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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 16, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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wind chills even lower than that. but put all the numbers aside and you're left with this. tonight will be the coldest december night in eight years. it is thursday night, and the big story on action news tonight is a brutal night in the tristate area. our sub-freezing temperatures stay with us for another day. meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest information from accuweather. >> and, jim, it's a bit of a shock to the system. afternoon temperatures never out of the 20s. now in the teens. philadelphia, 18, allentown and wilmington, 17. the poconos, 7. if you factor in the winds, they have diminished a lot since earlier. we had wind gusts near 50 miles per hour. but even with a diminishing wind, the wind chill is brutal. feel like 4 in philadelphia and wilmington. feels like 1 below in allentown, 1 in reading and the wind chill in the poconos a whopping 13 degrees below zero.
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wind chills in effect until 9:00 tomorrow night for the poconos. tomorrow morning, you can step outside. this is the way it's going to feel. south jersey and delaware, wind chills in the single digits, zero to five. philadelphia, the nearby suburbs, wind chills zero to five degrees below zero. the lehigh valley and the poconos, the wind chills tomorrow morning 5 below to 15 degrees below zero. put on a few extra layers tomorrow morning than you did this morning as you head to the bus stop. a good amount of sunshine, but kids if you have to spend any time waiting for the bus, make sure they have the layers on. temperatures for air temperatures in the low teens. but, again, many areas the wind chills will be below zero. i am tracking a weekend storm. been talking about this for a while now. it's going to come in pieces. the low pressure is west of denver. the first thing we get is a warm front. when it first moves in late
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tomorrow night, it'll be cold enough for snow, but that warm front pulls in a lot of warm air. and we have a cold front moving through on sunday. i'll break down what to expect and the timing in the full accuweather forecast. >> action news reporter dann cuellar is at pgw with the story of an apartment building in germantown that has no heat. dan, what's the story? >> reporter: jim, what a night to be without heat. but in fact a germantown developer who pgw says owes it a substantial amount of money has done just that. he's left his tenant us out with no heat. to his credit the tenants said he sent people to warn everybody they may want to stay somewhere else for a few days. >> they didn't pay their bill and getting rent, but there's no heat. >> reporter: leonard mason is one of 20 residents at 200 east church lane. they have been without heat for months. they have been able to get by, but now it's bitterly cold >>
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there's no heat in the building. >> reporter: how are you somedaying warm? >> the best we can. and my sister has cancer. for the third time, lung cancer is back. starting chemo and radiation. >> reporter: what are you going to do with your baby? got to keep her warm. >> we are going to be moving. >> reporter: but right now you're stuck. >> pretty much. >> reporter: managers came around yesterday knocking on the doors. >> asked everybody to leave for a couple days. if you leave, somebody breaks in. the door doesn't lock. >> reporter: the gas is supposed to be included in the rent money. pgw says it's owned by emmanuel freeman and his wife, emma. pgw said they consistently failed to pay for gas with the bill reaching almost $60,000. pgw tried to work out payment plans, but unfortunately we have not been successful in our efforts, and they have not
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agreed to the terms for the restoration of service. meanwhile a manager who would speak only through a door speaker box says they're still trying to work things out. >> in the meantime we're telling folks don't stay here if you're cold p we need help. and they don't do anything. and they keep trying to pass the buck and pass the buck and pass the buck. >> reporter: now, the manager said pha handed out vouchers for people to stay somewhere else, but they're fearful of leaving their apartments for fear someone will steal their stuff. they handed out space heaters, but hardly adequate on a night like this. live at pgw headquarters, i'm dann cuellar. >> action news morning team will be on beginning at 4:30 to show you how the coldest december temperatures in years are affecting the friday morning commute. the freezing cold temperatures hampered fire fighters efforts to battle a blaze. a viewer recorded this on
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popular avenue at 8:00 tonight. it took more than an hour to bring the blaze under control. fortunately, nobody was hurt. princeton university has suspended its men's swimming team following a complaint about offensive material being shared among student athletes on listserv. the content is described tonight as vulgar, misogynistic and racist in nature. a decision about the remaining athletic schedule is now pending. donald trump's thank you tour stormed into hershey, pennsylvania, tonight. where more than 10,000 supporters hailed his victory. trump's win in pennsylvania was crucial to his victory on election night. and trump had this to say. >> i just want to thank the incredible people of pennsylvania. okay? thank you. thank you very much. thank you. incredible people. unbelievable people. and in four years we're going to
