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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., friday, december 16. we're following breaking news. >> indeed fire crews are working to find out what started a house fire that left one person dead. we're live with the details. >> rescue crews pull a driver from a fiery crash on a major highway in delaware overnight. >> you have to bundle up, it is bitterly cold out there and accuweather is tracking snow for the weekend. >> karen rogers is watching traffic. we always require david to go outside at 6:00 a.m. it's time for that. >> reporter: i'm loving it out
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here, thankfully i have a very warm coat on. we have another issue, a winter weather advisory has been posted at 10:00 p.m. because of the arrival of snow. most of you won't see snow until after midnight. the weather service is being caution and anytime after 10:00 p.m. you have to look out for it. we'll see the snow change to rain starting in the south pushing in the poconos later in the day. you'll see improvement with temperatures rising and snow on the roads with transitional rain and sleet melting away tomorrow morning. be cautious up to say, 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. midday in allentown. up in the poconos you'll have to wait longer for the situation to improve. we have sunshine on the way, clear skies, 16 degrees in understand. 13 in allentown and reading. 1 in lancaster. the winds which will be dieing down later are a factor.
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for now it feels like 4 degrees. when i step inside we'll talk about where temperatures are going today. looks like it's no better than the 20s, karen rogers. future tracker 6 handling the snow and rain. >> reporter: we have big problems on i-95 an accident involving an overturned vehicle has been blocking all lanes. right lane is blocked, so traffic is squeezing by. this is the backup live on i-95, this is past 320. the accident is near the commodor barry bridge. you're jammed from the blue route to the commodor barry bridge, southbound a 32 minute ride, just had a live update from the blue route to delaware, normally that's an easy five minutes. i-95 southbound at times we're seeing a complete standstill. they are letting -- the right lane is blocked, they are letting the left lane get by. chopper 6 hd is heading to the scene. you see speeds at 2 miles per hour. it was the blue route, now it's approaching the blue route down to the commodor barry bridge
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where you're traveling so slowlily because of the big accident involving an overturned vehicle in chester county. on the big picture, the blue route is moving okay. i have not seen the back up spill into the blue route, but it will because i-95 is jammed. schuylkill expressway moving in the ho os -- 40s and 50s. fire on millic street. other areas near cottman and girard moving okay. >> let's talk about the fire, we're following that breaking news. fire crews got the call to race out on on a icy night the house fire they found is a deadly eventful weekend anne has all the -- annie mccormick has all the details. >> reporter: this is a fatal fire according to the red cross who is heading out to assist
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people on the spot. however, we do not have the detail on the victim at the time. as you take a look it's an active scene, i'm getting out of way as the fire officials are moving a frozen hellos out of the way. the focus is you must you can see a firefighter on the roof that's where heavy flames were on the second floor. take a look at the video. this fire was reported at 4:00 a.m. in the 100 block of south millic street in southwest philadelphia. like we said heavy fire was showing from a second floor bedroom. when fire crews arrived there were reports of a person trapped on the second floor. there were concerns about the fire spreading to a neighboring house. now, we do have reports that earlier police were able to transport a 39-year-old man to presbyterian hospital with second degree burns over 60% of his body. we do not know his condition at this time. we do not know if there were more people transported or if there was anybody found in the
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home. so at this point, we know this is a fatal fire, howfer we do not -- however, we do not know the age of the victim and we have no details about the victim. this is an active scene we are waiting for officials to come out and give us more details. we know that several other people were affected that live on the block. they have a septa bus up around the block, in case anybody can't be inside their house they can sit inside the warm septa bus, red cross is on their way out to assist. report be live in southwest philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> a driver in delaware lost control and flipped into an embankment and that caused the car to burst into flames on 495 philadelphia pike in claymont. rescue crews had to pull the driver out of the vehicle which was upside down. a passing truck driver used his own fire extinguisher to help fire crews. the driver is in critical
