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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 6 o'clock on this wednesday december 14th and here is what we're following for you. >> bill cosby should be back in a montgomery county courthouse today. it is day two of what's already been a heated pretrial hearing for his sex assault trial. >> breaking overnight detectives in philadelphia are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man execution style. >> learning more this morning about the sudden death of former "growing pains" star alan thicke. >> and we're awaiting a big chill not just yet. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> right now it's certainly on the cold side out on the terrace but it gets a lot different tomorrow matt. as we take a look at satellite you can see how the clouds have broken up a little bit overnight following that imagery that radar is showing you of a few snow and rain showers popping through overnight. some of you might see a little
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drop of rain on your windshield and that's why. overall we'll call it purse partly sunny skies 35 in allentown, 34 in reading similar numbers in wilmington and down toward cape may where you're at 40. just 30 in millville and 32 in trenton. so everybody needs to bundle up and the winds have picked up a little bit over the last half hour in philadelphia but in most cases we're expecting them to stay fairly light. so, maybe you hunch your shoulders a little bit this morning but not too bad wind-wise. as we go through the afternoon it's still going to be sees plea chilly. 36 degrees by 7 o'clock. 40 by noon and by 3 o'clock 42 that's your high before we dip back towards the freezing mark by 7 o'clock. today is the day to get stuff done because tomorrow we'll be sitting in the low 20's through most of the day and strong winds going give us wind chills even worse. i'll have details on all of that let you know how long this next cold snap lasts karen coming up. >> all right, getting ready for that cold snap not just yet. roads are okay this morning. looking live in new jersey, that's 42. northbound traffic showing maybe a touch more volume than we saw half an hour ago but no
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big delay as you head towards the walt whitman bridge you're moving all right. but i talked to police in burlington county about a serious accident was involving a box truck and another vehicle. two people were trapped in the vehicle for awhile. they've been taken out but the investigation continues. they're in serious condition. park drive near rancocas road. watch for crews on the scenery stricting traffic with this serious accident. in laurel springs camden county we've got a new accident there. it's right on the white horse pike route 30 at stone road and we're hearing there are injuries associated with this one as well. but on the big picture we can see no accidents on your majors like the blue route, schuylkill, i-95. pretty good shape. i-95 starting to see that slowing. you see the area of yellow at cottman about 42 miles an hour. we can take a live look here near the betsy ross bridge and see the southbound traffic moving okay as you head towards center city, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. >> ♪ breaking news. live over south jersey this is clayton gloucester county the units block of west howard street. this is a single home fire. firefighters called out about
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45 minutes ago when they got to the scene you can seem a lot of smoke coming trout under the roof all the way down to the first floor. a number of first responders there. they'll stay on the scene. right now we're not hearing any reports of injuries but we'll keep an eye on this and of course if any news breaks on this we'll bring it right to you. >> also breaking this morning a gunman fired shot after shot after shot into a murder victim in the city's frankford section this morning t it happened at 12:30 this morning on the 1400 block of adams a the 27-year-old victim wall shot multiple times. investigators found 28 spent shell casings close to his body. police are calling this an execution style killing and are trying to find out who targeted the man and why. philadelphia police are also saying that murder is not -- the murder we just saw is not related to another deadly shooting in the city's frankford section that happened just hours before. that will shooting happened at
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7:30 last night along the 5000 block of frankford avenue. witnesses say they heard arguing before two gunmen opened fire. two men in their mid 30's were hit, one of them was killed. the other one is in critical condition. police are still searching for the gunman in that case. happening today, bill cosby trounce a montgomery county courtroom for the second day of a key pretrial hearing in his upcoming sexual assault trial. the first day was rambunctious to say the least. "action news" reporter katherine scott was there yesterday and joins us live at the courthouse in norristown with more. katherine. >> reporter: matt, tensions did seem particularly high in that courtroom yesterday and that's probably because this is a key issue in this case. can 13 other women, other accusers testify at the trial? it makes a difference between a he said-she said case and prosecutors being able to paint the picture of a serial predator. today when the hearing resumes, the defense team is expected to attack the credibility of those accusers.
