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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon it is sunday, december 11. i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." cold settles across the area and someplaces will see wintery precipitation. a driver escapes just in time after a car crashes and burst into flames. >> a career oilman seems to be
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the pick for secretary of state. his russian ties causing concerns for some. more on those stories, but first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. winter weather advisory today, chris. >> reporter: good afternoon to you guys, everything is in line with what we're seeing this morning. we see a band of snow south of pittsburgh, right about here, this is overrunning moisture that is developing. most of it is west of state college at this point, but this is all starting to fill in. we are expecting a period of light snow for the western suburbs to develop this afternoon. that's why the winter weather advisory remains in effect through this afternoon for the western suburbs. here's philadelphia, here, south jersey is in the clear at least as far as any accumulating snow. it will be the western suburbs, the lehigh valley and the poconos that will see accumulation before going over to rain, cold rain overnight tonight. speaking of cold, very, very cold this afternoon, it's only
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33 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in reading, allentown, 31. millville, 33. they are freezing down there in wilmington with a present temperature reading of 32. so forecast for today in and around the immediate philadelphia area, the remainder of the afternoon, cloudy skies, a couple of snow flurries is possible for the eagles game, nothing will stick, 36 degrees is the forecasted high. again, a period of light snow is expected this afternoon for the western suburbs including the lehigh valley. i'll be back in ten minutes and have the timing for you on the arctic blast in the seven-day forecast. >> the "action news" morning team, matt, tam, karen and david will bring you an update on the soggy monday morning commute. tune in at 4:30 a.m., i'll be joining them tomorrow. the cold temperature is holding the delaware and lehigh valleys in the its grip. many have not seen temperatures like this since last february.
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along with them is katherine scott. >> reporter: we are outside the lincoln financial field with seasoned eagles fans. as you look around there's happy fans hoping the eagles will beat the redskins today. some setups arrest elaborate, some -- are elaborate, some are just having hot coffee. many pressed on with their plans and a few extra layers. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: as eagles fans vocal chords warm up they are looking for warmth. some for go the approach of traditional type layers. even face paint helps. >> in the summertime it's like
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sunscreen, i don't get burned. and in the winter it keeps me warm. >> i want to flex, keeps the body warmth in. >> reporter: there's the chicken sizzling on the grill or piping pot of hot chocolate. from waiting to home games to watching for hatchables. the line stretched outside a target store in cherry hill with folks trying to get their hands on the season's hottest toy. >> i've been here since 7:00 a.m. yesterday. >> reporter: target announced a new shipment on the store shelves and released today. some were willing to bundle up and brave the plunging temperature. >> i've been here since 11:00 p.m. last night picking up a hatchable for my niece who is 6 years old. the one thing she wants and it's the one thing nobody can get.
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>> reporter: and back here live outside the linc where the tail gate are full swing, the food smells delicious, it's cold outside, as many said at least it's not snowing, that makes it harder, as you can see they push through anything. go eagles, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> cold, but fun, thank you so much. folks we now know that a heater malfunction caused an explosion and fire in a south philadelphia refinery complex. this happened on the 3100 block of west passyunk avenue next to a 120-foot smokestack. nobody was hurt. it was a close call for a driver whose car crashed abbey burst into flames on i-95 in chester early this morning. the action cam was on the scene on the somebody lanes of i-95 before 3:00 a.m. crews say the driver was
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southbound south of curlin street when the car went out of control and rolled over and caught fire. the driver was taken to crozer-chester hospital for treatment. a wilmington firefighter was honored yesterday promoted to lieutenant before her funeral services. hope is the first african-american woman to achieve that rank within the wilmington fire department. hope was honored with the medal of valour for attempting to save her fellow firefighters in september. jerry fickes and christopher leach died in the fire. firefighter brad speakman survived his injuries. wilmington chief called her a fighter and super woman. >> ardythe hope, the daughter, the sister, the mother, the aunt, the firefighter, emt, lpn, rn was all about caring for