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condition with burns and other injuries. burlington county authorities are investigating a deadly crash in bordentown township. it happened at 206 even rising sun square road. the tractor-trailer collided with another vehicle, that person was killed. >> princeton university has suspended the men's swimming and diving team because of offensive material being shareholder by student athletes -- being shared by student athletes. >> for profit college is going to pay a high price to settle a federal lawsuit. maribel aber has more on that. >> reporter: devry university will pay $100 million for former students for misleading advertising over the ads that 90% of grads landed a job within
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6 months of graduating and earning higher salaries. $49 million will be paid to students harmed by the adds. 50 million will go to debt relief. stock posted modest gains as the marched toward 20,000. reports on housing starts an building permits are due out later today. >> that's the latest news from nasdaq, have a great weekend and stay warm, matt. >> thank you, maribel. a germantown developer has left his tenants out in the cold with no heat in their apartments. 20 residents say they need without heat for months. the philadelphia housing authority handed out vouchers and heaters. 24e don't want to -- they don't want to leave because they are
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afraid someone will break into their apartment. >> we need help, we need help. >> they keep trying to pass the buck. >> the gas is supposed to be included in the rent, but pgw said the property owner has failed to pay the gas bill and has an outstanding balance of $60,000. the timing could not be worse. >> it's almost painful to hear that. >> reporter: not the morning for that. storm tracker 6 live double scan we'll talk about all this, you'll see how we're dry at least. as we look outside, yeah, sun is coming up over the horizon above the ben franklin bridge later on. it's very cold, even though the winds are expected to die down through the day, they are having a big impact right now. here the temperatures this morning, in philadelphia, 16 degrees this about the coldest we've been in the morning in philadelphia in about 8 years. 1 degrees in allentown. 13 in reading. 12 in lancaster. 14 in wilmington, 15 in millville. a little bit better in cape may. keep in mind the windchills are
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making it feel close to zero. a windchill of 3 in philadelphia. there's the lack of cloud cover, so, yes, we get some sun today. up in the lehigh valley we only get to 26. the thing about the high temperatures i'll show you this morning, they are not all hitting until later tonight. it's going to be a slow climb from the teens to the mid 20s and finally up to 26 later on. winds die down a bit as the day goes on. same story at the shore, in the 20s in the afternoon. feeling like the low 20s or upper teens. philadelphia, sun and clouds, that 28 hitting at 10:00 p.m. tonight. we'll be in the mid 20s at the height usual height of the afternoon heating. winds ourselves west 8 to 16 not as strong as yesterday, but strong enough to keep the windchills in the teens. overnight tonight we dip to 24 more clouds building in and there's snow arriving after midnight. wind dieing down a little bit.
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the winter weather advisory kicks in at 10:00 p.m. the first band of this will be in the northern half of the region. i'm not going to rule out the i-95 picking up something. as we get into dawn there will be warm air coming up from the south across the entire region. this is 53:00 a.m., probably -- 5:30 a.m. in philadelphia, probably snowing in philadelphia. by 9:00 a.m., the rain changeover is through the i-95 corridor. we'll be looking at potential icy patches. we'll get to 11:00 p.m. the lehigh valley is changing over and things should gradually improve and we'll see drying in the afternoon. i want to give you a word to the wise, the snow to rain change will be fast, there will be a broaf period -- brief period of rain in between. the ice might be slow to melt.
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just because you see the rain, be careful there might be icy patches and freezing rain. something to keep in mind tomorrow. about a coating to an inch that gets washed away in philadelphia. one to three in lehigh valley and 3 to 5 in the poconos. 28 is the high, later tonight. we get snow at night changing over to a brief period of ice to rain, 48 is the high. we get up to 60 on sunday, rain around. temperatures start to fall in the afternoon and evening and we're probably back in the 30s by dinnertime. we top out in the 30s on monday and tuesday. 42 winter arrives on wednesday, thursday, 46 degrees kind of messy for the eagles. might be a little bit of rain. >> still ahead on "action news," a texas city warns residents not to use the tap water due to concerns of a contaminated water supply. >> president-elect donald trump
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returns to pennsylvania for his thank you tour. >> reporter: i-95 is backed up because of the southbound accidents involving an overturned vehicle. we'll check in with chopper 6 hd when "action news" comes right back. fios in the house!
