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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 14, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EST

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keegan's house, part of a make a wish operation that roman is part of. keegan loves roman's daily blog. keegan credits roman with helping him get through cancer. >> oh. >> wow. >> and he, as you can tell, was stunned to see his hero. in fact, keegan shows roman, this is my christmas list. >> okay. a gopro, so i can make dope videos. >> so he can become roman. >> three, roman atwood. because he's awesome. >> you are awesome. >> dad describes to roman really how truly special his visit is. >> you got this kid through cancer. every day at 2:00 when your video came up he didn't care what anyone was doing. if they were scheduled to give him chemo or have an x-ray the world stopped and you came on. >> anything. >> he looked forward. >> he is a savage. >> that's really cool. >> what an opportunity for roman to physically be able to go and
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see how that affects somebody is a gift that he's getting even though he's not in it for himself right here. >> coincidentally keegan isn't the only one that asked to meet roman. just 20 minutes away near the same town in biloxi, mississippi, another kid asked to meet roman as part of his wish from make a wish. caden, 12 years old, thought he was going bowling with dad. he had a much bigger surprise coming his way. >> do you need this trash taken out? >> oh! so cute. >> i mean, the shock on his face, caden is so stoked to have his wish come through. he couldn't have asked for a better surprise. >> of course they have some fun with caden as well, playing games, hanging out. >> those kids get to be with in one of his blogs. it's like the circle is complete. >> forever. what a highlight. >> super heart warming video. if you want to see the whole thing, go to or check it out using our mobile app. >> thanks for watching,
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everybody. we appreciate it. has a lot more great videos or you can catch us on the next episode of "rtm." america's war on drugs has
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been a source of controversy, but nothing what you're compared to see. >> the president of the philippines launched a violent war on drugs leaving a bloody trail of bodies. we're up all nightline on the front lines. >> reporter: lurking behind the facade of the widely celebrated president of the philippines, he called on the police and ordinary citizens to kill drug dealer rs and users on site. >> do it yourself if you have the gun. you have my support. >> reporter: a hugely controversial approach to keeping order that's turned him into a kind of rock star here. rising on a wave of popular discontent, he's been called the donald trump of the east. five months after he took office, the streets were washed with blood. capturing a snapshot into the
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brutality of a single monday night in maly that, the capital of the philippines. the images graphic. the city reeling from thousands of murders like this one captured on closed circuit television. and what is clear? the lens of photo journalists is that the vast majority are connected to the drug world here. >> sometimes it's just a dead body for me. sometimes you get affected, especially if there's family. >> reporter: he remains unapologetic in the recent al jazeera interview. >> you destroy my country, i kill you. >> reporter: his approval ratings remain sky high. >> this is the hub. >> reporter: john, editor in chief of the country's largest newspaper site says he sees the dangerous potential of these words. >> the president is being very articulate. he said, if you do your job, i'll support you.
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some of the policemen receive this is a signal. you know, we can do what we want. >> reporter: the police deny being used as executioners. >> there are suspects during these operations, why? they placed the lives of our police officers in danger. they have no course but to defend themselves. >> reporter: in fact, police allege there's more killings exacted by individuals, assassins whose motives are murky. >> there's cases that are called card board justice, but cases are urn investigation. >> reporter: we set out to find a figure willing to commit murder. >> we are doing an interview with a team of 16 people carrying out these assassinations. >> reporter: if the order is kill the person, we do it. this man, a self-described ed
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us a look into the mechanics of the killings. >> can you show me how you do it? like, how do you -- show me physically how you kill somebody. >> i know what time you pass by the place, i wait for you on this day. for example, you pass by, i chase, and gun him down. >> you kill somebody like that, what's it feel like? >> nothing, if you kill addicts, it's helping the nation. that's the campaign. >> reporter: the rise to power began here in this city, nearly 30 years ago when he became mayor. the leader seeped into daily life here. the once crime ridden city is now considered the safest in the philippines. critics say that's because where he first began legitimizing killings. for now, law and order wears a pained face as another mother must bid farewell to her son
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without understanding why. >> translator: there's no justice when they killed him. i want to give him a proper funeral. >> reporter: my prayers are with you. six months now since launching the war on drugs. >> it's one he's been campaigning for decades. he admitted overnight that during a speech that when he was the mayor of the city bob talked about, he personally gunned down drug dealers back then. first time he admitted to that. quite the campaign. >> the photos. >> the one -- >> heart wrenching. coming up, what you won't be seeing on super bowl sunday. >> we'll be right back. "world news now"
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♪ >> the super bowl commercials like these have been making fans laugh now for a decade. >> apparently not this coming year. the company that makes the dorittos sits out the next game. here's why. >> do you see what i have to deal with? >> i know. >> for the last six years, ranked as america's most satisfies super bowl ads. >> give me that! >> reporter: they are closing the bag on their very popular super bowl commercials. the maker tells abc news running an ad in next year's super bowl did not fit with our markets plans. and it's not just doritos. >> they have a year off to think about what to do next to come back to next year's game and reassess the strategy.