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fireworks new from the start inside the montgomery county courtroom at bill cosby's pretrial hearing. throughout the day judge steven o'neill tried to reign in attorneys from both sides. at one point saying he'd be forced to call sheriff's deputies if they couldn't behave. the first lob came early. district attorney kevin steele angry that the defense team used the names of the 13 other accusers in documents they submitted to the court. decrying it as an attempt at witness intimidation. defense attorney brian mcmonagel shot back that 11 of the 13 of them came out on their own in press conferences and interviews. they settled on not naming the two that remained out of the spot life. it was clear emotions and frustrations were running high on both sides as a judge weighs a key issue in this case, can 13 other accusers testify at the trial? cosby is charged with sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea konstand in his cheltenham
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moment holme in 2004. prosecutors want to show that cosby had a pattern, a history of drugging and sexually assaulting women. cosby's attorneys want to keep these women off the witness stand calling their testimony too old to be reliable. attorney gloria allred who represents some of the 13 women says their testimony is crucial. ly. >> it's a question of is this a signature act, is there common what we call a modus operandi, an mo. >> reporter: everyone did seem especially vocal in the courtroom yesterday even bill cosby who normally sits through hearings very quietly piped up to tons two questions that were directed at the prosecutor. today's hearing resumes at 9:00 a.m. we are live in norristown, katherine scott channel6 "action news. tam. >> katherine thank you for that. it is 6:06. police are trying to figure out who fed rat poison a pair of puppies in jackson ocean county o76-year-old's mike
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beagle becky became seriously ill. the vet determined becky had been poisoned. they found rat poison in becky's little brother jimmy. becky and jimmy are now on the mend. >> sick. there's something wrong with them. you know, who would ever think of that? poison an animal. >> he says his dogs got sick just a couple of days after someone filed a noise complaints about barking. if you have any information on the poisonings you are asked top contact jackson police. seems a pair of thieves nicknamed the binary bandits have had a change of heart. a man and woman have been stealing the ones and zeros off the front of homes in east kensington. megan haley caught one of the bandits on surveillance in september stealing the zero from her home on amber street but then her husband found a garbage bag filled with the ones and zeros outside of their house yesterday morning. police took the numbers and they're trying to track down those suspects. >> the federal reserve that shadowy money policy group
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that can have an impact on your bottom shrine about to pull the trigger on something it has only done once in the last 10 years, maribel aber live at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. >> reporter: good morning m. the federal reserve expected to raise key interests rates this year the first and the second since 2006. the rate increase will be small but if the fed keeps raising rates consumers will say more interests on savings accounts and over time rate hikes will push up mortgage airport. rates have jumped since the election but at 4.1 percent are still low compared to a decade ago. investors are not fazed by the prospects of higher rates. futures are pointing to a mixed open. pennsylvania drivers will be paying more taxes at the pump starting new year's day. an increase of eight cents per gallon will take effect january 1st. pam already has the highest gas tax in the country. the billions of dollars raised
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will go top fund bridge highways and transportation projects. we'll be watching the dow closely today matt and tam. >> thank you maribel. >> racing towards 20,000. >> how about that, hm? you hit those benchmarks and i remember thinking a year ago it it will never happen but it always does that. >> usually goes up over time. >> and then comes back down sometimes. >> goes back down. >> just-like the weather. >> it's like a rollercoaster. yes, but nice. so, storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we are dry. as we take a look outside it is colds out there again this morning but the winds not really all that bad in the single digits in most neighborhoods and overall today so much better than tomorrow to get out there and get stuff done if you can. 36 degrees is your currents temperature in philadelphia. 34 in wilmington, 32 trenton, 35 allentown, 30 millville and 40 currently in cape may and again winds on the light side. overnight we did get that that expected sprinkle shower and a little snow shower up north that didn't really do anything. now we've got some breaks in the clouds and overall we're expecting partly sunny skies today. up in the level it will be
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cold with a high of 37 but winds not all that strong. down the shore a little bit milder light winds partly sunny skies 45 is the high and in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 42, chilly certainly with partly sunny skies this afternoon but with winds out of the west at only six to 12 miles per hour overall not too bad. overnight tonight though a few clouds around, a flurry popping up and then the winds pick unand the temperatures drop. overnight we get down to 23 for a low. winds out of the west building overnight into the 20's at times and then tomorrow look out. a high of 24 in the morning. with that number sliding i think we're going to be closer to 21 during most of the afternoon and with winds running 15 to 25 miles per hour we also have an issue tomorrow with very low wind chills. this will be not only the coldest air of the season but the coldest feel with wind chills in the single digits most of the day. feeling like it's about nine in the afternoon. future tracker6 friday night