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more breaking news, yet another
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fire broke out on this extremely chilly morning, firefighters were injured. this started ridge road, southampton township, new jersey. the house is in a wooded area, so firefighters had to bring in an extra tanker truck for the water supply. the firefighters are hospitalized with smoke inhalation. chopper 6 hd is over breaking news, more trouble on i-95 southbound in chester county. take a look at the wreck, that vehicle lost control and ran off they highway injuring themselves and passenger. there are medics at the scene. as chopper pulled back that has caused trouble on the roadway, let's go over to karen rogers for more. >> reporter: you can see how the car is up you on the wedge there, look at the backup on i-95. southbound the accident scene near the commodor barry bridge in chester, in delaware county, the backup is for miles, you see the headlights how they just
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keep stretching from approach the blue route down to the commodor barry bridge. you are jammed at this point. chopper 6 hd live on the scene, showing the terrible accident, single-vehicle accident, you can see how the car is wedged up on the side. it has taken a while. we have fire crews on the scene. for a while they were blockerring all lanes. -- blocking all lanes. this is the backup you can see people not moving. it is 38 minute ride from the blue route to delaware on i-95 southbound. normally it would be five minutes, it's taking you six times longer this morning to get there. i'll go back to that in a second, first i want to show you the map, you're moving 3 miles per hour i-95 southbound from approaching the blue route down toward the commodor barry bridge where the accident was blocking all lanes, we saw from the chopper shot how they are letting the left lane get by, the right lane is blocked.
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we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway near montgomery. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, traffic is squeezing by. i'm looking, i don't see police on the scene with this accident yet. looks like debris on the roadways everybody is driving through it. looks like broken glass, be careful as you drive through. this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound at montgomery we have an accident, two vehicles here, one on either side, this vehicle is not moving either, i'm not sure it's involved. doesn't look like police are on the scene. traffic is snaking by in the middle of the two cars on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at montgomery another new accident just coming in. also a water main break in a bad spot. 70 eastbound past 295. a quick look at the temperatures, 13 degrees in warrington, 16 in center city. even colder than yesterday, 14 right now in hammonton tam. >> thank you karen, we want to continue with breaking news, give you an update on a story we've been following, that goes
6:18 am
the heavy fire in southwest philadelphia millic street, we're told it was a young man that died. that's all we are being told it was a young man who was killed in the fire. four homes damaged, heavy smoke and flames as firefighters got to the scene dealing with the fire and the icy conditions. we were told about a 39-year-old man who was rescued from the home severely burned, 60% of his body burned taken to presbyterian hospital. we're keeping an eye on his condition and more details in we'll share them with you. >> officials in copper pulse christy -- corpus christy said residents can drink the tap water, but bulk of the residents should avoid it. harmful chemical got into the
6:19 am
city water lines. donald trump will hold an event in orlando, florida as part of his thank you tour. trump thankedded supporters in hershey pennsylvania last night a month after reversing political history in the state. he less by one percent over hillary something a member of his party has not done since 1988. >> i want to thank the incredible people of pennsylvania. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]. thank you. unbelievable people. and in four years we'll win it by even more all right? >> here's tech bytes we'll be right back. >> reporter: in tech bytes, facebook's bold new step to crackdown on so-called fake news. the social media giant can tapping professional journalists as fact checkers that includes
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the associated press and washington post and abc news. general motors has started testing autonomous vehicles on public roads. michigan governor allowed the driving on public roads to reestablish itself as a auto invo -- innotice elevator. stimulate that economy. those are tech bytes.
