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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon sara bloomquist is off. in the news we are learning what donald trump's inauguration may look like and the theme may seem familiar. and a woman is facing criminal charges after police say she sold the drugs to a man that later overdosed. and the big story is the biting cold and windchills are in the 20s right now and the wind is kicking up making it fell down right uncomfortable. let look at sky 6 hd from spring mountain. snow is coating the area that would make skiers happy, certainly skiing conditions. we have team coverage of the cold weather. gray hall is in center city. but lets start with melissa magee at the big board. >> reporter: extra layers are needed for the rest of the afternoon because it's quite cold and blustery. the temperature 37 degrees and 27 in the poconos at the coast
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in cape may, 36 and 38 in dover. the winds gusting as high as 24 miles per hour in philadelphia and 31 to the northern and west in reading and the coast in cape may 23 and 29 miles per hour there in atlantic city. it does a number on your skin. that is why extra layers are needed. just 13 in the poconos. current windchill number for reading and lancaster 24 and cape may 30 degrees at coast. as we go throughout the afternoon, not much recovery or improvement. the windchill tracker, feeling like 28 degrees, we'll be in the lower 20s later tonight and if you are out on the town later on tonight grab an extra scarf and gloves to keep yourself warm. saturday still plenty of sunshine. and it's nearly 30 degrees when you factor in the windchill and
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sunday we are tracking winter precipitation into monday. we'll look at that is the exclusive accuweather forecast. signs that winter is coming. >> it may be already here. lets head out to gray hall. how are folks dealing with the first significant blast of cold air. how are you dealing with it? >> great questions rick. i can tell you it's really cold outside and folks are dealing with the cold in different ways, some different than others. but the key is to bunle up. don't let the sun fool, it's cold outside. the hints of winter weather are glaring, gloves, scarves hats and boots are the recipe of the day. >> we bundled up to see all the holiday stuff and not letting it deter us. >> we have gloves and scarves and heavy jackets and layers. and keeping hot chocolate on
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hand too. >> and childrens at elementary in winfield passed the grade when it came to dressing for the cold weather. >> i put my kids in two layers of clothes today. and we are dealing with the coldest temperatures of the season and the windchill makes it feel worse and some say tis the season for the cold weather and the only thing you can do is just prepare. >> lots of layers. hoods. and hot chocolate. >> what is too cold out? >> i don't know we brave just about anything. >> back out live, you have to be prepared for the cold weather, and we should also mention because of the extreme temperatures we are about to deal with, the city is operating under a cold blue that means they will open the cold shelters for the homeless. find that information at rick, back to you. >> gray, thank you. this weather may be uncomfortable for us, but much
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of the nation folks are dealing with down right dangerous conditions. 70 vehicles piled up on interstate 90 and crews rescued people from the mess after they became rescued in ohio and in lancing, michigan, three people died in blinding snow storms that caught my off guard. you can count on to keep up to date on the chilly temperatures and see the forecast and view stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and be sure to inter ability with our meteorologists each and every day. and in the news father and son owners of a south jersey body shop at the major of a major insurance fraud case will be sentenced today. ronald gallanty sr. plead guilty
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to a wide raging scheme where vehicles needed unnecessary repairs then could be fixed at their shop. he is already serving more than 20 years in prison for trying to carry out a hit on his daughter's boyfriend. and a drug dealer is facing charges after a fatal overdose of a man in montgomery county. that this woman, sold four bags of supposed heroin to michael, and they contained fentanyl, a synthetic opioid up to 50 times nor deadly than heroin. he overdosed and died. she is charged with manslaughter and is now behind bars. police released video of a suspected peeping time at temple university. the suspect frightened a woman as he was looking through her
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window and taking pictures as she was getting dressed. >> when the victim saw the man he ran off in an unknown direction. he was described at 20 years old tall and thin with long brown hair. anyone with information is asked to call philadelphia police. authorities are trying to figure out why a man from lower make field township would kill his own mother. zachary cope was arraigned and charged last night. rebecca cope lived with her son and was beaten and stabbed. police were tipped off after a partially dressed zachary cope stopped a passing car and apparently told the driver that he had killed his mother. police in delaware county are piecing together a shooting that happened late last night. at 9:30, officers responded to the 700 block for reports of shots fired. when they arrived they found one
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person shot. no word on the person's injuries and no arrests have been made. pennsylvania police say an 18-year-old driver was live streaming on facebook moments before a deadly crash in the poconos. it happened along interstate 380 in tobyhanna on tuesday. brook hughes was on facebook live while driving slowly. her 19-year-old passenger could be heard saying are you going live? and then lights and screeches tires, a tractor trailer plowed into hughes cars. turning to politics now. a judge is deciding whether to allow a presidential recount. jill stein is leading the charge. and she says that the system is outo make the case for or against the recount.
