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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 12, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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it's december 12th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". a mother reunited with her child cries tears of overwhelming joy. how cops saved her baby from the clutches of a kidnapper caught on camera. it's an other worldly adventure to make you go -- >> wow. >> what it's like to hike under a glacier. an orangutan is captured in the wild because -- >> something was spotted around her neck. >> how a bunch of heros got this girl in the swing of things. we have christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing you the best from the web, including a stuffed bear and a mom who feels -- >> something is not right. >> see the plan to put the fear of satan in her.
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>> you can't deny this is a perfect, perfect prank. >> this video captured the very emotional moment a reunion happened. that's a 3-month-old girl and she's being reunited with her moth mother, whom she'd been kidnapped from three days before. this video is getting a lot of attention because of the mother's reaction of overwhelming joy. she has to hand the baby over to someone because she's about to collapse. >> how did it happen, snatched from her, break-in, guns involved, what happened? >> she's a street vendor. two people on a motorcycle drove past this woman and snatched the baby from her arms and took off. >> the question is why. >> the motives are still under
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investigation. they believe the woman part of the kidnapping was scoping the area around and even potentially followed this woman until they chose to actually pull off this kidnapping. police also released video of the woman as she is kind of hanging out, scoping out this area with a picture of her, but the community came together, police acted quickly, and it took them three days to be able to rescue the baby. the man and the woman kidnapped were trying to get away. >> a baby that young, i'm surprised she got the baby back. sometimes you don't know if you'll ever see the child again. >> that's why she's just so relieved. >> this woman is going to be terrified to leave her home with her child after this. >> and as a street vendor, she has to be out there again. that's her job, her livelihood. >> the kidnapper, do we know what's going to happen to them? >> at this point they were arrested, but we can imagine
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serious consequences. >> smart. two videos here to demonstrate our brilliance. first video, got a snowy road, dash cam pointed down. this guy comes upon a portia. apparently the guy in the portia was too impatient. wanted to drive around the traffic, but the guy with the dash cam was not having it and begins to just back him down. >> you have the crappier car. feel free. heck of a lot more for your porsche to get fixed. you back it up. vlt even if somebody was kind enough, the guy is not giving him the room. he's going to back him all the way to the end of the line. >> aggressively passive aggressive. >> now to china, where traffic cameras caught this. got a big truck that is backing its way down a two-lane highway. if you notice, there's somebody walking behind the truck here.
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reports say that is the driver's wife. he sent her out of the truck to block the rear license plate from the traffic cameras and back up to the exit so he wouldn't get busted. >> wait, wait, noticed the traffic cameras but didn't notice his exit? >> right. but what he didn't realize is his plate number, his registrati registration, is spray painted in large numbers in the back of his truck, which the cameras saw and zoomed in on. they tracked him down moments later. he was tagged with about a $57 fine, which isn't much, but dinged him with a 24-point violation to his license. >> ouch. >> at 20 points you have to go back to driving school. >> i know this image looks shocking. somebody wearing a t-shirt that says international animal rescue, yet they are carrying a big gun. that's because they need to tranquilize that girl right
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there. she's been spotted around a plantation in indonesia. they fired two shots. first didn't work the way they wanted it to. the second time she starts to climb down and then she falls into a net they have to catch her. when she was spotted, something was spotted around her neck. a rope. >> oh, wow. >> wait a minute. >> was she kept in captivity with a rope around her neck, was she an escapee? >> she was kept in captivity, they believe, but what they don't know, the circumstances. they believe her mom probably was killed trying to protect her and she was probably a pet. >> i don't know why people feel they need to keep wild animals as pets. >> this is a bad situation for the orangutan that they determined is about three years old. they put her in a crate and are going to take her back to the international animal rescue,
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because they are going to take care of her, because it is their hope that once they treat her, they can at least release her into the wild. once they opened the cage to put her in isolation, she is fully awake and ready to go. >> this is really awesome they are able to do this, also heart breaking at the same time because of the circumstances that got her here in the first place. makes you really, really sad. >> feel good about the fact there are people out there like this organization that help. and hopefully undo that. in the world of tech there's been a bit of chatter with google home. in fact, it has been released. >> tell me quickly what google home is. >> one of the personal assistants for the home. >> like the speaker. >> you can talk to, tell it to do things. . voice activated home automation. >> right. a great app, control his children when they are naughty. >> okay, google, talk to the
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clock. >> sure, here it is. >> hello, this is officer ruben. who is this? >> siri. >> you know. you were the bad little girl, weren't you? >> it gets worse, or should i say much better. >> okay, gary, is it claire or natalie that's been missing? >> natalie. >> oh! >> dad, you're tattle taling now. >> what has natalie done? >> kicking her sister. actions come with consequences. >> natalie, that's not nice. i'm going to send over 15 cute boys for you to kiss. they will be there in 15 minutes. >> runs off for help.