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6:23 am
emergency workers that surprises me looking a it. i've got two vehicles there, only the center lane gets by. schuylkill expressway eastbound near montgomery backing things up. i want to show you the travel time because of an accident on i-95 southbound near the commodor barry bridge. if you're heading south of the blue route, 38 minute ride normally five minutes. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids up warmly this morning, karen. temperatures in the teens and windchills near zero. budge them up. 15 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 21 by noon, 25 by 3 that's usually around the time we get the high temperature. notice the high is 28 we'll hit that around 9:00 p.m. so it takes us a while to get there. wind dieing down and staying cold today we have snow arriving after midnight tonight and changing over to rain during the morning and afternoon tomorrow. tam that will start out down
6:24 am
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for the latest entry into the star wars franchise, fans came out enforce. before the movie started they enjoyed star wars drinks and band. "action news" was in edgemont, delaware county to hear the reviews as the star wars fans came out. >> it was amazing. >> it was exactly what i was hoping to expect from it. i don't know how to put it into words. it was crazy. >> rogue one is produced by disney which is the parent company of 6abc. it is on track to earning millions worldwide. wile be doing my part. >> still to come on "action news," fire races through a home in southwest philadelphia. "action news" has learned that young man has died. we'll have a live report from the scene next.
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>> break be right now on "action news," within the past few minutes, we have learned that a young man has died in a house fire in southwest philadelphia. we're live at the scene with the developing details. breaking a trio of suspected robbers opened fire on philadelphia police during a chase and don't get much further than that. >> two officers were taken to the hospital after their patrol car collided with another car at a busy intersection. >> by the way this is the coldest december day in 8 years. if that is not enough for all you winter weather lovers, accuweather is tracking snow on the way. >> good morning, 6:30, december 16. it could be worse for matt and
6:31 am
karen and i we could be david murphy standing outside. >> reporter: i want to give you the winter weather advisory, we have snow arriving and that continues overnight into saturday morning and then we expect a gradual changeover to rain starting down south and winding up up north during the morning and into the midday into the early afternoon hours. up in the poconos the advisory may last. down south you're in the advisory for early possible snow and maybe sleet. satellite shows you we'll start out sunny, cloudy later. the big story, 16 in philadelphia. 13 in allentown. 12 in lancaster, 15 in trenton, 15 in millville. even though the winds are less overall today they are a factor this morning.
6:32 am
feels like 4 in the city. one glow in lancaster. zero in -- one below in lancaster. zero in wilmington. as we go through the day we'll get a high of 28, but that's not until later this evening. a slow climb today. 21 at noon. 23 by 3:00 p.m. 26 degrees by 5. 7:by 7. high of 28 around 10:00 p.m. karen when i come in we'll track the snow and the all-important rain tomorrow. >> reporter: david we have two accidents one on i-95 and one on the schuylkill expressway. the one on i-95 is approaching the commodor barry bridge. it's a single-vehicle accident, somebody lost control. the vehicle flipped around facing the wrong way, promed up against the wall -- propped up against the wall there. i-95 southbound by the commodor
6:33 am
barry bridge. they have been blocking all lanes, that's what messed up traffic. chopper chopper 6 was overhead a minute ago, they are letting traffic squeeze by, really jammed from approaching the blue route to the commodor barry bridge with this big accident download, you can stick to route 13. a minute ago this was blockerring all lanes, schuylkill expressway eastbound at montgomery drive. i showed you this accident even before police arrived on the scene. now we have a number of police officers here. we have two vehicles people were trying to sneak by in between. the accident off to the side. schuylkill expressway eastbound at montgomery drive, looks like a little bit of debris on the road. people are driving through it okay. watch for heavier traffic schuylkill expressway eastbound accident pushed off to the side. i want to show you the travel times, i-95 southbound from the blue route to delaware, 42 minute ride, normally it's a quick, easy five minutes. the schuylkill expressway 33 minutes between the blue route
6:34 am
