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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  December 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, december 10. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a car is riddled with bullets after someone opened fire on two men in north philadelphia overnight. >> saying goodbye, family, friends and colleagues will pay their last respects to a wilmington firefighter who lost her life in the line of duty. searching for the grinch who is trying to steal the holiday spirit. police in south jersey is looking for whoever is vandal izing holiday decoration. >> first, we're dealing with a cold blast that will stay around for a while. >> i was dreading this.
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taking a live look at the center city skyline via sky 6 camera. temperatures are below freezing, do you believe that. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris, say it ain't so. >> reporter: it is so, you feel the actual air temperatures, wait until you feel the windchills, they are much, much worse. looking live at the commodor barry bridge. we had snow squalls that pushed through bucks county that dropped snow, there's a coating to a half inch on the ground up there. be careful if you're traveling up in bucks county there are slick spots. everybody else we're looking at mainly clear conditions to partly cloudy skies, blustery and cold, 19 windchill in philadelphia.
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19 in allentown. feels like 11 in the mountain. 21 in trenton, 18 in millville. feels like a blustery 23 in cape may this morning. future tracker 6 tracking the windchills all day long, blustery cold, upper 20s, low 30s that's where it feels about in the afternoon. feels like 24 this philadelphia. low 20s, north and west. overnight, same thing, not too much of a breeze, just enough to keep the numbers down in the 20s. we're forecasting a high of 38 degrees it will feel like the 20s throughout the day, breezy and cold be look for a combination of sun and clouds. when i come back in just a few minutes we'll talk about the rain and snow chances sunday night another cold blast in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> it's the price you pay for christmas, huh. remember you can keep track of the storm tracker 6 live/weather. keep an eye on storm tracker 6
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live radar to see if any flakes fall where you live. >> happening today, wilmington firefighters will say goodbye to one of their own. ardythe hope died last week after injuries she received battling an arson fire in a row home in december. a viewing will be held at the chase center on the river front. that will be followed by are a funeral at 1:00 p.m. jerry fickes and christopher leach died fighting the same fire. three wilmington fire stations will be named in honor of three firefighters. new jersey governor chris christie ordered flags at state buildings to fly at half staff to honor trooper frankie williams, the 31-year-old and another driver died in a head on crash in millville. services for williams will be held monday at boar walk hall from 8 to noon followed by the funeral. state health and law
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enforcement officials say 90 people died from overdoses this year through the month of december. that's double of all the overdose deaths of fentanyl a sin they lettic pain killer that's -- seven -- synthetic pain killer. there need 35 overdose deaths in the past nine days alone in philadelphia. >> a lot of people are buying fentanyl mixed with heroin. it's 40 to a 50 times stronger than heroin. >> in montgomery county, a woman was charged with criminal homicide and drug delivery. investigators say she agreed to delivery heroin to a man in willow grove. it turned out to be fentanyl and the man died. >> 6:04. police in delaware county
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arrested a man for wanting to rob a post office. charles stanton is in custody. they say he was armed with a gun and umbrella you see there. he is charged with attempted robbery of a post office, he faces a federal judge on monday. real life griffins are targeting signs of holiday cheer in a south jersey community in evesham township. they are asking neighbors to keep an eye out for thieves and vandals on the recall -- on the prowl. dann cuellar has more. >> reporter: last week tenor croft set up -- ted norcroft set up a holiday santa claus. >> it's depressing that someone
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would go around and steal the christmas decorations and ruin the spirit. >> amy pain had an 8-foot tall inflatable teddy bear, the next day it was gone. >> reporter: who would do this? >> i think it's at terrible ana horrible thing to happen at the holidays. >> reporter: someone vandalized the christmas display. >> there were cuts at the wires. >> reporter: why would they wanted to that. >> ink they think it's a joke. >> reporter: evesham township police say they have seen an increase in criminal mischief and theft of christmas decorations. >> we have a dozen reported, you could double object triple the number of -- double or triple the number.
