out missed way stomach flu. he'll miss tomorrow's game in memphis. joel embiid will play tonight. remember a couple weeks ago when the sixers rolled off three wins in four games. it's been downhill since then. sixers currently riding a six game losing streak. it may sound elementary but
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this team still needs to learn how to win. >> that's probably been the biggest thing, that's the biggest thing. we've won four games at this point but you know we've been in a lot of games especially down the stretch and having won for whatever reason so winning in the nba is tough. you got to make a lot of plays, more plays than the other team so i think we're learning that slowly. >> got to finish. flyers beat the predators last night but they lost matt read. he'll miss four weeks with an upper body injury. he took a hard check into the ribs. yet another honor for the union's goalie. he's been flamed to the mls best 11. the team of the year is the equivalent of being named an all pro. that's a look at sports. >> thank you ducis. cecily tynan our all pro will be here with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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>> seven day accuweather forecast and winter is coming. >> y-certainly going to feel like it by the end of the week. tonight storm tracker6 live double scan showing we dried out after that early morning rain and snow. turned out to be a pretty nice after plan to to head to franklin square. sunshine, temperatures not bad made it up to 51 degrees. that's 3 degrees above normal. things though are going to be changing and typically december is when things get cold. the average first snowfall for the lehigh valley tomorrow. philadelphia, average first snow december 17th, about the
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same in wilmington. atlantic city typically have to wait until of course christmas before you see your first measurable snow. tomorrow could be a few snow showers up in the poconos before it changes topher rain but -- over to rain but tomorrow will be a rain event not a snow event for our region. we're looking about a half inch of rain, much needed rain. that will be moving in during the second half of the day. right now temperatures again not bad for this time of the year. 48 in philadelphia, forty two allentown, cape may 47, wilmington 43 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing this is the next system, it's gathering strengths over the gulf of mexico pulling up last moisture even some tornado watches for the panhandle of florida. that many low pressure will mover to our west another one develops across the coast of the carolinas and moves out to sea so what this will do is wedge in some rain. tonight will be a dry night partly cloudy seasonably cool 35 degrees in philadelphia, 33 trenton, line in cape may.
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reading 30 in allentown down to 29 degrees. now, future tracker showing the morning commute will be a lot easier weather-wise than the evening commute. at 7:30 in the morning just some clouds even a few peeks of sunshine mainly north of philadelphia. right around lunchtime is when we see that moisture moving in from the south and west. by 1 o'clock near wilmington cape may and overspreads our region as we head through the afternoon. you can see again some snow showers in the lehigh valley and the poconos. a quick changeover to rain in the lehigh valley. i think the poconos could get one to 3 inches of snow before that changeover to rain, pouring by 8:30 tomorrow night and then we do begin to break things out by wednesday morning still a few lingering showers but not nearly as wet as tuesday night. so, this is really timing out your day. that rain arriving again around lunchtime from the southwest to the northeast. brief wet snowflakes for the far northwest suburbs before that changeover to rain. the evening fought commute -- commute is going to be soggy
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and snow looking at about a half inch of much needed rain. this is what i'm tracking for the end of the week though. there's some true arctic air over alaska. these are air temperatures, not wind chills. 22 degrees below zero, that air mass will be moderating fortunately but it will be moving in by the end of the week. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow that rain moving in in the afternoon, it's wet for the evening commute, 47 degrees the high. wednesday morning showers, some afternoon sunshine 52. thursday is when that arctic front barrels through. lots of clouds, perhaps some showers, 45 degrees. friday blustery and cold, wind chills in the morning 17 degrees for friday morning. going to be hard to get out of bid. afternoon high 39 but wind chills in the 20's in the afternoon. we keep that air mass on saturday. clouds thicken on sunday, not quite as cold, 42 degrees. sunday night into monday morning, some rain perhaps even mixing in with a little bit of snow in the northwest suburbs, a high on monday
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46 degrees so wet and then getting very cold by the weekend. you've been warned. i've been talking about this since last week. >> yes, you have. >> it's on its day. >> finally coming. thank you. >> yup. >> finally tonight dozens of students in new castle county delaware joined forces today to create a unique mural. "action news" out by the absalom jones community center in belvidere. they painted the mural on the center's gym floor using specialized art equipment. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for "action news" i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. in the 3.7 seconds it tas
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tonight, breaking news. the bombshell inside the courtroom. the south carolina jury, and what they revealed a short time ago, after a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed black man in the back as he ran away from the scene. what happened inside that jury room. new reporting in the deadly california inferno. at least three dozen trapped and killed. and, new details. what the stairwell inside was made of. how so many were instantly trapped. the punishment. tonight, the father who left his boy to die in a hot car. what the judge says to the father in that courtroom. and you'll hear it. the shooting in the family pizza restaurant. the shooter with an ar-15, suddenly firing. authorities now say he came after reading a fake story news story involving the election. and, the nfl star. the deadly road rage. what we've now learned about the


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