and the vine because of the accident there. dislo. let's turn to our breaking news story, "action news" has learned that one man was killed in a house fire in southwest philadelphia. annie mccormick has more details and joins us at the fire scene on south millic street. >> reporter: matt we have an update we talked to the fire commissioner who confirmed that it is a fatal fire one young man was found dead in the home where they did arrive to put out the fire. they are not confirming how would that young man is. a 39-year-old man in the same home where the young man was found dead, the 39-year-old was taken to the hospital with severe burns. i want to give you a look behind here, we showed you the wrong house, the 4th home where the fire began. when they arrived that's where they found heavy flames and that's the home where they found the deceased and rescued the
6:35 am
39-year-old. this happened around 4:00 a.m. in the 1200 block of millick street in southwest philadelphia. it was a heavy response from firefighters. the fire spread to three other homes. a factor according to the commissioner was wind. they are dealing with icy conditions out here. the fire spread nine people are out of their homes. the red cross is here to try to help them. we did speak to the commissioner, here's what he had to say. >> they are risking their lives in there today. they are heartbroken, we all have killed. they are heartbroken they couldn't do more, they really did try. >> reporter: not confirming the age of the deceased saying it's a young man. as for the 39-year-old man that was transport the to presbyterian hospital. that man has 60% of his body covered in second degree burns
6:36 am
and is listed in serious condition. a lot of work to be done out here. this has not begun to be investigated yet. the fire marshal is out here, they don't know a cause or if smoke alarms were in the home. we know that red paws relief is out here looking for pets that were displaced. one person is in the hospital one person is dead, back to you. >> an overnight cruiser crash sent two philadelphia police officers to the hospital. the action cam was on the scene at the intersection of broad street and snyder avenue. one officer hurt his head and the other suffered a leg injury. neither are considered life threatening. the two occupants of the other car were treated for minor injuries. a traffic stop in the city's feltonville section led to shots fired at police and
6:37 am
ended up in the arrests of three men. the three suspects, 17, 18, 19 used a gun to rob someone along the boulevard at 1:30 a.m. victim provided police with a description of the vehicle. the officers spotted the vehicle there was a pursuit. >> the officers went into the alley to chase the suspects on foot. one of the suspects fired a shot at the police. all three police were in full uniform operating a marked card there was no mistaking who they were. one of the suspects fired a shot at the police, police showed restraint and did not return fire. >> police say they found a loaded gun and one spent shell casing at the scene. the three people under arrest face charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault against a police officer. >> several fire crews in the tri-state area have had a tough night fighting the flames in the extreme cold. firefighters had to battle the
6:38 am
elementary trying to get elements trying to get the upper hand in burlington county. the fire crews are extinguishing hot spots, no injuries were reported. >> you might have to think some of the he is fires are getting the heating units going and not using them properly. >> reporter: seems like we get this every year. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are dry, that's kind of the good news. we as we look outside we have cold conditions out there, cold enough to keep the rothman ice rink frozen without any aid as we are down in the teens across the region and staying below freezing straight through into tonight. our sky 6 city hall camera showing you that. the winds have died down to 10 and we're looking at a windchill of 4 and the suburbs lower than
6:39 am
that. bundle up this morning. lots of sunshine on the way early, maybe clouds later on, again, the winds dieing down a bit as the day goes on. the temperature will struggle, 15 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 17 by 10:00 a.m. 21 by noon. 3:00 p.m., 25. usually 3:00 p.m. is what i tell you the high is going to be. 26 by 6:00 p.m. the high of 28 won't come in until 9:00 p.m., so p.m. -- 10:00 p.m. winds dieing down, but very cold through the afternoon. 26 in allentown. 27 in reading an trenton. 28 in wilmington. 30 in millville. 32 in cape may. and then we get snow overnight, by 11:00 p.m., the model wants to stay dry, but sometime after midnight we're looking at snow sweep up the i-95 corridor and mainly in the northern suburbs is where the higher amounts would be, so that makes sense.
