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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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december 12, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. here's what's we're following rain is drenching most of the area this morning, someplaces did get snow, too. >> a new jersey state trooper will be laid to rest following a public memorial in atlantic city. long time philadelphia congressman chaka fattah finds out today if he is heading to prison. >> first up, let's talk about the precipitation, meteorologist david murphy has more on that and matt pellman is in for karen rogers taking a look at the roads good morning. >> reporter: something flashing behind matt, we'll have that in
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a second. we have precipitation across the region, drying in delaware, rain everywhere else, in some cases steady rain. the farther north you go, berks county, northern bucks and northern montgomery county and chester county up north and lehigh valley an berks into the poconos we have that changeover from snow to freezing rain and eventually to rain. there's still a winter weather advisory up north, which we will show you in a second. rain everywhere across the i-95 corridor. the farther north you go, the slippery weather conditions might be a problem. there's a winter weather advisory in northern bucks, northern montgomery county and chester. and maybe up in easton you'll see that expire around 6:00 a.m. warm air is in the process of coming up from the south. as we look at the wide view,
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there's additional rain to the west, warm air pushing up and melting things up to the north in the next few hours. rain comes across the from the west, we're looking at periods of rain in the morning hours drying out around lunchtime. we're looking for the clouds to break up later tonight. 38 degrees in philadelphia. around the freezing mark in allentown and reading. you have to be caution with the possible slick conditions. down south, 49 degrees as the warm air is on the way. 38 degrees in philadelphia. by noon. 51 by 3 that's the high. your complete accuweather seven-day forecast coming up, matt, what about the roads. >> reporter: good morning, david as you suggest we're watching the northern burbs closely. let's start on the bucks county montgomery county line as the car makes the turn on county line road. if you look on the roadway the
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reflex from the traffic lights you can see the rain coming down, we don't see snow coverage, 202 parkway county line road, doesn't appear to be icing, just very, very wet with ponding and puddling. we have a number of overnight accidents, in newtown, bucks county, one closing 332 newtown richboro way near rockaway. in king of prussia there's a crash at south gulph road at kicker road. vine street expressway is open this morning, they are not doing construction in construction like this, but it's wet. >> most of us didn't get snow like this north of philadelphia, we did get heavy rain.
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it could affect people expecting a plane going out or coming in. michigan may get ten inches of snow before today is over. flight delays and cancellations are reported out of detroit. snow has scratched many flights off the board at chicago o'hare out of philadelphia. that has frustrated some people heading to chicago. >> i received a notice that my 1 4:00 was canceled, i'm rebooked to 5:50. >> icy conditions are causing flight problems in the midwest. let's go over to sky6 live hd looking at philadelphia international airport. the car -- tarmac is slick, check on the status of flights
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coming in or going out, 1-800-phl-gate is the number. a teenager was shot on a west philadelphia street. katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the details. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, the victim was 17 years old, police are trying to figure out exactly what happened, several witnesses were taken to the homicide division to be interviewed. let's go to video from west philadelphia overnight. you can see investigators on the scene as they tried to piece together exactly what happened. around 12:15 a.m., multiple calls came in for gunshots, 60th and market. police found the 17-year-old lying on the sidewalk, shot multiple times wounds in the face head and torso. there were several families on the scene that were taken into to be interviewed.
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based on on ballistic evidence, investigators say 11 shots were fired from two separate semi automatic weapons, one of the shooters was a man wearing all dark clothing and a mask. he was seen in an suv-type vehicle going south on 60th street. >> fortunately there are norms real time crime cameras, one of the cameras is directly over with the victim collapsed. >> reporter: they also identified cameras on several nearby businesses, they said they are confident they can find footage that can help in the investigation. of course, call homicide if you have any tips. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." nydia. >> thank you. happening today, a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest. frankie williams was just 31, a newlywed not even on the force for a year. his life was cut short in a head
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on crash. a viewing will be held in atlantic city at boardwalk hall. family and friends can pay respects from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. law enforcement viewing will be from 10:00 a.m. to noon. a former congressman a force in politics in philadelphia chaka fattah was conviction the in june, he misspent federal grant and charity money to fund his campaign and cover personal expenses. federal prosecutors are pushing for 17 years in prison. his lawyers argue that the case was politically motivated. a federal judge in philadelphia is expected to weigh in on the recount challenge in pennsylvania. jill stein argues that the state's voting machines may have been hacked. computer expert said the hack was highly unlikely.
