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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 13, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with ji jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> this was the scene earlier today as former congressman
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chaka fatah emerged from the courthouse in philadelphia. this was the scene after he learned his fate from a federal judge. monday night, the big story, a sentence of ten years in prison for a man that spent 20 year yen capitol hill and 17 years before that in harrisburg. the judge said while you have done good you have engaged in widespread criminal activity. the prosecutors wanted a sentence of 17-21 years. he was sentenced for stealing money from the government and charity toe pay his son's debt and buy a vacation home. he has to pay $6 million to fannie mae and nasa. >> dan, can you put some of this into context of fatah's political career?
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>> he was once seen as a rising star of the democratic party. he's been an inspiration to the younger generation. today was a painful day. >> it was a young state senator who entered the race for congressman state senator fatah, here they are together set celebrating as mayor. >> to see a friend like that a long standing friend like that go through this process, it was very difficult, very painful personally. >> he was a mentor to cindy bass. >> i have known the congressman for a long time.
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ostlesly, disappointed in what has happened. i want to recognize the good works he's done. >> his supporters point to his work in education and a wide array of projects in philadelphia over the years. >> everywhere i go, i know the work he's done and impact he's made. it's a legacy that will last. >> congressman brady adds a caveat. >> chaka did a lot for the city of philadelphia. then one major mistake. you can't make a mistake in this business. >> he will be 70 years old before he's released from prison. >> he's been my friend 35 or 40 years. it's a shame. it's a major mistake he made and he's paying for it. he's paying for it like a man. >> he's expected to serve his sentence january 25th.
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i'm dan, channel6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, dan, president elect donald trump has tweeted that he will announce his choice firefighter secretary of state stortomorrow morning. we know it will not be mitt romney. this is the second of two meeting withs the two september 29th, but romney acknowledged trump has gone elsewhere for his top diplomat. according to reports, he is rex tillerson, who has worked closly with the state owned gas and oil industry in russia. there are plenty that will raise an eyebrow that he is the only american to receive the order of friendship from vladimir putin. he may know the russian leader better than any single american. this comes on the heels of
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reports by the cia that the country helped him win. trump called this ridiculous. he has discredited the cia prior to taking office. two key republicans have joined with two democrats to look into the kremlin's actions during america's actions. >> meanwhile, lockheed martin has allowed costs to get out of control. tump says he will seay billions on that. congress may feel differently given that the company generates 10s of thousands of jobs in 45 states and congress holds the pursestrings. trump's comments sent stocks
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swirling. >> in pennsylvania, a judge today rejected green party candidate jill stein's lawsuit for a statewide recount. in his blistering ruling he said there was no credible evidence the election was hacked and the comment borders on irrational. in wisconsin where a recount took place, election officials finalized their tally. it turns out that donald trump picked up 131 votes. in south jersey, a burst of gunfire left a victim dead on the porch of a home and sent another to the hospital. chopper 6 was over the lane as police investigated the scene. at 8:00, medics reporte medics o
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shots fired. the surviving victim was transport today hospital and the condition has not been released. >> >> u.s. marshals opened fire today while trying to serve a warrant in northeast philadelphia, killing the fugitive they were after. kenneth pointed a gun at the federal agents. that's when one of the marshals opened fire, shooting him three times. police say he was wanted for a shooting in july. the new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty last week was laid to rest today. hundreds of law enforcement
