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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, president-elect donald trump selects more people for his cabinet. his pick for epa head, though, is causing some controversy because of his stance on climate change. plus, the latest appointee, a co-founder of the wwe and overnight another trump tweet is creating conflict. arctic blast, the temperatures below zero this morning where they're heading right now, plus why snow could cause big problems in the northwest. breaking overnight an inmate serving a life sentence escapes from prison. we have the latest on the massive manhunt under way. for the first time in decades the life expectancy in the u.s. drops. what's behind the decline? a good thursday morning to you all.
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we begin with president-elect donald trump announcing more cabinet nominees as he prepares for his second rally of the week later today. >> and joining trump on stage tonight in iowa will be that state's governor, terry branstad. his choice for ambassador to china. now, trump also tapped john kelly to join the ranks as homeland security chief. but he's getting a pushback for choosing scott pruitt. janai norman has the latest from washington. janai, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so, donald trump added a third general to his new administration as you said, retired general john kelly tapped for secretary of homeland security. but it's the president-elect's pick for head of the epa that has democrats up in arms. the man dubbed by "time" magazine president of the divided states of america continues to split the country. a new bloomberg poll shows donald trump's favorability rating at 50% with 49% of americans polled believing the
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country is heading in the wrong direction. >> i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the all-time great cabinets that has ever been assembled in our nation's history. >> reporter: the president-elect believes he and his cabinet will change that. though so far many of his choices for key roles have come with their fair share of controversy. the latest, trump's choice for oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to lead the environmental protection agency. >> he has great qualifications and a good record as a.g. of oklahoma. >> reporter: his bio on the a.g. website shows he established the state's first federalism unit to combat unwarranted regulation and overreach by the federal government and is a leading advocate against the epa's activist agenda. the pick has drawn sharp criticism from environmental advocates and democrats who say pruitt denies the science of climate change and has routinely chosen the big oil and coal industry over the well-being of his constituents.
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they are promising a tough nomination fight. senator brian scahatz says nominating a climate denier to run it is offensive. i will do everything i can to stop this. and trump nominating linda mcmahon to lead the small business administration. >> hey, look at this. >> reporter: the president-elect himself once wrestled mcmahon's husband on television. and the announcement of pruitt for epa comes as he met with leonardo dicaprio to talk about climate change and how focusing on renewable clean energy could create millions of jobs. kendis and diane. >> of course, that meeting comes just days after he met with al gore, a lot of people saying they're getting mixed signals when it comes to the environment there. janai, thank you. trump is now embroiled in a public spat with the union leader that represents the carrier workers in indianapolis. >> the local united steelworkers
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president chuck jones said he was grateful to trump to save jobs but he believed trump had lied about the number of jobs saved saying it was actually 800, not 1100 as trump claimed. >> trump fired back tweeting jones has done a terrible job. an hour later, a second tweet telling the union to spend more time working and less time talking. arctic air is invading much of the country this morning and setting the stage for winter weather in several states. >> it is brutal in some parts. take a look at some of these windchills. minus 11 in denver. 4 degrees in chicago. 0 in minneapolis. 25 degrees as far south as dallas. stay warm as much as you can out there. storms off the pacific are colliding with that cold weather and overnight snow started falling in northern california. this video coming to us from redding. that system is moving towards washington and oregon. abc's rob marciano explains why that could cause problems for the northwest. >> the problem with this cold air in place we have storms coming in from the pacific so tomorrow a rare low elevation
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snow event for portland and seattle could see 2 to 5 inches in those cities and they don't do well with that amount of snow. >> all of this comes as people in north dakota are digging out from a blizzard. here's an impact giving new meaning to the term snowed in. this is glen berg. they had a seven-foot snowdrift there that molded right into their front door. i think the kids had ray snow day. breaking overnight two major manhunts under way this morning in the south. south carolina prison officials are looking for michael williamsson who say they broke out of mccormick correctional institution serving life in prison. now, police say williamsson may be the same man who stabbed a police officer rat a columbia walmart a few hours later. the officer was responding to a shoplifting call when an attacker stuck her several times with a knife and the attacker got away and the officer is hospitalized but expected to recover. then in neighboring georgia, another widespread search is
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under way this morning for a fugitive accused of shooting two police officers killing one of them. investigators say the suspect minquell lembrick took off after a shoot-out considered armed and dangerous. officers responding to a domestic disturbance call. a message posted on lembrick's facebook page says not going to jail. to california now and some alarming new details this morning about the deadly warehouse intern another in oakland. officials say building inspectors had not been inside the warehouse in 30 years. despite the city investigating safety complaints around the time of last week's fire. now, last night oakland's mayor confirmed there were no working sprinklers or smoke detectors in the building. 36 people died in the fire. seven have not been identified. the investigation is expected to take several more weeks. and a new development in that deadly wildfire in tennessee. two teenagers are now in custody accused of aggravated arson. the fast-moving flames roared