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stein requested recounts in michigan and wisconsin two states narrowly won by donald trump. m. >>. three men who live in a home on rutland street knocked on the front door. they went around to the back of the house and broke in. the three victims are shaken up, but okay. >> it is now 4:38 a.m., a verdict in the killing of a former nfl player, next up, the jury's decision in the road wage death of player will smith. >> president-elect donald trump defends exxon boss rex tillerson, his pick for secretary of state. >> reporter: look for temperatures in philadelphia 38 by 6:00 a.m. the farther north you go, the better chance you have of
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freezing rain in northern bucks and montgomery and points north and snow, as well. hopefully that will get better around 6:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. this morning. definitely wet in philadelphia. we'll be back with the strong forecast and the workweek call coming up. >> welcome back on this monday
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morning, you want to head out a little bit early today, it's sloppy out there, 4:41 a.m., 39 degrees. >> let's turn to david murphy it is messy when you step out the door. >> reporter: it is, and slippery up in the northern suburbs where we are waiting for the the precipitation to change over to rain.
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we have drying in south jersey and delaware and all rain in the i-95 corridor and that blue means freezing precipitation, most of it snow changing over to rain and rain in the interim. i'll look at that in a second, but let's get you outside, we have sky6 live hd, the city hall camera we recently installed, there's dilworth plaza, looking wet in center city, is it not. storm tracker 6 live the closer view, i'll start in the northern be suburbs, hamburg and northern berks county, quakertown, as well. we're transitioning from the snow earlier to the rain. in the interim there could slippery road conditions because of the freezing rain. this is in the process of improving, but we're looking at a winter weather advisory at 6:00 a.m. in the lehigh valley to points south. as we go into the i-95 corridor
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there's pockets of heavier rain highlighted in yellow scooting through, i expect ponding and puddling for the first part of the morning commute, anyway. you can see the heavier stuff coming in from the west. farther south jersey not looking too bad. it's lighter rain here and there and pockets of drying moving into smyrna, and middletown, delaware, salem county in the process of drying out. the rain that was coming through earlier has the potential of producing problems on the roadway with draining, so even in areas where you don't see the active rain you might have a problem. look at the heavy cell out to the west, there's going to be a trouble spot as it pushes through chester county and new castle county and philadelphia. all this will change over to rain and scoot off the coast, you'll see that on future tracker 6. the temperature 39 degrees, the winds southwest at 7 miles per hour, not all a problem this
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morning. future showing how the rain overtakes allentown and the poconos and sweeps towards the coast and possibly by 9:00 a.m., the i-95 corridor will be drying out, if not, close to it. noon, there's shower activity close to the coast, that gets out of here in the around, by 3:00 p.m. we are expecting to be dry. as we look at the temperatures, 39 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 45 by 10:00. 51 degrees by #3:00 p.m. that's the high. 44 by 6:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region, the precipitation falling a part as we go through the morning, 46 in allentown. 47 in trenton, 50 in millville, 52 in cape may, as well. tomorrow looks like the clouds come back, it's cold in the morning, but we moderate in the mid 40s for most spots which is not too bad for this time of the
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year. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a rainy start, slippery and slick up north where we have icing potential for the next two hours. afternoon drying, 351. tuesday, clouds and sun, 45 degrees. wednesday, 44 degrees, look out after that, thursday, 26 degrees, the winds making it feel like 10. very cold on friday, 25 with snow showers possible at night. saturday an interesting day, looking like we could start out with snow in the morning before it changes to rain and high of 42. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information at there's going to be a bit of weather to look at this week, right? >> an exiting one. >> a guilty verdict in the shooting death of former nfl player will smith. overnight a new orleans you're
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convicted correspond cordell haze. he ordering that he fired the shot in self dwebs defense, he faces up to 40 years in prison. donald trump is holding more meetings with potential cabinet nominees. his apparently choice for secretary of state is riling up both sides of the aisle in congress. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump tells fox news exxon ceo, rex tillerson would make a great secretary of state. >> he knows many of the players and does massive deals in russia. >> reporter: it is those ties that are worrying democrat also and republicans. >> i have concerns of his reports of his relationship with vladimir putin. >> i've known him since 1999.
