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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that is what we are in for tonight. this is what we cope with today. folks were bundled up in their warmest winter coats many with scarves over their faces and with good reason. temperatures never got out of the 20s and windchills found a home in the teens and single digits. "action news" reporter, gray hall is live in center city philadelphia. first lets get the frigid numbers from accuweather and meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> the core of that arctic air will be rolling right over us tonight and temperatures are dropping through the day. right now philadelphia 20 degrees allentown 18 and reading 17 and wilmington 19 and millville 20 and wind gusts today 45 to close to 50 miles per hour. and even now with a bit of a breeze the windchill make its feel like 4 in philadelphia and 1 in wilmington and 4 in allentown and 0 in reading and the windchills drop down to 2 degrees below zero in lancaster.
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get ready for the coldest december night in eight years, tonight's low in philadelphia dropping down to 15 degrees and even with the slight breeze there will be a windchill factor. south jersey and delaware windchills tomorrow morning in the single digits along the i-95 corridor nearly suburbs, windchill 0 to 5 below and lehigh valley the poconos windchill dropping to 5 below to 15 below zero. the national weather service issued a windchill advisory for the poconos from 9:00 tonight to 9:00 tomorrow morning. have you to worry about frostbite and hypothermia if you head out. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing i'm tracking a weekend storm that will bring us snow, ice and rain. i'll talk specifically on what to expect where you live coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. all right lets switch live to "action news" reporter gray hall outside of city hall. gray, how are folks in center
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city handling the cold? >> reporter: jim, extremely cold. i can tell you this people tell me the trick is to dress in lots and lots of layers, when it comes to the fight against old man winter there is not much else you can do. >> tis the season for giving. >> i have extra gloves and hoodies and hats and two pairs of pants on. >> dan says he is out in the cold for hours ringing the bell for salvation army and it's all volunteer work and the cold does not overshadow the mission and what it means. >> i am doing it. >> and these employees with holly bird nursery agree. they say wear as many clothes as probable. for this crew and others with outside jobs, with extreme weather it doesn't mean the job starts. >> i have long sleeve and short
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leaf nice heavy jacket two lays of pants. >> you still have to be cold? >> yes with the windchill it's not easy to stay warm. >> and people are braving the cold and bundling up. >> i am cold my kids are crazy they act like it's not cold but i'm cold. >> they toughed it out and went for an evening jog and said it was refreshing and time to reflect and be thankful. >> the cold i could do without it but -- yes. >> that time of year? >> exactly i have someplace warm to go i can't plain. >> folks if you don't like this brutal cold keep in mind the winter cannot last. the extreme cold is very dangerous and in an effort to help the homeless many places
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have enacted a code blue and the information is at our website at gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> gray, thank you. be sure to check in with during this arctic blast. from updated hourly forecast to stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you'll find everything you need. and remember our meteorologists post updates regularly on social media and follow each of them on twitter and facebook for the latest. other news at this hour. a philadelphia high school student is in police custody for bringing a gun to school this morning. the officials found the loaded weapon as the student was screened walking into the randolph career academy in hunting park. the school was put on lockdown and search for other weapons, classes resumed an hour later. >> the search is on tonight for the masked and arm bandit that broke into a student apartment at temple university today.