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the judge in wisconsin ruled he will not stop the state's recount. the one in michigan was halted earlier this week though. >> meanwhile, president-elect trump will continue his victory tour with a trip to baton rouge, louisiana, while he is basking in the applause some of his picks are getting backlash. >> reporter: good afternoon. the president-elect continues his thank you tour heading to louisiana and michigan and having high-profile meetings in trump tower. another cabinet pick by donald trump signals his desire to roll back more aspects of the obama administration. daniel puzner, he is the ceo of karl's junior. he would like to repeal obama
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care and like the pick for the epa he fought against the very agency he is preparing to lead. this on the heels with the upon leader of carrier. today he says he holds no hard feelings. >> if trump is sincere of keeping jobs in the country and you guys have heard him numerous times that is his goal. we'll sit down and work out something. >> mr. trump is staying on as executive producer of celebrity apprentice. >> and as the president-elect works out the agenda one is of critical importance, speaker of the house paul ryan. >> we were talking about the transition and excited about hitting the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track. >> the news of the involvement in the celebrity apresent is
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brings his businesses back into the spotlight. back to you rick. >> thank you, we have breaking news out of the nation's capital this noon as well. president obama has ordered a full review of the hacking activity related to the 2016 presidential election, according to the assistant for homeland security, mr. obama expects to receive the report before he leaves office. u.s. intelligence agencies accuse the russian government of hacking against u.s. political institutions and interfering with u.s. elections. we'll have more details as they become available. we are learning details of donald trump plans for the inauguration. if they continued the slogan, make america great again. this leads up to the inauguration filled with traditional balls and luncheons and preparations are underway
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and they are busy building the large complex of bleachers and platforms. 250,000 people will receive tickets to see donald trump take the only of office. still to come on "action news" at noon, it's the hottest holiday toy this year. why did two young girls decide to give theirs away, the selfless reason these girls are raffling off their hatchimals coming up. and why the big discounts you are seeing may not be as big as you actually think. and an update on the accuweather forecast. when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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a stunning fall from grace for south korea's first woman president, she is stripped of her power after being impeached. it follows hours of closures that sparked massive protests. park plans to fight her removal and issued her fourth apology. accused of allowing the daughter of a religious sect leader, give
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influence on decisions and when her impeachment was announced people took to the streets and celebrated. more than 1,000 athletes were involved in organized doping, they found evidence of tampering with russian medalists with the sochi games. including four athletes that won gold medals and the ski organization will act decisively after the report. no word on the action they will take, the russian ministry denied any state tampering. the great smokey mountains are now open to the public today. after fire destroyed or damaged 1600 buildings there. the town draws 11 million
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visitor as year and they want people to know they are welcomed back. the smokeys are the most visited national park and two juveniles are charged with setting the deadly fires. two little girls in indiana felt so moved by the wild fires in tennessee they are raffling off their brand new hatchimals for the victims. their grandmother grabbed the hart to get toys. and it drove the girls to want to offer them up to get donations and raised 200 there's so far. the proceeds go to the american red cross, still to come you will be able to make phone calls during the flights. >> and the holiday deals may not be saving you money at all. four major retailers are sued over misleading shoppers over sale prices. ♪
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now to that holiday shopping alert. four major stores are accused of misleading shoppers with their sale prices, the city attorney of los angeles filed four lawsuits against jc penneys, macy's and kohls and sears for false advertisement. from marking down an item online that was never that price. >> customers have the right to
