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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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their car slams into the back of a school bus on the boulevard. we're live with details on that. >> smoke fills an assisted living center in south jersey forcing dozens to evacuate. >> an arctic blast has canceled flights across the country. >> i'm sure david murphy grabbed something on the way out the door, and here's karen rogers. we have cloud cover across the region, we'll be dealing with that early, we'll see the breaks in the clouds that is occurring in central pennsylvania. that will move in our direction. 28 degrees in philadelphia. 23 in allentown. 24 in reading. 26 in lancaster. 25 in trenton. 28 in millville. 33 in cape may. the windchill making it feel like 19. the winds are not super strong, but they are running in the low
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teens that's giving you the windchills that obviously add to the idea of grabbing the coat and extra gear on the way out the door. keep it handy, 27 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 31 noon, 3:00 p.m., that's the high, 35 degrees. feeling like the upper 20s by 3:00 p.m. with the moderate breeze. 5:00 p.m. we're back down to freezing and 7:00 a.m. below freezing. karen, in a couple of days we'll see more moderate air come back into play, i'll tell you how high the temperatures are going coming up. >> reporter: let's hit the roads you'll want to warm up the car before you head out. we are dry we don't have any weather problems affecting the roads, though, this is i-95 at the ben franklin bridge, southbound traffic heading toward center city maybe a touch of volume, but light so far this morning. southbound approaching route 1, a disabled vehicle on the shoulder, it's our third disabled vehicle so far this morning. so watch for that this morning, it's so cold, you might want to be prepared for that, have a
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blanket in the car and make sure your cell phone is charged and you're not freezing out there as you wait for help. in montgomery county we have a transformer fire stick to fairfield as the alternate to that. live in new jersey, 42 northbound traffic heading toward the walt whitman bridge no problems no delays, matt. >> breaking now, fire forced out dozens of residents from an assisted living facility in south jersey, this is brandywine living on north church street. the fire started in a basement utility closet and smoke spread to the living area. 70 people had to move to another building on the moorestown campus. a crash involving a school bus in northeast philadelphia left two people dead, it cover worse, the bus had just dropped off a load of children. annie mccormick is live at the crash scene on the boulevard
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with more on the investigation. >> reporter: it was three minutes when the bus driver dropped off 28 kids. the bus driver was rear ended in the car. in that car, the driver and passenger were pronounced at the scene. take a look at the video, this happened at the intersection at woodward and the boulevard in the northbound lanes. a school bus driver from hung ton valley -- huntington valley christian county was at the light when the mercedes slammed into it and went under the back of the bus. the mercedes burst into flames, both people died. the driver of the bus was not injured. >> the mercedes that the victims were in that were killed in the accident had severe extreme damage, the engine compartment is smashed. the front windshield area and the driver and passenger front
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seat compartments are completely smashed. they are unrecognizable. >> reporter: and according to police, two of the witnesses to that accident, also happened to be off duty police officers who say appears that the mercedes was speeding. reporting live in the northeast, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> a car and motorcycle crashed in delaware leaving a man seriously injured and an intersection closed for several hours. this happened near old baltimore pike in newark at 9:00 p.m. the motor cyclist lost control and crashed his bike which caught fire. the man is in critical condition at christian hospital. happening today, the electoral college is expected to make donald trump as the next president of the united states. the vote will be closely watch because of the efforts to disrupt it. the college has come under
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increased focus for two reasons, because democratic hillary clinton won the popular vote, and the finding by intelligence agencies that russian hackers interfered in the presidential election. trump needs 270 votes to win, but the protest effort does not look successful. only elector who was pledged to trump will not pack the republican. chris christie is moving forward with a book deal. the senate will vote on a bill that would loosen the state ethics law. it would raise salaries for government cabinet members and county prosecutors and judges across the state making it something likely to pass, the bill was approved by the senate committee. bad weather created problems for travelers in philadelphia. sky6 live hd looking at philadelphia international, there are only four delays, not
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many problems this morning. some flights were delayed more than two hours yesterday. some front frontier airline flights were canceled on tuesday. >> they are going to put that can back on my account. that's like several work days, to get home, i have to do what it takes. >> "action news" reached out to frontier airline, but they dlienld to comment. >> 6:06. you could say vw is getting coal in its stocking paying a steeper price in an on going scandal. >> good way to put it, the cost for testing scandal could go up by $1 billion. they are closer to a -- to settle a claim for 80,000
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high-end models. stocks finished lower on friday. futures pointing to higher open. latest look on gdp is out this week. oil prices are creeping higher due to the oil producers will cut production. the price of a gallon of regular is up 6 cents 2.26. in philadelphia, gas is averaging 2.42 according to gas >> back to you matt and tam. >> let's get something off the table, white christmas, no chance. >> reporter: looks like it's going to be a wet christmas in the afternoon, but as i've been saying not as good for the romance of it, but better for traveling, probably. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have no precipitation after morning rain, the big