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>> keep your hands off my mama and doritos. >> reporter: listening to kmerls from amateur filmmakers to go head to head against coke and bud light. >> today, we celebrate our independence day! >> are you just quoting independence day? >> yeah. >> reporter: they are not the only sponsor to sit on the sidelines. go daddy stepped out of last year's super bowl spotlight and toyota also announced they are not advertising in super bowl 51, citing a marketing strategy. >> if you're going to spend that amount of money, you have to have something really important to say, or else it's going to be overshadowed by the ads around it. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> well, that's too bad. >> yeah, it is. though, while frito-lay is not participating, pepsico is sponsoring the halftime show. >> okay. >> there should be lafughs ther? >> yeah. coming up, the restaurant craze
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sweeping across a town in sweden. that's coming up.
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lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. two truths and a why and touching proposal. britain's oldest soccer player and popup restaurants. >> so, time to hand it over to will ganz. >> how about we begin for the first truth, a story of true love, sound good? >> kendis loves that too. >> back in july, a 29-year-old joe grahm was told he couldn't use arms and legs following a diving accident and would be on a vent later for the rest of his life. while in icu, he found out his girlfriend, tanya, was pregnant with their child, and that inspired joe to work hard with the rehab team until he was able to do that right there, proposal on bended knee without a ventilator on bended knee, she
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said yes, and he's in the last month of rehab. >> so sweet. >> he was told he would be bedridden, and he found out that he was starting a family, and -- >> nothing like love to motivate. >> nothing like love to motivate. >> wow, look at you. channelling -- >> nope, nope, nope. still -- >> what are you eating? >> next up, if you are looking to build up the roster for next season's soccer team, i promise no one has more experience than dicky because he's been playing since 1947. yep. the 81-year-old from the u.k. needs a new soccer team after his former one fold. he's willing to travel anywhere in his county and is still fast on the soccer field. in fact, he's been invited to join a walking soccer team with other people his age, but declined because, apparently rs that's not his speed. he has the need for speed.
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>> some wheels, huh? >> he's got some wheels. when i'm 81, plans include, like, drinking wine on the porch, and that's it. but he's still -- >> that's my plan at 35. >> if i hit 80, i'm picking up every bad hat that exists, drinking, smoking, because why not? >> i'm with you. >> however, dicky, if you were in new york, i'd ask you to play on my soccer team. >> this is my favorite one of the day. i'm not going to ask why, just enjoy these tiny restaurants that have started popping up in a town in sweden. the stores are roughly 25 by 12 inches and fully functional, and i know what you're thinking. is that actually a real ba yet? no. but there's a selection of cheeses and notices about upcoming mouse events and the group claiming responsibili ty
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this morning on "world news now," the latest stop on trump's thank you tour. >> with kind words for house speaker paul ryan and defended cabinet picks spending time earlier in the day with kanye west. the story just ahead. sad news from hollywood. alan thicke passed away, known as the dad from "growing pains," but a accomplished composer and show host and suffered a heart attack at the age 69. reactions coming up. later, checking out the way of the future. can you believe this car came from a printer? why buying a car could be as easy as click, print, drive, meaning no more car dealerships or used cars. >> do you need a hug?
