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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 6, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it is monday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from
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cumberland county. a new jersey state trooper has been seriously injured. that in a violent two-car crash in melville. state police say a woman in the other car was killed. you are looking like from chopper 6. this happened before 8:00, just before 8:00 on route 55 near mile marker 22 which is near schooner landing road. we are still waiting to find out about the specific condition and nature of the trooper's injuries as you may be able to see, this is a very remote area. we don't know what caused the collision. walter perez is live outside cooper university hospital in camden. walter, what are you learning there? >> jim, you learned that the trooper was seriously injured and the other woman involved was killed. a live look at chopper 6, you
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can see how violent the collision was. the red car seems to be a four door sedan and a head on collision, violent collision, this is melville near schooner landing road. the trooper vehicle and red car are the only ones involved. the road has been shut down both directions as police investigate the scene. the woman in the red vehicle has been killed. the trooper flown to the trauma center with serious injuries. we'll report tonight and tomorrow morning as new information becomes available. walter perez. jim? >> thank yowrks walter. at 6:00 we told you about the recent rash of heroin deaths in philadelphia. tonight we heard about overdoses in falls township county. they have had ten o.d.'s in ten
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days, ages 15 to 62, four of which have been deadly. the heroin appears to have come from philadelphia in two deaths and trenton in two others. falls township saco don't look for a specific graphic because it spans the spectrum. >> we are seeing it across all demographics, people coming from the higher end of society, kids, lower class society, rich, poor, white, black. it's everybody. >> meanwhile nine fill dell fans died of heroin over doses over the weekend, mostly in kensington where there are needles and drug addicts. there is a crisis now. investigators have searched 70% of the building in oakland
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california but the sheriff doesn't think they'll find more bodies. the death toll is 36 in the wake of a dance party late friday night. the district attorney is part of the investigation to determine whether or not a crime was committed. charges could range from murder to involuntary manslaughter. officials don't know yet what sparked the blaze. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live in center city philadelphia. when something like this happens anywhere, it gives people pause everywhere. >> jamie, it's an incident that has left many in shock. the safety officials speaking out in light of what happened in oakland, urging people to take initiative and be aware of an exit strategy. for some it came as a reminder. for others, they say it's something they don't think
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about. >> with the attacks that happen on college campuses, schools, venues, you have to know. >> tonight in china town guests were ready to have a good time but tonight they are more aware of their surroundings. >> when you go into a venue like this, do you check to see where the exit? >> all the time, yes. >> most were aware of the building fire at a dance party in california. many tell us they have made it a habit to look for the exit. >> in case something happens you make sure where you have to go. >> others admit they hardly give it much thought and trust the owner operator to be sure it's properly vetted.
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>> i would leave it in the hands of the designers to make it a safer space. >> karen says it's wrong to trust even the owner of the venue with your safety. >> we have had to shut down spaces being used by artists doing wonderful, exciting, imaginative work yo, but not ina safe way. the unlicensed party spaces that have a lot of things about them cool and fun, but also can really be death traps if something goes wrong. >> they have shut down nearly a dozen places because of violations over the last year or so. it's too much for one agency to take on. they are asking the public to take initiative. if you see unsafe activity, call
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311 to report it. >> jeannette reyes, "action news." jim? >> thank you, jeanette. we are getting ready for an unpleasant evening tomorrow. let's get the latest from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> the system i'm tracking tomorrow is gaining strength across the gulf of mexico. the low is near new orleans. you see all of the moisture streaming ahead of it, downpours over georgia, south carolina. that's moving our way. that brings us a wet afternoon. future tracker showing rain from the south around lunchtime, 1:00, wilmington, cape may, it will be raining. that continues to push up north through the day. as far as the commute, the morning will be different from the evening commute weatherwise. no problems for the morning rush. roads are dry. the evening has a steady rain at
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times. it's heavy, dark, slow. pack your patience. then we head to the end of the week. i'm tracking an air mass, 11-degrees below zero in casper, wyoming. that's headed our way, moderating but headed our way end of the week. looking ahead, a raw, dreary tuesday with temperature in the 40s. arctic front arrives thursday, windchill friday in the teens and 20s. i'll talk about how long that sticks around in the accuweather seven-day forecast, jim. >> that's unacceptable. >> it's december. >> you can wake up with the morning news action team. meteorologist david murphy has updates from accuweather. >> one person was killed in a crash involving a tractor trailer and four other vehicles in lehigh valley at 2:00 on route 222. the 18 wheeler ended up on top
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of a pick up struck. pickup truck. authorities have not released information about the victim. >> a victim is in critical condition after a shooting in german town along the 300 block of aptly street. officers found the male lying in the street with multiple gunshot wounds. they are searching for a suspect and motivate. a pennsylvania judge ruled the damaging testimony that cosby gave in andrea's lawsuit can be used in a sexual assault trial. college said he had given women drugs before sexual assault. he's accused of sexual assault in his home in 2004.