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>> reporter: folks are trying to keep the holiday spirit high. >> i have the holiday spirit and my neighbors do, but i guess there's bridges out there that think it's fun and games to go out and snip wires. >> reporter: it's not fun and games to you. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: police are urging people to keep an eye on the displays and that of their neighbors if they see something suspicious or someone they have not seen around the neighborhood, call police and let them check it out. in evesham township, new jersey, dann dann cuellar dan channel 6 "action news." >> santa ditched the sleigh for a fire truck in elsmere, delaware. they had just lit the tree when the man in the red suit arrived. the high school band helped get everyone in the holiday spirit by playing christmas songs, how sweet. dover house in pennsauken last night, 306 year home was
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build in 1710 and the oldest in camden county. with a fire in the fireplace, actors dressed in period attire and greeted guests. one little visitor looked right at home on santa's lap. we want to see your lights on social media, #6abc lights, facebook"action news," or e-mail them to join the "action news" team at >> if you're just waking up, 6:09. if you own a galaxy note seven it's going to be difficult to charge it. this morning we have the details on the updates from samsung that will eventually turn your phone into a paper weight. also, the sound of the season filled the air in chester county. >> reporter: jennette feeling like the season out there this morning, it's blustery and cold, windchills in the teens, it will be blustery and cold later this afternoon. some snow is expected sun night and another bitter arctic outbreak later next week.
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details in the in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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signs of life. you can see the smoke and ash spewing from the center. it is located 400 miles west of mexico city. it is known as the fire volcano is one of the most active volcanos in central america. going from one extreme to the other, it's going to be freezing.
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>> reporter: it is, it is freezing out there. >> why are you so happy about that chris? >> reporter: because the last two decembers felt like may. it doesn't put you in a christmas mood when it's 70 degrees. i wanted cold, i got a little cold, and we may have winter white sunday night into monday morning. in the meantime, looking live on sky6 live hd, philadelphia international airport, all is quiet this morning. a little blustery and chilly. double scan live is clear. there is no moisture out there this morning, that will change sunday night into monday morning. bundle up. feels like 19 just about everywhere. 18 in millville. feels like 21 in trenton. 11 in the poconos, feels like 24 degrees down in cape may. satellite and radar along with action radar, so over the last couple of weeks we've been watching the moisture down here run up the eastern seaboard. this time around what's
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happening you can see some of the moisture come off the front range into the upper midwest and the high plains. that batch of moisture near omaha, that's heading this way, that's going to bring a mixture of rain and snow as we head sunday night monday morning. fach -- future tracker 6, skip over today, today is a nice day. future tracker showing as we get into sunday, here comes the clouds quickly overspreading the area. they will loran thicken throughout -- lower and thicken throughout the afternoon. by 7:00, there could flakes flying in the lehigh valley as well as berks county. most of the viewing area is dry. as we fast forward sunday night into monday morning, look how quickly the numbers warm up. we're starting out in the mid 20s, sunday morning. monday morning we're up to 38 degrees in allentown. 40 in millville, 43 in trenton.
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in the afternoon we get into the upper 40s some areas close to 350 degrees, it's all rain for everybody else. it's a quick-moving system. the warmer air will be flooding the region, so we may start as snow, areas that see the snow will go over to rain as the storm gets going. sunday night into monday morning, mainly rain for philadelphia and all areas south and east. it will start as a brief period of snow around the pennsylvania turnpike as well as the lehigh valley and the poconos. it changes to rain by down, though. slushy accumulations possible in these aerials. we'll zoom into areas north and west, it's all rain for everybody south and east. a few flakes for areas closest to the pennsylvania turnpike him we're forecasting one to three for the lehigh valley and the poconos and northern berks county, but, again, i'm not too
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impressed with this system, i think we'll be closer to one or two, as opposed to the three. if we get that at all. it doesn't look like a very impressive system, because the cold air will be retreating as the system pulls on threw. for today, upper 30, close to 40 degrees, brisk, windchills in the upper 20s, close to 30 degrees throughout the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the morning rain for monday. afternoon sun and clouds, 49. tuesday, 45. here comes the next arctic blast this means business, 40 degrees for wednesday, thursday and friday, very cold both days, high temperatures only in the upper 20s and close to 30 degrees, windchills in both days in the upper teens low 20s, that is cold. >> the windchill will get you. >> is it safe to say we're done with the 60s and 70s. >> reporter: you know what's funny, i looked at the long range there's going to be a pull back and it could be around christmas. it could be, it's not --
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>> we'll watch it. thank you so much. 6:15, immaculata university unfused spirit into the community last night. ♪ >> they sound really good. student gathered to sing christmas carols a beautiful blue spruce tree. it has 20,000 lights and 500 ornaments, carol night is the longest running tradition at that university. ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> so glad you're waking up with us on saturday morning, 6:19 your time, 27 degrees cold out there. what a beautiful sight to look at the christmas tree in dilworth park. samsung will make the galaxy seven unusable because the batteries can actually catch on fire. nearly 90% of all note sevens in the u.s. have been returned and exchanged but the company wants all phones out of service. samsung will block the note seven from charging. "good morning america" weekend will have more on the samsung update and what you need to know if you have one of those phones.