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others, caring for us. >> the fire chief told hope's three children their mother now sits along sings and queens and is watching over their every move. >> a hero laid to rest. new new jersey state troor frankie williams will be laid to rest killed in a collision on route 55. he will be remembered at boardwalk hall in atlantic city. the public can pay their respects 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. visitation from law enforce begins -- enforcement begins at 10:00 a.m. a city attorney involved in a politically charged video will not be charged. duncan douglass was seen holding a glass of wine while a man spray painted the store. he is on a two week leave from the city solicitor's office and ordered to complete 40 hours of
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community service. republicans on the senate armed services committee are joining democrats in calling for examination that russia interfered in the presidential election. the cia's report of russia's intervention should with concern for every american. president-elect donald trump is leaning toward rex tillerson, but has not offered him the job yet. kellyanne conway was the 150th grand marshall of the hammonton christmas parade. when she was a teenager he had picked blue berries on the local farm. >> i loved her, looked up to her like a big sister. >> ladies and gentlemen after 8 years i would ask you to pray for our outgoing president and
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vice president. i would ask you to pray for our new president and vice president. >> the there were protesters in the crowd voicing their criticism of donald trump. most attende es salutes one of their own. joe piscapo is looking to run as governor in his own state. exiting times eagles are looking to reverse their fortunes they are in need of a big win today the division rivals washington redskins. jamie apody is at the linc with a preview. hey jamie. >> reporter: hey, it's freezing outside, i have breaking news, brandon brooks will not play today in a late scratch he woke
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up i will. brandon brooks is beckham will not play for the eagles. let's take a look at the birds warming up a little bit. they are getting ready to face the redskins. we thought this would be a key division matchup a few weeks ago, turned out to be a little bit of an afterthought for the birds. the eagles have a three game losing streak. they are still alive in the playoff hunt, yes, it's a long shot, but they are giving up hopefully'. >> we're still in the conversation even though it's down there, we're still in the conversation, four games is a a lot of football, it's a quarter of the season. by no means do we want to ease up now. this is not the time, this is the time to push forward and be aggressive. >> nobody likes to lose especially in this business as a
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quarterback, i'm wired to be a winner. i can say the same thing for the guys in the locker room, we'll prepare and be the same win or lose, that's what it takes to be great. >> we'll have more often game coming up on "action news" sports sunday. ducis rogers will be joined by a special guest host today hopefully breaking down a new york win. you see number 81 matthews out catching passes. he will be playing, the first game he missed in his nervous system career going back to little league. he said it was painful to sit on the bench and watch. carson wentz gets his number one weapon back. eagles and redskins on deck. let's hope this is a win to
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break the losing streak. i'm prepared for anything i have my 6abc hat. >> the perfect cheerleader. >> there's much more coming up on "action news" sunday afternoon. a one-two punch is causing issues from snow across the country as mid sex. a dinosaur find was made in a very odd place. "action news" continues after this.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, a one-two punch from mother nature has left a lot of california under water. look at that, these cabins in soda springs are usually along the river not in the river. the area was hit by two snowfalls and rainfall. officials hope temperatures will drop to freeze run off in the mountains to prevent flooding in the cabins. chicago is getting its first significant snowfall of the season. they battled through the night to keep highways clear. however slippery conditions got the best of drivers along interstate 88. everyone is under to stay home. midway and o'hare have canceled 100 flights today. >> i'm glad that kind of snow is not coming here. not yet. >> reporter: you're messing with
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me. can you imagine if i was in control of the weather? it would look like alaska around here. let's get you to spring mountain live on sky6 live hd. you can see they have made snow. the snow guns working overtime this morning, trying to lay down a nice foundation on the slopes. mother nature will provide fresh winter white as well, not much, but a coating in the area. temperatures will be cold enough all week long once we get past monday for them to continue to make snow. which is good news for the skiers. temperature chilly, double scan live, for the most part it's clear, 33 in philadelphia. 31 in the mountains. approximate 3 in philadelphia and millville. dover, 34. there's a light breeze, but it's enough to put the windchills in the mid 20s, so you need to bundle up if you have not done so and making your way to lincoln financial field, you better hurry up you're running