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feeling lonely, stressed out? forget the eggnog, but go for the warm embrace of a stranger. oh. find out more and why more people are paying professionals to cuddle. it's only awkward if you let it be. it's wednesday, december 14th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> let me go already. let me go. >> oh, we're done? >> all righty. well, group hug to start off the wednesday morning. jack, do you need a hug? >> is it a group hug if there's just two of you? >> well, then it's a bear hug. >> my hug was more genuine. yours was a pity hug. >> it was. like, okay. >> i like starting the morning by forcing you to hug me. donald trump going across the country over five weeks
3:02 am
hugging every individual voter, all 62 million saying thank you. >> a big, big thank you tour making more cabinet picks as well. >> last night was a big hug. he made public his first appearance with house speaker paul ryan and compared him to fine wine saying he appreciates him more and more every day. and trump's transition team revealed last night he's offered the interior secretary position to the indiana congressman. >> while facing contribute similar for his choice for secretary of state. >> reporter: hours after announcing his pick for secretary of state, the president-elect emerging from trump tower elevators, not with a top diplomat, but with rapper, kanye west, meeting upstairs, posing for photos obtained by tmz and later speaking with
3:03 am
reporters. >> just friends, just friends. a good man. we've been friends for a long time. life. >> reporter: but the headlines everywhere else? rex tillerson, the exxon ceo trump tapped for secretary of state touting his vast experience at dealing successfully with all types of foreign governments. among them? russia. now accused by american intelligence agencies including the cia of deploying hackers to disrupt the election, though, trump, himself, still doesn't believe it. tillerson has a long history with russia's president, vladimir putin, seen here in a champagne toast. >> known him since 1999, and i have a very close relationship with him. >> reporter: awarding tillerson the highest award for foreigners, the white house breaking from the transition with this direct shot at trump. >> throughout his campaign, the president-elect indicated his intent if elected president to pursue warmer relations with
3:04 am
russia, so what better way to do that than choose somebody awarded the order of friendship. >> reporter: russia sees him as a straight shooter. >> they know if i say no, it means no, and talking more does in the change it. it's still no. over the years, we earned each other's respect, and the importance is when we say yes, we know you'll follow through on the yes. >> reporter: if con fifirmed, tillerson is the first secretary of state to never have served in government or military. his entire career, 40 years at exxon and the company could make billions if the trump administration lifts sanctions on russia. that's not unnoticed on capitol hill. marco rubio saying the next secretary of state has to be free of potential conflicts, but in tillerson's corner, former secretaries of state,
3:05 am
condoleezza rice and james baker and gates who represent exxon. back at trump tower, the president-elect refused to discuss any of it. the outspoken west, tight-lined as well. >> no comment about the president-elect of the united states, nothing to say? >> just take a picture right now. >> reporter: as they said ethei good-byes, west tweeting, he was there to, quote, discuss multicultural issues. tom llamas, a beibc news, new y. >> trump held meetings with other black celebrities, sitting down with apprentice contestant, director of african-american outreach in the campaign, and also former linebacker, ray louis, and nfl great jim brown. in the meantime, bill gates had a wide ranging conversation on innovation with the president-elect, and today, trump meets with other tech leaders including apple's ceo, tim cook, and cheryl sandberg.
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a long bloody battle for aleppo appears to be over agreeing to a cease fire. they are expected to start evacuating the city today. u.n. officials are concerned about mass atrocities including reports of excuse-style killings. at least 82 civilians were killed in the final hours of the fighting. u.s. officials have expressed skepticism over that cease fire deal. and court documentaries reveal details in the shooting in a washington, d.c. pizza shop. edgar welsh faces federal charges. he texted a friend saying he was going to sacrifice the lives of a few for the lives of many. he was responding to a fake news story that claimed high level democrats were running a child sex ring out of the pizza shop. alan thicke the dad on "grows pans" passed away. a publicist he suffered a heart attack yesterday, reports indicate it happened while
3:07 am
playing hockey in los angeles with his 19-year-old son. thicke was the patriarch for seven seasons, and also went head-to-head against johnny carson with a short-lived late night talk show. he was 69 years old. transcripts review the final moments of the cargo ship that sank last year showing crew members expressing worry about the path into the hurricane. the captain apparently did not take the words seriously. >> reporter: from the bottom of the atlantic, the last moments of the ship, heading into the hurricane, first at 11:00 p.m. and more than two hours later, crew members wake the captain to ask to change course around the hurricane. the captain says, no. a hatch blows. the cargo ship, four hours later, is taking on water. then the engine died. it's 45 minutes before the captain calls his shipping company. >> we got a hull breach, we've
3:08 am
lost the main propulsion unite. engineers can want get it going. >> reporter: it's another 25 minutes before the captain yells to abandon ship. get in the life rafts. get off the ship together. still on the bridge, a crew member having trouble getting out. the captain saying, don't panic. the crewman, i'm gone. i'm a goner. the captain replying, no, you're not. as the captain yelled for the crew member to move, the recording stops. family members of the 33 killed were briefed today. one widow asked if the captain was negligent. >> of course. all means necessary, listen to the staff members. >> reporter: a marine expert believes the captain should have abandon ship an hour earlier. >> the fact he didn't, well, probably helped to ensure the fact there were no survivors. >> reporter: abc news, washington. >> sad story. >> yeah. now to the dangerously cold weather in the nation's midsection. temperatures plunging into the single digits in chicago and detroit. near minneapolis, this driver was rescued by passersby after