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change when we step outside, how much colder it is out there. sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge. every now and then our sky 6 cameras have been bouncing a little bit. there's a slight wind that's adding to the chilly feel. 28 in philadelphia. 28 in wilmington. yesterday's high was 60. we told you how it was going to get colder later on sunday and colder today all that has ended up coming about. 23 degrees in allentown. 25 in trenton. 30 in millville. 33 in cape may. again with the winds blowing out of the north, we're looking at windchills in the low 20s in philadelphia currently. an early issue this morning in some cornsers of -- corners of e neighborhood too, temperatures have dropped below freezing. if you're looking at standing water on the property or streets or sidewalks be careful there's a refreeze going on that that could be a problem for pedestrians and you on the side
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roads. we have clouds out to the west, we expect to transition to a sun and clouds mix. that's what we'll call for in the lehigh valley. sun and clouds. brisk and cold, high of 31. windchills in the teens, low 20s later in the day. at the shore, 37 degrees, sun and clouds, windchills may have beening it feel like a bit below freezing this afternoon. in philadelphia, high of 35 degrees with a windchill around 28 at the best of times today. brisk and cold, winds as i said not super strong, but 7 to 14 miles per hour enough to notice the winds. tonight, the winds ease back, but with clear skies it gets cold. some suburbs 16 degrees, philadelphia down to 22. that means tomorrow morning when you step outside and open up that door, this is likely what you're going to be experiencing. tomorrow afternoon high pressure in control, we'll get partly sunny skies saturday. the number comes up to 39 still on the cold side, but heading in the right direction. as we go later in the week, we're looking at highs getting back up in the mid 40s, maybe a little above average.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 35 is the high, brisk and cold partly sunny chilly tomorrow, 39. up to 44 on wednesday. winter arrives on wednesday morning, it feels less like winter in the afternoon. 47 on thursday, clouds and showers, hopefully drying out for the eagles big game against the giants. friday, sunny and gusty, 45. hanukkah arrives sundown on saturday, christmas eve, as well, we'll be on the look out for santa. clouds will gather. 46 is the high, no rain and no problems for santa getting into town. christmas day, sunday, cloudy skies, 49 degrees, there you have it, matt, looks like we'll get rain in the afternoon, but no snow this year. >> good for the children that got gloshous. >> a child goes shopping with his grandmother and never comes
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home. >> live on the schuylkill expressway, looking good here, at montgomery, no problems heading toward king of prussia. we'll take a look at 202 and talk about yet another disabled vehicle when "action news" comes right back.
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look there, city hall, sky6 live hd looking out at the christmas tree, the theme last year, whether blue. 6:14, 28 degrees. >> they say people are selling more trees that are white, pink, blue rather than the traditional green tree. >> reporter: i like traditional, i'm crazy that way, but i like the blue, as well. the blue is nice. 202, volume is vie, if you're -- volume is light. there's no problem coming in from chester brook. from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., manchester avenue will be shut down near radnor streets stick to providence road. they are working on water main repair. a disabled vehicle, we've seen a
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bunch of them already, it's so cold this morning, be prepared if your car doesn't do well in that temperature. the current temperature is 28 degrees in philadelphia. 30 in millville. 13 in the poconos. it feels colder than that when you factor in the winds. it feels like the teens. temperatures are 267 degrees colder in philadelphia -- 27 degrees colder in philadelphia than they were at this point yesterday. you need to prepared for the cold morning. on my facebook page i just loaded a video, it's do something nice monday, i just surprised david with hot chocolate, sorry matt and tam. >> all the other days are made up, too. >> police in arkansas are offering a reward for a driver who killed a 3-year-old in a road rage incident. they were at a stop sign when the driver of another car
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stepped out of his car opened fire striking the boy. the little boy is the second young child shot dead in a road rage incident in little rock over the last few weeks. a woman in the pacific northwest wants answers after a vandal spray painted hateful messages on her car. she also a single mother of three who lives in kent, washington. three swastikas and the phrase learn how to drive were spray painted in green. >> when i noticed the swastikas, that's the part, it was like whoa, not that it was personal, it felt personal because i'm a minority. >> she said she was getting ready to sell the car to earn extra money for the holidays. new on "action news," a upstairs driver was caught on camera making a not so special delivery at a california home. the homeowners knew something was wrong when he they found the
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delivery dumped in the front yard. the you must driver was not able to open the guyed, she decided to toss the package also over the garden wall. they reached out to upstairs saying this is not the first time the driver has dropped packages this way. upstairs said this is extreme -- ups, this is extremely rare. >> a deer dashes into a gym. david. >> reporter: we have winter coats on the kids, hats and gloves, and keeping them bundled that have this afternoon. help for procrastinators on this busiest day of the year. amazon's prime service has two hour delivery up until christmas eve. delayed air 0 ldz -- air
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for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. available at kay, jared and zales. stole the spotlight in a hockey game between red wings and the ducks. the crowd cheered for mason on the jumbotron. when they showed other fans, they booed them they wanted mason back.