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out of time to get there. windchills in the mid 20s, that's pretty much where they are camping out all afternoon. here's double scan live we set it in motion for you, the warm front is stretching across the ohio valley. this is that ribbon of snow we're expecting for this afternoon in the far western suburbs. out through here, it's going to be very light. with temperatures right there on the freezing mark, everything is going to stick. there will be a couple of slick spots across the lehigh valley county poconos this afternoon. future trash -- tracker even though it's not showing anything out here, there will be later on. we'll catch a lull in the axe later on this evening. temperatures are milder, it's mainly rain, a cold rain at that. allow yourself extra time tomorrow morning. the rain will be coming down, visibility will be reduced, things will clear out nicely by the time we get into the evening
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hours. what to expect, this is mainly for areas north and west of philadelphia. in the city of philadelphia, just a couple of flurries. the western suburbs far western suburbs, lehigh valley, from now through 4:00 p.m., a period of very light snow is expected. from 4:00 p.m. to midnight, cloudy skies we're watching a break, a lull in the action. from midnight to noon, the rain washes snow away and remains damp throughout the day. before we change over to rain, 1 to 3 in the poconos. half inch to an inch in the lehigh valley, a couple of flakes in the far western suburbs. for today, cloudy skies in philadelphia, flurries, this includes south jersey and delaware, 36 degrees is the forecasted high. overnight tonight, rain developing probably after midnight. this is where we start out around midnight. these temperatures rise all the way up to 49 degrees. the as we head into tomorrow,
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we're partly sunny. tuesday is the day to get the outdoors things done. raking the yard and putting up the christmas lights, here comes the arctic blast temperatures are cold, windchills are worse. the latest computer information coming in, i dropped friday down to 28. it was colder than that. i'm trying to break the news gently there. >> keep it real. >> a chinese pal -- a dinosaur. he told the vernld what it was and -- vendor what it was and how important it was, the vendor did not even raise the price. >> i would have jacked it up a little bit. >> still ahead on "action news," the season starts for a
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key player on the sixers. just ahead a philadelphia program to deal with picky young eaters, we'll be right back.
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online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> hey, look at all the folks out there, sky6 live hd taking live look at city hall, looking good on skates everyone. can you skate, gray? >> no, i try. >> we're so a like. heroin and opioid deaths surge in the u.s. for the first time more americans died in from heroin than gun homicide. opioid deaths topped 3,000 last year. it's from the explosion in the use of prescription pain killers. congress passed a billion dollar package to fight the epidemic. >> we know toddlers can be
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picky eaters. the good news many children grow out of it, but when an old child's range ofoo so small because they are stressed or interruption, experts say there's time for professional help. erin o'hern has the word on a local program. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: 12-year-old eating yoga makes her gag. her food limitations were causing extreme mood swings and concerns about her health. other diet pasta, mashed potatoes and rice. >> she was not getting the vitamins she needed. there's a growing level of
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anxiety. >> i try to keep my mind occupied. >> the use of distraction that's fine by me. >> picky eating is not an anxiety disorderly it's an eating disorder. while watching her during a session is not easy. there have been improvements. doctors likens herself to a sports coach helping kids to practice until they can do it on their own. she helps them recognize sweet, sour and savory and praise them when they try new things. basesl treatment for picky eating is eating. it is not talking about it, it's not trying to find the cause of it, it's practice. the old technique try a bite to see if you like it, that doesn't work. >> i try at least seven bites.
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>> reporter: she is eating hamburgers and fruit and calzone. for more advice on how to help your picky eater, head to my facebook page. erin o'hern channel 6 "action news." >> seven bites it starts to get better. >> up next, including sports. >> the flyers notch another win and go for nine in a row. details when "action news" continues. >> so glad you stayed with us,
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happening today, the flyers are going for their 9th straight win within in detroit.
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they have not won that many games in a row since eric lindross was on the team. brayden shenn scored a hat trick to lift the home team to a 4-2 win. that doubled his goals for the season. he now has 7. the sixers are in michigan to play the detroit pistons, nerlens noel will come off the bench to play his first game of the season. he has been recovering from knee surgery. joel embiid will not play he has inflammation in his elbow. we caught up with the team who made their way back home from hershey. the hawks defeated pittsburgh central catholic 42 high pressure 7.