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we may see a little snow shower or flurry over the next couple of days but friday night you got snow coming in and then in the wee hours of the morning we expect a warm front from the south to start to push up through the region so that by the time you get up on saturday at some point that snow is going to be changing over to a little bit of sleet and freezing rain and then eventually to all rain but we do think that overnight saturday into early saturday morning and maybe even into a good portion of saturday morning roads could be a bit slick if you're in the northern suburbs it could take until later in the afternoon before things get better. so, again, this begins near midnight on saturday. late friday night early saturday morning. starts out as snow for everybody and then we get a period of icing before it changes over to rain and the biggest mixing issues will be in the north. your exclusive seven-day forecast today's high 42. get stuff done today. i'm going fill my car maybe take a walk. you can do all that sort of outdoor stuff today because tomorrow you're going to be dealing with a bitter wind. 24 for the high in the morning, low 20's during the afternoon with wind chills making it feel like no better than about 10 degrees.
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and then still cold with less wind on friday, 26 is the high. and again there's and that possibility of snow late friday night. it definitely snows in the wee hours of morning. don't think this is going to accumulate a whole lot and then in the morning we're going get that changeover to rain from south to north. but we could have some slippery road conditions for a time. sunday we're up to 57 degrees. >> look at that. >> yeah. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:12. still ahead on "action news" police arrested a fake dentist after he allegedly pulled a number of teeth without anesthesia. we'll give you those details. >> sitcom fans around the world are mourning the deaths of one of tv's most iconic fathers. karen. >> we've got a live look at the schuylkill here at the boulevard where we see traffic still moving pretty nicely, no major issues here. we'll take you to king of prussia, check roads there when "action news" comes right back.
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>> 6:15 on this wednesday and chopper6 is keeping an eye on this house fire that's been burning for an hour now and look at the smoke and flames that are coming from structure at this moment. this is in clayton gloucester county the fire broke out at 5:15 this morning along the unit block of west howard street again clayton. several firefighters have surrounded the home and are also on ladders trying to put this out.
6:16 am
again it's a single family home. no reports of injuries. we don't know if anyone was in there at the time but again no reports of injuries. fire crews are still trying to fight this fire and put it out as we speak. >> let's go over to karen rogers right now and take a look at your commute. good morning. >> good morning. if you're in that area watch for the crews on the scene. you saw those flames still coming out even after an hour. this is clayton howard street near delsea drive where you're seeing restrictions. stick route 655 as an alternate in clayton gloucester county. my sister flavors clayton. in south jersey an accident laurel springs that has since cleared. moving better on the white horse pike. route 42 still moving in the 50's. route 55 just now down to 31 miles an hour northbound as you head towards route 42. and this accident in burlington county i talked to police they tell me they're still investigating here. there were two people entrapped for a ah while but crews are still on the scene on park drive near rancocas road. watch for crews on the scene in westampton township
6:17 am
burlington county. 202 at inn king of prussia traffic moving nicely. temperature-wise it's 30 degrees in martins creek, 33 in coatesville just had a live update 33 in slatington, 36 in center city. it is chilly, not as cold as it will be the next couple days so this is your day to get a little bit of a break even throw it's -- though it's only 29 in browns mills. 39 degrees in smyrna delaware. today we're headed into the 40's. 42 partly sunny looking pretty good tam. >> thank you karen. going on now in an ongoing mystery a yoga mogil with studios across the country lab found dead in his southern california home. trevor tice was the founder and one time ceo of core power crowing garment san diego police say they received a call on monday requesting a welfare check at his home. when officers got to the scene they found tice's body inside the house. officers say the death does look suspicious at this point. tice was 48 years old. this is all new at 6:00
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a.m. a florida man allegedly posed as a dentist and performed dental work from a reclining claire in his living room. robert ryan slander -- ryan slander -- rheinlander. police have charged rheinlander with practicing dentistry without a license. >> the moment two georgia police officers were shot during a traffic stop is captured on dashcam video. >> investigators say the officers had pulled over 22-year-old kari gordon for driving a stolen car in lavonia monday night. that is when gordon opened fire. one officer was shot under the arm the other in the hand. gordon has been arrested more than 20 times in the past two years and was out on bond on attempted murder charges from last year.