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"action news" reporter vernon odom, is live outside of temple police headquarters in philadelphia. obviously this is not the first time this happened. >> reporter: jim, as far as temple university goes after some experience with this, it seems to me it runs in cycles and not patterns but unpredictable flair-ups. >> for the most part it was even too frigid for criminals to be out here prowling and intruding. >> all in all armed robbery is scary. >> the man was in her apartment with a gun. >> oh my god. yes wow. >> reaction from a temple university student that lives just doors away from the robbery victim. they live on 18 street. and at 5:00 this morning a coed and member of a lacrosse team
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woke unto find a man in the apartment wearing a ski mask and bran dishing a gun. she said nothing and he left. zbll there is someone a person of interest in the last one and we may look at him as well for this. >> they continue to expand across north central philadelphia police are warning folks to lock the doors and windows. >> we increased the patrols for the evening and overnight in the area. we just work with the young ladies to make sure they have our support. >> the temple senior is the robbery victim's neighbor. >> generally we never had any problems and stuff like this happens you are scared a little bit. >> reporter: jim, tonight's surveillance video is being
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processed at this hour. but is not ready for public display. the university community is on alert. live on temple university campus, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. former penn state assistant football coach mike mccreery wants another $1.7 million, he was already awarded $12 million for wrongful termination, he testified he saw jerry sandusky molest a boy in the locker room shower in 2001 and was terminated the next year when his contract expired and now wants $1.7 million in legal fees and penn state will review the question. delaware state court says repealing the death penalty as unconstitutional is retro active. that means powell must be re
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sentenced to life in prison. 11 other death row inmates will be spared from execution. montgomery county residents will shell out more in taxes next year. today commissioners approved an 11% tax hike, the 2017 budget increases county spending from $391 million to $409 million, officials say on average home owningers will see a $66 increase. the new budget adds a new tax category to fund montgomery county community college. we saw his face and we'll see it again. attorney general elect josh shapiro appointed michelle -- todays. he is currently montgomery county commissioner. henry will be the first woman in pennsylvania's history to serve that post. the 48-year-old will oversee all legal, criminal matters in the
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officer of the attorney general. a 20 year veteran prosecutors currently serving as first assistant district attorney in bucks coins. the defunct mall in middletown county is getting a second life. these are rendering of the new development with a combination movie theater and restaurant along with a bowling alley, retail shops and 400 apartments. it will be called the promenade at granite run. construction has started. the theater restaurant and bowling alley is expected to open in spring of 2018. the boys and girls clubs of gloucester county unwrapped a big friend. the minivan was donated by bobs in woodbury. the third year they refurbished a vehicle and gave it to an organization or person in need. all the materials were donated by bogs and the boys and girls
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club gets the vehicle this year. philadelphia police are on the lunt for a man that stole a police officer's uniform. and wilmington spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear up a pond infested with gold fish. if you don't like the cold look at this, 60 degrees in philadelphia on sunday. but it comes as a price. the eagles are getting ready for the baltimore ravens when "action news" continues tonight.
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the search goes on for the individual that stole parts of a police officers uniform yesterday at the justice center in philadelphia. sara bloomquist brings us up to date. >> reporter: this is the man police are looking for yesterday mid-day he made his way around the center at 13th and filbert and walked away with a flavor's jacket, hat and badge. and a piece similar to this one. >> the male took the video be the hat and looked like he placed it either the badge or belonging in the jacket or the jacket itself inside of a macy's bag before exiting the criminal justice center. >> the officer stepped away into the courtroom to participate in a case. and left his belonging there. >> some officers are there for a
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long time and leave a jacket or hat while testifying. >> look at the clothing, the officers have his photo and they are keeping an eye out for him. they hope that you do the same to the officer can get his badge and uniform back and police want this suspect off the street. >> you are in a place trying criminal cases and for someone either there has a defendant or maybe even a victim or witness to conduct themselves in that manner is alarming or concerning. >> sara bloomquist in philadelphia. a wilmington park is finally getting rid of their gold fish problem. the pond was overrun with asian carp gold fish after someone dumped their own unwanted fish there. >> there was gold fish introduced without their own natural predator and it
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multiplies at a fast rate. >> it was drained and 5,000 to 6,000 were taken out. some went on to new homes and others removed were invasive plants. the project cost wilmington $300,000.
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eagles are getting ready for the ravens. ravens huge defendants and it's going to be tough. >> a learning process for carson wentz when he faces this defense. we are on the search for silver linings, we try to fine the positives in a lost season. as jeff skversky reports look no further than wentz. >> carson wentz is learning on the fly ever since doug peterson threw him into the starting quarterback job early in the season. wentz is proving himself the
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first rookie quarterback in nfl history to throw over 300 yards in back to back games. >> it's coming and whether the execution or performance is there or not. i felt that i have gotten better mentally and more comfortable every week. >> even though the playoffs are all but out of the question, the eagles want to finish strong so they have something to feel good about into next year. one of things wentz wantses to work is developing the relationship with his receivers. >> we want to go out and have big games and 100 yard games. >> we have the guy that is suppose to be here for the quarterback for the long run i'm excited about that. >> in the last three weeks we'll hammer on and you try to build the comradery and chemistry with every guy. >> i am happy to have a quarterback to build the trust and chemistry for a long period
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of time. >> there were five different starting quarterbacks since 2013. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> if anyone knows what wentz is going through, it's the quarterback on the other side. joe flacco, the similarities don't end there. flacco played at delaware a small school and wentz played at north dakota state and he admits he is keeping tabs on his counterpart. >> you look at the double a guys and you feel like you have a connection. they have given outfielder herrera an extension. he batted .286 with 15 homers and led the phillies in hits and stolen bases and was named to the nl all-star team. the flyers are still streaking
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they beat the avalanche in colorado and ran the win streak to 10 games, the avalanche got physical and the flyers netted two goals in that third period and brayden schenn with the eventually game winner, this is their longest win streak since 1985. >> i think every team is on a streak in our division. i never won 10 in a row in any league never mind the nhl. >> they look for number 11 saturday in dallas. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast be careful we'll continue in just a moment. where things come from?