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>> heads up for you here, we have an important warning before you do holiday shopping online this weekend. there has been a spike in e-mail scams , chris are sending out fake e-mails, they look like delivery notices from amazon and fedex. the goal is to trick you into filling out your credit card details. experts say don't click on any of the links and e-mails, instead go to the shipping website to check in for any updates. appears the days of the super low mortgage rates are ending. the average rates increased for 30 and 15 year loans, rates have been climbing every week following donald trump's election win, investors are bettings that inflation will rise under the trump administration, we'll be right back.
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everything for the holidays. that's my giant. everyone, 6:23 a.m., saturday morning, forecast today, blustery and cold, 40 for the jersey shore. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 28 degrees for the poconos. perhaps a few snow showers developing later this afternoon. speaking of snow there's the possibility of winter white for some locations sunday into monday. what's happening, here's philadelphia right here. we have an area of low pressure coming out of the rockies with a long stretched out warm front just like this. if you look at the surface map it will look like this tomorrow afternoon. initially we'll have cold air in place thanks to this high right here, supporting it on the eastern slope of the appalachians. this low will cut west into
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philadelphia into the northeast. this will cut north. what may start out as snows philadelphia, berks county, the poconos will change over to rain as this storm gets cranking. we are expecting some snow sunday night, but it doesn't look like a huge event for most of us around the philadelphia area. i'll come back with this have the details in the seven-day forecast. >> jordon matthews may be returning to the field for the eagles. >> the flyers look to stay red hot. here's jeff skeverski with all your saturday morning sports. >> reporter: as temperatures drop, the flyers are heating up. the flyers are the hottest team in hockey they will try to keep it going today at 1:00 p.m. at home against the dallas stars, they are going for their 8th straight win. the last time the flyers won 8 in a row, primo was the captain. claude giroux is a big reason why they are on the climb, g is
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tearing it up. five goals during the streak. >> we're playing as a team everybody is contributing, and everybody is doing their job. when you play as a team, the chemistry as a team goes well, steve mason is playing good hockey right now. >> reporter: giroux signing autographs these days, signing his name on his digital trading calendar. he is the new thing, he is the face of it. you can download it on your ipad to get access to the digital trading card the new wave of the future. jordon matthews says they have come out against the redskins. matthews will play sunday after missing last week with an angle injury. carson wentz's top target did not have a lot of fun watching
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from the sidelines, he is issuing to -- itselfing to -- itching to return. >> i didn't go i would miss my first game as 24, but at the same time it could be worse, i'm blessed and anxious to get back out there. >> getting jordon back, it will be huge, having a guy like that and a guy you can trust it's huge. i love jordon, it will be big to get him back there. it was great to see the others step up at the same time. >> archbishop wood wins their 4th straight title for the last 6 years. state title against harrisburg, third quarter, they runaway with it. 253 yards, three touchdowns, archbishop wood won 37-10 hoisting their 4th championship trophy in the last 6 years, congratulations to
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archbishop wood. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski, have a great day. >> they are on the sidelines at football games and basketball games and one day you could see spirited women and men competing for olympic gold at the games. the international olympic committee is recognizing cheerleading as a sport. that's the first step on the long road to becoming a future olympic sport. olympic committee is looking for sports that are popular with younger viewers. skate boarding and surfing are joining the olympics in the 20 20 games in tokyo. >> more "action news" is come up on saturday morning. >> stay with us, we'll see you after the break. welcome back, 6:29 a.m., a
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south jersey police officer is hurt after getting involved in a crash while responding to another crash. >> a final farewell, firefighters from across the country will say goodbye to fallen comrade ardythe hope in wilmington later today. how low will they go? temperatures take a dip in him for your weekend plans. lots of fun, we have the accuweather details. meteorologist chris sowers is
6:30 am
here with a look at the accuweather forecast. if you like cold weather, you'll like this. >> reporter: you're in luck. we have plenty of it out there right now. let's get you outside, we'll look live over the camden waterfront. beautiful shot on sky6 live hd. you'll see just a few clouds over the skyline this morning. we had snow showers and snow squalls across bucks county three hours ago, that has produced a few slick spots up there. everybody else, we're looking at mainly clear conditions, just the slightest breeze out of the west/northwest and very cold temperatures. these are the actual numbers, 28 degrees in allentown. philadelphia, 27. millville, 26. they are freezing in cape may, 32. in reading, 28 degrees. the winds speeds are under ten miles per hour. you factor this in with the temperatures in the upper 20s, it feels like the teens and low 20s. you'll need a winter coat this