6:19 am
>> unacceptable that he was on the streets. and i can assure him that he will have a different outcome in the state of georgia. >> the two police officers are expected to be okay. >> 6:19 now. and the wait is over for those wireless ear buds that you can use with your iphone. >> also first responders go above and beyond to save a deer that was trapped on thin ice. >> in today's tech bytes apple's air pods are finally on sale. >> yeah, they were unveiled in september and after months of delays the wireless ear buds are now available online. they'll be available at apple stores and other retail locations next week. price tag $159. google has launched a self driving car coach it's called way mow which that stands for the new way forward in mobility. >> this is actually the seventh year of the program. the name change signals a desire to make money off the company's research. and taylor swift teaming up with at&t to launch an on demand video experience. >> it will be available on direct tv as universe and
6:20 am
eligible to wireless customers. program is divided into 13 chapter that is includes concerts and behind the scenes videos. >> all taylor all the time. >> where do i sign-up. >> those are your tech bytes. >> like really where?
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>> new video showing firefighters coming to the rescue of a deer in north jersey. kinnelon police got a call that the doe was stuck in the middle of a frozen reservoir. the rescuers laid on the ice and grabbed the deer by her hind legs. all three were pulled safely to shore. the deer stayed close for a few moments before scampering off. >> wow. >> said thank you. >> that's a smart idea. you hold -- >> firefighters are best. let's take you outside right now and show you what your commute looks like as we're starting to get busy here.
6:23 am
look at the traffic on i-95. this is southbound here at cottman. that is as you head towards center city. currently a 25 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine really slowing down. this just started to happen within the last 15 minutes. no problems though with mass transit. i have to say overall dave hasn't been a bad commute so far. >> that's because you're back. >> laugh. >> stays that way rest of the week i hope. we have cold air in place, temperatures in the 30's. bundle the kids up and extra gear this morning and this afternoon they'll still want pretty heavy jacket as we're only going up to the low 40's in most neighborhoods. 36 degrees by 7 o'clock. by noon 40 and i know that 42-degree high at 3 o'clock sounds chilly but winds today are going to be fairly light and remember that tomorrow we're looking at severe single digit wind chills across the region. so if you want to get out to the market or fill the car do something like that today be a good idea because tomorrow you're not going to be standing there at the gas pump with a wind chill of nine or whatever it's going to be. as we take a look at the big board at the airport, all green aircraft, no major delays and unlike yesterday we don't have any signs of precipitation in any of our
6:24 am
big travel destinations. we'll be back with our top stories. >> ♪
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>> actor composer and iconic tv dad alan thicke has died. the 69-year-old suffered a heart attack yesterday while playing hockey in los angeles. >> the canadian born actor best known for portraying jason seaver in that "growing pains." >> abc's jason nathan son looks back on thicke's career. >> ♪ >> reporter: best known for being the likeable father
6:27 am
dr. jason seber on "growing pains" which aired on abc from 1985 to 1992. the cast reunite on "gma" a few years ago talked about the camaraderie onset. >> we really had fun and i think it translate to the been. >> we spent time together offer the set rehearsing lines and i thought you were terribly attractive. >> ♪ >> reporter: alan thicke's role was among the most lovable tv dads of all time playing a psychiatrist who raised his children among them kirk cameron. thicke was born in canada in 1947 wasn't popular talk show host there before becoming a big star in the u.s. >> america's game. >> reporter: he was also a composer popular theme songs including this one from the "wheel of fortune." alan thicke was 69. jason nathanson abc news. >> all new at 6:31st lady michelle obama and dr. jill
6:28 am
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>> breaking right now on "action news" a man is bombarded way barrage of bullets overnight. we're live with this latest murder case in the city. >> berks county police bust up a card skimming ring targeting the tri-state area. they say they got the sneaky crooks on camera. >> get ready to freeze. temperatures are set to take a deep dive. accuweather is tracking an arctic blast that will move in tomorrow. >> good morning, it's 6:30 on this wednesday december 13. dave murphy is enjoying today. tomorrow this time will feel very different for him and karen rogers is taking a loot hack your commute. good morning. >> seasonably cold on the terrace with definite breaks in the clouds. tomorrow it gets a lot different. we did get on radar a couple showers and snow showers that