3:09 am
the car went off the ramp into an icy pond. in chicago, commuter rail workers light fires to keep switches warm. information from nasa shows cold spreading across the u.s. the east coast will be in the deep freeze by tomorrow. that's really, really hoping somehow we'd skip this. >> skip it. well, there's one way to warm up, and it is with a hug. and bourbon. let's get back to the hug. you didn't know it's possible to get one by appointment. >> you don't need an apointment, i'm right here. >> yeah. >> look at this. men and women are not boyfriend and girlfriend. >> oh. >> she's a professional cuddler, and josh is her client. clients can talk, sit, lie down, hold hands, both parties wear comfortable clothing at all times -- >> no shoes. >> josh says the session fills a void. >> i come from a background where i've done a lot of care
3:10 am
giving, but not taken care of myself. this is not something i do because i can't get a date. >> all clients are screened and they have to sign a contract. >> she says the calls are increased this time of year. you're my friend now. >> i guess you are. i'm sorry, that's awkward. as awkward as this. >> that's not awkward. >> not at all. >> your face. just so much discomfort with the whole idea. >> you can save money and just go on tindr. you get a hug in two minutes, promise. coming up, powerful and deadly storm lifting a car up and flipping it over on to its side. >> new details in the case of an unarmed grandfather with dementia who was shot. family members and neighbors reacting to the news and painting a different picture of the 73-year-old. remember, you can weigh in on facebook at wnnfans doikts and on twitter at abcwnn.
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dramatic images from india. winds gusting up to 90 miles per hour in a cyclone toppling this car and many others. at least seven people were kill in the storm. look at the images there. here at home, a political fire storm is gaining momentum over 73-year-old graph suffering from dementia shot and killed by the police. >> these scenes overnight,
3:15 am
people gathering in bakersfield, california to remember francisco, unarmed when shot outside his home. his family is asking the justice department now and the state attorney general to investigate this case. here's abc's matt gutman opinion. >> reporter: scrutiny is mounting against the bakersfield, california police department for shooting and killing that unarmed 73-year-old man, just before 1:00 a.m. monday. you see in the surveillance video police responding to this dispatch call. >> brown contact, unknown, if under the influence, armed with a revolver. >> reporter: warned about something else. >> has dementia. >> reporter: making the call, not recognizing her neighbor. >> they toll him to go back across the street. don't come out, go back. he just kept coming, and they shot him. >> reporter: feet in front 6 his
3:16 am
door, and it was here they opened fire. the neighbor, donald clark, heard the gunshots. >> they killed that man for absolutely no reason. >> reporter: neighbors say that that man was killed in cold blood. >> i think the investigation shows our officers are trained to and allowed to use deadly force. >> reporter: abc news learned seven shots were fired. the family is demanding justice. >> they all knew this was the man with dementia, and my father gets killed. that's just inexcusable. >> reporter: this department says it's investigating the shooting, but may never know what happened because the police here are telling us there was no body cam, no dash cam, and no surveillance video of the shooting itself. matt gutman, abc news, bakersfield, california. coaling up, plugging in to the new wave of car manufacturing. >> checking out the word's first 3-d printed car, and how it may just change how cars are made but how we buy them. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
now." >> you behind the wheel, now that's scary. "world news now"
3:18 am
it's nothing to do with sally, but promising to shake up the automotive industry more than ford's iconic car did back in the '60s. >> imagine designing your car on a computer screen, click print, and drive away in it a few hours later. we got an exclusive sneak peek at the factory making it happen. >> reporter: flying cars, talking cars -- >> my, he does look upset. >> reporter: we even had invisible cars. >> we call it the vanish. >> reporter: but now, we have 3
3:19 am
d printed cars, and not just in the movies. >> this the world's first 3-d printed car. >> reporter: they brought it to life in 2014, printing the first car live for the world to see, and now the company has another goal, changing not only how we build cars, but how we buy them. >> design, click, print. walk into the facilities, choose the body you want, choose the power train you want, and print it while you wait or come back the next day and pick it up. >> reporter: it starts with a giant 3-d printer and legos, sort of. >> raw material. what they make legos out of. >> the machine sucks up the pellets? >> more technical, but essentially, that's all you need to understand. >> reporter: using the printer, the company creates anything from a prototype for a new vehicle idea, the body for an existing vehicle, and even the sign to go on top of the building. the result is not just a more customized car, but no more dealerships or used cars. >> a two-seater, now you need a
3:20 am
four seater, strip the technology off and print a new c car. it's recyclable. >> reporter: the question is, how does it drive? >> i feel like a little kid. >> reporter: while they are working to get the cars highway ready, they have another project in the works too. this is the self-driving bus to hail like uber. don't take me word for it. what are you? >> a low speed electric sel self-driving vehicle. >> so cool. >> reporter: it works with ibm's watson. yep. that watson. here's how he works with olly. >> where can i get food? >> national harbor has great seafood. would you like that? >> sounds great. what's good? >> try the crab cake. >> all right. i'll go there for dinner. >> okay. don't forget your umbrella.