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win it by even more. all right? >> trump asked the mostly white crowd to cheer for the african-american community, saying that african-americans heeded his message and did not come out to vote for hillary clinton. meanwhile trump continues to contest the idea that russia interfered with our presidential election. the white house says tonight that vladimir putin was involved personally. monica has been following the story. where do the players stand? >> the delicate truth between president obama and president-elect trump is shaken. the white house and u.s. intelligence officials confirm that it eave appears russian president vladimir putin directly toyed with the u.s. race for president. >> nobody at the white house thinks it's funny that an adversary of the united states engageed in malicious cyber
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activity to destabilize our democracy. >> terse words today after the cia linked russia's intelligence agency to the hacking of dnc documents and even implied that russian president vladimir putin was behind that effort. moscow denied the accusations. >> that's not something they say lightly. that's something when they have a smoking gun. >> reporter: the white house suggests trump knew and may have encouraged the effort. he did not mention it during the thank you stop in pennsylvania today. but tweeted out that, quote, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost? end quote. they call the accusations undemocratic and hypocritical and say it wouldn't have changed who won the election. >> what a lot of do you have or anything has that this affected the election? >> reporter: president obama has ordered a review of the harks. it will be before the january
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20th inauguration. president obama says they should pay a price. perhaps referring to secret bank accounts that could be frozen. critics say it may not matter because in a month the new trump administration could do them. >> the electoral college votes in four days. thank you, monica. a decision from delaware supreme court today on the death penalty means 12 death row inmates spared from execution. the state supreme court ruled in august that the delaware death penalty law was unconstitutional. today the court determined that applies retroactively. the decision came due to an appeal by derrick powell who was convicted of killing georgetown police officer spicer in 2009. he will now be resentenced to life in prison. police trying to track down the bandit who broke into a
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student apartment on north 18th street at 5 a.m. armed with a gun and wearing a mask the bandit stole a female student's belongings including her iphone and laptop. the student woke up to find him in her room. she didn't scream. he didn't say anything. she was not hurt. it was a surprise for a driver seeing two dogs on the betsy ross bridge today. and then seconds later even more heart stopping as one of the dogs jumps over the concrete median and seems to fall off the bridge. but we have learned there was a walkway below and the dog was not hurt. drpa officials say the canine was taken to a shelter. however, they believe the other one ran away. the school district of philadelphia is getting a new high school next year. in a unique partnership the philadelphia housing authority is buying the old vox high school. the building, for $2 million and will be spending up to 15 million more to renovate it. it will be managed by big
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picture learning. the school is set to reopen in september with a focus on internships and college preparation. eventual serving 500 students. support staff in the chester upland school district has ratified a six year labor deal tonight. the contract is retroactive to 2013 and runs through 2019. the terms include work changes and wage increases for school secretaries, aids, and other employees. negotiations with the teachers union continue. a career of public service came to a celebratory end tonight in mercer county. freeholder anthony carabelli sr. took place in his last meeting before retirement. he has been in some form of government since 1970. do the math, that's 46 years. colleagues toasted him tonight. he will now be able to spend more time with his wife, four
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children, and seven grandsons. still to come on action news tonight, the one thing that jurors asked to see before convicting dylann roof in the charleston church massacre, and the twist in the upcoming death penalty phase. plus the long lines are not for the hottest holiday toy, but to buy water with another american city's supply now tainted. >> get ready for the coldest december night in eight years with temperatures in the teens. wind chills in some areas below zero. but a weekend storm will bring us some dramatic changes in temperature. i'll explain in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> plus the first reviews of rogue one are coming in as it's opening night for the newest star wars movie. that and more when action news continues tonight.