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they gave him the honorary first star of the game. with his curls and adorable smile you can see how crazy they were about mason. >> reporter: what a cute kid. >> reporter: let's show you the roads looking live on 422 past trooper. you see traffic moving okay, as you head out and about. 6 minute ride westbound between 202 and oaks. we're dry this morning, it's just cold. a couple of issues with crew shortage, this has affected the airport line, they have canceled some trains. west trenton seeing delays, 14 minutes. on it is cold out there, on the bus stop and rail station stop and everywhere else. heading toalt market, it's going -- heading to the market. it's going to be cold. 31 by noon. high today 35. we'll have a windchill of 28 degrees with a a little bit
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of a breeze. checking the airport, we're seeing all green aircraft no major delays, no signs of precipitation at our big travel destinations. >> eagles fans will be debating the call go for two in the win or go for overtime. a run by carson wentz got the eagles back in the game. coach peterson sent the offense back on the field for the two point conversion. it pass is tipped, the eagles lose 27-26. players appreciated peterson being aggressive. >> i loved i it. >> i would rather go out swinging this way than going into overtime. doug has full faith in us. eagles have lost five straight and 7 of 8.
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they have a short week hosting the new york giants thursday night. >> sixers coach brent brown benched nerlens noel for complaining playing 8 minutes on friday night. joel embiid scored 17 of his 33 highs, he had a pair of crucial 3s with only five seconds left. sixers win 108-107. >> a workout takes a why would turn when a deer crashes into a gym. >> annie mccormick has details on a deadly crash on the boulevard involving a school bus. annie. >> reporter: matt, a car rear ends a school bus, two people in the car are dead. luckily no children were on the bus at the time. we'll have details coming up in a live report. fios in the house!
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>> a deer looking for exercise crashed into a south carolina gym through a large glass window, stunned customers were not sure what to do. one person can be seen jumping on to a counter. gold's gym posted the video of the bewildered deer stumbling over a weight bunch and going into the bar area. members tried to corral it, animal control was called in, but the deer ran into the woods. a photograph of queen elizabeth and the prince of wales released a portrait.
6:27 am
the queen who last year became britain's longest reigning monarch turned 90 years old in april, doesn't seem ready to creed the crown to the prince of -- cede the crown to prince anytime soon. webster dictionary posted the most used word in 2016. it is surreal. it was looked up the day after donald trump was elected president. >> a philadelphia couple are robbed in their philadelphia home. some new things have come in and we'll share that with you next. >> now on "action news," two
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people are killed when their mercedes runs into the back of a school bus and burst into flames. >> happening today, the electoral college votes, it is it is final stop for donald trump for the presidency. >> we have experiencing an arctic dip, would you want for refreezing on the roads until milder temperatures come our way. >> let's get the accuweather and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: as we take a look at temperatures, 28 degrees in philadelphia. 23 in allentown. 24 in reading. notice how the wind is coming gently out of the north giving us windchills in the teens across the region. 19 currently is the windchill in philadelphia. 17 in wilmington. 13 in allentown.