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officers from around the country stood at tangs in the rain to honor trooper franky williams. he died last week while responding to a report of an erratic driver. a car crossed the medium hitting william's cruiser head on. today he was remembered by friends and family as smart and kind. he meant everything to me. no matter what, he had my back. it's unbelievable. >> he was one of those kind of guys that his smile takes your breath away. he was a good person. >> williams had started the job less than a year ago. in september he was married to his childhood sweetheart. franky williams was just 31. a lawsuit contend that is the loss of philadelphia's first
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female fire department killed in the line of duty was a direct result of her fire equipment failing. she died while battling a rojas fire in oak lane. the estate is suing 24 defendants including the manufacturers of her protective gear, such as her breathing thank system and personal alert system that failed to notify responders about her location. a family in burlington township new jersey hopes that police will find who stole money that was to be given to the food pantry. their home well known in the community for their elaborate holiday directions. for the past six years, they have collected money for charity. last night someone pried the
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lock off the box and left with the cash. >> then the other side of the coin, the tale of human spirit. jeanette reyes has that story. >> i never thought anyone would do something like that for me. >> v vanessa was on the way to k-mart to pay off the latio lasf her lay away items. customercustomers have until thr items are returned to shelves. >> there was a lady leaving with ten boxing saying thank you so much. i said what happened? she said the secret santa came and paid off a bunch of lay aways. whe >> that woman walked away with a thousand dollars lay away items paid off. she was florred with what she heard next. she said they paid your lay away
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off. >> store employees say the secret santa is no stranger to this k-mart. he's done this for several years. he specifically asks to pay off lay aways with toys and christmas presents. she had $300 to pay off. >> to have someone do that, it's nice. >> apparently the generous christmas spirit is contagious. >> there is another lady that came. there were people in line of the she was there to pay one person's and paid everyone's lay away off in line. >> although her son's christmas list is checked off, there is one more thing she would like for the holidays. >> i want to thank that person. the store has notified all but two customers. the mystery man, we are told, doesn't want to be identified. jeanette reyes, "action news." >> a major milestone in the
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year's long syrian civil war. one side declared victory in the city of alep poe. >> and research shows having a lot of friends increases beating your chance of breast cancer. >> the polar vortex is bringing frigid air later this week, and i'm tracking a frigid weekend. >> and ducis rodgers looking for positives after yesterday's eagle's losses when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> in syria, virtually all of the neighborhoods of aleppo have fallen to government forces given the president asaad his
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biggest victory yet in the five and a half year war. syrian troops are backed by russian air strikes and russia has refused to halt fighting to allow the civilians to leave the area. >> a new orleans prosecutor wants the man that killed will smith to spend 60 years in prison. a jury found hayes guilty last night. he shot and killed smith and injured smith's wife in a road rage incident in february. >> a hack has compromised the health information of about 34,000 people. the cyber breec cyber breech hae 26th. they didn't get insurance details. affected clients will be
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notified by mail. effective scran 11th, the arch archdiocese will close two catholic churches in mount airy. in the suburbs, st. augustines in bridge port along with the assumption of the blessed virgin mary saying it's too expensive to maintain the older buildings. >> the graduation rate rose to 70% last year. during that time the dropout rate fell from 21% to 12%. he delivered his state of the school address with students feeling safer and chronic absenteeism going down. >> township new jersey police
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extended the force as three new lawmen were officially sworn in. in addition four current officers were promoted. two parolemen raised to sergeant and two sergeanted raised to lieutenant. >> there is a $4 million agreement to buy a piece of land across from the princeton battlefield state park to keep it from being delivered. they have raised $1.4 million so they have work to do. the 15-acre site is where historians believe george washington's charge first struck in 1877. they'll build townhomes they wanted to build on this site on a separate plot of land. >> the u.s. supreme court upheld the concussion settlement.