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i have a very close relationship with him. >> reporter: mr. trump has not announced his pick for the diplomat position yet, but washington post has renewed concerns of the russians involvement in the elections. that's not the only issue the next president and the intelligence community don't see eye to eye, mr. trump says he will decline daily intelligence meetings. mr. trump is making waves with china. >> i don't know why we have to be bound by one china policy unless we make a deal with china, having to do with other things, including trade. >> reporter: chinese state runnymede i can't are responding to that point by donald trump saying it is as ignorant as a child and warning if the united states isolates child it might
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become friendly with our foes. payday is coming with at&t wireless customers when "action news" continues. >> reporter: well, good monday
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morning, here we go again, we're live in bucks county with a not so pleasant ride this morning, it is wet and slippery saturday. luckily not ice icy in most sports, but north in the lehigh valley, the icy patches are possible. bucks county i-95 by the scutter falls bridge you can see the spray coming off the northbound vehicle. there's a lot of water standing on the roads. a lot of accidents, saturday. bucks county, 332 is shut down close to tyler state park. use hole handle road. the crash in king of prussia by the exxon station and the mall north gulph road has cleared out. no construction to contend with not so surprisingly along the vine street expressway. a little traffic and wet conditions we're watching. there's one lane out on on i-95
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near cottman avenue. 422, watch out a shoulder is block there causing damage. >> taker ago look at business, boeing is doing deal with iran. they signed an nearly 17 billion-dollar deal to build 80 passengers jets in the next year. boeing is saying the iranian contract will support tens of thousands of american jobs in building and aerospace. a rate hike is expected. at&t customers are in for a holiday surprise. 3 million current and former wireless customers are getting a refund part of an 80 million-dollar settlement that the company reached with the fcc over bogus charges.
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the average check is worth $30. >> a member of our "action news" family is now a newlywed, christie ileto married her love brandon over the weekend. here's a picture of the two at union station, isn't she beautiful. this is christy's father walking her down the aisle, she wrote this is the first man she ever loved. >> final respects being paid to a new jersey state trooper. we're live at 5:00 a.m. in atlantic city for the farewell to frankie williams. >> the cold coment -- comment aimed at an ice cream shop worker. what the person said that had her on the defensive.
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>> eagles coach doug peterson will be answering questions about a familiar theme, a win that could have been, but wasn't. the birds cough up the lead against the redskins delaying them from pulling out a win in the last second. carson wentz was sacked turning over the ball. 27-22 defeat was the 8th in the last ten games. they are 5-8 heading into baltimore. each of the last three seasons, washington has delivered a crushing punch to the eagles playoff chance. there was an ice cream worker bullied about her weight. the 19-year-old said she was scooping ice cream for a woman and child last week when the
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woman said if you have to which ice cream you'll look like her. she posted a negative review about her online. >> fortunately it was not something that i'm not used to it, it's what i have my whole life. i am kind of used to it, but i've dealt with it throughout my life. >> the online post has been deleted, it is horrible that poor girl had to deal with people may have may have behavi? >> we could do a whole pod cast on what's wrong with people. a child answers the door to two home invaders who were after her father. she was on the brady bunch and now out of a job because of an online confrontation with a
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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, december 12, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us, here's what's happening. >> looking live from sky6 live hd, philadelphia international airport, meteorologist david murphy will tell us how long the rain will last. >> a west philadelphia boy is killed


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