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across the great smoky mountains near gatlinburg last month killing 14 people and leveling or destroying more than 2400 buildings. now, prosecutors say the teens could face more charges and their case could move to an adult court. former astronaut john glenn is being treated at a hospital in ohio. the 95-year-old has been there for more than a week but hospital officials are being tight-lipped about his condition. he then served four terps in the senate and returned to space in 1998 while still a sitting senator at the age of 77. well, still ahead, new tests highlighting the safest vehicles on the road. we have new pictures from inside the plane as a pilot was forced to make an emergency landing and passengers forced to put on oxygen masks. a man hooks a whopper in the water but this was no fish. the bundle found bobbing in
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in seattle a man suspected of being under the influence of drugs drove the wrong way on busy interstate 5 at the height of the evening commute. he slammed into as many as ten cars before stopping then taking off on foot. that's until police caught him there. amazingly the few injuries were only minor but traffic was backed up for miles. a southwest airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing and gave passengers some frightening moments there. the pilot, this all happened in dallas, oxygen masks deployed on the plane after it suffered some pressurization problems and it's been a rough week for them. a similar pressure issue on another flight and report of smoke on board a third flight. this is from the san francisco international airport. a man running around avoiding
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authorities right there on the tarmac. he had reportedly been lying on the floor receiving medical treatment at a ticket counter when out of nowhere he just got up and ran off. he wound up on the air feel as you can see when he eventually then got tired and was apprehended. >> all right. a good thing it happened now and not next week. the christmas holiday travel season starts in a week and the industry expects it to be busy. the group airlines for america forecasts 3.5% increase on u.s. carriers. that's more than 45 million passengers thanks to lower airfares and an improvement economy. it also says the airlines are adding 99,000 seats a day for the holidays. and less than half as many vehicles earned top marks from the insurance industry this year compared to last year. the reason is tougher headlight standards. the insurance institutes for highway safety gave its top rating to only 38 new models down from 79 the year before. the institute says some of the
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fancy new headlights don't do as good a job as the old-fashioned ones. if you've ever been told tickets to an event were sold out as soon as they went on sale, well, congress is trying to prevent that from happening again. a new bill awaiting the president's signature will make it against the law to use bots to use up huge quantities of tickets in seconds. they corner the market on events and buy everything up with the bot and get to upcharge anyone with a ticket. >> it still won't impact your chances of getting "hamilton" tickets. >> i still won't get to go? >> probably not. when we come back, life expectancy in the u.s. is dropping for the first time in 20 years. plus, the dramatic moment at a high school. a student shot by a police officer after he pulls out a large knife. an update on the investigation and his condition. walgreens presents, a holiday mini miracle. hey!
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the satellite blasted off from cape canaveral as scheduled. the mission to launch that satellite had been rescheduled five times since september 22nd when it was originally set to take off. so finally, boom, they got it. delays on the roads are most likely in the pacific northwest with snow and ice in the western mountains and around the great lakes where there will be heavy snow. if you're flying you can expect delays in san francisco and salt lake city. a nevada high school student is in critical condition after he was shot by a police officer. the 14-year-old had allegedly threatened another student with a knife during a fight. the cop ordered him to drop the weapon but he refused. >> dozens of others witnessed the entire encounter and it was captured by several on youtube videos. classes will be held at that school today with counselors available for any students who want to talk with them about the incident. well, testimony resumes
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today in the death penalty trial of dpylann roof who confessed t gunning down nine black people who invited him to their bible study. some who survived describe their horrifying ordeals in court. abc's steve osunsami is there. >> reporter: the united states versus dylann roof is moving forward this morning in this charleston courthouse with more testimony from first responders who raced to this historic black church after reports of the shooting. police are telling difficult stories on the witness stand how they found nine people killed in the house of their lord in this basement of mother emanuel ame methodist church. the u.s. attorney spoke eloquently saying parishioners welcomed 22-year-old dylann roof to their bible study but little did they know what a cold heart he had. instead of a bible to study the defendant brought a 45 caliber pistol. he sat in his prison stripes staring silently into space. prosecutors say he confessed in
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a two-hour lifelong interview recorded by the fbi. steve osunsami, abc news, charleston. and life expectancy in the united states has dipped slightly for the first time in decades. the rate went from 78.9 years in 2014 to 78.8 years last year. now, that's after seeing no decline since 1993. on average women are still living five years longer than men. cdc analysts did not speculate on the cause of the drop but the rise in obesity could be playing a role. the tallest land mammal on the extinction watch list. the population of giraffes plunged 40% over the last 30 years according to a conservation advocacy group. reasons for that are increasing human population, habitat loss, civil unrest as well as illegal hunting. a fishing boat crew had a memorable trip off the coast of south florida. so they come upon this in the water.
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originally thinking it was a fish but when they bring it on board, nope, eighth a bundle of what is believed to be a kilo of cocaine. >> wow go they call the coast guard, handed the package over at sea. the boat's captain says it's the first time in his 40-year career he's come across cocaine just floating by in the water like that. >> quite a fish tale. sports and hard to believe we're saying this right now but tonight's thursday night football game is actually a big one. it's between the oakland raiders and kansas city chiefs. good game. >> some of last night's nba action from our guys over at espn. good morning, america. steve osunsami, neil everett. we're in los angeles back together again for you. >> warriors and clippers back together again at staples center. last six times they've gotten together anywhere. it's been all warriors and it was again, steph curry no look pass to kevin durant for the slam. durant just one for five on threes. steph curry 0 for 8 on threes but the wore yores in control.