6:31 am
still in the low 20s down in south jersey. as we roll through the day, the cold will be the story. 27 degrees under mostly cloudy skies, by 7:00 a.m. we have a chance of seeing sun around midday. 31 degrees there, cold, 3:00 p.m., partly sunny, 35 with the windchill making it feel like the upper 20s. looks like the temperatures will be below freezing by dinnertime tonight. karen rogers we're looking at the return of somewhat milder air later in the week. i'll have details coming up. >> reporter: we have jammed traffic on i-95. in the past few minutes we're seeing southbound traffic jam as you head toward center city. we can see the flashing lights up ahead with construction crews on the scene. look for that to be a little bit of a slow go. 21 miles per hour at cottman, 26 at girard. slowing on the schuylkill expressway, as well. westbound approaching the boulevard to past belmont. eastbound slow approaching the blue route down toward the boulevard traveling in the
6:32 am
30s, kind of starting a little earlier today with the slowing. on the boulevard that's southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. still moving okay at this point. on the turnpike westbound, we have a disabled vehicle at bensalem. we've seen a few out there today, watch for that. this is off to the side. >> thank you karen. breaking this morning, the search is on for three masked men who robbed an elderly couple during a home invasion. this happened in the city's olney section at 3:30 a.m. the elderly man double parkedded car and walked his -- double parked his car and walked his wife back to the house and that's when the suspects forced him back into the home, they fled the scene with a gun and three thousand dollars in cash. the a crash along the boulevard, appears a mercedes was speeding down the road that
6:33 am
slammed into a school bus that was stopped at a red light. annie mccormick is along the boulevard at woodward with all the details on the story, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, both the driver and passenger inside the mercedes that rear ended the bus were pronounced on the scene. minutes before the accident happened they were 28 kids on board, they were dropped off before the accident happened. take a look at the video this happened after 9:00 p.m. last night on the boulevard at woodward in the northbound lanes. according to police, the school bus driver from huntington valley christian academy was at the light when a 2000 mercedes slammed in the back of it and went underneath the bus. the car burst into flames and both people inside died. the driver of the bus was not injured. >> two witnesses were two philadelphia police officers that worked together in the same district they were in the vehicle together and they both witnessed the accident. they were traveling northbound
6:34 am
on the boulevard and wouldn't witnessed the entire accident and they saw this mercedes prior to crashing into the school bus was driving at a rate of speed. >> reporter: and police say that the impact was so violent when the mercedes crashed into the back of the bus it was engulfed in flames. when police arrived on the scene they could not tell what type of vehicle the car was she had to run the plates. the bus driver was not injured. there was very little damage to the bus. reporting live in the northeast, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you for that. and new this morning, firefighters pulled one person from a burning home in south jersey, this is viewer video of flames on the 300 block of cross keys road in winslow township. the house was destroyed, but the person inside was not hurt. the cause is under investigation. >> 6:34 a.m., president-elect donald trump is poised for an
6:35 am
official victory at the electoral college votes today. one elector who was pledged to trump said he will not back the republican. protests are expected nationwide including pennsylvania and new jersey where demonstrators are convincing more republicans to do the same since hillary clinton won the popular vote. in response to all this, donald trump tweeted if my supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election would be doing they would be scorned and called terrible names. four senators from both sides of the aisle are calling for a special select committee to investigate the russian attempts to influence the presidential election. u.s. intelligence agencies concluded that the campaign has came from the -- hacks came from the county. trump's team is demanding proof. >> they should issue a report or stand in front of camera and
6:36 am
make a case. >> top trump aids say if russia tried to influence u.s. politics, a republican won the white house fair and square. a cold front has broken record lows in two dozen cities, the arctic blast could cause a refrees here after deadly -- refreeze here, after deadly pileups on highways throughout the nation. >> we're below freezing here. >> reporter: if there's any standing water leftover from sunday morning, look out it could be frozen. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's no active precipitation adding to the problem. we have clouds over the airport early, but we're expecting a transition through a mix of clouds and sun today. it is cold across the region, though, in philadelphia, 28 degrees currently. the windchills making it feel like down around 19 currently. definitely winter coats and extra gear.