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the gunman convicted today of killing nine african-americans in the charleston church shooting massacre says he plans to represent himself at his sentencing. and 22-year-old dylann roof is facing the death penalty. it took the south carolina jury only a few hours of deliberation today to find the self-described white supremacist guilty on all counts. they only asked to see his confession to the fbi one more time. >> i went to that church in charleston. and then i did it. >> so your deal, is it -- >> i had to take racial issue. >> and make it worse. >> right. >> as he was convicted today roof just stared ahead. sentencing beginning in january. the shooting and bombing has stopped and now it's a massive evacuation effort in the former
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rebel enclave of aleppo, syria. the buses took about a thousand people earlier today, including about 300 children. the cease fire of brokered by turkey and russia. of course, russia alied with the syrian president to route the rebels from the city. the biggest victory so far in the five and half-year-old civil war. a water crisis in texas. the city of corpus christi telling the 300,000 residents not to use or drink tap water. a harmful chemical contaminated the water supply. boiling, freezing or filtering the water will not make it safe. there's a run on bottled water. lines out the door at many supermarkets. state officials are sending shipments of clean water, but don't know when the green light will be given again. the milwaukee bucks were paying tribute tonight to the late broadcaster craig sager.
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they wore flashy warmup shirts to mimic his wardrobe. he battled cancer for years and got three bone marrow transplants. he earned the jimmy v. award this year. devry university will pay $100 million to settle a lawsuit. the ftc said they misled students about job prospects. they claimed in advertisements that 90% of its graduates were hired for jobs within their respective fields in six months. the settlement money goes to students including paying off loans and debts. they have locations locations ir city, philadelphia, fort washington and cherry hill. family facebook figured outo fight back against fake news. they will be flagged, and there
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will be information for why the information is unverified. and facebook will warn users before they share a disputed story. the social network is partnering with five news and fact checking organizations for this effort. abc news, the associated press, fact, poelyty fact, and snepes. the opening night for the star wars franchise. excited fans showed up in force to see rogue one. before the movie started they enjoyed star wars drinks, star wars band. and action news was in delaware county to hear reviews as die hard fans came out >> it was amazing. really awesome. >> star wars. are you kidding me? >> it was exactly what i was hoping to expect from it. it was -- i don't even know how to put it into words. it's like, crazy. >> rogue one is produced by
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disney which, of course, is the parent company of channel 6. nasa now has eight new eyes in the sky to monitor hurricanes from space. cecily is glad to hear about this. agency launched the fleet of microsatellites this morning from a plane with a pegasus rocket to 39,000 feet. that rocket took the satellite up into orbit. each is about the size of a carry-on suitcase. the $157 million mission will be able to measure wind speeds at the ocean's surface, even through heavy rain, which should improve forecasts of hurricane intensities. and, of course, hurricanes is within of your big deals. >> hard to predict the track and the intensity. they will be put to use. >> more technology to help one cecily tynan. >> that's a good thing and i'm looking forward to next summer. >> i get it. >> winter hasn't arrived yet,
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brutally cold. storm tracker double scan showing we are drive. but a storm system is going to bring us a messy weekend. step outside tonight, though, the wind chill, 4 in philadelphia and wilmington, atlantic city, cape may, 5 in trenton, zero in lancaster, 1 below in allentown and 13 degrees below zero in the poconos. we have a wind chill advisory in effect. satellite 6 showing not only are we dry, cloud-free. great look at the nearly full moon. it was full last night. it was a super moon last night. covered in clouds last night. but the clouds rolling in during the day tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a storm system to arrive in pieces. first the warm front. when it moves in, cold enough for snow. and then a cold front. and ahead that have we have a surge of very warm air. tomorrow, though, it's going to be cold. wind chill tracker showing 6:00 in the morning. 4 degrees, bundle up heading to
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work or school. but then in the afternoon, the winds ease. still very cold. temperatures only in the upper 20s. wind chills in the low 20s, but not as brutal as today. so it will be getting better. and future tracker showing the system, that warm front on saturday. begins to snow after midnight friday night. and a quick changeover to rain across south jersey and delaware. by day break, all rain. still mixing along the i-95 corridor. stubborn to move across the far northwestern suburbs, snowing. and mixing across the lehigh valley and the poconos. and a break in the action before the cold front moves through on sunday. the front end snow, i-95 corridor, south and east, barely anything. a coating to maybe an inch. closer to a coating. that warm air moved in quickly. northwest suburbs, a little bit more. 1 to 3 inches before the changeover. and the poconos, 3 to 5.