6:40 am
i-95 snow fills in all the way up to the poconos. rain starts around 6:00 p.m. warm air will transition the rain. it will transition to rain south to north tomorrow. there will be an area where you get freezing rain. but the changeover will be quick. 9:00 a.m., all rain in philadelphia and probably to mix in rain drops in allentown, as well. later on in the midday, hours, to noon, even allentown will start is to change over. one thing i will caution you the afternoon is dry, there may be a little bit of a delay in the rain washing away all the ice and melting all that. in terms of snow looks like a coating to an inch near philadelphia. that will wash away in the rain. one to three up north and three to five in the poconos. a lot of time that will stay -- a lot of that will stay on the ground. the timing in the lehigh valley
6:41 am
mid morning to midday to get the rain. rain at down in south jersey and delaware. here's the hot tip. remember this is going to be a slow change. you'll get snow changing to rain quickly, but freezing rain in between might ice up the roads a little bit and the ice might take longer to melt. when you see the snow earned and the rain starts, don't charge out the door, give it a chance to melt. chris sowers will be on tomorrow morning to get you through that on 6abc. 28 degrees is the high. later tonight, snow overnight and snow gradually changing to ice and rain pretty quickly from south to north through the morning hours, 48 is the afternoon high. sunday, 60 we got more rain. that 60 early in the day. temperatures will drop in the afternoon. it will be chillier in the afternoon. in the 30s monday and tuesday, back to the 40s on wednesday when winter arrives, thursday there can be a morning mix
6:42 am
during the day. >> winter is so here already. that's just a formality. 6:42 coming up on "action news," a developing story, a man shoots an officer in the head out west and seriously injuries him and barricades himself in the house. we have more on the standoff going on right now. >> a woman looks out the window and find people helping themselves to her christmas decorations. >> reporter: we have an accident off to the shoulder near montgomery, we'll check out i-95 and hour long delays, big news, when weak right back. >> 6:45 a.m., it is friday,
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
that's the ben franklin bridge. when you went to bed last night they can't say really cold, when you wake up this morning, assuming you are now, you wouldn't be listening to me. when you walk outside it's colder, 16 degrees on city avenue. it's a day karen when it's like can i stay under the covers a little bit longer. >> reporter: that would be so nice or you get up and go to work and sit in traffic for an hour. this is i-95 southbound you see the travel time we have a 36 minute ride between the blue route and delaware i-95 southbound because of this accident near the commodor barry bridge. i've got a shot of it here. this is chopper 6 hd overhead showing a single-vehicle accident, i know it's kind of hard to see here, it's dark. the vehicle is facing the wrong way lost control wedge himself
6:46 am
up against the barrier wall. for a while they had all lanes blocked on i-95 southbound, in delaware county. for now, one lane is crawling by from 420 to the commodor barry bridge. if you're heading southbound to the commodor barry bridge you'll have a huge delay stick to route 13 instead. look at the map yairt. earlier i told you i think we'll start to see the delay sneak out on the blue route, now we have, 16 miles per hour. on the waze app, somebody is reporting why on the blue route, southbound near springfield an accident scene starting to back up because of the back up on i-95 within the congestion a new accident reported there, as well. you're backed up on the blue route and i-95, why not have a back up on the schuylkill expressway, too, we'll kale it a trifecta -- call it a trifecta. schuylkill expressway eastbound is jammed from the blue route to the vine because of the accident
6:47 am
i showed you off to the side near montgomery, but extra heavy. watch for those. big problems with mass transit. one hour delay, think about how cold it is, coldest morning in 8 years, you're standing outside waiting for a train for an hour. they are having equipment problems and that's causing the issue there. all kinds of issues with traffic and mass transit. >> this is developing, the scene is active hours after a gunman shot a washington police officer in the ahead. mount vernon police say the shooter barricaded himself inside the home with several hostages. officers were called out to report of shooting. when officers approached the home, the suspected shooter opened fire. another person was grazed by a bullet in the shootout. that person is expected to be okay. a trio of bridges were caught on camera -- grinches were caught on camera stealing
6:48 am
christmas deck races in tennessee. nanny was watching tv when they are dog baby girl started barking. she spotted the woman putting decorations in her pick up truck. police arrested brandy mcneil and two teenagers. they also found drugs on the woman.