3:21 am
there is a severe thunderstorm warning tonight. >> reporter: while olli was not seamless with me. >> what is olli. >> i'm sorry, i did not understand your question. >> reporter: he was good for a laugh. tell me a joke. >> it is so cold outside, a saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets. >> reporter: they are being tested in maryland, and the company expects to launch pilot programs in las vegas, phoenix, and several other cities in the next year. as for when to expect to print your next car, this factory is set to open in the spring, and they say many more are on the way. >> it was such a cool company to explore and what they say is because they want to have microfactories all over the country rather than one big one, they tailor it to local needs. if you create biodiesel, they create a car that operates on that. >> it was absolutely cool. seems as if the car went fast?
3:22 am
>> they go 25 miles per hour that one, but the new ones faster. >> nice. ice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients.
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so i know how important that is.
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it is time now for the mix on this wednesday morning, and i'll tell you, there are some people who take their candle shopping really, really importantly, including a pair of women in alabama. so take a look at this video. they were out shopping, and see here? they -- they apparently got lost, and they ended up crashing into a loading dock -- >> oh, no. >> yeah. there. and as terrifying as it is, but listen what they were concerned about. >> what was that? >> i don't know! >> i just tore my car up, though. >> like the bottom came out. >> it was -- >> i we want right through, just looked like a road, didn't it?
3:26 am
>> it was terrible. >> it's smoking. >> do you know where the candle supply is? >> after all that. >> not about the smoke, everybody get out. >> i might have lost a limb, okay i'm bleeding. >> someone call for help. >> where are the candles. >> speaking of call. >> that's rude. >> sorry, i got to take it. >> who is it? >> it's the north pole. >> really, it says the north pole? >> hello? >> this is santa's helper. >> oh, hi. >> i have a few questions for you. first, what do you want santa to bring you for christmas? >> oh. a bottom of wine. >> a hug from kendis. >> okay. what do you want to tell santa? >> oh, kendis? >> nothing anymore than what he already knows. >> okay. now, have you made nice choices today? >> yeah. >> of course.
3:27 am
>> so what is this? what is that? >> this is -- >> okay. i'll be sure to tell santa what you want. merry christmas. >> thanks, you too. merry christmas. >> happy new year. >> thanks santa. >> that was a growl from santa. >> this is a, a new charity initiative where you can call in or rather you schedule a call, santa's helpers call you. you have a back and forth with them. you have the call saved to have it recorded, if you want, and essentially, they donate -- they donate a dollar to a certain charity for every call up to 10,000 calls. it's just a fun way to spread holiday cheer, especially with the kids. they have a good time with that. >> thank you, santa, and call in and get your santa christmas list there, and you're not getting a hug from me. this is really cool. a company is trying to figure out the funding here for a s
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now", the winter cold is setting the cold snap setting in, millions of americans will be frozen as sub zero temperatures make getting around miserable. some residents in northern states are warned to just not go outside. the accuweather forecast just ahead. new developments in the so-called murder for hire case. the jury in the retrial deadlocked unable to reach a verdict after the defense painted the local police as corrupt and only concerned about reality television. details coming up. and new this half hour, a disaster narrowly avoided in sydney's harbor. >> the crowded waterway hosted some swift moving vessels as a speeding yacht squeezes into two slower boats after the start of a race. how the rest of this played out.