6:31 am
morning, a hat and gloves, bundle up in layers if you're out early. look for a gradual increase in clouds. 3:00 p.m., 38 and then by 5:00 p.m., 35 degrees. once again, windchills down in the 20s, when i come back in just a few minutes we're talking light snow in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. gray? >> snow? oh, a little, okay, thank you so much. we're days away from the official start of winter, but a bitter blast of wintry weather is bringing some of the coldest temperatures we've felt in a while. jeff chirico is looking how folks are bundling up as the temperatures drop. >> reporter: we found kevin outside a book store in rittenhouse square, like many other homeless he was planning to sleep outside until we told him about the code blue and the outreach team on its way. the brutal cold has west lilly of horizon house outreach
6:32 am
scouring the street responding to calls and looking for homeless people encouraging them to come inside. >> windchills in the low teens, individuals who lay down on the steam grates your body sweats your pours open and you get pneumonia. >> reporter: we opened up 300 beds. we have 100 slots in what we call our cafes. people can come in anytime of the day or night. >> i'm not used to it i am from phoenix. it's probably 70 degrees there right now. >> it's not that bad, this is nothing, i will take this and live it and love it and it is awesome on friday night. >> reporter: the cold can be painful for those who work outside. >> you have to move and layer up, same thing every year, never changes. >> reporter: you cover up everything you can. >> everything you can. >> reporter: as for kevin he agreed to go to a shelter another live saved thanks to lilly. >> this is my third call so
6:33 am
far, and three came in. three for three. >> reporter: city officials are asking you to call them. if you see someone sleeping outside, they are asking you not to give anyone blankets or sleeping bags that discourageses homeless folks -- discourages homeless folks from finding shelters where they can be linked with important services. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> as we deal with the cold snap i would like to remind you you can find a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast double scan radar at your time, 6 6:33 a.m., family and friends and colleagues will pay tribute to wilmington firefighter ardythe hope who passed away from injuries while trying to save fellow fireman. >> there will be a viewing at
6:34 am
the wilmington waterfront. jerry fickes and christopher leach died saturday of an arson fire at a row home. 28-year-old ruiz has been charged with their deaths. these workers have been paying tribute to hope in their own special way. they have give a special shining to the fire trucks. they donated their services to engine fire which will carry firefighter's hope's casket. it is their ways to thank you to all the first responders. a pennsauken police vehicle responding to a crash was involved in another one while on the way to the scene. the first collision happened when the driver of the minivan lost control and hit a pole on route 130. the second happened when a responding officer and lexus collided a short time later.
6:35 am
there were no injuries. new this morning, a man has been stabbed after an altercation while waiting on a septa platform in center city. it happened on the market frankford line at 15th and market just after 1:30 a.m. authorities say two men got into an argument when one of them pulled a knife. the victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. septa police took the suspect into custody. a man wanted for murder in delaware county has been tracked down in the state of department of georgia. officials captured rodney shelton in suburban atlanta, he killed thomas child who was working as a truck driver in yeadon. he was shot to death during a robbery in june last year. >> 6:35 the fight to recount votes in pennsylvania continues monday. a philadelphia federal judge will issue a ruling on whether to approve a presidential
6:36 am
election recount in the state. right here you're looking at video of green party president candidate jill stein as she left federal court house yesterday. her lawyers argued for a recount in pennsylvania based on on suspicion that the voting machines were vulnerable to hacking. the secretary of state said it was highly unlikely. president obama has ordered a review of possible cyber attacks during election season investigating the hacking of democratic national committee e-mails. president obama wants to review this before he leaves office. >> meantime, president-elect donald trump said his team is dismissing a new report from cia that russia intervened in the election. trump called the cia the same people who said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the white house had no comment.
6:37 am
trump continues to fill his cabinet, but rudy giuliani will not play a role. he has taken himself out of characterization for a job in the white house. at one point he was frontrunner of secretary of state. he will remain on the transition team. congress has agreed to a deal that avoids a government shut down with less than an hour to spare. senators voted 63 to 36 to send a stopgap bill to the president's desk. mr. obama signed it early this morning. democrats threatened to block the measure as they fought for long term healthcare benefits for retired coals. congress ravines, january 3. >> if you ride septa look for changes this weekend. new scheduleses -- schedules on most regional rail lines take effect tomorrow. some trains will be leaving 25 minute earlier or later.