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congratulations to the hawks. awesome. >> another half-hour of "action news" coming your way straight ahead. investigators look at whether a local homeowner should be charged after a deadly home invasion. air travelers are accusing an airline of going overboard with plans to charge for using overhead bins. those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, and a whole lot more when "action news" comes right back. >> happening right now on
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"action news," bundling up, there's the new normal for the area as cold temperatures settle in. 8 months after being ousted from ancient pal palmyra, isis reclas the central syrian city. more on all those stories in a moment, but first a check of the exclusive accuwether seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, chris, tell us about the snow. >> reporter: it's just a little bit no need to get too upset and worried gray, it's way west and north of philadelphia. 29 degrees, that's the big story. it's cold. 29 in slatington, 29 in fleetwood. pottstown, 27. quaker up to, 27. tanersville, 26. cinnaminson, 33. glassboro, 32. vineland, 33. hammonton, 33 degrees, double scan live you can see the snow
12:32 pm
is flying for most of the great lakes and the northeast. i'll tell you what if you like to watch the football in the snow there's a ton of them. cleveland will be played in the snow. pittsburgh buffalo in the snow. seattle green bay in the snow. even the eagles game there could snowflakes later this afternoon. but mainly our western suburbs that run the risk of seeing at least a period of light snow. cloudy skies in philadelphia today, a couple of snow flurries around 36 degrees is the forecasted high. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll talk about the light snow for the western suburbs and focus on this, polar express heading this way wednesday night. >> thank you for the update. as chris said it's a cold sunday some areas will see wintery precipitation and residents are dealing with the chill in the air. scott ask the has been checking in -- katherine scott has been checking in with them throughout
12:33 pm
the day. you're bundled up. >> reporter: hi, gray, i'm with eagles fans, it's cold out here, their minds are not on the cold, but the game. they want a victory today. we're at the tailgates outside lincoln financial field. some are heading inside, other tail gate are going strong. people fire up their grills they have hot food from chicken toriso and you get extra points if you come with face paint and costumes. they are going to stay hopeful and have fun, doesn't matter what the weather is. they are out for the birds and their budsies. >> budsies -- buddies. i am out here to support my team and i've met the best people in a parking lot in philly.
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>> at 4:00 a.m., i start out wearing shorts and ts, i add layers, by 8:00, i'll be cold. he employees strategy others wear halts and scarves. some folks are packing up heading inside for the game. they are having fun out here and hoping for a big win today. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> looks like you're having fun, too. thank you. there's no word on whether a delaware county homeowner who shot and killed a man breaking into his home will face charges. police tell "action news" a suspect stormed into a home on the 800 block of up handle street in chester. -- in up land street in chester. the homeowner who had a permit to carry a weapon shot and killed the man. the incident stemmed from an early domestic dispute.
12:35 pm
kossuth -- bill cosby is af drugging and sexually contact with andrea constan in his home. chaka fattah was convicted in june of racketeering and fraud. federal prosecutors say he abused his power as an elected official and should get 17 years in prison. swathmore college is joining other colleges declaring i felt as sanctuary college. more 2,000 students asked for that. the president said sanctuary may be needed in months and years in reference to the pledges by
12:36 pm
president-elect trump to deport millions of immigrants. a reminder if you ride septa's regional rails, double check the schedules. the transit agency put schedules next on the regional rail lines. some trains leave up to 25 minutes earlier or later. septa believes the changes will improve service. >> isis has regained control of the ancient city of palmyra. the militants took neighborhoods on the outskirts yesterday despite heavy russian airstrikes. isis controlled the town for ten months until russian backed syrian forces drove it out in march. by that time much of the militants destroyed the in pal -- palmyra. a bomb attack at the chen --
12:37 pm
coppic christian church killed 160 people and left others hurt. nobody has taken credit for the bombing. poor construction caused a collapse in nigeria. the bible church was under construction, workers were rushing to finish it in time for saturday's ceremony to ordain a church bishop. google will allow cubans access to a network google global cash it stores content from g mail to youtube. cuba seems to be speeding up deals with u.s. companies to build momentum before president-elect trump takes office next months.
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we know traveling on empty stomachs is never fun. delta is rolling out free snacks including yoga bars and pretzels and they will come in the larger portions. delta is testing free sandwiches and other meals in economy on flights between new york and california. another airline has angered flier with a new fee. some say united is chargeing a fee for using the overhead bins. >> flying is not much fun any more. a fee to this and fee for that. >> reporter: if it wasn't confusing enough charging a all the fees for the different airlines, united will be offering one of the cheapest airfares on the mark. there is no guarantee you can sit together, you're only allowed a small personal item like a shoulder bag and the one
12:39 pm
that has many people talking you will be charged for using the overhead compartments. >> what it is is the case, a lot of airlines are enacting a lot more fees, when they started charging for the check luggage. people were taking on the carry on luggage, it's another means of finding another revenue stream. >> reporter: u.s. senator charles schumer is blasting united saying the company is squeezing customers to make an additional $1 billion. >> i guess it's okay saloons we get a good deal. >> reporter: while some thought the plan was interesting, many we talked with especially frequent flyers from the aaa travelers club believe it's a bad idea. >> it's another way they are cutting back. i think they are just padding their pockets, more money. >> reporter: these travelers worry having a major carrier travel for overhead storage that's a bad precedent.