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>> a social media scare kept students home today. police say a message posted on instagram, a video some perceived as a threat was a misunderstanding. police identified the person that made the post and determined there was no credible or intended threat. >> donald trump selected one of his former rivals as his pick for housing secretary today. he nominated ben carson for the job. he called the retired neurosurgeon and presidential candidate passionate about strengthening communities. al gore met with the president elect at trump tower today. >> it was an extremely interesting conversation to be continued. i'll leave it at that. thank you. >> gore was initially scheduled to talk with ivanka trump about climate change.
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jill stein was also at the tower today not to meet with trump. there was a news conference about her recount efforts. a federal lawsuit filed in philadelphia seeks an emergency recount in the keystone state. still to come, no, it was a beautiful night to enjoy a tree lighting. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> why not add the sweet sound of the brass. the quintet provided holiday music for the city tree lighting in morse town burlington county. even santa claus stopped by to say hello to the kids. still to come, a georgia father learns his fate after being convicted in the murder of his toddler son left in a hot suv. >> and the excuse you have for
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zoning out. the excuse you have for why your brain takes power naps. cecily tynan has the forecast and ducis rodgers has more on the sixers and eagle
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>> a judge declared a mistrial in the case of a south carolina police officer charged with murder. michael slager was on trial for the shooting death of walter scott in north charleston. scott was shot five times in the back as he fled a traffic spot. slager pulled scott over for a broken taillight. the jury couldn't reach a verdict even after the judge gave them permission to consider a lesser charge of ms. >manslaughter.a georgia father f
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his son who died in a hoes suv will spend the rest of his life in prison for the death of 22 month old cooper in the hot car to die on purpose. he was sending sex messages to a woman while his son was dying in the hot car. >> a man from as ton is the first to be charged under the new sexual trafficking law. matthew sipps was taken away by detectives today. he had sex with a 16-year-old prostitute last march. he then took the girl to his home and kept her in his bedroom for a month. he eventually gave the teen a celcellphone and she called her
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mother for help. sipps remains behind bars tonight. >> police are looking for two suspects that attacked a woman at a laundromat. cameras were rolling as the woman was cleaning up overnight. two suspects barged in, choked her and threatened her with a gun getting away with hundreds of dollars. >> a judge is meeting with attorneys of a man accused of killing and raping a delaware student. james cook was convicted of the 2005 murder of lindsey bon fall. the court claimed law allowed judges too much discretion and doesn't like the jury come to a reasonable doubt. >> if you are caught tune willing someone out while talking to you, tell them your brain was taking a nap. a new study found that even
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while awake certain clusters of our brain turn off when dealing with sensory overload. scientists believe the power naps help our brain maintain focus in the long run. amazon is testing the grocery store of the future. no lines or handing over cash, just grab and go. it's called am diso go. scanners scan items in the store and charge the app. it's expected to open to the public in other locals later this year. >> an opera singer held a series on the rise. monica is a soprano, graduate of the gulliard school in new york.