6:37 am
winds out of the north at 9, not all that strong, but enough to give you a windchill that i mentioned. we have a couple of spots below freezing temperatures and any standing water, yeah, there could be a morning refreeze. that could be an issue behind the wheel and also under foot better chance of iciness in areas of sidewalks that didn't dry out overnight. there you're seeing cloud cover for now, we're seeing a break in western pennsylvania, though, that will move toward the east. overall we're expecting a mix of sun and clouds back and forth. 26 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 28 by 10:00 a.m. 31 by noon. the big story is the cold change in the temperatures. 3:00 p.m., 35 degrees feeling like the upper 20s and 6:00 p.m. back down below the freezing mark. a cold day today and another cold one tomorrow. 31 in allentown and close to the freezing mark in lancaster and reading. 34 in millville.
6:38 am
34 in cape may and atlantic city. windchill are a factor enough that it will feel like 28 even though the temperatures is a little milder thamghts. than that. tomorrow, high pressure in control, we'll bump that number up a few degrees and stopping in the upper 30s, the 40s are just ahead. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today 35, cold and brisk, so bundle up if you're heading out. tomorrow, sunny, chilly, high of 39. wednesday morning, winter officially arrives, in the afternoon we'll actually be a little milder high of 44. thursday, 47. cloudy skies for the most part, with showers around in the afternoon, hopefully drying out before the eagles game. back to the sun on friday, chilly breeze, 45. hanukkah arrives sundown christmas eve is upon us, santa
6:39 am
poking around in the neighborhood, ho ho ho, matt. >> increasing clouds 46 and dry. christmas day, 49 and there's a chance of rain mainly in the afternoon. >> cameras catch porch pirates targeting a former professional wrestler. >> a man purchases a used card that has a history used by a drug cartel. >> reporter: watch for a slow go on the schuylkill expressway. 30 bypass slowing, as well. i'll take you there live when we come right back.
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>> 6:42 a.m., good morning everyone,le ben franklin bridge all lit up. people are going to work we have christmas in 6 days. >> let's go over to karen rogers and see what it's like around the region. >> reporter: it's cold and dry, if there are any puddles around they will be slick. people are moving fine, very few accidents this morning. this is 30 bypass eastbound at business route 30. a little slow heading toward 202. if you're coming in from downingtown or thorndale, no major issues on the 30 bypass. we have water main repairs going on in lower him or her i don't r merion. mill creek road. stick to gypsy lane instead. vine street expressway, westbound is moving okay,
6:43 am
eastbound is slowing down a little bit. i-95 23 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. 19 minute ride eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. no major delays or big accidents on the majors. on the waze app i did find sugar ray therman talking about an accident reading avenue. sugar ray, the man, i get it. 28 degrees in philadelphia. 27 degrees colder than it was at this point yesterday. it's a cold morning, tam. >> thank you are karen. new on "action news," an uber driver in florida shot and killed a driver that tried to hold him up. an uber driver was taking a customer to hollywood international airport when a gray dodge caravan cut off the uber vehicle. a man with two guns came out of the caravan and tried to rob the
6:44 am
uber driver, that driver pulled out his own gun and shot the driver. the second man took off. uber driver had a gun permit. unighted -- un will call for monitors on ground in syria as the rebels attacked the wounded and sick. evacuees have gone missing or killed. detectives in allentown are trying to figure out who shot a woman while she was looking out her window. this happened along the 600 block of north 9th street. the woman said she was cleaning when she heard voices and looked out the window and that's when one fired gunshots. a bullet grazed the side of her forward. she said she was shaken up, but not seriously injured. >> i'm scared to go by windows now. >> her husband and several
6:45 am
children were home at the time. they were not hurt. >> new this morning, a threat of a body slam didn't scare burglars from hulk hogan's house. four women pull up to his house in clearwater florida, they race up to open the packages something startled them and they drove away, but they came back and they took the contents. they got $15 worth of beauty products which is not a big loss who centennialed a lawsuit over a sex tape for $31 million. zsa zsa gabor died yesterday at the age of 99. she suffered a broken hip back in 2010. she was best known for her many love affairs and nine marriages
6:46 am
including her marriage to hotel heir conrad hilton which solidified her place among the stars. people have been stranded for 24 hours in a cave. david. >> reporter: extra gear for you and the kids as we have temperatures in the 20s and windchills in the teens. chilly this afternoon. the 1 hour forecast coming up.
6:47 am
6:48 am
>> file for a preview -- time for a preview of "good morning america".