3:31 am
j-law strikes back. for weeks, her co-star, chris pratt, pranks her by cropping her out of the social media photos. see what the actress finally did for sweet revenge. it's wednesday, december 14th. from abc news, this is "world news now." you'd never do that to me, right? >> never crop you out at all. however, did it many times. we say good morning on this wednesday morning, we are filled with love with two weeks to go until christmas. we start with the cold, we want to warm up, especially the folks in the north right now. >> that's right. >> so chicago in the center of the nation expected to plunge into the single digits overnight, the coldest december air in years for the windy city. the dangerous weather deadly in upstate new york, a 12-year-old boy pulled from a snow bank died, the second child managed to survive. the boys were buried when a plow dumped snow on them as they were
3:32 am
playing. a driver in the meantime in minnesota rescued after her car landed in this icy pond. take a look at the temperatures. well into record territory. with more on this, alex perez in frozen chicago. >> reporter: that arctic blast turning roads outside chicago to ice rinks. outside minneapolis, one woman lucky to be alive after she goes off the road into a frozen pond. one person rushing over with a wood palette, the driver using a fire exting winner to smash the window and pulled to safety. bands of snow moving through ohio and indiana leaving more accidents in the wake. back in chicago, rail workers light fires to keep switches warm. riders bundling up. >> three layers, the sweatshirt, and work clothes. >> reporter: colder air on the way, a medical warnings, if you
3:33 am
suspect frostbite -- >> patients burn themselves because they stick numb hands in front of a heat source not realizes it's hot. >> reporter: chicago is worse. the high temperature felt like 9 degrees. today, it will feel like 9 below 0. alex per residencies, abc news, chicago. >> he looks really cold there. man. >> the cold weather is moving towards the east coast as well. >> with more on that, accuweather's paul williams. >> kendis, diane, this arctic air will not back down. in fact, for wednesday, we're expecting the real feel or feel like 40 below near bismarck, 30 below near minneapolis, and that's bad enough. the problem is the icy air gives us a second shot of lake effect snow wednesday into thursday. we could see snow locally two feet in areas. dark blue in portions of michigan going into ohio, pennsylvania, and even going into portions of new york. this colds front is approaching us right now.
3:34 am
we already have more than our fair share of cold air yiegt now, but there's the second punch of arctic air, and so the coldest air of the season will slide through wednesday night and overtake the east coast thursday. diane, kendis. >> all right. thanks to paul there. president-elect donald trump took a break from another day of marathon meetings to thank supporters in wisconsin. for the first time, trump appeared in public with house speaker paul ryan who repeatedly criticized as you recall in the campaign. while some people booed at the mention of ryan's name, but trump calmed the crowd and praised ryan. >> he's like a fine wine. every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. now, if he goes against me, i'm not going to say that, okay? he's a great guy. >> if only he'd be more honest. so trump also uses the rally to praise his pick for secretary of state, calling rex tillerson one of the greatest global business
3:35 am
leaders of our time. tillerson is facing political opposition over his close relationship with vladimir putin, but trump sees it as an asset. earlier in the day, trump played host to kanye west and personally escorted the rapper down to the lobby of trump tower. trump called him a friend and good man. west said he wanted to take a picture. he later tweeted that he was there to discuss multicultural issues. west was recently hospitalized after a series of bizarre rants and a cancelled tour. a teen is facing charges after entering trump tower with a bag of weapons including a knife and fireworks. authorities say 19-year-old alexander wang was stopped by secret service aepgts at a security check point monday. pli they say he's a trump supporter. nerves rattled with military planes circling new york city. it was a training exercise to bolster security where the president-elect resides.