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> now to a preview of "good morning america."
6:51 am
>> robin roberts joins us live from nyc. sunny donald trump was in our state yesterday talking about the russian hacking situation with the election. >> reporter: you got that right matt and tam, president obama has tough words to russia in response to the alleged hacking that interfered with the u.s. election. putin fired back dismissing the statement as propaganda. brian ross is standing by with the latest in the investigation. 20 years after the jonbenet murder a juror is speaking out. faa is issuing a warning for people using popular holiday did he go -- decorations popular displays distracting pilots. lucas graham will get us ready for the weekend performing in the studio for three grammy nominations.
6:52 am
>> 7 years old is a great song. i bowing my husband those lights the other day, i don't want to you to take them away from us, but i'll watch the report. >> reporter: you got it. >> reporter: we have another big problem on i-95, look at this car fire, fully engulfed car fire we're seeing flames shooting up on i-95. no fire trucks on the scene. the police officer getting close trying to deal with the scene i-95 northbound breaking news at broad street there is a major car fire fully engulfed, penndot and police on the scene, traffic is getting by, i'm sure they will stop pretty soon because it's too dangerous if you see something like a tire blow at this point. the flames are shooting up on i-95 northbound at broad street, people slowing down and not sure if it is safe to pass, i wouldn't if i were you be careful there. >> reporter: that's the only thing warm across region. we've got the extra gear on the kids. it's cold this morning with
6:53 am
temperatures in the teens. windchills in the low single digits in most neighborhoods. this afternoon even though the winds die down it's cold and uncomfortable. 16 degrees in philadelphia. 13 in reading and allentown. here's the current windchills. feels like 4 in philadelphia. a little better in reading, when we say better it's relative. as we go through the day if you have to head out to the market stay bundled. 21 by noon, 25 by 3:00 p.m. the high is 28 we won't hit that until 9:00 p.m. tonight, so a slow climb. we'll be back with the top stories.
6:54 am
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breaking news and early-morning fire claimed the life of a young man in southwest philadelphia. firefighters pulled a 39-year-old man out of the house on millic street. else in the hospital with severe burns. >> reporter: we're going back to breaking news, a fire scene, a car engulfed in flames on i-95. fire crews have not made it to the scene yet. at this point they are letting traffic get by, northbound, dave, i wouldn't be surprised if they stop it soon. >> reporter: it's cold today, let's cover the other part of the story, a winter weather
6:57 am
advisory 10:00 p.m. overnight it's snowing and rain pushes in from the south tomorrow morning, gradually everybody changes over to rain. watch out for iciness on the roads. >> do stay warm, have a great weekend. for karen rogers, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. stay tuned for "good morning america." we're back in 25. ♪
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, president obama vows to retaliate against russia for interfering with our election. >> we need to take action, and we will. >> now u.s. officials tell abc news putin is a target of the fbi's investigation. president-elect trump slams the white house as hillary clinton speaks out saying putin had a grudge against her. >> and winter whiteout. life-threatening coal and snow for more than 100 million. this truck sliding on ice slamming into a bus. and a nearly 60-car pileup shuttling down this interstate in pennsylvania. slammed with two feet of snow and more on the way. 38 states facing alerts right now. an abc news exclusive. 20 years after jonbenet ramsey's murder, a grand juror speaking out for the first time about the secret ede


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