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as far as the timing for the changeover, lehigh valley, northwest suburbs, stay home during the morning if you can. changing over to sleet and ice. mid-morning, all rain by midday. and safe to move out. and do a little driving. i-95 metro area happens a lot earlier. brief sleet changed by early in the morning. delaware and south jersey, rain by dawn. so the accuweather forecast, saturday, snow, ice. and late in the day on saturday, saturday night get a lull in the action. and sunday, 60 degrees. ahead of that cold front that will bring us a soaking of rain. and then temperatures dropping into the 30s by evening. could have a touch of back end snow. monday and tuesday, temperatures in the 30s. wednesday when winter officially arrives, it's mild. 42. and thursday looks like we could have rain for eagles thursday night football. temperatures in the 40s. and, of course, new information on the way overnight. david murphy will have that on
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action news at 4:30. >> the winfield pals center was a busy place. action news was there for the center's holiday party. youngsters received presents. but everybody was on their best behavior when santa arrived.
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well, they were sampling the cuisine tonight for next month's 2017 philadelphia auto show black tie tailgate data. the care for kids foundation had a previe of the menu. and the 6abc president among those enjoying the preview. we have to ask him tomorrow how the food was. i'm sure terrific. >> hopefully brought us a doggy bag. >> i doubt that. >> i'll just go hungry. >> that will never happen. >> you've seen me eat. talk about the eagles, they're hungry for a win. they have to find motivation somewhere. the eagles, still three more games left.
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the next is sunday at baltimore. the birds say they will give it their all the rest of the way. not for a sense of pride. they feel if they can finish strong that will give them a good foundation to build upon for next season. they expect to see baltimore's best come sunday. >> baltimore's in a must-win situation with their division. these are real reps, flying bullets, and a way to continue to build chemistry. and looking forward, the giants at the top of the east and such. shaping up with them and the cowboys they have to win too. so the rest of the season is more than pivotal for us to continue to build. >> rick lav a, do replained the injured snapper. he spent ten days with washington. while waiting for the shot in the nfl, he was working at his family's restaurant in new jersey. >> doing everything, cooking breakfast sandwiches, making subs, i can do pizzas, ringing
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people up. basically everyone's job there is to do everything and help each other. i didn't know if they were going to bring me in or a few guys to try out. but the day after the game i was able to get that phone call. >> he stayed busy. to the phillys, possible two seasons, but the phils like what they have seen from herrera. given him a five year contract extension. still young, turns 25 later this month. off a solid season. 286 and 15 home runs. led in hits and stolen bases and named to the national league all star team. still ahead, the sixers lose a player for the season. plus
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the sixers have announced that jared bayliss is out for the season. appeared in just three game this is season. last night, an experiment. started embiid and oh kafor together for the first time. embiid scored a season low nine points. he was out of sorts last night. >> you know, his world was changed for a moment. and so i can see why he wouldn't trust the process. he was in a different land for a large portion of the game. so i just think time is the probably the single word that we all need to have with it all. >> the flyers ten game win streak will be intact for a couple more days. back in action against dallas. number ten last night in colorado. the longest win streak for the
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flyers in 31 yours. >> i think every team is on a streak in our division. trying to keep pace. >> i'm proud of the way everybody in the locker room has performed. we have talked about it a lot. we found different ways to win hockey games. but the one constant is the guys are battling. >> the hottest team in all of professional sports. >> thank you, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by nightline. the guests tonight, blake shelton and andrea rhysboro. and at 4:30 we continue. with cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire action news team i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪ new >> action news is responsedder in part by bob's discount furniture.
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