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klay thompson hit three threes, didn't have 60 this time. led all scorers with 24. won seven straight over the clippers. lebron james and the cavaliers are add madison square garden where security is tight. the knicks defense was not tight. kevin love, that pass was tight. lebron james, some thought he was uptight because of what phil jackson had said about his business associates. take that. lebron james, if he played with a chip on his shoulder, didn't affect his jumpingable. james was huge, kyrie irving was huge, spike lee has seen enough. >> time to get on the train. >> yeah. >> also the rockets 134-95 over the likers and aroldis chapman back to the yankee. >> wow. >> now back to you. >> we'll take it. one more item from that cavaliers/knicks game. here are the starters doing the
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water bottle challenge. this is while their teammates are still playing. >> trying to close out the game. lebron james there took the bottle and the bottle ended up on the court. we can't blame them. it's a long season and you have to pass the time doing something especially when you're playing the knicks the way the knicks are playing. >> when your own teammates are so bored they don't want to watch you play anymore. >> what does it say about the knicks. >> could be a better point. up next in "the pulse," "forbes" out with his its list of the most overpaid actors. "time" magazine responds to criticism that they put the wrong person on the cover and, look, donald trump, they're saying they gave him devil horns. was it on purpose? people say,
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"pulse" starting with donald trump praising "time" magazine after being selected as the person of the year but some people are saying we should take a closer look at this part of the graphic itself. >> in that cover photo the president-elect is perfectly centered under the "m" in the world "time" and many are saying it makes him look like he has devil horns. the magazine insists this is entirely coincidence. >> time treated out their other shots that showed hillary clinton, vladimir putin and, of course, the pope. >> hollywood is chock-full of actors who are apparently bad investments for movie studios. >> yes, so "forbes" magazine is out with this year's list of most overpaid actors. number four, will ferrell. >> channing tatum, believe it or not, the third least profitable actor. >> in second place, will smith. >> and for the second year in a row can you guess who tops the list? >> yeah. >> johnny depp returns just a
4:24 am
measly $2.80 for every dollar that he takes home. >> he had a couple of bombs this year. finally the big public christmas tree now standing in montreal was inspired by the tree in new york's rockefeller center and now it's inspiring all kinds of criticism. >> it stands 85 feet tall with plenty of lights but some critics are saying it really isn't much better than that pathetic tree in the charlie brown special. >> one guy said it looked like it went through tree rehab. >> more news after this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®
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hey, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, the mother of a new jersey state trooper who was killed in the line of duty was living his dream to work in law enforcement. police in delaware are searching for the hit-and-run driver who severely injured a 12-year-old would boy. we'll have more on his condition, plus a plea from his mother. arctic air coming in from the rockies and the plains is going to slide into our region, in fact it's already chilly, we're around the freezing mark. david murphy will have that, it's all next. and some of thos survived that attack were back
4:28 am
at pearl harbor yesterday. get some details now from abc's david muir. >> reporter: it is a hero's welcome. >> aloha. >> reporter: america's youngest generation honoring its greatest. ♪ >> reporter: among stu headley. his story of surviving pearl harbor is still capturing young minds. >> planes were diving from everywhere. >> reporter: a scrappy 20-year-old seaman stu was plan fog or i nick nick with his girlfriend, instead hundreds of fighters swarmed the skies, clobbering eight u.s. battleships. >> we heard bam and there went the "arizona" exploding. 32 bodies flying through the air. >> reporter: stu was aboard the "uss west virginia." >> you see the "west virginia" on fire. >> blue the hatch off right by my feet. >> reporter: he dove to safety on the surface of the water. >> hottest breath of air i ever
4:29 am
breathed in my life. >> reporter: more than 2,000 of his fellow soldiers died that december 7th. >> a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: stu went on to defend his country through 13 more battles. 75 years later, stu has returned to hawaii with a group of 15 other survivors. >> all right, all right. >> reporter: the journey organized by the greatest generation foundation. >> are you stu? >> yep. >> reporter: today a solemn ceremony. gratitude for these precious few survivors. for that and so much more, stu says he's the grateful one. >> many of these fellows sacrificed their lives truly they are the heroes, not us that survived. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to david there with that touching tribute and that's what's making news in america this morning. do stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great thursday, everybody. thanks for watching. >> good morning everyone it is
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4:30 a.m. on this thursday, december 8. >> here's what we're following for you. a drive-by shooting in west philadelphia sends a man to the hospital overnight. >> the mother of a hit-and-run victim in delaware pleads for help in finding a driver. the crash left her 12-year-old son injured. >> a young man suffers you burns and smoke inhalation in a fire. >> it's chilly out there, let's go over to david murphy and matt pellman, good morning. >> reporter: you're correct, there's a little bit of


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