6:38 am
be sure to check those schedules because you do not want to be out in the cold. septa said the changes will improve service. archbishop wood has done it again, fire trucks escorted the vikings back home in bucks county. they dismantelled harass -- harrisburg we caught up with the team. >> was awesome seeing outline outline -- seeing all the seniors get all their emotions out. >> it was a blessing. >> wood has won titles, three of the last four years, their only loss was last season in the championship game, last night they got their revenge. >> congratulations to them. 6:40 a.m., 'tis the season for office holiday parties. we'll have the preview of one holiday party, stick around to
6:39 am
the details in the new film staring jennifer aniston office christmas party. it may seem like a distant memory, but we have an official word for the record set for our warm autumn weather, we'll take a look at wilmington, delaware, meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> fire engulfed more than a dozen boats docked at this
6:42 am
marina outside richmond, virginia. crews fought the intense flames. 15 boats were damaged. some stayed roped to the docks while others floated downstream. too soon to determine if it was an accident or case of arson. if you thought autumn was warm, you would be wrong? is that right chris? >> reporter: it would be warm. >> u.s. had its warmest autumn and second warmest november on record. the average temperature warning 57.6 degrees four degrees above average. the united states saw an average november temperature of 48 degrees which is nearly 6 1/2 degrees above average. >> that's why it was a great year, wouldn't you say, chris? >> reporter: it was okay. i love snow and cold.
6:43 am
that was expected we had that strong powerful el nina that floods the atmosphere with warm air. 4 degrees doesn't sownt all he -- sound all that -- >> i will take it. >> reporter: across the delaware and lehigh valleys. it is cold, temperatures in the 20s and windchills in the teens. sky6 live hd spring mountain, they are happy, the skiers enjoying this, they are making snow and testers will be favorable to make snow almost all week long. they will warm up monday, but just about all week long, testers will be chilly cold enough to make the snow. good news for the skiers. sitting at 27 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 17. pressure43. wind out of the southwest
6:44 am
southwest. it feels like 19 out there. 11 in the poconos. wow, 11 in the poconos. 21 degrees in trenton. salt sat clear skies up and down the mid atlantic and the northeast, nothing going on here, i'll tell you what, the great lake states are getting pummeled with lake-effect snow. they are measuring it in feet. northwestern pennsylvania, finger lakes, they've had two, three feet of snow. that's what happens when you get bitter cold air that rushes over a rel -- relatively warm lake it condenses and it it comes down in chunks. sunday night into monday morning we could see white. there's nothing going on today, combination of sun and clouds. a very quiet afternoon. temperature will drop off saturday night into sunday
6:45 am
morning. with the clouds rolling in before sunrise it will lock the cold air in that's why it will start out as snow sunday night into monday morning in the lehigh valley. actually areas north of pennsylvania turnpike. the good news, the warm front lifts through quickly even areas that start as snow it will flip over to rain as the temperatures climb into the upper 30s and low 40s. everybody else is rain through late morning. we'll see clouds and sunshine. what you need to know, northwestern suburbs we're starting out mixture chaining over to rain -- changing over to rain. there will be slushy roads in the pennsylvania turnpike region. chester and montgomery counties. i-95 corridor, raw, chilly rain. south and east of philadelphia, look for rain and temperatures in the mid 40s. the only areas we're expecting accumulating snow will be up here, the lehigh valleys and the poconos we'll post one to three, i'm leaning closer to the one as
6:46 am
opposed to the three him we'll allow for the three. these areas turnover to rain monday morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun and clouds, cold, blustery. 38 degrees will feel like the upper 20s throughout the day. overnight tonight, speaking of 20s we'll have lots of them, 22 outlying suburbs, 26 for center city underneath a partly cloudy sky. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, gray really enjoys these temperatures. 38 degrees today, 37 tomorrow. 49, periods of rain as we head into monday. tuesday, partly sunny, high of 45. wednesday we'll post mostly cloudy there's a clipper system pulling through. wouldn't surprise me if we had light snow during the day. not a big deal just yet. thursday and friday, 30 for the city, windchills in the teens and 20s. north and west, the air temperatures are in the 20s. >> that's brutal. >> he'll keep bringing that up.