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>> a meeting adoption was mega successful. thousands of people lined up at the armory to adopt a pet. 900 animals were adopted surpassing the goal of 500. the event was hosted by the brandy wine spca. >> i always say the best breed of dog is a rescue. >> the best forecast is not tomorrow. >> it will be raining cats and dogs tomorrow, late in the day. we are dry out there tonight. the action cam in center city looking at city hall, the streets are dry. this is going to be completely
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different this time tomorrow night. it's a good slug of moisture heading our way. tonight, partly cloudy and seasonally cool. fleet woo, 35. kenneth square 35. center city, a bit of urban heat island effect, 41. delaware, 37 and. satellite 6 along with action radar showing dry for now, clouds beginning to stream in from the south ahead of a system bringing heavy weather across the deep south. tornado watches for parts of the panhandle in florida. this moisture is heading our way arriving second half of the day. the problem with the rain. it's not like last week, temperatures in the 6 0s. it's going to be raw. it's going to be cool. temperatures only in the mid 40s. that rain will be arriving right around lunchtime from the south. good news, it won't be here for
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the morning commute. the morning commute will be dry, clouds and peaks of sunshine in philadelphia and areas to the north. 1:00, showers break out in delaware, extreme south jersey over spreading the region quickly, by 5:00. perhaps snow in the lehigh valley and poconos. a change over quickly. poconos get one to three inches of snow. 8:30 tomorrow, pouring on i-95 and areas in the south, looking for 3/4s inch of rain. wednesday, sunshine reappearing wednesday afternoon. temperatures, low tomorrow, increasing for the afternoon and high impacts with heavy rain and low visibility.
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take your time on the roads late in the day tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouding up with rain from the south during the afternoon, overspreading the region by the evening. wednesday, a few morning showers, peeks of sunshine. thursday, the arctic front rolls through, cloudy, showers, 45-degrees. temperatures plunge on friday. windchill in the teens friday morning around 7:00. by the afternoon, 39-degrees feeling like the 20s with winds. just as cold saturday. sunday in time for the eagle's game, clouds thicken, 42-degrees with another slug of moisture sunday night into monday morning otherwise mostly cloudy with a high of 46-degrees. wintery by the weekend. >> all right, cecily. the police league is hosting
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parties for the kids. this one took place in northern philadelphia. lincoln employees helped make the holiday bright for kids in four local town centers. volunteers gathered tonight in bren marto fill dozens of packages for troops overseas, hosted for treats for troupes, 300 boxes will be shipped in time for christmas in honor of staff stargt taustaff sergeant t december. jimmy kill mel wiljimmy kimmel d ceremonies. you can watch the oscars here on
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"6abc" on february 25th. "jimmy kimmel live" is coming up after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of the show. >> thanks, jim. what's going on with that moustache? is that on purpose? >> notice the
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z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y >> sixers looking for their fifth win of the season. did they get it? >> they were shorthanded tonight. answer is no. if a six game losing streak wasn't bad enough, no okafor tonight out with a stomach bug. a technical foul there. third quarter, dario passing here. game tied at 70, down ten in the fourth. sergio rodiguez, six sixers in double figures.
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16 points and a five of 15 shooting. that pulls them within four. a minute to play, ending hopes of a comeback. now seven straight losses. >> we have been used to seeing joe have super human nights. i thought joe was down tonight. with our group, when you have no jalio and no covington, there is zero margin for error. >> they are at memphis tomorrow. football from 3-0 to 5-7 the eagles are a mess right now and no one seems to have the answers. yesterday a bad bengal team might be rock bottom dropping seven of the last nine games. coach pederson says his job is secure in fact they support him 100%. >> i don't think, personally, you can base a season on one
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season. you can base a guy's career on one season, you have to give it time to develop. we have a rooky quarterback. we have to have time to have develop this quarterback. it doesn't happen overnight. by no means have they expressed anything to me. it's been positive and supportive. >> still ahead the flyers lose another forward. plus, nov (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries. i like to get my hands dirty. i like to know how things work. trust me, these old engines aren't complicated. medicare...that's complicated. we knew it didn't cover everything. we learned we could be responsible for thousands of dollars out of pocket. that's why we called colonial penn.
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>> the flyers are getting thin on forwards. matt reed out for four weeks with a an upper body injury. they are already without sean. mason has a 949 save percentage over the last four games. the flyers host the panthers tomorrow night. phillies are adding to the bullpen. they have a deal with wakim, a 2.91era this past season with the mariners. >> college basketball, villanova faces losail tomorrow night. when the cats take the court, they do so as the number one team in the country. they jumped up to the top spot today. they are perfect 8-0 on the season. being top dog, even when you are a cat, it brings pressure.
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nova is accustomed to it. >> we have been here before. we handled it decently, but it was new. now we know what comes with it. the most important thing is to concentrate on losail. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." jimmy's guest, will smith and adam curry lange. >> for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire news team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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