6:31 am
popped through last night. really didn't do very much and now we have some breaks in the clouds and so we are going to see some sunshine early and probably maintain partly sunny skies today. 36 degrees though so that winter coat weather once again this morning. 32 in trenton, 35 in allentown. almost freezing in reading. 34 in wilmington, below freezing in millville and 40 degrees in cape may. and the winds like yesterday are in the single digits in most neighborhoods so not all that strong. a little bit of a shoulder huncher but not too bad. by 7 o'clock still around 36. by noon we're up to 40 and it does stay chilly this afternoon with a high of just 42 at 3 o'clock as soon as 7 o'clock we're back down to the freezing mark so it does start to get cold later in the evening and then tomorrow look out. temperatures through most of the day in the low 20's. wind chills in the single digits. karen, how long does that last and what about that snow friday night and saturday? i'll have details on all that of coming up. >> you've got a lot of bad news in the weather so i'm going to try to ease you into your commute today. looking live on the vine street expressway. no big problem. westbound starting to really jam up as you head towards the schuylkill.
6:32 am
eastbound a little slow as well and on the big picture you see those slower speeds on the schuylkill on the vine especially heading towards the schuylkill westbound at 41 miles an hour. couple of other one points that are slowing down this time of the morning, i-95, 14 miles an hour at cottman. the schuylkill expressway westbound 10 miles an hour near the boulevard. looking live here on the schuylkill this is approaching belle belmont. that's westbound traffic heading towards king of prussia. it's slowing down at this point but overall it's an 18 minute ride from the vine to the blue route westbound isn't bad. i think that number is going to jump up within the next couple minutes. we still have this serious accident. there were injuries on the scene and they're doing an accident investigation on park drive near rancocas road in burlington county. other than that, not too many accidents out there so far this this morning tam. >> chopper6 over the scene here. this is clayton gloucester county, the unit block of west howard street. this home here where you see firefighters up on the roof there near the -- on a ladder near the roof line and lots of smoke coming out of the single home. right now we're seeing smoke
6:33 am
but just a few minutes ago let's show was we were seeing pretty huge flames coming out of out at the scene there. smoke from the upper and lower levels a lot of flames. firefighters staying on the scene trying to vent it out, trying to clear this scene. what we're hearing is no reports of injuries. we hope that continues to be the case. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you the latest as it comes in to us. and breaking right now as well on "action news a man is dead with dozens of shots fired at him execution style. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with the very latest developments in this murder case. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala a numerous 911 calls were made by people in the area who heard those shots. when 15th district officers arrived on the scene they found a man shot dead shot more than two dozen times. >> it doesn't appear to be a robbery at this time. the victim's cell phone we believe it's the victim's cell phone is on scene and that was
6:34 am
struck by gunfire, also. and at this time we're not getting any information that this was a robbery. so, we're not sure of the motive. all we know is the fact that there's 28 spent shell casings and many of them are in such close proximity to to the body it appears that the shooter was standing over the body or very close to the body and fired multiple shots and the fact that he is hit so many times appears to be clear an execution type homicide. >> reporter: it happened in the frankford section of the city. now, the 27-year-old man that they discovered they have not identified y he was pronounced dead on the scene. they say he was shot in the face chest torso and the legs. witnesses could not provide a detailed description of the shooter. police did take several witnesses down here to homicide down here to headquarters. back out here live, even though they couldn't provide police way description they did tell homicide detectives
6:35 am
there they saw a person running south through a vacant lot off of the 1400 block of adams. reporting live outside of police headquarters annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you annie. time is now 6:35. friends and family members gathered to remember a teenager who was that gunned down in west philadelphia. they released balloons along north dewey street last flight in honor of 17-year-old tyhir berry. he was shot and killed at 60th and market streets while visiting his sister just after midnight on monday. tyhir's mother implored those responsible to come forward. >> and i'm very heartbroken and i wish whoever did it just come forward because my son was a good boy. >> police have questioned several people in connection with the murder but so far no arrests. comedian bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courtroom today where a shouting match broke out between lawyers on both sides yesterday. tempers flared in the courtroom in norristown on tuesday as lawyers for cosby tried to get more than a dozen