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this clears the way for payouts to be paid to retired player in three to four months. the first suit was held in philadelphia alleging that repeated blowses to the head contributed to their condition. >> health check at 11:00 tonight, your friends might help you beat cancer. an international team of researchers found that women with larger friendship circles had less chance of breast cancer. women isolated had a 43% of breast cancer coming back and a 64% risk of early death. one way to grow the social network is through support groups. >> a 14-year-old received a
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standing ovation as she was honored by the mayor for saving her grandfather's life. in may he was choking on food and skyler was able to perform chest expressions even after the heimlich maneuver didn't work. by the time ems arrived, her grandfather was conscious and sitting at the kitchen table. >> good for her. >> we have a chilly accuweather forecast for the end of the week. >> we need more stories like that. the weather is depressing. we dry things out after a wet morning and hit a high of 50, four degrees above normal. now things are changing. we drop below normal. the next two days, not that bad. two to three degrees below normal. the big change comes thursday and friday when the arctic air mass flows over us, 20-degrees
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below normal and thursday, when you factor in the wind, it feels colder than that. right now, seasonally cold. wilmington 37, millville 35 and trenton 35-degrees. we have rain in the morning, moved off by the afternoon. clearing and partly cloudy skies. that's greeting us tomorrow morning. the kids head to the bus stop, chilly but where we should be. partly sunny at 6:00. 8:00, 31. tomorrow, cooler than today, slightly below normal. philadelphia, 43. same in wigged, millville 44, trenton 42. we start off with sunshine, clouding up through the day with snow showers in the poconos. the big weather maker this week is the polar vortex. this one made several stops to the region a couple of years ago. it's coming back, not sticking
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around long. it's right near quebec. it brings the cold air mass stuck on thursday and friday. windchill in the single digits. this weekend was cold. it's brutal this week, thursday and friday. then getting messy saturday. the exclusive accuweather forecast, tomorrow, not a bad day, increasing clouds, 43-degrees. wednesday, mixture of sun and clouds, 42. wednesday late in the day, wednesday night the arctic boundary moves in. thursday, have the day highlighted, dangerously cold. windchills in the single digits. we start off with sunshine, snow and flurries possible. 24 the high. friday, even colder. 23-degrees, the winds not as strong. wind diminish friday but this is ahead of the next storm system. like last night and this
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morning, it's cutting off to the west. the problem is the cold air is deeper and more stu stubborn. after it starts to snow, we have icing saturday, early in the day before the gradual change over to rain. 42-degrees, sunday mild, 52 and monday, very cold with a high of 34. we have the brutal cold and then the messy weekend storm. i talk more about that through the week. >> the school district in burlington county is making upgrades to save $300,000 a year. tonight the school board kicked off the project. the upgrades include new air conditioning units and panels on the roof. >> "jimmy kimmel live" coming up
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after "action news." here's jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thank, jim. hello philadelphia. we have a festive show tonight. we are all angry with what chris pratt has done on instagram.
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>> middle school students dove into national current events tonight. they debated the electoral college v. the popular vote in spring gardens. the debate was hosted by the after school partnership. >> meanwhile eagles looking for positive moments after the frustrating loss against the redskins. >> what can you do? we are talking about an eagle's loss. they are not mathematically eliminated from contention but just a matter of time. three games remain in the season. they dropped another one. coach pederson is focusing on the positive.
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>> we go and learn from yesterday. knowing that they can play this well. had we pushed through and won the game yesterday, what it does for the psyche of the team, young quarterback, young player, speaks volume. we took it to the last play of the game also speaks volume for the team. of three players were added to the injured reserve. matt tobin and smallwood with knee injuries and all of their seasons are over. today the birds signed rick la vat to, to take his place. the rams have had enough of jeff fisher. he's been fired in the 4-9 campaign. he was given a contract extension at the beginning of this season. fans are waiting for professional football to return. flyers god baflyers got bad newe
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defensive player is out with injury. flyers are riding a nine game win streak, the longest in 21 years. they skate in colorado wednesday. ahead, we hit the college hardwood, temple set
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>> villanova remains number one in the basketball bowl and the cats have a date with the pavillpavilion. fran has 15 wins over the top 25 teams including two this season. big five basketball, temple nova will be competitive. >> we have had our share of success with it. every game is a new challenge. this is a great, great challenge for us. we are looking forward to it. it's an awesome opportunity. playing a friend off the team is enough. they have done it beaten two top 25 teams already. we have a handful coming in here. >> on the road visiting central florida, first half. sam jones with five buckets, penn up by one. into the half, matt howard, falling out of bounds to beat the buzzer.
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he takes it 58-49. go quakers. >> big win for them. jimmy kim e"jimmy kimmel live" . "action news" continues, them or he or she? we don't know. "action news" continues at 4:30 with ma'am la edwards, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers with traffic. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪
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