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know the truth about the prices they are paying. customers have the right to know when a sale is really a sale. >> officials want the court to order the retail giants to stop the practice immediately and possibly impose penalties. the government is proposing that airlines be able to permit their passengers to make calls during flights using wifi. this despite the calls possibly being disruptive. it leave its up to airlines to allow the calls but the carriers would have to notify the person at the time they buy the ticket if the calls are allowed or not. the governor lifted the warning for zika in south beach. all areas are now cleared of active zika transmission, the first cases through mosquito
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bites were reported in july and south beach is the last of three infection zones in florida to be cleared. and 350 people contracted zika in the state. it can cause severe brain birth defects when pregnant women are infect infected. a freebie friday including french fries and yoga to burn it all off. and uber released a details list that will get a rider banned forever. and internet anxiety in aisle two. ikea is tapping into people's relationship fears by turning their most googled questions into furniture. coming up in big talkers, meanwhile accuweather is next and melissa magee has the seven-day forecast when "action news" at noon continues in a moment. roke.
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working safely is no accident. that is what they said in south philadelphia today about the 11 postal service letter carriers that were honored for achieving quite a safety milestone. each of the workers got the 100 millionth step award. they are on foot routes and are accident free. congratulati congratulations. if you are out there, you need to bundle up. >> extra layers needed later today and throughout the weekend. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, dry right now and no issues with precipitation. outside we go. chopper 6 hd high above the sky looking at the center city
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skyline, the delaware river and ben franklin bridge to your right, a beautiful shot and sunshine today and unfortunately not much to warm up our temperatures, right now we are coming in at 37. we are below the freezing mark and the poconos coming in at 27 and trenton 38, at the coast in cape may 37 degrees and upper 30s for allentown to lancaster. certainly a factor today they are sustain. as high as 20 and 21 miles per hour in the poconos, factor in the wind, it's much colder and windchills in the teens north and west and the teens for the heart of the delaware and lehigh valleys. it's dry and quiet, with high pressure in control, and off to the north and west we get the northwesterly winds for the lake-effect snow showers down wind of the lakes into the afternoon and into tonight. the next storm system comes into the latter half of the weekend
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here, a setup sunday night into monday. enough cold air at the surface but then the air of low pressure out of the plain states this cuts up to the west and as it does so, this could start as some snow north and west of that 95 corridor. and changing over to rain. as we get after the predawn hours and mainly rain for philadelphia and to the south, this is something to watch into late sunday into monday with precipitation headed our way, wintry mix north and west and it changes over to rain and rain here in the city. by 1:00 on sunday afternoon, before the precipitation arrives however, it's cloudy and cold and we have the southerly win at 5 to 10 miles per hour. kickoff temperature as the eagles take on the red skins, 39 degrees, and once we get into the fourth quarter holding at 39. a high temperature today of 39. you want to dress for the
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windchills, and for the majority of the day they will be in the high 20s. on saturday brisk and cold and high temperature of 38 degrees and on sunday, sun giving way to increasing clouds and a high temperature of 40 and late sunday into monday we are tracking the wintry mix north and west and rain in the city, monday you see the rain early in the day and high of 48 degrees, tuesday it's mostly cloudy and rain and snow at night once again and a high temperature of 42 and wednesday a bit unsettled with the high of 43 and thursday windy and cold and a high temperature of just 30 degrees. we definitely need to bundle up this afternoon and then we track the wintry precipitation for the end of our weekend. >> thank you. quick break and more news in our next half hour. stay with us.
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i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, sara is off and here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. bitter cold and dangerous conditions take hold of much of the nation causing deaths and pileups and danger yours conditions and a pair of thieves go on a spree inside of a hunting park rite-aid and their crimes were caught on camera, and twin girls wake up in their own


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