6:36 am
accusers' claims thrown out of a trial. the district attorney argued the claims show a pattern of behavior prior to the 2004 incidents involving former temple employee andrea konstand which spawned sexual assault charges against cosby. cosby's lawyers questioned the other accusers' credibility and relevance. >> new here on "action news" a man accused of stealing debit card information from customers at a berks coin convenience store is now behind bars. police say roman gradusko is one of many suspects busted. he placed a skimming device on a gas pump in wyomissing. more than 20 victims have come forward. he was also running a similar scam in newark delaware. the search for others in the group is still going on. today donald trump will meet with tech leaders from apple facebook google amazon and microsoft part of his white house transition efforts. last night trump promoted his unconventional pick for secretary of state oil executive rex tillerson during
6:37 am
his thank you tour visit in wisconsin. >> rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world. >> exxon mobil ceo tillerson has no diplomatic experience but has run one of the biggest global companies in the world. some lawmakers include something republicans who are key to the confirmation process are voicing concerns about tillerson's strong ties to russia. trump named rick perry to be secretary of energy. perry once said he would eliminate the agency and ryan s -- z implete nke is the pick to run the department of the interior. >> jeff collins will make his first appearance at a news conference. he spent the past two sea seasons with the gators. he had the gators d ranked in the top 10 nationally. dr. pat craft temple's athletic director says knew right away collins is their man. so, is it jeff collins or is
6:38 am
it jeff collins. >> i don't know. that i guess we'll find out. [laughter] >> i'm relatively happy with the choice based on what players are saying about the guys. we'll see what happens. storm tracker6 live double scan right now and the we are looking at dry conditions this morning after a little shower and snow shower came through briefly in the overnight hours. really didn't amount to much as expected. as we take a look outside we have the moon and we do have a lack of cloud cover over parts of the region and we are expecting to see partly sunny skies overall today. it's another cold morning. 36 degrees right now. at least the winds are light again similar to yesterday morning, 7 miles per hour. not really enough to hunch your shoulders a whole lot but obviously with those temperatures and a little bit of wind you want to dress warmly and use some of that extra gear. there's the satellite and radar imagery. just scant precipitation overnight and now some breaks in the clouds and we expect partly sunny skies over most of the day. temperatures will be chilly. 36 degrees by 8 o'clock, 38 by 10 o'clock. by noon 40 and by 3 o'clock your high today is 42 degrees
6:39 am
before we fall back into the mid 30's by 6 o'clock. but this is seasonably cool and with light winds this is not a bad day to get out there and get stuff done especially when you consider how different tomorrow is going to be. so, i'm planning on filling the car today and getting an exercise walk in, get all of that stuff done today because you're probably not going to wants to be out having to do that sort of thing tomorrow. 37 degrees in allentown today, 38 in reading, 38 degrees in lancaster. coat weather from philadelphia all the way down to cape may where we're in the low 40's across that wide region. then tomorrow the big change comes. fronts comes through. behind it 24 degrees is the temperature in the morning. that will be a morning high. during the afternoon i expect the temperature to settle on about 21 and just sit there for five or six hours and with winds out of the north-northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour, the wind chills will make it feel like it's in the single digits most of the day. after the morning, you know, we might be at 12, not exactly comfortable but with that many temperature settling on about 21 and you got wind gusts as high as 40 the average wind
6:40 am
chill will probably be about eight or 9 degrees through most of the day tomorrow so definitely a day to bundle up and take cold seriously. then the next issue will be friday night. friday still going to be in the 20's with less wind but probably after midnight or around midnight you'll see snow start to push in and then eventually we're going see a warm front come through during the morning hours after dawn changing briefly to ice and then all rain. saturday morning is a time period to watch. i think roads could get pretty slippery in some spots. 42 degrees partly sunny today. a frigid night tonight dipping to 23 with those winds picking up and then a bitter wind tomorrow with a high of 24 settling into the low 20's during the day and wind chills no better than about 10 degrees through the day on thursday. thursday night also looks blustery. on friday still cold with a high around 26. less wind. and then late at night we have the snow arriving. that continues overnight into early saturday morning and saturday we see a clover to --