3:36 am
there was a rescue and c-13 or. new details about horrors taking place in aleppo and growing humanitarian crisis there. unconfirmed reports this morning of execution-style killings in the final hours of the battle. u.n. says at least 8 it 2 people were shot including dozens of women and children. another report claims that more than 50,000 are threatened with field executions. syria's ambassador to the u.n. denied the executions but noted it was their right to target terrorists. back at home to a possible mistrial in the high profile murder for hire case in florida. jurors in the trial tell the judge they can't reach a verdict. let's get the details now. >> reporter: deadlocked. >> we, the jury, feel we cannot reach a unanimous decision. >> reporter: the jury in that dramatic murder for hire trial telling the court they cannot agree on a verdict after beginning deliberations. prosecutors say she hired an
3:37 am
undercover officer posing as a hitman to kill her husband in 2009. the state showing this video during the trial, a fake murder scene carefully staged by the police. >> is your husband michael? okay. sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> reporter: jurors saw this video, she in a car with a phoney killer for hire. while she did not testify, she says she was just acting as part of a reality tv show maintaining her innocence in an interview with abc. >> reporter: did you want your husband dead? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: did you hire a hitman to kill your husband? >> no. >> reporter: in 2011, she was convicted of solicitation to commit first degree murder, sentenced to 20 years in prison, but that was overturned on appeal. for now, the judge sent the jury
3:38 am
home to rest and will ask them to continue deliberating in the morning. abc news, new york. asian markets mostly higher this morning as investors look to two major milestones in the days ahead. the dow is approaching 20,000. it closed yesterday at 19,911, and they are expected to have an interest hike today at the conclusion of the meeting, only the second hike in the last ten years. looks like we're closer to having cars that talk to each other. federal highway officials are moving on plans to install short range communication radios into all new vehicles. the wifi-like technology could avoid crashes by sending information like positions and speed to other vehicles. the holiday table may be short of a key ingredient this year. the makers of reddi-wip say there's a shortage of the product. signs about the shortage have started showing up in grocery stores around the country. well, it was here for a time for the former prowrestler, part
3:39 am
of the deal called crime time. >> he was known as the beast when he was on wwe. now he's the guy who stopped a would-be armed robber in a south florida gas station. he said after refuse iing the suspect's demands, he flashed a gun. he said he was going to rob the place. well, that's when he decided to take action. >> i grabbed him by the back of the head and run him into the store door, and i get him outside, and grabbed him, throw him up and get him to the ground. did what came natural. i was not trying to be a hero. >> i was hoping to see him take a leap from the counter, flying elbow. >> from the counter. >> back from the wwe days. he's in los angeles now where he's starting an acting career. >> he still has a wrestling career there. he says he's to have an audition for a movie this week, and i say
3:40 am
he did. all right. that guy learned a lesson. coming up, waiting for a holiday clidelivery, we may kno where your package is. what we found out this morning about this mail truck fire, where it happened, and what to do if your package was on that truck. remembers a giant in the world of television comedy. what we found out this morning about the death of actor, song writer, and composer, alan thicke who died suddenly yet afternoon at the age of 69. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. care. but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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seems neither snow nor rain nor fire prevents them from doing their duties. in north carolina, they battled a fire in the truck, but with the help of a passerby, they saved most of the packages. they got a little wet, but not burned. the driver was not hurt. >> the amazon smiles are still upsidedown. a close call caught on camera in a yacht race down under. the big vessel in the middle you're about to see had to squeeze through two traffic control boats, captured by footage of a drone, and no one was damaged, the skipper was not thrilled, finishing third in the race. >> but did not crash. focus on the bright side, right? >> exactly. here at home, a consumer alert about a brand that's a kitchen staple in millions of americans homes.
3:45 am
>> recalling 8 million food processers from back of 20 years due to reports of razor sharp metal finding their way into food. >> reporter: the urgent warning as millions of americans prepare to do some holiday cooking. conair, the maker recalling 8 million food processers. the concern? these riveted blades, specifically with four rivets and a beige plastic center hub. the company says over time, the blades can crack, sending small metal pieces into your food. >> there are dozens of incidents of cuts to the mouth and broken teeth because of the products. >> reporter: con-air says 69 reports of people finding metal in their food. >> these are in millions of americans' homes, incoming my own, and they are dangerous products. >> reporter: the recall including 22 models sold over the last 20 years. you can find that model number
3:46 am
on the bottom of your machine. the company is offering a free replacement blade. abc news, new york. >> all right. when we come back, fellow celebrities remember a tv giant, alan thicke. >> how j-law got back at her co-star, chris pratt. the skinny's next. "world news now" con nu