12:40 pm
>> whenever you getaway with something you try a little bit more. >> the other airlines will go in and want to outdo one another. >> when does it stop. >> that's the question. >> fee for everything. >> they will get you one way or another. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday, a star wars spinoff lands in hollywood and fans flock to the theater. 60 years of a changing paris comes to the barnes foundation in 6abc loves the arts. let's go outside live for you. sky6 live hd using the temple university camera overlooking the temple center city skyline for you. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> neighborhoods around the area have come alive with christmas light. the mendez family in bear, delaware, went out to bring the
12:43 pm
holiday spirit to everybody in their neighborhood. the theme is candy cane lane. they took about a month to put together the light show. i think we'll have to drive out there. we want to see your holiday displays share a picture on social media using the #6abc lights. post photos on our 6abc "action news" facebook page or join the "action news" at >> if you want to make chris smile do this, snow. >> reporter: you know what would look better with the lights? snow on the ground. >> no. >> reporter: they are not happy with snow. let's get you outside and show you the view as you look at the commodor barry bridge. we have lots of clouds out there this afternoon, temperatures in the 20s and even a few flurries from time to time mainly west of philadelphia, but generally speaking it's a quiet day so far. we'll continue to watch the radars closely, though, over the next couple of hours to see if
12:44 pm
light snow develops west of philadelphia, probably after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. we'll see what happens here. there's a lot of snow starting to fall west of harrisburg and pushing through state college. for now, the radars are clear, cold, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. windchills are a good five or six degrees colder than the actual air temperatures. even though it's 33 degrees in philadelphia at this hour, it feels like 27. feels like 24 in allentown and ten degrees in mountain pocono. there's double can live, there's the light -- double scan snow, s town state college. all reporting light snow. this will start pushing toward the southeast in the next couple of hours. the far western suburbs in the lehigh valley, almost the entire area under the winter weather advisory will see light snow this afternoon before eventually going over to all rain overnight tonight, especially the lehigh valley and the poconos.
12:45 pm
that's where some of the accumulations will be higher. now future tracker 6 is not impressed with any kind of snow this afternoon. other models are. by 4:00 p.m., and he can to see more than what -- expect to his more than what this model is showing. far western suburbs and the poconos, then we get a lull in the evening. around midnight, temperatures are above freezing, it will fall in the form. rain. for the lehigh valley and the poconos everybody switches over to rain after midnight tonight. tomorrow morning allow yourself a little extra time getting into work and school. it will be a steady rain for the i-95 corridor and the lehigh valley and the poconos. we're expecting a half inch to three 0 quarters of an inch from the system when all is said and done. monday night it clears out. tuesday, okay, sunny, temperatures in the 40s, here comes the arctic express by
12:46 pm
wednesday. snowfall totals before we change it over to rain, late this afternoon into the evening, perhaps a half inch to an inch for the lehigh valley. far western suburbs, 1 to 3 for the poconos, a few flakes in and around the pennsylvania turnpike area. for today, temperatures in the low to mid 30s for the high. cloud skies and flurries around philadelphia. overnight tonight everything changes over to rain. overnight lows, the numbers you see there will be rising after midnight tonight all the way up to 49 or 50 degrees for tomorrow. tuesday is quiet at 47. wednesday, thursday, friday, all get icy cold with the arctic air highs in the 20s. >> okay, thanks. >> all right with the winter weather on the way, remember you can get the seven-day forecast and check storm tracker 6 live radar at any time of the day, go to our website it is the talk of tinseltown rogue one the hollywood story had their debut
12:47 pm
last night. although official reviews are underwraps until tuesday, theater goers went wild with applause as the movie ended, rogue one opens on friday. disney is the parent company of movie maker and 6abc. the barnes foundation is world renown for its painting, but we have an exhibit that looks at photography. 6abc loves the arts with karen rogers. >> reporter: live and life we'll give you pictures it explores the modernization of france during the 19th and 20th century. >> this is the first exhibition of photography. the show includes 170 photographs by 24 artists living and working in france from 1890 to 1950. it covers every genre of photography.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: organized into 8 themes that explore the development. france. >> it talks about commerce and labor and leisure one of the fun sections is photographers making celebrity out of people in their world. >> this includes a piece by 20th century american photographer man ray. >> port trait of a woman who -- portrait of a woman who transformed herself through hair style and makeup. she documents what's going on with the scandalous kanesha gainey -- can can dance. if you're interested in photography or france this is a great opportunity to explore
12:49 pm
them. >> reporter: live and life will give you pictures is on display at the barns until january 9. go to 6abc loves the arts for area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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a look at the screen, what a beautiful picture there as folks are gathered in center city at the rothman ice skating rink to enjoy the holidays there, a great day to go ice skating. a secret santa has made 200 families happy in western pennsylvania. a woman walked into a walmart with a 46,000-dollar check on behalf of a man who wanted to pay off the lay aways there. >> i got home from work today and my daughter played the messages before i got there, and she said most of them, i said, did anybody call.