6:41 am
changeover to rain. saturday morning really in the wee hours of the morning and in through at least the -- what you would consider the rush hour period, maybe beyond there is the chance of some slick road conditions. things will improve in the afternoon though from south to north and then back to 57 on sunday with a little rain but milder. >> quite a collection of numbers dave. >> how about. >> yeah. >> thank you david. 6:41. still ahead on "action news" we'll show you how people just passing by rescued a woman whose vehicle was sinking into an icy pond. >> a family wants answers after an elderly moon suffers from dementia was shot and killed by police in a drive way. more on that tragic story. karen. >> jamming up now i-95 southbound you can see this heavy traffic at this point looking live here at cottman jammed from woodhaven to torresdale avenue. we'll take you to the olney section of the city and check out the boulevard when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there traffic getting up and over the platt. not too bad there. it is 6:44 and 36 degrees. >> sometimes karen it's hard to go up but it's easy to coast our way down. >> okay. >> it's eventually what goes up does come down, right? another good thought. >> yeah. >> let's check the boulevard here and this is past ninth street looking live in olney. no big problem on the boulevard. traffic is moving okay at this point. we're just seeing more volume out there. so if you're coming from lawncrest or fox chase little bit of a slow go but nothing major happening. we have an accident westampton burlington county police are still investigating it on park drive near rancocas road. checking your travel times from woodhaven road to the
6:45 am
vine just had a live update now a 30 minute ride on i-95 really starting to slow up. schuylkill not too bad, 21, 27 incidents either direction between the vine and the blue route and 42 northbound a 17 minute ride from the a.c. expressway to 295. on the waze app i found road warrior dog 64 who is a member of our 6abc team talking about a new accident here on the blue route southbound near springfield so watch for this accident. i'm seeing speeds on the waze app in the teens and at times 21 miles an hour on the blue route southbound with the report of a new accident. the sweater dry so that's not really causing too many problems. it's cold but not nearly as cold as it will be tomorrow. 29 degrees in martins creek, run in pottstown. it's currently 36 degrees in center city. how about the suburbs in new jersey? it's 35 in hammonton, 34 in ewing, 34 in glassboro, new jersey. rowan university. partly sunny skies and 42 for your high, matt. >> thanks karen. new on "action news" watch this dramatic rescue in minnesota.
6:46 am
a woman crashed her car into that frozen pond and became trapped as the vehicle started to sync. several people pulled over and rushed down to help her. one man says the driver anne lunn crawled to the back of the suv grabbed a fire extinguisher and smashed out the back window. that allowed them to pull her out. lunn is expected to be okay. she told state troopers that her window fogged up and she veered off a ramp and plunged into that that pond. also new a man in florida tried to rob a former pro wrestler. as you can imagine it did not end well for the robber. surveillance video shows the man approaching the athlete shad gasper. the man asked him to buy him a beer. after he said no the man told him he had a gun in his waist band. so, gasper took the gun grabbed the man and shoved him out the door. police have charged the man with attempted robbery. >> there are questions about why police in bakersfield california shot and killed an unarmed 73-year-old man who had dementia.
6:47 am
francisco serna was killed early sunday morning. officers were responding to reports of a man brandishing a gun. dispatch warned them a man in the neighborhood had dementia. when officers got to the scene a witness pointed them towards serna who was in a nearby drive way. an officer fired at least seven shots that killed serna. police say he did not have a firearm and his family is saying now that he was murdered. the officer is on leave. >> today marks the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school massacre. the grim anniversary will be marked way moment of silence for the young victims. 20-year-old adam lanza barged into the school in newtown connecticut and opened fire on december 14th, 20's 12. 20 children and six educators were killed. lanza killed his own mother before heading to the school and eventually took his own life. there will be 15 minutes of silence beginning at 9:30 this morning.