3:47 am
3:48 am
starting the skinny off with a sad note this morning. >> yeah. and it really is a surprising one as well. act actor, song writer, and composer, alan thicke passed away at the age of 69. he suffered a heart attack playing hockey with one of his sons yesterday. >> thicke appeared on" fuller house" recently, but best known as the lovable tv dad, dr. jason sever on "growing pains." >> i have a great title for the column, how about "between your ears." >> sounds kind of crowded. how about something punchy like, "shrink wrap." >> no, seriously, how do you like mine? >> oh, well, it's time for your bath. >> he composed several tv theme
3:49 am
songs, the facts of life, different strokes, and wheel of fortune. >> how? >> he wrote it. >> wheel of fortune. >> okay. >> yeah. still talented, very talented. of course thicke's son, robin, tells the los angeles times, his father was, quote, the greatest man i ever met. >> social media lighting up with tributes. actress paula patton married to robin for ten years, tweeted out about the preciousness of life. >> and "fuller house" co-star shared a photo of the two of them saying her heart hurts. >> the oilers shared this photo of thicke, an avid fan, on the ice with hall of famer wayne gretsky. >> oh. so many people will be remembering him later on today as well. >> uh-huh. >> next on to a much liter note, and j-law, jennifer lawrence,
3:50 am
ups the battle with chris pratt. >> she's been the butt of his pranks, cropping her out of the phot photos. >> but she finally got some sweet revenge monday night on jimmy kimmel marching out of the studio on to hollywood boulevard, hailed a bus, grabbed a can of spray paint, and showed that chris pratt a thing or two. >> did a good job covering his giant face, not only blacking out the face with it, but gave him red difl eyes to cap it off at the end as well. >> she said she felt better after. >> the two of them have a great rivalry going. great to watch in interviews as well. the producers -- >> interesting spelling there. >> like that? >> yeah. >> the producers the fast and furious, fate of the furious, the new sequel, should be feeling good after breaking a
3:51 am
record with the new trailer. >> universal sunday launch of the trailer became the largest debut ever setting a global record of 139 million views in just 24 hours. >> i think i found my time. >> then this should be interesting. >> you want to play like that? >> fate of the furious, the eighth title, zooms into theaters april 14th. finally, rumored match in heaven is red carpet official. >> the olympic gold medallist stepped out together for the "sports illustrated" sports person of the year ceremony at the barclays center in brooklyn. four months after you might remember he asked her out on a date via a video going viral on social media. >> so cool. telling people magazine they kept the relationship quiet following a chance meeting where their paths briefly crossed in denver. she says it's just worked
3:52 am
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♪ ryan gosling is a smooth operator. >> smooth as the other side of the pillow. >> not just a hottie anymore -- >> he has a brain? >> making land marks in the career. >> yes, all of this because of his latest film, "lala land" sweeping up nominationings for golden globe, and we sat down with him. >> reporter: long before "the notebook. his status as hollywood's low key leading man, and this week's golden globe nomination. ryan gosling was a teenager from cornwall, ontario, moving to
3:56 am
l.a. to be an actor. >> it's not easy leaving your hometown, your family and come out to los angeles to pursue a dream where the odds are not in your favor. >> reporter: that same yearning sustains him and emma stone's character in "la laland." >> this is the dream, it's conflict, compromised, and it's very, very exciting. >> helped reinvigorate my understanding and love for l.a., i think. it's a place where incredible things happen. >> reporter: his pianist finds his jazz dream going south fast. >> you're fired. >> it's christmas. >> reporter: the chemistry with stone is a major plus for lalaland's writer and director. >> you put them on screen together, and they create magic that is, like, it's the best special effect. >> it's beautiful music, i have to say. we met in a bar by my house, and when i walked home, the music theme was in my inbox. it was so beautiful.
3:57 am
wow, he has a chance of making something special here. ♪ >> reporter: audiences are likely to agree as the boy from cornwall, ontario, now a father of two young daughters by long time love eva mendez discovered returning to canada. >> i saw it in toronto, a very unique experience. >> maybe i'm not good enough. >> yes, you are. >> maybe i'm not. >> i'm a fan of this genera of mus music, and it seemed that ship had sailed, so it was amazing to have the opportunity to make something like this. >> reporter: i'm chris connelly in los angeles. >> we debated on set, but who is hotter? ryan reynolds or ryan gosling. >> i don't know. >> what? >> that's all you got? i don't know? >> i got nothing. >> we have a poll on our twitter page. >> the soccer fan comes down with a
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, donald trump's high-profile meetings with titans of the tech industry and kanye west. this as the president-elect fills out his cabinet and gets set for some bruising confirmation fights. arctic blast that has millions of americans saying, it's too cold too soon. all of this with the official start of winter still a week away. the forecast coming up. alan thicke gone too soon. the entertain enand famous sitcom star has passed away after suffering a heart attack. we have emotional reaction coming in. a former pro wrestler with a take-down coming to the rescue when a would-be robber tries to steal at a gas station. he says he's no hero.


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