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the coldest december night in the world or years? >> eight years. not the world. put a few extra layers on tomorrow morning will be even worse, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have dry conditions out there. a few flurries here and there surviving the trip from the great lakes generally it was dry but it was cold, right now the windchill 4 in philadelphia and allentown and feels like zero in reading and 1 in wilmington and the windchill down to 2 degrees below zero in lancaster. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the winds from the northwest and clouds earlier are
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really diminishing and nothing to trap in the heat. the little heat that we have. the next storm system i am tracking is getting its act together in the rockies that tracks to the west and that pulls in warm air after a froze earn start late tomorrow night. bitterly cold in philadelphia and 10 in allentown and 16 in wilmington and trenton 14 degrees and tomorrow is different than today. today the harshest windchills late in the day and tomorrow's winds are diminishing and the toughest part of the day is in the morning. 6:00 in the morning feeling like 5 degrees in philadelphia. the windchill below zero as we head through the day, still very cold but with a diminishing winds and not quite as harsh and windchills in the low 20s. then we have got that messy winter storm on saturday. after the snow begins after midnight it pulls up a lot of very warm air and a quick
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transition to rain across south jersey and delaware by 6:00 in the morning, still snow in philadelphia but then all that warm air surges up from the south and by 11:00 it changed over to rain across our entire viewing area and still a bit of mixing across the poconos. so how much snow do we expect before the change ore to rain. south jersey and delaware nothing to a coating that will get wash add way immediately. the i-95 corridor wilmington trenton about an inch and the poconos 5 inches and the transition will take longer across the lehigh valley and the poconos. probably into the afternoon. the big picture of the weekend showing first we have the warm front saturday morning that brings us snow, sleet changing over to ice all to rain by mid-day. saturday afternoon to saturday night a lull and damp and the problem with that the areas with the deeper snow the lehigh valley and poconos could have dense fog and sun morning ahead
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of the cold front temperatures up near 60 and rain develops and we could get a soaking rain on sunday before temperatures crash in the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow it's cold and diminishing winds and 128 degrees, the snow is moving in after midnight tomorrow and saturday snow changing over to ice and then rain by mid-day, and 48 degrees and sunday 60 with rain and the rain moves through late in the afternoon and temperatures dropping into the 30s by evening and overnight low down to 27 degrees, monday we dry out and brisk and cold and 34 degrees, tuesday chilly with sun and 38 and how ironic is this, winter begins officially on wednesday, it gets milder 42 degrees and rain possible on thursday, 46 looks like a surge of mild air likely lasting through christmas so chances of a white christmas slim to none this year. >> thank you. the giving spirit of the catholic high school was much in evidence today even though the school itself is gone.
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in eddiestone the saint james alumni wrapped up their annual drive to collect toys and coats for needy kids. all the items go out to organizations in the area. the school closed in 1993 but the thousands of graduates continue to work together. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" here at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, guilty on all counts. dylann roof convicted for the cold blooded murders of nine black worshippers. tonight, what comes next, and will he face the death penalty? the major new storm hitting tonight, coast to coast. the 60-car pileup. the heavy snow stranding drivers. thousands of flights delayed and canceled. and the life threatening cold. brian ross investigates tonight. was russian president vladimir putin behind the hacking? was he out to stop hillary clinton from becoming president? the air scare tonight. the passenger jet forced to land in chicago, the bird strike. american firefighters and paramedics, were hundreds of them mistakenly exposed to ricin? and celebrating a broadcasting legend we lost today. good ev


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