6:48 am
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>> time now for a preview of "good morning america." >> good morning, matt and tam. coming up next here on "gma" trump is back on his thank you tour in wisconsin. he made his first public appearance with white house speaker paul ryan after a slew of big names met with the president there you see kanye, president-elect in trump tower. we'll have more details on those meetings. one of america's favorite tv dads alan thicke passed away overnight. the star of "growing pains" touching the lives of so many and we will celebrate his life
6:51 am
and his legacy this morning. also coming up, we have holiday hazards we'll slow you a live demonstration of just how dangerous those christmas tree fires can be and how you can keep your home safe this season and then we have superstar siblings derek and julian huff in the building have a big announcement and they'll show off their dancing chops this morning all coming up on "gma." matt and tam. >> they're beautiful dancers. looking forward to that. thank you amy. >> they have some chops. >> they do and they'll be showing them. the blue route backed up. here's a map of the area. the blue route southbound at springfield. you can see we're moving about 30, 21 miles an hour in both directions. the ah accident is southbound at springfield that's blocking the left lane. mass transit overall looking good but we just have a new delay paoli thorndale 13 minutes late dave. >> karen it's colds, temps in the 30's not a lot of wind. dress the kids with all that extra gear because we're in the 30's and this afternoon low 40's so a heavy coat probably still a good idea. temperatures right now are in
6:52 am
the mid to low 30's across most of the region. 36 in philadelphia, 35 in allentown. down the shore in cape may we're up to 41. and as we roll through the day today is a great day to get to the market fill the car do all that of sort of chore type thing because even though it's going to be chilly, we're going to get a seasonable high of 42 degrees today with partly sunny skies and not much wind. tomorrow the winds pick up, the temperatures plunge, single digit wind chills, not as nice a day to be out running errands matt. >> thanks, david. new on "action news," the bromance between president obama and vice president biden apparently goes way beyond measles their wives say it is the real deal. jill biden and first lady michelle obama sat down with people magazine about their husbands' companionship. the first lady joked about the pair going on long walks together and looking into each other's eyes. mrs. obama says the vice president has acted as sort of a big brother to president obama, he is older throughout his eight years in office.
6:53 am
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>> ♪ >> breaking this morning crews are battling a house fire in gloucester county. it broke out on the unit block of west howard street in clayton shortly after 5:00 this morning. chopper6 is over the scene as fierce flames and thick smoke poured out of that home. no reports of injury.
6:56 am
a a man lost control of his car smashed into a tree and killed in southwest philadelphia overnight. this happened at 58th street and baltimore avenue. the unidentified man is in his 50's. it's unclear what caused him to crash. and bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courthouse for the second day of a key pretrial hearing on his upcoming sexual assault trial a shouting match broke out between lawyers on both sides yesterday. >> we're seeing slow speeds on the blue route. you can see now 10 miles an hour southbound. this really cut down just within the past couple minutes that i showed you this shot and it's because of an accident that's blocking one lane southbound at springfield so watch nor slow go there. otherwise i-95 and your other majors showing your normal jams. this is southbound traffic at cottman, dave. >> all right, karen. we're in the 30's this morning so bundling up. not a lot of wind. this afternoon we'll see a high of 42 with partly sunny skies. winds remaining on the light side but tonight look at that low, 23 degrees, well below the average of 30. and tomorrow morning will probably get up to 24 and then slide back to 21 for most of
6:57 am
the afternoon. strong winds, wind chills in the single digits again tomorrow. a much different day than today. get stuff done today if you can. >> for ramp for your nuts and berries. >> that's right. >> get ready for the long winter it's going to be cold. "gma" is next. we'll see you later. >> ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems
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good morning, america. 100 million of us on alert as the coldest december weather in more than a decade moves in. this frozen ship coated in ice. and these smarrs jumping in to save a driver from an icy pond. now a new snowstorm takes aim at the midwest. president-elect trump taking his victory tour to wisconsin overnight singing the praises of former rival paul ryan. >> he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i gets to appreciate his genius more and more. >> after a day of all-star meetings from kanye west to nfl legends to an no win tour as he prepares to host a number of big wigs at trump tower today. newly released images showing dylann roof at target practice. before killing nine people at a black church. now th


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