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>> a cop actually showed up at my house once. started taking me away. >> wait a minute. your mom called the police as a way of correcting your behavior? >> wasn't my mom. it was my brother. >> i'm going to send over 15 cute boys for you to kiss. they will be there in 15 minutes. a guy's enjoying the slopes, but then things go south. >> the mountain sliding with him. >> hang on. . right there. >> see what happens when the snow starts flowing. and a birthday trip to disneyland that's full of surprises. >> this guy arranged a lot. >> that's not all he arranged. >> why his visit is about to get even more magical. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. s... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®,
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it appears. is that a dark spot? by -- minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. when the temperatures drop, it only means it's going to get chilly and in some parts of the world we're going to get lots of snow, which means you have to enjoy it, which is what this guy is doing in canada. >> wow. >> they just had some fresh
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snowfall. got to take advantage of opportunities like this. he's skiing down. mountain is sliding with him. >> hang on. >> right there, seems to be right at the top of this avalanche. then watch. >> he's able to dig into the snow and turns around and gets to see all of that rushing snow below him. >> okay, he got lucky. >> he did title this video, did i just survive an avalanche? >> you did. >> these come from an adventure. kelly, who says she has a survival-based life, and right now she's inside an ice cave under a glacier. >> cool. that's why you get such pure blues. >> isn't that stunning? in all of these videos you get this magnificent view of inside
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this cave. come on. that's so beautiful. >> kind of other worldly, you know? talking about it being on earth, but honestly, this could not be. pretty special. >> i love this one, because the walls of the ice are really smooth, but then you have the water rushing below. >> that's pretty neat to see the water trickling through. >> yeah. >> 4:15 in the morning. you're not going to work today. >> yes, i am. >> you have an hour and 45 minutes to shower and pack your bag. >> 4:15 in the morning, oh, by the way, we're going to the airport to fly some place. couldn't you wait until 9:00? it is her birthday and he's got quite the birthday planned for her. where could they be going? they are at the very familiar entrance to disneyland for the people who have been there multiple times like myself. they go on the railroad, they get a parade, but then something
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starts happening. they walk through the park and people she doesn't know walk up to her and say, hey, here's a lollipop and they have messages on them. >> people come up to me and hand me lollipops that say happy birthday. >> some people are holding a sign. what does it say? a whole bunch of family members are there holding a sign that says "happy birthday." >> this guy really arranged a lot. >> yeah. >> that's not all he arranged. he has a velvet box with him. they flip the signs over and you see another message. >> the whole family involved on this one. >> oh, yeah. >> that is really sweet and thoughtful and -- i mean -- >> kind of thing you see in disney. >> yeah. >> my heart is racing so fast. i can't believe everybody was in on this.
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it may be cold and snowy outside, but -- >> this dog having a wonderful time outside. >> next "right this minute". and still to come, brace yourself for an amazing star wars inspired battle. why all the awesomeness is just getting started. >> oh, wow! >> i don't know where this came from, i don't know how it happened. >> plus, if you need a holiday pick me up, this guy has you covered. >> i'm going to show you how to make the ginger bread latte. >> sugar and spice and everything nice. >> i love your little mustache.
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to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. a lot of us really like our coffee and don't mind spending lots of money on all those fancy coffees you get at the shop. why not make your own? >> ginger bread is delicious and i'm going to show you how to make a ginger bread latte. >> so good. >> the beautiful part about this recipe is, you can do it in the slow cooker. >> i want to let you know i already have coffee in here. you can do decaf, regular, whatever your favorite is. throw about three and a half cups in there. >> if you have guests over for christmas morning, make this and everybody gets to have coffee. to tell us more about how you make it and find out what it tastes like, please welcome jessica. >> hey, guys.