6:47 am
>> i'll stop complaining. here's a story for animal lovers, a sick porcupine -- he found a fish wounded and infected with parasites. he asked her dad to give the fish to the aquarium. >> >> he likes you, he remembers you. >> he looks friendly now, but can puff up to three times his size if he feels threatened. he has a permanent home in the gulf of the california exhibit. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> welcome back your time is
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6:50, topping our people scene this morning the hit musical hamilton continues to break records. music from the sound track has streamed half a billion with a b times this year with spotify. the most popular piece from the original cast recording is alexander hamilton with over 23 million streams. the cities with the most streams are new york, chicago and los angeles. all new in theaters this weekend, a psycho drama will keep you on the end of your seats and your office holiday party will seem tame compared the one with jennifer aniston. >> reporter: office christmas party is the only major new movie hitting theaters this weekend opening on three thousand screens, industry watchers are pegging the raunchy comedy to make between 12 and
6:51 am
$15 million. >> missloan staring jessica chastane, the political drama could make up to $5 million this weekend. >> my husband used to call me nocturnal animal. >> reporter: the psychological drama led by amy adams expands to 100 screens. the tom ford doctored film has made $2.8 million to date. in hollywood i'm nick damajella. nate osborne held a viewing party in center city exiting times. he saw solved the final puzzle and won $63,000. congratulations. he worked as a communication
6:52 am
director for a nonprofit. you can see wheel of fortune every night on 6abc. >> reporter: welcome back
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6:54 am
everyone, 6:54 saturday morning, a popular question i'm getting on so she media this morning, if it is so cold out there right now, why are we going to change over to rain sunday night into monday morning. here's philadelphia here, we have an area of low pressure off the front range and area of high pressure up to the north. it's this pressure system that's applying the cold air. there's a warm front associated with the low. temperatures are mild underneath the warm front. all will be lifting to the north, over the next 24 to 48
6:55 am
hours as the high retreats. the cold air is in place, but as the storm gets going, the warmer irwill flood the region. what starts out as snow will flip over to rain monday morning. it gets really cold next week. the polar vortex will be dropping down south of the hudson bay. this whole area here will get cold but it will be this area, the northern tier states that gets brutal with temperatures nearly 15 to 20 degrees below zero. it will get cold, but not crazy cold. >> 6:55. you can add high end design to your home without the high end cost. here's a do it yourself idea for an accent wall that's easy and affordable. >> reporter: if you're into crafting you know how important a spacious work space is. buying a large craft table can be costly.
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check out how some simple motivatings trmpled a -- modifications transformed a craft table into the mack daddy of all craft tables. >> we want to give her more workspace and storage. we'll create a frame to connect the table to the book shelves. well fit the front to the back of the piece. our bookcase is wider than your craft table. we'll pack this out with an extra piece of wood. once that's done we're cutting planks of pine down to size to create a work top and nailing them in the top. once that's completely nailed in place, we'll pin it, we're using special treatment to give it that cottage feel. we're brushing on the aqua color paint liesly.
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then we're -- lightly, then we're going over it with antiquing glaze and wipe it off with a cloth. what could have cost $600 grand new we knocked off for 65 bucks. this can be adapted from a kitchen island to an office desk. for more ideas go to live well it off. >> talk about a sigh of relief, a north jersey man has been reunited with his wedding ring that has been missing for 15 years. the wedding band slipped off a visit to the wyckoffe tree warm. he thought he lost the ring forever. back in april, john wyckoffe found it in the farm soil. word spread and he went back to the farm to recover his ring.
6:58 am
the reunion is bitter sweet because he lost his wife this past september. >> it's kind of a miracle after all that time, in this particular time in my life, it was good. >> with the ring's return he said he feels a part of his wife is back. what a beautiful ending to that story. >> great reunion with the ring, yeah. 6:58 another hour of "action news" coming your way in just a bit. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, an officer comings to the aid of a little girl after she is seen walking to school in the cold. >> a ceremony will be held for bob dylan's no bell prize, will he be there to pick it up? those stories continue in just a moment. ♪
6:59 am
happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here. ♪air marker spraayer!!! chemistry, baby! so i just hold this part and spraaaaaay... i'm okay. the holidays just got more surprising. you can find these great gifts and more in the crayola aisle. aaaaaah! each sold separately.
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you, it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, december 10. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," a car is riddled with bullets after someone opened fire on two men in north philadelphia overnight. >> and saying goodbye, family, friends and colleagues will honor a wilmington firefighter who lost her life in the line of duty. >> plus, searching for the grinch who is trying to steal


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