12:52 pm
she said yeah. am i going to be upset or mad? she was like, well it's going to make you cry. >> what a great act of kindness. many cried in joy and gratitude as they picked up their items. many want to know who their secret santa is so they can thank him personally. greg bach has been living inside the giant red kettle in michigan for a week, he will not leave he said until he raises ten thousand dollars for the organization. bach has a heat lamp and blankets and radio that place christmas music 24/7. people have been stopping by and bringing him foot along with the donations. >> a chicago family annual light show is back this year with a tribute to a lost pop star. the home includes a display honoring prince. there are purple lights and
12:53 pm
guitar synchronized with his music. they spent a year planning the spectacle. it brings in donations for veteran's programs. last year it raised $25,000. families enjoyed holiday fun in fairmont park. memorial playground and playhouse was turned into a winter wonderland. families warmed up by fire pits and roasted marshmallows. inside kids could craft their own ginger predecessor houses. we'll be right back.
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," customers hoping to get hatchables this morning lined up outside the target in wynfield heights bundled up for the cold. temperatures will be unseasonable low for the rest of the day. the latest front runner for secretary of state is rex tillerson. he is getting scrutiny for his ties to putin. trump is expected to announce his choice for the job sometime this week. the eagles warmed up moments ago for the game against the redskins. the birds know the mountain they have to climb to reach the playoff is steep. they know the steep climb has to start with a win over washington this afternoon. >> final check of the forecast it's going to be cold for the game. >> reporter: it's going really cold, temperatures barely cracking the freezing mark. it will feel like the 20s.
12:57 pm
36 degrees a couple of flurries possible, brief period of light snow west of the city later on. rain overnight tonight. raining tomorrow morning, mild, 49. arctic front moves in on wednesday, look what it does to the numbers thursday and friday, blustery and cold both days in the upper 20s. windchills in the teens. saturday is a nice rebound we're up to 38 degrees and wintry mess moves in at night. we get the sleet, snow and freezing rain again. awesome. >> that's not until next weekend. >> capitol hill has had a lot of bitter fights but nothing like the cheese battle a few days ago. senators from arkansas claimed their cheese dip was better than texas cheese dip. they invited their republican colleagues to a taste test. ted cruz claimed victory for the lonestar state. >> these dip this is a chance
12:58 pm
to stand and defend the integrity of the mighty state of texas. >> reporter: arkansas senator insisted cheese dip started in his state when he was going to win. when the voting was done, texas suffered defeat. poor texas. "fyi philly" is up next. >> "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. tonight. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday! we'll see you back here next weekend.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly. >> this is absolutely stunning! >> it's beginning to look a lot like gift giving season! >> philly centric ideas. >> and we've got one of a kind finds for you! >> no one else will have it. >> from artisan made offerings. >> what a great holiday gift. >> to hand crafted made spirits. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> plus toy ideas for the kids and gift guides for men and women! >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the kimmel center for the performing arts and they are ready for the holidays, of course! >> we have a super exciting contest to tell you about later in the show. >> it would be the ultimate christmas gift for a couple looking to tie the knot. >> hint hint, stay tuned for that. >> but let's kick off our holiday season with some shopping ideas. >> two outdoor philly markets have been a huge hit for finding unique gifts. >> and this year


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