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>> normally i really like when you make us something to eat, but this was delicious. basically, you started with a crock of coffee. >> yeah, choose whatever coffee you want to make. this is actually nescafe. >> so good. you can taste the ginger bread in there. >> there's a ginger bread cookie slowly sinking and drowning. >> this tastes better than the ones at the coffee shop. >> yes. >> this is really dessert in a cup. >> why do it in the crock pot? >> it's going to help the flavors melt together, because the milk and the flavors, plus you can put it in, walk away, wrap gifts, come back, and boom. >> i love your little mustache. >> i like yours, too. >> it's a ginger bread mustache. >> oh, okay.
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>> if you want to make this at home, you can. go to our website,, click on tv show, or go to our mobile app. we have all the ingredients and instructions there. you may have sensed a disturbance in the force because excitement is at fever pitch ahead of the release. >> are you actually going to watch this one? >> uh-huh, in, like, five years. >> you don't have to wait five years to watch this epic video. >> beginning, the story. >> that's right. chewie and a very familiar hans solo there. hans is spotted without his trademark hat on. nick is about to lose his mind when he realizes these work. >> yeah, visual effects.
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>> no, mate, with real life, because check that out. >> oh, wow! >> i don't know where this came from, i don't know how it happened. all i know is this is what i should have put on my list for christmas. you get to see through. you can see like and leia alongside each other. >> what? >> seen so many of them over the years. and we know a lot of it is real, but some of it he does use visual effects. >> basically, everything you're seeing happening. >> wow. >> ewok. >> here they come, adorable as they arement. >> one of my favorite things in this entire video is the sound
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effects. it's amazing. i love it. >> they owe it to all mankind to put this on the market. >> yeah, no kidding. these belong at resorts and stuff. >> as always, behind the scenes video, everything up on our website,, click on tv show or use our mobile app. dude steps into a teddy bear for a sneaky prank. >> and now he waits. >> see why this joke isn't giving off any warm and fuzzy feelings. that's what your pilots are
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asked to do every day, fly through that. >> austin and katherine run their youtube channels and they thrive on pranking each other, so each time one has to one-up the other. he got her there. it's a big oversized stuffed teddy bear. super cute. >> uh-oh. >> and now it's on. >> i got the teddy bear in here. now i'm going to replace the old one with the new one and put the
2:56 pm
old back in my mom's car so she does not know. cut the back of it, get inside. >> he steps inside of it. >> perfect, perfect prank. >> and now he waits. katherine and the baby walk in the door. >> yep, toting the baby. that's cool. >> i like this better. instead of being like a big boom, getting it over and done with, playing mind games. >> oh, yeah. >> that got her attention. >> sign of the cross. >> but if you live with a prankster and you have a prank youtube channel, isn't that the first thing that goes through your mind? >> got to understand the element of fear, and when your brain disconnects, right now she just -- >> she's got her baby. that's what she's thinking of, protect the baby. >> never before has a giant cuddly teddy bear been so terrifying. >> been in their house and never
2:57 pm
moved before. why is it now? tossing a shoe at it. throws the other shoe. and it reacts. he's not coming home until he gets home to check out this bear. >> never reveal it. never, ever, ever reveal it. wait 20 years and go, you know what, yeah. >> the bear moved. >> don't cry. >> she's crying? >> yes. >> what did you do to my bear? >> there she is happy. >> you're stupid. have a great monday, everyone. thanks for joining us. has lots more. we'll see you next time.
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so i'm finally getting somewhere, and this curtis guy can be a bit annoying, but actually, he's really good at what he does, and -- are you listening to me? sorry. i'm just a little distracted. yeah, i can tell. you want to tell me why? uh... [ sighs ] [ liquid pours ] clearly not festive attire. [ sighs ] hello. hi. you have a real quality about you. oh. anyone ever told you that? yeah, all the time. i bet. i'm a photographer -- fashion mostly, but art, too. i'd love to take your picture sometime. hey... not gonna happen, all right? so why don't you turn around and walk away while you still can? i know the circumstances are difficult with hayden,


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