6:49 am
>> let's see what they are cooking up in the "g.m.a." studios with amy robach. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, we're talking about the dangerous cold turning deadly at least 14 dead after a deep freeze hit the county. slippery roads creating havoc and thousands of flights canceled. there's a new arctic blast this morning. a dramatic scene caught on camera. a driver having an medical episode. good samaritans step in to save him. we have that story ahead. one on one interview with jennifer lawrence. she opens up about love and her influence on her fans, that's coming up. back to you, matt and tam. >> >> reporter: a look at the roads, we know it's cold out there, but it's dry.
6:50 am
if you're hitting mass transit, we're seeing 17 minute delay on the west trenton line. airport line we had earlier problems because of a crew shortage. they canceled a couple of trains. baltimore pike, southbound traffic on your left toward i-95 moving okay. >> reporter: we had a mild sunday off to a cold start on monday. a couple of cold days to deal with. 28 in philadelphia. 28 in allentown. 30 in millville. windchills in the upper teens in the city, do bundle up with the extra gear. keep it handy this afternoon. 27 degrees by 7:00. noon 31. if you're heading to the market, 35 is as high as you'll see on the thermometer at 3:00 p.m., even this it will feel like 28 because of a light to moderate breeze. 5:00 p.m., back to the freezing mark and by 7 back to 30. >> a wedding party photo shoot
6:51 am
ends in disaster. a large eucalyptus tree crashed down killing one and injuring four other people. the tree cover weakened by the on going drought and recent heavy rain that could have tribute -- contributed to its fall. in the past hour, a crew rescued cave explorers in the indiana. crews found them safe and alive nearly 24 hours after they were supposed to be out. >> a man found two pounds of heroin in a car he recently bought in southeastern ohio. when he contacted police, he found that the car was used by a mexican drug cartel. police found the drugs in the front dash, but they missed a secret compartment. the car was impounded and sold at auction. the heroin the man found has a street value of $130,000.
6:52 am
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. smashed into the back of a school bus and burst into flames along the boulevard in northeast philadelphia. the crash killed two people in the car, the bus had just dropped off a load of children. the search is on for three masked men who robbed an elderly couple of $3,000 during a home
6:55 am
invasion. this happened on the 100 block of west godfrey avenue in olney. the robbers forced the man at gunpoint into his own home. firefighters pulled a person from a burning home in south jersey. viewer video shows the home engulfed in flames. the person inside was not hurt. >> 70 people had to be evacuated from an assisted living center in south jersey. smoke filled the living room forcing people to another part of the campus. wintry weather is forcing airlines to cancel or delay thousands of flights. here in philadelphia, there are only four delays at philadelphia international. >> reporter: if you're heading out, the roads are dry this morning, but we are cold and slowing down in spots. here's a live look at i-95 at cottman, that's the southbound traffic as you head toward center city. you see the construction ahead on the right. a 22 minute ride from woodhaven
6:56 am
to the vine. we've seen worse than that. you may see a slick spot from any puddles left over from all the rain the other day. we have not seen a lot of accidents, but we've seen a lot of disabled vehicles, when it's this cold, the cars don't want to work, this is pennsylvania turnpike westbound at bensalem. it's off on the shoulder. have the blankets in the car and cell phones are charged. you don't want to be stuck in a cold car. >> reporter: we have rain off the coast and break up in the clouds we're seeing in central pennsylvania, it will work eastward with a mix of clouds and sun today. it will be cold, 35 degrees, well below the average 44. and tonight, 22. look out when you get up early tomorrow morning, it's a cold start. the eagles could have tied it. >> they took the chance. i felt like the season is over, why not give the guys a chance to practice the two point
6:57 am
conversion. >> that's what i said, take a chance. >> matt is saying nothing that's unusual. >> i think they should have kicked it and gone for overtime. but i'm not the coach, right? >> for matt, david, karen, i'm tam, have a good one. aholidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods,
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we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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good morning, america. deadly deep freeze. at least 19 killed from oregon to maryland. icy conditions spark hundreds of accidents. >> oh, my god, y'all. >> this fiery tanker crash in baltimore part of a deadly 67-car pileup. planes slide off slick runways. people trapped on board and at baggage claim for hours. thousands of flights delayed or canceled. now another shot of arctic air blasting the nation this morning. the electoral college expected to make it official for donald trump today. a last-ditch effort from celebrities and protestors to keep him from office, as new questions arise about russia's role in the u.s. election. and senators on both sides of the aisle call for a new investigation. highway nightmare caught on camera.


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